"First kiss" is my first bliss. Completed

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Jan 1, 2015

"First kiss" is my first bliss (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 88 times)

Guys before reading this creation read the story "First kiss" changed my life - version2 its Khushi pov. http://hinditvadda.in/Entertainment/TvSerials/?revid=59360

It was pleasant morning, slowly Sun rays trying to peep inside their room where the couple laying on their bed peacefully. His sleep got disturbed due to the rays which falling on him and spreading its glow. He rubbed his eyes and looked down at his chest where his angel buried her face and sleeping by getting his warmness. Unknowingly his lips curved into smile seeing her beautiful face. He kissed her fore head and wished in low voice, Happy birthday pagli...without disturbing her sleep. He made her to lye properly on the bed and got up from their bed to get fresh. When he looked at her face, she was pouting due to lose of his warm body, he chuckled and kissed on her cheek this time. He took bath and got ready soon before she wakes, he went to office without informing her. He know when she wakes she will be upset with him but he wanna make this day as special one because his angel came to this world on this day few years back. While going to his office he was thinking how to make this day as unforgettable one, suddenly he got lost thinking about his angel how she entered into his life.

His thoughts...

I m Arnav Singh Raizada, family used to call me as Arnav and in business world I m ASR. I m blessed with lovable family, my family used to support me in all my wish, they never had any complaints about my decision.

I finished my schooling in Delhi, when I came out with distinctions, I told my wish that I wanna do higher studies in Harvard which they agreed instantly considering my happiness. I don't have lot friends but only selective ones.

I m studious person like my dad who is successful business tycoon in fashion world. You can say he is my role model and inspiration. To business world he is ruthless man but for me he is only my lovable dad. Always my family used to fulfill my wishes and needs before I ask them. I got my graduation sheet with high marks and made my parents to be proud.

Coming to gals, I used to avoid this matter. For me gals always used to demand or irritate others for some stupid stuffs. When I came to Delhi after completing my studies, my dad asked me to join his business. I too thought it as a good idea because I can get good knowledge, more than my dad who can teach well for me. I agreed with his decision and started my job in our own office.

Our office used to conduct campus interviews in some colleges to hire students when we need employees. As per company instructions our Hr team conducted the interviews to select the students, and if they got selected they have to work as a interns. But I wished to see it on live to know about conducting process so asked one of my worker to arrange it by fixing camera on that location which other workers not aware off.

They conducted the interviews, written test got over, group discussion was over which I din pay that much attention. Now its time for personal interview, they started to take interview, here I m just hearing their question and answers without looking., as I m doing my work.

While I doing my work, I heard my worker asked some gal, tell me about yourself. That gal started to say., after giving her intro that gal asked him questions, Sir if I got selected when I wanna join, and what amount you will fix for my salary, weekend will be holiday or working day, will I get festival leave or festival time also your office will make us to do work, How much period will take for you to give permanent offer letter, haan your company having cafeteria or not because I can't complete my work in starving, forgot to ask what about your office working hours, will they arrange cab for us otherwise we will come late due to this Delhi traffic....

I m stunned or you can say I m shocked, how much questions this gal will ask, won't her mouth get pain, who the hell taking interview to whom there. When I looked at my laptop, I saw my worker whose jaw drop down seeing that gal and hearing her questions. Then I looked at that gal who asking question like rapid fire round.,I can't see her face as she showing her back. I just uttered, pagli....

Jan 7, 2015

Shot- 2 (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 101 times)

Suddenly I got some call to my phone, I attended it and they informed me that I need to attend one meeting now. I kept my phone and looked at my laptop that gal already went and one boy giving his interview. After shutting down my laptop I went from there to attend my meeting. That day my dad din come to office so obviously I wanna take care of all things and stuffs.

At evening my mom called me and asked me to come for market as her car which she came got broke down. I started to go and reached in few minutes, I called my mom to inform where I m and asked her come there after buying her stuffs. I just came out of my car and stood there by leaning on the car.

Suddenly I heard some gal voice, " shut up give me" . I turned to that voice direction, where one slim figure talking..no shouting with two kids. One kid said, Di you can't have it..already you having cold. I thought, about what they talking then I noticed that kid having kulfi in hand. I m surprised and thought who is kid here. Kid talking like mature one but that gal acting like kid. That gal asked stubbornly, just give it..if I eat one kulfi I won't die with damm cold saying she sneezed. I just rolled my eyes seeing the scene. Kid also said sternly, I can't give you other wise your mom ll scold me. That gal replied, fine...you itself have it , last exam you got fail na and you itself put your dad signature in your mark sheet na I will tell to your dad then he will pamper you, saying she raised her eye brow. Immediately without any another word that kid gave that kulfi to her. I just thought, unbelievable.. and smiled like fool.

Some old man who crossed me seeing me as I m standing and smiling alone looking at that gal, he muttered if they saw any beautiful gal they won't leave them peacefully and chase them like mad. My smile vanished instantly I looked at the old man who going by saying this, that too by seeing me. How dare he can say like this, I m not mad to chase this mad gal who fighting for kulfi with kids. I noticed my mom who coming and searching for me, I showed my hand then she saw me and we left from there.

