SS: U R thief.... *completed*

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Feb 2, 2015

SS: U R theif.... (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 120 times)

Its marriage season…..generally in this season, the shops will b quite busy as well as roads of delhi….but that nyt, its seems like opposite….there is a jewellery shop just besides one main road….that jewellery shop looks like a mall but its not a mall… contains huge parking area just like a big college….and there is a coffee shop in the surroundings of it….! Its almost 10 at nyt and two young girls are coming out of the shop….there are security gaurds at the exit of the shop….the two girls crossed them and started to walk towards the parking lot to reach their car…..!! out of those two girls, one girl is almost running in front leaving other girl behind….!! It’s a full moon nyt and there is moon lyt spreading all their way being mattress for those girls…!! Lyt wind is blowing giving smooth noise in that people free area….totally it’s a beautiful time….! The second girl just rolled her eyes seeing the excitement of her sister who is walking correction almost running to enjoy the nice weather…..!!


khushi….slow down…”the second girl-payal called her sister who is almost running in herr excitement….!!


The first girl twirl around towards her sister….her hair covered her face due to gentle breeze….she lift her one hand and gently make away the hair from her face…..her hazel eyes, nose, and pink lips came into visibility one by one as she removed her hair….! A bright smile appeared on her face…!!


“uffoooo jiji…..common….see how the weather is soooo nice today….”she said twirling around once….the bag in her hand too twirl along with her….!!


“khushi u still behave like a small kid….dont forgot that u r of 21 years age and completed ur graduation and soon u will b wife of other person…”payal said with a smile….!!


“ya jiji I really feel pity of that person who is going to bear a girl like me…..vise bhi I don’t want to think about mrg right now….”she said and continued to walk but this time slowly taking step by step….!!


“means u don’t wanna marry now???” payal asked casually….!!


“not like that jiji…..i just don’t want to think about that right now….i just want to enjoy this weather….vise bhi I don’t know where my prince charming is….so y to think about them….if it writes in out fate, then it will b happen…..patha nahi mujhe ise kyu lag rahe hai ki today something special will happen”khushi said casually….!!


“acha?? That’s y u r twirling like a kid??”payal said pulling her legs…!!


“hellooo jiji…..u know wat let me give u some demo….we should enjoy before mrg only bcoz after mrg, we will become bahu of another house so other than husband, we cant b enjoy like this….so…if we want to behave like kids, we should behave before mrg itself”khushi said like a lecturer….!! Payal just rolled her eyes muttering pagal….!!


“vise jiji…..vise jiji u know wat….for my mrg, it will take some time bcoz my mrg will happen only after ur mrg with akash jiju…..and right now as we r busy in wedding preperations, lets keep my mrg matter away for sometime”khushi said….!!


“u pagli…..u only raise the topic of ur mrg and is giving me unnecessary lecture”payal said hitting khushi’s head lightly…!! By then they both almost reached parking lot…they should cross the walk way to reach there….khushi is little forward to payal….she hold shopping bag in her right hand and she loosly held her purse in her left hand and crossing the walk way while talking to payal….!!!



Just then… man came from somewhere running and snatch the purse from her hand and run away….!!! At first khushi got shocked and within some minutes she came out of shock and began to shout “chor chor”….!! The guy who snatched her purse turn back and saw her face….he is in visible distance….payal looked at his face as well as khushi….!!


arnav ji??!!”payal thought with shock on recognizing the person that snatched khushi's purse and in the next instant she looked around to find SOMEONE….but she didn’t find anyone and when she again look in the direction of arnav, he disappeared from there….!!





Ok….this story came into my mind bcoz of simple thought…!! This may b a random shot….!! I will continue based on ur response….!! Let me know hows it…!! Do u expect wat will happen in next update and y payal said ‘arnav ji’??? did she know him before itself? If so how??


Let me know ur views and comments…! Both positive and negative comments are welcomed…!



With love,


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Feb 7, 2015

next part is UP.... (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 125 times)

“jijiiiii chor……he stole my purse” khushi said with chocking voice and about to run from there to catch the thief….!! But payal held her elbow in the nick of time and stopped her….!!


“khushi…..leave him khushi….he had gone….its dark….where will u search him??? Come lets go…..amma and papa must b waiting for us”payal said controlling khushi….!!


“leave him??? How can u say like that jiji??? He stole my purse…..”khushi almost said with chocked voice for which payal rolled her eyes…!!


“arey pagli….have u forgot?? That purse is empty and u have bought it just few minutes back and now u r ready to cry about it as if it had contained lot amount of money??”payal said giving a smack on khushi’s head….!!


“jiji….even though it is empty……..i bought that purse with so much love and that idiot thief had stolen it……..donkey kahe ki”khushi uttered with anger….!! Payal eyes got widen listening the words ‘idiot’ and ‘donkey’….!! “hey khushi wat r u saying yaar… u even know who’s that so called thief??? He is arnav ji……”payal thought with a sigh….!!


“ya ya whatever…..khushi we can buy the same design purse tomorrow ok??? Now come we have to leave from here now…..”payal said and dragged khushi towards their car…!!





Khushi and payal are in the car and khushi is driving the car while payal sat besides her……they are driving to guptha mansion-their home…..!! payal make a call to akash-her fiancé….!! After some rings, he lifted the call….!


Akash: hi sweetheart…..missing me??? (he asked with a smirk)


Payal: (she blushed little…..from her shy face khushi guessed that akash is in other side) nahi….vo…..kaha hai aap?? (where are u?)


Akash: returning to home from coffee shop kyu??? (he asked casually)


Payal: from coffee shop??? So ur friend also with u??? (she said as she guessed why arnav stole khushi’s purse)


Akash: ha…..we three are in car….y??? (he asked with confusion)


Payal: ya I saw arnav ji…..!! (she told and akash guessed instantly about wat she is talking…!)


Akash: oh…..u saw him??? Khushi too saw him??? (he asked for which she said ‘hmmm’) acha suno….dont tell khushi that arnav is my friend ok?? i mean don’t tell her that the thief is only arnav ok???


Payal: ok…..but y?? and wat about that incident???(she said hinting him indirectly about arnav stealing purse)


Akash: oh that……as usual yaar… last time….! And don’t tell it to khushi and the reason I will tell u later ok???


Payal: (she understood wat must have happened between arnav and akash) ha ok….and we r reaching home….i will talk to u later bye….!!


Akash: ok…..we r too near home…..bye take care….! (and both hung up the call)


Khushi: ahem ahem…..jiji…..wat jiju is saying that made u blush ah???(she asked while winking at her)


“uuuuuu…..khushi ki bachi…..seems like u r having so much fun in teasing me ah that’s y u r not sparing me and kept on teasing me from the time my mrg got fixed??? Dekhna… too will get a chance…..then I will tease u too”she said with a pout….!!


“awwww jiji…..u r looking so cute….if jiju is here now, he don’t leave u without having a kiss”khushi said making payal ‘hwwww’….!!


“uuuuuu……..u r becoming naughtier day by day…..seriously I wont leave u after ur mrg got fixed”payal said holding khushi’s ear…!!


“awwww jiji……leave my ear or else I cant able to concentrate on driving(she said with pout for which payal left her ear and she too pouting as her pyaari sister is teasing her too much) vise bhi jiji……I wont stop u to tease me after my mrg got fixed…..but till then its my time to make u red red with blush”khushi said while winking at payal…!!


“hwwww….”said payal and immediately giggled seeing khushi’s logic….!! Soon khushi too joined in her giggling….!! They both reached gupta mansion…!!




(in arnav’s car…..aakash, arnav and NK)


Aakash sighed with worry….!! “wat happened akash??”NK asked who is besides arnav in front seat where as akash is in back seat….!!


“payal ka phone hai yaar…..she said khushi and payal have seen arnav stealing khushi’s purse” akash said


“wat the…..!!!”exclaimed arnav….!!


“ha arnav….and khushi is thinking that u r a thief”akash said with a chuckle….!!


“nannav is a thief wow….the great business tycoon and CEO of AR fashion designs is a thief…great……”NK too chuckled along with akash…!!


“u both shut up….its all becoz of u…….u two only made me to do like that…..”arnav said being irritated….!!


“hello nannav don’t blame us ok??? U too responsible for that….when we recognise khushi ji, we were about to inform u but u only started running before we say anything further…..!!”NK said showing his index finger towards arnav….!!


“whatever but u two are main reason for this….and see she is thinking that im a thief”arnav said running his hand through his hair in frustration….!!


“vise arnav… per my knowledge the great ASR never bother about stranger’s opinions….escpecially girls…..hai na???? then y r u bothering now about wat khushi is thinking about u???”akash asked chuckling….!! For which arnav just rolled his eyes for the efforts of his friend to tease him….!!


“and akash…..someone used to say that the topic of ‘love at first site’ is trash……but seems like the picture is different ah??”NK asked eyeing at arnav….!!


“ha NK me too thinking the sameeee…..”akash too joined…..!!


Suddenly the car got stopped with a screech and arnav said “u two dumbos…..get out of my car…..and go to ur house”arnav said rolling his eyes with irritation and akash and NK both got down giggling as their home has come….!!


Akash came towards front seat and while putting his elbow on the window while putting his chin in his palms he said “vise don’t worry arnav god already write khushi’s name as ur wife……so don’t worry….she will b urs only” akash said with a wink and remove his hand from the car……!! Arnav turn his head towards road and said “shut up(in casual way)” and started the car with a small smile on his face….!! Akash and NK both looked at each other with a wide smile before move towards mehra mansion…!!




Well let me clear the confusion first…..arnav is NOT a thief…..he is the CEO of AR fashion designs and the reason about y arnav have stolen khushi’s purse will b revealed in next update…..and about khushi….she only knows that arnav’s name and neither she sees him nor talk to him till now….!! I hope this clears ur confusion….!!


Here is the next update…..and im waiting for ur response….thanks to all who r commenting, pressing thank u button and voting option…!!


@arshijan, khushisingh96, mahi, karthika, kathijah, saya……thanks a lot for ur comments J


Next update will b based on response…..the update of “Unwritten Destiny…”will b tomorrow possibly..!



