Fated To Meet..

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Jan 17, 2015

Fated To Meet.. Chapter 1 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 56 times)

Chapter 1

“Sunshine I beg you to wake up please” I say having no energy to shout at her anymore.

For the past half an hour I have been shouting like a drunk woman at her to wake up but she seems to be in a deeper than ever sleep.

Shouting doesn’t make me lose energy, obviously no one does but early morning appointment with the doctor does… The fear of the injections, the fear for your health and the fear whether you would live or die makes you feel so nauseated.

“What’s up coco” She wakes up finally.

“Khushi! My name’s Khushi, in case you have forgotten” I hiss back at her.

Coco! Seriously what kind of a nick name is that? I hate being called that, couldn’t she just get a sweet and cute nickname for me like I got Sunshine for her?

Shining bright like the shine, the name suits her perfectly.

Shanaya Singhania, a beautiful rich spoilt brat and unfortunately my best friend.. Despite of her being so irritating, chirpy and what not I still love her because having a friend like her is not in everyone’s fate.

We have this yucky apartment in Melbourne, whose rent is paid by more than his rich father and I come as a free gift with Shanaya, not really free, I always make sure I give her my part of the rent although she ends up shouting at me for that.

“Good morning coco, stop being moody early in the morning, I’ll deal with your Doctor” She says holding me tight in her arms.

I stare at her as she heads to the bathroom… Sunshine, she is the sunshine of my life… She is the only woman on earth who knows how to deal with my moods, I wonder how my mother brought me up.

As I wait for her to get ready, I make sure all my forms are ready, the appointment with the doctor, the Admission forms of the University and some money.

As I open my wallet, I frown at the few notes I see inside… Would this be enough? I wonder…

My doctor has always been way too expensive for every regular checkup and I don’t know why even though I have just a regular check up with her today too, my heart is just giving me this weird intuitions which makes my mood go fight a battle.

I see Shanaya walking out dressed in a royal blue mini dress, her hair left fully open with some diamond earrings shining bright on her ears.

“We are going to see the doctor, not your boyfriend”

“Coco, chill babe, we are also going for our admission in the university and oh my God, I can imagine all those hot boys looking at me” She blushes deep red as if those lame guys are looking at her right now.

Guys? I hate guys! I am not a **** of course if that’s what you are thinking, but dating, making out, romantic stuff and all that is not my cup of tea, I don’t see any guy who could be able to handle me anyway so let me stay out of this guys ****, I have never been interested.

I throw all the papers in my black bag and walk outside as Shanaya follows me. We enter into her black Audi, of course she’s going to drive, I don’t even know how to hold the steering, yeah poor me!


“You are not serious with life are you?” My doctor shouts at me

“I am ever serious with life Mrs. Raizada” I reply not looking into her eyes.

“Khushi you have skipped three regular checkups… do you know how dangerous that can be?” she hisses at me.

“Yeah so? I mean just three regular checkups come on doc, why are you making a huge issue out of it? Some people don’t even go for a checkup for like years and I have just missed my three months checkup”

I stare at her angry face, she is about to shout at me when I think she controls her anger, she settles herself on the chair not wanting to argue with me anymore… I seriously hate this checkups and I would never do them only if it wasn’t for my mother who would get worried about my health back in India.

“I have done all the checkups and the reports would be ready in a day or two, I suggest you pass through here after two days and collect them” Mrs. Raizada says looking into my eyes.

I glance away from her feeling scared… I don’t know what’s with this woman, she makes me just scared of the way she is, her looks mostly… her age is fifty and she looks like less than thirty, seriously what does she do to herself? Give me some tips.

I have always been scared of her, not because she’s a doctor but I don’t know why, maybe because I have always respected her…

Having lived for six years in Melbourne and seeing her for like every month makes me feel like I have a deep relation with her, she’s like a mother to me, a home away mother!


Shanaya and I walk inside the campus as I gaze around, everyone here has a busy life studying and that’s why I exactly wanted to study here, no one to tell me what I should do and what I shouldn’t, no one to keep an eye on me… it would be just me and my studies of medicine…

I have always had a dream of being a neurosurgeon, although convincing mom for this was a hard job because she thought I was a girl and wasting so many years for my studies would be out of the box but me being adamant made her agree for this.

Coincidentally Shanaya and I are applying for the same course, I don’t know how she got interested into this but I am happy to be with her everywhere because this girl surely motivates me for everything.

We walk to the reception and enquire for some stuff and head towards wherever we are directed to submit our forms.

I see a line of more than three hundred students and I just feel lazy, am I going to stand in this long line?

“This is why I was waking you up early” I slap Shanaya on her arm.

“Don’t worry coco, I’ll carry you in my arms if you get tired”

I give up, I don’t want to fight with her on the first day of my university as I am so excited of everything and mostly of my dream coming true.

As we are busy standing in the long line waiting for it to move on, I suddenly feel someone pushing me and before I turn back angrily, I see a man on the floor which makes me giggle like a teenager.

He stands up quickly and cleans his clothes as he turns back to his friend and punches his faces angrily.

“That’s for pushing me”

I don’t know why but even though I don’t want to, I am forced to stare at him…

He has a finely shaped body and an instant thought comes up in my mind, he must be going to gym.

As for now I have just seen is right profile and he looks hot for me.

I blush at my own weird thought. Hot? Like seriously he’s hot?

His friend makes some gesture to him as he turns to look at me and honestly I stand there like a pole, as his dark gaze meets with mine.

This dude is not just hot, he is more than hot… I blink my eyes severally as I force myself to turn my head away from him but damn, I can’t just do that.

“Did I push you? I am very sorry” he says

I blink my eyes again, he’s talking to me? Yes this hot man is talking to me and he’s saying sorry… what do I answer? I am even unable to speak.

He stares at me for a while waiting for me to reply like it’s okay or just turn away from him but I do nothing.

I see him smirking as he extends his hands towards me.

“Hi, I am Arnav, Arnav Singh Raizada”

I extend my hand to greet him back all the while not letting a word escape my mouth.

He surely expects me to greet him back and introduce myself but honestly I don’t know where my voice is gone, I just can’t speak.

Okay so this is going to be a triology.. Fated to Meet, Fated to Love and Fated to fall... Hope you guys gonna like the story... Please leave your precious comments

Jan 20, 2015

Fated To Meet.. Chapter 2 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 49 times)

Chapter 2

“Coco” Shanaya pushes me as I almost trip over this hot dude.

I finally come out of my silent dream world and turn my gaze back at him, he is still standing there as I have his hands on mine and I feel like a shiver is running through my whole body.

“Coco? Is that your name?” he giggles

Obviously it sound so yuck and I hate Shanaya for spoiling my very own first impression by calling me that.

“Khushi, Khushi Kumari Gupta” I reply

“Oh Happiness” he sighs pulling his hand away from mine when I want to scream… No! Don’t pull it please


“Khushi, your name means happiness right?”

I just nod with a smile on my face still not being able to take my eyes away from him… his black eyes and the finely shaped eyebrows, and those light dimples on his cheek when he smiles.

His thirty two teeth lined up perfectly are all seen when he smiles and I don’t really understand why I am even noticing all this about him.

“Dude I am not going to stand in this line, we better come back later” he says turning to his friend

Shanaya has been staring at me all the while in disbelief, just before we left home I was not at all interested in guys but now I am staring at this guy as a hungry dog stares at the bone.

“So Khushi, it was nice meeting you” he brings his hand forward again.

I shake my hands with him as he pulls off and walks away with his friend not turning to look at me again.

Do I look that bad? Obviously! I am dressed in such a baggy hoodie and my hair isn’t even combed well, I have no earrings on my ears no high heels no makeup no nothing… but why am I all over a sudden worried about my looks?

“Isn’t he hot?” I hear Shanaya

Hot? He is something more than just hot… maybe be hottest man I have ever seen…

“What does hot mean? We are here for the admission please concentrate on that and not on boys” I reply back sounding harsh.

Obviously I don’t want to let her know what effect he has left on me, it would just sound so unlike of me, you know not the Khushi Kumari Gupta style.

