Fated To Meet..

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Feb 13, 2015

Fated To Meet.. Chapter 21 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 68 times)

Chapter 21

I wake up early next morning, I just realized that whoever said that people in love lose their sleep was totally right, at this moment I wasn’t able to sleep peacefully at night just thinking about all the things going on in my life…

I never thought I’d fall in love and more than that I never thought I’d fall in love with Arnav Singh Raizada… the complete confused man on earth.

I jump out of my bed and head to the hall where I find Shanaya busy watching TV, she’s watching TV at 4.am? Well I am not surprised because at this moment we both are in the same boat.

“Sunshine! What are you doing here?”

“Are you blind coco? I am watching TV”

“I know that but why at this time?”

“I couldn’t sleep” She replies sadly.

I sit next to her and hug her as we both cry into each other’s arms… we both were dealing with the same ****, just with different devils…


We walk in the college, I know today is the day, the day when maybe I would get answers to the questions that were running in my mind.

We step into the class and as usual, Aman stands up and walks towards us as he greets Shanaya with a hug, she doesn’t say anything… she just greets him and tries to behave normal with him as she had always been and for a moment I wonder what she is up to.

“Hey Khushi… how comes you are back? You were supposed to be back after a few days right?” He asks with a smile.

“I wasn’t feeling well so I decided to come back and meet my best friend” I reply with a fake smile.

“The class is about to begin, shall we sit?” he asks Shanaya

“Sure” She replied as they both walk away and I settle myself on my bench.

I stare at the empty desk beside me and so many memories run through my mind…

I can hear his voice…

I can feel his presence…

But there is nothing I can do than to behave like everything is just alright with me.

I turn towards Shanaya and she gestures to me telling me to walk out of the class, I obey her and stand outside waiting for her as she follows with Aman.

“What’s wrong?” Aman asks when he finally notices how weirdly Shanaya and I are staring at him.

“Look Aman, the game is very simple, I am just going to ask you a few question and you dare not lie to me because now I know the damn truth, do you get that?” Shanaya says angrily.

“What are you talking about Shanaya?” Aman asks

“Question number one, are you Arnav’s brother?”

I stare at Aman and see his expressions changing… he’s getting scared… something of such sort…

“Shanaya listen we can…”

“Yes or No Aman”

“Yes” he replies as he looks down.

“Number two, why dint you tell us he is your brother?”

Aman stares at the floor silently while I stare at him, I want him to speak, I want him to answer the questions.. I want to know everything I can…

“Aman answer the questions damn it”

He is silent… completely silent…

“If you think you are going to escape this by staying silent then forget it, you don’t know me well yet, I’ll make you stand here like this until you answer all my damn questions.” Shanaya says angrily.

His silence is making me go mad, I can tolerate it anymore… I damn want to know the truth.

“Yes I am Arnav’s brother and yes I had hidden the fact from you so what’s the big deal?”

“It wouldn’t be a big deal if you dint warn Khushi to stay away from him telling her that he was a player… for heaven sake Aman who does this to their own brother? Okay fine I can understand you were trying to warn Khushi but I would understand if she was close to you, like a close friend, but then I still don’t understand why you said that **** about your brother”

“I did what I felt right, the rest is up to her”

“No! We want to know why? Why did you do this?”

“And what if I don’t give you an answer?”

“Then never show me your face Aman” Shanaya said as she angrily walked away.

My eyes were yet stuck on Aman, I was staring at him silently, without speaking a word… he was scared, his face said it… he dint want to lose Shanaya but then why wasn’t he speaking the truth? Why wasn’t he telling us everything? Wouldn’t it make things easier?

“So you can afford to lose Shanaya but not to speak the truth? Is that why you became friends with her? Is that why you held her hand and made some promises to her? Is that how much you love her?” I ask looking into his eyes.

“Khushi understand me please”

“No Aman, I can’t… I can’t understand you if you don’t explain yourself for me”

He stares at me speechless then shuts his eyes in pain… he keeps them shut for a while then opens up all over a sudden.

“Okay fine, I’ll answer your question, I’ll answer why I told you to stay away from Arnav, I’ll tell you why I said he’s a player but then promise me after that you’ll convince Shanaya to forgive me and you’ll not ask any other question after that”

“Okay fine, done… now tell me, why you said all that about Arnav?”

“Because I told him to do so…” I hear Arnav’s voice and I am left speechless.

I turn around and find him standing right behind me and I lack words to speak, I turn to stare at Aman again… he did it just because Arnav told him to do so? But then why the hell on earth would he tell Aman to warn her and then he himself try being close to her?

Aman walks away leaving me more confused… I turn towards Arnav angrily and he stares at me with a smile.

“Yes you are thinking right, that smile of yours affects me like nothing else but this time, I don’t give a **** to it Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada”

Before I walk away angrily, he gets hold of my wrist and pulls me closer to him.

“Let me go!” I shout angrily.

“Not before you listen to what I have to say”

“I have no time to waste for you Arnav… You never appreciated me I hope you’ll appreciate someone else, but then you better stay away from me and from my life”

“I would… but tell me how would I stay away from my life?”

“I am telling you to stay away from my life, not yours”

“It’s the same things Khushi… I am sorry I know I took too long and I’m late but I love you too”

NO! That doesn’t make me happy because I am damn sure it’s one of his another stupid jokes or confusions

“Oh yes you love me that’s why you told your brother to warn me against you right?”

“I told him to warn you because I was attracted to you the first day I saw you but then I knew I’d ruin you so I told him to tell you to stay away from me because I couldn’t keep myself away from you”

“And you think I’ll believe that ****?”

“You have to believe it Khushi… trust me, I love you”

“Great then, you love me? Prove it or else don’t show me your face”

I walk away angrily knowing that this time I don’t want to hurt myself again, I don’t want to be weak again and let him play games with me and my heart… it’s time for him t prove it, if he loves me, he would prove it or else he would lose me forever that’s it!

Hey readers... Remember i said this is going to be a trilogy? So Fated to Meet will End in Chapter 30 then after that Fated to Love will continue with the story... You all are eager to know why Arnav behaves like this, the truth would come out in the end of this story and in the beginning of Fated to Love... so keep calm and continue reading :)

Feb 14, 2015

Fated To Meet.. Chapter 22 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 80 times)

Chapter 22

I settle myself on the bench and a few seconds later, Arnav walks in and sits right beside me.

This time, although I really feel like looking at him and think that yes, the man I love is sited next to me, I try my best to control myself and ignore him.

“Hello happiness” He says with a smirk.

I turn towards him angrily not knowing what to do about this guy… like seriously, what is he? Why is he doing all this?

“What’s it Arnav, can’t you see I am studying, and if you think doing all this would make me forgive you then forget about it”

“Khushi please, for one last time”

“You know what, enjoy the lectures” I say as I pick my books angrily and walk away.

He follows me up and I seriously feel like punching him on his face so that he stops doing whatever he is up to.

“Stop following me everywhere I go”

“Not until you forgive me”

“That’s never going to happen, I told you it earlier and I am telling you again, we are strangers, get that stuck to your damn mind”

Before I walk away, he gets hold of my hand and I turn back angrily slapping him hard that almost everyone stops to watch what’s going on between us.

“Leave my hand” I shout angrily.

“Why so much anger Khushi?”

“Because I have every reason to be this angry Arnav, I never believed in anything like love, I never knew that I could ever fall in love with someone, and worse of all I never knew that I would fall in love with a piece of **** like you, who is so confused about himself…

Tell me one thing Arnav, what do you think you were trying to do by warning me against you through your brother?

