What is this Love called?

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Mar 8, 2012

What is this Love called? (By Jezmine) (Thanked: 19 times)

The story continues where it was left off. Khushi walks out of the kitchen leaving behind a giggling Payal.

She goes up to their room and goes Yes Arnavji... Before she could go on, Arnav interupts her and gestures to the suitcase on the bed and asks her to get ready for him luggage for an overseas trip for a month to a cold country. Khushi is shocked and asks Arnavji when are you leaving? He says first thing tomorrow Khushi and excuses himself saying he is going to his office to pick up his documents needed for the trip and walks out of the room.Khushi starts to pack his clothes and jackets sadly. She knew she will miss him alot in just a day and one month would be too much to handle. She was wondering how she was going to spend one month without him.As she was packing, she comes across his white shirt. She starts to fold it but suddenly decides to leave it in the cupboard so that whenever she misses him,she could wear the shirt over to feel his presence. Tears roll down her cheeks as she continues to pack his winter wear.

Khushi feels a mix of emotions and goes to the kitchen to help herself with the Jelabis she had made in the morning. She starts munching on them wondering o herself if Arnav shared he same feelings as her. Soon Arnav is back and lunch is served. Khushi sits beside Arnav at the table but she has no appetite to eat. Everyone seeing her reaction are grinning but control themselves. NK thinking that Khushi is upset because he is leaving the next day says Khushiji don't be sad. I will come back soon and visit you all. Everyone laughs as they knew what was the cause of Khushi's sadness. Seeing her not eating, Arnav turns to her and tries to feed her. Khushi however refuses and says she has a headache and excuses herself making her way back to the room. Arnav follows behind but Khushi fails to realise that. She goes into their room and starts muttering this Lard Governor has really no feelings. To him, everything seems so easy. Arnav clears his throat. Khushi now realising his presence pretends to be ill and lies on the bed.

Arnav goes towards her and says Khushi i feel the pain too but what can i do. This deal is the most important one in my life. It will change alot of things for me.Khushi sits up straight hugs him and cries. But I don't know if i can stay without you and 1 month is too much. But if it is important, I will try. Arnav wipes her eyes and says that's my Khushi. She smiles lightly and he says he will get Hari Prakash to bring lunch for them and they will eat together in the room. As he was leaving, Khushi says 1 plate would do, we can share. Arnav smiles at her and walks down. He thinks to himself, Khushi I am sorry. I shouldn't have let you cry. But I promise you after this, i would never be the cause of your tears. He tells Hari Prakash to bring lunch up and goes up once again. Hari Prakash follows behind and gives them their lunch.

Khushi and Arnav share their food feeding each other. After lunch, Khushi gets Arnav to promise her that the rest of the day he would spend time with her. He promises and they start off by watching the video shot on their wedding at the Raizada Mansion, Shantivan. As they watch their vows again, Khushi places her head on Arnav's shoulder. After that Arnav brings Khushi to his garden to teach her how to maintain his plants. For the first time, someone else other than Arnav handled his plants but in a way it wasn't someone else. It was his life.

To be continued.....

Mar 9, 2012

What is this Love called? (By Jezmine) (Thanked: 13 times)

The story continues where it was left off. Khushi is taught how to handle Arnav's Garden.

Seeing Khushi gardening so happily made Arnav glad. He tells himself he should always see her as such.After some time in the garden, it was tea time. Khushi went to the kitchen and Arnav followed behind. As if pre told, no one was outside. Khushi starts preparing black cofee without sugar in one cup. When Arnav asks her, she says the same sharing rule applies with a grin. Arnav says Is that so. Fine then. The bottom half is yours and the top half is mine. Ladies first so go on and drink first. Khushi not knowing the trick goes ahead.