“I wasn’t staring at him like a hawk, you were” Shanaya says teasing me

“I wasn’t staring at him, excuse me”

“Coco, I know you, you better not pretend in front of me”

“Yes Sunshine you know me so you better not think that, guys are not meant for me, so they better stay away from me and please let’s concentrate on the admission.”

We turn our heads back to the line and take a deep sigh… this is going to take long.

Two hours later as we head out after finally submitting the forms, I realize that I dint even know when the line moved on in such a hurry…

All the while I was busy thinking about this hot man I met a while ago… eww hot man sounds weird he had told me his name… what was it? Arnav! As unique as him…

I don’t know if I was ever going to meet him again… maybe yes, he was standing in the same line which meant he was going to take admission for the same course as mine…

A smile curved up on my face not knowing why I was this happy but wait… why did I care even if I dint meet him again? This short meeting with him had surely left a huge impact on me and maybe I wasn’t just going to be normal for the next few days.

“Coco!” I hear Shanaya almost shouting my name


“I have been calling you for the past five minutes… seriously girl where are you?”

“I am just here”

“I think I should take you back to Mrs. Raizada, I see you have lost your mentality because of skipping the checkup for three consecutive months”

“That wasn’t funny at all, now can we please head to the class? It’s our first day”

We both walk through the garden, as I stare at those beautiful plants with a smile on my face and within no time I realize we are finally in the class.

Shanaya and I stand at the door as we look around for empty benches… no one in the class is free to look at confused elements like us, they all are busy talking to each other and discussing some not so important issues.

We finally spot two benches that are empty and rush to get our seats…

As I settle myself on the bench, I find my eyes looking all over the classroom, well I know I am not just looking at the students who are going to be my classmates, I am just searching for that one man who had stolen my words some time ago when I was standing in the line.

After scanning everyone’s face in the class for around five minutes I rest my gaze on my fingers as I fiddle with them feeling sad… sad of God knows what…

I guess I was never going to meet him again and anyway it was good… I never thought a man could affect me like this… and never did I think that I would behave so stupid…

All I wanted was to concentrate on my studies and me becoming a neurosurgeon so I would be better if I kept this guy out of my mind.

“Coco are you normal today?” Shanaya curls her arm around my shoulder and I don’t know why I feel so uneasy all over a sudden.

“Yeah Sunshine I am perfectly fine”

“But you don’t seem like”

“It’s just because I am nervous… you know it’s the first day and I don’t know how life is going to be after this.. We’ll be keeping so busy with books and having no time for anything else… I don’t know if I’ll be able to manage”

“Don’t worry, when Sunshine is hear nothing to fear… all will be good come on cheer up”

Seriously, what could I do without this girl in my life? I remember meeting her at the school six years back and I don’t know how but we just became friends instantly and since then we have been sharing the apartment, our clothes, food, money and everything…

She is like a sister to me, a sister from another mother.. The only girl I can trust blindly and be sure that she would never prove me blind…

Maybe this was fate, we were fated to meet because God knew I wouldn’t be able to handle myself alone and even right now I needed her to handle me dealing with this Raizada boy, I don’t know why he was like stuck into my mind and not wanting to go…

The more I tried to draw my attention out of him the more I thought about him and this thought was making me angry like nothing.

Our new teacher walked in the class introducing himself to us and actually he wasn’t surprised when nobody in the class wasn’t interested to know about him..

Maybe this life was like this… Everyone here did what they wanted to, there were no rules like in school, no one would punish you if you talked to your friend while the class was going on and the funniest of all was no one cared what was going around in the class not even the teacher..

His work was to teach and leave, the rest was upon us… As the class began I started concentrating but a while later when I turned my head back I saw a couple snogging each other and I almost vomited.

Get a room man, why do this in class… I turned my gaze back to the teacher and he was like not even interested in looking at them, he was busy teaching.

I poked Shanaya with a pen and gestured to her to look behind, she did as instructed and turned her head back to me


“They are snogging in class like seriously?”

“It’s there life even if they sleep together here no one would care coco, I know all this is new to you but this is the life style here… nothing is awkward so concentrate on the teacher no on them”

I blinked my eyes severally in disbelief and then just decided to concentrate on my studies, they were the most important stuff after all.

Jan 21, 2015

Fated To Meet.. Chapter 3 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 46 times)

Chapter 3

Shanaya and I headed to the canteen to take some refreshments and calm our minds after the hard class which made me wonder, was I seriously going to do this?… Seriously it was the worst class ever of my life…

Everything was taken so first and half of the things I dint even understand them when I was sure the teacher wasn’t going to repeat the same topic again…

Maybe I just had to learn how to catch up with his speed and then everything would be so easy… all I knew was as soon as I arrive home today I had to go through those more than twenty pages he passed through and read them again to understand better.

“Such a tough class it was, wasn’t it?” Shanaya asked

Oh you are asking that now? When I have already made a summary of it in my head?

“Yeah” I reply.

“A coke would make the moods good, would you like one?”


“Two cokes please” She shouts at the canteen owner.

Here you have to shout not caring about if anyone would look at you, there’s a huge crowd ready to buy everything and if you just stand silently, you are going to eat nothing but air.

As soon as we get our bottles we head out of the canteen as I sip my coke making some irritating sound, I usually do that to irritate Shanaya but today she seems like she doesn’t care about it.

“Are you okay?” I ask

“Yeah why?”

“You dint get irritated by my sipping sound”

“Well I am not… there are no hot guys in this university who can affect me with their hotness damn it” She stamps her feet

I end up laughing at her… this is what’s making her upset? Like seriously? She is upset of no guy affecting her and I am upset of this dude who’s affecting me more than anything else.

But I tap my own shoulder realizing I hadn’t thought of him for quite a while and I was actually able to concentrate in the class if it wasn’t for those two creeps behind the class doing some weird stuff…

Maybe that was just a random meeting and within no time I would stop getting affected as I was sure of the fact that we weren’t fated to meet, it was just a coincidence.

Talking about fate, although I might not be believing in dating and stuff but I do believe in true love and fate and my belief is that true love is connected with fate… we don’t meet the person we are going to love without fate wanting that.

The game is always in the hands of fate and if I am fated to be a neurosurgeon I would one day and if I am not fated for it, I wouldn’t…

The same way if I was fated to me Arnav, I would and if not life would move on… but maybe I’ll never be able to forget that he was the first man on earth who had left that kind of effect on me and that too by pushing me at the first meet.

Oh no! Did I just think of Arnav and Fate again? This was really more than enough, I need to get this dude out of my mind even if I needed a memory refreshment for that.

We are yet walking as Shanaya is busy telling me stories that are just passing over my head because I can’t just concentrate.

“Hello Ladies” I hear a manly voice behind us and the very moment I wish it’s Arnav but I know it’s not him because this wasn’t his voice.

Okay so you recognize his voice in a meeting, my inner voice shouts at me.

We turn back and find a tall enough handsome man standing in front of us… his fair skin complexion shining bright in the hot sun.

“Hello” Shanaya replies with a huge smile on her face and finally I know, she has found her hot guy.

“Hi, Aman here” he waves his hand at me.

“Hi, Khushi” I reply with a smile.

“You both are in the medical class right?” he asks

“Yeah, how did you know?” Shanaya asks

“I was in the same class, sadly you both dint even notice me” he said pouting

“What?” Shanaya asks in disbelief

It takes her a while to calm her breath and continue telling us why she is so much of shocked.

“How comes I dint notice you?”

Aman just giggles knowing he has left a good impression on her.

“Aman!” he brings his hand forward as Shanaya Shakes her hand with him.

“Shanaya” She replies back


“Friends” We both reply with a smile.

Okay so now I am happy, at least we made a new friend just on the first day, were we soon going to be famous?

My heart jumped up… being famous is something I have always loved since school time… Shanaya and I were so famous in school and it’s just a pleasure knowing that everyone in the school knows you and we had this big gang of friends which broke apart unfortunately after school but Shanaya and I remained together…

All I hoped was that we would now have a big gang over here too and all the students would know us and wish to be in our gang and we would be famous.