What do you thing you were trying to do when you followed me to the trip… I dint tell you to do that right?

And then in spite of all that, I allowed you close to me, I allowed you to touch me, do you think I go on kissing every guy I meet? No, you were the first one and you just spoilt everything…”

A drop of tear falls down my eyes and I am not scared of crying in front of him, not at all because he should know how much he is hurting me.

“I am sorry Khushi”

“You should be, now would you let me go?”

“No… you said what you wanted to without listening to me, but you dint even give me a chance to talk… Khushi I agree what you are saying is right… I was the one who’s wrong but believe me now, I really do love you”

“That’s what I can’t believe Arnav, why love me now? Why all over a sudden?”

“Khushi I want you… I need you like I need oxygen… when you left me alone there, trust me it felt really bad…

If you want me to prove my love for you then I will, just tell me how I have to do that… what do I have to do that you can believe I am saying the truth…”

“That’s your task, prove it and Khushi is yours or else, forget me” I pull my hand and walk away leaving him between a crowd of students who stare at him with pity.

I sit in the library and pull out a book as I try to read but I can’t just concentrate.. He’s so much into me that even when he’s not with me I can feel his presence.

I hide my face in my arms and cry as much as I can, I have never felt this weak, I have never been this confused neither been so hurt.

I am glad the library is empty, at least no one is there to stare at me as I cry…

When I finally feel better, I wipe my tears and turn my head up just to find Arnav standing right in front of me.

“You’ll never stop stalking me right?”


“Why are you here now?”

“To show you something…”

“You want me to prove my love to you right Khushi? I will… today I will tell you about the biggest secret of my life… and trust me, you are the first girl I am telling about this do you know why? Because I want to prove that I trust you and I love you”

I stare at him silently not knowing what to say, he gets hold of my hand and helps me stand up.

“You have to trust me today okay, I am taking you home with me, I promise I won’t do anything to hurt you, I’ll just tell you what I want to tell you and after that I’ll leave it upon you to decide whether you want to give me place in your heart and your life or not”

“Okay” I whisper as I follow him to the parking lot where his car is parked.

We both enter in and he drives me to his place…

We stop at a huge mansion, it looks really beautiful from outside and I am left wondering how beautiful it might be from inside.

He holds my hand and pulls me with him as we walk inside…

A servant runs to him and takes the car keys from him.

“Get me two cups of coffee in my room and after that make sure no one disturbs me or even passes near my room”

“Okay sir” The servant says as he leaves.

He walks me around the whole mansion and I can’t just stop admiring the beautiful interiors.

“You have a really beautiful house”

“Thanks, it’s all because of mom’s hard work, anyway shall we proceed to my room?”

I nod as we walk towards his room, we enter in and find the cups of coffee ready.

“Have a sit” He says

I walk towards the couch and settle myself there as he shuts the door of his room… I know he won’t do anything to me but I am nervous

“You can relax Khushi, I won’t touch you without your permission”

I just smile and he sits next to me.

“Drink the coffee before it gets cold”

“No, I am fine, I really don’t feel like, just tell me what you wanted to”

He stands up and walks towards his cupboard, he opens one of the drawers and picks out a box.

He places it on his bed and stares at it with pain in his eyes…

“I am going to open that one chapter of my life in front of you, which I had closed forever”

His hands run through the buttons of his shirt as he unbuttons it slowly and pulls of the shirt, I honestly can’t stop drooling over his bare chest.

He walks towards me and at the moment, I am completely shivering, God knows why.

He gets hold of my waist and makes me stand as he pulls me closer to him. His eyes remain shut for a while and then he gets hold of my hand and places it on the mark that was on his body…

The same mark I touched last time and ended up making him angry.

He doesn’t open his eyes and for a moment I feel like I am making him do the hardest thing he ever could.

“Arnav, its okay if you can’t…” I say as I try to free myself from his hold but he tightens his hold.

“Remember you asked me about this once and I got angry? Khushi this is the only thing that gives me intense pain… the pain maybe nothing else would ever give me”

“What’s about the mark and the pain?”

“I am living on one kidney Khushi, I lost my other one in an accident” he says as he tightens his hold more…

His hands are cold and he is shivering… oh my God, what am I making him do?

He opens his eyes and I can see tears forming but he tries his best to control them.

“What accident?” I finally ask.

The tears he had been trying to control so hardly finally fall out of his eyes and he turns away from me.

****… I can’t explain what I feel at this moment… he is so hurt and I know he’s not hurt because of losing the kidney, but maybe because of the accident…

He kneels down and hides his face with his hands and I can’t just take it anymore, I rush to him and pull him into a tight hug.

Feb 16, 2015

Fated To Meet.. Chapter 23 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 67 times)

Chapter 23.

“Relax Arnav… please don’t cry” I try to console him…

He hugs me tight and breaks down completely and for a while I really want to know what is it that’s making him like this… he isn’t surely as happy as he shows to be… there is something that is eating him up.

“Arnav its okay… you don’t have to tell me everything at once… I’ll wait for you to tell me when you feel like you strong enough that you don’t have to cry like this in front of me…”

I know I really need to know the truth right now, but I can’t ask him to tell me when I see him breaking down like this.

He breaks the hug and turns away from me as he wipes his tears away.

“It’s okay Arnav… you can cry in front of me”

He turns to me then looks at the box.

“It has everything Khushi… all the past memories… all the details… I am sorry I am yet not strong enough to fight my past but anytime you feel like you want to know anything, take this as your room, come here anytime, open this box and find whatever you need to know…

I knew I wouldn’t be able to open that chapter of my life in front of you myself that’s why I brought you here to tell you about this box…”

I walk towards him and hold his hands into mine and look into his eyes.

“I want you to fight your past Arnav, I want you to be strong… I still don’t know much and I want to know but that is when you would tell me…

If you don’t face it you won’t fight it so I don’t want to know anything from that box, I want to know it from you” I say

“Khushi please don’t make me do this… please”

“Why can’t you do it Arnav? You love me right? Then do it for me… I don’t want to see you crying over your past every time..”

“Khushi please”

“Arnav I love you and I know you love me too… today you proved it, you opened that chapter of your life to me which you had never opened to anyone else, you cried in front of me and there is nothing else that could ever make me believe that you love me but now I want you to be strong… get over that past Arnav…”

“Wouldn’t you mind being with a guy who has only one kidney”

“No Arnav… I don’t love your kidney, I love you… and if it’s talking about kidneys then know this, I have one kidney missing, and you are that kidney of mine”

He looks at me speechlessly and I wonder what good did I do? I dint know actually what was with him, every time he hurt me, he had something to convince me too.

“Does that mean you are mine?”

“Yes Arnav, I am yours”

“What if I say, I would tell you about my past but I need time to gather the strength?”

“I would wait, if you promise me”

“I promise you then Khushi… believe me, just give me one week and I promise I’ll tell you everything..”

“For now I just want to know one thing Arnav and that’s if you would feel right to tell me”

“Sure ask”

“Was losing your kidney an accident or something else?”

He stars at me again as I see his facial expressions changing… maybe he is gathering the strength to tell me the truth… maybe I would be able to get the truth out of him today itself.

“No Khushi, it wasn’t an accident”

“Then what was it?”

“Someone stabbed a knife on my stomach which went deep and ended up damaging my kidney”

“Who did that?”

He almost loses his balance for a moment as if he would fall down anytime… I hold him so that I can make him stand straight… this man is surely a big mystery…

What I have in mind is, who was it? Why did he/she do this? And why did it hurt Arnav this much? Moreover there was one question not answered yet, how was it related to me? Why did he say he would ruin me?

