My Life!!! Unknown journey... Epilogue

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Jun 18, 2015

My Life!!! Unknown Journey (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 138 times)

On that day khushi was happy to get her friend, Naina back to her life. Seeing her safe and well khushi was happy. As anjali said Naina is strong gal. Suddenly someone hugged her when she was lost in her thought, seeing Arnav khushi blushed with smile. Arnav asked, Are you happy? Khushi uttered, very much... Arnav said, another happy news also soon you going to get. Khushi broke the hug and turned towards him asking, what is that... Arnav said with smile, what you asked for...that only. Khushi got confused and asked, what I asked.. Arnav said with smirk, think baby... Khushi pouted as she not getting answer. Arnav felt her as cute, he pulled her to him holding her waist, khushi gasped and looked at him. Arnav leaned forward, khushi clutched him tightly, he looked at her eyes like asking she is comfortable or not, like answering his question she closed her eyes and he placed his lips to nibble her lips. Khushi leaned and pressed herself to him, her heart beating fast, butterflies fluttering in her stomach when he started to explore her mouth. His kiss was so intense yet gentle. He stopped his kiss when he felt lack of air. They both rested each other with heavy breathe. Suddenly Arnav phone ring made them to get sense. Arnav took his phone and looked at the number, kissing on her head he went out taking his call. 

Arnav got ready after disconnecting his call, he stared to go but Anjali asked, Arnav now where are you going, can't you stay at home for sometime. Arnav rushed from there saying its urgent di. Anjali muttered, what will be another new deal, don't know when he going to change. 

Arnav reached the destination where his men was waiting. Arnav asked hurriedly, what happened to our plan. That guy said, success...what we thought that only happened. I got the clip. Arnav uttered, that's good... Where is that gal... That guy replied, she is safe at hotel. Arnav asked him, they din know anyone from our side na. They nodded as no. Arnav replied then okay you inform her to go to police station, Other things I will manage. They said okay and went giving CD to Arnav. Arnav went to his home, on the way he called his friend who is Assistant commissinor and told everything. 

Arnav reached his home he directly went to his room and took his laptop, he played that CD and watched it just to check once. Its exactly looks like what he thought. That gal is professional in this still they edited and cut few clips which shows her private assests. Suddenly Arnav heard gasp sound, he looked back where khushi standing with wide eyes, he shut his laptop and got up saying, khushi... Khushi asked in shock, Arnav how you are watching this **** movies...Arnav uttered, what the... Its not like what you think. Khushi said, why lieing arnav, disgusting... Arnav muttered, not again Miss.Gupta. He took deep breathe and said, dont come to conclusion... This video only going to make those ****s to get punishment. Khushi got confused, Arnav said, those ****s only raping one gal in this video means that gal is professional, for our plan We brought her for this act. Khushi face lost her color remembering it, she din see the video clearly just saw one glance only, hearing arnav words she thought about her friend. Arnav cupped her cheek, khushi you wanna be happy they going to get what they deserved. Khushi silently hugged him. He know she will be okay soon. 

Next day Arnav went and met his friend, gave that CD to him.And that gal also gave complaint against them, everything want to handle legally. They filed FIR for the case. Arnav informed them, tomorrow to collect cash they will come to one particular point, which will be easy to arrest them. 

Next day Arnav went to office like usual, after 4.00pm he got call from his friend who informed him that they arrested those men. Arnav said, I will come and meet them, I need to get clear about something. After disconnecting his call, finishing few works he left to police station. Inspector welcome him and arnav asked about them, they showed in which cell they are. Arnav went and meet them. 

Those guys looked at Arnav but they seeing him for first time. Arnav asked, you guys don't know me but I knew. One man asked, who are you? Arnav replied, thats not important you guys know why you are here? Another man said, for rape whats your problem. Arnav smiled and said, it was me who planned it, it was me who arranged that gal, it was me who recorded, it was me who gave it to police. All their eyes went wide in horror. Someone asked, but why you did it we dont know about you. Arnav said, do guys remember few month back at mid nite you all joined and raped one gal. One man realized it and said yes. Arnav said because of that only I planned this. Now I just want to know one thing you guys are hired to rape her or you guys itslef. One man asked, we cant say. Arnav said okay then get your punishment, I thought to take you guys out but now you itself wish to be here, what can I do. Arnav started to go, suddenly one man shouted, wait I ll tell you. Arnav nodded, he said we were hired for it. Arnav got curious asking who... That man said, Mr.Gupta... Arnav was shocked, whattt...but why he have to. One man said, we don't know clearly, its about properties, if we raped that gal then his son can marry her, because she dont have choice to marry someone else, so that they can have whole property. Arnav was confused and asked, what do you can they get property by marrying that gal. Another man said, we raped the wrong gal that nite. Arnav can get some idea still he din wish to be true, he asked, tell me clearly. One man narrated, Mr.Gupta hired us and asked us to rape one gal named khushi, they gave address and said she will be alone on that nite. We also agreed and went there at mid nite, we thought that gal was khushi and we raped her, when we took her to Mr.Gupta, his son shouted us for raping wrong gal and asked us to take that gal somewhere. Then we threw her on the road side while going back to our place. Arnav was stunned he never thought this rape will be something like this. He still can't believe their words and remembered khushi words when she said about her uncle and son, forcing her to marry him. Arnav silently left from there without anyone notice he recorded also.

