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Mar 25, 2015

next part is UP.... (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 82 times)

(on the day of sangeet)

Payal entered into khushi’s room to wake her up….!!

“this khushi bhi na…still sleeping…..i told her that we need to go to temple but still she didn’t get up…”muttering this she went near to khushi to wake her up…!!


“chorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr”khushi screamed and jerked from her sleep and sat on the bed instantly….!! Payal, who is near to khushi got startled with her sudden scream….!!

“khushi r u mad??”payal almost shouted on her crazy sister….!! “my soul was about to get out of me due to ur loud scream……u scared me to death”payal said in one go while placing her hand on her chest where her heart is beating fast due to frighten…!! Where as here khushi looked here and there around her and innocently asked “jiji…..means that’s dream?? That chor is not here??”khushi asked so innocently that all payal’s anger  decreased instantly…!!


“kya?!! Wat r u talking khushi?”payal asked being confused…!!


“ha jiji….i got a dream that…that chor came to our house and was taking something from the wardboard and I saw it and so screamed” khushi explained so innocently….!!


Payal chuckled and thought “arey pagli….u r dreaming about arnav ji??!! Vaah wat will u do when u meet him?? Vise bhi….he will come to sangeeth this evng na…”payal thought with a smile where as khushi still was in thoughts….!!


“teeke khushi….now forget all these and get ready soon….do u forget? We both need to go to temple….”said payal with a smile…!!


“ooooooo I think someone is really eager to meet jiju hai na jiji?”asked khushi with a wink…!!


“tum bhi na khushi….go and get ready soon”saying this payal went out of the room shying slightly…!! Yes….actually khushi and payal go to mandir every Friday and knowing this akash too come to mandir to meet payal….this is routine for the couple in every Friday…!!



(in RM, arnav’s room)


Arnav is pacing in his room with long long strides….!! It seems like he is measuring the room with his long strides…hihihi…..wat to do yaar….the great ASR is nervous….!! Haan….its so shocking right??? The great ASR who never get nervous even about a biggggg deal is nervous now that too HELL nervous….!! Come to the reason for the nervous- bcoz he thought to propose khushi today right??


He stopped in front of the mirror and looked at his reflection…!! “arnav y r u this much nervous?? U r just going to propose her that’s it ok??? Vise bhi u were not nervous these two days then y suddenly today??” he asked his reflection….!! These two days he was hell busy with meetings and all as he wanted to finish all works as he will b busy with akash’s mrg and so he is not going to go to AR for somedays….!! Today he had his breakfast and came to his room and kept on thinking how to propose khushi..!! he was pacing across the room and climbing the bed and right now he sat on the chair near the pool by hanging his legs on one arm of the chair while resting his back on other arm…!! He is continuously sharping his brain in the topic “how to propose khushi?”….with in some seconds, his mobile beeped indicating a text msg….!!


He opened the msg only to find its from akash….it indicates “check watsapp once”….arnav with confusion expression opened his watsapp only to b left stunned…!! There akash sent a pic of khushi who is in magnenta color sari…!! Shes looking breath takingly beautiful in that sari…!! He found akash to b in online so msged him…!!


“hey how do u got her pic?”sent arnav…!!


“she came to temple along with payal….as she wear sari, I took her pic secretly to show u ;) “ sent akash…!!


“awwww so sweet of u yaar….is she still there?? If so then send me another pic na”sent arnav in excitement….!!


“o teri do u think im a photographer??? I wont take another snap” replied akash…!! Arnav pouted and soon he got another image from akash…!! A wide smile appeared on arnav’s face…!! Those images are of khushi only….akash snapped both payal and khushi’s images….at first khushi asked “jiju take jiji’s only y me?” but later akash managed to convince her and took images and sent them to arnav…!!


Here arnav have seen her images and with in seconds some idea came into his mind….!!  He looked at the time and saw its lunch time and so after having lunch, he went to shopping to buy a “gift” for khushi…!!



(in evng)

Both mehra’s and guptha’s had arranged sangeet ceremony in the farm house of mehra’s….!! gupthas already reached there…!! Akash and nk are waiting for arnav who havnt reached yet…..whole raizadas reached but not arnav…!!


“where this arnav had gone yaar?? He is not even receiving call too”asked akash to nk…!!


“don’t know….k come the program is starting….go and enjoy…I will inform u when arnav reach….now go…see payal is waiting for u”nk literally pushed akash as he is not ready to go to hall where sangeeth is going to occur….!!


Nk stand in the midway of hall and entrance while keeping an eye on entrance and another eye on the sangeeth ceremony…!! There arnav came from entrance…!! Nk was about to call him but stopped himself as he saw khushi coming towards that area….!!


There khushi came there to pick cool drink to drink….!! There the lights are dim but they are enough to see other person’s face….!! There she saw some familiar face….she look at that direction properly only to find her chor aka arnav there…!! Her eyes got wide seeing him there….!! at first she got confusing thinking is it dreaming or wat….!! She is just observing him…!! He is looking here and there….actually he was searching nk and akash but due to dim lyt he was unable to find them so he is observing faces of one by one keenly….but in the sense of khushi it exactly like he is looking at everyone like a thief does before he is going to steal something to conforming none is observing him…!! She is still observing him…..her gaze followed his…he is looking at his palm which held a beautiful necklace….he smiled and put it back in the pocket of his coat…..khushi looked at him with wide eyes…!! At the same time only one waiter come to arnav and offered cool drink to which he refused politely….!!


“o teri y will he drink that cool drink now??? He got wat he wanted(she refers to the necklace) and now he will escape from here…..”she is muttering…. “this time I wont leave him”she added…!! She found that thief(arnav) looked at his mobile and started to walk towards exit with long strides….!!


“see he is escaping after stole that necklace……salman bhai ki kasam….i don’t leave him easily today….only if no one disturb me today like jiji on that day”khushi thought and started to move towards exit…!! But this time too her swear got disturbed by nk who called her…!! Yes khushi is about to move out from exit to follow arnav but before she move from there more, nk called him…!! He came towards her and asked “khushi where are u going??”


“nk…..i saw that thief….”khushi said in a single go…!!

“hahaha khushi y that thief always seen by u??”nk joked(its joke only for khushi)…!!

“don’t know nk y he is always escaping before I catch him red handed… too he got escaped…..u know wat nk…he had stolen someone’s necklace…..!!”said khushi with panic…!!

“wattttttttttttttt????!!!!!!!”exclaimed nk…..!! he is out of words….!! And with in some seconds he get out of shock and controlled his giggle…!!

“k khushi just leave it….go and b with payal….she was asking for u”added nk…!! Without having any option she went into the hall…!!



Nk came running towards the garden of the farm house where arnav was waiting for him and as soon as he saw arnav, he kept on laughing by looking at him….!! Here arnav is little panic from the time he got nk’s msg…..yes nk msged him….!! His msg contained “nannav come to the garden immediately I wanna talk to u…..start now….quick”…!! at first arnav thought it must b some prank but as he don’t want to take risk, he started to walk fast towards garden….his this gusture made an image in the mind of khushi that he was escaping…!!


“nannav just relax….nothing is serious…!!”nk said still smiling…!!

“wat the…nk do u think how much I was panicked seeing ur msg??”arnav said annoyed…!! Nk controlled his laugh and asked “aaha? Really??? I don’t know all that….i found something fishy when I found the necklace in ur hand and to save u from khushi’s wrath I msged u like that”said nk with a smirk…!!

“wat???”arnav asked confused…!!

“ha I saw u when u entered into the house but I thought to call u but as I saw khushi there I stopped myself and was just observing u and khushi….!! She was keenly observing u…..and I thought something is going to happen when I see her serious face so msged u like that….”nk said and and again started laughing….!!

Arnav just rolled his eyes and asked “now y r u laughing??”

“khushi thought that u have stolen that necklace and kept in ur pocket and escaped from there before anyone notice u”saying this nk burst into laughing seeing the worth watching expression of arnav….!!

“oh god….y this happen to me always….that day purse, later car and now necklace??!! Oh noooo…..i thought to propose her but….”arnav is muttering with puppy look face….!!

“wat the!!! U thought to propose her today??!!!”nk exclaimed…!! Then only arnav recognized his slip of tongue and nodded his head sheepishly…!!

“hahahah….nannav….i got to know that u r soooooo eager to talk to khushi but use ur ASR brain yaar…..!! do u think if u go to khushi and say ‘im not thief….im arnav’ then she will believe??? Just practical man….she don’t believe u and upon that she will think that u r saying a bigggggg lie to her(arnav listening him keenly….ya whatever he said is also true)and remember u r still a thief in her sense…..”nk said with a wink….!! Arnav pouted little…!!






Ya that’s it for today…..i hope its not that much bad….!! And im eagerly waiting for ur comments….!! Actually I restricted myself from using lappy until I finished my assignment that’s y I was unable to give the update….!! And ya I finished another assignment so three got finished and 1 assignment left….!!