“The one person I loved more than my life did this to me Khushi” he says as he breaks down completely.

Oh My God… I dont know what to say and what to ask anymore… I can’t just see him like this… No! This is a torture to me… I can’t see the man I love crying in front of me and maybe I am the one making him cry.

I open the door and run out at the fastest speed my feeble legs can take me, this is just more than enough for me to see… I was telling him to be strong while, I myself became weak just because I saw tears in his eyes.


I walk in the apartment and find Shanaya waiting for me…

“Oh God, not today please” I pray a silent prayer in my heart knowing what Shanaya would ask.

“Where are you from Khushi?”

“From university”

“Since when did you start lying to me? I searched for you in the damn whole university and dint find you and you know what’s more surprising? Arnav wasn’t there too”

“I am sorry sunshine… I went with Arnav”

“Why? After all that he did?”

“He told me he would prove that he loves me”

“And so you went with him… Khushi do you think you can really trust that man?”

“Yes Sunshine, I can trust that man after all that happened today… I promise I’ll explain everything to you at the right time… I just need some days and I’ll be fine yeah…”

“Okay, it’s your wish”

“By the way did you talk to Aman? I guess you should forgive him, he wasn’t at fault”

“Khushi he did all that and you say he wasn’t at fault?”

“Yes because Arnav told him to do that… but believe me he really loves you”

“Khushi you can forgive Arnav easily but I can’t forgive Aman like that”

“Shanaya please… Yes I know I love Arnav and I am weak regarding him but trust me, I have a reason for forgiving him, I understand him and I know right now he isn’t in a good condition, he needs someone by his side… he needs someone to hold his hand and make him believe that he has someone he can talk to…

He had a bad past and I know about it a bit and all I can say is that, he is suffering badly from it because he doesn’t have anyone to share his pain with…

I want to share his pain and decrease it, I want to make him trust me and be sure that I will be there for him always…

Shanaya I love him and I can’t see him suffering like this… Aman is his brother, he maybe did this for him… maybe he also wanted just to help him, I don’t see why you can’t forgive him, what he did was with me not with you, believe me, he really loves you and he is a good guy”

“I understand you coco and maybe you are right, I should forgive Aman but I’ll need time to accept things… we are different in this situation, maybe I never experienced true love with all those guys I dated and maybe you truly love Arnav and that’s why things are different…

Don’t worry I will forgive Aman, I just need time to make my mind and heart understand it okay?”

“I need some rest, I’ll talk to you after a while”

“Okay… but anyway what have you decided about Arnav?”

“I’ll talk to mom… she’d advise me better”

“So you mean you are planning to get engaged to him soon?”

“Maybe yes” I walk to my room blushing deep red…

Feb 19, 2015

Fated To Meet.. Chapter 24 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 63 times)

Chapter 24

I walk to the classroom just to find, the intoxicating pair of eyes staring at me…

I walk to my bench and settle myself but he doesn’t move his eyes from me, and for a while I am very uncomfortable.

Thank God, I left Shanaya outside the class to sort her things with Aman, I would have been more awkward if she walked to the class with me and find Arnav staring at me like he would eat me up just right now.

“Stop looking at me like that” I say trying to avoid his gaze on me

“Why shouldn’t I?” he asks surprisingly.

“Because you shouldn’t”

I turn away and pull out my book just when the lecturer enters in the class and the lectures begin within no time… Finally, after a long time I can concentrate on my studies… everything seems so easy now just because my life is sorted out…

After the classes I walk out with Arnav and he is still staring at me.

“Will you please stop staring at me like that Arnav? It makes me feel so uneasy”

“I am just making sure that you are the same with me”

“Nothing has changed, if you think your past would affect me then you are wrong, I love you not your past, get this”

He gets hold of my hand and pulls me into a tight hug even before I realize it and I wonder why he is so much up to PDA.

I look around and everyone passing near us doesn’t seem to give a ****, I forgot I was the only one who found this things awkward, the others were used to it.

“Thank you so much Khushi… today you’ve made me feel alive… I feel alive after years now” he hugs me tighter.

I break the hug after a while and stare into his eyes.

“I want you to be like this Arnav… alive” I reply.

“Khushi would you do something if I asked you to do?”

“Of course… tell me what is it that you want me to do?”

“Would you come with me to my house for a stay over?”

I stare at him blankly… did I say of course for this? Am I really ready for this? For a stay over at his house? Why is he putting me into a situation where I can’t decide what I want and what I don’t?

“What about your mom?” I ask hoping that would save me.

“She’s out of town for a few days, Aman is going to stay at some of his friends place and I don’t like being alone in the house”

I look at the floor and there is nothing on the floor that could distract me from this…

I want to but I don’t even want to… there are lots of things running through my mind and I don’t know what to follow and what not to.

I feel so helpless like never before, why can’t I just damn decide what I want to do?

“I won’t touch you without your permission, trust me on that Khushi… and if you think I am asking you to come over so that I can make out with you then it’s not true, I just want you over to save me from getting haunted by my past, It always haunts me when I am alone and I don’t want that to happen again because I would end up spoiling things again”

It’s not hard but damn impossible to explain what I feel at this moment… have I ever seen a man so helpless before? What makes him like this? What makes him scared like a small kid?

I am weak, weak before him… I can’t just see him suffering in any way and that’s my weakness… moreover I can’t see a man like him who seems so sorted out from outside being so messed up inside… it really hurts… hurts to the core…

His eyes are gazing into mine waiting for my answer and I guess I have decided what it would be… he needs me and I can’t run away from him when he needs me…

I turn around to walk and he doesn’t question me but instead follows me and keeps walking with me till we reach the canteen.

“Soda?” I ask looking at him.

He nods positively and I order for two sodas as I hand one bottle to him and walk out of the canteen sipping it.

“Do you know how to cook?” I ask

He stares at me in confusion but nods positively and that leaves a smile on my face.

“Thank God, because if you dint, I wasn’t going to cook for you for the few days I’ll be at your place”

He almost jumps up out of happiness and just seeing that smile on his face gives me peace.

“I’ll pick you up tonight, be ready and convince that best friend of yours that I’d take good care of you than she does”

“I love her more than you do”

“Are you in any case a ****?”

“Are you in any case a gay?”

We both stare at each other for a while then end up laughing out loud…


“Are you sure about it Coco? I doubt that Arnav guy yet” Shanaya asks

“Yes I am sure about it Sunshine… stop doubting on him, he’s a good guy with a bad past that’s it”

“You better warn him not to mess up with you or I’d kill him”

“I know you love me that much, anyway let me pack before he’s here”

I am kind of excited with this… I have never been to a stay over at anyone’s place ever so this sounds kind of good.. Staying in that huge mansion with a hot guy is so adventurous.

I giggle at my own weird thought and Shanaya just stares at me in disbelief… yeah I know I have been behaving quiet weirdly

“Do you realize since you’ve met that Arnav you’ve become a bit stupid?”

“No I realize that since I met him, I have gone completely insane” I giggle

She gives me a look that makes me get scared for a while… she would have actually killed me for saying that but what do I do it’s not my fault, it’s just that I am experiencing love for the first time in my whole entire life.


I hear the car hooting down the apartment and I know he’s here.

I quickly carry my bag and head downstairs after giving Shanaya a tight irritating hug for which she almost wants to slap me.