Next day in office when I got some free time, I clicked the interview footage file and saw it simply. Suddenly seeing one figure my eyes went wide, its none other than kulfi gal and I m surprised that she only that pagli who played rapid fire round on the interview. She is still behaving like child no maturity then how can she thinking that we will select her and more over she din allow him to ask interview as she was busy in throwing question back to back. I just nodded my head as impossible, closed my laptop and started to do my work.

After two days one morning I came out of my cabin as there is client meeting to attend, suddenly I heard my name.,Arrr..navv.. I thought who running train on my name by stretching it this much. I turned and saw the person only to get shock, one thought came into my mind that time "what the hell this pagli doing in office"..Which mad selected this mad gal...

Jan 13, 2015

Shot- 3 (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 95 times)

I never thought this gal will also call my name in my life. I hope she won't make me to go mad due to her abnormal state. I went near to her and uttered., yes.... How can I help you. I m waiting for her response and I expected she going to play rapid fire round with me but to my surprise she just blinking her eyes and looking at me. I thought she was day dreaming., I lost my patience so I snapped my fingers in front of her. she came out of her dream and said, ahaan... I asked her, are you okay...but no use she again went to day dreaming and I m just standing in front of her like fool and waiting for her words. I took deep breathe thinking where the hell I m stuck rite now. Again I uttered in disbelief seeing her statue form, hey... She finally said something with her stammering voice., woh.... I.... Conference room way... I asked her., are you new to this office. She just nodded positively. In my mind first question came was., are you new mad to this office...but thank god I din ask some thing like that. I smiled myself and said, its nice just go straight take left and from there rite.....

I told the way for conference room and I noticed her who again standing like statue., lost herself. Seeing her I just felt like to pull hair., not mine... thought to pull her hair to make her to come to get sense. Atlast I said in loud voice., Hey you got it... She just looked at me blankly, whattttt.... What you said. I looked at her with amused, I told you the way for conference room. she asked, when... I looked her with shock. I thought which idiot hired her before getting more damage to my company I need to fire him for hiring candidates like this. I said, come with me...She looked me with wide eyes., no my TL called me I wanna go conference room, she said hurriedly. I thought., M I calling to asylum actually the place you wanna be. I said, there only I too calling.. Come. she said like clever gal., she called me only not you.

I felt to bang my head on the wall and gave irritated look. She just uttered, sorry. Its waste to talk with her so I just started to go making sure this mad following me., not again day dreaming. When we reached I looked at her who went to statue state. I thought., not again... what's wrong with her with that I gave weird look. She said , Thanks for your help... Now move why looking at me saying she went inside. I looked at her in shock and uttered, what the.

I looked at her in disbelief who just went inside like as it is. Rolling my eyes I went from there. I went to meet my dad to discuss about some deal which is very important for our company. I went and asked my dad who looking tensed, what happen dad. My dad said in angry tone, we planned to discuss this important meeting now but still that mad din prepare the documents.

When I heard mad from my dad mouth I thought about pagli, she is not like as she look. Looking as innocent and naive but she is ready to make others to become mad by talking or by being in statue form. Suddenly I heard my dad loud voice, Arnavvvv., I came to sense and asked, yeah tell me dad. My dad looked at me by narrowing his eyes and asked, I already told you all and asking your opinion about this deal, where you lost and when you started to day dreaming. My eyes went wide thinking what the...atlast she making to me like her, no she can't do... I brushed her thought and tried to concentrate on our deal. My dad said looking at the entrance, see Arnav now only this mad came with file. I said immediately without looking who came, Here also why she came...I turned and looked at my manager and closed my eyes. My dad asked, Arnav are you okay..what happen to you...I telling about manager but whom you asking. I cursed my fate and said, hmmm..nothing dad shall we start meeting. My dad not convinced but he nodded as yes to my luck.

Lot work I had on that day so it took more time to start to my home from office, after completing my works I started to go to my home at 9.00pm, while I going I noticed some familiar figure standing on the road. When I reached near,my eyes went wide..wait...did she day dreaming no no nite dreaming...that too in this lonely road at this time. To check I stopped my car and lowered my window, her eyes went wide like seeing some ghost who came to disturb her dream.

Jan 18, 2015

Shot- 4 (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 87 times)

I looked at her and thought., from where she jumped and came here., after seeing her face only aa I wanna go home for sleep., hope she won't come as a nightmare to disturb my sleep. After she saw me I can't leave her alone and go. As a gentle man just for formality I asked, shall I drop you...I also thought, she wanna say no to my offer because I can't go with this pagli., I need some good sleep tonite., if she came with me my sleep itself run away from me. I was waiting for her denial eagerly but when I looked at her this damm gal again started to dream with open eyes. I asked with loud voice, hey I m asking you....She looked at me blankly, I asked, what happen..any problem... In my mind I thought., oh god what going to happen... she itself problem only now. My mind chanting please tell no...only no...As I wished she replied, no its okay I m fine I will go. Now I love this pagli no no I just love this pagli answer, I said taking this chance, then okay go safe bye...