Khushi then passes him the half filled cup. Arnav stares at the cup for a while and says Khushi where is my share. You drank my share instead of yours. Khushi gave a blur look and Arnav was enjoying every moment teasing her. Arnav said my share was the top half now it is missing. Khushi realises the trick now. Seeing Arnav make fun of her, Khushi goes Arnavji and hits his chest with her fist lightly. Arnav hugs her and smiles.They walk towards their room and sit down staring at each other. Love vibes were electrifying the surroundings and they lost track of time. Chote and Khushi Bitiya it is dinner time already. Are you both coming to eat dinner or shall we go ahead without you both asks Nani from the coridor. They awoke from the trance and went down to at dinner.As they ate, they were glancing at each other. Though this time round, they sat across the table everyone could feel their love and growing closeness.

After dinner, Anjali decides to bring Khushi to her room and play chess with her. Khushi however does not know how to play so Anjali decides to call Arnav in to assist Khushi. Arnav comes and sits next to Khushi. He advises her to shift the pieces and as she did so she felt a warm touch. She realised Arnav was holding her hand and helping her to move the pieces. Anjali watched as they once again got lost in love. This distraction was what she wanted. She silently went out and signales her plan before coming back in.

After some time, Anjali breaks their trance. Both of them are embaressed and Anjali asks them to call it a day and have an early night since Arnav would be going overseas the next day.Both of them go to their room and lie on the bed. Khushi remembering he will be leaving starts tearing and turns away to wipe her tears. She feels a hand on her shoulder and without hesitation turns and hugs Arnav.Soon they both fall asleep.

To be continued....

Mar 11, 2012

What is this Love called? (By Jezmine) (Thanked: 16 times)

The story continues where it is left off. Arnav and Khushi fall asleep.

The next morning Khushi wakes up feeling Arnav's arms around her. She smiles to herself and bends forward to kiss him on his forehead. Arnav was sleeping peacefully. She strokes his hair remembering how he was to leave her and go overseas for a month. She knew it was difficult but decides to put up a tough front. After all she was Mrs Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada, the wife of strong, bold and fearless ASR. She goes to take her bath and changes into the green saree recalling the romantic Teri Meri moments. She opens the doo and sees Arnav waking up. She walks towards the mirror saying Good Morning. However there is no reply. She turns in surprise for the lack of response when Arnav wishes her the same. He adds on, I know what is going on in your mind. But please for me would you leave everything aside? Khushi smiles and approaches him. She touches his cheeks and says for you i would do anything blindly. Now hurry up you have a flight to catch.

Arnav gets ready and they go out together. They have breakfast with the family and soon it was time for Arnav to leave. Arnav and Khushi take blessings as a couple from Nani, Mama and Mami. They then proceed to hug Anjali, Akash and Payal.Hari Prakash comes and tells Arnav that the luggage has been placed in the car and passes Arnav his laptop bag. Everyone bids Arnav farewell and Khushi reluctantly does so. Seeing her fight back her emotions and tears, Nani suggests to Arnav to bring Khushi to the Airport. Khushi knowing that she will not be able to take it refuses but Arnav convinces her to come for his sake. She agrees and the two of them approach the car where Akash is already at the driver's seat.

They sit at the back and Khushi holds on to his hand tightly. He places his free hand on top of hers assuring her that everything is fine. They reach the airport and the two of them get down. Akash tells Arnav that he will come after parking the car and wishes Arnav all the best for the business deal, winking at him. Arnav walks in one hand pulling his luggage bag and the other holding on to his laptop bag and Khushi who was grabbing his arm tightly. Arnav checks in his bag and bring Khushi towards the sweet stall and offers to get her some Jelabis. But she refuses them. Arnav brings her to a corner and asks her what is bothering her. Before Khushi could say anything, the announcement went off.

Passengers boarding flight number SQ251 heading to Switzerland, Kindly proceed to the boarding gate. Thank you. Arnav tells Khushi it is his flight. Tears start rolling down her cheeks. Arnav wipes her tears, gives a hug and a kiss on her cheek and says Akash will come soon. Stay her okay. I will call you everyday okay and I love you alot Khushi.He walks towards the gate leaving Khushi who sits on the chair and breaks down her hands covering her face. Some time later,she feels a hand on her shoulder and she looks up slowly saying Jijaji Ar.....