With love,



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Feb 18, 2015

Here is the NEXT part....:) (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 106 times)

Hello arshians…..before going to the update, I would like to dedicate this update to my baby doll-mahi aka charishmaticarshi on the occasion of her bday… wish her with longggggg life….!!




“chandh mera dil…..chandini ho tum…..”song from old picture Hum Kisi Se Kam Nahi is playing in his mobile….arnav is lying on recliner while looking at the sky….correction looking at the full moon in the sky…!! Those lyrics “chandini ho tum” reminded khushi….!! A small smile appeared on his face remembering her shocked face when he snatched her purse…..then only he looked at her face….she looks so cute with that shocked face….!! Previously he heard about her from khushi’s parents and through akash and he started to like her listening her nature itself….!! But today is the first time he have seen her directly….and that too in moon light….she looks like an angel in that white dress descending from the sky specially for him…!!


ASR-Arnav Singh Raizada……a famous business tycoon, CEO of AR fashion house…..he don’t allow media people to shoot him so other than his business related people, no one has seen him…..khushi too one among them….she has only heard about ASR but didn’t see him….!! For his business partners and staff, he is ASR-rude, arrogant but for his family members, he is their chote who used to do naughty things without knowledge of anyone….his elder sister-anjali is his partner to do any pranks…..anjali’s marriage got fixed with one of famous lawyer-Shyam manohar Jha, elder son of amith Jha and Sasi jha…..!! people who knows arnav as ASR never believe that he will b like this in home-playing pranks, pulling legs, laughing whole heartily…..!! when arnav steps inside the home, his face chance from arrogant to cool…..wat to do yaar….he do like this for his company…..he knows if he becomes too good to employees, they may take advantage of him….so he is arrogant to him…..his P.A. mister Aman Mathur only knows his soft side as he talks normally with him as he trusts aman soooo much….!! Arnav’s world includes with his two best friends-akash mehra and NK aka nandhkis**** mehra….NK is cousin of akash….akash is going to marry payal who is elder daughter of shashi guptha and garima guptha…!! For akash, arnav is arnav and for NK, he is nannav….!! Even though they three are busy, they used to meet frequently after their office hours….!! Generally coffee shops are the usual places where they like to meet…..!! sipping hot coffee and talking with each other is the best moment they three likes most…..!!


Arnav puts his elbow under his head and kept on looking at the full moon while listening to the songs that are playing in his phone which is his habit….yup he likes music soooo much….!! He closed his eyes with a smile only to remember wat happened this evng….!!



Arnav went to the coffe shop where akash and NK are already waiting for him…..he went and join there…..they were talking about akash’s mrg while sipping coffee….!!


“hey lets play game”NK said all of sudden….!!

“No NK not again….”arnav said guessing wat is going in NK’s brain….!!

“hihihi arnav y r u that much scared???? Don’t tell us that the great ASR is scared to play truth and dare game”akash said winking at NK which made arnav to look at them with weird gaze….!!

“hellooo im not scared ok??? But I don’t want to play that’s it….”said arnav….!!

“kyu nannav???”asked NK putting his elbow on the table while smirking…!!

“god only knows which type of dares u will give”muttered arnav but it is audiable to both nk and akash….!!

“acha?? Then u can take truth too…..y u take dare then??”asked akash smirking…!!

“oh really??? Which truth should I tell when u two knows all about me??? So I took dare”said arnav raising his eyebrow….!!

“hahahha then y u scared about daring??”asked NK

“nk im not scared of daring but im scared of ur so called dares that u two have given me last time….. ‘flirting with a girl’ uffff god only knows how I escaped from her on that day….”said arnav with much worth watching expression…!! Yes they three played truth and dare last time and after discussing between themselves, akash and NK gave a dare to arnav- he has to flirt with the girl who sat in the next table… arnav being arnav went to her and talk just few words and ufff she got flat and was not ready to leave him….when he was about to get up from his seat at that time, that girl came and sat besides him and hold his hand in her’s and starts to droll over him……poor arnav he was so shocked to even react…..that girl even proposed him saying “lets marry” arnav’s tongue tied at that time where as akash and NK who was watching the whole scene kept on laughing seeing arnav’s expressive face….!! Later by NK’s help he got escaped from that girl and almost ran from there using their car…!!

“hahahah wat to do nannav…..i just said it simply but seems like that girl got flat for ur handsome face and that’s y she was not ready to leave u and stick to u like gum and was asking u about ur phone number too….”said NK giggling along with akash….!!

“wat the….y u two r giggling??? Do u find it that much fun??? U don’t have idea hows that girl caught my hand and didn’t leave it even I tried many times….god don’t know wat she eats to get that much strong grip….”arnav said remembering that scene where he was struggling to come out of her hold on him….!!


“hahahah ya ya I remember but don’t forgot that Nk only helped u to get escape….”akash said


“yay a so for me u have to play it again now….”NK almost demanded… first arnav didn’t agree but later he agreed as nk is asking him so many times…..he likes nk….eventhough he is 2 years younger than him, he is his best friend too as he is akash’s cousin and from childhood onwards they three used to spend their time in school….!! And they are playing truth and dare game…..and now its arnav’s turn and he have choosen dare again….!!


“nk I warn u if u give any similar dare like last time, I will kill u for sure”said arnav….!! At that time, NK saw the two girls coming from the nearby jewellery shop….as its moonlight day, he was unable to see the clear faces of them but he just saw their forms coming towards the parking lot… of that girls is twirling around while the other girl is giggling and they were talking with each other….!!


“uffoooo nannav……I don’t give that type of dare…..u do one thing….see there are two girls coming towards parking lot(he pointed for which arnav turned towards that direction) u have to snacth that purse from that girl’s hand”said nk casually….!!


“kyaaaaaaa????!!!!!!!!!”asked arnav with a shocked face…..eventhough akash too shocked at first but later giggled seeing arnav’s expression….!! Nk just gave an innocent smile to him….!!


“nk r u mad??? Seems like they bought jewellery……and u asked me to snatch them??? Wat the….they will b panic damn it”said arnav being frustrated….!!


“arey nannav…..b cool we can give them back that purse ok???? U just do ur dare”said nk shrugging his shoulder….!! Arnav rolled his eyes…..they had some argument and at last arnav gave up and accepted his dare and looked at those girls who r about to cross the path way….he looked at one girl in white dress who is facing another girl….her soft long hair is covering her face so he cant able to look at her face….!!


“nannav goooo…..”said nk but at the same time both akash and nk looked at those girls….they are none other than khushi and payal….they both were about to stop arnav but alas arnav already left while running towards those girls to snatch the purse….!! Akash and nk looked each other with shock as they didn’t expect payal and khushi there and then arnav snatched the purse….akash and nk are out of sight of payal..!!  when khushi scream “chor”, arnav looked back and saw khushi without blinking for few seconds….!! Her shocked face looks more adorable for him….!! She looks like an angel in that free hair….!!


*************flashback ends***************

Arnav opened his eyes….a wide smile appeared on his eyes remembering khushi’s shocked face….!! His gaze went towards dressing table where he had kept khushi’s purse….he starts to walk towards it….still songs are playing in his mobile…!! He stood in front of dressing table and take the purse and held it in his hand…..there is a bracelet struck to that purse….it’s khushi’s bracelet….he took out the bracelet and kept the purse on the dressing table…!! He kept on looking at that bracelet with a small smile….its a fancy simple braclet which is reflecting her simplicity…!!

“phholon ke khushubhuki tarah….aakhon se kajal ki tarah…mere dil ko….churaliya he tune….”lyrics are playing on his mobile….!! A wide smile appeared on his face listening those lyrics…!!


“u called me “chor” ah??? U know wat im not thief….u r only thief….yes I only stole ur purse but u have stolen the most precious thing from me (a smile appeared on his lips) yes u stole my heart… u r thief…..till now nobody had stole it from me….”he talked to that bracelet and a wide smile appeared on his lips and later he kissed that bracelet with closed eyes….!! God only knows wat he has imagined that bracelet as when he kissed it…!!




K well…..i hope little confusion must have cleared with this update???*fingercross*


Arshijan, ana, karthika%20, priy_taanu, pooja, nano123, arshi_Shreya, khushisingh96….thanks a lot for ur comments….here is the next update… let me know hows it k??


@priyanjali….now I hope u got view about character sktch now?? And ha don’t say sorry and u r not stupid even bcoz I expected that uestion from reader already…..i will clear it to u but not here….give me ur mail id I will mail u k?? thank u so much for ur comments :D


I know this SS is little confusing but it will reveal from update to update…..i planned the story line like that…!! Will meet u with next update….till then tc bye gud nyt




With love,



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Feb 21, 2015

Here is the NEXT part....:) (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 100 times)

Again he opened his eyes and kept on looking at her bracelet while remembering how he came to know that she only khushi…!!




After saw her face, arnav lost for few seconds and he came back to reality with her scream “chor chor” then with sudden, he started to run again and soon got escaped into dark but he is able to hear her voice lightly….!! He can able to hear their conversation and left out a sigh after they both left from there….!! He started to walk back towards NK and akash and on the way he opened the purse….!! He found it empty and sighed with relief but along with that purse, he found a bracelet attached with it….!! He thought it might b that girl’s bracelet…!! Meanwhile he reached the place where akash and nk had stood…!! They both still looking at each other from the time khushi called arnav as “chor”…..!!


Arnav: thank god…..this purse is empty….seems like this is new one…..!! (arnav said without observing their state…..on getting no response, he looked at them only to find both of them looking at each other with shocked gaze)


Arnav: hey wat happened to u two????(arnav asked while shacking them lightly….akash is the first one that came out from his shock)


Akash: arnav…..y had u run before listening us???(he said bewildered)


Arnav: wat????(he asked confused)


NK: nannav… u know who is that girl???


Arnav: I don’t know…..(he said shrugging his shoulder)


Akash: its khushi….!!


Arnav: wat the…….means payal’s sister???(he is shocked)


NK: haaaa…..we just saw her and was about to warn her but u left without listening us….!! (he said releasing a sigh…!)


Arnav: wat the NK….i will kill u….u only gave that stupid dare and see now she even called me as ‘chor’…..!! (he said with panic….)


