how i think it will go...:)

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Feb 20, 2012

how i think it will go...:) (By aadya) now that the marriage is done with....heres how i think it might first shot at post back n lemme know!

so wedding night-

arnav: still holding back tears from having shut his sister out...thinks to sorry, i had no choice di.

khushi,who arnav practically dragged to the room...stares at him...aimlessly..her tearful gaze draws his attention.

arnav: what the hell are you looking at? jo karna tha, wo to tum kar chuki ho khushi?

khushi: hum kar chuke hain? raising her teary voice...hum kar chuke hain?

arnav: oh shut up!

khushi..looks away...pulls back tears..her mind racing with an array of emotions...she collects herself n heads to the washroom.

arnav goes on to pick out his clothes from the wardrobe, when it occurs to him...that she wudn have anything to sleep in. he picks out another tshirt n pyjammas for her...but leaves that on the bed.

Khushi comes out carrying her jewellery and her dupatta in her hand...shes washed up...n the moonlight from the window illuminates her skin.he looks but he pretends to be texting.she notices the spare clothes on the bed.without a word, she picks them up n returns to the bathroom.

arnav in the meanwhile, goes to the deck n sits back staring at the decoration anjali had done for akash-payal's wedding. he remembers how he threatened khushi into marrying him. the way she winced...her tears make him wonder..almost pierce his heart...but as always he brushes his sentiments aside.

Khushi crawls back into the room, heads to the couch and lays down.....the day and its events flash in her mind...the way arnav looked at her...the bindi...the smiles...the fullness of love..that she had almost had....the incident with shyam...the disgust at his touch...the anger....the loathe....arnavs uncalled for anger...his strange she had for the first time...not seen his affection in his eyes..his eyes that raged with fury tonight...that had no compassion..the coldness that bit her...but then...the cheer on her sisters face...the happiness in akash's eyes when he saw his bride...and then her own marriage....that left her numb.

she turned to look at arnav...he sat the cold...pensive...almost aloof to the world..her anger for him...she realised was far less than the untold love she had...she wanted to reach hold pacify ask him..what had happened...but she stopped herself....she cried the tears..he'd never shed...n slowly fell asleep....arnav...looked at the woman..he had truly loved....the woman who was now his wife....but was so much farther away than she had ever been.

ps: lemme know...if u think i shud write on! :)

lots of love..


Feb 20, 2012

The morning after (By aadya)

khushi woke up...with a near start seeing the new place she was in...she looked inhibited-ly for her now-husband..arnav...he wasnt around...had he left?before she could frame her thoughts....she saw the pool...same place where he sat last night....he was awake...wide though the night never happened....

sitting down..she thought..this is it. im married, i cannot give up just yet.even if its a matter of months and not the forever and ever kinda love that i had hoped for...this is what it was a new day, and a new life.

she walked to her sister's room, imagining the questions she would be asked...the questions that no answers to...

khushi: knocks the door...jiji..kya hum andar aa saktein hain...

payal: looks at khushi...but says nothing...

khushi: jiji...humari taraf dekho to...

payal: khushi...humein neeche jaana hai...humare paas waqt nahi hai abhi...aakash ji..neeche hain...

khushi: jiji...bas ek minute...sirf..ek minute....jiji..hum jaante hain..tum kya soch rahi hogi...par sach kehte hain...humare paas abhi samjhane ke liye kuch nahi hai...par itna hamesha yaad rakhna jiji...tum humari himmat ho...agar tum moo modd hum kahan jaayenge

payal: angrily..khushi...humne hamesha tumhara saath diya hai...sabse zyaada tum par bharosa kiya...aur tumne? tumne itna bada kadam uthaane se pehle..humse baat karna zaroori nahi samjha?

khushi: humne kiya...bas iss waqt...tum humein akela matt choddna...cling tum humein akela matt chodna...hum khud ko smabhal nahi paayenge...burts into tears...

payal: khushi...khushi...shhh..koi rota hai kya aise....theek hai...hum koi sawaal nahi karenge tumse..aur tumhe chodenge bhi nahi...par amma babuji? buaji? unhe kya jawaab dogi?