To be continued.....

Mar 12, 2012

What is this Love called? (By Jezmine) (Thanked: 10 times)

The story continues where it was left off. Khushi looks up saying Jijaji Ar

However it was not who she had expected. It was Arnav standing there grinning saying Khushi come on. She stands up in shock and says ASR's favourite line What the and before she could register anything, Arnav grabbed her hand and walked towards the boarding gate. They clear the security and Khushi still blur looks at the grinning Arnav. He brings her to the seats to wait. He meanwhile fills in the immigration forms.

Khushi determined to find out what was going on asks Arnav who simply says Khushi chup for a while please else i may fill in the wrong details. Just as Arnav finishes filling up the form, once again there is an announcement asking them to board the flight. Arnav holds Khushi in his right hand and his laptop in his left and they walk towards the plane. Khushi continues looking at him but does not ask any question. They step into the plane when another voice sounded, Sir Please proceed straight and turn left. Your First Class seats will be there. Enjoy your trip Sir.

Arnav thanks the Air Steward and brings Khushi to their seat. They had their own private space since it was an A 380 fliht. Arnav makes Khushi sit down and buckles her seatbelt for her. Khushi remains silent still in a state of shock. The air steward arrived and passes them their hot towel. After he is gone silence fills the air. Arnav looks at the stunned Khushi and smiles at her expressions. He touches her shoulder and she jerks. She looks at him and Arnav simply says SURPRISE.

He then proceeds to tell her about his honeymoon plan together with his business trip and says how everyone had helped him in making it successful. Khushi finally realises what has been going on. She gets very angry that he had played with her feelings and everyone else had played along as well. Her anger turns into tears. Arnav now realising the seriousness of the situation touches his ears and says Khushi Please forgive me. Khushi who has never seen Arnav apologise in that manner thinks he is cute and smiles. Arnav once again wipes her tears and they share a small hug though they were bound by seatbelts.

Khushi suddenly breaks away and says Arnavji I didn't pack any of my clothes. So now how. Hey Devi Maiyaa I am going to freeze and looks like at the end of the one month, you have to parcel me home as i would have become a block of wood by then.Arnav laughs and says Khushi I planned this much. Wouldn't i have taken care of your clothings. She says Oh really what did you do. He replies i passed that responsibility to Di and Payal. Di distracted you with Chess while Payal packed your clothes during that time.Khushi goes Jiji is so going to get from me when i go home. Arnav whispers Well i bet you won't remember that cause more things are waiting for you. Khushi blushes.

The flight then takes off. Khushi holds on to Arnav praying to her Devi Maiyaa while Arnav admired her. The flight duration was 18 hours and time went really fast. Eventually they arrived at Switzerland. It was 9pm there and when they reached it was very cold there.Khushi starts to shiver and Arnav takes off his coat and asks her to wear it. They are received by Sam, a representative of DMarquee the company Arnav was to sign a deal with. He drops them at the hotel confirming with Arnav that the meeting was scheduled at 11am the next morning. Khushi and Arnav walk into the hotel and the reception area was so big Khushi started thinking of what would happen if she got lost. She grips Arnav's arm tighter. They checked in and were alloted a suite courtesy of the company. They were told that this arrangement was just for one night.Arnav and Khushi make thier way to the room and open the door. There....

To be continued.....

Mar 14, 2012

What is this Love called? (By Jezmine) (Thanked: 12 times)

The story continues where it was left off. Arnav and Khushi open their room.

It was beautifully decorated. They step in and Khushi locks the door while Arnav brings in the luggage. They put it down and Khushi unzips the bag. It was neatly packed with their clothes. Khushi takes out Arnav's casuals and passes it to him. He goes to take his shower. Meanwhile, Khushi takes out her clothes. She gets a shock seeing her sarees and suits which she had before her marriage. She wonders out aloud But i thought these were in my room in Buaji's house. How did they end up here. She continues to wonder. Just then Arnav steps out. He is wearing a blue tight fit tshirt and long pants. He looks at the confused Khushi and clears her doubts. He tells her that he had gone to Buaji's house to pick these up when he had gone out to get the official documents.