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@ana…..hahahah thank u…..and ha khushi wont make fun of herself but she will b shocked when arnav ask her “will u marry me?”in front of all…!! ;) btw thanks a lot yaar :*

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@Sa_Arshi….awww I missed ur comments on last update yaar :* anyway thank u sooooo much for ur long comments…!! Hahahah arshi don’t face in sangeeth  they will face each other in mehandi function….which will happen in next update…and then FIREWORKS will fly for sure….! Ummmm khushi wont run to kill him but something similar to that will happen u know…..!! once again thank u so much and im eagerly waiting for ur comments about this update…!!

@chuti anju….ya dear…she will know that arnav is not thief but her crush-the ASR….!! It will happen in next update….btw thank u so much for ur comment dear

@priyanjali…hahahah thank u yaar…and ha the story will end in two or three updates….and later that I will start RTMR

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@hihi…..dear…I will start that story as soon as I end this story….this story has only very few updates and later that I will start it…!! And ha k I will request



Will meet u all with next update….till then stay tuned tc….and good nyt….!!


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continue soon
Mar 31, 2015

next part is UP.... (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 78 times)

“and remember u r still a thief in her sense…..”nk said with a wink….!! Arnav pouted little…!!

“ok now…lets go to hall…akash is waiting for u in hall”nk said finally…!!

“no nk…how can I come inside??? Khushi must b there…..wat if she sees me??!!”panic filled in arnav’s voice making nk chuckled….!! Haha ya the great ASR is little scared of khushi…!!


“arey nannav….dont u want to see akash’s sangeeth?”asked nk with a smile…!!

“ya I want but…”arnav’s voice trailed off….!!

“no if’s and but’s…..lets go and I will make sure that khushi don’t see u ok??”asked nk….arnav nodded his head with a wide smile…bcoz he knows that nk is capable of doing ANYTHING…!!




When they both entered into the hall, there khushi is performing on the stage with a solo song(imagine which song u want bcoz im not getting any songs) arnav just kept on looking at her with a small smile on his face and get lost on his tracks….he was supposed to follow nk but lost track and stood where he was while seeing khushi….!! Nk who is moving stopped and look at arnav who is looking at khushi with a wide smile….!! Nk chuckled and came to arnav and held his palm and dragged him towards one corner near curtains….!! Arnav came out of the world of khushi when nk was dragging him…!! He looked at nk with questionmark face when they both stood besides the curtains…!!


“u b here and watch the sangeeth….when khushi go to change then lets go to akash k??”asked nk for which arnav nodded his head like a school kid….!!




After khushi’s performance, she went to change….nk dragged arnav with him(bcoz arnav is all lost in khushi) and they both went to akash and payal who sat in front row….!!


“arnav….where were u till now??? I was eagerly waiting for u”akash asked in one go as soon as he saw arnav….!!

“I will tell I will tell”nk said in excitement and told the whole story to akash and payal….!! That’s it both payash started to laugh for which arnav gave a glare to nk indicating ‘is it necessary to tell them NOW?”


“omg arnav…poor u….now u become necklace thief too ah?? Hahaha”akash said in between his laugh…!! Payal is controlling her laugh and said “I wish to see khushi’s reaction when she sees arnav ji as her would b husband”payal said chuckling….!!


“that day will arrive soon bhabhi….who know it may b tomorrow-on the day of ur mehandi”nk said winking…!!

“wat the!! Wat do u mean??”asked arnav with confusion…!!


“I heard…ur and khushi’s parents wanted to introduce u two soon so that they can do ur mrg….they were talking a while ago before ur arrival….and even they are thinking to do it tomorrow only”said nk with a wide grin…!!


All are shocked to react as they didn’t expect this…!! At that time only payal observe that khushi is coming after changing…!!


“khushi is coming”she told instantly…!! Nk again DRAGGED arnav towards curtains before khushi sees him…!!


“hushhh….nannav seriously yaar….its like hide and seek but with a small difference….generally if u two are playing hide and seek then u have to hide but here im hiding U from khushi’s gaze…uffff”nk said rolling his eyes dramatically…!! Arnav chuckled and said “its all bcoz of u only nk…..if u didn’t give that dare on that day then I might have talked to khushi till now…..u r responsible for this so think this(hiding arnav from khushi) as a punishment…!!”arnav said with a smirk….!! By that time khushi reached payal and akash and was talking with them happily smiling…!! Where as instead of seeing sangeeth, arnav is just looking at khushi…!! Nk saw this and patted arnav’s shoulder…!!


“oyy nannav…stop looking at her without blinking…”nk chuckled….!! Arnav smiled shyly and asked “by the way nk….do u really think khushi have crush on me??”


“u want proof ah?? K then I will prove u….”with that nk signlled Anjali who is with her mom to come to them….!!

“kya hua nk?”she asked…!!

“di….nannav wants some proof that khushi has crush on him”nk said while winking at her indicating that his naughty brain has some idea…!! Anjali looked at him with confusion…!!

“di I will explain u…(turning to arnav) nannav u just b here and observe khushi’s expressions ok?? We will first tell her about ur mrg then she will b sad and later we will tell her that it didn’t got fixed actually, then she will b happy and will b eager to know more about u…..u just wait and watch”said nk in one go and dragged Anjali with him while walking towards khushi and payash…!! Arnav, don’t know wat to do(he is actually in confusion with nk’s sudden act) just stand there…!! he can able to see nk is telling something to Anjali while shes is nodding her head…!!




Nk reached to payash and said “hey guys”…..khushi and other two looked at him and Anjali….!! akash observed nk and di is looking at each other with a smirk on their face…!!


“now wat these two are planning to do??”thought akash knowing very well that something is cooking in nk’s brain and Anjali is helping him well…!!

“khushi….let me introduce her….she is Anjali….anjali shyam manohar jha…”introduced nk…!

“namasthe”told khushi for which Anjali reciprocated…!!


“khushi she is arnav’s sister”said nk…!! Both payash sit as silent spectators…!! “ohh…”said khushi casually looking at Anjali…!!

“awww khushi u looks so beautiful in this white anarkali…”said Anjali for which khushi smiled and said thank u…. “I will present these type of anarkali’s to chote’s wife….i mean arnav’s wife…”said Anjali for which khushi’s smile vanished and she became sad all of sudden….arnav is observing her every expression…!! ‘his wife’ this words pierced her heart…!!


“but di….u even didn’t see her till now…”nk said

“kya??!!!”khushi asked in confusion…! “u didn’t see her till now??and when is his mrg?”asked khushi in one go by turning towards Anjali…!! Anjali controlled her chuckle seeing khushi’s eagerness…!!


“no khushi….actually his mrg didn’t get fixed….even he didn’t see the bride….just one alliance came that’s it…nothing happen other than that”said Anjali while observing khushi’s expressions…!! Seems like some ray of hope araised in khushi and so khushi’s eyes sparkled…!! And a wide smiled appeared on her face(which is not unobserved by arnav) nk and Anjali both looked at each other with a smirk on their face…!! Now akash got to know wat nk and Anjali upto and looked towards curtain where arnav is observing khushi keenly…!! Now its turn to akash to get into action….!! He turned towards khushi and Anjali who is talking about arnav where Anjali is telling about him and khushi is listening with so much interest….!!


“by the way khushi u wanted to meet arnav na…”asked akash….anjali and nk shot their heads towards him with shock as they didn’t expect this from akash…!! Where as akash is grinning (hihihi he is too a naughty)


“ha jija ji…(turning to Anjali) where is ur brother?? I want to meet him”eagerness is clearly audiable in khushi’s voice…!! “atleast I can take a snap with him-my crush”thought khushi…!! Anjali turned towards nk signalling him ‘now wat to do?’…..!! nk smirked at akash and said “khushi….look arnav is there…”nk pointed towards the curtain making akash’s eyes to wide open…!! He didn’t expected nk will show arnav…!! Khushi turned towards where nk pointed with so much of eagerness….only to find there is no one…!!


“nk…there is no one…”said khushi with disappointing tone…!!

“oh…he must have gone somewhere….”nk said while grinning himself…!!

“ohh….”khushi said with disappointment…!! There arnav who is behind the curtain let out a sigh when nk msged him “done she didn’t see u”…!! ya as soon as akash asked khushi like that, immediately nk msged arnav asking him to hide behind curtains(nk’s fingers are free to type) he immediately hide behind curtains and received another msg from nk saying how akash asked khushi and all in a single msg….!!


As he cant able to hide any more, arnav msged nk saying “nk im going to home….tell akash….i cant hide anymore from khushi” saying this he rushed out of the hall before khushi see him….!!



(inside his car)

Arnav is literally cursing his stars today….!!

“oh god!! Y this is happening ONLY for me?! See now I became necklace thief too…..hai rabba….dont know wat will happen tomorrow when she sees me…!!”he muttered himself while driving back to RM…!!



(next day-mehandi of payash)

Akash, nk and arnav are driving towards guptha mansion….their elders have already reached there…!! seems like arnav is in tension…..his driving is horrible and there is a frown on his forehead….!!


“oyy nannav….wat happened?? Y r u driving this much bad??”asked nk…!!