Suddenly she screamed, no... I looked at her by closing my ears and asked, what...why you screaming. she said with hesitated voice, hmm...you insisting...so I m ready to come with you. I looked at her in disbelief thinking suddenly what entered into her mind and I smirked asking her, When I insisted you....Her face dropped down when I said, seeing her face I can't help, I chuckled looking at her which only made her to pout. I opened my car door without any choice and said, come....she just looked me with glee, instantly she came and sat beside me. Suddenly she said with her smile, thanks my hot demon.. I looked at her thinking, what I heard from her is rite or not, I raised my eye brow... Wait...now why she blushing stupidly, did I kissed her or did I asked her for date.. Oh Arnav..date and kissing this pagli...wow that will be the funniest moment in my life. She asked, what...I asked her, what you said now...Suddenly her eyes went wide and looked at me. I asked again, what you said tell me.. She uttered, thanks...I said, complete it. She said thanks...my..hot demon..

I thought, what the.. so I heard it rite..she said hot demon...that mad gal saying me demon. Suddenly I heard her voice, woh I m sorry... I used to read vampire stories...and I was scared thinking abt demons, witch, suddenly you came..so.. I... I rolled my eyes thinking talking to her and listening to her all waste of time only so I said, forget it...I asked her, where you wanna go...she replied, where ever you want... I asked in shock, whatttt...thinking I m going to asylum baby, do you wanna come with me. She said, sorry...to my home.. I looked at her amazed thinking, oh really..I thought you going to asylum where you wanna be.. I asked, where is your home... She asked, why asking.. This time I got irritated and said,of course to drop you... I looked for her answer but this damm gal again lost some where, I thought she itself thinking to join asylum. I kept hand on her shoulder, she turned and looked, seeing my hand she started to blush until I shove her thinking Oi I not doing any intimate with you to blush. She came to reality I looked at her with angry and asked in warning tone, you going to tell me your address or you going to get down from my car. Now she said, lakshmi nagar.

I started to drive in complete silence, after sometime we reached, I opened the door for her she looked at me and said, what happen...your car got repaired aa... no problem we can get some shelter for to nite to stay. My eyes went wide hearing her words, man this gal brain got completely collapsed no no she don't have brain itself. I said, your house came.. Again she got lost damm it, I held her wrist losing my patience, she looked me with shock. I made her to get down. She smiled sheepishly and started to leave that place, while she going I asked her name like to offer award for worlds most sanak queen, hey whats your name... She turned and replied, Khushi... Khushi kumari Gupta.

I nodded and Sat inside. Suddenly she turned and shouted, thanks demon...I gave angry look and said, you are not welcome... Her mouth turned into 'o' which I looked in the mirror when I started to drive, I smiled myself seeing her and left that place, left that pagli.

Jan 23, 2015

Shot - 5 (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 83 times)

At nite when I went for my sleep on bed I recalled about that day incidents, finally it came to end with Khushi. I remembered her stupid answer and how her facial expression changing each time, in that cute one is when her mouth was opened after hearing his word 'not welcome'. Suddenly I realized what I doing, I m also going like mad which I never did. Brushing her thought I covered myself and drifted to sleep.

Next day morning I was in deep sleep unknowingly that pagli came into my dream, when someone waked me, I shouted pagli just leave me... as she came to disturb. Suddenly I heard my name in loud voice, Arnav...I jerked from my sleep and looked at my surrounding then at my mom who looking me in shock. I immediately said, oh its you...I thought pagli..My mom gave weird look, after nodding her head she left from there. I kept hand on my head muttering, this pagli making me as pagla...

I went to office early than usual due to some work, I got forgot some file in my car so I came out from my cabin, while I going out somebody was blocking and standing there. When I looked at that person face, I m shocked and thought what the hell this pagli doing at entrance by closing eyes and standing as statue. After few seconds she opened her eyes, and she was shocked. I thought seeing her weird behavior others only wanna get shock but why she was shocked now. Suddenly she uttered, laddu cancel.. I asked in disbelief, what... She cleared her throat like she having throat problem and said, what...now why you blocking my way...move aside. I said, excuse me... thinking what the hell wrong with this gal and who the hell blocking here. She started her blabber telling, no..you are not excused...never ever... without getting excuse also why you disturbing me...I looking at her with amused expression. She went from there telling , stay away from me...stay...away....did you get that... I thought while making her god forgot to give brain, I muttered Pagal and went to take file from my car.

After some time while I was busy in work my manager came and informed , our company conducting free medical camp for their employees, every employee wanna attend it and we need to arrange place for them. I told him which floor they can occupy for the medical camp. Suddenly some thing clicked in my mind, I finished my pending work soon and went to search for pagli, see atlast she made me to search her itself. I went to the floor where they checking our employees, I just scanning the floor to find her and I got success in it.