Khushi quickly goes to have her bath and changes into her suit. When she steps out, she feels rather cold as the climate was getting to her. She goes to the luggage bag to take out something to cover herself when she spots the white shirt that she had left behind in the Raizada Mansion. She picks it up and Arnav says i figured out you might need it. She smiles and wears it over. She then slips into bed. At first, they are both far apart facing opposite ends but they cannot fall asleep. They turn around at the same time and stare at each other. Finding the co incidence cute, they laugh about it. Arnav moves closer to Khushi and she immediately goes into his arms and falls asleep on his chest. They both fall asleep in the warmth of each other and the tiredness of the long journey.

Ring Ring. The phone rings. Arnav reaches out and picks the phone. Good Morning. This is a wake up call. It is now 9 am. Have a good day ahead. Arnav replies thanks. He turns back to see Khushi slowly waking up. He quickly gives her a kiss and says Good Morning Mrs Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada. Khushi still in her sleepy state says Good Morning Arnav. Suddenly realising what she did, she wakes up with a jolt and says I meant. Arnav immediately places his finger on her lips and says I have been waiting for this a long time. Promise me now you will never call me Arnavji ever again. She shakes her head and Arnav pulls her back and says in that case i am not leaving you. Khushi hurriedly agrees and jumps out of bed. She goes towards the windows and pulls the shades open. Just as she does so, she feels Arnav slip his hands around her waist. He places his head on her shoulder and says let's see the view together. In front of them, they saw the peak of the magnificent Mt Alps. Khushi says Its Beautiful only to be disagreed with. Arnav thinks that Khushi is more bautiful than Mt Alps.

Khushi smiles and says Chalo your meeting is at 11am. Arnav immediately corrects her saying our meeting is at 11am. You see Khushi that day when i got you to sign the papers in the name of the marriage contract, it was actually papers that stated that you have equal share of my previous portion. From today onwards, you will take part in all business meetings and that includes coming with me to office everyday.Khushi says okay now go. But inside she was very emotional. How did she not realise his love the very first day itself. All she saw that time was a demon in the name of ASR. She feels really bad and decides that now everything has been sorted out nothing comes in their way.

To be continued....

Mar 18, 2012

What is this Love called? (By Jezmine) (Thanked: 9 times)

The story continues where it was left off. Khushi decides that now everything has been sorted out, nothing comes in between them.

After Arnav came out, she goes to have her bath. They both get ready fast and pack their luggage as they would be moving off once they came back from their meeting. Khushi grabs her jacket and Arnav grabs his laptop and papers. They lock the door and go down and have breakfast. After breakfast, they go out to the lobby and Sam was once again waiting for them to bring them to their office. On the way there, Arnav calls home and informs Nani that they have reached and that he would call once again once they finish the meeting.

After some time, Khushi asks Arnav what would she do since she does not know anything. He smiles and asks her to just take notes for today. They recall the very first time Khushi was tasked to take notes while Arnav had spoken really fast. They both smile and Arnav as if understanding Khushi assures her that this time he would be slower. He explains to Khushi the importance of this deal and says he has faith all will be well.

They arrive at DMarquee and enter the conference room. There Paul the director of DMarquee was waiting for them. He shook hands with Arnav and Khushi and the meeting began. It lasted for two hours. When it was Arnav's turn to present, he turns and looks at Khushi who is furiously praying to her Devi Maiyaa though her prayers were silent. Arnav smiles and starts speaking at a comfortable pace so that Khushi could write comfortably. The meeting ends and both of them walk out of the room with expressionless faces. Sam who was waiting for them went near them and started saying Mr Arnav, it's very difficult to please Mr Paul.

To be continued.....

