Dilli ki Dhak Dhak!

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Feb 21, 2012

Dilli ki Dhak Dhak! (By Charmingsagi) (Thanked: 63 times)

Hi guys I know IPKKND has taken a depressing turn. I am still going to continue watching because I knew this was coming so I am not disappointed. I still love the show and I am still obsessed. Anyways, I decided, as I was inspired by the IPKKND and Preeto crossover, to write a story about Geet, Khushi, Maan and Arnav (IPKKND & Geet hui sabse parayi) because I find great similarities between the male and the female characters. If this were to happen, I am sure the guys and the gals would have been very close friends. This is the first time I am writing so please don't expect it to be an amazing piece of literature or anything. It will not even be close to the likes of what we have read on this forum. But this is my bit for you all. I truly hope you guys enjoy. Please comment if you want me to continue.

Dilli ki Dhak Dhak

That day two young girls left their home in search of a better future. Khushi Kumari Gupta along with her sister, Payal, got on board a train in Lucknow. At the same time Geet, no longer Geet Handa, got on board a bus in Hoshiyarpur, Punjab. The train and bus were headed to the same destination: Delhi (Dilli) the city of the beating heart. Neither Khushi nor Geet knew what the future was going to hold for them. But they had one thing in common: they had been disgraced by the society in which they were raised. No longer a part of the society they were forced to leave their home. Khushi, a spunky and spirited girl, perhaps had not seen days as worse as those experienced by Geet, especially since Geet had just discovered that she was pregnant and about to be a single mother. God intended to have the paths of these two girls cross, especially, since he knew that they would need each other to endure the days that layed ahead of them.

That same day Maan and Arnav (MK and ASR) two best friends in college, who had lost touch, especially, due to the tumultuous happenings in their respective families and due to their drive to excel in their respective fields, bumped into each other in a National Award ceremony in Delhi. They were being awarded the title of best entrepreneurs in their respective fields (Constructions and Fashion respectively).

Maan: "I knew I would meet you one day in a setting just like this, after all we are the best!"

Arnav: "Of course, I was just wondering what took you so long to get here"

Maan: "Oh mighty ASR, if I was in the field of Fashion you would have never seen this day."

Arnav: "Dream on dude... Anyways, I am so glad to finally see you again! How have you been?"

Maan: "uhhh Arnav the answer to that question is only going to make sense with a glass of scotch"

Arnav: "That bad huh? Well trust me when I say I understand."

They hugged each other. However, they both sensed rigidity in each other's profile. They were not the same. 4 years had changed them. But, this year was going to change their lives all over again. May be for the better, God only knew. Maan and Arnav were going to need each other just to remain sane, if nothing else, as it was going to be a bumpy ride.

Sasha and Lavanya were surprised to see Maan and Arnav behave humanely with each other. Adi and Aman, too, were shocked. A mutual understanding passed between Adi and Aman. They quickly understood that each had the most stressful job in the world! Arnav and Maan dismissed their assistants and headed out.

Maan: "Lets take my car"

Arnav: "Heck no! My car and I drive. I dont know how you would want drivers. My day is incomplete without racing my car!"

Maan: "I glad that at least that hasnt changed! Fine! My treat..."

Arnav: "Uhm, no, again! I don't need the Khuranas to treat me anymore"

Maan: "I know I know...God you have turned into a classy jerk!"

Arnav: "After all I learned from the best"

If you guys are interested I would be able to continue. Please comment otherwise I would be writing for myself

Feb 22, 2012

Dilli ki Dhak Dhak! Part 2 (By Charmingsagi) (Thanked: 52 times)

As Arnav and Maan headed out to hit the bar Delhi was graced by the arrival of these beautiful girls.

Geet: "Bhaisaab have we reached Delhi?"

Bus conductor: "Madam can't you read? Yes this is Delhi. Welcome to the Rajdhani"

Geet reflects that she has finally reached her destination. She will start her new life here and will not depend on anyone. She will find that Dev Khurana; the one who ruined her life and got away. She will make him pay. This she will not do to for the sake of her family's 'respect' or for the personal desire to seek revenge. This she will do for her unborn child who was unfortunate to be fathered by that despicable man. But that was all that was going to be unfortunate about the child. Geet knew that Babaji was going to be with her every step of the way.

The bus stop and the train station were adjacent and the increasing rush only indicated the arrival of a train. The train from Lucknow, too, had reached its destination.

Khushi: "Jiji, will the Jalebees here be as good as the ones back home?"

Payal: "Shut up Khushi! You always talk rubbish! Does it matter? You like to make your own Jalebees anyways!"

Khushi: "Yes about that you are right! I am telling you Jiji now that I am here Delhi will never be the same!"

Payal: "Stupid girl! Pray that our lives are normal just like before. Don't pray for anything else!"

Porter: "Madam give me your bags so I can carry them for you."

Khushi: "You see two young girls and you plan to trick them? Two bags...two girls. Now you do the math. Do we need your help?"

Payal: "Bhaisaab we don't need your help. Thank you! Lets go Khushi!

Porter: "This must be the Lucknow train...no wonder this girl is insane."

Khushi: "Oh Bhaisaab! Don't talk about Lucknow...."

Payal drags Khushi out of there as Khushi is yelling that Delhi people are the crazy ones. In midst of the commotion Khushi and Payal bump in to Geet who is walking aimlessly still scared that she might encounter her brother again. Khushi is about to blow her top again but one look at Geet stops her. She quickly hands Geet her bag and apologizes for bumping into her. Geet is about to walk away when Payal stops her. Payal is holding a photograph and realizes that she is the same girl from the photograph.

Payal: "Are you Geet?"

Geet: "Yes I am...but how do you know?"

Khushi: "Yes Jiji how do you know??"

Payal: "Wait one minute Khushi! Babuji told me to look out for you today near the bus station. He has also given me the photograph to help me spot you."

Geet: "I am sorry but I don't understand... Who Babuji? I don't recognize the two of you!"

Khushi: "Jiji...!"

Payal: "Your father and my father are best friends. Remember once Khushi and I came over to your place for a week. There was a wedding in your family. I doubt you remember , since the two of you were so young..."

Khushi and Geet burst out at the same time: "I remember!" Khushi and Geet look at each other: "You were soo mean you never let me play on the swings!" Saying this they both burst out laughing.

