My Life!!! Unknown journey... Epilogue

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Jan 1, 2015

My Life!!! Unknown journey... (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 206 times)


It was evening time, after some minutes Sun light going to vanish in darkness which going to become nite. A gal was driving her car and listening some music to kill her time due to boring journey as she was going alone to farm house. She got a call from her friend who came to India yesterday and she wished to meet this gal. This gal was happy to talk with her friend after long time, they missed each other almost for three years. They both are close buddies like soul sisters. This gal informed her friend that she is going to her farm house due to some work and she will come back to home on tomorrow. Her friend asked her farm house address and told her that she will also come to her farm house, to spend some time alone to catch up the missed things. This gal gave her address happily and excited to meet her friend after a long gap.

This gal reached her farm house after some time and got fresh. Her friend came there after half an hour, they both are so happy to see each other, they shared bone crush hug and started their gossip session. After taking dinner they went for sleep, at nite nearly eleven this gal got call from someone. She can't able to hear properly due to improper signal, without turning on light she went to garden which is back side of her house. Her friend was in deep sleep. This gal talked for little long and she din realize what happening inside her home. She disconnected the call and turned to come back, she noticed her room light was turned on, she thought her friend got up from bed due to her absence.

When she coming forward by keeping each steps, she looked at her room through window at some little distance. Seeing the view her feet came to halt, her blood stopped flowing in her body, Her mind went numb, words not coming out in shock. Her body went lifeless except her heart which is beating fastly, tears alone flowing from her eyes.

She was seeing the scene without blinking her eyes in shock, four men were brutally raping her friend, Her mouth was tied with cloth, one man was holding her both hands, other was playing with her assets, one man raping her with full of lust, fourth man was enjoying the scene with evil laugh.

This gal fell down on the ground in shock witnessing this horrible and disgusting scene. She din realize how long she sitting like dead person. She came to sense when she heard engine roaring sound. She looked at that direction only to find those men who taking her friend along with them. She tried to scream but sound not coming out from her mouth. She got up from ground and rushed there, before she reach that vehicle started to move. She ran behind the vehicle by keeping her hand in air like trying to catch that vehicle, but it went fast.

When she reached highway which was very little distance from her farm house, she din notice the car which was coming in her direction with full speed. When it going to almost hit her., she realized it and closed her face with her hands, she was ready to die after seeing such a brutal and cruel thing which happened to her friend.

A man of twenties came out of his car after putting sudden brake at last moment, he came and held that gal shoulder. Feeling some one hand, she opened eyes and looked at the man with blurred vision due to tears, she pushed that man in fear recalling her witnessed scene, she took step back and started to lose her conscious. Before she fall on the road, that guy came and held her in his arms.

Jan 3, 2015

My Life!!! Unknown journey... (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 219 times)

That guy looked at her face which was tear stained., seeing her state itself anyone can easily guess that something terrible happened with her. He tapped her cheek but no response., he lifted her and made her to sit inside the car. He took some water and sprinkled on her face still no use.

He started his car and drove towards nearby hospital. He made her to lye on the stretcher asking some nurse and went inside to meet doctor in his cabin. Doctor recognized him easily as he is the famous business tycoon in fashion world. Doctor uttered in surprise.,Mr. at this time... how can I help you? He replied., I brought one gal I don't know who is she and from where she is., She fainted suddenly in middle of the road so just come and check her. Doctor went with him and doctor informed nurse to shift that patient in ward bed.

Doctor treated her he asked nurse to give saline to that patient which she did immediately. Nurse went to the attender who brought this gal., she asked him about patient details. He replied., I dont know anything about her.. Nurse looked at him confused and she asked him to fill his details., your name sir... He uttered., Arnav Singh Raizada... Nurse asked few details and started to go.

Suddenly Arnav noticed something he shouted., wait... Nurse turned and looked at him. Arnav said., Patient name Miss. Khushi.. Nurse looked confused again thinking now how suddenly he came to know her name. Arnav pointed at that gal wrist where she put diamond bracelet with her name. Nurse understood and went from there.

Arnav met doctor and informed him that he going to his home., morning he will come. Doctor said okay and Arnav went from there.

Next day morning Arnav came to hospital before going office, he came to that ward and looked at Khushi. Doctor came for regular visit, Arnav asked him how is she?. Doctor replied still she din get conscious but soon she will. After talking little, doctor moved to next patient, Arnav started to go to office. Khushi opened her eyes slowly which nurse noticed it, she shouted for doctor who checking other patient. Nurse informed that patient came to conscious. Arnav who was at little distance, turned and looked.

When doctor approached her, Khushi looked him with horror eyes and started to remove trips injection from nerve, tears started to flow from her eyes, doctor tried to touch her to make her to stop but Khushi struggling and nodding her head as no, she trying to scream loud but voice not coming out. When doctor stopped his approach, Khushi held nurse hand tightly where her nails pierced that nurse skin, as she holding nurse hand in fear.