“Khushi are you allergic to PDA?” I hear Aman ask as we walk through the gardens…

God how many gardens are there in this campus? It’s so huge!

“PDA?” I ask not being able to understand

“Public display of affection” he tells me the meaning finally

“No I am not… I would love if I got a chance to PDA with my boyfriend” I giggle

“With your boyfriend? Since when did Khushi Kumari Gupta start thinking about having a boyfriend?” Shanaya as always over reacts.

“Why? Can’t I have one?”

“Coco you aren’t normal today, I seriously doubt your mental condition and I am forcefully taking you for a visit back to Mrs. Raizada”

“Keep off, Aman tell me why did you ask such a question?”

“Actually I had noticed your reaction to what was going at the back of our class that’s why”

“That wasn’t PDA I saw no affection there”

“You know you are once piece, I have never seen anyone reacting to it like you do… it’s normal for everyone here”

“Okay so you mean if tomorrow I sit at the back of the class as snog some guy you both aren’t going to give a damn?”

“Exactly” They both replied

I stared at the both in disbelief… maybe they were right I was just over reacting to it or as Aman said I was one piece…

Maybe time is what I needed to learn this things and accept them… to try not to care and concentrate even when two people at the back of the class would be having ****.

But anyway why the hell am I even making a big issue out of it? They were strangers to me so I shouldn’t give a damn… Khushi baby sip the coke and keep away the thought.

We head back to the class and I hear Shanaya and Aman whispering something to each other and I am not at all in the moods of disturbing.. I would be happy if they hooked up…

I have actually always hated seeing Shanaya with all those guys she dated in school, Raj Prem and Rahul, they all were some kind of weirdo’s but I wouldn’t mind seeing her with Aman, he seemed to be a nice guy and I don’t know why I was sure I wouldn’t have to deal with the after break up stuff with her all over again.

I giggled at myself, I was over thinking wasn’t I? I even thought about something they might have not even thought about.

“Khushi” I see Shanaya turning to me and what sounds funny is her calling me Khushi

“Okay Sunshine, I’ll sit on Aman’s bench”

I look at her with a smile as her mouth curves up to shape the ‘O’ she is surely surprised and must be wondering how I knew what she was going to ask me for.

“How did you know?”

“You rarely call me Khushi and mind it I had overheard your whispering conversation”

I wink at her as I head towards my bench pick my stuff and then Aman directs me to his bench and I settle myself over there.

Jan 22, 2015

Fated To Meet.. Chapter 4 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 45 times)

Chapter 4

The first day at the University has finally come to an end but I still don’t know why, I am not as happy as I thought…

I am not as happy as I wanted to be… maybe somewhere I know what’s affecting me and I seriously want to ignore even the thought but I can’t…

I walk out of the class lost in my thoughts that even when I notice Aman and Shanaya holding each other’s hand I don’t even want to tease them neither do I want to react, I am too tired to do that or maybe just fed up of my mind not listening to me.


I stare at the twinkling stars through my bedroom window while lost in deep thoughts. It has been a rather long day, so much happened today, few things that I had expected and few that I had never thought about.

The appointment with the doctor is something I haven’t thought about for the whole day, I remember I also have to pick up the reports day after tomorrow and parcel them to mom so that she's sure I am well, I don’t understand what’s with her and my check up every month, relax mom I am surely not going to die so soon, I yet have a lot of dreams to live.

I have to make my career and become a neurosurgeon, I want to get a guy I can love and spend time with and finally get married to him and have kids...

I suddenly realize that I actually have a phone and I haven’t even touched it since morning, I quickly pull it out of my black bag and switch it on. I have a few texts lined up as I open them one by one..

'Miss Gupta, this is to remind you that you have an appointment with doctor Raizada, please try not to miss it' that’s from Mrs. Raizada's secretary.

'How was the appointment with the doctor? I am awaiting your reports as soon as possible' that’s from mom.

'Good news coco, guess what? I'll be in Melbourne tomorrow so night out? Clubbing and party? Don’t say No.. It’s been quite a while we met, waiting to hear from you' That's from Rey.

Reyansh Kapoor, one of our school gang members... After Sunshine, if there was anyone I was close too then it surely was Rey. There was something about this dude, luckily he wasn’t like all those cheap flirty guys who always tried their luck on me and that’s why he was my friend I guess.

'I hope you are still alive?' another text from him.

'Party on tomorrow, pick me up from my apartment' I press the send button and throw my phone aside. I need to sleep, I keep on reciting the same mantra in my mind trying to keep myself away from all the things that are distracting me.


Shanaya and I walk in as Aman greets her with a tight hug and I surely smell something fishy but relax guys, it’s just been a day since you met.

There’s surely something cooking in between them, that’s all I can summarize as I wait for the day they would tell me about it.

I have to sit on the lonely bench while Aman and Shanaya have their secret romance behind there. I look around and stare at everyone else busy discussing this or that with their friends and for a while I feel so lonely even though Shanaya is around.

The teacher enters within no time and I concentrate on studies.. Being a neurosurgeon isn’t an easy job is what I keep on reciting in my mind while the class is going on. The teacher is so busy teaching and writing some notes on the board which I decide to copy paste them in a book.

While writing I again end up thinking about Arnav, I don’t know why but he just pops up into my mind and I sit there smiling like an idiot.

Turning my head at the back, I thank God there’s no view like the one I had seen yesterday, my gaze turns to Aman and Shanaya who to my surprise are busy concentrating on the board and it clicks my mind that I actually haven’t informed her about the night out with Rey, she surely is going to get pissed as hell.

Maybe she might have made plans with Aman and I already told Rey to pick me up tonight… but he just asked me, he dint ask about Shanaya so maybe I’ll go with him alone? Wouldn’t that be boring?

I decide to ask Shanaya about it after the classes, I just don’t want to go anywhere without her because I know I might just end up drinking and throwing up when there wouldn’t be anyone to handle me and my stupidity apart from her.

Shanaya catches me staring at her and Aman and she asks me through a gesture like what’s up?

I nod as she turns to look at Aman and they smile at each other concentrating back to the board and for a while I just end up with a weird thought in my mind.

What if Arnav was here? Sitting next to me? I would even stare at him for the whole lecture and smile like an idiot…

I all over sudden realize what stupidity I am thinking and decide to keep myself busy so as to keep those thoughts out of my mind.


It’s been half an hour and I am so lost in writing the notes because I wanted to keep some stuff out of my mind that I don’t even realize that half of the students have already left the class, maybe they were just bored.

I continue scribbling my notes in the fastest speed because I have been left behind when something distracts me again.

"Hello happiness" I hear a voice.

The pen trips down my hand as something pricks my heart.

Stop dreaming Khushi, I tell myself not wanting to turn my head and look around because I know he's not there. I continue writing but I am no more able to concentrate.

 "Are you kind of trying to ignore me or is it that you dint hear me greeting you?" I hear his voice again.

No... Arnav please leave me alone, please leave my mind.. Just go away I shout in my heart as I stare at my fingers fiddling through them and then finally I gather up the courage to turn my head up and look beside me.

I feel some kind of soothing pleasure in my eyes as I see him, sited next to me with a huge smile curved up on his face. Raizada boy please stop making me feel this way and for heaven sake stop showing me those thirty two white teeth of yours, you have no idea what effect that leaves on me damn it

He is dressed in casual and the t-shirt fits perfectly over his well-shaped body and I can see those muscles. Does he have the six pack abs? I wonder and almost end up giggling.

His eyes are staring at me, maybe waiting for a reply but I am so much lost into looking at him, his hotness makes me feel like I am going crazy over this handsome guy.

 "Hi Arnav" I reply with a smile when I am finally done with staring at him and deep inside my heart I am just reciting some prayers hoping that this wouldn’t turn out to be a dream, I hope I haven’t started day dreaming, that would be the worst thing about myself which I am surely going to hate more than anything else.