Akash: chill yaar…..she didn’t see u na….so just chill…..!! (he said while putting his hand on his shoulder)


Arnav let out a sigh thinking that its may b fact while nk released a breath with relief that he got saved from arnav’s anger….!!


****************flashback ends*******************

Arnav smiled and said to the bracelet “I was relief as I thought u didn’t see me but alas…..u saw me na??? I came to know that through akash…..(a sweet smile came on his lips) and vise bhi like akash said, u will b mine soon……u don’t know khushi…..our parents are already talking about that……now I have to tell u the truth that im not thief…..and don’t know wat r u doing now…..i hope u r not cursing me for stole ur purse….!!” He said and with a smile go to bed to have a dreamy sleep….!!



(meanwhile in khushi’s room)

She is complaining to her devimayya….”hey devimayya have u seen??? That idiot thief had stolen my purse….vo bhi new wala….vo bhi I brought it as I like it sooooo much……but that stupid had just snatched it…..hummphhh……I saw him devimayya…..he looks that much handsome even in the moonlyt….. cant he do another work other than stealing??  Bcoz of that idiot, I lost my purse today…..if I see him again, I wont leave him for sure….ah….salman bhai ki kasam….!!”after she complained to her devimayya, she slept….!!



(next day morning)

(in arnav’s room)

“oyyy nannav….wake uppppp”NK almost screamed in arnav’s ear….!!


“wat the….”he jerked up and sat on the bed with shock…..within seconds he came out of his shock and looked around to find akash and nk giggling near dressing table….!! Yas nk screamed near his ear and went quickly and stand besides akash giggling….!!


“how u both came inside of my room???”arnav asked shocked….!!


“by pushing door”nk said with a wink…!!


“omg nk……do u think this is a joke????”arnav asked still on the bed….!!


“when did I said???”shrugged nk….


“now tell me how did u two come in???”arnav asked again….!!


“seems like someone forgot to lock the room as he was thinking about someone”akash said pointing khushi’s purse…..!! arnav looked at them with embarrassment…..!!!


“aaha??? Now tell me y u both come here in early morning???”arnav asked trying to change the topic….!!


“nannav….get ready soon….we r going to shopping…”said nk…!!


“wat the….no I cant come….i have important meetings to attend in office….”said arnav….!!


“I already informed aman that u r not coming to AR today and he already cancelled ur meetings….”said akash putting back the purse on dressing table….!!


“but akash….”arnav about to said something


“no ifs and buts nannav…..get ready fast….we will wait for u in downstair….”said nk and dragging akash, he left the room….!! Arnav smiled wide seeing his best friends and go to washroom to get freshup….!!




Precap: khushi sees arnav again….!! Wat will b her reaction??





That’s it for now….let me know how’s it??? I hope now its clear about the flashback…..!! if u have any doubts, plz let me know… always there to explain u and clarify ur doubts….!! Plz don’t hesitate to ask anything about the story…!!



@Mahi, riya, arshinisha....thanks a lot for ur comments


@priya agarwal….hahahha ya u knows it ;) btw thanks for ur comment…


@arshi_world….awwww thanks alotttttt…..u also stole my heart with ur precious comment….!


@sayaparo….its ok dear….im glad u love my stories….im happy for that….but I will b more happy if I get ur comments too…!!! I can understand due to ur busy schedule u might not b able to comment on my everypost…..but u can tell me how r they through my fb like many readers saying and u can mail me too….my email id is hoping for ur comment on this update dear


@priyanjali….oops….i forgot to tell u the storyline….actually our talks got subsided on that day… time when we both r in online, then remind me so that I can tell u ok??? By the way thanks for ur comment….!!


@arshijan, Sa_arshi, khushisingh96….thanks a lot for ur valuable comments….they means a lot for me…!!


Will meet u with next update soon…..till then tc bye gud nyt…..have a sweet sleep….!!




With love,



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Feb 23, 2015

next part is UP.... (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 99 times)

Arnav got ready within some minutes and came towards dining table where akash and nk are talking to his mother-anuradha….!! He just smiled seeing them who r laughing whole heartily…!! A wide smile appeared on his face…!! “don’t know wat magic these my best friends have that they can make others laugh easily”he thought while a big smile appeared on his face…!


“ma y did u allowed when these two monkeys came to my room to disturb my sleep???”asked arnav with a smirk as soon as he reached dining table….!!


“arey nannav… u think we took permission from aunty to come into ur room ah??”asked nk narrowing his eyes….!!


“we don’t need any permissions arnav”said akash instantly while showing his tongue playfully….!! Arnav giggled as he expected the same response from them….!!


“ ha ha u both don’t need to take any permission….u r similar to arnav to this house and to our family….”said anuradha while arranging breakfast for all of them….!! Trio-akash, nk and arnav smiled looking each other…..they felt emotional seeing the love of arnav’s mother…..especially nk felt tears in his eyes as he is missing his mom very much…..yes nk’s parents got died in an accident when he was small kid….at that time akash’s parents who are brother and bhabhi for nk’s father took nk with him and from that day nk is living with akash….!! Parneeti mehra and Rahul mehra- parents of akash treated nk similar to akash….in fact they both like nk more than akash…bcoz nk is too small when his parents got died and he struggled a lot to digest the fact that his parents never come back to him… that time parneeti and Rahul used to spend most of their time with him to make him normal….and like people saying “time will heal anything” nk slowly bcome normal and start to live his life happily…..but sometimes he remember his mother and that’s wat happened right now……when anuradha said like that, he remembered his mother again…..!! akash and arnav guessed wat nk is thinking so to lighten the atmosphere they changed the topic…..nk guessed y they both r changing the topic so he too started to involve in the conversation so that he can divert his mind….!! Yes definitely best friends can understand each other feelings….!! If anyone said that only life partner can understand our feelings without our revelation, then its need correction for sure…..not only life partner but also best friend can understand our feelings without our revelation…!! Even some life partners may fail to understand their spouse’s feelings but NO best friend can fail to understand feelings….!! That’s wat the speciality TRUE friendship have…..!! that’s y TRUE friendship is a boon….!!


Their breakfast got over and they get up from their seats and about to move from there….!!


“aunty we will eat lunch in restaurant… we r going…..come arnav we r getting late”said nk little loud while dragging arnav along with him….!!


“arey where these three monkeys are going ah???”came anjali’s voice from behind there and immediately nk stopped and with a sigh turned back and went towards living room and sat on the chair while giving a deatly glare to Anjali….!! Anjali looked confused while both akash and arnav chuckled seeing nk….!!


“arey kya hua nk monkey??? Y r u glaring at me now??”Anjali asked confused….!!


“don’t…..dont u dare…..”nk said while showing his index finger….!! Anjali as well as anuradha stood there confused….!!


“arey diii……u r four years elder than me but u don’t know anything…!!”he said dramatically….!!


“knowing wat???”asked Anjali while raising her eyebrows….!!


“humphhh u even don’t know that we shouldn’t ask anyone to where when they are going outside…..u even don’t know this small thing??? See u asked us and we stopped and now we become late again….this is all bcoz of u”nk said in one go….!! It took some time to note wat nk had said and all burst into laugh seeing nk’s dramatic nature….!!


“arey u fool…..di only asked one question and u r wasting MORE time by taking class…..come lets move….”said arnav controlling his laugh and turning to Anjali, he said “di we r going to mall to buy for akash’s wedding” Anjali smiled and nodded….!! Akash and arnav bid bye and moved towards the exit while nk is coming slowly…!!

Nk went towards Anjali and wrapped his hands around her shoulder and said “di…..u know wat…….u should improve….u r becoming innocent day by day….that u even didn’t recognize that I was acting that I was angry on u (she pouted) pchhh……poor my shyam jiju…..dont know how is he tolerating this much innocent wife(anjali’s mouth went wide) I pity him…..i doubt if he asked u to give him a kiss, then u will say ‘wat is kiss shyam ji’(he imitated her for which her mouth wide open) god should save him….hushhhh”he said dramatically……!!


“u nk monkey…….i wont leave u today….”she is about to hold his precious ear but before she hold it nk escaped from there giggling seeing her blush….!!


“diiii I too have a right to tease u along with arnav and akash….dont forget that u tie rakhi to me too…..and u r newly wedded so I should tease u until u give me a princess to play with……until then bear my teasing”nk said while stopping at the door and quickly rush from there before Anjali come there to hit him for teasing her mercilessly…!!


“ma dekho na… this nk monkey is teasing me”Anjali complainted to her mother while pouting…!! “arey don’t drag me in this matter…..i cant help”anuradha said while giggling….!! Anjali made a cute pout and left to her room….!! Nk always teases her and that’s the reason she call him as monkey….!! Even she put a name of “three monkeys” to the trio nk, akash and arnav…!! She is newly wedded…her marriage has taken place with shyam manohar jha- a very good person who has a business company in London….it has six months since her mrg happened and after her mrg, she had to left to London with shyam and his parents within some days….!! They all treated her very well but she was missing her parents and brother….shyam observed this and booked tickets for her to india…!! It was a surprise for her….even though she is happy to meet her parents after some months but she is sad to leave her hubby….even shyam too not less……he hardly managed to control his tears as he is going to miss her for one month….!!  After lottt of hugs and kisses finally he allowed her to step in to the aeroplane….!!




(in mall)

Arnav, akash and in canteen after their shopping to have lunch…!! They ordered the lunch and it will come soon….!!


“so arnav….u love khushi??”asked akash with a smirk….!! Arnav looked at him with little shock as he didn’t expect this question all of sudden…!! He felt embarrassed and averted his gaze…!! Nk and akash chuckled seeing this…!!


“seems like someone is blushing”nk nudged akash…!! “ha ha…seeing seeing”akash giggled…!!


“nk….im saying this….u see when ur mrg get fixed then definitely all will tease u to death….as u always tease others”arnav said with a smirk….!!


“no problem nannav….let them but till then I have the time in my hand to tease all of u”nk said while winking at him…!!


“k k leave it….hey arnav im serious yaar….tell me u love khushi right???”akash asked with serious tone…!! Arnav smiled a little….