Arnav who looked everything came to them, he looked at Khushi and Khushi also looked at him like another man who came there. She can't recognize his face as she seen his face yesterday nite in blurred vision. Arnav tried to touch her shoulder but Khushi pushed his hand saying something which others can't hear where only air coming out from her mouth and she sticked with nurse. Arnav and doctor looked at each other, doctor called Arnav to come with him.

Doctor informed Arnav that something bad might be happened with her, seeing her behaviour she got mentally affected I think. And she trying to talk but she can't able to, May be she is numb or she lost her voice in shock, we wanna make her to come out of fear then only we can approach her. Try to find her family they only can help her now.

Arnav can understand the situation but how can he able to find her family. He got confused and dialed his sister number Anjali who running NGO for woman after losing her husband in accident. Arnav explained the situation to Anjali and asked her advice, now what to do. Anjali said to him first bring that gal to our home then we will try to find solution. Arnav replied that Khushi won't be ready to come with him as she not allowing anyone to come near. Anjali told him to wait till she reach hospital. Arnav disconnected his call and went to ward without going near to Khushi. Khushi clutched her bed sheet seeing him in fear, Arnav leaned on the wall folding his arms and looked at her.

Jan 6, 2015

My Life!!! Unknown journey... (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 198 times)

Khushi was scared that he also will do something wrong with her so she never left her gaze from him in fear thinking he might be come near to her. Arnav looking her scared face he just standing at one corner without moving maintaing decent distance from her thinking she might get fright. They both never stopped looking each other., one in fear and other in concern.

After few minutes Anjali called Arnav and asked him about ward where he is., Arnav gave details and told the way. Anjali came to ward and looked at Khushi who laying in bed and looking Arnav with fear. Arnav looked at Anjali and said., She is the one about whom I told you. Khushi looked at Anjali she got relief seeing some lady with her but curious thinking who she might be., as she talking with that man. Anjali smiled at Khushi and went near to Khushi., Khushi having fear thinking did they planning to do something with me. Anjali sensed her tensed face she said., Relax Khushi you are safe. No one going to harm you. I m Anjali and I m running NGO for woman., He is Arnav., my brother. And he only brought you here when you were fainted in the road. Khushi listened her words and she looked at Arnav who still looking at her. She felt Anjali hand on her head so she looked her with blank expression. Anjali asked Arnav to go and get discharge papers., Arnav nodded and went. Anjali told Khushi that she going to come with her to her home. Khushi looked her silently.

Arnav and doctor came inside., Khushi held Anjali hand tightly. Anjali sensed something about men bothering her. She know sometime she wanna wait to know about the reason. After finishing formalities they started to go., Anjali helped Khushi to come and Khushi also din leave Anjali in fear. Arnav asked., Di..are we going to NGO...Anjali replied., no you just drive to home. Khushi fearing about men and there few men's are working for us. First we wanna make her comfortable so our home is the better place. Arnav nodded and started to drive.

They reached home in some time. Arnav came out and opened door for them making sure to maintain distance with Khushi. Anjali asked Khushi to come.,Khushi looked at her surrounding. Arnav told Anjali that he wanna attend some meeting so he have to leave. Anjali told okay and send him off.

Anjali looked at Khushi and told here no one is there only she and Arnav alone living in this mansion so she no need to fear about anything. Khushi silently listened that's it. Anjali took her to room and told her to take rest. Anjali went to kitchen to prepare something for her.

After some minutes she came with toast and juice, but Khushi was sleeping hugging one pillow tightly to her chest. Anjali smiled and took back thinking no need to disturb her peaceful sleep. Anjali stayed with Khushi itself as she cant voice out so its better to stay with her to take care of her. Khushi waked nearly at lunch time, she looked at her room which is new then realized where she is. Anjali smiled and asked, how you feel now. Khushi nodded her head positively as response. Anjali said I will bring something to eat, you din eat anything from morning. Anjali bought soup for her and asked her to take, Khushi hesitated. Anjali assured her that everything will be fine and she can feel here as her own home. Khushi took soup silently nodding her head.Anjali gave prescribed medicine to Khushi after she finished taking soup, due to medicine effect Khushi slept again.

At evening Arnav came to home, Anjali brought his coffee, taking it Arnav asked about Khushi. Anjali said she is fine and she just resting in room. Arnav nodded simply. Suddenly Khushi came out of the room, seeing Arnav she stopped in middle and tried to go back. Anjali and Arnav noticed it, Anjali immediately called Khushi name. Khushi turned back and looked them. Anjali asked her to come. Khushi came half distance and stood in fear. Anjali went near to her and brought to the couch, she made her to sit there. Khushi clutching her dress due to Arnav presence. Arnav tried to go from there he don't want to scare her due to his presence. But Anjali held his hand and stopped, Arnav looked at her, Anjali assured her through eyes. Anjali asked Khushi, do you need some thing. Khushi nodded as no. Anjali said, okay you sit here I will bring some juice for you.