"Oh so you finally noticed me?" he asked again smiling

"I was just trying to remember your name" I lie

"Without seeing me? I am impressed you recognized my voice just after the first meeting"

Okay so this dude is not just hot but clever too? Now what do I say? That I was actually waiting for him to come and sit next to me?

"I am studying medicine, I surely have a habit of noting every small thing Arnav" I reply trying to hide my excitement

"Impressive answer my dear happiness"

"I have a name, you can call me Khushi"

"I am calling you that, Happiness is Khushi and Khushi is happiness"

I turn my head back to the board trying to keep my gaze away from him and making sure I hide the smile on my face. My heart had been telling me I would meet him again but this was surely a huge surprise, I dint know he would end up in my class.

 The rest is the usual stuff, I am not able to concentrate knowing that this hot man I just met yesterday and the one who left a huge impact on me is actually sited next to me.. I still hope it’s not a dream.

Jan 23, 2015

Fated To Meet.. Chapter 5 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 55 times)

Chapter 5

I walk outside the class trying my best to ignore him, I don’t know why I want to ignore him, maybe because he is affecting me in a way I don’t want him too...

Shanaya and Aman are still in class and I wonder what to do, whether to wait or just head to the canteen alone.

Before I come to any conclusion I hear him again.

"Khushi" he calls me.

Listening to my name from him sounds so good, I never knew my name would ever sound this special and I would end up liking my name to this extent ever.. What makes me smile more is that he called me Khushi and not happiness.

I want to ignore him but his voice is continuously ringing in my mind and I just can’t keep any control on myself.

"Yes Arnav, tell me"

"Where are you heading to?"

"To the canteen, would you like to join?"

All over a sudden I feel the urge to slap myself, why the hell am I asking him to join when I want to avoid him? Why am I so confused with my own self? Why are my mind and heart fighting a battle?

"Sure, I am alone even, my idiot friend skipped the class, but I am sure you would be a good company"

"No doubt to that, I have always been a good company to everyone" I reply feeling proud of myself.

We both start walking towards the canteen and I make sure I don’t look at him or else he would get the idea of how much he is actually affecting me.

"Why dint you come to class yesterday?" I ask

Are you his mother or teacher? Stop asking him such questions damn it Khushi.. My inner voice shouts at me again.

"Attending the very first lecture is not Arnav's style, I was busy flirting around with hot girls over here"

"Okay" So now I feel jealous.. This is totally ridiculous.. I have just met him yesterday and I am already jealous.. I would surely die of feeling like this, so stupid and so confused.

"What would you like to eat?" Arnav asks just then I realize we are at the canteen.. The route to here became shorter or what?

"I'll just take a coke"


"Wait, at least take the money from me"

"Come on Khushi, I can afford this for you"

"I also can afford it for myself so please don’t start the argument you are the boy so you should pay, it really doesn’t work with me, I love living on my own and doing everything on my own so no formalities please"

"Okay boss, I give up" he smiles holding his hands up in the air.

I end up giggling like a small kid and for a while he just stares at me without blinking his eyes and I feel so uneasy.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Did anyone tell you, you have the prettiest smile?”

I blink my eyes severally and end up blushing as I turn my gaze away from him… I feel so good like never before because him finding my smile pretty is like a really big thing to me.

“You should not be blinking your eyes like that” he says

“Why shouldn’t I?”

“Because it does something to me” he winks and oh my God, I am just dead.

“Are you trying to flirt around with me? If so… let me tell you, I am not a girl who would let you do that”

“I don’t want to insult you by flirting around with you Khushi, you are a girl who’s meant for love not flirting”

I just go speechless after that… did he just say that flirting with me would be an insult to me? OMG I want to jump up and down like a teenager and scream at the top of my voice… no one has ever been this sweet to me and I really just don’t understand how to react…

Being a hardcore type of a girl, I actually don’t remember when I last cried but at this moment I feel some tears forming up in my eyes and I really want to stop them but I don’t know how and I feel so stupid crying for such a small thing…

For the first time ever I am experiencing the tears of happiness that I had only heard about in movies and stuff but now I know they do exist and to have them in your eyes is a pleasure you’d never deny.

He gets the coke for me and we walk away from the canteen and it’s like I have gone dumb…. I just have nothing to say at all.

“Can I ask you for a date?” he looks at me

I turn my head towards him and actually don’t know what to answer… obviously it’s a yes but I am trying hard to control myself because I just don’t want all this, I never wanted to feel like this although the feeling is good and makes me happy but I had always wanted to stay alone at least until I am done with my studies. I just smile and continue walking while he’s left unanswered.

 “Does that mean a yes?”

“Not really… why would you want to ask me for a date?”

“Because you are beautiful”

This is the third time he has made me go speechless and I seriously don’t know what I should do, just drop everything and shout a damn yes because that’s what I want or hold up myself and say a harsh no because my mind wants that.

“I am busy the whole day, I have lectures to attend and mind it, I am very serious with my studies unlike you”

“Then we can go at night, that’s if you trust me… like a dinner date”

“I have to read at home too… you know how it is for medicine students, you have to keep yourself engrossed in books for the whole day and moreover I have a night out with friend today so I’d skip reading today which would mean a lot of pending reading for me for the next day”

“I dint need a long explanation, you could have just said a plain no, that’s it”

He looks kind of angry or something, I actually can’t figure out because he has a tight smile on his face but his words sound harsh.

“Coco” I hear Shanaya’s voice and I don’t know but I just feel relaxed

I turn behind and find Shanaya standing there with Aman staring at me with unlikely expressions on her face.

I just run towards her and give her a tight hug and she is surely not able to understand why I am all over a sudden hugging her in the middle of the campus.

“What’s up coco? Are you okay? And who was the guy with you?”

I realize I have left Arnav standing alone over there and when I turn back, he has disappeared.

“He was Arnav… remember we met him yesterday?”

“In the line? That hot guy?”

I nod positively as I see Aman making faces and then after taking a deep sigh he looks straight into my eyes.

“Khushi you are now my friend so please don’t take me wrong but it’s good if you stay away from him, he isn’t the type of guy for you surely”

“What do you mean Aman?”

“I saw him flirting around with girls in the campus yesterday and moreover I know him since school time, I mean we both used to be in the same school, he is the type of a guy who wouldn’t mind breaking a girl’s heart”

“Relax Aman… he is just a classmate and a new friend, and more over I am not interested in love or dating, not particularly at this stage of life so a heartbreak with me wouldn’t happen, anyway I need to use the washroom, I’ll see you guys in the class, bye”

I walk away in a hurry not because I really want to use the washroom, just because I want to scream at the top of my voice about what Aman told me.

I feel like I just want to stay away from Arnav and hate him and not talk to him, I just want to treat him as a stranger after knowing all this but I don’t know why, my heart doesn’t accept this and I just get angry on myself for behaving so stupid in the past few days.

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Jan 24, 2015

Fated To Meet.. Chapter 6 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 38 times)

Chapter 6

I am sited on my bed dressed in a knee length dress, my hair is in the usual mess and Shanaya is busy tying it up into a high ponytail.

I finally managed to convince Shanaya to join me for the clubbing and for sure Aman is coming too… Rey obviously doesn’t mind Shanaya joining us so that’s another problem solved.

I look around for my phone and dial Rey’s number.

“Where the hell are you?” I shout over the phone

“Relax Coco, just give me five minutes and I’ll be at your apartment”

“You better hurry up or forget the **** of meeting me”

“I’ll be there”

I throw my phone somewhere on the bed while Shanaya stares at me in disbelief.

“What?” I ask roughly.

“He’s not late Khushi stop being like this, you aren’t even ready and you are hurrying him up… moreover you are behaving so awkward today, what’s wrong with you?”

“I am just disturbed… about the reports, I don’t know what’s with it”

I have lied to Sunshine again… yes I call her my best friend but I don’t know how I would explain this thing to her…

I just don’t understand why all over a sudden I am feeling this way, why do I even care if Arnav is a damn playboy? It shouldn’t affect me, but it is and this is what’s making my moods so ****ty.