“wat the!! Nk this is all bcoz of u….if u not gave that dare on that day then everything must have happened smoothly….now don’t know how khushi will react on seeing me…..oh god!! Save me plz”arnav was literally begging god…!! (hehe poor arnav)


“hellooo don’t blame me ok?? I was about to stop u but u didn’t listen me and ran to grab the purse ok?”countered nk showing his finger towards arnav…!!

“here goes tom and jerry fight again”akash muttered while rolling his eyes…!!


“guys plz stop yaar….vise arnav…nothing will happen ok?? Don’t fear she don’t stab u with a knife”akash chuckled saying this…!! This had put a new imagination in arnav’s mind…!! Poor him from yesterday onwards he has been getting different different thoughts like- khushi slapping him for stealing purse, she is chasing him holding a stick etc etc and to this list another one have added-stabbing him with a knife…!! He gulped….he is hell scared now….he just want to run away from there right the time…!! But to his bad luck they already reached guptha’s mansion…!! Nk and akash got down from car and waiting for arnav to get down…!!


“guys u go….i don’t come….”arnav said while shaking his head vigourously…!! Both nk and akash giggled and they dragged arnav from car and made their way inside the mansion…!! Akash held arnav’s wrist in his hand tightly as arnav is searching the way to escape from there…!! (hahahah awww poor arnav…scaring of khushi’s wrath!) they reached living room where elders are talking about khushi and arnav’s alliance…!! Arnav greeted them along with akash and nk…akash left arnav’s wrist and arnav took the blessings of garima and shashi…!! They all thought to introduce both arnav and khushi….and told this to arnav…!! Arnav again gulped and was about to run from there but akash is speed enough to held his wrist before he made any awkward situation(like running from there) before elders…!!




(in payal’s room)


“jiji….y jijaji’s and arnav ji’s parents came??? And I heard even nk, arnav ji and jija ji too will come?? Boys are not allowed to this function na?”asked khushi looking at payal who is getting ready for the function…!!


“vo…they all wanted to talk something IMPORTANT….”said payal giggling…!!

“important?? Wat is it?? And y r u giggling??”came another question from khushi…!! But before payal tell anything garima called both of them….payal mentally thanked garima for saving her from khushi’s continuous questions…!!




Khushi and payal both reached down…..!! there all elders are sitting on sofa….all ladies stood up when payal and khushi come there…!! payal looks simply superb in her green color simple sari with matching accessories…!! Akash one second lost in her but immediately concentrate on holding arnav’s hand as he is struggling to free his wrist from akash’s grip…!!

Akash, nk and arnav stand like this-arnav is besides akash while akash is holding arnav’s wrist….nk stood infront of arnav so that he is covering arnav from khushi’s gaze…!! Anjali stood besides nk…means arnav is totally behind nk and Anjali and khushi is unable to see him as both nk and Anjali is covering him…!! Where as arnav is just struggling to free his wrist from akash’s grip….he just want to run away then and there…..specially when he heard khushi’s voice, all him imaginations(slapping, chasing, stabbing) came in front of his eyes and so he want to escape from there before khushi sees him…!!


“khushi we all elders thought to…”garima’s words stop listening anjali’s voice…!! “aunty we will tell (turning to nk) hai nan k?”asked Anjali…!!

“ha aunty…(turning to khushi) khushi I want to show u a person for which u have been searching”he said stressing the words ‘searching’…!! And saying this both nk and Anjali moved aside showing arnav to khushi…!! Arnav just struggling his wrist while looking at it…!!


“tummmm….”khushi’s voice made him to look at her….!! He don’t know wat to do so he just smiled sheepishly…!! Where as khushi just saw arnav’s wrist was hold by akash and arnav is struggling to let it go…!! So she thought nk and akash caught him(the thief-in her view) as nk said the previous day…!!

“means u caught him nk??”said khushi causing others shock where as all elders who are unaware of the happening stood there confused…!! Arnav just stood there no knowing wat to do….next minute he felt his collar is being held by khushi…!!


Yes she went to him and hold his collar and said “u….how dare u to steal my purse???”she asked making all elders gasp….!! She’s about to say something but Anjali called her….khushi looked at Anjali still holding arnav’s collar…!!


“khushi let me tell his name….his name is…”started Anjali…. “arnav”said akash… “ASR”added nk…. “The CEO of AR fashion house” finished payal…!! This is the time for khushi to shock to the core…..she looked at arnav who is just looking into her eyes directly…!!

There arnav’s condition is different now…..he WAS feared about khushi’s reaction but as soon as he felt her fist on his collar, he felt like she is stating that “u r mine….i only possessed u…” he just looked into her expressive eyes which are acting as magnate….!! This is the first time he is seeing her so closly….yes he haven’t seen her until now this much closely….he only saw her in far away distance…..and now by seeing her so close he just forgot the world around her(he even unaware of the happenings that Anjali,nk,akash and payal told her the truth) just then only he felt her grip on his collar is getting loose….he held her fist before she leave his collar fully….!! She felt shiver down her spine feeling his touch around her wrist FOR THE FIRST TIME….!! She looked at him with her hazel innocent eyes…!!


“will u marry me??”asked arnav making khushi’s eyes wide open with shock….!! The thief is her crush and he is asking her to marry him!!! Just khushi got flabbergasted…not only khushi all others too specially elders didn’t expect this…but youngers came out of shock with in seconds….!! Arnav is still holding her fist which is holding his collar indirectly indirectly indicating her “don’t leave me….possess me as ur own….im only ur’s….u ONLY have rights on me like I has on u”…!!





Yayyyyyyyy………finally arshi met each other….!! Yippee im soooooooo happy….there are two reasons for it….one is I updated the update specially arshi’s part….and second one is my assignments got finisheddddd….yup and I submitted them too yesterday….i restricted myself from using med before submitting assignments….!! And finally here im giving the next update….!!


Let me know hows this….both positive and negative comments are welcomed whole heartily…!! Guess wat will b khushi’s answer…!! i hope this long update can compansate my late update 


Next update will b ARSHI’s yaar…..comment and give me the encouragement to update next part…!!


@brindha di….diii he is not poor soul…hihihi btw let me know hows this update?


@honey…here is the next update dear…let me know hows this…by the way thank u so much for ur comment…!


@priyanjali….hahaha anju…ya I was too laughing while typing ;) btw let me know hows this update? Thank u for ur comment…!


@arshi_love….awww dear ur longgg comment made me to jump u know…awwwww I cant able to find words to express my happiness by seeing ur comments…awww thanks alottttt….thanks a tonsssss…….thank u a billion times….by the way let me know how is this update??


@Blessedo9luv….thank u so much dear….let me know how is this update?

@Priy_Taanu….thanks a lot…..ya arnie pouting is worth watching….hihihi and just imagine how it will b when arnav run away?? Hahahha it will b so fun right?


@Arshi_World…thank u so much….let me know how is this update dear


@sameea…hahaha ya poor arnav yaar….first purse chor then car later necklace….but he is ‘dil ka chor’ hihihi btw thank u so much…im waiting for ur comments on this update dear….!


@sangitac143….hahaha ya YOUR arnav ji is so cute….hihihi btw thanks for ur complements….:* btw this thanks is for complements…so chalega ;)


@ana….hahaha…ya thanks to nk…he is always hiding arnav from khushi…but here arnav gave heart attack to khushi ;) btw merci for ur comment ;) :D

@khushisingh96…hahaha thanks a lot for ur comments yaar….and ha khushi is always thinking that arnv is thief….now we should see whether she will change her opinion or not ;) hihihi btw thanks for ur comment dear


@kalai…dii here is the proposing thing…..hows it?? Im eagerly waiting for ur comments…..thanks a lot for ur comment



Well…..will meet u all with next update as soon as possible….!! Till then press thank u button, voting option and b commenting…!! Tc have a nice time ahead….!!



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Apr 11, 2015

next part is UP.... (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 90 times)

“will u marry me?”arnav asked straightly looking into her eyes….!! he forgot the people around him….the only thing that he can see right at the moment is ‘khushi’ who had held his collar….!! All are shocked including youngsters who didn’t expect his straight proposal for mrg…!! Nk is the first one that had come out of shock…!!


“nannavvvv” he shouted intensionally to make arnav come out of his trans…!! He looked towards nk with jerk….nk signalled towards elders who stood there with shocked gazes…!! Then only arnav came to know wat he had done few moments back…..he looked at khushi who had left his collar as he didn’t held her fist any more after nk’s shout…!! Khushi just stood there as a statue….!! Arnav looked at all and felt little embarrass as he proposed her infront of all that too in first meet…..!! ya its embarrass bcoz he knows that elders don’t knw about his feelings towards khushi so its obviously a blow to them which embarrassed him more…!!