Khushi want Anjali to stay with her she don't wanna be with Arnav alone. Anjali went from there. Khushi was sitting with fear, Arnav was doing something in mobile. Khushi suddenly got up and started to go to Anjali. Khushi don't know the way to kitchen she looked here and there.

Arnav called, Khushi... Khushi turned and looked with fear clenching her both fist. Arnav uttered, straight then left..where Di is.. Khushi nodded weakly and almost rushed from there. Arnav smiled and started to continue his act in mobile.

Kalai: you again, glad to see you. How is ur health... You know when you finished that day itself I read your story but only last page I read :-P because I read at early morning, mom was shouting my name but I was reading it in I din comment that time. I loved Khushi and Anjali bond in that story, they both supported each other well in their difficult situation. And usual ****, by cursing him don't wanna waste my energy. Arnav hmmm he one stupid always do something without brain, then ll regret it for that. I dono anything about other characters, because din read full story na. I ll read it soon :)

I4Arshi: You read it rite on my preview, don't get confuse dear. At climax you ll come to know, what wanna happen but what happened unknowingly. Happy to see you guys here too.

Sanky: Cool gal, getting hyper not good for health ;) just for concept I wrote that scene. I hate those things that's Wy din write it in elaborate also. Dono again when you going to run from this site..he he he hide and seek your favourite game na.

Anamehreen: Thanks Yaar, your banner suits prefect here :) Thanks a lot for that. Hope you sucking others blood well ;).

Arshilover15: Thanks dear, don't say med was not same without me, I feel embarrassing. Many other good writers are there even more than me. But thanks for your compliment.

Arshi_shreya, Its_me_again,jelebigirl, Arshigirl, hemakalai, 94866Sree, Sreyalovearshi, Ilvashi, yasma thank you so much guys almost you guys staying with me in all stories.

Jan 9, 2015

My Life!!! Unknown journey... (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 224 times)

Khushi went to kitchen where Anjali is, Anjali looked at her with smile she asked Khushi, do you want something.. Khushi nodded as no and looked down. Anjali know the reason why she came here, here she trying to make her comfortable in Arnav presence first that's why she stopped Arnav when he tried to go inside, with one man presence itself Khushi not comfortable means then how can she will go out and how will she face this world. And now she can't pressurize Khushi asking or saying something regarding this as she still din come out of it fully. Anjali handed juice to her and they came out, Khushi came with hesitation but when she din get Arnav presence she got relief inside.

During dinner time Anjali called Khushi to come as she was resting inside the room. Khushi came out and when she came near to table, she stepped one step back. Anjali held her hand seeing this and made her to sit on his opposite side. Khushi looked at Arnav who already started to eat. Anjali served Khushi and asked her to eat. Khushi started to take every morsel seeing Arnav itself in some fear. Suddenly Arnav looked at her, Khushi lowered her gaze immediately and started to eat in rush. Arnav ignored it and then again when he looked., that time also Khushi seeing him. Arnav raised his eye brow like asking what. Khushi gulped her throat and fixed her gaze on her plate until she finish food. Arnav nodded his head and left from there after finishing it.

After cleaning the kitchen Anjali went to Khushi room and gave her medicines, she made her to sleep then went to her room. After some time, in sleep Khushi started to get nitemare, the scene which she witnessed is playing in her mind, she clutched her bed sheet in sleep and moving her head in pillow vigorously. She waked and sit with sweat on her head, she looked at her surroundings. She got fear in lonely room thinking some May come and rape her too like which happened with her friend. She removed her bedsheet and rushed out of her room to search Anjali who is the only one whom she depends on now.

Suddenly Khushi got bumped with Arnav who going to his room, they were standing close, Arnav was surprised to see her in this time. But Khushi eyes went wide seeing him she went three step back in fear. Arnav took one step forward to ask her what happen. Seeing him, Khushi looked at the vase which placed on the table, she took that vase. Arnav noticed it and uttered, what the... Khushi showed it like she will throw on him. Arnav said showing his hand, stop it Khushi its my favorite vase..saying he took another step to get that vase. Khushi again showed it like throwing on him, Arnav said in irritated tone, its cost 50,000 thousand damm it. Khushi looked at him then at vase. Arnav shouted to top of his core, Di.... Khushi got startled hearing his loud voice which made her to drop down the vase, Arnav eyes went wide. Khushi blinking her eyes innocently looking at him then at vase pieces.