“You have never been disturbed about your reports before? Why this time… and come one you aren’t a patient of some disease, this was just a regular checkup so babes you better chill, I am in moods to party tonight and I hate this boring moods of yours which always end up spoiling mine too so for heaven sake keep them away from me today”

Before I say anything, I hear my phone ringing and I jump over to pick it up.

“I am outside your place” Rey says

“We’ll be there in a minute”

I carry my clutch and pull Shanaya out of the apartment because that’s the only way to take her out of there… she quickly puts on her sandals while I lock the apartment and we finally head downstairs.

“Hey…” I greet Rey as I sit beside the driver’s seat and Shanaya settles herself at the back seat.

“You look prettier than before? Did you go for like a whole makeover?” Rey asks scanning me from top to bottom and rests his gaze on my legs

“I know I got fine legs but you better start driving or I’ll head back to the apartment.”

“What’s with your moods today?” he asks as he starts the car.

“She got kissed by a wild dog” Shanaya shouts from behind

“That was a lame joke Sunshine”


We walk in the club as Rey gets hold of my hand and I really don’t mind it… although I know he is trying to be cheesy with me God knows why… School times he always was just normal, what changed then?

Aman joins us as he shares a hug with Shanaya and they both get busy in their secret romance at the corner of the club.

“Dance?” Rey brings his hand forward

I give him my hand and we head to the dance floor… I just want to get lost in the music and dance forgetting about Arnav at least for a while.

“Excuse me, if you don’t mind can I have a dance with this pretty lady?” I hear Arnav’s voice.

“Khushi do you know him?” Rey asks pointing towards him.

I just stare at him in disbelief… what the hell is he doing here? Is the first question in my mind

I nod positively as Rey just walks away after muttering a few words that fly over my head.

“I am with Shanaya, see you soon” he says.

Arnav walks towards me while I keep on staring at him blankly, maybe I just lost the nerve to react.

He runs his smooth hand on my waist and pulls me closer until I can smell him, his perfume smells so good as if he’d just applied it to seduce me.

He gets hold of my hand and starts moving with the rhythm of the music while I am still lost and silent… shouldn’t I be reacting to this?

“Are you stalking me?” I finally manage to speak…

Thank God I at least got a voice and realized that I dint lose my nerve to react.

“You guessed it right” he replies with a wink and oh God, I am just dead.

I stare at him in disbelief… what’s with him seriously? Why doesn’t he just leave me and my mind alone? Why is she stalking me? I dint do anything…


“Because you look hot in this dress” he whispers in my ear and I can hear him breath.

I shut my eyes… I am falling… falling so hard and I don’t know where…

I want to push him away at the moment and tell him to leave me alone but I am not able to gather enough guts…

The thought again comes up in my mind…

He is a playboy… Aman told me he is a playboy and surely he isn’t meant for me because I am not ready…

Not for anything be it love or heartbreak…

His hands are moving all over my waist and I have that ticklish feeling in my heart… My heart tells me to let this go on but my mind tells me to push away because I know this isn’t good for me… not at all…

“I need to Leave Arnav” I say trying to push him away but he just pulls me closer until I crush on his chest and my heart almost stops beating.

“What’s the hurry for?”

“I have to study unlike you, would now please let me go?” Yes I can speak.. I can show him that I am angry… he cannot just keep on controlling me…

He slides his hands out of my waist slowly and I feel so bad… I don’t know why but I want him to touch me… because his touch has some kind of magic…

I want him to look me into my eyes because he had those eyes that speak a million silent words… Those eyes that tell a story…

I turn away because I don’t want to get carried away… I don’t want to fall for those eyes..

I keep on telling myself that this guy isn’t the one for me because he is a playboy and I don’t want my heart to get played with but only if my heart could understand that.

I know maybe I am just one of his trap but I surely don’t want to get myself into this… I am here to make my career and I want to concentrate on that damn thing so Raizada boy please stay away from me.

“What is he doing here?” Shanaya asks as soon as I join them.

“I don’t know… he might be out with friends”

“Whatever it is, I know it’s your life but being your best friend I will put my nose in between and you can kill me for that but I don’t like that guy, you better stay away from him”

“What makes you not like him?”

“Did you notice how he looks at you? I bet he just wants to take you to his bed and then dump you…”

I stare at her blankly, maybe she is right... Aman was also right I should stay away from him or else he might just end up messing with my life…

“I am really tired can we please head back home… Sorry Rey we would plan something else next time” I say looking at him innocently…

“No problem Coco… lets go, I’ll drop you both home”

“I am going with Aman, Rey will you please drop Coco home?”



The car stops down my apartment and I bid Rey a good bye.

As I open the door to step out, Rey pulls my hand all over a sudden and I fall back.

“I had something to tell you Khushi” he sighs

“What?” I ask looking at him suspiciously… he has never looked this serious apart from exams time..

“Actually my motive of meeting you today wasn’t just a night out… I came here hoping to tell you what I had always wanted to tell you…

I know you hate when you friends end up telling you that they want to hook up with you and I think you will hate me too but I have to say this…

Coco I love you!”

Jan 24, 2015

Fated To Meet.. Chapter 7 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 49 times)

Chapter 7

I stare at Rey in disbelief, did he just say that he loves me?

I am totally speechless, I have nothing to say mostly nothing about love… it had always been something I never expected from him… I at least thought he was the guy who couldn’t try out his luck on me..

“**** Rey! Are you out of your mind?” I shout at him

“Khushi I said I love you only, I dint tell you to jump in a well for me”

“I wouldn’t have considered you stupid if you told me to do that but love? You always knew I hated my friends doing this to me… you were the only guy close to me and you did this?”

“Khushi relax… how can I make this better? How do I make you believe that I don’t want to hook up with you, I want a serious relationship, I want to marry you!”

“But I don’t… just get lost Rey!” I open the door and walk out angrily but instead of driving away he steps out of the car and follows me.

I stand near the lift but it take another hour to happen meanwhile Rey appears there and pulls me back.

“Leave me alone” I shout angrily.

“No, I need an answer Khushi!”

“Rey are you out of your mind, you need an answer for what? Get this **** right I don’t love you and you better stop expecting something of such sort from me damn it!”

He gets hold of my arm angrily and pulls me towards himself.

“You love that **** right?”

“Who the hell are you talking about Rey? You know what? You aren’t in your senses, just go back home”

“That man who you were dancing with, I saw you staring at him like you’d just kiss him right at that moment”

“And that doesn’t concern you, even if I sleep with him you have no right to ask me this questions, you aren’t my father! Now you better get out of here before I shout and call the security guard” I shout angrily at him.

I can see he isn’t scared of the security but I am scared of him… I just don’t know how he might behave and I am sure if he tries something wrong, I might end up killing him.

He takes a few steps towards me until he’s just standing an inch away from me, he stares into my eyes for a while as I stare back at him, I don’t want to show him that I am scared of him just because he is a man and he might do anything.

He pulls me towards himself and I am left in complete shock, I try hard to push him away but he is more than strong.

“What the hell do you think you are doing Rey?”

“I am trying to get my first kiss from the girl I love”

At this moment I feel scared like never before… why the hell is he doing this to me… he’s in his senses, he isn’t even drunk that I can think it’s just the alcohol making him do this ****.

He tries pulling me closer and I finally gather all my courage and kick him ‘there’

I slap him as hard as I can and rush inside the lift in a hurry.


I throw myself on the bed angrily feeling like hell, how should I deal with my life and some stupid people around me?

I feel like punching Rey so hard on his face for telling me all that ****! I wasn’t obviously over reacting was I? I had always been clear to him from my side and he knew I hated this but he did so obviously it’s his damn fault.

I just don’t want to think about anymore he can go and dump himself wherever he wants to, I don’t give a damn… he was a friend I trusted and he ended up trying to force me?

I am sure when I tell Shanaya about this, she is surely going to beat the **** out of him and that makes me giggle to myself…


“I would throw him in a bin with rats and ****roaches” Shanaya shouts angrily.

I stand in front of her not knowing how to react actually, more than being serious she sound funny.