“See you at the university tomorrow Sunshine” I shout as I run downstairs

“I’ll see you too ****” She replies


I enter in the car as Arnav kisses my cheek and starts driving…

“We aren’t going home first… we’ll have dinner in some restaurant then head home, if that’s fine for you”

“No it isn’t”

“Why not?”

“You said you’d cook for me, so I want to eat food cooked by you or else I am not eating” I pretend to be angry.

“You know you are too adorable, only if I could hold you and hug you by my side for the rest of my life”

“And you are too sweet”

We both smile at each other, and thank God he drives me home instead of some restaurant… its cute when guys cook, I love seeing them cook… I loved it when bro used to cook and Kriya and I used to fight for the food like who’ll eat it first…

Kriya! ****… why did I just mention that **** again… I’d never ever forgive her for doing what she did… I hated her and I always will.. Till my last breath.

Feb 20, 2015

Fated To Meet.. Chapter 25 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 61 times)

Chapter 25.

We finally arrive at the huge mansion, Arnav unlocks the door and we walk in.

“Where are the servants today?”

“its night Khushi, they are obviously gone home but you can relax, I won’t rape you” he says with a smirk.

We walk inside and he takes me to a room near his where I put my bag and sit on the bed to relax..

“I’ll sleep here right?” I ask

“I don’t mind if you want to share the same bed with me in my room” He winks

I stare at him silently.. He’s such a flirt… but he’s the perfect one for me… I don’t know why I never felt this way for any guy and why it was only him who made me want to be with him no matter what he does and how stupid he behaves.

I look around the room, the walls are painted white, the bed sheets are white, everything is white actually…

“You like white?” I ask

“Yes I remember I told you that once but maybe you forgot”


This is when I actually realize that I never noticed the house was all painted white, maybe because the first time I came here, my heart and my mind were somewhere else.

“You must be hungry right, I’ll cook something for you meanwhile you can freshen up”

I nod as he walks out of the room… I take a deep sigh and look at my bag… I open it and pull out my night dress and head to take a shower.


Fifteen minutes later, I walk around the mansion looking for the kitchen which God knows where it is.

I head downstairs and finally spot him busy cooking… I stare at him for a while just to realize that he is lost in his own world at the moment… he had headphones on, he’s busy mixing something in a bowl and he’s actually singing to himself while he dances.

Till today maybe I never knew what I liked the most about guys but right now, standing here and watch him like this, I can only say I love two things about boys the most, when they cook and when they sing… I can fall in love with him over and over again a million times if I keep on staring at him when he’s cooking and singing together.

He spots me standing on the stares staring at him with a smile and he walks towards me giving his hand to me.

“Would you dance… if I asked you to dance?” he starts singing one of my favorite songs.

I nod positively and walk with him downstairs, he spins me around and then gets hold of my waist and pulls me closer to him…

“Would you run and never look back?”

I nod negatively and he smiles.

“Would you cry, if you saw me crying? Would save my soul tonight?”

I nod positively as my expressions change and I am sure he notices that… I don’t know why but I somewhere feel like this song is so much meant for him and me… the way he behaves… the way he is when he remembers his past and at times when he is romantic… all the lyrics just describe us… only to where I think I don’t want him to be my hero but I want to be a hero for him so that I can take all his pain away.

I am sure he does get the idea of what’s going on in my mind so he pulls me much closer to him, and brushes his thumb on my lips…

“Would you tremble… if I touch your lips? Would you laugh… oh please tell me this”

I blush deep red and curse myself for blushing…

He stops singing the song and stares at my lips as he continues brushing his thumbs on them and I just shut my eyes feeling his hands on me.

He runs his hands to my waist and pulls me closer to him leaving no space between us…

He pulls off the headphones and throws them away and pulls me so much into him grabbing my lips and sucking them as much as he can.

I want to open my eyes and stare at him when he kisses me, I want to stare at him when he’s giving me the most beautiful feeling on earth but damn my eyes, they refuse to open.

He pushes me to a wall nearby yet kissing me as he runs one of his hand on my thighs and pulls them up… I hold his hair stroking them in passion as a moan escapes my mouth and I can feel him smile in between the kiss knowing how good he makes me feel and for a moment we are just lost into each other.

We break apart after some time needing some air to breath and he stares at me with a smirk.

“What?” I ask

“I don’t think I am hungry after this”

No! Not the blush again…. Why is he always up to making me blush?

“I am still hungry and it’s damn adorable to watch you cook so if you don’t have a TV in this huge mansion, I am sure I won’t get bored.” I reply.

“I’ll get back to you” he winks and kisses my temple as he heads back to the kitchen and continues cooking.

I follow him and settle myself on the side as I watch him cook… God, I seriously can stare at this man like this for the rest of my life.


 “Khushi… I am cooking food tonight, I know you aren’t interested in helping me but as you told me, I am informing you so that you can watch me” He shouts from the kitchen

I stop whatever I am doing and rush to the kitchen, I stand in a corner and stare at my brother as he cooks all the delicious food he cooks for me and Kriya.

“What are you making?”

“Your favorite, cheese pasta… I know you’d eat them any time of the day if I cook it for you” he says with a smile.

I smile and continue staring at him until he’s done with cooking… he washes his hands and walks towards me placing his hands on my shoulder and we both walk outside the kitchen.

“Why do you always stare at me when I cook?” He asks being confused…

“Because I love you, and moreover I love seeing you cook, it’s just adorable” I reply

He hugs me tight and I just feel so safe in his arms knowing that no matter where I’ll be, I’ll always feel safe because I have a brother like him.

As we settle ourselves on the dinner table, mom reminds us that Kriya isn’t with us.

“Khushi go call her for dinner” she orders

“I hate calling her for dinner… her and her diet stuff to impress her boyfriend is something I can’t handle… mom you know she won’t join us for dinner so let it be”

My mom makes faces at me and finally after giving me lectures, she finally manages to convince me to go and call Kriya for dinner.

I walk to her room and like always I never knock before entering in…

“Kriya mom is…”

I suddenly lose the words to speak… I can’t speak anymore… What I see in front of my eyes leaves me totally speechless…

My voice has disappeared… my hands are trembling… I can feel tears rolling down my eyes but I don’t have the strength to wipe them off… I don’t have the strength to shout and call mom and bro… I feel weak.. Completely weak..

I fall down on my knees and break down into tears…

“Kriya!!!” I scream at the top of my voice…


“Dinner is ready baby” Arnav says as he places the dishes on the table..

I dint even realize when he finished cooking, I was so lost somewhere I wasn’t supposed to be… I notice a tear fall down my eyes and I quickly wipe it off before Arnav notices that I was crying…

“You okay Khushi? I was expecting you to jump on the table and start eating but you are still standing here… what’s wrong baby?” Arnav asks

“Nothing, I am fine… you just took too long to cook and I am starving…”

“Oh I am sorry for that, I’ll try to be fast next time… anyway let’s have dinner”

“What did you make?”

“Cheese Pasta”

I stare at him blankly as he pulls me to the table and we both sit there to take our dinner.

Feb 21, 2015

Fated To Meet.. Chapter 26 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 57 times)

Chapter 26

We walk back to our bedroom after having dinner, I tried to be as good as possible but some memories ruined all my moods.

I am just about to lock the door, when Arnav pushes it and walks in.

“You are sleeping? This early?”

“No I am going to read, there’s a lot to read as you know”

“Yeah… I also thought I’d read for a while then go to bed but I don’t feel like reading”

“Then go to bed, you can read tomorrow”

“I don’t feel like going to bed too”

“Then what do you feel like doing Arnav?” I ask feeling irritated.