There in case of khushi, she just rooted to spot gaping at arnav with wide eyes and slightly open mouth….!! She got shock after shock….first of all the thief is not thief...he is arnav-ASR, her crush….and second he had proposed her few minutes back….that too he didn’t say “I love u”….he directly asked her to marry him…!! Actually she is in a dialamma thinking that “ye sapne tho nahi hai na?!”(isn’t it not a dream?) she is trying to say something to clear that its not a dream but to her goodness, nothing is coming out of her mouth in shock….!! There payal is enjoying khushi’s expressions and situation….haha y don’t she? After all now she will get a chance to tease khushi(u know revenge time…hehe) at last after few seconds, payal thought to say khushi the whole truth and so said “I will tell khushi” she said this to akash, nk and Anjali and dragged khushi towards her room…!! Khushi just followed her but her eyes are only on arnav who is running his hand through his hair with a cute expression which is saying his embarrassment…!!


“arey wat is happening here?? Can anybody tell us too??”anuradha-arnav’s mom is the first one among elders that came out of shock…!!

“anu, I think these monkey gang(pointing towards akash,nk and Anjali) must have done some mischief and hiding from us”parneeti mehra-mother of akash spoke out…!! (raizada’s and mehra’s became friends bcoz of their children….they too become close to each other just like their children)

“nk…..u tell us wat had happened exactly…..u four are hiding from us something right?”Rahul mehra-father of akash asked….oops correction ‘demanded’…!!


“kya arnav can I sayyyy??”asked nk winking at arnav….!!

“actually I will tell”Anjali poked in middle…!!

“no no I will tell”akash entered with exciting tone…!! “no no I will” “no no I will” they three started to fight there like kids leaving elders amused…!!

“stop u all…..tell anyone of u…..”said arvind-father of arnav…!!


“k then I will start and u two enter in middle”said nk pointing akash and Anjali….!! while garima and shashi just listening to them and arnav just stood there with embarrassment still….!!


“actually wat happened was….”with that nk started to tell whole story how arnav came to know that elders are thinking to tie him and khushi and how he came to know about khushi through akash, how he fell in love with her bubbliness without seeing her, how they played truth and dare game, how arnav snatched khushi’s purse as a dare, how khushi thought him as a thief, next car thief, necklace thief and all…..of course Anjali and akash too joined them but they didn’t tell them that khushi has crush on arnav….!! After completing the whole story, they looked at elders only to find them giggling…!!



(in khushi’s room)

As soon as payal and khushi entered into the room, payal just burst into laughing…..she had a great control on her laugh ususally…..but today she found it little difficult on seeing khushi’s expressions….!! Khushi come out of her trans seeing payal’s laugh….!!


“jiji y r u laughing??”she asked with so much of innocence….!!

“khushi…..khushi actually he is not thief”payal said in between her laugh…!!

“watttt???!!! Jiji im not understanding anything”khushi said with more confusion on her face….!!

“ok….ok….i will tell u wat happened actually!”payal some how controlled her laugh and started to narrate wat happened and how happened all….!!



(in hall)

“omg!! This khushi bhi na…..she thought that u r a thief?!!”garima exclaimed….!!

“arnav….dont mind ah….she is like that only….little crazy but she is so nice girl..!”shashi added…!!

“no no uncle….i don’t mind it at all…”arnav said instantly…! “actually may I talk to her once?”he added with hesitation…!!

“ohooooo someone is so eager to talk to her…!!”anuradha is too on the mission of teasing him…!!

“maa…..u too joined with this nk and akash?”arnav exclaimed…!!   

“haha…(turning to shashi) shashi ji….let both of them talk and clear things…wat say?”asked arvindh…!!

“ha sure arvindh ji…me too thinking the same…”said shashi and showed khushi’s room to arnav…!! Arnav started to move towards the room where as the trio-akash, Anjali and nk said “ooooo all the best”…..poor arnav he cant help without become embarrass again…!!



(in khushi’s room)

Khushi stood like a statue listening all…!! Payal looked at her and shacked her to make her talk something…!!


“jiji….pinch me….”asked khushi…!! Payal got y khushi asking like that and pinched her hard….!! by then arnav reached khushi’s room and was about to knock it but stopped listening khushi’s small scream….!! Yes! Khushi screamed little due to payal’s strong pinch….!!


“means its not dream?!!”said khushi while rubbing her skin where payal pinched a little while ago…!! “yeah its not a dreammmm”she said with a bright smile…!! Arnav who is at door heard her and a wide smirk appear on his face listening her…!! He knocked on the door….khushi was about to say something but stopped listening the knock….payal went to open the door……she opened it only to find arnav near the entrance….khushi is not able to see him as she stand little side from door…..she just thinking how arnav proposed her and smiling widely remembering it…!!


“vo….khushi…”arnav managed to say this only…!! Payal smiled and said “she is inside come….”saying this she walk aside from the path while he entered into the room…!!

Khushi stick to her place seeing arnav there and arnav looking at her…!!


“khushi he wanted to talk to u….u both talk ok??”saying this she went from there giving privacy to them…!! After she went from there, arnav look at the door and closed it and locked it…..!! meanwhile khushi’s heartbeats started to raise suddenly as soon as she saw him…..!! and now he closed the door….her face is turning red remembering his(her crush) proposal….she just wanted to hide her blush from him so she immediately turned around….!! Arnav turned around after closing the door only to find khushi had turned around…!! He know he has to initiate the talks… he started…!!


vo….im arnav…ASR….i think u know my name(he smirked) and im not thief (he took a pause hoping her response….but she just stood there only) I think payal must have told u wat had happened actually (he is saying scanning her room…..its so simple and beautiful…he a mobile on dressing table… ‘may b her mobile’he thought) I thought to talk to u so came here (his words are coming with a small pause between word to word) u don’t talk?? If u wanna ask me anything then u can ask….”he said and waited for her to speak anything…!!


Where as here khushi’s voice struck in her throat…!! “hey devimayya! Wat happened to me?? (her initial blush turned into nervous now) When I didn’t see him, I thought to talk to him soooooo much but when he is here with me, im unable to talk….wat happened to me? Y my words are not coming out of my mouth??”she thought and gulped while removing the sweat beads from her neck with the back of her palms…!!


Here arnav is just waiting to here her voice….he wondered when she is not speaking…!! He can hear the jingling of her bangles indicating that she is moving her hands….!! “may b she is still in shock…!!”he thought…!!


ok….i think u r still in shock and nervous…..just relax….”he said coolly…!! Khushi’s eyes popped out listening him….!! “hey devimayya how did she know about my state when he even not seeing me”she thought….!!


ok then…..i will tell about me…..i don’t have any girlfriend if u feel insecure about that…..i mean girls generally think like that na-wat if he have any affairs before mrg and wat? So im just saying this…..i don’t have any girlfriend….and to escape from proposals and all only I pretend to b arrogant in AR… not arrogant in home….in home I am arnav while to my staff im ASR (he started to walk towards dressing table…..khushi is listening him with keen interest) u didn’t tell whether I like me or not?”he asked by taking her mobile into his hand….!! There he opened her mobile….to his amu****t, it doesn’t have any password….he looked at the wall paper which contained khushi’s picture….it confirms him that the mobile is khushi’s…!! he took out his mobile and after few seconds, he directly went and stood in front of khushi…!!


Khushi looked at him with wide eyes…..!! “he was saying something na…then how did he came in front of me all of sudden?!!!”she questioned herself…!! Where as arnav looked at her face with a smirk which is his trade mark…!!


“is this phone urs?”he asked straightly looking into her eyes while showing her mobile…!! She just nodded indicating ‘yes’ as if she got hypnotised by him…!!

ok then….i think u r still in shock….and u know wat I know that u like me…..but if u say it from ur mouth then I can b satisfied that u like this mrg (hehehe he want to listen it from her mouth!) but u r not talking….so I feed my number in ur phone with the name “arnav” and even I feed ur number in my mobile too (she just kept on looking at him) hey I didn’t check anything from ur mobile like contact lists etc etc (he said with a small smile) I trust u khushi…so I don’t have to check ur mobile (khushi still looking at him) if u like me and this mrg, then u just give me a missed call or send me a msg ok?? Here take ur mobile”saying this he took her left hand into his and put her mobile in her palm…!! As soon as he took her hand into his, khushi gasped without her own knowledge….arnav, who is just talking casually looked at her…..his hand still held her hand and she looked at their palms(her palm is in his palm) her breath became uneven and a slight pink shade formed on her face looking at their palms…!! He smirked seeing his effect on her…..she looks sooooo cute right now….he somehow controlled his unusual thought and said with a husky voice “im waiting for ur call khushi….dont make me wait for so long..plz” and with reluctance, he remove his hand and started to move towards the door with small small steps….!!


don’t make me wait for so long…plz- these words are only ringing on khushi’s ears….she unlocked her mobile and went into contact list with a small smile….!!


Arnav is about to approach the door when his mobile started to ring…..!! he, with more excitement, hoping its to b from khushi, took out his mobile…..!! a wide smile appeared on his face seeing its from khushi….!! He turned around only to find khushi is facing him but she is looking at the ground with a shy smile…!! She slowly lifted her gaze first and later her face and gave him a wide shy smile and again looked at the ground….!! She can feel that he is just looking at her and so unable to stand there any more, she thought to move from there and so run from there towards door while crossing arnav….!! But before she step towards the door, arnav caught her right wrist stopping her…!! She gasped and started to breath heavily AGAIN…!! He brought her infront of him and moved her wrist from his right hand to left hand…!!