Buaji, who had come to pick the girls up walks in.

Buaji: "I am glad you found Geet. Lets go home. You girls must be tired."

Geet: "But...?"

Payal: "Lets go home Geet. Or do you have anywhere else to go?? We will tell you all once we are home."

Geet: "But...ok..."

Khushi: "Dilli is truly not going to be the same now. Especially since three beautiful girls are going to have a lot of fun here together!"

Buaji: "Hai re NandKishore!"

Arnav and Maan reach the hotel where they order their drinks and food. Arnav calls Anjali to inform her that he will not be joining them for dinner at home as he is with Maan. Anjali gets excited as she remembers Maan and how close the Arnav and Maan were. She thinks that finally Arnav has a friend to be with. Anjali quickly asks Arnav to invite Maan home for the pooja she was organizing the next day.

Maan: "So how is Di?"

Arnav: "Happy in her marital bliss with Shyam."

Maan: "Oh man! I knew I had lost the best girl when Shyam and Anjali got married. Anjali is the only real and good, no, great girl I know!"

Arnav: "You must think I am the worst brother! Do you think I would have let my sister's life get ruined because of you?"

Maan: "Hey I am not that bad. You are worse! Besides, I barely go to the temples. Di is a bit over the top when it comes to all the pooja and religious ceremonies. I would have gone crazy with even half of what she does."

Maan was the only person who could talk to Arnav so openly about everything, including his sister, because Anjali treated Maan just like her brother. Maan and Arnav were more like brothers than friends.

Arnav smirks: "Since I agree with you I will not tell Di what you just said about her.On that note, come home tomorrow. Di wants you to make up for all the poojas you have missed."

Maan: "Di hasn't changed at all! I am truly happy for her. She deserves this happiness... According to me this love, soul mate, relations, etc are over rated. I am glad my life does not need all that."

Arnav: "Oh thank you! I was worried what you wanted to share with me was going to be about a girl. I would have walked out. Neither do I have the expertise nor the patience to deal with that issue."

Maan: "Please don't even insult me by thinking that a girl would have me in such a restless state of mind..." As soon as he says that images of Geet flash by before him and he stops abruptly. He breaks eye contact with Arnav and looks down. Just then the waiter comes with their drinks. Arnav notices that now his friend is really restless. He decides to drop the topic.

Aww thank you Observer! I guess since you are the only one to express interest in the story with such beautiful comments, I cant let you down! At least now I am writing for one more person. Baby steps! Yes, I too believe that it was the viewers who were over reacting than the characters. Call me sadistic but I wanted Buaji to mention the whole "not our blood" thing and I wanted Garima to slap her. If the families would have easily accepted this then the gravity of the step taken by Arnav and Khushi would have been lost. The slap was the first step to show Arnav (when he realizes the truth) just how much groveling he is going to have to do. Too much sweetness and Rabba Ve would have lost the charm too!

Feb 22, 2012

Dilli ki Dhak Dhak! Part 3 (By Charmingsagi) (Thanked: 47 times)

Thanks for the support guys. It means a lot and makes me write more too!

After a couple of drinks and some food the guys started talking about what they really wanted to share with each other.

Arnav: "So do you want to get completely drunk first or do you want to start talking now that we are almost there? And, Maan, I don't mean this rubbish bantering that we have been doing for an hour almost two."

Maan grins: "I was hoping you had forgotten about that by now."

Arnav: "Arnav Singh Raizada doesn't forget anything nor does he let..."

Maan: "You should have listened to me and given that audition for that villain's role back in the day...this dialogue delivery just runs well in your system doesn't it? Arnav bitwa this attitude might work in the office and in your house but don't forget who you are talking to..."

Arnav: "It was not a villain's role rather the hero's role...

Maan: "who was rich, arrogant, proud, prejudiced..."

Arnav: "And these are bad things?"

Maan: "Man, I missed you! You see the world just like I do, just like it should be seen. The point is you still remember...haha!"

Arnav: "Remember? I even understand that you are changing the subject!"

Maan finally concedes and tells him the story about what had happened in the house with regards to Dev and that he had asked Dev to leave the house. He also tells him about the piece of land he bought in Hoshiyarpur and his crazy encounters with the Handa family. He mentions Geet in his story but refuses to acknowledge her any more than the silly daughter of the Handa family who had no self-respect and whose destiny was to be suffocated and slaughtered by her family's restrictions.

Arnav: "Talk about Punjab da hero! I didnt even know people still used their swords...and you fought with a sword for a girl?"

Maan: "I was also trying to save my own life...

Arnav: "Only after you put yourself in the situation."

Maan: "After all I told you this is what you find most mind boggling?"

Arnav: "In my defense after a couple of drinks sword fighting sounds pretty archaic. I am sorry that's a lie...sword fighting would have sounded archaic even without alcohol! I mean if we were in Japan and if we were samurais..."

Maan: "You really think you are funny aren't you?"

Arnav: "Okay sorry my bad. About Dev, to be honest, I never liked him. I know he is your brother but he is nothing like you. In fact, has he ever let go of any chance to screw his family for personal gains? I still dont understand why, even after all this, you are still thinking of giving him another chance?"

Maan: "He is my brother. I only hope one day he learns and corrects his mistakes."

Both of them were silent for a while. They missed being with each other. Even on meeting after such a long time they could be so up close and personal with each other. Just talking to Arnav about what had happened made Maan a bit less restless and he wanted to do the same for Arnav as he, too, had noticed that Arnav was hiding the fact that his life too had experienced great upheavals.

Arnav: "So you went to the country side for some fresh air and...

Maan: "Don't even try to humor me anymore please!"

Arnav: "Sorry I just couldn't resist. Maan, I can't believe that families like this exist!"

Maan: "You are talking about families? Why did you go back to Lucknow and buy the Sheesh Mahal? I thought you put the past behind you?"

The mere mention of Sheesh Mahal, for the first time in his life, instead of bringing the painful memories of his mother and his uncle throwing him and his sister out brought Khushi and all that happened with her that night in his mind. This just raised his temper. Maan immediately sensed the change in his friend's mood. But Maan, after what he had disclosed about his life, was not willing to back down.