“wats there to hide in front of u both akash?? Yes I love her….i love her even before I saw her…..when ur parents told about khushi to mamma and papa as an alliance for me, I heard about that but take it easy but later when I got to know about her childishness through u, I found her interesting and later when mamma and Anjali di is talking about her helping nature and mingling nature, I started to like her…..and with days I fell in love with her even before seeing her only just listening her nature and cuteness… yes I love her….when I saw her yesterday I just felt like she is an angle decending from heaven just for me”arnav said with dreamy eyes remembering khushi…!!


“oooooooo…..”akash’s and nk’s voice brought him back to the earth….!! Arnav felt extremely awkward and he is blushing lightly and akash and nk are giving him teasing glances….!!

“god….plz save me from this awkward situation”arnav silently prayed to god….!! As god listened his prayers, his mobile started to ring….!! He attended it on seeing aman’s name flashing on it…!!


“ha aman bolo”asked arnav on attending it…!!


“ASR….can u come to the entrance of the mall??? I need some urgent signatures from u….im near the mall”said aman…!!


“how do u know that im in mall???”asked arnav being confused…!!


“ASR I had made a call to home and Anjali di said that u r in mall with akash and nk”said aman who is about to reach mall…!!


“ok im coming outside….ill b there in five min”said arnav and informing akash and nk, he went from there saying he will b back soon….!!



Lunch arraived after five minutes…akash and nk are waiting for him….he is still waiting for aman as aman got strucked in traffic…!!


“jijuuuuuuu…….”akash heard someone’s scream and turned only to find khushi and payal there….!! There khushi is exicting and payal is apologying the people who r looking at them with weird gaze….!! But khushi being khushi dragged payal along with her towards akash ignoring all other….!!


“jiju…..u here???? See I bring ur honewali wife for u”khushi said occupying arnav’s seat and she made payal to sit beside akash…!! Akash and nk giggled seeing khushi’s excitement….!!


“awww so sweet of u khushi…(turning to payal) by the way payal u said that u r going to give wedding cards to ur friends right?? Has it completed?”asked akash with a small smile….!!


“ha jiju it completed and I dragged jiji to have lunch as im soooo hungry and I found u here and bring jiji too”said khushi…..!! “by the way how r u nk ji??”added khushi….!!


“im fine khushi….how r u?? and don’t call me with ‘ji’ just call me nk ok?? Vise bhi we r of same age too….”nk added with a smile for which khushi nodded….!! Khushi observed that they both are not eating so asked the reason for which they both said that they r waiting for arnav…!!


“oh arnav ji too came with u??? that’s nice….where is he??? I didn’t see him till now…”khushi asked with a smile casually….!!

“he went to the entrance as he having some work”akash said….!!


“vise khushi I heard that ur purse got stolen yesterday???”asked nk intentionally making akash and payal to look at him with wide eye….!!


“ha nk…but how do u know???”khushi asked confused….!!

“that’s simple khushi payal bhabhi told this to akash and akash told me (he shrugged) btw how did that happen??”nk asked more innocently like he don’t know anything….!!


Khushi explained how she and payal were talking and how someone snatched her purse….!! “u know wat nk…..i bought that purse dearly and that stupid thief have stolen it….i still remember his face…..if I see him again I will kill him”she said while stabbing the fork on the table….!! Thank god….arnav is not there in place of bench….!! But alas….then only arnav started to come towards the table….!! Akash observed him and signalled him something….arnav stopped on his tracks and raised his eyebrows in the sense of asking ‘wat’?? akash quickly took out his mobile and sent a msg to arnav….!!


 “danger yaarrr….she is talking about u only….bhag jaaaoooooo (run away from here) if she sees u here, she might have kill u…she is so much angry that u thieft her purse”arnav read the msg that sent by akash…!!

Meanwhile payal observed that akash is looking in another direction and moved her head towards that direction only to find arnav reading the msg…..unfortunately khushi too looked in the same direction following payal and she there saw arnav who is moving from there with big steps…..!! she don’t know that he is moving to recue himself from her wrath…!!

“jijiiii….chorrr….”khushi exclaimed….!! Payal shocked….. “kya??”she asked while praying herself that khushi shouldn’t have seen arnav…!!

“jiji….that chor who has stolen my purse is there I saw him”she said quickly and rush to that side before payal say anything….!! She went to the spot where arnav was standing before some seconds….payal, akash and nk too reached there…!!


She started to search all places upto her sight…..her site reached to parking lot where arnav is looking here and there and get into the car….!! He looked here and there to conform that khushi is not around but that scene was like that he was searching here and there as if conforming that nobody is seeing him….!!


“jijii…..he is stealing the car….”khushi said with bewilderment and again about to move from there but payal stopped her…!!


“khushi pagal ho tum??? Y will he steal car??? And how r u saying that??”payal asked instantly….!!


“jiji cant u see how he was looking around to conform that nobody is seeing him?? And as nobody is seeing him, he must have unlocked the door using knife and sit into the car….i should stop him before he go away…..”khushi said in one go and looked towards the parking lot only to find the car had gone….!! Akash, nk and payal looked there with shocked expressions listening wat khushi said…!!




I hope its not bad *fingercross* plzzz let me know hows this!!??*biting my nails* thanks to all who r pressing thank u button and who r commenting….!!


If u have any confusion, please let me know… always there to clarify ur doubts regarding story…!!


Riya, Priy_Taanu, priya97, arshijan, hi hi, sarun lover, priyanjali, khushi singh96….thanks a lot for ur comments


@sanchii…..oops sorry….i will try to update Vivian ji tomorrow 8-)




With love,



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Feb 26, 2015

Here is the NEXT part....:) (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 90 times)

As soon as khushi saw that arnav took out the car, she got furious on payal….!!


“jijiiii wat have u done??? See that thief got escaped this time too….if u didn’t stop me, I would have caught him red-handed…!! Ye tum….”she is all in the verge of anger while showing her index finger to payal….!! Before she say anything further, payal said “arey u pagli….now stop making it a big issue and come….”with that she dragged khushi back to the table and made her sit…!!


Here nk and akash both are giggling seeing khushi’s anger towards arnav…!! “hihihi poor arnav…. THE ASR ek ladki se jaan bachane ke liya bhag rahaa hain(dialogue credit goes to Sa_Arshi)”thought akash while settling on the chair…!! Khushi is still muttering oops correction still SCOLDING that thief aka arnav…..!


“idiot kahe ki….dont know how can he steal from others….yesterday he stole my purse and now a big car….he will definitely pay for his mistakes…”khushi is muttering but its audiable to remaining three….nk and akash chuckled listening her while payal smiled lightly seeing her childish sister….!!


“ha khushi….u two didn’t order anything?? Wait I will go and order”said akash trying to divert khushi from scolding his friend-arnav….!!


“nahi hai jiju….i will wait but let b ur friend arnav to come….after that I will order”khushi said with a smile…!!


“arey khushi….nannav wont come bcoz he got escaped fearing ur anger”nk thought while giggling himself…!!


While akash is thinking wat to say, “vo….khushi…he sent me msg saying he went abruptly as he got some urgent work”said nk covering the situation…!! Akash silently thanked nk in his mind to cover the situation…!!


“but how can he leave without meeting us?? And that too without telling u personally???”there come a questionbank in the form of khushi….!! Now payal came to the rescue of akash and nk from that question bank…!!


“arey khushi….how many questions u will ask??? Now go and order our lunch….goooo”she almost pulled her from chair and so khushi went to order lunch…!!


Here “akash ji….y u asked me to hide about arnav ji from khushi??? See this pagli is thinking him as a thief”payal asked with so much attention…!!


“bcoz bhabhi…..arnav and khushi will get marry soon and let it b sweet memory for them”nk said shrugging his shoulder…!!


“kyaaaa???”payal whishpered in shock….!!


“relax payal….(turning to nk) tum bhi nan k….y u said all of sudden?? See she got shocked(again turning to payal) actually payal I was about to tell u….actually on our day of engagement ur parents and arnav’s parents thought to do their mrg but later thought that let it tell them after our mrg so kept silent….but arnav somehow knows it but khushi is still unaware of it….!! “akash said with a smile…!!


“oh acha….thats y arnav ji escaped as soon as u msged him??”payal asked as she saw him msged to arnav for which akash nodded his head…!! At the same time akash’s phone got rang…!!


“arnav…”he wishpered before picking up the call….!!


“hello arnav…where r u?”asked akash…


“back side of hotal and in my car”said arnav… “vise had khushi seen me??”he added…!!


“ya….she saw u and she thought that u r stealing ur own car”akash said with a giggle….!!


“wat the….”exclaimed arnav…!! Nk too giggled imagining arnav’s face while payal is chukling…!


“ha arnav….and she is terribly angry on u too….”akash added….!! Just then he observed khushi is coming back towards the table and so “she is coming”saying this he remove the phone from his ear…..but the phone call is still in ‘on’ mode….!! Akash know that arnav is still on phone…..on the other hand arnav was about to hung the call but stopped listening khushi’s voice…!!


“wat happened jiju? Y r u three giggling?”khushi asked taking a seat….!! Akash’s hand is on the table and his palm held his phone so arnav can clearly able to hear khushi’s voice….!! Meanwhile….a naughty idea came to nk’s mind….


“khushi now tell….where have u seen that thief??”nk asked casually while taking phone from akash….nk is sitting right beside khushi around that round table and he hold the phone in his palm and kept his palm under his chin….its like the phone is near to khushi….so arnav is clearly able to hear khushi’s voice more than earlier…!!


“near parking lot nk…..he….such an idiot(arnav’s eyes went wide listening it) stealing a car…..i doubt he don’t have shame to steal other’s things??”khushi is splitting fire….!! Arnav looked at his phone with disbelief hearing khushi and later put his phone again on his ear to listen again…!!


“ya khushi….me too thinking the same….by the way how he looks???”asked nk intensionally…..on the other hand akash and payal are controlling their giggle…!!


“mmmm (thinking) he looks tall with perfect physic….with expressive eyes (arnav raised his eybrow) little stubble, on the whole he looks like a movie hero (arnav smirked along with a wide smile) dekhne kithne ache hai…cant he do another work other than stealing like this??? (nk looked at her while nodding his head) u know wat nk, if he enters into movie field, then he may become best actor….that much good looks he has(arnav is raising his eyebrow) but wat’s use of those looks??? Only he is good from looks but from heart he is a THIEF…..huh…….he will definitely pay for this….salman bhai ki kasam….”said khushi controlling her anger….!! “wat the…salman bhai ki kasam?!!”exclaimed arnav in a whishpering tone while glancing at phone before put it again on his ear…!! Nk hardly controlled his giggle along with akash and payal…!!