“khushi…..if u tell me directly, then I will b more happy….bolo na….will u marry me??”he asked lifting her chin up making her to look at him, into his eyes….!! she nodded her head indicating her ‘yes’….!!


“u must b so happy right that ur crush had proposed u for mrg?”he smirked leaving her shocked….!!

“how do u know?”she stammered…!!

“I just know that im ur crush…..but I wanna know how did I become ur crush…..will u tell me? Plz….i want to listen it from u….”he asked her with a hint of plead…!! He took one step forward while she stepped one step back….her right wrist is still in his left fist….he held her securely without causing pain…!! She seems like hypnotise with his eyes, started to tell how she came to know about him and all….!!


“once….my friends….were…talking about u”she said stammering…!! “hmmm”he said and took a step towards her….she stepped back one step…!!

“they…were drolling over u….saying u r so handsome and…all…..(he again said ‘hmm’ and took step forward while she stepped backward) I just searched internet….for u….(he stopped saying ‘hmmm’ as he is busy in his multitasking-listening her and losting in her eyes….he is just kept on looking at her hazel innocent eyes) at first I just read about u…. for knowledge (their stepping forward and backward is going on) later I was….impressed….with ur works…..(by then the both reached the wall near dressing table….she just lost into his eyes that she didn’t know when he took out her mobile from her left hand and placed it on dressing table) soon….impression turned into….crush….” her words stopped when she felt his palm is cupping her cheek….!! She gasped and closed her eyes feeling his palm on her cheek….!! She was about to speak something but her words stopped feeling his lips on her’s….!! she shivered and closed her eyes tightly….!! He freed her right wrist from his grip and snaked her waist with it while pulling her towards him…!! She shivered and held his collar tightly in her fist fearing that she may lose her balance….!! She got dreams many times that her crush is kissing her but she never even think that it will become true like its happening NOW…!!





Ummmmmm…’s it??? I don’t know how’s it…well I tried my best…and plz ignore grammer and spellings bcoz I typed it in hurry…!!


Well wanna say something….the story will end with next update….!! I didn’t plan the all ceremonies for arshi’s mrg bcoz it may b looks like casual….!! So im going to end it with next update….!!


Anyway…let me know hows this update?? Im little better now so came with an update….i hope this long update can compensate my absence…!! Its of more than 2500 words in M.S.Word…!! thanks to all who r pressing thank u buttons, and voting options….i can expect there are many silent readers as the number of view are more for every update….!! @silent readers… happy that u r reading this story but I wil b more happy if a get a comment at least a small comment from u…!!


@sameea….thank u soooooooo much for ur comment dear…..sorry for the late update….actually I was not well..!! any way let me know hows this update

@Arshi_Pari….thanks a lot

@Priy_Taanu…thank u dear….i hope this update is not bad? Let me know ur view about this update….im eagerly waiting for ur comment

@23594….thank u soooo much

@Arshi_World….thanks a lot…im waiting for ur comment about this update dear

@brindha….dii here is the next update….tell me hows this ok? And thank u so much di…..and one more thing…the story didn’t get finished :p


@ana….hahaaha ya arnav is too fast ;) btw let me know hows this update? :*

@kalai…diii awww thanks a lot… eagerly waiting for ur comment about this update

@priyanjali….omg I was just smiling widely reading ur comments u know…. “strangest, funniest, cutest and romantic proposal” awwww so sweet of u….thanks a lot…..

@sophiaarshi….thank u so much dear

@khushisingh96….here….finally….i typed it by putting my books aside ;) u were not in online or else I thought to post it in ur inbox ;) any way….here it is so let me know hows it k?? last but not least….thank u sooooooo much



Will meet u all with next update as soon as possible….till then tc….have a nice day ahead…!!



With love,




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Apr 16, 2015

Last part.... (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 102 times)

He freed her right wrist from his grip and snaked her waist with it while pulling her towards him…!! She shivered and held his collar tightly in her fist fearing that she may lose her balance….!! She got dreams many times that her crush is kissing her but she never even think that it will become true like its happening NOW…!!

He withdrew himself with in few seconds reluctantly…!! Actually he just lost in her and kissed her but later realization drawn on him and he feared about khushi’s reaction so stopped his kiss in the middle…!! “wat if she take me wrong for kissing in the first meet?!!”this is only revibrating in his brain…!! He clearly observed her face…..!! she still with closed eyes….a shy smile appeared on her lips….but she didn’t open her eyes yet….!! She just lost in his kiss even though its of some seconds….!!


“khushi” he called her which made her open her eyes…..she once looked at his face and immediately lowered her gaze with shyness….!! He removed his hand from her waist and cupped her both cheeks and made her look at him and said “I love u khushi”….!! She gave a wide shy smile and about to move from there with shyness….but he pulled her holding her wrist and pinned her to the wall….!! She gaped at him with wide eyes and started breathing heavily with his sudden act…!!


“I hope u don’t wanna go in this state khushi”he said…khushi looked at him with question mark face….!! “look at urself khushi….ur skin is matching with ur dress- pink”he added….. “u totally turned into pink color”he added with a husky voice making khushi to shiver little…!!

“if u go like this then akash, nk and di wont leave u without teasing u”he said with a small smile…. “so just b here for sometime until u aquire ur normal color back”he added…!!


Khushi nodded her head and stood there looking here and there and fidgeting her dupatta with nervous as he is looking ONLY at her….!! Arnav sensed this and thought to divert her mind…!


“u know wat khushi I fell in love with u even before seeing u…”he started earning shocking gaze of khushi…!!

“kyaaaaa!!!”she exclaimed…!! A wide appeared on his face seeing her expression…!!

“ha actually when mom and dad decided to do our mrg, I got to know and I asked akash about u and he told about u which he got to know through payal….!! By listening ur craziness only I fell for u”he said the last line with husky voice which made khushi blush….!!


“and on that day when I theft ur purse, that’s the first time I saw u (he said with a smile) u looked like an angel on that day(he is reminding that incident) who had come to earth only just for me (he cupped her cheek and looked at her with a small smile lovingly and pecked her forehead with effection indirectly saying ‘thank u’ for coming into his life….she closed her eyes feeling his lips on her forehead)that day…..ur shocking eyes(he caressed her closed eye with his finger tips)made me to lost in them….i came back into my senses only after u screamed ‘chor…chor’ using these lips (he caressed her lips)”he stopped saying while caressing her lips with his finger…..she started to breath heavily….he AGAIN lost into her and started to lean forward towards her…..but stopped when khushi held his palm which is cupping her cheek….!! He looked at her and found her opening her eyes…!!


“plz go from here(she said earning a confusing glance from him) if u b here, then my original skin tone wont b back to my skin”she said looking done with a shy smile….he smirked understanding his effect on her and putting a kiss on her cheek, left the room…!! Khushi, who is shocked again by his kiss looked at his disappearing figure…!! When he left the room, she turned around while touching her cheek shyly where he had kissed her…..she looked at her reflection on mirror of the dressing table and blushed heavily touching her lips….!!



(in hall)

Payal,akash, nk and Anjali are sitting in a separate place where cushions are arranged for mehandi function where as all elders are sitting on sofa discussing about mrg of payash and arshi…..they are planning about arshi’s mrg specially…!!


“arey about wat this chote and khushi talking this much time?!! Y don’t they come early?”Anjali asked while thinking deeply by putting her fingers under her chin…!!

“dii wat had u and shyam jiju talked alone when he came to alliance to our home?”nk asked with a smirk….!! Anjali jerked her gaze towards his direction and instantly her mouth went wide open guessing her brother is again teasing her…!!

“u monkey…..stop ur teasing veasing(hihihi I don’t know whether such word exist or not :p ) im just eager to listen khushi’s answer yaar….”Anjali said while rolling her eyes….!!


Right then they saw arnav coming out of the room….!! They all looked at each other with a wide smile….anjali was about to call arnav but at the same time arnav got a call from aman so he moved towards the exit to talk in peaceful environment as inside the house there is band for mehandi…!!


“wat the!! Chote went? Then now how can I came to know wat khushi answered for his proposal?!”Anjali pouted….!! “vise where is khushi?”she added….!!


“I will go and see…..its time for revenge”payal said with a bright smile and within nick of time she went into the room to talk(tease) khushi…!!


“revenge?!!!!”exclaimed nk…there is a hint of confusion in his voice….!! Akash chuckled listening him and said “actually khushi teases payal sooooo much that’s y now payal wants to tease her and so its ‘revenge’ u know”akash ended with a wink…!!


“hehehe then me too will take revenge on this nk….”Anjali said in exciting state…!!

“ha me too di”akash added…!!


“oy hellooooo u both still didn’t get the chance k? how can u tease me now?? I even didn’t met my girl still”nk said showing his tongue playfully…!!


“chal beta….we wont spare u when u find ur girl”Anjali too said imitating nk while showing her tongue…!!