Maan: "At least I didn't show up on E! news with the headlines 'India's top eligible bachelor no longer single'. You, my friend, are the one with girl issues."

Arnav trying to control his anger slugged the remnants of his drink and asked the waiter to bring them another round.

Arnav: "I only went back to Sheesh Mahal to destroy it; to destroy my uncle. Just forgetting about the past does not cut it for me anymore. I wanted to finish it once and for all. That girl! I am sure she was just a pawn set up by one of the rival companies. That news was to take care of the situation. She was just a collateral damage. I haven't spent a single thought on her after the event just like you haven't let that Handa girl or the multiple encounters you had with her bother you after you returned to Delhi."

Maan instantly agreed. Somehow both of them knew that when it came to Geet and Khushi they were lying to each other. More so they were lying to themselves. Arnav cleared the bill and they decided to call it a night as it was pretty late. They were both tipsy as they left the restaurant.

Maan: "Arnav bitwa this is why I like to have drivers. I called my driver to come pick us up. I will drop you home."

Arnav: "Model citizen my a**. Fine! One day I will have the chance to say 'this is why I don't have drivers'".

Feb 23, 2012

Dilli ki Dhak Dhak! Part 4 (By Charmingsagi) (Thanked: 44 times)

Hi guys I am trying my best to stick the story track of both the stories soooo please bear with me...Hope you guys enjoy this installment


Payal and Buaji decided to tell Geet immediately about how they knew Geet was coming to Delhi as she was still worried and disoriented. Khushi, too, was upset that she was left out of the loop.

Payal: "Your father called my father and told him that you would be coming to Delhi. In fact, my father had told your father that Khushi and I were leaving for Delhi, too, on the same day so he asked whether Buaji would be able to look after you as well as you don't know anyone here. I don't know what happened with you back home and I am not going to force you to tell us. But I understand that it must have been very grave and when the time comes and if you feel like it you always have us to talk to."

Geet thanked her father for having looked after her even though she had set out to be on her own because she really had no idea what she was going to do in Delhi.

Geet: "Thank you soo much for taking me in. I promise I will not be much of a bother to you all."

Buaji: "From now on I have three daughters and don't create unnecessary formalities between us by talking like this."

Khushi: "I think enough drama for today, don't you agree? I am so happy that now I have two jijis instead of one!"

Geet thought to herself that she was lucky indeed that she had met the Gupta girls as she could already sense a growing bond of great friendship between them. However, she was not yet ready to discuss what had happened to her. She even decided that she would not tell them about the pregnancy but she knew she would have to tell them soon as they would find out eventually.

Khushi: "So Geet jiji whats your plan?"

Geet: "uhh..."

Khushi excitedly: "I will tell you about mine! Starting tomorrow I am going to go look for a job. Payal jiji will take care of buaji and work at home but if you want to you can come with me tomorrow."

Geet: "Yes! That sounds like a great plan! I, too, want to look for a job and start work as soon as I can."

Geet thinks to herself. The faster I get to know the city the faster I will find that man, Dev Khurana. I will start with the Canadian Embassy.

Khushi: "Let's see whether we have electricity or not..."

Buaji: "Now that you are here forget power supply...lightening is going to strike here every day"

Khushi: "Lightening never strikes the same place twice!"

Buaji: "Are you ever still in one place?"

All of them burst out of laughing. The phone rings and Buaji asks Payal to pick up the phone. Payal tells them that it is Babuji. After Payal, Khushi immediately grabs the phone to talk to Babuji and Amma. However, the change of mood alerts Geet that there is a lot that has happened in the life of this bubbly girl. She thinks to herself that in this case Khushi and she have much in common. The girls spend the night in the living room as it is too late for them to clean and use the guest room.


Buaji asks the girls to clean the guest bedroom the next morning as the three girls would be sharing the room. The room had a queen bed and an extra single bed so that all three of them could stay in the room comfortably. However, the room was so messy, dusty and disorganized that the girls were lost as to where to start the cleaning process! Placing Devi Maiya's idol on the table the girls began the arduous job. All the while Khushi was complaining and bantering about Arnav Singh Raizada.

Geet: "Who is this guy, laad governor, and why do you hate him sooo much?"

Khushi: "Hate doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about him. Forget it! I won't talk about him because I don't want it to affect your temperament, too!"

Payal: "So much anger...Khushi if we collect your anger and use it to generate energy, Delhi will no longer have to deal with the problem of power supply! Sit down and calm yourself."

Khushi sits on the bed and suddenly realizes that the bedspread on the bed is very dusty. She quickly gets up and tries to get the dust off the blanket. Buaji walks in at the same time and inhales the dust. She suddenly starts having an asthma attack. The girls panic and start searching for the asthma pump. Unable to find it, Khushi rushes out of the house to get a new pump for Buaji. Payal tells Geet to go with her and that she would stay with Buaji until then. Khushi and Geet ask/look around for a medical shop. Unable to find one they locate Happy Singh's three-seater scooter near the house. Geet and Khushi look at each other and immediately realize that they are thinking the same thing. On checking the bike, they are overjoyed to find that Happy Singh had forgotten to take the keys with him. Khushi immediately starts the scooter and at the same time Geet sits in the passenger add-on on the side.


Arnav (on the phone): "Maan, I am waiting for you in the car downstairs. Hurry up, Di wants to meet you before the pooja starts."

Maan comes downstairs and sits in the passenger seat of the car as Arnav is driving. Arnav is on the phone with Aman.

Aman (on the phone): "You would be happy to hear that the release of the recording to the press has ruined the girl's life as she had to leave her home town."

Arnav: "Do you think I care about all this? Please don't waste my time. I don't care if the girl has to leave the country." Saying this he cuts the phone and starts the car angrily.

Maan: "Maybe I should find this girl and have a look for myself."

Arnav glares at him: "I don't care!"~


Geet hanging on to her dear life: "Maybe I should be driving...are you sure you know what you are doing?? Khushi this is a one-way!"

Khushi: "I know but we are in a hurry. Buaji needs the pump now!"

Khushi's phone starts ringing with her signature ringtone. Khushi takes the scooter to a side and answers the phone. Payal informs her that Happy Singh brought a new pump for Buaji and that she is fine now. Khushi tells Payal that she will bring a new pump for Buaji anyways so they don't have a repeat of today's event. Khushi starts the scooter again and is trying to maneuver the scooter so that she can get off the one-way. All the time Geet is praying to her Babaji because she doesn't have a good feeling about this.

