What is this Love called?

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Feb 20, 2012

What is this Love called? (By Jezmine) (Thanked: 28 times)

This Story marks the 1st attempt of me writing and i hope that this continues with your support. It starts off with Arnav and Kushi entering the Raizada Mansion and after Khushi gets a slap form her amma.

The Gupta Parivaar being totally dissapointed and upset with Khushi leave the house immediately with Amma crying uncontrollably that her family reputation was tarnished.Buaji says Haire NandaKishore....I never expected this Sanka Devi do do as such... Garima it is because we showed so much of love on her and pampered her that she has stepped on our heads.Although Bauji knew that Khushi Kumari Gupta would never intentionally do something that would tarnish their reputation he was wheeled out and he couldn't do anything. Maybe if he wasn't in such a state he would have stopped everyone from jumping to conclusions just like that.

In the Raizada Mansion:

Everyone was still in a state of shock. Mamiji went on rambling about how Khushi had trapped Arnav and amazingly Naniji did nothing to stop her.Khushi is hurt but stays silent. Anjali goes up to Arnav and says Chote why this sudden decision. But Arnav simply looks away and says Di its my life. I have all the rights to decide. Anjali gets crestfallen and Shyam seizes the opportunity to taunt Arnav by showing he cares about Anjali. He goes to her and holds her and says Rani Sahiba look your Chote doesn't care about you in his life. Anjali weeps hugging Shyam and he gives a smirk as if telling Arnav that he will begin to take revenge for marrying the girl he loves.

Naniji is shocked with Arnav's behaviour and walks up to him giving him a tight slap. Arnav stands there like a statue showing he doesn't care.She walks up to Khushi and asks her what make them take such a decision. Khushi continues tearing silently as she recalls the day's incident how Arnav had blackmailed her into this wedding. Nani shakes her by her shoulder and takes Khusi's Mangalsutra in her hand. She asks Khushi do you know the value of this. You know the meaning of Sindoor. Its not just a fun thing. As she continues scolding Khushi, Kushi remembers how Arnav had dragged her into the temple, applied Sindoor on her forehead and tied the Mangalsutra around her neck.

She breaks down on the thought that her life that she had imagined had now become like a glass that shattered. It could never could be pieced back...Little did Khushi know how her life was to change somemore. Everyone goes back quitely to their room still in shock....Arnav just walks away leaving Khushi alone in the hallway. Just as she thought everyone left, somone placed a hand on her shoulder. She urned to find her Jiji there. Before Khushi could say anything, Payal said that she is very disappointed with Khushi and never expected her sister do such a thing. She turned and walked away angrily. Poor Khushi....No one understood her and no one cared as she stood in the hall all alone.

Stay tuned and do give your comments.....With Lots of Love : Jasmine Shabir

Feb 20, 2012

What is this Love called? (By Jezmine) (Thanked: 31 times)

The story continues from where it was left off where everyone is Angry with Khushi and leave her all alone....

Poor Khushi...No one understood her and no one cared as she stood in the hall all alone. Khushi did not dare to go up to Arnav's room and demand her right to be in there.In fact, that Khushi Kumari Gupta had died along time ago when she was forced into this marriage. She knew she loved Arnav and knew he did the same... Then why is there sucha barrier she thought as she quitely made her way to the poolside. She went near the window and sat down staring at the sky. With tears, she spoke to her Amma and Bauji in the sky as stars sharing with them her plight and weeping. Unknown to her,she was not alone that day...

Arnav who had stormed to his room was waiting for Khushi and training himself to give her a taste of hell. He was afraid that Khushi could melt his heart just through her eyes.Each time he remembered his love moments, somehow the image of Shyam hugging Khushi kept playing vividly in his mind and anger was all that was left. After a long time, Khushi was still not to be found and Arnav's mind was wandering.Did she faint like what happened in Nainital? He got worried and made his way just in time to see Khushi walk towards the poolside.

As he heard her speak, he felt a surging pain. This was the very girl he hated the eventually fell in love with. Now it's back to square one. At that moment he accidently hit the table and the vase on the table fell down breaking into a thousand pieces...Khushi turned around in fear and said......

Stay Tuned.....With Lots of Love: Jasmine Shabir

Feb 21, 2012

What is this Love called? (By Jezmine) (Thanked: 29 times)

The story continues where it was left off. Khushi turns around in fear after hearing the glass shatter.

Khushi turns around and says Ar.....But before she could complete her sentence, Arnav cut her train of thoughts and said Look Khushi Kumari Gupta. We are only married for the world and that too for six months. Dont think i will treat you with love and affection because you are my so called wife. As you i don't give a damn about marrieage. To us, it is like when you were working in my office. I am the Boss and you are just the worker. If you want i will pay you for the 6 Months of acting.