(inside the room)

Payal entered into the room only to find khushi smiling(blushing smile) standing in front of mirror…!! Payal neared her with a smirk…!!


“seems like someone is blushing?! Kya baat hai? Bolo bolo”payal asked with a smirk while looking at khushi…!!

“jiji….”khushi blushed more…!! “plz don’t tease ur little sister”she asked with puppy face…!!


I wont stop u to tease me after my mrg got fixed…..but till then its my time to make u red red with blush- these dialogues…..SOMEONE said”said payal with a chuckle…!! (girls refer second update of the story…khushi said those dialogues to payal)


“jiji….tum bhi na….plzzz spare me na”khushi asked again…!!

“no way….its revenge time…..u naughty girl….u teased me so much na now I don’t spare u”payal said while showing her tongue to khushi…!! “vise u didn’t tell me wat arnav ji had done that made u blush that much ah?”payal asked with a wink making khushi to blush more….!!



After 2 minutes or so, khushi and payal came to hall…! Garima came to khushi and carrassed her head with effection….the shy smile of khushi told garima about her daughter’s decision for this alliance…!!


“come payal and khushi…the mehandi function is about to start”garima said with a bright smile…!! Even though both arnav’s and khushi’s parents know that their children liked each other, they wanted to hear it from their children’s mouth…!!



Anjali, payal and khushi sat on a chushion while mehandi artists are appliying mehandi on their hands…!! Nk, akash and arnav sat on another cushion while chatting themselves…..both arnav and akash are stealing glances of khushi and payal respectively and nk is not leaving a chance to tease them even…!!


“madam which letter can I written on ur mehandi?”mehandi artist asked khushi…!!

“A”came an immediate answer from khushi….! All looked at khushi including elders too who are just little far away from them…!! Khushi realised which she had uttered few seconds back and blushed cutely….!! All know wat that “A” refers to….!! Elders got khushi’s answer with this simple incident…a wide smile appeared on their face and they converted their gaze towards arnav only to find him with a wide smile….!!


“shashi ji….i think we should call pandit ji to fix the date for marriage of khushi and arnav….wat say?”asked arvind-father of arnav…!!

“ji bilkul…..i will call him right now only”said shashi with a bright smile on his face…!!


Payal and Anjali who sat on both sides of khushi, nudged her with their elbows with teasing glances earning a shy smile from khushi…!!



(after two months)


“arnav…there is a ritual…..u should carry ur bride-khushi to ur room”said shyam-anjali’s husband with a wink…!!

“ha chote….its our custom hai na ma and papa?”Anjali, who is besides shyam chirped…!!


Yes! Arshi got married…..and they are doing gruhapravesh now…!! Arnav smirked at khushi who is not ready to lift her gaze with shyness…!! Oh god! How much he love her shyness…..when she turn to pink color with blush….awww he just want to kiss her then and there….!! they both used to talk with each other daily…..they both came to know about each other…!! He teased her too….khushi came to know about his naughty side during their talking…!! Their funny fights sometimes, their sharing of daily happenings, their thinkings, morals wat not…..they know about each other COMPLETELY…!! He picked up shy khushi in his arms…..khushi held his collar for support….he started to climb the steps to reach his room…!! He started to climb steps looking at khushi…!!


“oyyy nannav…..stop staring at ur wife and climb the stair with concentration….orelse u will fell down with ur wife…..vise bhi she will b with u always from now onwards yaar…..”nk commented making other chuckle including payal and akash….!!

“stop it nk….”saying this arnav climbed stairs and went into his room….!! All on the way he can observe khushi’s heavy breaths with every step of arnav towards his oops correction….now THEIR room…!!


He entered into their room and as soon as she looked at the decorative room, her heart beating became high and goosebumps passed over her body…!! He make her lay on the decorative bed and went to close the door….!!



(next morning)

Khushi came out of wash room wearing….oops trying to wear a sari….!! Ya she is unable to wear that sari as its so silki and as she don’t used to wear before her mrg…..ofcourse she know the process of wearing a sari….so as she unable to wear it in washroom, she came to room and as arnav is sleeping(in her sense) she started to wear the sari….!! Where as there arnav woke up with the sound of washroom door and pretending to sleep….!! She put pleats and was about to tuck them into her skirt but stopped with a touch on her waist…!! She gasped feeling arnav’s hands on her bare waist…..he stood behind her and while carrassing her waist, hold the pleats from her hand and tuck them inside her skit while sensually toching her navel….!! She gasped and pulled her stomach in feeling his touch….!! After tucking the pleats, his palm went towards her tummy and pulled her more towards him….she can feel his bare chest….he is with his track pant….!!


“good mrng”he said while placing a kiss on her neck and rested his head on her shoulder and closed his eyes lazily with a smile on his face….!!

“arey u r again sleeping again?!!!”she exclaimed…  “Go and get fresh up….”khushi added….!!

“y aim soooo sleepy…..and don’t tell me that u r not tired and sleepy…bcoz we slept soooo late last nyt”arnav said with husky voice….!! The word ‘last nyt’ made khushi to turn into pink again with blushness….!! Arnav saw it and immediately turned her around and locked her lips while pressing her to wall….!! Khushi gasped with this sudden act….after a passionate kiss, they broke apart….!! His hands hold her waist securely….!!


“I want to give u something….”saying this he went towards the dressing table and took out something….!! He signalled her to come near him and she did so…..he turned her towards dressing table and by hugging her from behind, he put a necklace which he had bought for her on the day of sangeeth around her neck….!! Ya! He didn’t give her the necklace yet…!! He thought to give it to her after their mrg only…!!


“wow this is beautiful”she said with twinkling eyes…!!      

“this is the same necklace which u thought that I had theft during akash’s sangeeth”he told looking at their reflection through mirror….!! He is still hugging her from behind…!!

Khushi chuckled remembering how she thought he theft it….!!

u r a thief”she said with a giggle…!!

no….u r thief….not me….”he said with a smirk….!! She looked at him with wide gaze…!!

yes! I only theft ur purse which is EMPTY….but u have stolen my heart which is most precious….!!”he told with a small smile….his words made khushi to blush little with his words…!!

then u r too thief bcoz u too stole my heart”khushi said with a shy smile “and purse too”she said chuckling…!!

“not only purse my sweetheart….i had stolen much more last nyt”he whishpered in her ear….and she blushed to the core on the mentioning of ‘last nyt’ which made them ‘one soul’…!! Arnav smiled brightly seeing her blushing face…!!


Both of them looked at their reflection where arnav hugged khushi from behind and khushi rested her head on his shoulder and both are looking at each other through mirror…!! It’s a beginning of their new life as Mr. and Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada….!! They will b with each other in every time whatever may b the situations….!! May god bless them with happiness and children…!!



************************The End**************************


Ummmmm hows it??? *biting my nails* im really fearing about ur response…!! Actually I planned the story in this way only….at first I thought to put it as three shot focussing ONLY on arshi….but later I had to include some more charectors so I wrote it as SS….so I had to end it as I planned….!! But now im really nervous about this ending….!! I only thought to focuss on arshi in the end part so didn’t mention about other charectors in the story much….!! Coming to nk…..i don’t want to drag the story by introducing another character as his girl as it may make u bored….!!


Im already getting low response about the updates so ended it here without dragging much….!! I was really disappoint about the response as the views are in thousands(2000) but atleast thank u’s are not in proportionate….i can understand that many who cant comment through mobile are not commenting….but they even can press ‘thank u’ button na?? but I think many are not pressing it….which disappointed me…!!


Anyway plz let me know hows this story totally? @silent readers…..plz try to comment atleast now…!! Im so humble to all who had encouraged me from the starting of the story…!! I will come with another story-rani tu mai raja, as I told earlier….!!


@Its_Me_Again….wow thank u soooo much dear… sooooo happy after see ur comment after some updates….thanks a lot….plz let me know hows this last update?

@Arshi_World….thank u dear…here is the next update… waiting for ur comment about this update

@Noordina….hahaha ya he didn’t waste time…hihihi by the way thank u for ur comment dear….let me know hows this update?

@priyanjali…..thank u yaar…..hehehe u would have fainted if u were there ah? Hihihi that’s y u r not there ;) :p


@khushisingh96…..thank u dear for ur regular comment….by the way let me know hows this update….and also check ur fb inbox

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@Sameea….hahaha ya first kiss ;) by the way thank u sooooo much for ur comment dear :*


@Arshi_Pari…thank u dear for ur comment…..actually I planned the story in this way only like I said in above lines….!! Actually I didn’t expect this much response when I started the story but when the response is coming, I was unable to decide whether to continue it more or end it…..but if I had to continue it, then it will drag like elastic in a normal way(their sangeeth, mehandi haldi etc) but I don’t have much idea about those rituals as im south indian girl….!! So I decided to end it as per my plan….!! I hope its not that much bad…!! Any way let me know how is this last update??


@jelebigirl, priya97,Priy_Taanu….thank u so much dear….for ur continuous comments… eagerly waiting for ur comments on this update….!!