“Relax Sunshine, I dealt with him and I am sure he isn’t going to show up again, if he does I might would kick him again”

“I seriously dint expect him to be so cheap… we have known him for six damn good years”

“Neither did I” I reply as I sit down.

“Dump his thoughts, we better leave for university than waste time discussing him” Shanaya says as walks out.

I get my bag and follow her up.


We both walk in our class and the first person I see is Arnav.

He has settled himself next to my bench and at the moment he’s staring me with a huge smile on his face and OMG those thirty two teeth again!

At the moment I just want to walk to him and kiss those lips that have curved up into a smile but I control my hormones.

Damn! Damn! Damn Arnav! What are you doing to me?

I walk to my bench and start doing my work trying my best to ignore him because I know if I’d talk to him, everything would just keep on getting harder and I am totally not in moods of dealing with more ****, I just dealt with one yesterday night.

“Hey Beautiful” He says looking towards me and I look at him from the corner of my eyes pretending not to give a damn.

“Is someone angry? You look more beautiful in anger too” He says again.

Before a smile curves up on my face, I turn towards him making sure I keep my face straight.

“Arnav are you blind? Look at me there is nowhere I look beautiful so please stop flirting around with me I hate that! I am a simple girl who is here to complete her dream so you better stop distracting me from what I am doing here okay?

Can’t you just sit there and do your work or talk to someone else? There are many other girls in the class, so why me?”

“Because you are Beautiful”

I bit my lip trying to hide my smile away but damn! I fail…

I just pick my books and walk out of the class, I can’t obviously concentrate when he’s sited next to me telling me all this sweet stuff.


I settle myself in the library after picking a few books that I wish to read.

Just at the moment I am fully concentrating on it, he appears in front of me all over a sudden.

“Hey Beautiful” he waves his hand.

I just stand up angrily not knowing what to do, why is he following me now?

“Arnav what’s wrong with you? Will you stop following me everywhere?”

“Where else did I follow you? In your dreams?”

“You aren’t that lucky, yesterday you were in the club too… don’t you have any work? Why are you doing this?”

“Because I want to be your friend”

“But I don’t want to be your friend.. Clean and clear? Now can you leave me alone?”

“You want me not to talk to you? I should ignore you like you are a stranger to me?”

“Exactly, I would love that…”

“Fine then, I would do that, but I promise you are going to miss me” He puts his finger on my cheek and winks at me as he walks away pulling his finger and I feel so ticklish.

I sit down and take a deep sigh, finally I am done with him too, I just hope my mind would soon get done with him also.

Jan 27, 2015

Fated To Meet.. Chapter 8 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 45 times)

Chapter 8

I am staring at the stars again wondering how life changes in one moment…

Two weeks have passed by since the day I told Arnav to stay away from me and I am surprised enough, he managed to stay away from me.

We both sit next to each other but it’s been a week that we haven’t even greeted each other, leave greeting he hasn’t even dared to look at me.

I am still the same, confused about myself and what I feel towards him… I know I am attracted to him and for that reason it is becoming hard for me to keep on ignoring him but is it all that easy for him? To ignore me and pretend like he doesn’t know me.

Maybe it’s easy for him because Aman said he is a playboy so for him attraction and feelings are nothing, it’s just hooking up with a girl and then dumping her, but for me it’s becoming totally hard to ignore him.

He was right when he said I’d miss him because I am missing him even though I see him every day sited next to me.

“Why do you look so serious?” Shanaya asks as she sits next to me.

“Nothing, I am just staring at the stars, they look beautiful don’t they?”

“They do but Coco I am your friend and I know you only look at the stars when you are busy thinking about something… so what’s it that you are thinking about?”

“Nothing much… I was thinking about the trip..”

“The one the lecturer told us about? Are you planning to go?”

“I think”

I stare back at the stars.. I wasn’t planning to go to the trip before but now I am… This is the only option I see of staying away from Arnav for at least another two weeks.

Our lecturer told us about the trip today in the class… Half of the students from our year would go for it, we would visit a few hospitals in another city and get to know about some important stuff as we learn how the doctor patient relationship is.

We would stay in the city for about two weeks, obviously hotel rooms booked for us at the expense of the university…

After we come back, the other half would go as we catch up with what they would have learnt in those weeks we weren’t there.

Shanaya and I had planned to go on the second trip, but I just got to know that Arnav’s name wasn’t on the list of the first trip so it would be best if I go for the first one and stay away from him for two weeks and when I come back I’ll find him gone for other two weeks and in between this I might just find myself being normal like I was before.

“Coco!” I hear Shanaya shouting at the top of her voice.


“Where the hell are you lost? I have been talking to you and you are lost somewhere else”

“No… I was just thinking about the trip… would you join me?”

“Sorry I had promised Aman I would go with him on the second trip… come with us, it would be fun”

“But I want to go for the first”

Shanaya stares at me in disbelief… I am sure she knows something is wrong with me, I also know and maybe I am just trying to make the wrong to right which would take me some time.

“You know you have become so moody? I never understand what you do… What’s wrong Coco, is there anything disturbing you?”

“No Sunshine, it’s just that I remembered that the dates of the second trip are in between the week I would have to go for my check up so I can’t miss it”

“Oh ****” Shanaya hold her hair and pulls them tightly while I just look at her wondering what’s wrong now.

“What happened?”

“Mrs. Raizada’s secretary! She called me yesterday, you know she had told you to pick your reports after two days and it’s been two weeks you haven’t done that…

She said she had been trying to call you but your phone was never reachable.

“That’s double ****, mom must be trying to call me too… she was waiting for the reports damn!!”

“I don’t understand what’s with your mom, why do you have to send her the reports, you are in this world you haven’t gone to Mars that you’ll get sick all over a sudden” Shanaya asks

We both look at each at and bust out laughing… we just realized we have lived together for so long and we never discussed why I always go for a checkup and send reports to mum.

“Actually I never told you about my brother… he had gone outside of India for studies and then one day he returned back all over a sudden informing us that he had leukemia.

We all were worried, Mom took him to the best hospital and we tried to get him the best treatment we could but the doctors told us it was too late.

He was in the last stage of it and we couldn’t just save him”

A tear rolls down my eyes and I realize that it’s been years since he left but I still do miss him although I never discuss him with anyone.

Shanaya gives me a tight hug which surely makes me feel better.

“So when I decided to come here for my studies mom agreed on the condition that I would get a monthly checkup and send her the reports so that she can be sure I am fine and nothing that happened to my brother would happen to me” I say as I pull myself back from the hug.

“You should collect them tomorrow and send it to her”

“I’ll try to get time and go for it, for now let me check what’s wrong with my phone, I don’t even remember when I last had a look at it”

I flip the cover of my bag open and empty the whole bag… a black phone falls out of it as I pick it up.

“Battery dead!” I announce as I get a charger to charge my phone.

Next Morning.

Shanaya and I walk inside the class as I look around and take a deep sigh of relief…

Arnav isn’t there and I feel so relaxed, trying to ignore him has been harder that studying medicine damn it… My hormones have been reacting so weird I can’t even tell… I always feel like I want to do this and that to him which I know is almost impossible, moreover I am not interested!

I pick my phone and set an alarm which would remind me to pick my reports from Mr. Raizada today evening…

The day has nothing interesting… it’s just the boring lecture which almost makes me fall asleep and again the same couple at the back of the class doing the same ****! When will people ever use common sense? We are here to study not to see them snogging!

Aman and Shanaya look cute together… I see Aman teasing Shanaya while she makes faces and they just look like made for each other.

I really envy them… for a while I also feel like I wish I had someone like Aman with me… wouldn’t it be just too cute? But then I draw back the thought, I am here to study not to love!


My alarm rings as soon as I walk out of the class with Aman and Shanaya.

“What was the alarm for?” Shanaya asks

“To remind me to pick reports from Mrs. Raizada”

“Oh ****! I forgot about it coco… Aman and I made plans to go out right from here… do this I’ll give you the keys you can drive”

“No I can’t… you know I don’t know how to drive”

“That’s why I have been telling you to learn it… Aman do me a favor… let’s drop Khushi near the hospital, after that she would take a cab and get home.. Is that fine Coco?”