Aranv reached home he looked at khushi and anjali who were giggling and talking about something. He directly went to his room in anger thinking about her uncle and son. Arnav went for shower to relax his body, he wore his casual clothes and called his friend, he informed everything to him and told him tomorrow he ll come and meet him. Khushi came to his room happily and said with huge smile, You know Arnav today I m soo know what uncle called me. Arnav became serious, khushi continued, Yesterday only he came back from business trip, caretaker informed about me so today morning he called me. He said he missed me very much. I think when I got missed he worried about me and started to feel for me. Arnav clenched his fist. Khushi asked, tomorrow can you take me to my home? Arnav said, I need to tell something. Khushi looked at his seriousness and uttered, tell me... What happen...something wrong. Arnav said, They got arrested today. Khushi asked, really....yes they wanna... Arnav said, what if I say someone hired them to rape... Khushi looked baffaled, arnav... Arnav added, what if I say they were hired by your uncle... Khushi eyes went wide, no arnav this can't be true why he ll hire them to rape my friend. Arnav pulled her in anger and shouted, for property damn it...just for property, Your uncle hired them to rape you but your friend became victim. Khushi sat on the floor with thud.

Khushi said with tears, no uncle can't do this to me, yes he treated badly sometimes but he wont do like this. Arnav dont believe them, its all lie....suddenly she stopped hearing recorded voice of those men. When it ended she brust into tears, Arnav hugged her saying khushi we cant change the past you have to be strong. Khushi said with sobs, uncle itslef.... How can he do this...because of me....naina.... How I will face her.... Why he do this to us... If he want property, I m ready to give..... For that.... he hired rape me.... Arnav caressed her back and made her to look him, he wiped her tears slowly she lost her conscious and fell on him. He made her to lye on the bed. Anjali who came to call them for dinner, shocked and asked about khushi to Arnav. He told everything, anjali eyes itself got moist hearing about these two gals she also cant believe which uncle can do some thing like this.

Next day Arnav met his friend and discussed about everything, Arnav also called his lawyer and explained him everything and gave all proof to him. After three days case going to come to court. On that same day khushi went to NGO with anjali as she was not ready to leave khushi alone. Khushi entered inside with heavy heart, she went to the block where Naina was, khushi looked at her with tears. Anjlai called Naina seeing khushi state. She was surprised to see khushi and got worried for her tears. Anjali left from there by giving space to them. When Naina came near to her, khushi hugged her and cried loudly. She got panicked saying, khushi what happen... Why you are crying..... Tell me now... Khushi sobs got heavy. Naina let her to cry, after few minutes she asked, now tell me what happen. Khushi explained everything with tears in choking voice. Naina also got tears remembering that horrible night, she can't believe khushi uncle did this. Seeing khushi state she said, khushi we can't change anything...can we... Yes worst thing happened with me but for that I can't stop living my life, In this there was no your mistake. I know you feel guilty, but why you have to...when there is no mistake of yours. Now stop crying...please, at least for me. Khushi cried more, Naina threatened, if you cry like this then in my life I never will meet you. Khushi immediately wiped her tears and hugged her. Anjali who witnessed the scene shed some tears.

Finally case came to the court, they submitted  their proof which clearly showing who behind this issue. Mr.Gupta and his son came to court, no police brought them by arresting. Last week back only they came here thinking here after problem won't come about that rape but unfortunately they came on correct time to get the punishment which they deserved. Judge announced them for lifetime imprisonment, including for those goons.