Khushi was taken aback with Arnav's words and she turned around looking away silently tearing her heart out. Arnav as if understanding she does not want to hear anymore of this verbal abuse says You still can come and sleep in my room. I have already took out the foldable safari bed from the guest romm and placed it there. Khushi thinking that Arnav had kinda soften down turns around with her tear filled eyes. But his emotions took control of him and he said the welfare of my worker is important for quality work. Go and Sleep when you want. He turns and walks away in a way happy that he did not lose control in front of her.

The next morning, Arnav wakes up to find the bed empty. Thinking that Khushi had already gone down, he wakes up and looks at his alarm clock. It is 4am in the morning. He thinks to himself Khushi Kumari Gupta is mad to wake up and make breakfast now. As he makes his way down to see if she is in the kitchen and to give her a piece of his mind, he sees a figure near the poolside. He goes there and realises that the figure was Khushi.

Khushi had sat there with her head on her knees crying after Arnav had walked out. She was left with no one in the world at her side. She felt that even her Devi Maiyaa wasn't by her side. After many hours of crying, she had fallen asleep in that position without eating or changing. She was still in her attire as the previous night. Arnav walks up to her and goes Khushi Kumari Gupta but there is no response. He decides to wake her up and touches her hand. It was burning hot. He realises something is wrong and bends over trying to wake Khushi. But she does not repond. Arnav thinks back on the incident and regrets. He gets angry with himself and decides to bring Khushi in so that the the cold winds won't cause her fever to increase anymore.

Stay Tuned....With Lots of Love: Jasmine Shabir

Feb 21, 2012

What is this Love called? (By Jezmine) (Thanked: 28 times)

The story continues from where it was left off. Arnav decides to bring Khushi in.

He bends down and lifts her in his arms. Regrets fill him as he thinks of those loving moments. It was this girl who gave his life a positive meaning but now it was all different. He brings Khushi to his room and lays her on his bed. He was about to shout Nani, Di only to realise that they were all upset about the day's incident.He calls the doctor immediately and he slowly starts to panick as the silence fills the air.

The doctor arrives and checks Khushi. After prescribing medicine to reduce her fever, he left but before that he told that Khushi was weak and all she needed was tender loving care and is not to be overexerted or hurt in anyway. Arnav hits beside her stroking her hair and cries out his true feelings for her. The day dawns and Arnav has slept in that very position, his hand on her head.

Anjali who woke up hears from Hari Prakash that there were noises in the morning. She walks towards Arnav's room and is about to knock. She hesitates but she gathers courage and knocks hard. Arnav wakes up and opens the door with sleepy eyes. He says Di? She ignores him and says Khushiji.... Arnav once again cuts in and says she is sleeping and relates the partial incident of how she had a fever and how the doctor was called. Anjali panicks and walks in.

As she strokes Khushi's hair, Arnav sat down and cries on her lap. He says that he loved Khushi and he was scared that the marriage might not happen so he rushed. Anjali comforts him and says that she will speak to Nani. She tells him to take care of Khushi and walks to Nani's room. Arnav paces around not knowing why he did such a thing.

After a long time, Anjali walks out of Nani's room with Nani behind her. Nani comes in and addresses Arnav. Look Chote i am still upset with you but i have decided to give you both a chance to redeem yourself. At that time, Khushi wakes up and says....

To be continued 2moro...With Lots of Love: Jasmine Shabir

Feb 23, 2012

What is this Love called? (By Jezmine) (Thanked: 25 times)

The story continues where it was left off. Nani gives Arnav and Khushi a chance to redeem themselves

Khushi wakes up and says Arnavji you have ruined my life. Now once again i have been orphaned and you are the reason. Arnav tries to tell her that Nani and Anjali are in the room but Khushi unaware of this in her sleepy state continues.Both our parivaars have undergone so much of shame and we are the cause. Nani understood at that point that Khushi would not have wholeheartedly gotton married without the families. She goes near Khushi who is sleeping on the bed and says Khushi Bitiya....

Khushi doesn't believe her ears that Nani was the one who called her. Just last nigt, Nani had scolded her and was upset with her. Was this a dream? Khushi tries to sit upright and Arnav amazingly helps her to. Khushi sees Anjali smiling at her with tears in her eyes and Nani loooking at her concernly. To her left, Arnav was giving the look that said Idiot Khushi, you would have almost blurted the truth out. Nani makes use of the silent and tells Khushi that she believes that anyone should be given a second chance and explains that they should both earn back the trust from her as she is still upset with the wedding occuring without both Parivaars. She goes on saying that the news about their sudden wedding has been leaked to the media somehow and that the Lucknow Sheesh Mahal clip is being played on all tv stations.

Arnav immediately switches off his phone to avoid calls from anyone regarding this controversial news. Nani asks Khushi to stay there and says she will send the breakfast up. She asks Arnav to keep her comfortable and she and anjali leaves the room....