Geet: "Babaji, I know what we did was wrong but we had no other choice! Please don't punish us!"

Just when Khushi takes a turn to get off the one way her scooter hits the back of a white Volkswagen creating a noticeable dent in the rear bumper. The scooter's rearview mirror, too, breaks and falls on the road. Khushi is shaken and immediately gets off the scooter and picks up the rearview mirror off the road and turns around with teary eyes. Geet, who is shaken too, jumps out of the add-on seat and hugs Khushi.



Arnav and Maan: "WHAT THE...??!!"

Arnav storms out of the car. Maan, too, gets out of the car and stands next to Arnav to inspect the damage. At the same time the girls break their embrace and turn around to look at the men who had just gotten out of the car. On seeing Arnav and Maan, Khushi and Geet's tears immediately dry up and are replaced by anger.

Geet and Khushi: "AAP??!!" ("YOU??!!")

Maan and Arnva: "TUM??!!" ("YOU??!!")

At the same time, Maan and Arnav look at each other and Geet and Khushi look at each other. The same question passes between all the four of them. YOU KNOW THAT PERSON??!!

Feb 23, 2012

Dilli ki Dhak Dhak! Part 5 (By Charmingsagi) (Thanked: 41 times)

Khushi: "How dare you!? How could you do that to me??"

Arnav: "How dare I? YOU were driving in the wrong direction! "

Maan: "How are you still alive?"

Khushi: "Yes yes that's what I am wondering too! If people drive around like your friend here (pointing to Arnav) how is anyone in Delhi alive?!" Back to Arnav: "Do you even know what repercussions I have had to face because of you?"

Geet: "One minute! What do you mean how am I still alive?"

Khushi looking at Geet: "What I mean is that how are we still alive when we crashed into this retard!"

Geet and Maan at the same time: "That question wasn't for you!"

Arnav: "I have learned that you like to interfere in my matters but no! I was actually wrong! You like to interfere in everybody's matters!"

Maan: "I thought your brother might have killed you already and made an example out of you for all of Hoshiyarpur."

Khushi totally confused by now says to Maan: "Bhaisaab, I empathize with you. Few seconds with laad governor can disorient anyone. I am sorry to tell you that you have, sort of, lost it." She was talking to Maan like one talks to children. "I don't have any brother. I am not from Hoshiyarpur. I ...."

But Maan only had eyes for Geet. However, Arnav, who was ready to personally create another dent on his car by now, pulled Khushi towards him. "He is talking to her (pointing to Maan and Geet) and I am talking to you."

Khushi: "I am also talking to you...if not to you, then about you to him..."

Arnav: "Just shut up! (Pointing to his car) look what you have cost me this time! Wait a minute! You did this on purpose, didn't you? I know girls like you! You just want to embezzle money from me don't you? "

Khushi gasps: "Everything cannot be measured in terms of money. And I don't need any money from you! And no! You don't know girls like me because girls like me would rather die than know you! Fine! I accept that I was driving in the wrong direction so the mistake was mine. I at least have it in me, unlike you, to accept when I am at fault. I will compensate you for your damages. But remember this what you did to me you will never be able to compensate for!"

Arnav: "If you knew the price of this car, you, too, would realize that you will never be able to compensate for the damages!"

Khushi grabbing her bag: "We will see about that! How much do I owe you?"

Arnav: "25,000" Looking at Khushi's shocked face. "You don't even have 25,000 and you are trying to argue with Arnav Singh Raizada? Here take this money and fix your mirror and with the extra money, which I am sure will be enough to cover the expenditure, by yourself a ticket back home."

Khushi: "Arent you Arnav Singh Raizada? Then why do you talk about yourself in the third person? Who do you think you are?"

Arnav: "Arnav Singh Raizada."

Khushi: "Fine! If this is the language you understand then I, Khushi Kumari Gupta, promise you that I will give you the entire compensation money."

Arnav heading back to his car: "That is easier said than done. We are in the same city; we will see."

While Arnav and Khushi were having their 'little' chat Maan and Geet were having their personal confrontation too!

Maan: "What are you doing here?"

Geet: "I have come here to make amends for my past."

Maan sarcastically: "It is very touching to see how much you are willing to do for your family and at the same time how much they love you. Ha! Your family sure has a unique way of expressing love...let me remember...the way to express their love is to push a sword right through your heart, isn't it? I wonder why that trend hasn't caught on everywhere else."

Geet: "Listen you don't know anything about me or my..."

Maan: "You listen; I don't care! I have no respect for people who don't know how to respect themselves! You should have never come to Delhi. Girls like you should stay put in small towns like Hoshiyarpur."

Geet: "Why? Delhi belongs to you?"

Maan smirks: "Much more than you would like to think. Just stay away from me!" He walks away and gets into the car leaving Geet lost in her own thoughts.

Geet, who was going through too many emotions and memories of all that had happened to her, just couldn't have the last word against him. Maan's words about self-respect struck home. She remembered all the things he had told her and at the same time remembered all the moments her family had stood against her. Geet finally made a conscious decision to change her attitude. She heard the argument going on between Khushi and Arnav and was inspired by Khushi as Khushi is able to stay put against her adversary. She decided that, from now own, she will be just like Khushi. Come what may she will fight for herself. No longer will she let anyone walk all over her or take advantage of her.

Back in the car the temperature was high and the mood highly unstable. Arnav started the car and headed home. Not a single word was spoken by either. Each one left the other to himself to sort out the matters in their head and compose themselves. However, it didn't go unnoticed on either part the explosive arguments that each had with the girls. For now, they decided to put aside the issue as asking questions would require answering them by both. And none of them was ready to acknowledge it...yet.

On the road, Khushi and Geet immediately maneuvered the scooter to avoid blocking the traffic anymore as people were getting angry.

Khushi: "We are leaving! We have not come here to settle ourselves on the road!"

Feb 24, 2012

Dilli ki Dhak Dhak! Part 6 (By Charmingsagi) (Thanked: 43 times)

Hi guys I am sorry for the short reply but I should be able to update more later. Enjoy and please do comment


Arnav and Maan reach RM but their mood was only relatively stable. Aakash too reached home at the same time. He was surprised to see the dent on his brother's car.