Mar 19, 2012

What is this Love called? (By Jezmine) (Thanked: 12 times)

The story continues where it is left off. Arnav and Khushi walk out from the room and Sam thinking that the business deal was not finalised begins to console them as they walk out of the building.

The moment they stepped out of the building, Arnav and Khushi begin screaming in excitement and happiness. The deal had been finalised. Arnav without hesitation hugs Khushi and the people on the street begin to stare at them most of them laughing seeing the open sharing of feelings. After some time, they break apart. Sam congratulates them and brings them back to their hotel where they have lunch and freshen up. They then bring their luggage down and Sam is once again there. This time, he passes Arnav a car key and tells him, Sir this car has been alloted for you. I will meet you on the last day at the airport. You can return back the car and the keys then. Lucky for you, it is not the heavy snow season else you can't drive on the road. Arnav thanks Sam and makes his way out with Khushi. There waiting for them was a sleek black BMW. Arnav puts the luggage in the boot and they both enter the car.

It was just like Arnav's old car. It had a GPS system in it in case they got lost. Arnav starts the car and Khushi makes sure she wears her seatbelt since she knew Arnav's driving style. He starts driving and they move off without any jerks. The drive was smoth and the interior was cozy that Khushi fell asleep. Just as Arnav reaches his destination a while later, Khushi still sleeping falls on his shoulder. He smiles and slowly lifts her head and leans her against the window. He then goes in and checks in bringing the luggage. He gets the keys, opens the door and leaves the luggage. He goes out once again and opens Khushi's door carefully supporting her.

To be Continued.....

Mar 26, 2012

What is this Love called? (By Jezmine) (Thanked: 11 times)

The story continues where it was left off. Arnav opens Khushi's door carefully supporting her.

He slowly unbuckled her seatbelt and carries her in his arm putting her arms around his neck. He closes the door with the free space he had in his hand and locks the car. He then slowly carries her in and places her on the bed before going to lock the door. He then sits on the bed admiring her.Khushi still tired from the journey was sleeping soundly when she suddenly gave a loud mutter Arnav I Love you so much. Is this all true or am i just dreaming. I am going to spend the rest of my life with you? She then smiles.

Arnav smiles and goes near her and gives her a kiss on her cheeks. He then lies down beside her and he too knocks off. When they wak up, it was the middle of the night.Dinner was by now over . They both stare at each other and Khushi's somach starts grumbling. It was too dark to drive out. Arnav goes to his luggage and digs his hand into the luggage. He takes out a packet of biscuits and pass it to Khushi. Both of them share the packet mentally noting to thank Di and Payal for remembering to slot it into their bag. After satisfying their hunger pangs, they look around.

They were in a cozy cottage with a fireplace. It had a bedroom with a King sized bed. The cottage was at the base of Mt Alps. Khushi could see the white snow outside on the window. They both sit down by the fireplace and Khushi decides to open up her heart to Arnav. She holds his hands and says Arnav i need to speak with you. Sensing the change in her tone, Arnav asks Khushi if anything was bothering her.She says....

To be continued......

Mar 28, 2012

What is this Love called? (By Jezmine) (Thanked: 10 times)

The story continues where it was left off. Khushi decides to speak to Arnav.

Khushi says Arnav I know we hav left everything aside. But i am really worried for Anjali Di. He will be coming back next week and what if he does something to her. Arnav replies Khushi i have already made Akash work from home and Payal was told to be with Di as much as possible. He wouldn't dare to do anything because he is after wealth. If he harms Di then he won't get anything because her shares have not been nominated on his name at all. Don't worry. He continues Khushi i brought you here to forget all the past events and here you are worrying about all these things. Khushi look at this place isn't it lovely.