I blame that foolish Kriya for this… it’s because of her only that my moods changed to this that I am actually getting irritated by Arnav.

“I feel like pushing you on the bed, and tying your hands on each side as I make love to you the whole night”

“Yes you can make love to me but I am sorry to say that would happen after we get married Mr. Raizada so let me read for now” I say as I try to push him out of the room.

“And what if I want to make love to you tonight”

“Then you aren’t allowed”

“Why? You don’t trust me yet?” he asks almost frowning…

No! I don’t want to see him frowning… it does something to me… I always want to see him smiling with those dimples on his cheeks, he looks way better.

“I trust you Arnav… and I trust you more since the day you told me about your past… since the day you showed me that box in your room and told me to check it whenever I need to know something about your past”

“Then why can’t I make love to you tonight?” he asks as he comes closer and runs his hand on my waist pulling me closer to him.

“Because I don’t know Arnav… I am just not okay today, let’s discuss this tomorrow please?” I say as tears start forming in my eyes and I don’t want to cry In front of him.

“Baby are you okay?”

“Yeah I am fine Arnav” I reply as I push him away and turn towards the opposite side.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, why the hell am I behaving so stupid? All this years I have been aware about what happened that day… I have been aware of everything, I always remembered those things but they never affected my moods like they are affecting them today…

“Khushi look at me” he says with a stern voice and I can feel his seriousness.

“Arnav just leave me alone”

“There is no way I am leaving you alone Khushi… tell me what’s wrong? What’s disturbing you? Are you not comfortable here? If that is the reason, then come on, pick your bags I’ll drop you back at your place right now”

I just turn towards him and run to him as I hug him and cry into his arms.

“Hey… please don’t cry Khushi… did I say or do something to hurt you? I am sorry if I did, I promise I won’t talk about making love to you again if that’s what’s hurting you but please don’t cry”

I break the hug and try my best to smile as I look at him.

“It’s not that… I am comfortable here because you are with me and about you making love to me isn’t the problem also… maybe I just need some time… I am really not feeling good today so please, let me be alone for some time… I know this sounds rude but I just want to be alone for a while and I promise I’ll be fine”

“Are you sure?”

I nod as he walks closer to me, he kisses my forehead then cups my face and looks into my eyes.

“Take care” he says as he walks out of the room without turning back again.

I shut the door and jump on the bed as I hug my pillow and cry… no, I don’t cry for Kriya, she’s a **** and she can deal with her own **** I don’t give a damn… but I cry for bro, what she did with our family wasn’t something any daughter, or any sister could do.

I wish bro was alive today to sit next to me and tell me everything was going to be okay like he always did whenever I felt something was wrong… I don’t know why, everything is okay, I am happy with Arnav but still, somewhere my heart gives me this intuitions telling me something worse is going to happen…

I shut my eyes and try not to listen to anything my heart tells me… I keep telling myself that I have to read because without reading I can’t fulfil my dream but I also know, if I read right now, I would just waste my time as I would keep on thinking about everything that has ever happened in my life and everything that will ever happen.

I pull the blanket and cover myself as I continue hugging the pillow, and within no time I am in a deep sleep.


I am woken up by a knock at the door, I almost jump of my bed when I open my eyes and see bright rays of sun falling in the room…

“I hope I am not late” I say as I rush to open the door.

A servant is standing in front of me, dressed in his uniform… he stares at me like God knows what and for a moment I feel like punching him… I am sure he must be wondering if I was here the whole night, what must have happened.

“Ma’am Arnav sir sent me to call you for breakfast… he said he’d be ready in ten minutes and he’d see you on the breakfast table”

“Okay… I’ll be there” I reply as I shut the door and run to the bathroom in a hurry not wanting to be late.

I take a quick shower and cover myself in a towel and walk outside.

I find Arnav sited on the bed and as soon as I walk out, his eyes fall on me…

“****!” that’s the only word that escapes my mouth… I can’t tell how embarrassed I feel standing in front of him right now, only covered with a towel that covers me from my chest to my thighs.

He stares at me for a while and then turns away as he walks to the cupboard and pulls out a dress for me… he places it on the bed and walks towards the door ready to leave which actually surprises me…

A man who doesn’t let go off any chance to kiss me, is standing in front of me right now and I am not even dressed and he’s about to leave… why?

Okay, not that I want him to kiss me but… it’s just weird isn’t it?

“It’s been twenty minutes and you dint show up at the breakfast table so I thought I should check on you, sorry I dint know you’d come out of the bathroom like this or I could have waited outside…

I selected a dress for you, I would be glad if you put it on… and anyway you need to hurry, we have half an hour before the lectures begin so we have to be there on time…”

He pulls the door to shut it completely before he leaves and I don’t know how, and what makes me want to stop him so that’s what I do.


He turns back and stares at me for a while but pulls his gaze away quickly.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing… but that should be my question… what was wrong yesterday Khushi?”

I take a deep sigh and finally realize why his behavior is so awkward with me.

“Arnav I wasn’t just good yesterday but I am completely fine right now… I don’t want you to pull away your gaze when I know what happens to you while I stand in front of you like this… it makes me feel uneasy or feel like I have done something to hurt you… I am sorry I might have been rude yesterday but…”

“No… it’s not that, I just thought I should control myself because you weren’t well”

“And did I tell you to control yourself?”

He stares at me for a while and then walks back inside shutting the door and oh my God, my heart is running a marathon.

He gets hold of me and pushes me into his mouth so quickly that I don’t even realize when that happened… he starts kissing me so wildly so passionately and I just understand what my bad moods do to him… they affect him more than they affect me…

“I was so scared Khushi… I thought I had hurt you” he says in between the kiss.

“You dint” I reply holding him back.

He runs his hand on my back and almost pulls of the towel completely but then he covers it back on me and breaks the kiss.

“There’s a lot I want to do to you only if I dint know how important it is for the both of us to attend the lectures, so get ready, I am waiting for you downstairs, we’ll finish this tonight” He says as he winks at me and walks away pulling the towel completely off me.

I run towards the door and shut it behind him feeling so shy… no one has ever seen me like this…

I blush deep red as I pick my dress and get dressed quickly.

Feb 21, 2015

Fated To Meet.. Chapter 27 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 60 times)

Chapter 27

We walk in our class the all the while, Arnav had been holding my hand…

Isn’t he just the perfect boyfriend every girl wants? The one who does little things to make her feel special…

I sit on my bench and wave a hi to Shanaya as she waves back and we turn back to concentrate on our lectures.

I feel his hands running on my legs and try to push him away so that I can concentrate but he doesn’t let me.

“If you don’t let me concentrate, I’ll go back home tonight” I warn him and he immediately stops doing that.

I stare at him and just get lost into thoughts, how could this man be just the perfect one for me even when he’s so much into ****s?


I walk out with Shanaya while Aman and Arnav are left behind in the class talking something.

Wow, talking as brothers for the first time since I met them.

“So how was your night?”

“Pretty bad”

“Don’t tell me that Arnav guy doesn’t know how to romance… aww poor you Coco, you’d have to teach him a lot if you aren’t planning on dumping him”

“Shut up sunshine, it’s just that I was staring at him while he cooked for me and…”

“Oh my God… he cooked for you? That’s so adorable, be careful I might just snatch him from you”

“Stick to you Aman ****”

“Anyway yeah so what happened after that?”

“It reminded me of bro, and past… how bro used to cook and my moods just went off, so I pushed him out of my room and locked myself inside and slept”

“Poor guy, he’d have to deal with your mood swings very badly”

“I dint want to be rude but… leave it, I can’t just explain anything but anyway morning was good, thank God I woke up with good moods”

“So what’s the plan for tonight?”