Aakash: "Bhai, how did that happen?"

Arnav: "Delhi has been infiltrated by retards and no longer safe for anyone here! Don't tell Di anything about this...I am in no mood to talk about it to anyone!" Saying this Arnav walks towards the house.

Askash: "Ooookaaay...Hey! Maan!! How are you, man?? It's been so long! Bhai told me that he met you yesterday. Congratulations for the award!"

Maan composed himself. He was doing a much better job than Arnav, and he knew that, which made him all the more interested about that Khushi Kumari Gupta. He had only heard the last line of her monologue but that had been enough to keep him hooked!

Maan: "Aakash, dude! I am good. Thanks man! How are you!?..."

Arnav turns behind and yells: "You two can do all that inside...I don't want Di lecturing me about being late!"

Aakash: "What happened to him?"

Maan: "No...WHO happened to him is the question."

Aakash: "What??"

Maan: "Yes...I am going to find out about HER!"

Arnav turns around again and raises an eyebrow questioning Maan: "Maan, I am going to find out about HER, too..."

All the mischief vanishes off of Maan's face immediately and he glares at Arnav's back while following him inside.

Aakash looked at both of them and wondered about the girls who had managed to create a bigger dent on the minds of Arnav and Maan than on the car itself. He followed the two of them inside.

Nani and Anjali were waiting for them at the entrance. They were overjoyed to see Maan with them. Maan ran towards Anjali and lifting her in his arms twirled her around.

Maan: Hi Sexy! 4 years have made you much more beautiful!"

Anjali pretending to be angry: "Put me down Maan! I don't want to talk to you! You are just like Chote...you forgot all about us. Not even once did you try to get in touch with us after graduation?!"

Maan putting Anjali carefully down: "Only because you broke my heart when you married Jijaji. How could you do that to me!" Holding his ears "I am sorry Di, we moved to Mumbai and things got a little crazy. Since you are the only girl, I let rule my life, you can punish me however you wish. Deal?"

Anjali: "Oh please not you too! I don't want any more talking about deals and all those things in this house! Just wait and watch the number of poojas I am going to make you attend!"

Maan pretended to faint dramatically making everyone laugh. He went to Nani and touched her feet for blessings.

Nani: "When I found out from Anjali, today morning, that you would be coming for the pooja I was very happy! I immediately asked her to make sure your Dadi and family were invited too. Even though you all seemed to have lost touch, your Dadi and I have been able to maintain our friendship but I since I have been travelling the country on a religious mission I was not able to invite her to the pooja meself. She has kept me updated with all your progress. I am proud of all of your achievements, dear."

Maan: "I know your blessings have always been with me, Nani. Thank you. Dadi should be on her way. But Dev and his wife are still in Canada and so they will not be able to join us today."

Nani: "That's okay. We will meet them soon enough. Let's sit in the living room and wait for your Dadi to join us."

Feb 24, 2012

Dilli ki Dhak Dhak! Part 7 (By Charmingsagi) (Thanked: 46 times)

Khushi and Geet finally got the scooter to start working and reached home. Happy Singh was at the entrance of their home. Khushi and Geet immediately ran to him. Khushi was holding the broken rearview mirror in her hand. They quickly apologized to him and promised him that they would never do it again. Happy Singh, as his name suggests, happily forgave them as he knew what the circumstances had been at the time.

Buaji: "Arey oh Sanka Devi! You just want to kill me don't you? Tsk Tsk before you say anything just come inside and keep your mouth shut!"

Khushi: "Buaji..."

Payal: "Khushi shhh! Buaji is worried about something else!"

Geet: "What happened Buaji? Is there something we can do to help?"

Buaji: "I just received a phone call from one of my clients. They want me to come to their place to show some Chikan Kari and other Lucknow dress and saree specialties. But since I am still unwell I don't think I will be able to go there now. But, at the same time, it is crucial that I go because they are big clients and we need the money to run this house."

Khushi: "Oh-ho! Buaji, why are you worried? I will go!"

Buaji: "You! No way! I have seen what you did to Happy Singh's scooter. I am not going to give you this big responsibility, besides; you are new to this place! How are you going to find your way there?"

Khushi: "I am not new! The hour that I spent on the bike today was enough for me to orient myself to this place! Okay, fine, I won't go alone. Geet jiji will come with me. Besides, it doesn't look like you have much of a choice. We should leave now because we are getting late."

Buaji: "Payal, I don't have a good feeling about this..."

Geet: "Buaji don't worry. If Khushi and I work together, nothing will go wrong." Saying this she crossed her fingers behind her back.

Payal: "Buaji, give them a chance, please."

Buaji agreed and gave Geet and Khushi the sarees. Khushi and Geet went to Happy Singh to check whether he had fixed the rearview mirror and convinced him to allow them to use his scooter once again. Happy Singh easily conceded as he was unable to say no to two pretty girls.

On the way to the place:

Geet: "So, that man was Arnav Singh Raizada?"

Khushi just growled in response: "hmm!"

Geet: "You gave him a good response! You stood your ground, you should be proud."

Khushi: "Sometimes I cross the limit Geet Jiji. Look what I got myself into now. How am I going to give him that money? NO! His money I am going to return! Not just return, I am going to throw it on his face with Rs. 1000 extra as interest!"

Geet: "That's the spirit!"

Khushi: "Who was that man with him? The one who was arguing with you?"

Now it was Geet's time to growl.

Geet: "Maan Singh Khurana...grrr."

Khushi: "How do you know him? He was talking to you soo rudely!"

Geet: "I met him in Hoshiyarpur. He is such a..."

Khushi: "You know what no need to explain any more. A man is known by the company he keeps and that man was with the worst company ever! I am sure they are just like each other! What do they think of themselves? Having Singh as their middle name makes them a boss around here? Walking around showing their authority..."

Geet: "You are right? Both of them do have Singh as their middle name! These men are so used to getting what they want I wonder how their families are!"


At RM Dadi walked in:

Anjali: "Dadi!"

Everyone got up to greet her. Arnav, Aakash and Anjali went to touch her feet for blessings.

Dadi stopping Anjali: "Girls don't touch their grandma's feet, dear. I missed you soo much. You are much more beautiful then I remember." She gave Anjali a tight hug. "I brought this for my sweet little girl."

