OS : Zindagi

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Jan 1, 2015

OS : Zindagi (By Arshi_Siva) (Thanked: 139 times)

Wish you happy new year to all myduniyas. I wish u all success in this new year. I pray for u r victory and success. My heartly wishes to u all.


khushi slowly open her eyes. she is shocked to see herself fully naked. She look beside her her eyes are widen seeing arnav.

Khushi cover herself properly she shook him arnav wake up arnav.

Arnav slowly open his eyes he is also shocked to see himself like this. what the what r u doing here.

Khushi start to cry, arnav what u did with me. how we end here like this.

Arnav: khushi I don’t know what happen. I lastly remember I drink some drinks.

Khushi: I also remember that only. Arnav how I face my family if they know this they will kill me. she start to cry.

Arnav: khushi please don’t cry. I really don’t know how this happen. I am sorry. we only know this no one know about this. we hide this from everyone. U goto u r home.

Khushi: arnav what u think in u r mind. Do u think I am cheap. No arnav, I give my body and soul only one person that is my husband. I can’t forgot it. I never betray myself better to live like this I will kill myself.

Arnav: khushi.

Both r silent, after sometime.

Arnav: khushi I will marry u.

Khushi: arnav.

Arnav: s khushi. it happen without our knowledge I don’t want spoil u r life. I will talk to u r parents and we will get marry.

Khushi: what u will tell to my family.

Arnav:don’t worry I didn’t say anything to them.

Khushi nods her head.

In another room,

Sheetal: dhruv what r u doing here.

Dhruv: what happen sheetal. U only took me here yesterday night.

Sheetal: I suppose to be arnav na.

Dhruv: what r u saying.

Sheetal: oh my god after mix his drink accidently khusih drink it I again mix his drink I drink alcohol I end up with u.

Dhruv: sheetal what r u saying. U mix arnav drink. U still love him. he reject u. y don’t u understand my love.

Sheeal: dhruv stop it. what I do we end up here.  

Dhruv: let get married I love u so much sheetal. Fate also want this so that only we end up here like this. please sheetal forgot everything. I always love u. I am waiting for u so long.

Sheetal: ok after happening this I am not worth for anyone. we will get married. But I can’t love u dhruv. I need time.

Dhruv: thank u sheetal he hug her I am waiting for u r love I know one day u surely love me.


Khushi sit in decorated bed arnav enter inside of room.

Arnav: I know khushi y we are married. Because of that incident only. I never force u. he lay in his place.

Khushi lay in her place.

After 1 month,

Sandhya: arnav I am so happy. She hug him.

Arnav: what happen maa.

Sandhya: u make me dadi. Khsuhi is pregnant.

Arnav: what.

Sandhya: I am always worried u r only one son for us. U always say no to marriage. I thought our generation ended here. but u say s to marry khushi now u make me grandparents. Go khushi is in her room.

Arnav opne their room door. Khushi sitting in bed.

Arnav: khushi

Khushi: arnav woo I

Arnav: maa say everything to me. khushi if u don’t want this baby u can abort it.

Khushi shocked. arnav what r u saying. How u say this arnav. How u say abort u r own baby. I know u don’t love me for that u tell to abort this baby. how arnav she start to sob.

Arnav: khushi I didn’t mean like that. I thought u r not happy with this baby.

Khushi: who told that arnav. What ever this is my baby I can’t abort it. please arnav don’t say like that. I want this baby either u want it or not.

Arnav: khushi I am sorry he wipe her tears.

Khushi: arnav we married because of some situation. But this baby is innocent we can’t abort it. she hug him with tears. arnav also hug her back mumbling sorry.


Arnav: how it feel now.

Khushi: hum it’s better now. thank u.

Arnav massage her leg. It’s ok khushi I am doing this for my wife and my baby. u don’t need to thank me.

They smile to each other.

Khushi is in her 9th month, they don’t know when they start to love each other. Arnav always care for khushi. they start to love each other but they didn’t confess.

Arnav make her laydown in bed. he lay beside her.

Arnav touch her stomach hey baby r u sleep.

Khushi: no baby is not sleep.

Arnav: I know my baby can’t sleep without hearing papa’s talk hey na beta.

Baby kick her.

Arnav: see I say na he accept it.

Khushi smile to him.

Arnav start speak to his baby. it is daily routine for him. he kiss her belly good night baby.  he lean kiss her forehead good night khushi. he going to move away from her but khushi hold his collar.

Arnav look her.

Both r look each other. Khushi lean closing her eyes she start to breath heavily. Arnav also closing his eyes he also move further. Their lips touch each other Creating havoc in their bodies. Khushi’s hand went to his hair pull him further. Arnav hold his hand In bed without putting weight on her swallon belly. They deepen the kiss. They broke the kiss for oxygen.

Both r breath heavily.

Arnav look khushi who is still closing her eyes.

Arnav: khushi.

Khushi open her eyes she is shocked for her own behavior. Tears form in her eyes. arnav I I

Arnav wipe her tears khsuhi it’s ok. don’t cry. it’s u r right u don’t need to feel sorry.

Khushi hug him.

( they hug each other kiss each other in their cheeks and foreheads after their baby forming. But this is first time they kiss each other in their lips).


Khushi: ahh arnav she screem.

Arnav: khushi don’t worry nothing happnened to u and our baby. u both r will be fine.

Khushi hold his hand arnav be with me. please. I am afraid.

Arnav: I am always with u. trust me nothing happened to u.

Khushi: arnav I don’t know either I live or not after my delivery.

Arnav: khushi no don’t say like that.

Khushi: no arnav. I am afraid. I want to tell u this before something happened to me.

Arnav: no need to tell anything.

Khushi: no I want to tell this. arnav I love u,  I love u so much. I always have attraction towards u when we studied in clg but I never show it. after our marriage I fall in with u. I love u arnav. Please arnav take care of our baby if something happened to me.

Arnav: no khushi nothing happened to u. after u r delivery we will live happily with our baby. it’s my promise. I love u khushi he kiss her forehead. Khushi smile with pain.

Doctor take her to operation theatre.


Arnav: I love u he kiss her forehead.

Khushi: I love u too. They hug each other.

Arnav broke the hug he again start to kiss her, khushi moan his name. they once again made love.

Both r breath heavily after making of love.

Arnav caressing her cheek u look so beautiful without anything.

Khushi blush she hit his chest. Shut up don’t talk dirty.

Arnav smile hug her.

Khushi: arnav please check arush.

Arnav: hum. He wear his dress khushi went to washroom.

Arnav went near to his 5 months old baby boy arush cradle. He smile seeing he sleeping peacefully. He kiss his forehead.

Khushi come out of washroom she take arush in her arms.

Arnav: khushi y u take him let him sleep.

Khushi: he always need my warm arnav. If he didn’t feel it he will wake up soon. She take him to bed make him lay beside her kissing his forehead. Arush smile in his sleep snuggle to his mother get some more warm.

Arnav smile lay beside them kissing both of them. they look perfect family.



It is just random shot. I hope everyone like it. please share u r views about this os. I am waiting for u r comments. Silent readers please atleast press thank u button.

I want to write a OS for new year so I wake up early morning write it in hurry. If any mistakes please forgive me.


Once again happy new year 2015 for u all.


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