khushi: pata nahi jiji...par devi maiyaa hai na...wo sab theek kar dengi...smiles..and looks away...

achcha jiji..humein kuch kapde chahiye the...humare paas badalne ke liye bhi nahi hain...

payal: ufff, bewakoof...ruko abhi dete hain...

khushi takes the clothes and returns to her find arnav getting dressed for work...

khushi: arnav ji...wo..hum..

arnav: looks at her...and looks away...main neeche jaa raha hoon..

khushi: magar...suniye...(arnav walks past her...and heads straight down..)

khushi puts her thoughts away...and gets ready for the she puts on her sindoor...she stares in the mirror...and says her silent prayers...

At the breakfast table-

mami ji: hello hi, dekho gupta parivaar ka mazaak...ek ladki byaahe the....dono ko bhej diya..

nani ji scowls at her...and asks her to shut up...

khushi walks down n seeks blessing from nani ji and mama-mami..while payal serves breakfast

anjali: nani, hum soch rahe mandir ho aaye...dono bhabhi-yon ke saath...

nani ji: haan bitiya...hum bhi saath chalte hain...

anjali(to shyam): kya aap aaj court jaayenge? agar aap bhi chaliye humare saath?

arnav shoots a sharp look at shyam

shyam: haan haan zaroor, ab bhai itni saari khoobsoorat ladkiyan ek saath bahar koi to hona chahiye saath me...(smirks at arnav and khushi both...the two of them exchange looks..)


payal: looks uncomfortable but makes conversation with akash

arnav: di, khushi ki tabiyat bahut theek nahi hai...i think usse araam karna chahiye...

khushi: nods her head in agreement.

shyam: gives his creepy looks again..

anjali: (not responding to arnav) jaisa tum sab theek samjho...hum aadhe me aap logon se gaadi me milte hain...

arnav leaves for work, akash follows suit.

khushi returns to her settle the restlessness in her mind.

more soon.

Feb 20, 2012

the morning after-part 2 (By aadya)

back in the room..khushi sits down on the bed...pulls her legs close...n settles in her own embrace....she tries to uncover the reasons for their sudden marriage...the myriad of emotions seems to drown her out...there was something there...between her and arnav...why had things taken such an ugly turn...why?

shyam walks into the room and sits beside her...

the moment he places his hand on her shoulders...she knows its not arnav...

she springs off the bed...and yells

khushi: aapki himmat kaise hui...yahan..yahan aane ki? nikal jaaiye issi waqt...

shyam: arre, khushi ji...aap to khama khaa naraaz ho rahi hai...moves forward to hold her..

khushi: now fuming....dekhiye...aap door rahiye humse...aapse ghin aati hai humein...

shyam: arre arre, aap to bekaar hi gussa kar rahi hain...hum to bas apka haal chaal poochne aaye the...

khushi: aapko humari fikr karne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai...aapne suna nahi arnav ji ne kya kaha...humein aaraam karna hai...

shyam: us arnav ka to naam bhi matt lijiye...humaare seene pe aasteen ka saanp ban kar baitha hai wo..usse to hum kabhi maaf nahi karenge...humare aur aapke baach aane ke liye...

khushi: slaps his hard across the face. aapko apni shaadi ka to lihaaz nahi tha...humare liye humari shaadi bahut mayene rakhti hai...nikal jaaiye yahan se...

shyam: moves forward angrily..anjali enters...looks flustered seeing shyam in khushi's room...

anjali: aap yahan kya kar rahe hain?

shyam: rani sahiba, humne to bas socha, ki hum nayi dulhan ka haal chaal le le...(passes a look at khushi)

anjali: achcha...theek hai...ab chaliye...sab log intezaar kar rahe hain...

shyam: haan, chaliye.

khushi sits down...clasing her head in her hands...crying as hard as she can.

arnav walks into the room...n looks at khushi..whodidn hear the door open.

he leans in to ask...but stops...

he goes to the dressing table n drops a bottle...

khushi looks up with a start...

khushi: aap..kab aaye...

arnav: looks for his files in the drawer...

khushi wipes her tears...n leaves the room.

arnav...clenches his fist....and hates himself for being worried...

more this evening.