Arnav looked at her he really don't know how to react on her. If there is some other normal gal he won't spare her but here Khushi is already not well in this he can't say anything. Anjali rushed out and shocked to see them and the mess. Anjali asked, what happened. Arnav replied, ask her what happen...saying he went to his room giving one look at Khushi who also looking him with puppy fear face. Anjali brought Khushi to her room and made her to sleep, Khushi din leave her hand, she held Anjali hand tightly and slept. Anjali also slept beside her on other side of bed.

Next morning, Arnav waked and got ready for office. Before going to office, to say bye he searched for his sister. Arnav went to her room where Anjali and Khushi is. When room door got opened, Anjali smiled seeing at her brother and Khushi looked him with gulping throat. Arnav too looked at Khushi but shifted his gaze immediately to Anjali and said, Bye Di.. Anjali said, eat your break fast and go. Arnav replied, I will take it in my office cafeteria but you just make sure that someone should not break any things saying he looked at Khushi. Khushi looked at him and with pouting face she lowered her gaze. Anjali was confused first then she got what he mean remembering nite incident.

Jan 14, 2015

My Life!!! Unknown journey... (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 217 times)

Early Evening time, some gals from NGO came to Arnav home. Anjali who opened the door for them got surprised to see and welcomed them warmly. Anjali asked them for their sudden arrival, gals said with joy that they came to celebrate Arnav birthday and planned to give surprise. Anjali bit her tongue as she forgot her own brother birthday itself. Every year Arnav will send lot of gifts to NGO on his birthday so this year gals decided to give this sudden surprise. Gals already bought the stuffs to do decoration, they started to decorate the hall.

Khushi who was in her room, came out and saw., hearing many giggles and laugh. Khushi looked them with surprise and also confused thinking who are they and what they doing. One gal noticed Khushi, and asked to Anjali. Anjali called Khushi to come, she introduced her to gals. Even though Khushi can't speak, those gals interacted with her talking many things about NGO and how Anjali and Arnav supporting them, why they planned this surprise...Khushi just listened to their words, they all are behaving lovely with her which making her to feel more comfortable. They finished decoration in some time, now all set to ready.

One gal rushed from outside saying, Arnav bhai came gals.. Other gals got alerted as per the plan they switched off the light and it became dark everywhere. Door was already open so Arnav came inside, he stood at entrance seeing the darkness. Suddenly balloon got busted and rose petals showered on him as it was hanging from ceiling. Arnav uttered, what the...looking every where in dark. At centre of the hall dim light started to glow which only giving light for that particular place where the cake was placed. Arnav started to come towards there, Khushi who was not aware of this plan, came from room sensing sudden silence, seeing the lighted area, both approached there from opposite side.

When they started to see other, they stood on the place where they are. Arnav looked at Khushi with surprise and Khushi looked him with nervous. Suddenly gals who were hiding in different places started to scream, Happy birthday Arnav bhai... Arnav eyes went wide with his what the... Arnav asked generally, whats happening here..Gals shouted, surprise... Arnav closed his ears saying don't make me deaf soon. Gals giggled seeing him. Anjali came and wished him, also asked sorry for not wishing early. One gal asked him to cut cake, Arnav raised his eye brows, that gal said, oh come on bhai we all are starving. Arnav nodded his head with smile, he blew the candle where others sang the birthday song.

When he cut his cake, gals childishly asked him for me only first piece cake, Arnav looked at them atlast he itself ate first piece saying, for me only birthday so I wanna eat first piece of cake. Gals looked him with open mouth. Unknowingly Khushi smiled seeing this, which Anjali alone noticed her smile. Arnav fed next piece to Anjali, and started to feed cake to all other gals, when Khushi turn going to come, she got nervous in fear but to her surprise Arnav din feed her, he just fed other gals and moved. Khushi sign in relief but still some where she felt bad as he ignored her completely. Anjali know the reason why Arnav din feed Khushi so she itself fed it on her mouth.

Gals gave some gifts to him, some one gave their paintings, one gal gave rose plant as he is fond of it, one gal gave one picture, when Arnav looked at it he was shocked seeing his own picture with moustache. Arnav looked that gal with angry, she just showed her tongue saying, you know bhai you looking cute in that..In all this one gal showed mug in front of him, Arnav looked at her confused, that gal said happy birthday bhai this is my birthday gift. Arnav noticed in mug was filled coffee, Arnav narrowed his eyes in confusion. That gal said, you love black coffee na so itself prepared with my own hand for you, as you birthday gift. Arnav rolled his eyes saying unbelievable and others gals laughed. One gal asked, bhai now where is our gift. Arnav replied, oh sorry this year no gift from my side. Another gal said with pouting, no bhai this is not fair, this year we all gave surprise party for you and you telling no gifts.