To be continued..Stay Tuned.....With Lots of Love: Jasmine Shabir

Feb 23, 2012

What is this Love called? (By Jezmine) (Thanked: 21 times)

The story continues where it was left off. Anjali and Nani leave the room.

Arnav closes the door behind them and turns around.Khushi knowing that her words have gotten her into trouble pulls the blanket higher and tries to hide her face mentally preparing herself to get scolded. Arnav walked closer to her and sat beside her.He said Khushi why do you always do this to me? Khushi gives back Arnav his treatment and says why do you care Mr Arnav Singh Raizadaif i fall ill. I know cause it will affect the work right. Well you could deduct the medical fees from my salary or hold back my salary.

At that point,she got a tight slap.Khushi looked up in shock and pain with her hand on her right cheek.Arnav had slapped her.Tears rolled down her cheeks. She looked at his eyes.Arnav who was hearing all this could not control his temper anymore. It was Khushi who taught him to love and smile after a very long time. Now when she accused him of false caring, he felt hurt. He gave her a tight slap.He wanted to tell her she matters alot to him but he couldn't articulate it. Something was stopping him.He looked at Khushi and his eyes spoke a thousand words.

They were interupted by a knock on the door. Arnav breaks the eye lock and goes to open the door. Hari Prakash was at the door with the breakfast tray.He told Arnav that Nani had instructed them to have their breakfast together and to get ready and come down.Arnav takes the tray and brings it to Khushi who refuses to eat. Khushi meanwhile knew that Arnav was also having the same feelings as her but had difficulty expressing himself. She decides to make him realise the meaning of love before the end of the 6 months.Arnav forces her to eat but she tells him that unless he eats with her she will not eat. Arnav left with no choice shares the food with her. Both of them, unknown to each other, secretly wish that this moment continues throughout their lives.

Arnav glances at the clock and says.....

Stay tuned for the update 2moro...With Lots of Love: Jasmine Shabir

Feb 23, 2012

What is this Love called? (By Jezmine) (Thanked: 18 times)

The story continues where it was left off. Arnav and Khushi share breakfast and secretly wish that this moment would go on throughout their lives.

Arnav glances at the clock and says Khushi it is 10am in the morning. Are you feeling better? Khushi nods her head and slowly gets down from the bed. Arnav passes her a towel from the cupboard and she goes to take her shower. Arnav meanwhile realises she does not have anything to change into and goes near his drawer. He opens it and picks a pre packed parcel.

He places it on the bed recalling what was inside there. He had gone to buy a red saree, his favourite colour, on the day that he wanted to propose to her.However before he could do so, he saw the Shyam episode.He was thinking of getting rid of it along with the bad memories but had forgotten to do so. It had now come in handy for him.Just as he placed the parcel on the bed he heard the door unlock.Quickly he turned away and the moment Khushi came out from the bathroom, he went in to avoid being asked questions.

Khushi came out wearing the same set of clothes as she did not have anything to change into. She could not even ask her jiji as she had been disowned.As she stood there staring at blank space, she noticed a parcel on the bed addressed to her. She picks it up and wonders who left it there.She rips open the packaging and sees a beautiful red saree and a note together with it.

She opens the note and it read......

Stay tuned....With Lots Of Love: Jasmine Shabir

Feb 23, 2012

What is this Love called? (By Jezmine) (Thanked: 17 times)

The story continues where it was left off. Khushi opens the note that was found together with the saree. It read as such..

Dearest Khushi Kumari Gupta,

I know i have caused you so much of trouble and hurt you alot. But i came to realise you mean alot to me. You have defined a new perspective of life and once again taught me to love and smile after my mother. I am really sorry and i hope you accept this apology. Now i ask you will you take my hand and be Mrs Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada?

Awaiting your response, Arnav

Khushi couldn't believe her eyes. The arrogant ASR had proposed to her and accepted his mistake. She read the letter again but this time noticed another additional information, the date. It was written on the day of the Shyam Incident. Why then was Arnav hesitating to accept his feelings and was rude towards her? Just then she heard the door unlocking and quickly hid the note. When Arnav came out, she went in and changed, determined to know what was going on in his mind. Arnav on the other hand had completely forgotten about writing such a note. If he had remembered, he would have taken it out so that she doesn't see his vulnerable side.

Khushi came out with a stunning look. She looked like an angel sent from heaven. She went towards the mirror and adjusted her mangalsutra and combs her hair. She then applied her sindoor and wore the bangles that Arnav had given her some time ago.She smiles as she notices Arnav staring at her.Once again the door is knocked and Arnav breaks his gaze and goes to open it. This time it was Anjali. She starts to say Chote Khushiji doesn't have any clothes to change into so...But before she continues, she sees the stunning Khushi and says okay I didn't know she already has a saree. She passes the boxes to him and tells him to pass the accessories set to her and to leave the new saree in the cupboard so that she could use it the next time. With a smile, she turns away but turns back and says Chote, both of you are expected downstairs in a while. Just don't make it too long.