“uffoooo khushi……I can imagine arnav must b saying wat the or raising his eyebrows or giving his famous smirk listening to u”thought nk….!!


“by the way khushi…wats this ‘salman bhai ki kasam’?”asked nk while trying to divert the topic again…!!


“that’s a long story nk”payal entered into the conversation…!!





Ya that’s it for now… seriously busy in banging my head to write assignments… not finding proper answers even in internet too :( so to give some break to my heated brain, I came here to type my favourite story….:D I hope its not that much bad *fingercross*


Tell me ur views guys….both positive and negative comments are heartily welcomed…..if u have any doubt regarding the story, plz ask me without any hesitation…I will b always there to clear it…!!


Thanks to all who r pressing thank u button, commenting and thanks to silent readers too…..plz do press thank u button atleast…!!


@mahi, 23594, Arshi_World, Arshijan, priya97, khushisingh96, Sarun_Lover, Priya_Taanu, anju, Sa_Arshi….thank u sooooo much for ur valuable comments…..i am waiting for ur comments about this update…!!


Will meet u with next update….till then take care….have a great time ahead…!!



With love,



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continue soon
Mar 3, 2015

next part is UP.... (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 82 times)

“that’s a long story nk”payal entered into the conversation…!!


“really bhabhi? Then tell me….im ready to listen”nk said with excited tone while putting his elbow on the table…!!


“khushi is salman khan’s fan…that’s y she use that dialogue more…”payal said casually with a small smile…!


“bhabhi u said it’s a LONG story but u only said two sentences?!!”nk asked with so much of innocent…!! Naughty he is but sometimes he is more innocent…!


“arey budhu….if she says ‘LONG’, it doesn’t mean that it will b one kilometre long….she said it casually…”akash said while giving a smack on nk’s hand…!!


Nk pouted but suddenly something striked in his brain and said “khushi….u call him as brother?!!!”he exclaimed…!! Khushi and payal both chuckled and khushi nodded her head positively…!!


“oh god…..u must b the single person out of his fans who calls him as BROTHER…!!”nk said as in the way that he saw some horror movie….!!


“hahahah nk…..thats wat khushi is……ya I call him as bhai…..u see many girls are there to drool over him but there wont b any girl to call him as bhai like me among his fans(khushi said while raising her imaginary collar) so if he come to know about this, then he will definitely wants to meet me na? so I call as brother”she finished with a wink…!!


“gosh….khushi u r unbelievable….”nk sighed out with a worth watching expression….!! There payal chukling seeing both of them while akash is busy in admiring her which is not going unnoticed by nk from the corner of his eyes…!!


“ahem ahem”he cleared his throat to make akash to come into this world….!! “seems like someone cant able to take off their eyes from their dil ki rani…!!”nk added eyeing at akash…!! Akash felt embarrassed while payal looks down blushing…!!


“nk see see how my di is turning red with blush”khushi entered into the war of teasing the couple this time….!!


“ha ha khushi….dekho my bhai is not less…..he is too turning red red…”nk said winking at akash….!!


“uuuuu nk monkey(holding his ears) u r becoming naughtier day by day ah….”akash said while pulling nk’s ear…!!


“akash…leave my precious ear plz….”accepting his pleading akash left his ear…!! “vise akash….dont call me naughty ok?? U and arnav are not less than me…”nk said showing his index finger to akash…!!


“arnav…(something snapped to khushi) vise jiju u said ur friend arnav ji went right?? I thought to meet him”khushi said in one go….but even before akash answers her, she added “I even unable to introduce myself to him on ur engagement day…..he went before I met him”she added casually…!!


“oyyy….he was there with us for so much of time pagli on that day….u r saying as if he came for just one minute and went…and do u think he should wait to meet u ah?”payal said chuckling…!!


“uffoooo jiji….tum bhi na….i just asked casually….”khushi said shrugging her shoulders…!!


“actually khushi on our engagement day, when he reached the avenue, u went to manage catering section and when u came to payal…”akash started saying

“he went abruptly as he had important meeting in AR….”nk completed….!


“AR???!!!!”khushi whispered which is enough audible to the remaining three….!! “yes AR fashion house”said nk while having his lunch…!


“wat does he do nk??”there is a curiosity in her voice….!! Payal looked at her with questioning gaze as she didn’t see her sister to b this much curious about any boy…!


“he is CEO of AR”said nk while looking at her face….!!


“CEO?? ASR?!!!”exclaimed khushi…!! “wats his full name?”she added…!!


“Arnav Singh Raizada”this time akash said…!!


“omg(she clasped her mouth with her palm with surprise) ASR is arnav ji?!! Means ur best friend??!!”she exclaimed….. “jiji y didn’t u tell me about this before???”she added while turning towards payal…!! Payal didn’t miss the twinkle in the eyes of khushi…!! She is confused about this much curious on khushi about a male person…!! Of course khushi is curious before for many things but from childhood onwards, she haven’t seen her till now to curious about a MALE person…!! There is mixed emotions in her voice-excitement, curious, happy wat not…!!


“khushi…..wats there special to tell??”payal asked with confused stare….!! Khushi got that payal is confused with her sudden change of nature so successfully managed to cover her expressions…!!


“just like that jiji….he’s so famous na that’s y…vise I didn’t thought that he will b ur friend jiju….i heard he is arrogant, rude etc etc”khushi sounded so casual but none of them can able to estimate the excitement inside of her and even they are unaware that khushi is asking like that to know more about him which she wasn’t able to find even in internet…!!


“no no khushi…..he is not arrogant….i mean he is but only with his employees…”akash started to say while nk, from corner of his eyes is observing khushi’s expressions of ‘wide smile’, ‘dreamy eyes’ etc etc…!! nk got something is there and chuckled himself as he got wat reason must b there that make khushi to ask about nannav more….!! There akash is saying how he is different from AR to RM…!!


“really jiju??? Means he is not rude and arrogant in house!! Interesting….”khushi said with a small smile…!!

“ya he is not in fact he is more naughty than us”nk added with a smile….!! Khushi is listening them with utmost attention which made payal to smirk as she guessed wat must b the reason about the attention of khushi towards ASR…!!

“ha khushi….but u know wat I teased him so much….he cant able to say a word against me as he likes me so much”nk said with a wide smile….but there is a naughty plan that’s going into his mind about which nobody of them have awareness…!!

“oh really???”khushi asked again with twinkling eyes….!! akash is not paying his attention much this time bcoz he silently admiring payal’s expressions…!!


“ha khushi….today morning too me along with akash teased him about his fiancé….”nk said with a wide smile observing clearly her expressions…!! Her face become pale all of sudden and her eyes become glistered…!! She observed nk is looking at her and so gulping the limp on her throat, she covered her sadness with a smile on her face…!!

"nk....its conform yaar..."he thought himself while smirking...!






Tadaaaa…..ha….ha I know that its again late update…but kya karu??!! Im still struck with my assignments….ufff….!! I feel like ‘y should I become big?!! If I were a small kid, I must have playing with toys and studying A B C D’ wowww…..but its not possible now *pout*

Anyway my dear lovely readers let me know hows this update??? Anybody guess the reason behind khushi’s unexpected expressions??? Let me know ur views….both positive and negative comments are always welcome…!!


@Priy_Taanu, nano123, Its_Me_Again….thanks a lot for ur valuable comments

@priyanjali….hahahah ya khushi ka kali ka avthar….lol….i didn’t remember that until I read ur comment ;)

@sanchii….thats not fair :’( :’(

@khushisingh96….thanks a lot :D let me know hows this update dear…

@Sa_Arshi….no yaar….i should give the credit to u….actually u know wat when I read ur comment, I was giggling….ur comment put a wide smile on my face…!! And when I was typing the update, I thought to put the dialogue “poor arnav…don’t know how will b he handle angry khushi” but when I was typing the dialogue, I remember ur comment and put it….:D I should thank u for that :D thank u sooooo much….!! Im waiting for ur comments on today’s update…!



Thanks to all who are pressing the thank you button….and thanks to silent readers too….but I will b more happy if u comment too…!!

Will meet u with next update soon…till then tc….have a nice time ahead…!



With love,





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awesome continue soon
dont like it
Mar 7, 2015

next part is UP.... (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 62 times)

“nk, its conform yaar”nk thought to himself…!! On the other hand payal too observing the expressions of khushi…!! Khushi who is shock and sad, is successfully managed to cover her expressions in the nick of time….but somehow she is late as both nk and payal observed her expressions before she hide them…!!

After sometime they all left from there…!!



(outside of mall)

Payal is waiting for khushi who went to bring her scooty…!! Akash and nk too along with her…!


Khuhsi: jiju… u both will go? U said arnav ji went as he had urgent meeting right? (she asked with concern)


Nk: khushi….arnav is on the way to pick up us….he sent me a msg….


Khushi: oh!! (she said while looking here and there) jiji come we r getting late….lets move….we need to go to ur friend’s house too na?(she said to escape from her sadness on the mention of arnav’s name….in fact she is jealous too which caused little anger)


Payal: (she smirked herself as she guessed y khushi want to go) arey khushi lets meet arnav na…then we can go, wat say nk??


Khushi: jiji…..we r getting late na…..we can even meet him later too come and get onto the scooty(she said in one go and started scooty without giving a chance to payal to speak out anything)


Khushi: jiju….we will meet later k? (she said in one go and started bike and left them in the nick of time)


Poor akash….as he unaware of khushi’s expressions, he stood there being confused while nk giggled seeing khushi who is driving the scooty with speed…..!!


Akash: nk….nk…(she patted nk’s elbow while still looking at the direction of khushi)


“oy hello….stop patting my hand k? if u look at me then u can know that im looking at u only”nk said while making akash to look at him….!!

“nk….y khushi is behaving weird all of sudden??? Do u have any idea??”akash asked while setting his spectacles properly….!

“akash bhai....not only me, seems like bhabhi too came to know the reason for khushi’s behaviour”nk said chucking…!!