I rolled my eyes thinking here also she was lost some where, without thinking much I held her wrist. Shewas shocked to see me, I told her to come but she again busy in usual hobby which is losing her sense and getting lost some where so I started to drag her and took her to one of the doctor who was busy in checking other employee. I left her hand and told that doctor, "leave others..first check this gal, I think she having brain defects..." and also I added seeing her shocked face, doctor if she have serious problems send reports to me, I will arrange treatment for her...she looked me again with open mouth...aaaw this is look is chooo cute.. my mind screamed, what the hell you thinking Arnav...I left from there leaving her.

I was standing and going through some file, someone barged inside my cabin and held my collar, how dare that person. When I looked at pagli I was shocked. No one behaved like this with me but what the hell she doing now. She shouted, how dare you said like that to doctor, did I gone mad, if I going mad its just because of you demon, don't come in front of me otherwise what I will do I itself don't know, why playing on my nerves, I told you na stay away, can't you listen....I thought wow..pagli changed into tigeress avtar..hmm interesting suddenly I kept my finger on her lips which is so soft, she looked at me in wide eyes. Sudden thought came to my mind, how her soft lips will feel on my own hard lips instead of my fingers...this thought made me to get shock myself how can I think like this that too with this pagli. I wished to caress her lips with my fingers to feel her softness for some more time, but I m ASR not some teenage guy who running and wasting time behind some gal. I composed my self and my feel.She uttered,ha..I again said breathe. She closed her eyes to compose herself. Without realizing myself I admired her. My mind warned me to stay away so again I started see the file..

Suddenly she stamped my foot shouting loud, I just hate you...I was amused and asked her whom you love first..her eyes went wide and looked at me. She asked, haan..what.. I said, if you hate someone first you wanna love that person rite..she said blankly, rite.. I asked with smirk, so whom you love. She stammered like kid who caught red handed, no...noone..saying she rushed from there looking back at me to hit my cabin door which was closed, I uttered careful.. She caressed her head and went. I can't help myself, I smiled and thought, she and her craziness...she is mad for sure but still she is cute.

Suddenly I got one call regarding client meeting and I need to go also its about pagli department. I don't know how and when I started to love her madness so I went to meeting hall and collected some files from Khushi team leader and also told her to send Khushi with me.

After some time she opened the door only to get shock, seeing me with her team leader. Her team leader calling her but she still looking at me in lost state May be in anger. She heard loud voice from team leader. She replied, ha tell me why you called. Her team leader said, you have to accompany him to attend one client meeting. She shouted, whatttt.. No I can't go with him any where. Her team leader asked, do you know who is he. She said in confident, I don't wanna know.. I m one employee and he is also one employee, he may be senior but that doesnt mean I will go any where with him where ever he calling.

I was amused, man still this pagli don't know who I m... Unbelievable. Her tl said in anger, he is Arnav singh raizada... Before she completes she said He is Arnav singh raizada or demon singh raizada, I don't care. What the.. How can she use demon name in public. Her tl also shocked and said He is our boss son. She said immediately, then I m our boss daughter. Team leader and I both looked her like alien then she realized what tl. said, she screamed, what....she looked at me and I raised my eye brow, she lowered her face and uttered, sorry...looking me she asked, shall we go sir...I just felt to kiss her then and there seeing her pouting, I smirked nodding yes, she followed me back.

Feb 16, 2015

Shot - 6 (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 86 times)

I started to go from there, and she following me like obedient student. I still can't believe that she don't know about me and my position in this office. Hmmm of course how she will know always she used to dreaming only na.. I stopped in the middle to make sure that she following me or me, suddenly she bumped on my back. I turned and looked at her, I amused to see her who looking at me with one eye closed and one eye opened. I folded my arms on my chest and gave her unbelievable look seeing her antics. She opened her both eyes and looked down like there is no one innocent as she is. I asked, what's wrong with you...she uttered, you..I asked her in amu****t, whattt... She stammered saying "woh...you stopped in middle na...I din see that's why bumped on you". I looked at her thinking no need to waste my time as I m getting late, I just started to move silently without replying back. After taking my laptop and we both went from there.

I got client call so I fixed Bluetooth on my ear and started to drive, I noticed from corner of my eyes that mad gal staring at me like I m some alien, I ignored it and just concentrated on my driving and client talks which I receiving. Finally we reached our destination, I looked at her and rolled my eyes thinking, damm it again she started her hobby, don't know always where she getting lost. I called her name but madam was still busy in her dream. I just felt like I wanna enter into her dream to crush her neck so that next time she won't get any damm dream in her whole life. I tapped on her shoulder, she jerked and came out from dream land, I gave her irritated look for making me late.

I asked her, are you planning to be here itself... I m surprised to see her thinking, Man...again she started to dream. With my closed eyes I called her name controlling my anger, already my client waiting here but this gal not ready to come out from thoughts. Again I called her in anger and she came back to her sense. I asked, what's the hell Khushi..She said with puppy face slowly, sorry shall we... I started to move telling come fast, she followed me silently, thank god again she din go back to her dream land.