Feb 20, 2012

continued... (By aadya)

khushi walks out..only to find no one at home..she calls out to OP, but even he doesnt seem to be around. she sits idle on the sofa...staring into the blank...still shaken by what had just happened. while she promises herself to be strong...the tears just wont stop.

arnav comes down with his belongings..and stops again to look at khushi...who is silently sobbing, he wonders why she hasnt questioned him yet...he silently also realises that there might be no relevance of it anymore. it breaks his heart to see her weep, to see her helpless...the girl who had reminded him what it was to smile and to love...looked broken. as tears fill his eyes, his head reminds him of her betrayal.that betrayal which he could not forgive and yet, the pain in his heart wouldn cease.

khushi waited for the family to return, and decided to meanwhile check on the lunch preparations. she thought it might be nice to prepare something for them. As she got set to get cooking, the family returned. naniji walked straight up to khushi and stared at her sternly.

naniji: khushi, what do you think you are doing?

khushi: nothing nani ji, i thought id cook for you today, i know things haven been great, but i want to change that.

nani ji: angrily- what do you want to change khushi? you cant change that you have married arnav. you cant change that you didn think it important enough to tell your family about it. and you certainly cant change how saddedned we are by this. both of you think marriage is a joke? this sindoor? this a big fat joke?

khushi- nani ji...let me ..

nani ji- no khushi, i dont want to hear anything. what does this marriage mean to you? you were the one forever preaching the ideas of love and committment and how one must be concerned abt their families...and you have gone ahead and shamed everyone. you and arnav have together betrayed us. and none of you has the courage to explain.

khushi- sorry nani ji...runs to her room...falls to the ground howling.

anjali standing outside...stares through the glass....and has tears running down her could have arnav done such a thing? i knew he loved her...but if it was love...this marriage wouldn seem so wrong...if its just us...why is she so unhappy...why is chote so disturbed.why is he not answering me. its not like him.

Later that evening...arnav and akash return home to see everyone tensed and held up.

arnav calls out- di, diiii...we are home.

anjali appears- nani, there are a few things i need help with, would you mind accompanying me to my room?

arnav: desperate for his siste's attention: blocks her way...di talk to know i cat do without you...dont do this to me

anjali-dont do what to you chote? you think you can do anything? you dont want to u can slam the door on my face....u dont want to say u can abandon ur wife between a thousand questions?you know we are all mad at you for what u both have done but you could leave her weeping and answerable..ALONE?

chote, let me make something very clear,even if you dont explain..khushi ji, she is your wife...YOU MARRIED HER!...shes your responsibility, be man enough to take care of her. and until u feel the need to do so...i dont want to discuss anything.

anjali storms out with nani ji

shyam looks puzzled...akash and payal..return to their room.

Feb 20, 2012

later that night... (By aadya)

arnav, shaken by what his sister had said...walks up to his bedroom, he finds khushi standing by the window...aimless..and hopeless.the heaviness in his heart breaks through his viens..he walks up to her....puts his arm around her shoulders...

khushi startled... thinking that it was shyam again...screams out...

khushi: do you not understand? i told you to stay marri....turns around to see her husband beside her.

arnav: his face stiffens up. he isnt sure what that meant.

khushi: its sorry..i..

arnav: you were expecting someone else werent you? (smirks)

khushi: what are you saying...i thought...

arnav: you thought? huh! sure you did. you and your melodrama, khushi...di said you were upset...but look at look fine... (in an undertone)like you were waiting for someone...heh.

khushi:what did you just say?

arnav: i don see the need to explain myself to you khushi kumari gupta...

khushi: correction there. its mrs khushi arnav singh raizada. storms out having said that.

arnav stood there...thinking to that sunded...well...almost nice...

khushi: fiddling with her phone....thinks...who she can call...and remembers that there is practicallly no one out there for her...she craves for her father...and she wishes she could speak to him.

arnav notices this, walks up to her..