“wat?? Wat r u talking about?”akash asked…!

“hello romeo…..u were busy in admiring bhabhi that’s y u didn’t observed khushi’s expressions when we talked about arnav”nk said giving a look to akash….!! Akash felt embarrassed as being cought by his brother…!!

“I think khushi have crush on arnav”nk said while chuckling…!!

“wat?!!!”exclaimed akash…!!

“ya as per my guess and expectation, khushi must have crush on arnav and payal bhabhi too must have come to know about it….”nk said in exciting tone…!!

“unbelievable…..if its true then it will b awesome and exciting right???”akash asked with a wide smile….!!

“ya….and it is true as per my estimations….khushi must have crush on arnav”nk said for which akash too nodded as he know the skill of nk-studying the minds…!! Yes! Nk can study the minds of people and can estimate their thoughts from their talks and expressions……he have the interest in psychology due to which he always observes the people around him…!! And till now whatever nk said by this knowledge come true so obviously akash believed nk and they both started to walk towards the back of the mall where arnav is waiting for them!! Yes….arnav is waiting for them but nk desperately said lie to khushi that arnav is coming their….of course he did it bcoz to observe khushi’s expressions to conform his expectation once again…!!



(on scooty)

“khushi…..u wanted to meet arnav ji na…then y u pulled me to go from the mall ah?”payal asked controlling her chuckle seeing khushi’s face from the mirror….!! She seems like annoyed and angry…!


“I don’t want to meet that idiot….”said khushi gritting her teeth…!!


“aaha? Kyu khushi?”payal faked innocence…!!


“kya kyu? How can he marry another girl?”khushi splitted in her anger-anger of jealous…!!


“matlab kya khushi?(wat do u mean khushi)”asked payal chuckling…!! Then only khushi recognized wat she had splitted….!!


“oh no…..i have spilled indirectly that ASR is my crush…y did I do this”khushi cursed herself mentally…!!


“bolo khushi….”payal asked again as she didn’t get khushi’s answer…!! “crushhhh???!!!”payal asked while giggling…!


“jiji…there is nothing like that wat u r thinking ok?”said khushi with fake seriousness while turning her head in half angle…!! Just then they came to the back side of mall….!! Unfortunately they are crossing arnav’s car….!! Arnav, who is waiting for akash and nk is remembering khushi’s words and he turned his head towards the road and there he saw khushi who turned her head half side while talking to payal something….!! A wide smile appeared on his face seeing her driving the scooty…!!! Thank god his window is closed so that khushi cant able to see him….!! He eagerly opened his window to get a clear view of her but to his good luck, she already crossed his car….yup its only his good luck bcoz if khushi sees him right now, he must get scoldings and beats from her too much as her mood is not good…!! Ha bcoz she is thinking him as thief…!! He is still looking at that direction with a small smile where khushi have gone just now….!! He’s lost in thoughts-day dreams….!! His thoughts had been disturbed by nk’s voice who is observing from past 2 minutes…!! Yeah….both nk and akash came to the car and even get into it but as arnav is in his dreamland, he is unable to observe it…!!


“oyy majnu…..tumhara laila chali gayi(oyy majnu ur laila have gone) now start the car”nk said in loud voice to bring him back from his dream world…!!  Arnav felt embarrassed and started the car not before cursing himself mentally for losting in his day dreams in front of the two monkeys-akash and nk…!!


“now these two wont leave me without teasing….wat to do now??”arnav thought mentally still driving the car…!! To his luck, his phone started to ring indicating aman’s number…!! He mentally thanked aman and lifted the phone and started to talk…!!


Its been more than 20 minutes since arnav started to talk to aman…..!! here nk is desperately waiting for arnav to hung the call so that he can say that khushi must have crush on arnav…..but damn hell arnav has been talking…..!!


“god only knows wat he talks to aman always….poor khushi I pity her…..this nannav will talk to aman always even after marrying khushi”nk thought being annoyed…!! But ya god only knows that arnav is pretending to talk to aman to avoid teases of nk and akash…!! Yessss!! He is pretending!! Aman hung up the call with in 2 or three minutes but our intelligent arnav kept on talking oops correction pretending to talk to aman…!! Nk is being irritated more as they r almost reaching their house and still arnav is not hung up the call….!! he is mentally cursing arnav…!!


“Here im so excited to tell him about khushi and this nannav…..idiot kahe ki….how much he talks to aman all along the way??”nk muttered himself….!! He glanced at arnav and looked at him while observing him….!! There is a twinkle in his expressive eyes…..nk followed his eyes which are seeing mehra mansion…!! He got some doubt and looked at arnav’s phone…!! His mind which has the capacity of guessing and examining other’s minds and thoughts starts to work and he pulled out his phone from his pocket and called arnav’s number..!!!


“teri meri meri teri prem kahani…..”arnav cell started to ring indicating nk’s call….!! yup this ringtone is specially for nk….he himself put that ringtone…!! Arnav got shock and immediately put the breaks….the car came to halt exactly infront of mehra mansion….!! He closed his eyes as soon as he heard his ringtone and slowly turned towards nk who is in passengers seat only to find him galring at him…!!


“arnav u have gone today”arnav mentally cursed himself…!! He smiled sheepishly to nk who is still glaring at him….if anyone pour water on him, then it will converted into vapour….that much he is boiling with anger…!! Anyone can guess by looking at his face that he is angry and arnav is not exception to guess it….!!


“arey nk y did u called? U know wat just now I had cut aman’s call….”said arnav a white lie and smiled sheepishly only to earn glaring of nk….!!


“shut up….so u were intentionally pretended that u were talking with aman ah??”nk said while gritting his teeth….!! Akash become a silent spectator in the entire conversation and in fact, he is giggling looking at arnav’s worth watching expressions…..he know y arnav pretended to b on call….of course only to save himself from the teasing of akash and nk….!!



“vo…vo….”arnav is searching for the words…..yes he is searching bcoz he very well understood that the genious brain of nk got him red handed….!! Before he said anything, he got down from car….!


U nannav…..u were pretending to escape my teasing right?? Well for ur kind information, I wanted to tell u something important about khushi and I was so excited but u spoiled it… I wont tell it to u…..chal”saying this in one go nk went into the mehra’s mansion angrily…!! Aakash to get down from car and started to walk towards the mansion….!! Arnav called him and asked about wat nk was talking?!


“arnav….he was so excited to tell u about khushi….but u spoiled his excitement….”akash said while chukling… “now he is angry on u for that”he added…


“ya he too told the same….but wat he wanted to tell??”arnav asked with the hope that akash will tell him about wat nk wanted to tell…..!!


“arnav….u do onething(arnav asked with his eyes ‘wat’) ask nk…..he will tell…..!!”akash said with a wink and started to move towards mansion…!!


“akash….he is angry yaar…”shouted arnav from the car…!!


“woo him arnav”akash shouted back….!!


“oh god… im regretting for pretending to talk to aman….now wat nk want to tell me?? That too about khushi??!!!”arnav muttered before starting the car….!!






That’s it for now….ummm….i hope u like it?? Plz let me know hows it?! And ha khushi has crush on him…..! how and when u will come to know in next update…!!


@ilvarshi….thanks a lot for ur comment dear….plz let me know hows this update…!


@arshijan…..ummm kinda….actually she has crush on him….btw thanks a lot for ur continuous comments


@Its_Me_Again….thank u dear…I hope u enjoyed this update too….let me know hows it


@anju….hahahah ya ur guess is right….khushi has crush on arnav….no no not arnav but on ASR but how and from when-this will come in next update thank u so much for ur valuable comments….!


@Priy_taanu….ya khushi have a crush on ASR…..thanks a lot for ur comments dear


@Arshi_world….yup she has….btw let me know hows this update dear


@priya97….thank u dear….and ya khushi likes ASR


@Sa_Arshi….hahahah ya dear,,,she has a biggggg crush on ASR but she is not his employ...and she didn’t see him as ASR how and from when she has crush on him will reveal in next update…!! And actually that logic of ‘bhai’ is mine u know hihihi ya actually I calls barun as bhayya and even calls arnav as bhayya too….hahahha don’t b shocked and ha nk is too naughty to play tricks….!! My assignments is not getting over yaar….i have been searching the answers and even internet is unable to give the proper answers for assignments….im getting eye pain and headache as I have been looking at phone or lappy from most of the time to search answers for assignments….i have total 4 records to write assignments and I didn’t even complete one yet and I upon that I have to submit them before 30th of this month….im tensed for that and im not getting time to type the stories too….i hope god help me to complete them… too my eyes are paining badly but still came here to type the update as its been many days since I update…!! Last but not the least….thank u sooooooooooo much for ur valuable comments dear


@khushisingh96….hahaha ya khushi like ASR…..and has big crush on him….of course who will don’t have crush on him(except girls like me) and ha nk is too naughty right? But akash and arnav too r not less…hihihi btw me too waiting for the reaction of khushi when she face her thief as her crush and fiancé….im so exciting to write that part….!


@brindha….diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii isme kolavary kya hai dii?? Bolo bolo…..and ha he is a thief bcoz he has stolen khushi’s heart….btw tell me wat u wanted to say….or else I wont talk to u ah…:/



Well girls….im really hell tired and its almost 11.30 and im still typing eventhough my eyes are paining…let me plz know hows the update….silent readers atleast press thank u buttons…!

Will meet with next update as soon as possible….im working on unwritten destiny too….till then tc….bye good nyt have a good time ahead…!



With love,



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awesome continue soon
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Mar 11, 2015

next part is UP.... (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 57 times)

(at nyt)

(in khushi’s room)


Khushi is lying on her bed….her wrist is under her head and her elbow is on the pillow…she laid sidewise looking the stars and moon from the window….!! Her another hand is playing with her hair….!!there is only ceiling lights that are giving very small lyt with in the room….!! Her thoughts drifted to the all days incidents like everyday…!! Yes she has the habit-she use to remember at nyt that had happened on that whole day….!! So as usual she is remembering that day’s events….!! All scenes are flashing in her brain….her day which starts with prayer in mandir….later she and her sister-payal’s visit to payal’s friend’s house…..and later their visit to mall….there how they met akash and nk accidentally….and how she saw that so called thief again and how he stole car before she reach him….how she has scolded him in front of nk and all are flashing in her brain…!!