Arnav silently passes the boxes to Khushi. She opens the first box and sees a pendent set together with matching earings. She wears them. Then she opens the next one. They contained bangles. Khushi picked them up, looks at them and then places it back.She goes to Arnav and says that she is ready. Arnav who is watching this silently moves off. In his mind though, he was jumping with joy that Khushi did not change her bangles and was still using the ones he had bought for her. He thought of the bangle incident, how NK had gotten the wrong size, how Khushi had hurt herself trying to wear it and how he had removed the glass piece and had bandaged her wrist and after that had gotten a set for her and how she got excited wearing it. Secretly wishing that life hadn't been so harsh to him, Arnav forced himself to not remeber the Shyam Incident and to keep his cool when they meet downstairs. He walks out with Khushi following behind.....

To be continued....With Lots of Love: Jasmine Shabir

Feb 25, 2012

What is this Love called? (By Jezmine) (Thanked: 21 times)

The story continues where it was left off. Arnav walks out with Khushi following behind.

They made their way down to the hall where everyone was seated. Anjali gestured to Arnav and Khushi to take their seats.There was an awkward silence which was broken by NK. He said Before the serious Issue starts let me announce something. I will be leaving for Australia in 2 days due to work commitments.Arnav looked at him, mentally thanking NK for freeing him from the trouble of dealing with jealous moments that he underwent each time Khushi and NK were talking animatedly.

Nani spoke.She said As we are all aware of the incidents that happened yesterday, i have come up with what to do next. I have decided to give Arnav and Khushi a chance to redeem themselves. I am still angry but i understand the feelings of each and everyone involved in this and so this decision. I hope there will be no objections. Manorama mami cut in and said Hello Hi Bye Bye. This Khushi mesmerised Arnav as she wanted a rich guy. Nani stops Mami by saying don't forget how you came in and Mami keeps quiet with a sulking face. Khushi felt hurt but she tried to act as if nothing happened. Arnav on the other hand was fuming mad. Nani goes on and tells Payal to call up the Guptas and tell them that they would be there shortly.

She asks everyone to get ready to leave and notices that Shyam is missing. She asks Anjali and she says that Shyam has left for a case to Mumbai yesterday night and will be back in a couple of days.Hearing that, Arnav felt happy. At least I don't have to think how to handle him thought Arnav. Everyone leaves the house to go to the car. Anjali asks Arnav to drive Khushi while she and the others come in two other cars. Before Arnav could object, she walks away giggling thinking of how romance could blossom between them on the journey. Reluctantly Arnav and Khushi approach the car.

Feb 25, 2012

What is this Love called? (By Jezmine) (Thanked: 26 times)

The story continues from where it was left off. Everyone leaves for the Guptas house and Arnav and Khushi are to come together.

They both approach the car reluctantly. Khushi quietly takes her seat and buckles her seatbelt remembering the incident where Arnav had helped her buckle her seat belt. She smiles lightly. Arnav notices her smile and is happy that she is back to herself. He starts the car and they are off. Silence fills the air. Arnav decides to break the silence by switching on the radio.

The RJ speaks. And now we will be listening to Teri Meri which is dedicated to the power of Love. And the song starts playing. Both of them remember the moment when they had their romantic dance to this song. All the emotions come back and Arnav glances at Khushi who is blushing.Just as the song finishes they hear a hissing sound.

Arnav stops the car and gets out to check what was the sound. He freezes on the spot. Khushi is curious to find out what happened and gets out of the car. She goes towards him. She sees the scene and bursts out laughing. The back tyre of the car had been punctured. Arnav angrily asks her what is so funny now. How the hell are we going to make it on time to your house now. Khushi shakes her head realising that Arnav did not read the book she had gone him before. He asks him to open the boot and takes out the spare tyre. She then bends down and starts to change the tyre. As she was changing, Arnav recalled the incident where she had changed the tyre while he sat behind the steering wheel and how Khushi had given him a car manual book as a present. He had kept that as his treasure but never once read it as he didn't realise that he would need it.

He had been ashamed that day for letting a girl do the work and was so determined to help today. He goes near her and and realises she was struggling managing the weight of the tyre and the fringe which kept coming in the way.He kneels beside her and uses his hand to push away her fringe. They both share an eyelock. And as usual something made them break apart. This time, it was his phone. He picks it up and the call was from his di. She was worried that they had yet to arrive. Arnav tells her the situation and she asks him to hurry up.

He cuts the call and turns to Khushi and says.....

To be continued....With Lots of Love: Jasmine Shabir

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