arnav: now you know what it feels like when your world comes crashing down...

khushi: ji?

arnav: you know..n now you will probably think what sumone would feel like..if u took away that part of their lives that they hold you know...

khushi: arnav ji, i dont know what you are talking about..i would never do that to anyone...

arnav: yea right! i and your damn ways too well khushi...di was stupid to have trusted you or to have loved deserve the emptiness that i can see in ur eyes. this vaccum...wont let you live...(smirks)

khushi: the vaccum in my life...will eventually go away..n if it doesn..ill learn to live with it....but the fury in yours...might not...thats what you should be worried about.

arnav: you cant talk to me like that!

khushi: and who gave you the authority to talk the way you do? i dont even know why...why you would force me into this relationship..if u hate me so much..why are you putting yourself through this? through the one girl..u belive is the biggest bane in ur life? i know you wont answer me....but arnav said its a matter of six months....lets keep the respect of human relationships.

arnav: and what would you know about that!

khushi: looks upto him.. soulfully... but doesn answer.

as the night falls...the two estranged lovers...cradle their worries and rock them to slumber.



Feb 21, 2012

the days to come.1 (By aadya)

the sun shone brightly..the water in the pool glistened..its reflections engulfed khushi's tender face....coaxing her to wake up....she breathed heavily...the night had been turbulent...buaji's words haunted her..she woke up to the sinking lonliness that this marriage had brought for her.

she was suddenly orphaned...after 10 years...for a second time.the scars of her childhood..were alive again...leaving her drained...the glow on her face had vanished..she looked pale...almost stiff now...the hardness of the world had finally hit her across the face.she decided, it wasnt time for tears anymore. this wasnt going to be easy...but she had to be strong. she had to now fight the man she possibly loved, she now had to live without the affection of the raizada family, but what hit her hardest was that she had to live without her parents. there had been a final goodbye.

she watched arnav...though he was asleep...his discomfort couldnt be hidden. her heart ached to caress his face,,to wake him lovingly and ask him ...she decided she had given up enough for this man, and it had never been appreciated. she wasnt going to be a doormat.

she showered and got ready for the day. after getting dressed she sat for a bit, arnav woke up in the meanwhile. inhibitedly he looked for khushi, she was right there. she sat was like a woman he didn know. she looked different. she looked emotionless.

arnav came to her side....they sat their silently...with nothing to say...

arnav finally cleared his throat and said,

arnav: kh..khushi...whats wrong?

khushi said nothing.

arnav: am talking to you khushi..whats wrong?

khushi say sumthin damnit..what the hell is wrong with you?

khushi: you are asking me that?you?

arnav: regaining composure sat her down...

khushi...its 6 months...i promise...ill let you go,,,you will bound to me neither by law..nor by will be free.just six months.

khushi: its 6 months for you mr. raizada, for me...its a can sign as many papers as you wont matter. you have successfully changed my life and left nothing that i can go back to.

arnav: u know what that feels like yea?(reminded of the pain anjali would bear had she found out about shyams affair)

khushi:(with a perfectly straight face): i knew what that felt like when i was 8...when my parents also know what that feels like...the difference between u n just that all these years u hid that pain behind your anger...n i hid it in my doesn change the pain....but that..that accident was misfortune, i hav lost my parents a second a consequence of my wedding....the day i had dreamed the day , my buaji told me...that i wasnt worthy of being a part of the family...that i had proved that i wasnt their blood. do you know what that feels like?you wouldnt.

she gets up to go...n notices arnav clench his fist and tears filling his eyes...

she kneels down beside him....n says doing as you say,and you were right...its a really cruel world arnav ji.and sometimes...its hard to find the courage to fight it.

arnav: (as khushi leaves) sorry khushi...i really had no choice...

meanwhile...akash and payal are sitting in their room...

akash:payal ji, have you spoken to khushi ji lately?

payal: yes, i have..and she has nothing to say. but ..

akash: but?

payal: i know what happened wasnt right...but khushi..shed never do something that she shouldnt...i know everyones furious....what happened that unforgivvable...but its khushi...i trust her.with eyes shut. she wouldn do anything without a reason.