I looked for my client, he was sitting on place where we reserved. We both went there, After shaking hand with him we started to discuss our stuffs for which I came, while talking I m looking at Khushi too, smile came on my lips seeing her who again lost some where. I m shocked to see her as she blushing furiously. I thought, what the hell going on her mind..suddenly thought came to my mind did she having boy friend did shared any intimate or romantic moment, May be remembering that she can blush. I din like this thought that she having someone in her life to share those moments. I m struggling now to discuss with my clients, I can't able to concentrate on his words.

He asked me, Arnav are you okay. I felt embarrassed that I got caught because I never lose my concentration on damm meeting but now this gal distracting my mind. I steadied myself and came back to my professional one. Suddenly I m shocked to see Khushi who sleeping with little open mouth. I uttered myself, what the.... how can she able to sleep like this. My clients chuckled saying, I think your employee got bored hearing our business talks. And asked me, why you brought her. I thought myself how can I tell him that I like to spend time with her. I myself blushed as this is my first time I feeling like this. I don't know what to answer him, he got call at that time so I m escaped from that question. After that call he went from there for some urgency. Who cares as I m not in mood to discuss about any deal.

I looked at the sleeping figure and lost myself thinking how it will be if got to see this view at every morning on my bed. I just felt to close her mouth with mine. Suddenly waiter came and asked, Sir anything you want. I came out from my thought in shock thinking, when I m changed fully like her... Here she is sleeping and without waking her I just dreaming about her. Waiter called me, Sir. I came to sense again and nodded as no. I got angry on myself how can I lose my sense. I tapped her she opened her eyes and looked at me. She looked here and there,asked in hurry, where is your clients... I replied with gritted teeth, he went. She asked, but when I din see. I said in anger as I lost my sense because of her in front of my client and also waiter, when you are busy in your sleep we finished our meeting and he left from here. She gave big yawn which irked md more. I started to shout her, how can you sleep at our meeting Khushi, what our clients will think about us, and also you are sleeping with snore. I felt damm embarrass when client giving weird look...suddenly she uttered while I m busy in yelling, "I need sleep".

I looked at her in shock and said, "here I m scolding you but you telling you need sleep". She said with yawn,"because I need". I looked at her in disbelief thinking what stuff she is, I just turned and went silently, she followed me. She sat inside the car, and ONed AC, folding her legs on the seat silently drifted to sleep. All the time I looked at her thinking from which planet she jumped from. I started driving without wasting my time other wise her presence itself enough to drive me crazy.

When we reached her home, I looked at her who still sleeping like kid. I don't wanna to disturb her beautiful sleep but I need to. I came to her side and opened the door. I looked at her face and caressed her fringe feeling her skin little which was so smooth. I just felt to feel her skin on my lips, brushing my gutter thoughts I lifted her and she hugged me instantly which aroused my feelings for her. I took her to her home and voiced for her parents as door was already open. Her mom came and got shocked, I just told her what happened. Her mom itself gave disbelief look at her daughter who buried her face on my chest. She allowed me inside and showed her room, she went inside to bring water for me. I scanned Khushi room and made her to lye on the bed. When I tried to leave her, she murmured, demon kahike... I hate you.. Sho sho go from my dream...I m shocked and amused hearing her sleepy words, after these words something she said but its not clear. I chuckled seeing her pouting in her sleep. Her mom came and gave me water, I just drank it and went from there looking at her once.

Next day while I talking with cousin sister, some one came there I looked at that person and got surprised seeing Khushi at my place, he asked my cousin to go. After she went, I asked Khushi,do you need something...she stammered, I...I... I controlled my smile and asked in teasing tone, you going to propose me? She was shocked and screamed, no..I chuckled seeing her reaction and asked her why she came. She said, "thanks for dropping me yesterday.. but how you lifted me". I raised my eye brow thinking m I heard it rite question. She uttered sorry and started to move. How can I let this opportunity to go and that too after hearing her sleepy words. Suddenly to her shock I lifted her in my arms, she screamed, "hey demon leave me down what you doing". I said with smirk, "you only asked me how I lifted you, that's why I showing you how I did" she looked me with open mouth. Aaaw What a kissable lips I dropped her down and burst in to laugh seeing her horror face, she just ran from there like blind gal by waving her hand which made me to laugh aloud.

Feb 20, 2015

Shot - 7 (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 87 times)

After she went from my cabin, I can't able to concentrate on my work, I just laughing thinking and recalling about her shocking expression which is worth watching. Even I din realize when my dad came to my cabin as I m engrossed in my pagli thoughts. I heard loud voice from my dad, Arnav what's so funny...I came to sense and made my face straight. My dad asked, did you gone mad why laughing like a fool. I thought, what the...mad..fool..that too me..haaww all because of that pagli, I hate her. My dad informed me that he going to meet some clients so asked me to attend his meeting here. I just nodded as positive, he gave weird look and went. I closed my eyes uttering, damm Khushi...