She gifted her a gorgeous diamond necklace with matching earrings.

Anjali with a sparkle in her eyes: "Wow! They are so beautiful! I am going to wear this for the pooja! Thank you soooo much!" She gave Dadi another hug.

Manorama quickly came ahead to greet Dadi.

Dadi: "Don't worry Manorama I haven't forgotten you!"

She gifts Manorama a diamond set too making her day. She hugged Nani too gifting her a gorgeous pearl set.

Dadi turning to the boys: "Who told you to stop? Come on bend down one by one and quickly I am growing old!"

Askash and Arnav quickly followed the order. They all sat down in the living room.

Arnav: "Dadi what do I get?"

Dadi: "Did you have time to come meet your old dying Dadi?"

Maan: "Oh God! Not again..."

Dadi looking at Nani: "Look at these boys. Now that they have grown up they think they no longer need to respect the elderly..."

Nani: "Elderly and wise!"

Dadi: "Yes! We don't have many days left and they should be fulfilling all our requests and here they are only thinking about themselves, money, progress and success!"

Nani: "Yes, I completely agree!"

Maan and Arnav at the same time talking under their breath: "Oh please! You both are going to outlive us!"

Nani: "Chote we heard that! And yes that might just be the case if you don't look after your health!"

Dadi: "I was telling Maan, the other day, that it is time he settles down and he didn't even bother to reply! Forget replying, he wasn't even listening! He was doing something on his computer!"

Nani: "Oh my God! I was trying to have the same conversation with Arnav! He seems to think that his office and plants are the only companions he needs in his life!"

Dadi: "At least he is bothered about some other LIVING things! I don't know what Maan keeps doing in the night alone in the dark room!"

Arnav and Aakash snickered on hearing that.

Maan glaring: "Tai Chi bro!"

Mami: "Tai Chi?"

Anjali: "Mami Tai Chi is a type of Chinese Martial Arts practiced for defense training and health benefits. It's very good and difficult to master."

Maan to Anjali: "Leave jijaji and just marry me now!" Looking at Arnav: "At least I can protect myself. What are you going to do? Run around with your watering can?"

Arnav: "No I will just use a sword. I am sure you can lend me yours..."

Dadi: "Anyways, the point is that they need to get married!"

Nani: "Savitri Devi ji, I completely agree! They are just wasting their life and they don't even realize that!"

Arnav and Maan closed their eyes and just pretended to be dead to the world.

Mami: "Yes Arnav bitwa, only after you get married my Aakash can marry. So, you need to hurry up!"

Aakash: "Mom, please!"

Anjali: "Dadi, Nani and Mami are right you two. Forget marriage you two should at least start looking for your special ones. It's not easy you know. A girl is not going into fall in your arms out of nowhere!"

As soon as Anjali said that Maan and Arnav's eyes quickly popped open. That sentence triggered, in the mind of Arnav, the memory of Khushi falling into his arms on the night of the fashion show. At the same time, Maan thought about Geet in his arms when he saved her from drowning.

Arnav uncomfortably: "Uhh isnt it time for the pooja?"

Maan restlessly: "Yes, what happened to the pooja?"

Anjali just gave them both a curious look. "Yes, let's all go now."

Feb 25, 2012

Dilli ki Dhak Dhak! Part 7 (By Charmingsagi) (Thanked: 39 times)

Everyone chill out! Its just a show, agreed an amazing one at that to have pulled out such extreme reactions from us but we need to remember to breathe! The protagonists will get their act together like they always have. The cast and crew are here to entertain us and lose their sleep over our reactions and not the other way around! And we are so lucky to have so many other talented writers on this forum who give us the liberty to be in the Khushi and Arnav world a bit longer than the daily stipulated 30 minutes including the weekends! Sit back and enjoy the cast and crew have shown us time and again that they know how to keep their audience hooked and they are not going to fail us! Above all remember to BREATHE!


All of them headed to the Mandir for the pooja. Meanwhile Khushi and and Geet parked their scooter as they had reached the client's place.

Geet: "Why do I feel something is going to go worng?"

Khushi: "I have the same feeling. But no, lets be strong. We cant lose our confidence after all the drama we did for Buaji."

They were walking in the middle of the road and a car honked at them to move aside.

Khushi: "Oh-ho! I hate this place! Everyone is sooo rude..."

Geet: "And everyone thinks the city belongs to them!"

Khushi: "Oh no! I forgot to right down the name of the house! What was it Brindavan, Nandavan, Shantivan...?"

Watchman: "What are you girls doing here?"

Geet: "Is this Shantivan?"

Watchman: "Yes."

Khushi: "Okay then let us in we have come to show some saree samples."

Watchman: "Wait one minute! Let me ask the madam."

The pooja was done by now and everyone was busy talking about the old days and catching up with each other. The watchman called Anjali on the intercom and told her about the girls outside. Anjali thinking that they had come to the show the shawls asked him to send them in.

Geet: "Which foot do you step with first to enter for your work to be successfully accomplished?"

Khushi balancing on one leg: "Right or left...?"

Anjali: "The right one and your work will be done!"

Khushi and Geet smiled at her awkwardly and entered the house.


Geet: "Khushi, this place is amazing!"

Khushi: "I know! So many lights! Their electricity bill must be so high!"

Geet: "Or they must be using all of Delhi's electricity!"

Both of them giggled and entered the living room. Anjali was sitting in the living room waiting for them.

Anjali: "Please come in, sit down."

Both the girls sit on the sofa and their dainty figures are completely engulfed by the sofa.

Geet whispers to Khushi: "Khushi, you are going to have to pull me out of this when we get up!"

Khushi giggled and looking at Anjali asked her excitedly: "Your floor is made of marble isn't it?"

Anjali: "Yes..."

Khushi: "I knew it! After all, my jhootis (leather shoes) were squeaking! Real leather reacts like that only on contact with real marble!"

Anjali kindly smiles: "I think I have seen you before somewhere..."

Khushi: "I know. Everyone says that I look like a film star..."

Geet: "Khushi... let's get our work done."

Anjali: "Great, could you show me the samples?"

Khushi: "Yes, we have such great chikan kari samples..."

Anjali: "I thought you were going to show us some shawls..."