“Yup, sounds better”

“Okay as you both wish” Aman replies.


They both drop me a bit further from the hospital because dropping me inside would make them go for a U-turn so I volunteer to walk.

As I walk inside the gate, I am shocked at the sight in front of me… I see Rey walking out of the hospital and I just don’t know what to do! Should I walk in and ignore him? What if he tries to misbehave again?

Before I am able to decide anything, he rests his gaze on me and a smirk curves up on his face as he starts walking towards me… my heart has started running miles meanwhile.

Jan 28, 2015

Fated To Meet.. Chapter 9 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 53 times)

Chapter 9

As soon as Rey approaches me, I find my legs getting weak and I don’t even know if I’ll be able to walk away. I keep on telling myself I shouldn’t be scared of this idiot, he would do no harm to me and if he tries messing up with me again I’ll kick him there again but the fear refuses to disappear.

I roll my eyes all over hoping to see someone who would just help me out and call it Fate… it’s surely fate! I see Arnav walking outside busy in his own thoughts… without thinking of anything else at that moment, I just push Rey and run towards Arnav as fast as my feeble legs could take me.

I jump on him with all my strength and hug him tight… as tight as I can, holding him in my arms makes me feel so relaxed and the fear just disappears in a moment.

He smells like heaven… his scent is something I would love to inhale daily even if it kills me.. his hand curve up around me and he holds me tighter into his arms and for a while I wonder why isn’t he breaking the hug?

Almost five minutes later I break the hug realizing what I had just done.. I shouldn’t have hugged him like this…

I look at him and he is staring at me in disbelief… I am sure he dint expect this so all over a sudden from me, neither did I ever expect myself doing this.

The surprise on his face is clearly seen and I can see he is struggling to decide whether he should smile or he shouldn’t.

“Are you okay Khushi?” He breaths.

“Yeah… someone was just trying to harass me” I reply turning back to look at Rey who has been staring at us till then.

“Who?” Arnav asks calmly but I can see his snow white eyes turning almost blood red and I don’t know, I just feel special at the moment… it makes me feel like someone does care…

I just want to hug him tight again and tell him to calm down because somewhere in my heart I believe that if he gets to know on how Rey misbehaved with me, he might just break his face.

I turn to look at Rey who is not even ashamed of his deed and is actually walking towards me.. Why the hell now? Get lost Rey before your face gets broken.

Arnav runs his hand through his hair and hold my shoulders turning me to face him… he is losing his patience… his forehead has wrinkled up… his eyes are red… he is clutching my arms so tight and I don’t know how I feel…

“Khushi I asked who was harassing you!” he says… his voice being so deep and intense.

I lift my hand slowly and point a finger towards Rey who is standing just a few steps away from us… my hand is shaking like never before as if I have high fever.

Arnav tightens his hold on me as if he is trying to control his anger and that’s what I surely want him to do… I don’t want him to fight… not for me at least… not for the girl who can’t give him anything… not even love.

Standing here today and feeling so confident that in his presence nothing would ever harm me makes me feel like losing myself into him forever because maybe this guy would never do any harm to me… I want to break the rules that I have set for myself… I want to bring him in between my studies and not care if he’s a playboy like Aman said… I don’t care if he would ruin me because right now I want to run my hand through his hair and pull him closer while I kiss him breaking all the rules and limits but I just keep it a thought.

“Coco I wanted to talk to you” Rey says

“But she doesn’t… leave her alone and look, I am warning you… next time if I ever see you anywhere next to her I’ll smash your face” Arnav replies angrily as I keep on staring at him and drooling over his hotness… he looks damn so hot in anger too.

I hide myself behind Arnav and look away from Rey who understands that I am not at all interested in talking to him and so to my surprise he calmly walks away.

Thank God! If they both fought I wouldn’t just know how to handle them…

“So someone missed me… I was right wasn’t I?” Arnav asked as he held my hand and pulled me in front of him.

“When did I say that I missed you?”

“You dint, your hug did… just two weeks Khushi and you see you were so desperate to hug me… guess what would happen if you stay away from me for two more weeks.”

The way he pronounces my name… I feel like no one has ever said my name as sweetly as he does.. but at this moment more than feeling all that, I feel like giggling at his statement, he doesn’t know that I have actually planned to stay away for another two weeks

“What are you doing here?” I ask trying to change the topic.

“I came to visit mom, she’s a doctor… and what are you doing here?”

“I was just passing by and I met him… I got scared so when I saw you I just ran and hugged you, I am sorry for that”

I know I have lied to him but there is no other option… I don’t want to tell him I was here to pick my reports because I know he would ask me a million questions after that whose answer I don’t have.

I look into his eyes and he is looking back into mine… I want to get lost in them forever only if I could.

“You don’t need to be sorry for hugging me, you are always welcome for that” he winks at me and I literally blush in front of him.

I don’t know why but right now I don’t want to believe Aman’s words… how can he call Arnav a playboy? He doesn’t look like a playboy from any angle… I know he flirts around with girls but I don’t think he must be playing with anyone’s heart… if he could be, I couldn’t see him this angry when I told him Rey was harassing me.

“So what say? Friends?” he brings his hand forward and without thinking for a second time I shake my hands with him.


Yes! I did it… I finally broke one rule… I don’t want to be a stranger to him anymore…

To hell with what Aman said, as far as I have known Arnav, my heart isn’t ready to believe that he is a playboy so I wouldn’t believe that too…

“A coffee date? Please don’t make excuses like last time” he asks

I giggle remembering how I had given him a long explanation just to avoid a date with him and here I am again… standing in front of him and he’s asking me for a date, this time I surely don’t want to make excuses, I don’t want to say no but I also don’t have the strength to speak a single yes so I just nod my head.

A ****y smile curves up on his face while I see a few of his teeth and I just drool over him again… how can anyone look just this perfect?

“That’s my car…” Arnav says pointing towards a white Mercedes Benz.

“Is white you favorite color?”

“Yeah… I love everything white”

I smile as we both head towards his car, he opens the door for me like a gentleman and I enter in and settle myself.


We stop at a café and he quickly runs out to open the door for me…

I can’t describe how good this feels… he’s behaving like a complete gentleman and I just love it.

We both walk in as he slides his hand on mine and gets hold of it and I am left staring at him speechlessly… his touch leaves some weird kind of effect on me and every time he touches me I just feel like kissing him.

He pulls a chair for me and I sit there as he orders coffee for the both of us obviously after asking which one I would like and then we sit there discussing every random stuff and nothing is awkward at all.


An hour later we walk out of the café… the sky is getting darker and as we head towards the car, I realize it’s drizzling.

I stop in the middle of the parking lot and stare at the sky as the little water droplets fall on my face… Arnav turns around and looks at me with a smile on his face.

He heads back towards me and joins me in staring at the dark sky letting the water droplets out of it which touch both our skins.

I shut my eyes close as the drizzles change into rain and within no time I am all drenched…

I open my eyes when I feel a hand on my waist and when I turn, Arnav pulls me close to himself and I crush on his chest.

He tucks my wet hair behind my ear and looks me into the eyes while his gaze slowly moves to my lips.

He cups my face and moves closer to me… I don’t push him backward because I know what he’s going to do and this is what I exactly want…

Kiss me Arnav! Kiss me damn it! I shout but to myself.

His cold hands on my face feels such a bliss… his lips are almost touching mine and I feel a whole shiver running through my body, I’d just fall down anytime if he doesn’t hold me.

I wait patiently for him to kiss to me but I feel him moving away from me as he slides his hand away and takes two steps backwards while I stare at him not knowing what to say…

“Arnav…” I say with a raw disbelief in my voice… I had never thought that he would move back at such a moment

“I am sorry Khushi… I can’t give you what you want” he replies as he turns away from me.

“What the hell do you mean Arnav?” I almost shout at him… I don’t know why but I feel so angry at this moment… I know I always wanted and maybe I still want to stay away from him but when he moved behind I felt so hurt…

How do I explain it to him? He wouldn’t understand me… he wouldn’t understand that I want to kiss him even though I want to stay away from him… I also don’t understand why I am so damn confused.