“ASR”a soft whishper came out from her mouth when she thought about how she came to know that ASR-her crush is none other than arnav ji-akash jiju’s best friend….!! A wide smile appeared on her face just by remembering his name itself….!! Yes khushi has a bigggg crush on ASR…..none know about this…even her sister cum best friend payal too….!! Her crush is in her heart only….well it will do justice if we say khushi have the crush on ASR because of his talent….yes first she had crush for his talent and later only she came to know about his name-ASR…..!! “y the hell I never thought to know about his full name??”khushi thought and immediately took her mobile and opened internet and typed his name in google….!! She have choosen one content among the given links and opened it…..!! strangely wherever his name was mentioned, they mentioned it as ASR only…..!! after she checked several links, she found in one link where his full name was mentioned-Arnav Singh Raizada….!! 

Khushi-a graduated girl…..has a big crush on ASR…once she listen his name when her friends were talking about him…..from them, she came to know that ASR got best business man of the year award(I don’t have knowledge whether this award exist or not…its just my imagination) as she has the habit of knowing new news, she started to search the google to know about his casually….!! But her casual habit causes her crush on him….when she started to read about him, she got amused when she read that he wont allow media people to shoot him ever….at first she thought ‘its ****…he must have done that just publicity and later must have put his images so that he can get more popularity’ and thinking so started to search for him more so that she will get his pictures…..but when she didn’t find his pictures ever, she was amused and started to read about his talent and got impressed….!! It was a little shock for her when she came to know that when he didn’t allow media to shoot him when he got his award of “best business man of the year”….!! She got interest on him and that interest got turned to crush gradually….!! She wanted to see him once,,,,wanted to meet him once,,,,wanted to talk to him once,,,wanted to congratulate him and praise him once,,,wanted to take a snap with him once and if possible wanted to share her life with him…!! She thought that it may not possible but today she got to know that ASR is akash’s best friend and she was more than happy….!! 

Right now her face got pale all of sudden…..! 

“his marriage got fixed”she wishpered softly while a lone tear escaped from her eyes….!! “nahi khushi….u don’t have to cry….u know na its just a crush….ha u wanted to share ur life with him if possible….but u see he even don’t know u right? And he is a top business man and u have just completed graduation….it will b greedy if u think about a mrg with him….now stop thinking….vise bhi nk told that ASR is happy na? so(she closed her eyes which are ready to pour at any moment and while composing herself) now stop thinking and go to sleep”she warned herself and went to sleep while closing her eyes tightly….!!



(in mehra’s mansion)

Akash came to nk room…..!! nk is just searching his wardrobe to find his nightwear….!! Ya he will always have to search them bcoz his wardrobe is always a mess….!!


“oyyy monkey…again searching ur wardrobe?? How many times we have to say to keep ur wardrobe properly?!”akash asked while half lying on the bed….!!


Nk rolled his eyes and asked “y u come here ah?”he asked casually with irritation as he is unable to find his nyt wear…!!


“arnav called me….he told me that he called u many times but u r not lifting his call??!!”asked akash…!!


“ha I was angry on him that’s y I didn’t lifted the call”said nk while sitting on the bed…!!


“common nk….we two know that u cant b angry for a long….specially on me and arnav….right?”asked akash looking at nk with a smirk….!!


“ha but I don’t want to forgive nannav easily….or else wat there I was very excited to say him about khushi and he was pretending like he was talking to aman….”nk said irritated for which akash chuckled….!! Akash is in the situation where he neither take wrong of nk nor arnav…!! Both have their reasons to do so….arnav has the reason-he feared about nk’s teasing….and nk has the reason-he was excited and his excitement went into dark….!!


“acha…then lets do onething….”said akash while sitting on the bed….!!

“kya??”nk asked eyeing at akash…!!

“see nk(by putting his arm around nk’s shoulder) as arnav badly(stressing the word) wants to know about khushi, now to woo u, he will do anything whatever u tell him to do”akash said with a smirk stressing the word ‘anything’….!! A wide smile appeared on the face of nk while his naughty brain started to work where as akash chuckled thinking about naughty brain of nk….!!




That’s it for today….!! Wat u guys think wat will nk do with arnav?? Plz let me know about ur views….and if u want to give any suggestions, then im always ready to take them…!! Tell me ur feedback about this update…both positive and negative comments are acceptable with whole heart…!!


@priyanjali….hahahah it’s a good idea….well I didn’t plan about nk till now ;) I should think about it hahahah….by the way thank u so much for ur comment :*


@brindha di….dii wats going on my mind??? Ummm me too don’t know :p hihihi btw thank u sooooo much for ur comment :*


@Its_Me_Again…hahahha ya poor arnav….god only knows wat is going on nk’s naughty brain ;) btw thank u so much for ur valuable comments….let me know hows this update dear


@arshi_love….awww thanks alottt dear…im really glad that u like my story….by the way ha bechari khushi…she don’t know that her dream of sharing her life with ASR will become true….hihihi but god only know wat will b her reaction when she came to know that the thief, ASR and arnav are same….!


@ilvarshi, priy_taanu, Arshi_World…thank u sooo much for ur continuous comments…!!


@arshijan….hahahah ya poor khushi and arnav but right now poor arnav is important ;) he has to do whatever nk told him to do….hihihi…!! btw thank u so much for ur feedback….im waiting for ur comments on this update sweety…!


@jelebigirl……thank u so much…im very glad to see ur comment in my story


@ana….hahaha ana…ur comments are unique girl…no words can describe my expressions on reading them :v btw tc of ur health and don’t forget that im waiting for ur update…!! And ha im waiting for ur review about this update too….!


@khushisingh96….hahha ya arnav spoiled it and now it helped nk to take his revenge on him ;) hahah ‘ajeeb contest’?? lol that word made a wide smile on my face sweety :* thank u so much for ur valuable comment….btw about first place, I don’t know about that :p


@hihi….dear actually i thought that its been many days since I updated, so I updated the story….and even now also my eyes are paining little as im looking at the laptop screen…!! And ha im taking care of my health….i will start the new story possible at the end of this month….by the way thanks a lot for ur comment….it had put a smile on my face…!!


@priya97….thank u dear…and y aim taking care….its just due to my assignments….i had to surf internet to find answers and im through some stress so my eyes and head are paining….i will b fine soon(I hope) any way im waiting for ur comments on this update dear….let me know hows it


@nice….thank u so much for ur comment….let me know hows this update?



NOTE: thanks to all who r pressing thank u button and voting option…but its my sincere request to those readers who r pressing “bad update” option, let me know y u didn’t like it so that I can rectify it in next update….i hope u understand…!!


Will meet u all with next update soon…!! Till then tc….good nyt…!!



With love,



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awesome continue soon
dont like it
Mar 19, 2015

next part is UP.... (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 62 times)

A wide smile appeared on the face of nk while his naughty brain started to work where as akash chuckled thinking about naughty brain of nk….!!


“well…now let me call to arnav then….”said nk with a small smile…!! He is about to call to arnav’s mobile but before that, nk dragged his mobile and said “akash bhai…..grow up man…..u should update ok???”saying this he gave a MISSED CALL to arnav…!! Akash observed this and giggled….!!


Listening his giggle, nk looked at him and said “he is EAGER to know about khushi….so y to complete out mobile balance??? Let him call….”said nk with a wink…!! Meanwhile, an immediate call came from arnav which made both akash and nk chuckle….!! Nk attended the call and put it in loud speaker mode…!! As its akash’s mobile, arnav asked “akash….have u talk to nk?? Wat that monkey is saying??”actually arnav got little irritated….oops not little…so much irritated as nk is not telling him about khushi…!! Here nk looked at the phone with wide mouth where as akash chuckled seeing nk and said “ha arnav I talk to him”akash thought to play some prank on arnav…!! Yessss how can he miss the chance to make the great ASR to almost beg nk to know about khushi?!! It will b total fun….!!


“wat that idiot is saying ah?? Monkey kahe ki….wat he is thinking about himself….i have been calling him and that idiot is not lifting the call and doing satyagraha on me huh”said arnav in one go not knowing that nk is too listening his talks….!! Akash laughed out loud unable to control himself on seeing nk’s expression…!!


“y r u laughing akash??”asked arnav on listening to akash’s laugh…!!


“nannav….u know wat u should first know who else may heard ur talks along with akash understood???”nk’s voice made arnav left dumb folded…!!


“n….n….nk??”whishpered arnav with shock…!!


“come to skype”said nk and cut the call only to go to skype….!!



(on skype)

Arnav and as well as akash and nk came to skype through their laptops…!! As soon as arnav saw nk, who is glaring at him; smiled sheepishly…!! Akash chuckled seeing both of them…!!


“vo…nk…actually….i didn’t know that akash put it on speaker mode….so….”arnav stammered while the last words trailed off from his mouth seeing nk constantly glaring at him without blinking…!! Arnav know how to cool nk right now…!!


“nk…plz don’t glare at me like that….if I become ash bcoz of ur glaring then wat will happen to my khushi???”he asked so innocently….oops correction with FAKE innocence…!! Nk chuckled seeing his innocent face….!!


“don’t worry nannav….she will b happy to know that her thief got turned to ashes…”said nk making arnav chuckle….!! “but she will b sad knowing that her crush got turned to ashes”added nk while winking at akash….!!


“wat???!! Wat have u told?? Come again….”asked arnav with urgency as he got a doubt on his hearing capacity for the first time…!!


“aaha??? Not so soon nannav…..wat have u done on car ah?? Pretending to talk to aman!!!(he stressed each word) now bear the punishment then only I will say”said nk with a smirk on his face….!! Arnav who don’t had any options agreed to it….!!


“ok….wat I have to done??”asked arnav rolling his eyes…!!


“do sit ups”said nk instantly earning a “wat the”from arnav…!!


“r u kidding me nk??!!! ME? And sit-ups??!!”asked a shocked arnav….!! “no I wont do it”he added….!!