They all came back to home, even though they all got punishment for their sins still some pain is there on her heart. All retired to their room silently, Arnav changed his clothes and went to khushi room who was laying on the stomach. Hearing the foot steps khushi looked at him and got up. Arnav asked cupping her cheek, Are you okay... Khushi nodded. Arnav asked, Then why these tears. Khushi hugged him without saying anything. Arnav said hugging her, Khushi forget the past... they got what they deserved, coming to your friend she is so strong I must say...did you saw her how bravely she facing everything... I want my khushi also like her,  I don't want to see any more tears from your eyes.....can you fulfill my wish... Khushi broke the hug and looked at him, Arnav uttered, can't you.... Khushi said looking at his eyes, Anything for you are everything for me in my life saying she hugged him. Arnav wrapped his arm uttering, You are my life khushi..... Khushi hold got tight hearing his words and  his heartbeats. The life which she came across is unknown journey for her, on this unknown journey she went through pain, grief and anguish, it was her past and now she securely standing with the person who is heart of her love, soon her unknown journey going to become her lovable journey with the person whom she loves...

                                                                        ** END**

Dec 11, 2015

Epilogue!!! (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 136 times)

Arnav returned to home in exhausted state, he removed his coat and held in his hand, when he entered inside his tiredness went away seeing his small family who sharing evening drinks and snacks in living hall. While coming itself he uttered, Oh baby...I missed you very much... Hearing his words all turned towards him, khushi turned to pink in blush. Anjali and Naina giggled seeing them. Anjali teased him asking, oh I see...what you missed from her. Arnav said with smirk seeing khushi, I missed many things especially her kiss... Khushi eyes went wide and she becoming red more and more, she said looking at him in anger, Arnav..have some shame. Naina and Anjali giggled more. 

Arnav came forward, what shame in this... My baby, can't I get kiss... saying he lifted their daughter who giggling seeing others smile, he asked, baby you tell me can't I get kiss from you. His daughter Aruhi replied with smile, of course yes dad...saying she kissed his cheek. Arnav kissed her cheek back saying, that's my baby.... He looked at khushi who looking at him with open mouth. Arnav controlled his laugh seeing her worth expression. He said, what khushi...what shame is there for kissing my baby... Di you itself tell I m her dad, can't I kiss her...can't I call her as baby... Anjali replied him with laugh seeing khushi, only have full right over your baby... Arnav winked at khushi who looking at him in anger, now what's say khushi... Khushi stood up from her place saying, Aruhi is not only your baby, she is my baby too Mr.Raizada, get it in your mind first, stop saying My baby my baby here... saying khushi left the place. Anjali and Nania laughed to their heart, Naina asked, jiju why you always teasing her like this... Arnav smiled and replied, that's the fun naina...Anjali said, yeah fun to get kiss from your big baby na... Arnav blushed little saying, nothing like that di... He dropped his daughter and went from there to see big baby condition. Anjali and Naina burst into laughter. They made Aruhi to drink her milk as her parents are busy in silly acts. 

Arnav went to their room, he looked at khushi who showing her back. She was busy in folding clothes of course in anger. Arnav controlled his smile and hugged her from behind. Khushi tried to come out of it. Arnav asked, Oh my baby..why you are angry? Khushi stressed, Your lovely baby is in hall go and ask her... Arnav said, I m asking my first baby...he kissed her neck side which made her to close her eyes. Khushi muttered, Arnav leave me... I m not in the mood. Arnav nibbled her ear saying, but I m...khushi said giving access to her skin, that's your problem.... leave... Arnav replied giving trail of kisses, my problem is you baby... I can't help myself, whenever I m seeing you I feels to explore you... Khushi blushed deeply saying, no need to put butter here..go and enjoy with your baby. Arnav asked in whisper, now you are angry for what, not calling you as my baby or for calling our daughter as baby....

 Khushi bit her lip, she always loves whenever he calls her as baby but today he teasing her by calling their daughter as baby because he used to call Aruhi as princess. Arnav added, I was just teasing you baby saying he kissed her cheek. Suddenly khushi turned towards him and hit his leg with hers...Arnav yelped, oouch...what is it khushi... Khushi replied with mocking smile, I was just kicking you baby saying she bit his cheek and went from there. Arnav uttered, what the... and kept his palm on his cheek which is paining little as she bit.

 After getting fresh Arnav came down he tried to talk with khushi but she started to ignore him for teasing her. Arnav know what to do now. He left going behind her, he started to talk with other three by playing with his daughter. Khushi glancing at him for every few seconds but he is not looking at her. She pouted her lips seeing him, but she was not aware that Arnav noticing her by seeing in glass teapoy which showing her face. He thought, lets see khushi how long you will play with me. 