@Sa_Arshi….wowwww……thanks alottttt…..u know wat I was missing ur comments sooooooo much….for each update I was searching for ur comments and got disappointed as I didn’t see ur comments here….but later I thought u may b busy…!! Any way…..hows this update?? Let me know… eagerly waiting for ur comment…!!


@Arshi_love….awwww ur comments put a wide smile on my face dear…..muaaaahhhh I cant explain how much happy I was while reading ur comments…..hihihi I was reading them again and again….thanks a lot…..and about arnav’s thoughts when she hold his collar…awww u r the only one who commented about that scene….awww really me too like that scene so much….!! And omg I think im not that much “damn good, awesome and amazing” writer dear… just a small writer…!! Any way thanks a lot dear for ur longgggg eagerly waiting for ur comment on this last update…!!


@khatijah…..di thank u sooooo much for ur continuous comments from the start of the story…..they means a lot for me…..!! im sorry bcoz sometimes I was unable to respond through ur comments…don’t mind about that dear….let me know hows this update!

@Kalai....dii im missing ur comments badly :(


Girls…..thanks a lot to all who encouraged me from the start of the story…..!! plz let me know hows the story totally….both positive and negative comments are welcomed with whole heart…!!


Im working on “Unwritten Destiny-Found My Love” which will b longggggg update…..i will post it in two days as im busy so it will take some time to type…!!



With love,



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awesome story...i like it
dont like the story
Aug 15, 2015

Epilogue..... (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 64 times)

First of all, very very sorry for the VERY LATE epilogue…!!



"Khushiiiii.....come soon we r getting late..."arnav screamed from his car...


"Coming arnav ji...."khushi replied back with same sound as arnav's and within seconds arnav found his wife-khushi arnav Singh raizada coming towards his car holding a water bottle....she looks gorgeous in her white and pink has very simple design over its edges and looked so simple.....she looked divine in that sari.....arnav came out of his dreamland when she came towards the car door....!


"Khushi get in and dad must have reached by now...."he said and khushi sat in car with a smile and arnav started his car running it towards their destination....

Its been one year of their mrg.....the next day is nk's will take part in mehra's home village so they are starting the village now


Arnav's and khushi's parents along with Anjali, shyam and aman had started at early mrng along with all mehra's and arshi too had to start 2 hours back but they didn't wake up early (ahem ahem.....its bad manners to talk about their private moments u know...hihihi)


And right now they r in car going to the respective village.....its two hours journey and all the while they both talked with each this whole one year, they understood each other completely and now its arnav's fav time pass to pull khushi's legs.....he loves it when she blushes when he teases her and her pout when he pull her legs, he damnly falling in love with her deeply day by day.....!





Within two hours, they both reached the village and reached mehra's soon as they get down from the car, payal, who is instructing something to the workers saw them and she came running and hugged her sister khushi.....she too hugged her back.


After coming out of the hug, payal asked "y u came late? U wer supposed to start early right? We all were panic about u two.....thank god arnav ji called and informed us when u started....''payal said in one go.....


"Vo jiji......we didn't wake up that's y we came late....."khushi said with a smile....!


"Ohhhhhh........"payal is in teasing mood "and wat made u to sleep that much time ah?"khushi didn't miss the teasing sound in her voice and immediately shyness formed on her face whereas arnav left there before payal tease him and he started to walk inside of the house.....payal chuckled seeing his escaping....!!


"Bolo khushi wat made u sleep this much time....??"payal is not ready to leave the chance to tease khushi......!!

"Jiji......"khushi turned to tomato red with blush....payal giggled and pulled her cheek and said "come let's go inside" sating this, she dragged khushi with her into the house.....!


Payal guided her to the living room where arnav sat along with akash, aman,anjali and shyam. As soon as arshi's eyes meet, arnav winked at her indirectly saying "see I escaped from teasing and u got booked....." for which she pouted… he looked at her lips with mischief eyes.....khushi blushed more and thank god within seconds she controlled her blush and soon payal and khushi too joined others.....khushi sat beside arnav while payal sat beside akash..... The palm of naughty nannav went behind khushi's and he silently wrapped his hand on her waist all the while touching her bare waist.....she coughed all of sudden due to his sudden unexpected touch.....all looked at her and payal asked "kya hua?" With concern


No one can able to see arnav's hand on her waist bcoz her sari pallu covered his hand....along with all arnav too acted as if he didn’t do anything and asked "ha khushi kya hua?" Whereas his fingers are playing on her waist causing her breath to increase....

She looked at all who r looking at her with concern.....

"Kuch nahi jiji......"saying this, she got up from there and sat beside payal and glared at arnav for teasing her like that....thank god none observed cover the situation, khushi asked "where is maa ji and all?"

"The elders all went to temple....."said shyam....


"BTW where is the groom?"asked arnav with a smirk.....that smirk is the initiation of "teasing"

"he hide in his room and not ready to come out...."said akash with a chuckle.....

"Y?"asked a curious and surprised khushi.....


"Bcoz these people were teasing him badly all the way we reached here...."payal said and anjali,akash and arnav started to giggle

"Ha khushi.....that too they teased him very badly.....once he got cough then too they started teasing him saying 'lav must b thinking about u' and all.....i pity nk...."said shyam


"Hellooooooo......dont pity him.....he deserves it...."said Anjali with a smirk....

"Exactly......u dont know jiju how he teased all of us...."akash said pointing himself, arnav and Anjali.....

"Ha....that's y he deserves it.....he was teasing us badly without leaving any chance......and wen we said 'we too get a chance', he said 'let's see about that later but right now its my chance' and now we get our chance.....hai na di....."said arnav....

"Yessss......that's y we r taking revenge...."Anjali chuckled..."yup"akash added.....





Right then nk came out of his room thinking all including youngsters must had gone to temple..... "Thank god....they all must have gone to temple.....ufff I got bored being in room.....but kya karun yaar....they all are teasing Me very badly from 2 months...."nk muttered himself and came to hall.....


but to his shock, he found all youngsters present there.....he was about to run from there but HAD to stop from aman's call.....


"Nk....y r u about to run?? Come here...."said aman and nk had to turn around and smiled sheepishly.....of course all mehras and raizadas treat aman as their family member so he's here now to attend nk's wedding....!!


"Oh only I said thanks to u na.....but y did u made this stupid aman to see they won't leave me and again tease me.....uffff now I strongly regretting to tease them all.....!!"nk thought while walking slowly towards them....!



He missed the silent signals between akash,arnav and Anjali......the three naughty people are again planning something to tease him.....


" r u?"asked khushi and nk said "fine bhabhi...." Thats it without giving him any chance, arnav said "nk.....aman wanted to listen ur love story....."

Aman looked at arnav with shocked face......arnav signelled him something and so aman too joined arnav....


"Ha aman.....I wanna know ur love story....."said aman

"Aman.....ask me.....ill tell u....."akash smirked....

"Ha tell tell....."aman said faking curiosity.....but some wat he is interested to know about their i.e., lav and nk's love story....he knows that their's is love mrg but he didnt know how they had met and all....


Whereas there nk face palmed himself and thought "mar gaya......these three wont leave me again without teasing....."he cursed himself for teasing all.... He came to know that not only smoking is injurious to health, but also teasing is too injurious to health....!! (Plz dont try to find logic bcoz there isnt any logic behind this actually..!*smiling sheepishly*)


"Wait wait will b awesome if nk says it with his own mouth...."Anjali said.....All looked at nk...

"I know I know that u guys r again behind me to tease....."nk said complaining like a kid.....all chuckled seeing him...

"This is not fair....I just teased u all now and then but u.....u guys have been teasing me from the moment my engagement got fixed with lavanya...."he is in the verge of crying bcoz of their continuous teasing....


"Awwww poor enough of ur teasing guys....."said aman supporting the groom.....

"Haan....i agree with aman.....u guys got ur revenge in this 2 spare this poor soul for this one day....tomorrow itself is his wedding na...." Supported khushi and she looked at arnav with "please_spare_him" can arnav refuse his lady love...!?


"K.....akash let's spare him now...."said arnav but anjali was not ready as she's the one whom nk teased alot....but after lot of pleading of nk, she too agreed....of course how can she refuse her fav bro's pleadings....!


"But really nk.....I would like to listen ur love story so tell me......about lavanya...."asked aman and all smiled.....! Nk blushed lightly remembering lavanya.....!


"Oyhoye......see see how he is blushing....."winked shyam....!!

"Hahaha so bolo.....tell about lavanya...."asked an exciting aman


"Lavanya.....she is so innocent girl with innocence reflecting eyes(he started to tell imagining her face) dimple cheeks, lovely smile, silky hair....."he completely lost himself imagining her....!


"Ooooooooooo........."all others cheered with teasing voice and nk blushed little....!

"Her innocence only dragged me towards her.......her big eyes which reflects all innocence.....its love at first site.....until i fell in love with her, i didnt believe love at first site....."nk said with a small smile....

"Awwwwww that so sweet......"khushi said


"So when and how did u propose her.....??"asked aman with eagerness

"That....ask meeeee........I'm the witness for that scene......"said akash winking at nk.... "That day he gave a shock to me....."he added.