Geet: "Don't worry! For now just check out the sarees and next time we will bring the shawls, too."

Anjali: "Actually, that's perfect! My Nani and Dadi would love to see some chikan kari sarees!"

Anjali calls Hari Prakash and tells him to take the girls to Nani's room. The girls follow HP but Mami calls HP for some work and so he hurriedly tells the girls the direction to Nani's room and rushes to help Mami.

Arnav: "Maan, lets go to my room. I wanted you to check out the blueprints of my office as I am doing some changes."

Arnav and Maan enter the room and Arnav remembers that all the paperwork is in the office. So they leave for the office.

Khushi and Geet accidently end up in Arnav's room after Maan and Arnav have left the house.

Khushi: "Oh my god! This room is soo big! Buaji's whole house can fit in this room!"

Anjali walks in then.

Anjali: "What are you doing here?"

Geet: "Sorry Maam, we thought this was Nani's room and so we entered. But I think we are in the wrong room."

Anjali: "Its okay. Come, I will take you there."

Khushi and Geet follow Anjali to Nani's room. They immediately impressed Nani and Dadi not only with their collection but also with their bubbly and charming nature. Nani and Dadi, both, placed a bulk order exceeding Khushi and Geet's expectations.

Geet and Khushi reached home and told Buaji the good news. But because of the histrionics of Mami they received a call from her. Buaji once again got upset with the girls as the order was cancelled and they were in a fix.

The same evening Khushi met Shyam in the market who stayed true to his word and gave her the address of the place where she could go get a new job. That night Khushi and Geet resolved that come what may they would find a job tomorrow.

Maan: "While you are renovating your office why don't you rent the extra space in my office?"

Arnav: "Hey man, that's a good idea! I was feeling that all this renovation was distracting everyone from doing their job. Lets go to your office and take care of all the formalities. I want everyone to shift today itself!"

He immediately dispatched Aman and Lavanya to spread the message and to get everyone moving.

Hi all! I know this update is a bit boring and the same as the show but I just wanted to include it to have the story moving because these scenes would be crucial for the future encounters the protagonists are going to have. Also I wanted to retain them for their symbolic importance. Dont lose faith! I will update more tomorrow. Now that Arnav and Maan are practically in the same office the story will be different. Trust me!

Feb 26, 2012

Dilli ki Dhak Dhak! Part 8 (By Charmingsagi) (Thanked: 45 times)

Khushi and Geet left early next morning to check out the place Shyam had given the address of. He had told Khushi that both, Geet and Khushi, would be able to find a job there. However, he had also told them not to mention his name to anyone over there as he was sure that they would get the job without any need of reference. They reached the place and found that renovation and construction work was in full swing.

Khushi: "Geet jiji I think, as usual, we have landed in the wrong place. This does not look like a fashion office in any shape and form!"

Geet asks one of the construction workers: "Bhaisaab, is this the location of AR Groups office?"

Construction worker: "Yes, but since it is currently under construction they have shifted the office temporarily to another location. I can give you the address if you would like."

Geet quickly gets the address from the man and both of them head to the new office.


Buaji at home is extremely worried about the two girls and talks to Payal about it.

Buaji: "These girls don't know what they are going to do, where they are going or how much they are going to earn. I can spell disaster for everyone!"


Dadi and Nani are talking to each other on the phone.

Nani: "Savitri Devi ji, I heard Anjali on the phone with Arnav bitwa and she was mentioning secretly about some girl named 'Kahsyap' the other day. I already don't like the sound of her! And then, the news channels everywhere are gossiping about Arnav's relations with various girls. I don't like this one bit!"

Dadi: "I know, I have been watching the news channels too but I don't pay any attention to them. They just like to create a lot of gossip and rumors."

Nani: "Hmm we need to work together to get a suitable wife for the both of them!"

Dadi: "I agree! That is all I think about!"

Nani: "I am going to find out more about this Kashyap girl..."


Khushi and Geet entered the office and unknowingly stepped with their left foot first!

Arnav's office had shifter to the upper floors of the sky scraper and Maan's office was located in the lower floors. Geet who was feeling a bit unwell stopped Khushi and told her that she needed to use the restroom.

Khushi: "Don't worry. I will go ahead and stand in line."

Geet: "Stand in line? For what?"

Khushi: "Oh-ho! See we are not going to be the only girls who are applying for the job. In Lucknow, at my Babuji's sweet shop, there were always long lines in the morning and it was first come first served. But we never let anyone leave empty handed. We always made sure everyone got the sweets they wanted. But this is not my Babuji's sweet shop...What if someone else gets the job?! Don't worry I will save a spot for you. You just come quickly."

Khushi who had the paper with address knew that the office was in the upper level. She entered the elevator and reached the reception's desk.


Geet returning from the restroom didn't know where to go.

Geet: "This office is soo glamorous. The whole building must belong to the owner so, of course, the reception's desk will be on the ground floor itself. Unknowingly she goes to Maan's office's reception's desk.


Arnav: "Since you won the award in your field I am guessing you are somewhat good at what you do... I have decided to give your company the contract for my new office building plan in Delhi and Lucknow."

Maan: "Huh! Who says I want to work with the likes of you!"

Arnav: "Working with AR Groups will take you to another level."

Maan: "No bro, working with the Khurana's will take YOU to another level! Let's meet in the conference room, it's on the 27th floor. Let me check out what's happening in my office first."

Arnav: "Same here. I will see you in 15?"


Just when Khushi walked in Lavanya was talking to Pam and Sim about hiring a new assistant for ASR in the new office.

Khushi walked to the reception's desk. Her glittering traditional attire did not go unnoticed by the lot in the office : "Namaste, I have come here for the job interview..."

Lavanya: "You, Chamkili, you are hired!"

Lavanya quickly hired Khushi because she knew that ASR would never give a girl her a second look. She was threatened by any new assistant because she felt her relation with ASR was always on a rocky bed due to his unpredictable temperament.

Khushi started jumping happily: "JI! Shukriya! But you didn't even interview me!"

Lavanya: "Oh please, La can read anyone in just one glance. You are perfect for this job." She gave her an evil smile and asked her to follow her.

Khushi: "My sister too is looking for a job here. She is just coming up stairs...if we could wait..."