I started to go for attend my meeting which arranged on another floor, I waited for lift. After some seconds lift came when it got opened, I m surprised to see the figure who standing alone inside, its none other than pagli. I just looked at her thinking wanna be myself other wise I will spoil my meeting if I had conversation with this gal.

Suddenly we were shaken, she screamed top of her core, aaah...demon cyclone...I don't wanna die I m single daughter to my parents....If something happens to me what they will do. I know elders will say if lovers can't unite in life they will die together but no I don't wanna die with a demon..... You also felt na ground shaking, won't you get scare... I looked at her with disbelief and gave weird look thinking did she really don't know the difference between earth quake and cyclone, did her brain got damaged that much.. She asked me, what... I said, if earth got shake its called earthquake not cyclone. She bit her tongue, I think she realized herself that she is mad. And also I added,its not earthquake..we got stuck in lift. She asked, whattt...you and me got stuck... in one lift... Suddenly she started to sing, hum tum ek lift room me bandh ho...whatt,I almost screamed hearing her lyrics some where her voice and her damm lyrics tempted me my mind telling, yeah baby we both are locked in lift shall we take advantage.

Her eyes went wide and said, nothing we both got stuck in lift na, so just for timepass I m singing. I went close to her for making me to go insane and uttered, oh really... She gulped her throat, she said in nervous, ha really.. Again she started to sing, which made me to keep my finger on her lips to feel that petals saying, stop it. I scanned her face, she got lost looking at me, now I wished to read her mad mind thoughts and wished to know her feel.

Suddenly she hold my knuckles where my one finger touching on her lips, she lowered my hand so that fingers drawing a line on her chin, neck, chest... When it came near to her cleavage she pushed me saying, stay away from me... What are you trying to do.. Always why you coming behind me. I looked at her with shocking expression, what the... Here she almost seduceing me and now she throwing her tantrum against me. I asked her, who coming behind you. She said confidently, of course you only... First I only came inside this lift. I replied, its just a accident but some time before you came to my cabin knowing that I m there that's called incident. She became silent in some thoughts. I asked now do you understand... She said, what there to understand about incident accident detergent and al... I know very well.

I looked at her amused thinking now detergent where it came from. Before I say something lift got opened.she rushed to go out, I just held her duppata, without looking me she said, demon leave it..what others will think..I m saying leave my dupatta. I smirked myself and made her duppatta to stuck on railing. I went to her front like innocent and said, if I hold only I can leave....first start cleaning your thoughts, you detergent ki dukhan. She looked me with wide mouth I just chuckled inside myself and started to go leaving pagli alone who going to go for day dream again.

Feb 24, 2015

Shot -8 (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 95 times)

After I went to meeting hall also I just recalling those incident which happened in the lift with that pagli, I chuckled myself remembering her open mouth when I left her from there. Just one thought came to my mind, rite now what she will be doing, did she went to her place or still day dreaming on that same place. I nodded my head simply thinking her to be chanceless person. Suddenly I heard voice, what Mr. Raizada are you not okay with this idea. I came to sense and asked, haan.. What were you telling. He asked me, you nodded your head as no na so asking are you not okay with it. I closed my eyes and opened it thinking damm it how I can lose my sense, this gal making me to get embarrass in front of others. Again he asked, What happen.. Do you want some changes in our plan. I replied, no nothing its fine, once you give your documents I will review it and inform you about this deal. He agreed for this, thank god because I din hear about his any damm words so I don't know with what plan they came here, that's Wy I need document to go through, other wise I m dead my dad will start to chop my head.

At evening, I went to meeting hall to meet my staff from branch office who interacting with this office staff members who are in his lower level designation. When I opened the door, my gaze first fixed on my pagli, who looked at me with wide eyes. I noticed my staff asking her to introduce herself, but she was busy in checking me. He uttered, excuse me Miss.. She came to sense. He asked her name and she spelled, detergent ki dhukhan... My eyes went wide, did she really told it that too in front of all. Man after telling also she don't know what she said and asking simply to others 'what'. My staff also said, Miss detergent ki dukhan which made her jaw drop down. Again he told the same this time she screamed, I m not detergent ki dukhan.. I just laughed without controlling it. He told her that she only told her name like that. I felt pity for her so I spelled her name, Khushi kumari gupta. She looked at me, she is in anger but why, she itself told her name like that what I did to her. When meeting got over, I just pulled her which made her to get startled and she is in angry mode. I asked her with serious face, Khushi I have one doubt..you are always like this or for only some special time. She crunched her eye brow and asked what do you mean. I replied, I mean your madness. Her mouth got opened hearing this, I just thought that time, damm you Khushi close your pretty mouth other wise I know how to close it that too with my lips.I raised my eye brow. She said, this is not fair... who asked you to come inside on that time. I said in amused tone, that's my wish whenever I can come...also everything is fair in love and war...saying I went from there.

while going I remembered about some thing so again turned and started to go back. While moving I noticed pagli who looked here and there like she going to do some robbery, she went inside manager cabin just came out after taking one rose. I m surprised to see her antics, always she amazes me with her madness.. no.. cuteness will be perfect word. I m curious to know what she going to do with that rose. I followed her and looked at her from distance, I m shocked to see when she started to pluck its petals one by one by uttering some words. When she plucked last one her face frowned but why..I don't know its reason. Suddenly her manager went near to her and asked something, seeing her face I guessed something she replied in frustration. And her mouth came to open state which is my favourite, now I m damm sure that pagli did something wrong. I don't like she getting scold from some other person so I just dialed her manager number just to rescue her.