Anjali said, Arnav in your room I saw many gals dresses...for whom you bought or you itself planning to wear those...with that she chuckled. Gals shouted as yayyy..,Arnav gave angry glare to Anjali who pretended like I don't know anything. Finally Arnav went to his room and brought all the dresses. He gave dress to each gal, finally he took one red suit and went near to Khushi who was standing alone and looking everything as observer. He gave suit to Khushi, Khushi looked at him then at dress then at Anjali. Anjali assured her to get it from him, Khushi without looking at his face, took her suit and tried to say thanks but before that Arnav uttered, always welcome...and went from there. Khushi looked at him with surprise. Gals bid good bye and went from there as they were getting late.

Guys, about her friend you will come to know later just wait for some more updates.

Jan 18, 2015

My Life!!! Unknown journey... (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 224 times)

At nite, Khushi was simply laying on the bed. She tried to sleep but sleep was far away from her. She recalled today incident, those gals giggling and laughing how happy they were and thought about gals how they surprised Arnav, also how Arnav gave gift to all even he gave her too. Anjali came there she looked at Khushi and asked, don't you feel sleepy.. Khushi looked at her with pouting face and nodded as no. Anjali asked with smile.,shall we see movie. Khushi nodded as yes immediately as she was getting bore by laying on bed. Anjali asked her to come, Khushi got confused thinking where but she followed Anjali.

Anjali went inside Arnav room, Khushi hesitated to step in but Anjali said, come on Khushi my brother won't eat you... Arnav looked at her but he ignored her just to make her feel comfortable. Khushi came inside. Anjali told Arnav that many days happened seeing film by joining together so today we ll watch movie, even Khushi also din get sleep. Arnav looked at Khushi, even she too looked him but immediately they shifted their gaze. Arnav said, fine last week I got some horror movie are you okay with it. Anjali nodded yes and looked for Khushi answer. Khushi was excited to see horror film but also she was scared. Khushi looked at Arnav and Anjali she don't wanna spoil their wish so she nodded as yes.

Arnav played the movie. Anjali was sitting between Arnav and Khushi. They were seeing film in dark room no lights were ON. While they seeing Anjali went from there as she was getting sleep, she din call Khushi because she don't want to disturb her as she was seeing the film eagerly. Khushi din realize about Anjali way out. Later aft some time they showed like black smoke coming and appearing as ghost which having long hair, hollow eyes, blood at corner of mouth with long teeth, that ghost going to attack one man using long nails in finger, Khushi got scared and held Arnav hand tightly. Arnav was surprised and looked at Khushi but he din react to it he know very well seeing her face that she was scared but if she comes to know that she holding his hand, she ll get more scare and uncomfortable.

Seeing some horrible scene Khushi clinged with Arnav in fear thinking as Anjali. After some time film got over, Arnav looked at Khushi who was sleeping by keeping head on his shoulder. He don't wanna disturb her sleep also his Di was not here so waking her is not good as they were alone now. He switched his set with remote, and Sat on that place in same position thinking that he might be disturb Khushi from her sleep.

Next day morning, Khushi opened her eyes and got puzzled realizing her uncomfortable position. She raised her head and look at Arnav, she was shocked seeing their state. Khushi stood up from there and Arnav was still sleeping as he din sleep properly at night for long time due to her. Khushi thought how we slept like this, it was supposed to be Anjali. She rushed from there immediately. Anjali prepared coffee and came to Arnav room, she smiled thinking that while seeing film itself he slept in sitting position. She waked him, Arnav opened his eyes and tried to move but yelped in pain holding his shoulder due to Khushi who kept her head for long time. Anjali got worried and asked him, what happen Arnav... Arnav replied, nothing Di I think got sprain on my shoulder. Anjali said, okay I will bring medicine, who asked you to sleep like this...asking she went out to get medicine. Arnav remembered about nite and thought about Khushi, where she went and when.

Anjali was searching for medicine, Khushi noticed Anjali that she searching something. Khushi tapped her shoulder and asked in action what she searching. Anjali said, searching for medicine, Arnav got sprain on his shoulder he slept whole nite in sitting position na so only. Khushi felt guilty thinking because of her only he suffering in pain. Finally Anjali got and rushed to Arnav room. Khushi went behind her with hesitation and stopped at his room entrance, looked at Arnav who pressing his shoulder and his face showing pain. Anjali applied medicine on his shoulder by removing his t. Shirt little.

While applying Arnav yelped in pain, suddenly he noticed Khushi who standing at entrance with guilty face. He tried to look some where but before that Khushi held her both ear like asking sorry to him for this pain. Arnav was amused to see her and her gesture. Arnav nodded as no gesturing her not to feel guilty... He din feel that pain while conveying and receiving the gesture between them. Anjali finished applying medicine and asked him to take rest. Khushi left from there before Anjali notice her. Arnav smiled himself thinking about Khushi who looking like mature but still innocent and naive like child.