After dinner, he went to their room and laid down on his bed side. Khushi came to room after making their daughter to sleep. She was shocked seeing arnav who slept so soon. She laid on bed in anger, sleep was far away she looked at arnav back who turned to other side. She was twisting and turning to sleep but no use. She sat on the bed, she bend towards Arnav to check he slept or not. Seeing his closed eyes she smiled and laid down, she moved near to him and hugged him with closed eyes.

 Arnav opened his eyes and looked down at her hand with smile. He held it saying, Khushi you are such a drama queen.... Khushi eyes went wide, she again tried to close her eyes to pretend as sleep but it was late as Arnav turned to her side. Arnav pulled her more close saying, stop your useless drama and sleep now.. saying he hugged her. Khushi pouted saying, I m not doing any drama I just used to get sleep only if I hug you that's y...saying she closed her eyes. Arnav nodded his head with smile, he thought who is real baby here, Khushi or Aruhi... Of course khushi only, aruhi is much better than khushi...He smiled remembering the incident which happened when they came to know about her pregnant. 

While she cooking in kitchen, she fainted there itself after some time Anjali came to see there why khushi taking so long but when she saw khushi who lying on floor without conscious she was shocked. With naina help she took khushi to the room. Anjali called Arnav in tension, hearing it Arnav also worried about khushi. He immediately left his office, picking their family doctor he arrived to home. When they came, khushi was lying in bed with open eyes. Arnav asked, khushi are you okay...khushi nodded simply. Doctor checked her, after examined doctor uttered, khushi you are expecting.... Everyone had huge smile but khushi screamed, whatttt...what I expecting...tumor rumour and all not na. All eyes almost came out from socket hearing her question. Anjali said in disbelief, khushi you going to be mom.. Khushi asked, yeah every gal will be mom at one point... I m asking what problem for me. Everyone looked at her in horror how still she asking stupidly. Arnav got irritated and stressed, you are pregnant damn it. Now khushi eyes went wide she shouted, much Arnav closed his eyes, he called doctor to come and sent him till gate. Anjali and Naina looked at khushi like alien hearing her talks.

 And also after aruhi born, when Aruhi refused to eat, khushi tried to feed  her saying" see Aruhi if you din eat then your mamma also won't eat" Aruhi giggled for this but dint open her mouth to eat. Like little gal khushi complained to Arnav, Arnav can't control his laugh, thinking which mom will feed her baby by saying this at this age itself. At last Arnav itself fed them both khushi and Aruhi.

 Another incident, during baby naming ceremony khushi thought to play with Aruhi by bursting balloon in front of her, which only made Aruhi to cry hearing that loud sound.

All these small incidents are cherishing moments in Arnav life, he going through new experience day by day and also his love too growing day by day on her.

 Suddenly khushi looked at him who was fully awake. She asked, Arnav what are you thinking. Arnav replied, About us. Khushi asked, about us....what.. Arnav said with smile, nothing your stunts only... Khushi pouted saying, don't tease me now also arnav. Arnav replied, I m not teasing you really I m thinking your stupid questions which you asked us when doctor said, you are expecting. Khushi shouted, not again arnav don't tease me about this matter, you already many times teased me saying this...its past over is over so stop now. Arnav chuckled and said, I still can't believe how you asked like that. Khushi screamed, I said stop said simply I m expecting but she din say what I was expecting that time..why you are thinking about past. Arnav laughed loud and  said pulling her more close, I wanna make it as a future too. Khushi got confused and asked, Arnav looked at her eyes then at her lips saying, by making expect another baby... Khushi blushed and looked down at his chest. When arnav lifted her face, she was with closed eyes. Arnav asked, khushi you are OK for it na. Khushi opened her eyes and nodded with blush, on the next second Arnav lips came on hers to explore her. Again they shared their passionate and intimate moment to make their family fully complete. Her life which started as unknown journey, now it turned to blissful and happy journey where only love and care are filled in it from her beloved ones. Let their journey continues till eternity....

Dec 15, 2015

Thanks to all !!! (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 72 times)

I hope now guys are satisfied after reading the epilogue, at first I don't have idea to write epilogue itself but some ppl asked me to write till last week which made me to write something for them. I m surprised to see same number of readers like before even after this much long. I m glad to feel your presence after a long time. Finally 'My Life...unknown journey' finished completely, now I have to say My Story...unknown journey finished successfully because when I started this story I don't have any idea about your response how much I ll get but in this story  journey too you guys accompanied  me till now without leaving in middle... What shall I name this love? 

Thanks for every reader whoever opened this story link. And spl thanks for ppl who spilled your few words in comment box. Take care guys and keep smiling :) 

Lots of love 


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