After her manager went from there, she closed her eyes and prayed to god in relief. Don't know she prayed or made god itself to go mad by her antics.When she opened her eyes, I standing in front of her with smirk and I showed my phone, she looked keenly at my phone, she looked me with wide eyes after seeing the name on my phone. she cleared her throat and asked me, what... I asked looking at her table, what is this... She explained, oh don't you know...this is wooden table with nice finishing and this is system..in this only I will do my work, if you want more detail I will tell, this is keyboard where alphabets are misplaced and we wanna search and type for words, this is mouse... not rat babies, this is system mouse using this only we can do clicking option, this is monitor..... I got irritated on her damm explanation, Shut up, I shouted. She closed her mouth with hand. I asked her, do you think you are very smart. She asked as innocent , when I said... I told her indirectly your answers saying. She asked with glee, really... Ha you asked me simply seeing my table what is this so I explaining everything to you. I just rolled my eyes and asked, I m asking about roses. She said with sheepish smile, arranged for our date, you too take your place.

I looked at her with shock and my heart reached sky high just by hearing that mocking reply. She asked suddenly why can't you go to some other office. I looked at her in disbelief uttering, excuse me... She said, why saying means I heard that your dad having many branch office in India and also in abroad, while you having that much offices why you came here specially, can't you go to some where else. I asked her folding hands on my chest, why I wanna go. She said in frustrated tone, because I can't go. I uttered what... She told with her anger, Ha... I can't go out from this office because I don't know I will get another job or not but you can go na you having many offices. I went from her place saying, don't know which idiot hired you for this job. I can guess she is looking with me in open mouth which always tempt me.

Next day it was special occasion for me, because its my birthday as well as AR foundations day. Always our company will celebrate it by inviting all staff members and with some special chief guest to honour it. I was completely busy on the day to make all arrangement for functions, side by side attended video conference, don't know how time went on that day. Really that time I missed pagli very much, she is the one who can take me to different state by her antics and blabbering, today whole day I din see her due to tight schedule hope she too missed me.

At evening function started, one by one started to go on stage, I too joined them and took my place. My eyes scanned for my pagli, I m satisfied by seeing her who already looking at me. Function started with lighting Dia, our chest guest spoken some words, then one by one started to come and speak. In all this time I was just seeing my pagli and her expression. I m sure she din like this function, who ll love to hear some unnecessary lectures from speakers. Finally my dad went to speak My dad uttered, I would like to do some special announcement on this grand day regarding my son... I became alert and looked at my dad. My dad continued, On this special occasion I m declaring that my only son who also part of AR designs, going to get engage with my business colleague daughter Lavanya khashab. My heart screamed No..I m stunned on his declaration how can he announce here without discussing with me. I looked at her she lowered her head I noticed her face became pale and lost it color. I m shocked to see her single tear which flowing and shining on her cheek, so she trying to hide it from me. I just wished time to go soon I need to talk with my pagli, marrying some one became unbearable for me. I never had any feeling for any gal but here the gal who gave those feel was sitting and crying silently for me. Lot of thoughts running in my mind how to stop this engagement, and before that I wanna talk to Khushi to know what she feels about me.

When function got over, I tried to reach Khushi but I was stuck with my business associates who started to wish me happy birthday when I m not happy. After escaped from them I came out and searched for Khushi but she was no where to be seen. Suddenly fear gripped me, she just left this place or she left from my life itself.

Feb 25, 2015

Final shot (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 96 times)

On that nite I m going restless thinking about pagli and her beings, I know she also have some feeling for me but the question is till what extent. Her tears stabbed my heart like I m her culprit. I just wished soon morning wanna come so that I can meet her in office. It was a sleepless nite for me.

Next day morning I went to our office early itself, I just fixed my gaze on the entrance and waited for my pagli but she din come which making me to go insane. When I decided to go to her home, my dad called me for some important work and I got busy with that, and to sign some deal I went for Mumbai immediately which is really important for my company. I cursed my fate as I don't want anything in my life except my pagli but for my dad I need to go. And one thing I decided what ever happens I can't do this engagement. After signing the deal I came back to home on my so called engagement day, all are busy in doing arrangements for which I m not interested. When I heard all staffs are coming to my engagement, I thought about Khushi she will also come here or not, but how can she will come here when I m the reason for her tears.

At evening all started to come for function, I decided I wanna talk with lavanya immediately to call off this engagement. My mom asked me to get ready, I just closed my room door and started to change my dress, I din like to go out so to get some peace I opened pool side door and looked at the moon which was glowing brightly.