Jan 21, 2015

My Life!!! Unknown journey... (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 196 times)

Arnav got fresh and ready, he came to dining table for break fast where Anjali and Khushi arranging the stuffs. Khushi and Arnav looked once then shifted their gaze. Anjali served breakfast for him and asked, how is your pain Arnav...if it still pains you just take rest today. Khushi looked at him thinking her as a reason. Arnav said looking at Khushi, its okay now better... looking at Anjali he completed his sentence telling, you don't worry about me. Anjali smiled and nodded, Khushi silently ate her breakfast after hearing his words. Arnav went for office, Anjali and Khushi spent their time in home.

After Khushi came to their home, Anjali din go to NGO for even once, she thought Khushi might get scare if she left her alone in home. And also noticing that Khushi slowly started to come out of her turmoil what ever she gone through. After taking their lunch, Anjali got call from NGO and they asked her to come due to one couple who brought one gal to join in her NGO. Anjali kept the call she don't know how Khushi will feel if she leave her because till now she never left her side. Anjali asked Khushi about this that she will be comfortable or not, Khushi nodded positively for it. Anjali told her to lock the door and went.

Anjali went to NGO and met the couple they showed that gal who going to be in NGO here after. When Anjali asked about the details of that gal, that couple said while they going on some highway this gal was unconscious on road side bush, they took that gal and admitted in hospital. they tried to ask her about family but she was silent not saying any thing. Anjali asked them to fill some forms and got some details about them.

Arnav came to home early than usual due to his less work, he ringed the bell and waited for his Di who used to open daily. Khushi thought it was Anjali who came back from her work. Khushi opened the main door, both looked at each other and both got surprised because they din expected other to come. Both thought it will be Anjali. Khushi gave space for Arnav with fear.,to get in, Arnav went to his room directly. Arnav kept his stuffs and got fresh he came to hall and started to shout for his sister, Di...give me coffee.... Again after few seconds he shouted, Di..where are you...Khushi who heard his voice don't know what to do, first she thought to neglect it but hearing his second call, she took notepad and pen, started to write something. After writing it she came to hall, Arnav looked at her and he noticed that white paper in her hand which made him to confuse. Khushi looked at him then lowering her gaze she showed that paper to him. Arnav was more confused, with that confusion he took that paper and read "Di is not at home went to NGO"... Arnav took his pen and replied, Okay thanks for informing..he gave that paper to Khushi. Khushi read it and asked for his pen in gesture which he gave. Khushi wrote, shall I prepare coffee for you..she passed paper to Arnav. Arnav wrote as reply, Its okay...he again gave it to Khushi. Khushi read it and wrote something, gave to Arnav again. Arnav read her words ' I can't speak that's Wy telling in written, your voice not horrible then why replying like me in written' Arnav uttered, what the...looked at her who looking him with puppy face.

Arnav rolled his eyes and went to kitchen, he itself prepared coffee and came out with two cups. He gave one mug to Khushi, Khushi looked him with surprise. She hesitated to take it. Arnav said, my coffee also won't be horrible. Khushi took it with both hand. Arnav Sat on the couch and started to drink. Khushi took her seat at other corner and started to have. They both looking each other now and then but no convo between them.

Anjali who came late to home due to heavy traffic got surprised when she opened the door to see., Arnav and Khushi who having their hot coffee together.

Jan 26, 2015

My Life!!! Unknown journey... (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 220 times)

Anjali felt happy seeing Khushi who sitting in Arnav presence without fear, this is first step to come out of her turmoil. She smiled and came inside, Khushi looked at her first, Anjali asked, wow...what's going on here. Arnav replied with sulky face, ha coffee going on my throat. Anjali hit his shoulder, Khushi looked at him hearing his funny answer. Arnav asked, then what Di..can't you see we just silently drinking our coffee and you asking like that we both discussing some business deal. Anjali mocked him, yeah other than business deal what you ll discuss, your name wanna change as DSR...Arnav looked confused, Anjali cleared it saying, Deal Singh Raizada. Arnav gave angry glare seeing his sister who giggling, he uttered with fake smile, very funny.... Anjali replied, oh thanks.. Arnav went to his room saying, unbelievable.

Khushi all this time looked them with smile on her face. Anjali told Khushi that she will get fresh and come, Khushi nodded silently for that. At nite during dinner time, they all ate together. After finishing dinner, Anjali and Khushi cleaned the table, Arnav went to his room.