“He wants…” I blush and turn away from her as she gets hold of my shoulder and turns me around to look at me surprisingly.

“To sleep with you?”

I nod as I blush more and more and for a while Shanaya just stares at me speechlessly.

“I can be sure now that you aren’t a ****, your lack of interest in guys almost made me believe that… but coming to the point, are you ready for this? As in in our culture, our tradition you know how things are… you both aren’t married Khushi”

I know she’s right and that’s why I have been confused since the morning incident and after he told me, we’d finish that at night I was completely scared.

I don’t know if I am ready for this, I don’t know if it would be right, it’s not that I don’t love him and marriage surely doesn’t define love… we both have been together for quite a while and maybe I have seen all his bad sides and I still can say it proudly that I love him and maybe marriage isn’t needed to define our love but then at one point I am scared too..

What if things change? What if he refuses to commit? I don’t know I am just not sure of anything at the moment and I don’t want to take any decision in a haste.

“I don’t know Sunshine, he wants this and somewhere I too but I am confused”

“I’d better say just be sure of him before you take any step, I still don’t like him” She says as she keeps walking and I am left behind in thoughts yet.

I feel someone’s hand over my eyes and I am seriously not in the moods of the guess game.

“Get off your hands” I say as I angrily pull the hands away and just when I turn back, I realize its Arnav.

God!! I so much hate myself for this… why does every little thing about him affect my mood like this? Why can’t I just me the normal Khushi I always have been?

“I am sorry Arnav, I was just…”

“Thinking about tonight?”

I stare at him in disbelief, how does he just know everything about me? Like what I do, what I think what I like.

“How did you know?”

“Because I know you Khushi… just know this, I love you and nothing can change that, I might be bad in fact very bad at a times when my past haunts me but I still care for you…

If you don’t want then nothing would happen between us and I have told you that earlier too… I just want you to be happy and that’s all that matters to me”

“Thank you Arnav”

He smiles then side hugs me and walks away waving a goodbye, he knows I need time to think and time to spend with my best friend as I am not staying with her for a few days now.

Shanaya throws a coke to me as I open it within no time, coke is the best thing to heal my moods… it helps me calm down and think about everything I want to with a calm mind.

I sit at some place with her and she doesn’t speak anything.

“How are things between you and Aman?”

“We are going good but will be better with time… I guess I don’t just like him but I love him and this things that happened in the past few days made me sure about my feeling… I just still accept the fact that he lied to you about Arnav”

“You can take it as he lied for his brother, he loves him and he loves you too so he can do that for you too”

“And why are you so much into getting things good between us?”

“Because I know he’s the right man for you and he wouldn’t be dumb like you ex-boyfriends… I am fed up of wiping your tears after you breakups so at least he would save me from that”

We both stare at each other and laugh out loud.

“So what have you decided? Are you in for what Arnav wants?”

“I wasn’t sure till now, but he talked to me and I think I know what I want now… I want him be it after marriage or before marriage because for me marriage doesn’t define love, it dint for Kriya”

“Kriya? Who’s that?”

“My sister, no actually I’d not even call her my sister… she’s a **** who shattered my whole family into pieces and I’d never forgive her for it even if she goes to hell and gets punished for what she did.”

At that moment Shanaya looks at me in disbelief and I understand it’s time to give her explanations. I call her my best friend but till today I had always hidden about bro and Kriya from her, it’s not that I dint want to tell her about it, it’s just that the topic never came and I wasn’t interested in talking about her.

The next thing is she starts shooting questions at me and I just take a deep sigh, knowing I’ll miss the lectures after this until I give her a good explanation so I set to work before she even asks me to explain things to her.

Feb 24, 2015

Fated To Meet.. Chapter 28 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 58 times)

Chapter 28

“First of all I am very sorry for not telling you about her at all, it’s just that I never considered her my sister after what she did to me” I say as I look at her

She frowns completely and gives me weird looks, yes I expected that so I just react normally to it.

She raises her eye brow when she sees me silent and I continue speaking

“One evening I was watching bro while he cooked for us, I loved doing that.. so we both had our conversations and headed for dinner then.

Kriya and I never used to get along well, as in we normally had those siblings fight… she was so different from me… she changed her boyfriends like she changed clothes…

Like me and bro, she had also studied in Australia and one day she just ended up home randomly saying she dint want to go back anymore…

So that evening we all were just about to begin having dinner when mom told me to go and call her for dinner, I refused a couple of times but she forced me so I had no other option..

When I opened the door of her room, the biggest shock awaited me”

Tears start forming in my eyes and I realize that no matter what I say, no matter how much I hate her I still have a corner in my heart which loves her a lot…

I still love her as my sister, the one who was able to handle my mood swings just like Shanaya does now…

“Are you okay coco?” Shanaya shakes me

I nod at pretend to fake a smile when I look at her, but I fail… I hug her and cry my heart out… I have never cried for her after that day but today I did because I just realized no matter how much I tried to hate her, I still couldn’t.

“I found her lying on her bed, her wrist cut and blood all over the bed sheet and the floor… I couldn’t speak for a while… I lost all my words and fell down on my knees crying my heart out…”

“She committed suicide?”

I nod and break into tears again. Damn I so much hate myself for crying for her… why did I ever have a sister like her?

“Why did she?”

“Because she was a ****, no let me not even call her that, I’ll just say she wasn’t a human being.”

“What did she do? Why do you hate her so much Khushi?”

“I hated her because I blame her for the death of bro and dad, after she passed away bro stopped getting his treatment for leukemia and passed away, dad couldn’t handle all this and he passed away because of a heart attack.

She snatched everything from us, she snatched my sister, my brother and my father from me… I hate her more than anything else”

“I am sorry for that Khushi”

“No… why are you sorry for what she did?”

“Ok… but one thing isn’t clear… why did she suicide? Did you not try finding out? A person needs courage to take that step and I am sure she must have had a strong reason for that?”

“No reason is strong enough to kill oneself Sunshine and if she had to die she could have, why did she take my brother and my father with her?

Oh yes and about the reason… when bro and mom realized that I hadn’t returned back from her room, they came there and were left in shock too…

We searched her belongings and found her suicide note in which she had written why she committed suicide and you know what, I hated her more after that”

Shanaya stares at me in shock or surprise or whatever her expressions might be, I can’t even read her expressions but I know after she knows this, she’ll surely hate her even when she doesn’t know her.

“I am confused… you have been in Australia since long then when did this all happen?”

“Okay let me explain in details, bro was studying in new Zealand, I was in Australia and about Kriya, she lied to us that she was studying in Sweden while she had been in Australia all the while… I don’t understand why she lied to us maybe because she I knew I was here too…

My dad was a fan of abroad studies and that’s why I guess we all were in different countries. I know we have been like best friends for so long and this is now when you get to know about my family apart from mom but I don’t know why, I always believed in keeping my family problems with me…

So last year remember when I went to India for holidays? That’s when all this happened… I found bro there and mom explained his leukemia situation to me, Kriya was also there and she said she was just fed up with studies in abroad…

So bro’s treatment was on and dad had gone to another city for his business meetings when Kriya committed suicide.

After dad came back he got know about this and he was hurt more than anything else, he always loved Kriya more than anything else even more than he loved me and bro because she was such an open girl, bubbly and what not… she used to speak nonstop, make fun and her life was always happy.

Bro was in his last stage and we all knew nothing could save him because the doctors had said that earlier and when Kriya passed away, he stopped his treatments so I still blame her because for me I still had that hope that a miracle might happen and my brother would be saved.