“helloooo I didn’t asked u whether u do it or not!!? I have given u a punishment dude…..and u should have to do it…..u don’t have any choice….”said nk with a wide smirk…!! Arnav looked at akash who shrugged his shoulders indicating he cant do anything….!! Arnav sighed and stand up to complete his punishment reluctantly…!! Nk asked him to adjust the laptop properly so that they can watch him doing sit-ups and so he did like that….!! Arnav kept on doing sit-ups until nk asked him to stop….!! And later he again came on to the bed and sat in front of laptop….!!  


“completed ur punishment???”asked arnav gritting his teeth as he found nk and akash laughing loudly….!! “now stop laughing and tell me wat u wanted to tell about khushi”added arnav….!! But still they are laughing while looking at nk’s phone….!!

“arey kya hua??? Y r u two laughing this much??”arnav asked with suspicious…!! “and wats there in nk’s mobile to laugh this much?”added arnav…!! Before either akash or nk answer, arnav heard a familier laugher and looked towards the poolside where Anjali is laughing clutching her stomach…!!


“diii!!! U?? here?!!!”exclaimed arnav….in fact he is fearing thinking wat if Anjali saw him doing sit-ups….!! “when did u come here di?”asked arnav hoping that Anjali didn’t saw him doing sit-ups….!!


“when u were doing sit-ups chote”said Anjali pouring water on arnav’s hopes….!! She came and sat besides arnav and while looking at nk in laptop, said “oy monkey….i should say thanks to u….bcoz of u only I have seen THE GREAT ASR who hates sit-ups have done them”said Anjali giggling which embarrass arnav much…!!


“but di…..y u thanking him??!!”he fired another question…!!

“I will tell u nannav(nk said in skype to gain arnav’s attention) when u were doing sit-ups, I msged Anjali di to go to ur room and shoot the vedio of ur sit-ups”he completed with a wink…!!


“wat the…!!”arnav’s eyes went wide with the new reviliation…!! “that’s means u and akash were watching the vedio on nk’s phone??!!”asked arnav to confirm….!!


“yesssssss….”saying this nk showed his mobile where the vedio is still playing…!! “Anjali di sent it to me through watsapp”said nk chuckling…!!


Arnav glared at Anjali and said “dii this is not fair…..u have joined with this monkey???idiot kahe ki…..he is not telling wat he wanted to tell about khushi”…!! (Anjali and arnav has the combined entrance to the poolside that’s y Anjali came towards poolside easily)


“helloooo nannav…..if u scold me more, then this video will b transferred to all AR staff specially aman…..think about it”nk blackmailed arnav with a smirk earning another ‘wat the’ from arnav….!! Arnav knows that nk can capable of doing anything….so he kept himself calm….!!


“that’s like a good boy….this is ur punishment… this vedio will b with me always and I can blackmail u by any means……hahahha have u seen how much intelligent I am”nk said raising his collar….!! “by the way if u call me monkey, then u two(pointing arnav and akash) too are monkeys…..and im not alone idiot….we three(pointing himself, arnav and akash) are 3-idiots”nk said with another wink…!! All other three persons-arnav, akash and Anjali laughing listening nk…!!


“ok ok now nk tell us wat u wanted to tell about khushi??”Anjali asked with excitement….!! Of course she know khushi and she also know how khushi is thinking that arnav is thief….she got to know about it through nk itself….nk is so attached to Anjali and treats her as his own sister only….and Anjali too treats nk equal to her chote….they both talks daily in watsapp…..and that’s how nk told about those incidents…..!! today too he was about to say it to Anjali as soon as he reached mehra’s mansion but got disturbed by arnav’s continuous calls so nk said to Anjali that he will talk to her later and so he wasn’t able to tell about the incidents occurred in mall…!! Arnav too knows how much nk is attached to Anjali and so he didn’t get shocked when she directly asked about khushi…!! In fact when Anjali is going to her sasural, during bidaai time, nk had cried just like a small baby and when anjali’s marriage got fixed, then too he enquired about shyam more and more to conform him to b a nice guy…!! How much u have love on others, u like to tease them more….that’s y nk teases Anjali more than arnav and akash….!! He likes to pull anjali’s legs….he likes to see her happy when he say jokes….he likes to see his sister’s shyness when he teases her taking his jiju’s name…!! in case of Anjali, she never differentiate among akash, nk and arnav….she ties rakhi to those three every year…..and to b frank, Anjali likes nk a bit more because he is younger than akash and arnav…..he is such a prankster and naughty that many times akash and arnav were ready to beat him too….at that time Anjali in only his rescue team….she always saves her small brother from akash and arnav….!! Well coming to present…Anjali is asking about wat nk wanted to tell about khushi…!!


“ha nk…bolo na”asked arnav with a puppy face…!!


“ok…now I don’t want to pull ur legs more… im coming to the straight…I think khushi have a crush on u”said nk with a wide smile….!!


“wat the!!”exclaimed both Anjali and arnav….!! A amused smile appeared on arnav’s face immediately where as Anjali too giggled in the next second….!!


“ha nannav….(with that he explained wat had happened in mall’s canteen) and as per my estimation, khushi might have crush on u”said nk with a wink….!! Arnav is in mixed emotions-happy, embarrass, smirking, shying(little only), awkward(with the teasing glances of akash, nk and Anjali)


“I think chote’s marriage story will b going interesting when both khushi and chote meets each other….wat say nk??”asked Anjali eyeing at arnav…!!

“ha di….it will b more interesting when she came to know that the thief and her crush and her would b husband are same”said nk with a chuckle….!!


“vise arnav….in two days my sangeeth will b coming….dont know wat will b khushi’s reaction on seeing u there…..i hope she don’t kill u in anger”chuckled akash….!! Arnav looked at him while raising an eyebrow indicating “really??”


After sometime of conversation, they logged of from skype and Anjali went to her room to sleep….arnav too lay down on bed to sleep…!! He thought about khushi….!! “in two days there will b akash and payal’s sangeeth…..khushi see I will propose u on that day”arnav thought himself and with a wide smile he slept to have his khushi’s dreams…!!




Ummmmm well hows the update???*biting my nails* I hope its not that much bad….!!*finger cross* tell me ur views girls…..both positive and negative comments are welcoming with whole heart…!! I wanna share u one thing….me and my besties have a group chat in watsapp and its title is “3-idiots” ;) hihihi nice name na?? while I was typing the update, I remembered my besties and the title so I have typed that part….!!


And im soooooo sorry for the late update….i was a bit busy with my assignments and my health is not cooperating me to type the update….i hope u understand it my dear lovely readers….!! Vise this SS is going to end in 4-5 updates…and arshi will face each other in next 2nd update which will b mehandi function of payal…!!


@23594….thank u so much for ur valuable comment dear…plz let me know hows this update??


@hihi…..first of all im soooooo sorry…..i wasn’t able to respond to ur comment in comment section because I didn’t see ur comments….!! After that day, I didn’t check this story due to my busy schedule….im so sorry for that….! And ya I already told about my opinion about ‘responding to readers’…..!! and ya about readers….its k I can understand dear…..there will b many students here who cant able to comment bcoz of their exams…I don’t mind about that….! And ha…I don’t have any problem with ur comments dear…..u can tell me anything and suggest me anything…..i don’t mind about that at all….u can comment other than story too….!! And if u read my story then I will b more happy dear…..if u r a student and have exams, then u may read it after its completion too right?? I will wait for ur comments regarding the story…..plz let me know hows it after reading it…of course there is no pressure…read it if u have interest…!! And about my eyes pain, there is still pain dear….but I think its little better than earlier….!! Due to the pain only im unable to give the frequent updates….and upon that im under stress which is effecting my health and im getting headache too much…!! Any way once again im so sorry for not responding to ur comments earlier….i haven’t seen ur comments or else I would have responded to them in comment section itself….i hope u don’t mind…!!

@priyanjali….anju…arshi will meet in the next 2nd update….khushi will b shocked and arnav will propose her instantly for mrg infront of all elders….hihihi just imagine the situation when khushi is going to leave his collar, but arnav stopp her and while holding her fist which is helding his collar and ask “will u marry me khushi?” hihihi just imagine khushi’s face and reaction….!! This scene is going to happen…!! Any way thanks a lot for ur comment anju :*

@arshijan….hai na….it was so short right??? Me too disappointed about that but I was unable to type more due to my eyes dear….!! Btw thank u soooooo much for ur valuable and continuous comments…they means alottttt for me…..let me know hows this update??

@khushisingh96….awww thanks a lot…..actually u know wat when I was typing the khushi’s part, I was like “am I typing properly or is it more dramatic” ;) hihihi but thank god u like it and im so happy for that…!! And ha bechari arnav….hahahah see wat nk have done to him….!! ;) btw let me know hows this update ok?? Thank u so much for ur valuable comment…!!

@priya97…..hey r u a telugu girl??? Thank u so much for ur comment

@Its_Me_Again….ummmm actually dear…..i hope u like this update?? Hows the nk’s part?? Is it naughty or not?? Did I disappoint u?? plz let me know *biting my nails*

@brinda di…..oyyy didiiii…..first check ur comment before u post it :p hihihi u should say “monkey kahe ke” not “monkey kahe keep” :p :p vise let me know hows this update ok?

@arshi_love…..hahahah ya ya u r absolutely right….khushi will b shocked….!! Btw her purse chor, car chor will b necklace chor  hihihi ya ya she will create a big fuss shocking their family hahahha…..and sorry yaar I didn’t give u arshi’s update today bcoz its only arnav’s update…..i hope this is not that much bad…plz let me know hows it?? Btw thank u so much for ur comments dear…!

@ilvarshi…..thanks a lot dear….!

@priy_Taanu…thank u so much for ur valuable comments dears…!!

@Sameea…..the leads will meet in the next 2nd update dear…that means on payal’s mehandi function….!! I hope u like this update….plz let me know ur review

@mahi….hahahah thank u so much baby doll :*

@kalai….diiii thank u soooooooo much….!! U didn’t able to guess how much I was happy reading ur comment…..a wide smile appeared on my face and my mom saw it and asked “wat happened?” hihihi I covered the situation saying that I was reading some joke  btw dii let me know hows this update…!!


Will meet u with next update as soon as possible girls… going to work on unwritten destiny tomorrow…..i hope I can able to give its update on tomorrow itself….!! Till then take care….have a nice time ahead….and gud nyt….!!


With love,



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