After doing usual stuffs Khushi started to go to her room, Arnav was doing something in mobile while coming there without noticing her he bumped to Khushi. Khushi lost her balance, before she fall Arnav held her waist. Khushi looked him with wide eyes, fear started to arise in her and her body started to tremble in fear remembering the nite incident. Arnav sensed this without thinking much he left her, Khushi fell on the floor with thud. Khushi rubbed her back after coming to sitting position, and pouted. Arnav asked her with concern, are you okay... Khushi looked at him with shock, he is the one who dropped her and now asking her are you okay...she looked him with open mouth. Arnav got amused and said, now don't give this reaction... When I hold you, you only got scared of me like I m some alien who came to destroy you, now when I dropped down.. you pouting your lips, when I asking are you looking at me with shock like I did some crime...ufff then what the hell I wanna do gal... Khushi got up from floor.

Anjali came and asked, what happened. Arnav replied, nothing Di Khushi fell on the floor. Khushi looked at him with anger, she immediately rushed from there making Arnav and Anjali to get confuse. Khushi came with paper after writing something she gave it to Anjali. Anjali read it loud, "He only dropped me on the floor". Arnav looked at her with shock, what the...Di when I held her she started to get fear about something that's why dropped. Khushi snatched paper and wrote something again, gave it to Anjali. Anjali read it, "he can make me to stand straight also but why he dropped me".

Arnav rolled his eyes, Anjali said, yeah you can make her to stand straight what's there to drop her. Arnav said looking some where, hmmm oh that time I don't know what to do so.... Anjali wanna laugh now they both behaving like kids only not a mature person. Anjali said finally, you both first go to your rooms and sleep. Arnav and Khushi looked at each other, by making face on each other they left from there to go to their respective room.

I know its very short update., I m not feeling well to write anymore so just gave small one.

Feb 11, 2015

My Life!!! Unknown Journey... (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 220 times)

It was a weekend, due to holiday there is no need to go for work so they used wake late in the morning than usual time. Khushi waked from sleep she got bored by simply laying on the same bed on the same place. She got up from bed and looked at the time which showed 7.15 am, she went and checked for Anjali who was sleeping still, without disturbing her she went back to her room and got fresh.

After getting ready she came to kitchen to prepare morning drink, she was surprised to see Arnav there. Arnav who was preparing his toast sensed some figure standing at the entrance of kitchen, he raised his head and looked at her who standing silently and looking at him. Arnav uttered, Good morning.. Khushi nodded like she accepted his wish. Arnav asked, do you want something. Khushi nodded as yes. Arnav asked her, do you want my help. Khushi nodded as no. Arnav took his toast and glass of juice, he came out saying, okay fine you help yourself. After he came out from kitchen, Khushi went inside and started to prepare coffee.

Suddenly they heard calling bell, Khushi continued her work thinking Arnav was there to check. Arnav went and opened the main door thinking who came at this early morning. When he saw two persons who standing with grin, Arnav was surprised to see his friends Shyam and Nikil. They shared their friendly hug and Arnav let them to come inside. Arnav asked them, when you guys came from states. Shyam replied, yesterday nite only we landed here. Arnav said with smile, happy to see you both and how about your business growth. Nikil replied, of course our business going well afteral me and shyam partners na... They were talking and laughing. Khushi came out taking her coffee cup, seeing the three men altogether and hearing their laugh, her body started to tremble in fear remembering that horrible incident.

Sensing someone presence Nikil looked at Khushi and got surprise to see new gal that too in Arnav home, shyam and Arnav too followed his gaze. Shyam was awestruck seeing Khushi whose skin was flawless and her curves at right places, he checked her figure from head and toe. Arnav looked at Khushi whose face went pale, he noticed her hand which was shaking little due to fear while holding her cup, he cursed himself for not taking his friends to his room before itself and how he forgot that Khushi will get fear by seeing men.

Arnav got up from there and went to her direction. Khushi looked Arnav with fear and when he reached certain distance Khushi started to keep her feet backward. Seeing it Arnav stopped moving in the middle and said to her, Khushi you go to your need to get fear about them they are my friends and they will go from here in some time. Khushi looked at his friends, she din like them as they seeing her without shifting their gazes any where.

Khushi rushed from there and Arnav again came back to his friends. Shyam asked immediately to know about her, Is she your gal friend? Arnav looked at him in shock and said, No..I don't have any gal friend. Shyam asked, then who is she.. Arnav said, her name is Khushi she can't speak. Nikil felt pity on her and asked, why she staying here. Arnav explained to them from the start how he found her and admitted in hospital, how she scared of men and why she living here. Nikil and shyam having different thoughts after hearing Arnav words about Khushi. Shyam just looked at the direction where Khushi went without involving convo with his friends.

After some time they bid good bye to each other telling that they will meet at some outside place. Before going shyam turned and glanced at the side where Khushi was gone, with hope he can see her again but she never came out after seeing them.