Then dad passed away and when mom and I came out of the trauma, I decided I dint want to live there anymore and remember all those things again and again…

It was hard to convince mom, she had already lost two of her children and she dint want to lose me, so she agreed at the condition that every month I’ll get a checkup and send her the reports so she is sure that I’m well”

“You know why I hate you right now? Because we have been best friends for so long, we were best friend even when all this happened, I called you a million times when you were in India but you never told me about all this you went through?”

“I was scared… I thought you’d judge me”

“Why dint you ever tell me about your family members before?”

“You never asked”

“Shove all that up, I still don’t know why Kriya committed suicide”

“She did that because she was guilty”

“Guilty of what?”

“Of murder!”

“What? Murder? Who did she kill?”

“I don’t know who exactly, but she had stated in her letter that all this while she had been living in Australia with her boyfriend and then they got married.

Sometime later her husband found out she was cheating on him and when he tried to question her, she killed him and ran away from there.

She returned back to India before anyone got to know about this but then she couldn’t just keep living with the guilt that she cheated on the man who loved her the most and also killed him”

I turn to look at Shanaya and surely, this were the expressions I was expecting on her face.

She’s confused and angry and what not… my reaction was also then same when I got to know about this and since then I hate her for every small reason I have to hate her.

“You know what Khushi, I don’t blame you… I hate her too now!” Shanaya says as she hugs me.

Feb 25, 2015

Fated To Meet.. Chapter 29 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 55 times)

Chapter 29

Shanaya and I walk back to class after the discussion and I finally feel better and light after sharing everything with her… all I hope for now is that life just continues being this way…

I settle on by desk and the lecturer gives me a weird look, yes I know I am late for my lectures so what?

“You decided to miss the lecture?” Arnav asks as I settle myself next to him.

“I was thinking”

“So to think you have to miss the lecture, wow Khushi… I am impressed”

“I know you aren’t, but you might just get impressed after knowing what I was actually thinking about”

“What was that?” he asks as he raises his eyebrows.

“I was thinking about tonight…” I wink at him and he just smiles.


We walk out of the class after the end of the day finally.

“I’ll see you tomorrow” I say as I hug Shanaya

“With some spicy news” She winks at me and then walks away with Aman.

“What did she say?” Arnav asks as he runs his hand to my waist and we both head towards his car.

“Girls secret”

We stand near the car and he seems to be in no moods of living… is he planning to spend the night in the university?

He looks at me then takes a deep sigh as he opens his mouth to speak something but then shuts up.

“What’s it Arnav?”

“What did you think about tonight Khushi?”

I smile at the way he’s so nervous to ask me such a simple question… all this means a lot to him and me too and I’d give my all to see him happy for the rest of my life.

“Arnav you know how much I love you right?”

He nods and looks at me in confusion… I also don’t understand what I am saying but I just let the words come out.

“I have never been in love before, not with anyone so I am a little bit weak in all this… I don’t know how to romance, I don’t know how to make love in fact I know nothing apart from the fact that I love you, truly and deeply and I want to show that to you tonight…

I want to make love to you as much as I can and I want you to make love to me as much as you can… I want tonight to be one of the most beautiful night for us… I want us to get lost into each other as if there will be no tomorrow… I just want to make love to you and get love in return that’s it”

I sigh as I realized I just said all this to him… oh my God! How would he react? I hope he doesn’t think I am some desperate kind of a girl who wishes to be on bed with him and nothing else… but why would he? He knows I love him and he was the one to ask for this, I wasn’t…

Relax Khushi relax… I repeat the mantra in my head and turn to look at him while he stares at me in shock or surprise, whatever it is but I totally love it… I love the expressions he has on his face because they make me want to pull him closer and kiss him but no I’m shy maybe.

“Thank you Khushi” he says finally as he pulls me into a tight hug.


I walk to my room to freshen up when my phone starts ringing, I look at it and the only word that escapes my mouth is ****!!

“Hello mom” I try to be normal while I receive the call but I know there are a million of questions that await me.

“Khushi where are the reports? Why don’t I have them?” She shouts angrily.

“I am really sorry mom, I forgot about them completely, I promise I’ll pick them up tomorrow morning and send them to you”

“Is there something wrong? I hope you aren’t hiding anything from me, are you okay Khushi?”

“Yes mom I am fine, it’s just that I joined university the same day I had my check up and since then I have been held up with many things so it completely got out of my mind but I promise, tomorrow morning I’ll pick them from the doctor and send them to you”

“Okay, so tell me how have you been and how’s your studies?”

“All good mom, just been quiet busy, hard to manage”

“And what about a boyfriend? Don’t tell me you are single yet”

“We’ll talk about that later, you’ll be happy to know but for now I need to go so I’ll catch you later, bye”

I disconnect the call and rush to take a warm water shower.


I walk downstairs and like yesterday Arnav is busy cooking in the kitchen.

“Dinner is ready sweetheart, have a seat I’ll serve you” he says with a smile.

I settle myself on the chair as he serves me and then sits beside me.

“I have the best boyfriend in the world, he cooks for me and serves me too”

“And after that he is going to make love to you” he says with a wink and I blush.

“You cook good food”

“I can cook for you for the rest of my life”

“Will you stop flirting?”

“I was just trying to bring in the moods you see…”

I smile and finish my dinner as we both leave the plates for the servants to clean up next morning.

I turn to head back to my room when he stops me.

“Khushi, I have something for you” he says


He heads towards the sofa and picks up a gift box, he walks back to me and gives it to me as I stare at it.

“What’s this Arnav?”

“I want to see you in this when I walk to your room in the next ten minutes Khushi… tell me you’ll fulfil my wish”

“Anything for you” I wink at him then peck on his cheeks and run to my room.

I open the gift box and pull out a plain white dress… it’s very short and almost transparent… and the first thing I have in my mind is how can I put on this dress? I feel shy for a moment but then think, what’s the shyness for in front of the person I love? In front of the man I’m going to get married to?

I quickly change into it and stand in front of the mirror staring at myself… I leave my hair open and adjust them well and finally I take a deep sigh.

“I don’t look bad” I smile at myself

“You don’t look bad at all” Arnav smiles as he walks in and for a moment I want to run and pick up a blanket to cover myself, I feel extremely shy.

I turn my head down and look at the floor counting how many tiles are there in the room… damn why do I feel so awkward?

My breaths have become high and I don’t have the strength to turn and look at him, I don’t know if he’s still standing there or he’s moving towards me… I moves my eyes to look at his legs and he’s still standing there… Thank God!

He starts walking towards me and my heart has started running a miles… damn why do I feel so nervous? It isn’t the first time he’s coming close to me… it isn’t the first time he’s going to touch me but this feels incredible.

He lifts me in his arms and I look at him with surprise and a little blush.

“You look gorgeous and you don’t need anyone’s approval for that” he says as he kisses my cheeks.

He puts me down and we both stand close to each other looking into each other’s eyes… the time is here… the moment I have waited for is here… I don’t know how to describe how I feel but it’s beautiful… being in love is beautiful.

He pushes me to the nearest wall and pins both my hands up and he stares at my lips… the fire in his eyes says something, some words I can’t understand and I don’t know why it automatically reminds me of the words he once told me.. “I am fire, I’ll burn you”

I really don’t want to think about those moments, not at this time, not when everything is beautiful, so I shut my eyes down and the next moment I feel his lips touching mine and the pleasure of having his lips touch mine is just something more beautiful.