akash: i think so too, but this anger has to subside...we will have to do something abt that.

payal: smiles in agreement!

so long folks...thats all for today!

love n light


Feb 21, 2012

the morning after-part 3 (By aadya)

morning folks! how u guys doin! goes...

arnav sat there...watching her svelte silhouette fade....his hands held his face...her pain..he knew was incomparable...the pain of loss...he did know what that felt like...the pain that no amount of time could erase...the wounds that never heal.. and it was because of him, that she had to go through this again. the piercing sharpness in her eyes would not let him tears of apology slid down his cheeks...he decided he was going to make this okay...he had to.

the raizada family assembled for breakfast..

arnav(cheerfully): morning everyone...morning diii...he moved to embrace her..while she excused herself to the kitchen...he stood there desperate for his sister's attention...but moved to nani anyway..

arnav: so nani...wheres your beloved laxmi? she hasn chewed on my gardening lately?(smirking)

nani ji: its likely that she is also unable to understand the occurances in this house chote , she added sarcastically. i mean..its not everyday..that two grown adults decide to shame their families right?

arnav: looking at khushi's fallen face...nani..what is the big deal anyway? did you not want me to be married? did you not approve of khushi? i thought you liked her?

nani ji: whats the big deal? chote, you decided to marry in a matter of an hour and you did didn think where this would leave us? as far as khushi goes..i did...i did approve...but off thinking...maybe i was wrong...maybe i gave her too much credit.

arnav(now getting angry): oh c'mon nani, i dont see the point in being so hard pressed!and there is no need to doubt her.

mami ji(interrupting): but arnav dont understand..these sisters are conspiring against us...they want the money and the life of luxury..and its likely that when khushi saw that her sister would get that..she got tempted and lured you into this

arnav(cutting her short): oh god and your damn analysis. let me make this clear...ive done what i did, and whether you like it or not, shes my wife. she is your daughter in law...and she belongs to this one..not even i can take that away from her now.she has every right to be here. just the way you do. and i would appreciate it..if you could respect my choice. enough of khushi's character post-mortem.i have taken her as my wife, the sooner you do the better it will be.

khushi: looks unaffected by what he just said...much to his irritation

they finish their breakfast in silence.

shaym: but saale sahab, what use is a marriage that has no family backing?(trying hard to disguise his jealousy)

arnav:(sharply): its a marriage,a marriage only fails when a man/woman cheats...everything else can be handled as long as the couple know they want to make it work. dont you think?

shyam: but...who wants this to works anyway? i mean look..she looks so upset... khushi ji(arnav winces as shyam takes her name)..

arnav: she would be bhabhi ji for you, starting today. jijaji.

the breakfast finishes in silence...arnav looks at khushi multiple times...hoping to see a faint smile...but none of that he leaves for work...

arnav: khushi...mujhe tumse kuch kaam hai...walk with me to the car will you...

khushi: says nothing but follows him out

shyam: blazing with anger.

as they stand in the porch...he lifts her face...she has no expression...nor anger..nor resistance..nor joy...

shyam watches from the doorway..clenching as hard as he he lifts her face...his pulse shoots

arnav: you have gotten into this...knowing what the consequences were going to be..its a deal

khushi: looks up sharply: i do.

arnav: so even its dont want more questions, is that clear?

arnav sees shyam from the corner of his eyes......he pulls her closer...the background score he sees her emoting for the first time since their marriage...even though he doesn say it..he is happy in this moment...

she looks at him bewildered...he hugs her tightly...her hand by her side...clutching the sari she wore...

as shyam walks away angrily..arnav releases her from his embrace...and drives away in seconds..