"Akash......"nk called slowly....he knows if akash tells it, he will tell elaborately.... But before he said anything, aman said "then tell us akash.....its so interesting....."

"Actually that day, me and nk started to one mall to by gift for payal as its her bday.....we were waiting in traffic and nk was talking.....then all of sudden he stopped talking.....when I look at him to see wat happened, I found him opening the car door and running towards foot path.....there he run towards one girl and told 'I love u'....." Said akash....


"Omg.....!! That girl is lav right?"asked aman with shocking gaze....

"Ha see u only became shock then imagine my situation at that time...."replied akash


"More over that, I'm imagining lavanya's did she react? Did she slap him?"asked aman still in shocked state....

"She ran from there......."its nk who told with a bright smile


"Wat the......y r u smiling that much brightly if she had run away from u...!!"arnav asked with weird gaze....!!

"Bcoz that is wat I liked about her.....she's innocent that's y she ran like that.....she didn't want to hurt anyone bcoz her didi told her not to hurt anyone...."nk said with a smile and khushi too smiled brightly.


"Awww that's so sweet.....but nk....seriously? U proposed her directly after seeing her for the first time....!!"aman asked raising his eyebrows....!!

"No no.....who told u that its the first time that I had seen her...!?"nk asked with smirk....its the shock for not only aman but also remaining people except khushi

"Means u saw her before itself? But u didn't tell me about it.....!!"exclaimed akash while adjusting his spectacles.


"Yes few days before of that day, I saw her who is distributing balloons to school children on independace day.....her smile, dimple cheeks pulled me towards her......I followed her on that day unintentionally...."nk started to say this secret to all....!

"Wat the....!"exclaimed arnav.

"Nannav....khushi bhabhi knows about this...."nk smirked and when arnav looked at khushi, she chuckled nodding her head.

"There is no wonder in it that she knows about it....."arnav muttered while rolling his eyes....!


"Acha....then?"asked aman.

"I wanted to listen her talked to her asking the details of her mobile phone as an excuse...."said nk

"And she told u...?"asked Anjali


"In the start, no.....she was avoiding me....then I asked 'I just want to buy the same mobile as u so I'm asking how will it work and all..'I said pointing her mobile.....she looked at me with her big innocent eyes and started to walk....I guessed she must b innocent so I said 'are u dumb? Oh I'm so sorry' then she immediately said 'nahi nahi I can talk' and u know wat she immediately closed her mouth and muttered 'omg ....didi I talked to strange person... That too boy' muttering that she ran from there.....from that day, I was unable to forget her....her innocent eyes always used to flash in front of my eyes...."nk said with a dreamy smile....!


"Ooooooooooooo........."all cheered again grinning

"Then...?"asked all in unision.


"Then when I saw her that day walking on foot path, I went to her and proposed.....and day after the next day, i again saw her and i decided to talk to her and tell her about me and all.....when i went to her and asked about hwr reply, she told me 'dekhiye ji.....meri didi told me not to talk to stranger boys....'saying this she went from there and right at the moment, i got anger on her so called didi....."nk said with a grin.


"Aaha? Btw who is that didi of lavanya?"asked aman casually.

"Its khushi bhabhi...."said nk.


"Wattttttt......"aman almost screamed unable to connect the dots of wat he is saying.....

"How did khushi ji became lavanya's didi? Khushi bhabhi didnt had younger sister na...."asked confused aman.


"She is my sub junior"said khushi... "And khushi treats her like her own sister"added payal. "But she had exams on khushi's mrg day so she didnt come to mrg"added arnav

"OK.......but y did u told her like that bhabhi?"asked aman.


"Aman ji.....I know lav from school days....she's so innocent that some girls itself used to make fun of that time I met her.....I like her bcoz she is so pure from heart.....I treated her as my sister....but there may b a chance that boys can use her innocence to trap her....and u know about this world too right? There r many boys who were ready to trap her in CLG.....I was there to protect her as we both used to go to same CLG.....but after my studies, I couldn't b with her so I gave her some instructions and 'dont talk to strangers specially with boys' is one among them...."khushi completed with a sheepish smile


"U know wat when lavanya told like that, i did an enquiry about 'who is lavanya's didi' when i came to know about khushi, i directly went to her and told her how i proposed lavanya and all...."said nk.....


"Then...?"asked aman with a smile.

"U know wat khushi was all laughing at that time...."said nk with a pout


"Ha or else wat did u expected me to do? At first, I was shocked and later I got laugh.....u know wat he(pointing to nk) asked me? 'Khushi bhabhi plz ask lavanya to love me' hahaha that sounded so funny to won't come with one's recommendation..... Then he asked 'bhabhi I wanna marry her' that's it....I know he will tc of lavanya so much and then I went to lavanya's house and talked to her parents and lavanya.....her parents were very happy and lav was like 'didi wat ever u tell me, it will b for my good only ....k I will marry him' I was proud of lavanya who gives value to elder's words..... And at last, their mrg got fixed and now here we r...."said khushi with a smile....!


"That's cool....but bhabhi.....I'm unable to believe that there will b this much innocent people like lavanya in this city....!"exclaimed aman.

"Yes aman ji....its hard to believe .....she WAS innocent....but NOT NOW......"she said.


"But y she was innocent...?"asked a curious aman.


"It's just she was like that....that's particular reason...."said khushi with a smile. "But that doesn't mean that she scared to go alone and all....she was not scared but she doesn't know about world completely.....she just used to think that all r good and nice in the whole world....that's only her innocence and nk made her realise that there will b cruel people too in this world.....I know these two(lav and nk) r made for each other....sometimes he's like a friend, sometimes like a father and sometimes a guide and wat not.....they r made for each other....."khushi said with a smile admiring their bond.


"U know wat aman, after our engagement too, lavanya was not ready to talk to me....then again I asked khushi to talk to lavanya.....after khushi said only lav started to talk to me....."said aman with a smile


"Awwww that's so sweet.....and unique love story...."said aman and all others said "exactly" in unison.

By then all elders came back from temple and joined youngsters....





Nk and lavanya's mrg got finished and now they r at the entrance of mehra mansion for gruh pravesh rasam. All are teasing them. Khushi brought rice pot and lavanya entered inside.....all are giving gifts to her and its time for arshi. Suddenly khushi felt dizy and she fainted all of sudden...thank god arnav is there to support her from falling on ground....all got panic and arnav scooped her and took her into guest room while akash called doctor




(After sometime) Khushi opened her eyes feeling someone is kissing her stomach....she looked down and found arnav. "Arnav ji...."she called and he looked at her with his twinkling eyes....


"Hwwww hey devimayya......y did I slept.....I should help maa ji...."she said in one go making arnav shocked....! "Wat the.....instead of asking y she fainted an y am I kissing her stomach, she is talking like this....!!"he thought being mentally then she got down from bed and about to move from there but arnav pulled her holding her wrist and she sat on his lap....she started to struggle saying "arnav ji I wanna go....wat will all think" but his touch on her bare waist make her to shut her mouth with a gasp.....

"If u go too, they won't allow u to do works...."he said huskily.....but poor khushi her bulb didn't lit up yet .....she asked "kyu?"


He thought to pull her legs so asked "kithni movies dekhthi ho tum.....but u didn't understand wat I have said....!"he asked raising his eyebrow.


"Nahi......"khushi said thinking deeply....arnav found her so cute and kissed her cheek

"The output of my theft is going to come soon to this world..."he wishpered giving her a puzzle


"Matlab?" Khushi asked with confusion and arnav gave her a chuckle and pulling her close, he said "do u remembered? I said I theft not only ur heart but also more than that....."his voice is as husky as ever....that khushi shivered and as soon as she remembered his words on the day after their mrg, an immediate blush occupied her face...!

She nodded with shy smile


"Now think about wat I said few seconds back...."he said patting her stomach.....her eyes went wide as soon as she got wat he's hinting to and soon happy tears came out from her eyes


She just hugged him as she is speechless.....he can understand how much happy he's so he too hugged her back cherishing the moment.....words are not necessary for them to express their feelings to each other....single gesture, single look is more than enough....! The two soulmates are welcoming the new unborn baby to their world in that silence.....gos will always bless them with goodness only...!



****************************the end***************************

Ok…..thats it….tell me how is it….im eagerly waiting for ur feedbacks….and thanks a lot to all who have been supporting me to write this story…!



With love,



Nov 15, 2015

thank u note (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 15 times)

Oops….i forgot to add thank u note to this story *smiling sheepishly* so I came here…thank u all who was encouraging me on writing this story.


@priyanjali, Its_Me_Again, Khushisingh96, nupur, Aazka, priy_Taanu, jelebiarshi, noordina, 14arshi….thank u so much for ur valuable comments :) 

Nov 16, 2015

to the reader @Arshi (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 3 times)

hi dear....i read ur comment....but sorry i didnt get u..."dunny" story means? can u explain me plz..? was it "funny" instead of "dunny" was it typo? and are u asking me to write another funny story? if so u can try the following has funny parts too  thank u for ur valuable comment...a wide smile appeared on my face after reading ur comment

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