Feb 26, 2015

Fated To Meet.. Chapter 30 ((Last Part)) (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 52 times)

Chapter 30

I pull myself away when I lack air to breath and he stares at me while I take heavy breaths inside and out and he just smiles at me.

“God you look so beautiful Khushi” he says as he carries me in his arms and places me on the bed

He leans over me and moves his eyes from top to bottom scanning me whole and for a moment I feel quite shy… he starts kissing my neck so wildly that I don’t even realize when a moan escapes my mouth and I just feel weird, I dint know I could enjoy such a little thing.

I get hold of his shirt and pull him as I lock my lips with his again and kiss him as deep and as hard as I can, I just want to get lost into him completely, and this is the most beautiful way to begin.

“What are you doing to me baby” he says in between the kiss.

I smile knowing how I exactly make him feel and that makes me proud of myself, at least I have the idea of how I can make him feel.

I open the buttons of his shirt not letting out mouth part and pull it away as I throw it on the floor and just when I open my eyes, my gaze stops on the mark at the corner of his body.

I really want to touch it, and kiss it and make him feel better and know that he having one kidney doesn’t make any difference to me, I’d still love him as much as I do…

I want to make him forget all that happened in his past and only think about our future…

“Arnav I love you… so much that it breaks me” I say almost touching his mark but I control my feelings because I know what that might end up into.

“No… I need you to love me so much that it mends you Khushi” he says as he pulls away from the kiss and cups my face and looks into my eyes…

I don’t want to cry but this damn tears never listen to me, I don’t want him to know how seeing that mark on his body hurts me but I just can’t stop myself.

“Are you okay Khushi? If you aren’t, we’d stop here” he says

“No Arnav it’s not that… just the thought of how much I love you makes me feel vulnerable.”

“Then don’t think of anything right now… just close your eyes and feel me on every inch of your body… feel me tonight as I mark you mine Khushi” he says as he pulls the strings of my dress down and removes it completely.

He throws the dress on the floor and looks back at me, his eyes are all over me and I just cover my face with my hands feeling extremely shy.

He kisses a trail from my cheeks to my neck and downwards and I don’t dare to take my hands off my face… I don’t know why he makes me feel this way.

I can feel the whole of my body going cold and it makes me feel good… better than anything else.

“Oh Arnav”

He places his finger on my lips shutting me up and I just keep taking the pleasure of what he’s doing to me.

I finally manage to take my hands off my face and open my eyes just to find him busy staring at me again… like seriously… what’s with him and this staring thing?

“Can we shut the lights?” I ask

“Are you shy?” he asks with a smirk

I nod as I blush deep red and he just smiles at me.

“All I need to do is make you mine tonight, I don’t care if the lights are on or off” he says as he walks towards the switch and turns it off.

Darkness covers the whole room and at least I don’t feel shy anymore... we hold each other tightly into our arms and make love for the rest of the night…


I open my eyes as the rays of sunlight fall on my face… I stretch my arms and feel some kind of weakness all over my body.

I pull of the blankets just to find no clothes on my body so I cover myself back and lay on the bed staring at the ceiling.

The moments of last night flash in my mind and I blush to myself remembering what happened last night… no night could ever be as beautiful as this one.

I feel so beautiful and complete… I feel like now I completely belong to Arnav and he belongs to me… we are just meant to be together for the rest of our lives.

“Good morning princess” Arnav says as he walks in with a tray of tea. He places it on the side table and jumps on the bed and cuddle next to me…

“You went to kitchen like this? Without a t-shirt?” I ask

“Yeah so? Don’t tell me you are worried what the servants would think? That’s not their job anyways and my servants know how to put their noses in their own business so relax Khushi”

“You look good” I say as I peck on his cheek.

“And you look hot that I want to make love to you right now again, you were so good yesterday night so thank you for the beautiful night you gave me”

I blush and stare at him wondering if he’s the same confused man I met in the beginning, for the past few days he has been a complete different person and this is how I love him actually.

He holds me tight into his arms and kisses my temple.

I want to spend the whole day holding you like this and getting lost into your beautiful eyes.

“But I need to take shower”

“Would you mind if I join you?”

“Yes I would… you know how shy I am so it will take me time to get used to this” I say as I cover myself well with the blanket and stand up to head to the bathroom.

He gets hold of it and pulls it almost snatching it away from me.

“Don’t do that please” I say innocently

“I just want to see how beautiful my lady looks in the bright daylight” he winks

He pulls the blanket and I let it go as I run my hands on my face and cover myself. I have never felt this shy or whatever it is before…

I peep out to him and he’s staring at me with his eyes wide open which makes me blush more so I run towards him and hug him tight covering myself with his body.

He quickly grabs my face and pulls me into a kiss and we get lost into each other.

“Arnav, when are we getting married?” I ask as I pull away.

“Married?” he asks surprisingly.

“Yeah… you love me and I love you so I think we should get married, we can keep on with studies even after that right”

“No Khushi!” he says with a disbelief in his voice.

He walks to the wardrobe and pulls out a dress and hands it to me, I put it on and stare at him wondering what’s running in his mind.

“Arnav I thought you loved me”

“I do Khushi but what’s the point of marriage here? What I believe is we can be happy together like this without getting married, marriage spoils a relationship”

“Who said so Arnav? And do you think I’ll sit at my mother’s home for the rest of my life having a relation with you but without getting married? Do you think my mom would allow that?”

“I am sorry Khushi but marriage isn’t what I want out of this relation”

“Then you should have told me about it before last night damn it… and what the hell do you mean by saying that marriage isn’t what you wanted out of this? You just wanted to sleep with me and ruin me?” I ask as tears stream down my eyes.

He runs to me and hugs me but I push him away, he isn’t being serious at this moment.

“Get off me Arnav! Don’t touch me… now is when I get what all this was for… you wanted me on your bed… how could I damn forget that you had told me that earlier… you just wanted me on your damn bed so you can ruin me…”

“I had told you earlier Khushi… I told you I was fire and if you dint stay away from me I would ruin you”

“Why me? What did I do to you that you punished me for? You never loved me, all this was just a damn fake drama to bring me on your bed right?

You know what, you are such a cheap man and I, Khushi Kumari Gupta, regret and will regret for the rest of my life that I ever fell in love with a man like you who values no one’s feelings but needs only pleasure of ****.”

“Be careful about what you say Khushi…”

“You should have been careful for what you did to me… you had no right to lie to me that you love me when you dint”

“So what? What if I lied to you? Yes fine I agree, I wanted you on my bed, I wanted to ruin you, so what the hell on earth would you do about it?” he shouts back.

Tears continuously stream down my eyes, how could I trust him? Shanaya was right, I shouldn’t have trusted this man ever in my life… all he wanted to do was to ruin me and that’s what he completely did.

“Why Arnav? Why me? Why did you do this to me? Weren’t there hundreds of girls who were ready to sleep with you without any commitment? Then why did you chose me out of all them? What was my mistake?” I ask as I fall onto my knees crying.

“You know what your mistake is Khushi? Your mistake is that you exactly look like that **** who ruined my whole life… every time I looked at you, I never felt love but only hatred towards you and that’s why I did this, that’s why I decided to ruin you damn it!” he shouts angrily and walks to the door.

He stands there for a while staring at me but I don’t look at him, I am hurt enough to raise my head and look into those deceitful eyes so I just stay there and cry on my fate as he walks away banging the door behind.

I stand up and head to the wardrobe as I pull all my clothes out and throw them into the bag and walk out of the room… this is the end of us.. the end of Arnav and Khushi!


The End!!

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