Lavanya: "Just shut up! This is not a Dharamshala! Sit down!"

Khushi to herself: "I will keep quiet now. First of all, I have gotten this job after so much difficulty. And this looks like a grand office so they will pay me well. I have to return the money to that Laad Governor too! Since the office is soo big, I am sure they will have more vacancies. Geet will definitely get a job. Also, now that I am in, I will be able to pull some strings myself! Waah Khushi Kumari Gupta!"

Lavanya: "Hello! Chamkili, introduce yourself!"

Khushi: "My name is Khushi Gupta, Khushi Kumari Gupta."

Lavanya: "Whatever! I am going to call you Chamkili. My name is La ONE Ya. Everyone calls me La but you will call me La Maam, got it? Your boss's name is ASR but you will ONLY call him boss, got it?"

The phone rings in Lavany's office and Arnav is on the line.

Arnav who is already in the office is pissed off seeing all the commotion there. Everyone was busy discussing Khushi Kumari Gupta. He didn't know what they were talking about but all that mattered to him was that they weren't doing their work. He yells at everyone. However, just seeing him everyone scatters around going to their work stations.

Arnav: "Lavanya I am in the office but I am going directly to the Conference Room. Its on the 27th floor. Did you hire my new secretary?...Great! You take care of all the paper work. Send her up with all the files regarding the new office plans in exactly 10 minutes! Make sure she doesn't forget anything!" Saying this he hangs up.

Lavanya to Khushi: "Oh my god! ASR is in the office! Chamkili, here take this notepad and note down quickly! Make two copies of all the files on the new office plans in Delhi and Lucknow and take them immediately to the Conference Room on the 27th floor. Also, take a cup of BLACK coffee with NO sugar with you!"

Khushi thinking that Lavanya was thinking about her, Khushi's, welfare when she asked her to take the coffee with her replies: "How sweet La Maam, but I don't drink coffee. I like tea and that too with milk AND sugar..."

Lavanya: "Oh shut up idiot! The coffee is not for you its for boss! Also be ready to take notes in the meeting you will need them to prepare the minutes. Go now! You only have 10 minutes to do all this!"

Khushi leaves the room bustling like a mad woman!


Geet entered the reception of Maan's office and was about to ask about the job interview when...

Pinky (who is the receptionist): "You have come here for the interview for boss's secretary's position right? Go in that room quickly! Sasha Maam and Adi Sir are waiting for you..."

Geet: "Okay but where is Khushi?"

Pinky: "Who Khushi? I don't know! You look for her after your interview...go inside!"

Geet went inside the room. Sasha immediately hated her because of her dressing sense and style. She was about to reject her when Adi started asking her questions. The interview went well as far as Adi was concerned but Sasha begged to differ. Adi asked Geet to wait outside.

The phone rang in the room and Maan was on the line. Adi put him on speaker as Maan wanted to talk to the both of them. Maan was pissed off as he couldn't locate his secretary and he needed to go to the Conference Room soon.

Maan: "This office is a mess! Where is my secretary?? I need her to get me some files!"

Sasha: "You fired her yesterday and that too on her first day because you said she was incompetent."

Maan: "Dammit! How do you expect me to keep track of such trivial matters! If I fired yesterday then it is your job to make sure I have another one the next day! Do you have one or not?!"

Adi: "Yes Ss..sir! In fact we just hired her!"

Sasha just glared at him but she knew he had just saved them from Maan's wrath. She decided that she would take care of Geet later.

Maan: "Now that I have wasted my time here I am going straight to the Conference Room. You both take care of the paper work. Send her up with all the files of the office projects and construction to the Conference Room in 10 minutes." Saying this he hangs up.

Adi quickly went outside and told Geet that she was hired.

Geet started jumping and thanked him excitedly.

Sasha: "Don't get too happy...you won't last with boss even a single day!"

Adi: "Don't listen to her...come I will tell you your first task..."

Geet to Adi: "Actually my sister should be here too. We came together to apply for the job."

Adi: "I am sorry but I haven't seen her. We will figure that out later. Your boss has already given you an assignment so come with me."

Geet to herself: "I will keep quiet now. First of all, I have gotten this job after so much difficulty. And this looks like a grand office so they will pay me well. I have already added to the expenses of Gupta family by living with them so I must help out. I also need to take care of my baby...Since the office is soo big I am sure they will have more vacancies. Khushi will definitely get a job. Also, now that I am in I will be able to pull some strings myself! Waah Geet!"

Adi: "So Ms. Geet Handa..."

Geet: "Just Geet, Sir"

Adi: Okay got it. You need to make two copies of all these files and take them with you to the Conference Room on the 27th floor. Also take a cup of BLACK coffee with NO sugar for boss with you. Now hurry you only have 10 minutes to do all this. Boss is already in the room and is waiting for you."

Geet leaves bustling like a mad woman.

Adi calls her: "And Geet, GOOD LUCK! You are going to need it! Boss is not like any other man on this planet!"


As Khushi and Geet went about doing their work quickly, two very similar men on this planet were waiting for them in the Conference Room already losing their patience.

Arnav yelling at Lavanya and Aman: "Where is she?? Why is she late? Who hired her?! I am going to fire her!"

Lavanya: "But ASR you said 10 minutes...."

Arnav: "5 minutes early is 10 minutes late in my books!"

Maan who was on the other end of the room yelled at Sasha and Adi.

Maan: "She is late! I am going to fire this one too! If you guys can't hire a good secretary for me then tell me in advance I will do it for myself!"

Sasha whispered to Adi: "It's your entire fault!"

Adi: "She is on her way Boss. She will be here in a few seconds!"

Maan and Arnav went to talk to each other. Both started talking at the same time.

Maan: "Even though we are friends I wanted to do this transaction professionally. But my secretary..."

Arnav: "I wanted to have everything professional, too. But my secretary..."

Just then the doors on both the ends of the conference room open and Khushi and Geet enter the room opening the door with their backs as as their hands are full holding the coffee and the files.



Feb 26, 2012

Thank you! (By Charmingsagi) (Thanked: 37 times)

Thank you all for the comments! They do help me keep my fingers tapping on the keypad! Sorry for the late post but I am having a bad cold. All cold is bad but this one is really not friendly! I will try to update more tomorrow if possible. My Sunday is yet to begin!

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