Suddenly I sensed someone standing here on the other side. To my shock it was none other than my pagli. I can't believe my eyes how she came here. I looked at her beautiful face where her eyes are closed. Like sensing my gaze she opened her eyes and looked at me she also shocked to see me. I started to approach her, but to my surprise she started to move back ward, I din stop my steps atlast she leaned on the wall and I stood in front of her with closeness. She clutching her dress in nervous and her breathe getting heavy. I tucked her fringe behind her ear to get clear view, she closed her eyes feeling my touch. She looked divine, I rounded her petite waist with my arm and cupped her soft cheek where her lips were quivering which tempting me to take.

I placed my lips on her soft petals.My fingers were playing on her waist, my other hand was caressing her cheeks and my lips tasted her gloss which she coated on her lips, I started to give gentle kiss. On each second I deepening my kiss more and more which making me blissful by feeling her skin and taste, after tasting her gloss, I bit her lower lip which made her to open little I entered my tongue inside her mouth, my tongue played inside her, this time her arm held my shoulder for support, her closeness arousing my inner feelings and desires which buried for this much long years. Her another hand cupped my hard cheek she caressed it with her soft fingers which I loved to feel, while my tongue exploring her mouth, she also started to play the same with my tongue, I m surprised and stopped doing it I took it back. She opened her eyes and looked at my eyes while I looking at her. She took her arms from me, she tried to go from my hold, she took two steps forward crossing me as my hold was loose on her which is free to move, without letting her to go this time I caught her wrist she turned and looked at her wrist where my hand holding, then looked at my face. I pulled her towards me with such force which made her to crash on my chest, without creating any gap between us we looked at each other I lowered my face and my lips touched her like feather touch I uttered kissing her lips, kiss me... She looked at me and she feeling nervous to initiate her first move, her one arm rounded my waist,other went on my nape, she looked at my eyes then at my lips, with closed eyes she pressed her lips on me which made me to feel heavenly, she started to suck my lips which giving goose bumps., her fingers playing with me hair. I itself parted my lips giving way for her tongue which she did as I want she explored my mouth completely, when my finger circled on her navel, she sucked her stomach inside and gasped inside my mouth. I felt she suffocating to breathe which made me to take my mouth from her, with closed eyes she relaxed by taking enough oxygen to fill her lungs. Unknowingly our forehead rested on others, her breathe falling on me, mine on her.

I noticed lavanya mom coming towards us by taking this chance I confessed there itself so that her mom can hear it, I love you Pagali....Khushi eyes shot open in shock. I expecting her answer but to my surprise she just kissed me again throwing her arms around me in happiness which I welcomed warmly. Suddenly as I thought I heard some sound like plate dropped on floor. We stopped kissing looked at the person who got shock, she rushed from there seeing our kiss. Khushi asked me, Arnav she... I said with smile, lavanya mom. She looked me with horror, Arnav she saw our first kiss. I said with smile, so what...she wanna see it that's why I kissed you for long time. She looked me with open mouth May be thinking that I gone mad, I kissed her cheek saying not more than you. She pouted her lips, I chuckled and hugged her, she rested her head on my chest hearing my heart beats we both find solace on each other.

After that kiss everything changed in our life. As I thought lavanya mom stopped this engagement and my parents got angry but I convinced them, considering my happiness they talked with Khushi parents later everything gone well and our love became success one, finally we tied with each other to spend our life together happily.

At present

Arnav finally got idea how to make it as unforgettable day, he did some call and asked them to come to the place where he decided to celebrate his wife birthday. He informed his secretary to make call to his wife to inform her to come. Arnav reached that place early itself before Khushi arrival. He was desperately waiting for Khushi finally she came as usual stunning with his favourite red Saree, Arnav off ed all lights and made it dark.

She came inside the hall which was full of dark now. Suddenly Arnav hugged her from behind, which startled Khushi. After realizing his touch Khushi knew who it was. He bit her ear lobe and uttered, happy birthday sweet heart... She closed her eyes to control her feelings. Suddenly she lost his touch which made her to open her eyes, she was shocked to see whole family there as now lights were glowing brightly in that dark room. She looked at Arnav who standing in the middle and raising his eye brow. She don't have any words to convey, this is first time she being with both family on her birthday and she know who did this. Arnav dad asked her to come and cut the cake. With smile she did it, and she gave to Arnav parents first then to her own parents finally to Arnav she fed it. After enjoying some time they all went to their home except our couple. Arnav asked, are you happy. Khushi replied with huge smile, thanks for bringing our family here. Arnav said, anything for you. She said with pouted, but you din wish me first. Arnav chuckled and said, because you born at evening 7.10pm so I just thought to wish on the exact time.

Khushi looked at him amazed, he raised his eye brow. Nodding her head she hugged him saying, I love you my demon... Arnav hugged her back, I love you too Pagli. Khushi came out of hug with pouting which she always do whenever he says Pagali. Seeing her pouting which is cute, he pulled her close and kissed her lips which shocked her first but later encircling her arms around him she too started to enjoy the moment. Life remained blissful for them like their kiss.

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