After sending them, Arnav got worried for Khushi he rushed to her room just to check her whether she is fine or not. When he opened her room door he was shocked to see Khushi who was crying terribly thinking about her friend who gone through that most worst and disgusted situation, she don't know whether her friend is alive or dead, also don't know what that men did with her after taking her from there. Arnav ran to her and touched her shoulder who was burying her face on her bent knee. Khushi got startled feeling some hand on her shoulder. She immediately pushed his hand and moved to other side of bed. Arnav again din tried to touch her knowing her state. Arnav said, Khushi everything is fine, please stop crying, what happened now no one can't harm you when I m here.

Anjali who came there after taking her bath, She got shocked to see Khushi like this thinking she was fine till yesterday nite and suddenly morning itself what happened to her. Seeing Anjali Arnav felt relief, he know his sister can handle her very well than him. Arnav said to Anjali, Di take care of her. Anjali nodded and Arnav went out looking once at Khushi. Anjali caressed her head and asked, what happen. Khushi fresh tears started to come out more as her friend state flashing on her mind. She hugged Anjali tightly like to find her solace on her.

Feb 23, 2015

My Life!!! Unknown journey... (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 212 times)

After that incident, Khushi again went to reserved state and used to take her food in room itself. Arnav felt bad seeing her state who just locked in that single room. Some where Arnav feeling guilty that because of him and his friends she got scared to come out like this and also he don't know how to erase her fear about men. Anjali tried her best to make her happy but other than weak smile nothing happened with Khushi.

Suddenly Arnav gave idea to Anjali that why she can't take Khushi with her to NGO which can bring change in her, also it will be helpful to vanish her fear by seeing some gals who also suffered and went through like this and now how happy they are. Anjali thought for a while she also felt it rite and wished to give try for this step. Next day when Anjali asked Khushi, did she like to join with her. Khushi nodded as no. Anjali tried to convince but Khushi din agree, she was not ready to face the world. For her this room became her world. When Anjali shared about this with Arnav, he suggested we need to take her to doctor soon she can't lead her life like this. Anjali also said yes and asked him to find good doctor for her treatment. Atlast Anjali made Khushi to come out of her room by asking help from her to prepare dishes. Khushi can't deny to help her as they only providing shelter for her. Anjali felt little happy at least for this reason she came out. Arnav got appointment from finest doctor, but it will be after two weeks as he is going for some conference in states. Slowly Khushi started to come back to original form by being comfortable in their presence.

But unexpectedly at one evening shyam came to home saying some lame reason, Arnav din feel it as good thinking about Khushi who might get scare again seeing shyam here. Shyam was scanning around whole house to get glimpse of her but Khushi was no where to be seen. He asked Arnav, are you alone in your home ? Arnav replied, no..Di and Khushi also here only in their room. Arnav said to him keeping Khushi in mind, we will go out some where. Shyam wanna be here so he asked him reason. Arnav was desperate to take him out before Khushi see shyam as she ll get scare. Arnav said with sulky face, being in home I feel bore we will just hang out some where saying he started to go to his room to bring car key without hearing shyam words.

Suddenly to shyam luck Khushi came down, Khushi looked at him and stopped on her spot. Shyam gave wide smile which made her to frown. She started to go to kitchen, shyam suddenly called her. She looked at him, he asked her can you bring water for me. Khushi without reacting went inside and brought bottle for him with her little courage. When he tried to get bottle from her hand, she just kept it on nearby table. Shyam was surprised on her act, when Khushi took one step back to go, he said, do you know how beautiful you are..hearing his comment Khushi fear started to develop inside her, her body started to tremble. Seeing her shaking hand shyam tried to hold her saying hey don't get scare of me.. Before he touch her Khushi rushed from there. While running she bumped on Arnav chest who coming from his room. Arnav held her waist and made her to stand steady, he looked at her state, sensed her body shiver. Shyam din like this view, because he was totally smitten by Khushi beauty on first sight itself. Before Arnav speak anything Khushi slightly pushed him and went to her room.

Arnav came to shyam and asked, anything happened here. Shyam replied, nothing I just asked water and tried to have talk with her but she rushed to her room. Arnav said, I already told you about her state then why again trying to talk to her, she need treatment. And please here after don't come to home till her recovery, we can meet outside any where. Hope you won't take my words wrongly. Shyam din like his words but he can't say it he just replied, I can understand it don't worry. Arnav smiled and said thanks, they went out after that.

sheryalovearshi: What you din understand dear. its just simple love story that Khushi got scared about men and lost voice seeing rape of her friend. how Arnav and Anjali supporting her and how she will fell in love with Arnav., how Khushi meets her friend and finally why those men raped her friend., who behind this. After Khushi gets her voice you will get answers for these. Now shyam character is to make Khushi to trust Arnav fully that's it. So shyam is little negative and Arnav is rescuer. If you have any more you can ask me.

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