Khushi smiles and says So long you are with me nothing will affect me.She goes nearf to him and kisses him on his cheek. Arnav I love you alot. Arnav is shocked to hear her and says Khushi please one more time. Khushi blushes and turns away. Arnav pulls her closer to him and she falls onto his lap. Arnav uses his finger and pushes Khushi's hair from her face to behind her ears. Khushi shivers when his finger touches her and she covers her face with her hands. Arnav slowly removes her hand and asks her to open her eyes. She does so and Arnav moves closer to her. Her heartbeat increases and she clutches her saree closing her eyes. Arnav sees her shyness as an indicator to continue and kisses her. After what seemed an eternity, they break apart and breathe. Arnav slowly lifts Khushi and brings her to the bed. He switches off the light and darkness fills the air.

The next morning, Khushi wakes up to find herself on Arnav's chest. She remembers the previous nights events and blushes. She gives him a kiss and goes to take herr bath. She then comes out and gets ready calling the room service for black coffee. She fills her Mang with Sindoor. Finally she could say rightfully that she was Mrs Arnav. Both their souls and bodies had become one last night.She then goes to Arnav andsits beside him.Arnav wake up it's morning. Arnav gets up and remebers the events last night and grins at Khushi.He argues playfully that he should be given more time to sleep since he had slept late.Khushi refuses and Arnav pulls her once again asking if he should give her last night's treatment and approaches his lips.Just then the bell rings and she pushed him aside and went to open the door. She takes the coffee and stares at the scenary outside. Arnav meanwhile goes to get ready and when he comes out, Khushi is still there.He goes to her, brings her in and gives her coffee.

After the drink, they both clad themselves in their jackets and winter wear before going out. They lock the cottage door and walk towards the cable car station. Arnav holds Khushi throughout the walk and they take the cable car up Mt Alps. The door opens and they get out and walk out of the mountaintop station.There was snow everywhere. Khushi gets excited and bends down picking up snow in her gloved hands. She sees in the distance many people having snow ball fights, building snow man and enjoying sled rides.

She is tapped on the shoulder. When she turns around, she sees a flash. Arnav is holding a camera smiling at her. She is surprised as she has never seen Arnav taking pictures. She asks Arnav about the camera and he admits buying it specially for the trip.Khushi smiles and they both pose for photos. Just as Arnav turns around.......

To be continued........

Mar 30, 2012

What is this Love called? (By Jezmine) (Thanked: 14 times)

The story continues where it was left off. Arnav turns around.

Splat. A snowball flies on his face. Arnav wipes his face and sees a grinning Khushi.He opens his mouth and was going to say What The but realises its his wife that he is now handling. He smiles at her and looks away.Khushi is shocked that he did not respond and she turns away busying herself with the nearby children.Just then she hears Khushi. She turns and gets hit by a snowball. Arnav stands there with a mischeivious look on his face.

Khushi was so happy that Arnav did that that she jumped onto him in exitement and they both fall onto the snow. As they lay there, the only thought on their minds was that if only this moment was frozen forever.They then join forces building a huge snowman. They team up with the kids who bring accessories for the snowman. When they are done, they pose with their masterpiece.After that they all have a snowball fight. Later, after the fun in the snow, they both came back into the cottage and had a warm bath.Just then Khushi hit her head and said Hai Devi Maiyaa we forgot to call Nani. Arnav laughed and says that isn't much of a problem and makes a call.

In a while he cuts the call. Khushi says But i haven't spoken to Nani yet. Arnav simply smiles and switches on his laptop .He starts working on it.Khushi tries to distract him but he busies himself. Feeling dejected, she goes to the bed and sits down. Arnav who was indeed noticing all this was smiling away hearing Khushi mumbling away. What The this Lard Governer thinks this is called honeymoon. Just then she hears someone calling her. Khushi thinking she is hallucinating ignores the voice.Arnav comes behind her and covers her eyes. Khushi tries to remove his hand but fails to.

Arnav asks her to stand and walk with him. She refuses to. Arnav asks her if she trusts and believes him. She nods with tears rolling down her cheeks. Arnav feels the wet tears and turns her around. She immediately hugs him. He comforts her. She then stops but she does not want to let him go. He points to his laptop and says you may want to let go now. She turns and .....

To be continued......

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