“Khushi… I am fire don’t come closer to me I’ll burn you into ashes” he says as he walks towards the car as he holds the door open for me.

He’ll burn me into ashes? What does he mean by that? What does he have that would burn me? He is just a normal human being as I am then why is he saying all this?

Fine! If that’s what he wants then be it so! But now my belief has become stronger… I know now that he isn’t a playboy because playboys don’t warn… they burn directly.

I walk towards the car and sit and he enters on the driver’s seat and drives me home.

Jan 29, 2015

Fated To Meet.. Chapter 10 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 55 times)

Chapter 10

I am staring at the stars again…

I wonder what’s with me and stars… whenever something disturbs me I find myself looking at the stars as if they would give me solution to all my problems.

Keeping that aside, right at this moment I hate myself more than never before… I don’t know why I am still thinking about Arnav even after all that happened today.

I am still trying to figure out the meaning behind his words and I keep on wondering why did he call himself fire?

What was wrong with him? It was just a damn kiss, I dint tell him to sleep with me… he reacted as he if he’d transmit some disease into me by kissing me…

I wish I could have slapped him at that time… why did he try to kiss me when he dint want to? Such an idiot he is.

But anyway I don’t want to give a damn about it, it’s good I am leaving tomorrow so I won’t even face him and there won’t be any awkwardness…

I just hope this time round, I manage to keep myself away from him because whatever he is doing to me is not good at all, neither for me nor my studies…

I don’t know what to do about my damn reports… I guess I’ll have to pick them up after two weeks, Mrs. Raizada is surely going to be mad at me but I can’t help it.

I am still trying to brush off the thoughts from my mind when I hear the door bell ringing, I walk to open it knowing it must be sunshine but wow! I am surprised… no, actually I am shocked.

Arnav Singh Raizada is standing in front of me dressed in a white shirt and a black pant, his hair is gelled and spiked up, I can smell the sweet scent of his perfume while standing this far but damn he looks hot!

He has a smile curved up on his face which does the turn on job for me… every time I see his smile God knows what wonders it performs to me, I just go totally speechless.

I blink my eyes severally and I see his smile slowly fading away.

“Don’t do that” he says

“Don’t do what?”

“Don’t blink your eyes like that, it does something to me”

“Is that what you are here to tell me?”

“How rude is this, I am standing at your door step and instead of welcoming me in you are asking such weird questions? Khushi are you okay?”

“No I am not okay Arnav… not after the way you behaved with me today” I reply as I turn away from him and walk inside… I don’t have to tell him to follow me, he does that by himself.

Just when I am about to settle myself on the sofa, he gets hold of my arm and pulls me towards himself… I go speechless… totally speechless.

He tucks my hair behind the ear and I feel numb... his touch is making me go crazy inside out…

He holds my hand and pulls me with him as we both sit on the sofa together, he’s still looking into my eyes and all I can say by looking back into his eyes is that he is about to talk something serious… but well what’s serious between us? Nothing!

“I am sorry for what happened” he says after taking a long breath.

“You feel sorry for what Arnav? For trying to kiss me or for not kissing me?”

I stand up and turn the other way… I need to be strong, I need to control myself because I can’t keep on going crazy for a guy who treats me like this… moreover I don’t want to fall for him, that’s not in my plans.

He stands up and hugs me from behind in a second and again I am numb.. WHY THE HELL IS HE AFFECTING ME THIS MUCH???

“I am sorry Khushi… please don’t be angry”

His voice sounds so deep, so low and so intense… Have I hurt him? How can I? We just met a few days ago, we became friends today so he can’t be hurt by me… then what is it? What makes him sound this low?

I turn towards him and right now he isn’t looking at me but instead he’s staring at the floor, his hands are shivering and I can tell that because one of his hand is on my waist.

“Arnav… are you okay?” I ask cup his face.

He nods negatively and then turns away from me… I feel some kind of unknown pain inside my heart and I don’t even know why…

I hold his hand and pull him as I hug him tight… as tight as I could and right now I don’t care about how I feel, I just care about making him feel okay.

We break the hug after a while and stare into each other’s eyes.

“To hell with it!” he says as his fingers grip my waist and he pulls me closer and within no time his lips are on mine.

Good God! He’s kissing me! Arnav Singh Raizada is kissing me!

I feel like I’m about to faint any moment from now, his grip on my waist gets tighter as he runs one of his hand to my leg and he wraps me around himself kissing me deep and hard.

We have no space left in between us, not even an inch, not even air could pass through… I can feel him against my body, I can feel his lips against mine and honestly I love this!

His tongue is in my mouth already caressing mine and I am ready to forget the damn world right now just to kiss him back.

I can’t surely explain in words how this feels, like the eighth wonder of the world maybe, I feel like someone has just gathered all the starts from the sky and brought them on my feet…

I get hold of his shoulders, I know my hormones are getting high and right now I just can’t stop myself, I don’t even want to… I run them all over his upper body, his back, his chest and everywhere else…

I respond back to his kiss with the same passion, the same hardness and deepness and it feels like heaven!

“Oh My God Khushi! You make it hard for me to breath” he whispers in between the kiss

I end up smiling and I am sure he realizes that as his mouth is still on mine and we are kissing each other like nothing else.

I almost end up moaning into his mouth when the kiss almost comes up to an abrupt halt.

I can feel his grip on me loosening as slowly his lips slide away from mine and I just want to scream or shout a big no.

Why the hell did he pull away? This was just getting better.

I stare at him, my eyes begging for more… I want him as much as I could get him, right now, right here, right at this moment… but… but his eyes are shut…

He isn’t looking at me, he isn’t looking at the floor… he is looking at nothing!

Damn it open those eyes Arnav, look at me once… is he regretting this? Is he regretting kissing me? Why the hell on earth?

No! Arnav this isn’t something you should regret, please open your eyes and look at me, I’ll make sure you don’t regret this I shout inside myself.

He turns away from me and bangs his head on the wall, not so hard but I feel bad.. I don’t know how he feels about this, I am so damn confused.

He turns to me all over a sudden and maybe after gathering enough courage he looks me into the eyes.

“Never let me do that to you again Khushi” his voice is low but his words are none less that a command.


“Because this is not right… you don’t deserve this… you don’t”

“And who are you to decide what I deserve Arnav?”

“Khushi I know I am no one and I don’t even want to be anyone in your life”

As soon as he says that, I feel like someone has just pricked a knife into my heart and it’s bleeding… he doesn’t want to be anything in my life… Okay… Why????

“Arnav I hate the confused you got that? Why are you behaving this confused with me? At one moment you want to kiss me but you don’t, at the other moment you don’t want to kiss me but you do and after all this **** you tell me not to let you do this to me again?

After this I won’t even let you touch me damn it!” I shout angrily.

“Khushi life isn’t what it seems like…”

Okay so are you trying to give me lecture about life? Well Arnav I am least interested!

“How is kissing me related to life?”

“It is… your life is very simple and sorted out… you know what you want to do and you concentrate on that but mine isn’t… my life isn’t as simple as yours…

You know in life there are half of the things you do by yourself and half of them you are taught by life… in my case is different… whenever I tried doing anything by myself, life told me not to…

Khushi I told you I am fire and I’ll just ruin you… I am surely not the prince charming you must have dreamt of…

I had told you once, you aren’t meant for flirting but love and love is something my life isn’t meant for so this is a fact… I am sorry I know I was the one to ask for friendship but I myself crossed the limits of friendship so from today onwards we won’t meet or talk”

He marches outside of the apartment leaving me in a complete shock… before I am even able to react at what he said, he’s already disappeared… and I stand there feeling completely lost… maybe I was right, I should go for this trip so I can get time to stay away from it…

He was right, he wasn’t the prince charming I dreamt of because I never dreamt of any prince charming… he can deal with his own **** and I’ll deal with mine!

From today onwards, I don’t know any Arnav Damn Raizada!

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