Feb 21, 2012

the days to come-1 (By aadya)

as khushi walked back in to to the raizada mansion....her mind couldnt follow what had just happened...she wanted to know what arnav was up to...what was her marriage about.

at the dining table...nani ji and anjali, who had been talking for a while.. decided to take their conversation upstairs..later in anjali's room

anjali: nani, i just cant understand. what the hell is happeneing.

nani ji: i dont know my dear, but i do know that chote will not get away with this as easily. neither will khushi. they will have to explain.

anjali: nani...i know that you are upset..i am too..but honestly...isnt this what we had hoped for? maybe it wasnt the way we had hoped for it...but the union of chotte and khushi ji is what we wanted right?

nani: you are right, the deed is not the issue.even though it is drastic and sudden..its a choice they have made. it is the manner in which this happened that is completely unacceptable.

anjali: nani....there has to be something that we can do to fix it...even though im mad as hell at chote for what he did...i cant bear to see the pain in his eyes..i cant see..the tears that khushi ji has been burried under.

nani:anjali, dont even think about it. they have called it upon themselves.

anjali: i know that nani..(holding nani's hand)...but they are family...hes my chote..and she his long can we go on beating around what happened? we might be unknowingly causing differences between them...afterall...the tension in the house will sooner or later hit their bond aswell. anjali...they have to suffer...they need to know that the rules in this family are based on tradition and value...

anjali: nani....punishing them is one thing...and i know how much this has hurt us...but can we put their lives and happiness at stake? is this anger bigger than our love for them?

nani:...hmmm....i know what you are right...there is certainly something fishy...and till we keep our anger...we might not get to the point...if khushi married arnav by it only the family wrath that has changed her completely? if chote married the woman he loves....why is he more distant now to her than he was?.mmm....anyway...ur right....we should go and meet khushi...poor thing has had the worst of both sides. lets go...

anjali and nani walk into khushis room...

khushi..who is bundled up in the corner remembers every piercing word...her silence...her numbness reflect on her face...when nani ji gently sits down beside her...

nani: khushi...

khushi: nanai ji, is there something that you want? im sorry, i forgot to check with you before coming up

nani:you know what i want khushi...

khushi:nani ji..i dont have any answers...i dont...she pushes back tears...

naniji...pulls her closer...and lays khushi's head in her lap...

khushi...moved by the gesture...curls up..and cries her heart out.....

khushi: nani ji, im sorry...we are sorry...we never wanted to hurt you....i adore you all..and respect you....if it was in my never let you cry...

nani: caresses the hair off her face...i know khushi..i will wait for the day...when you will think us worthy of an explaination...but till then...we cant see you like this..its going to be okay.

she gets up and hugs nani ji for her kindwords...anjali joins the embrace...the 3 ladies...weep and smile to keep up with the intensity of the moment.

love y'all


Feb 22, 2012

the days to come... (By aadya)

as anjali and nani ji walked out of her room...a strange sense of calm took over her...she felt stronger..more safe...and filled with angst all at the same time. nani ji's words were ringing in her ears...she had to answer them eventually...and she had to find those answers.arnav would have to answer her.

as evening falls..arnav walks back into the room . not seeing khushi he looks around for her when she emerges from the washroom.he catches her eye..her beauty impeccable..her hair down the nape of her neck...the color of her sari blending with her skin..but the eyes..still silent. he brushed his instinct out and looked away. she sat down at the dressing table ..brushing her hair...arnav steals a galance..and remembers that night after the sangeet..when he had let her hair stunning she had looked...khushi notices his glance..and quickly ties up her hair in a knot, much to his displeasure.

she turns around to talk to him, but he looks away.

khushi: arnav ji, i need to talk to you.

arnav: i don see the need to.

khushi:well i do. and you will have to answer me.

arnav: really? try me.

khushi: now losing her cool...i dont understand are like a have different shades..for every moment...its boggling my head...but more important than everything else... why did you do this to me?

arnav: i said i dont want to talk about it.

khushi: blocking him, what do u think mr raizada? who the hell do u think you are..what gives you the authority to hold me hostage? its a marriage...that to you has no meaning..and for has left me with nothing.

arnav: khushi...get the hell out of my way

khushi: bas. enough is dont think this is some sort of practical joke? you have made me a spectacle mr raizada. my family that i love to death...has denounced me...the sister that i have given into this...refuses to acknowledge me...the man i lov...she stops..

arnav: with his blood boiling...the man you what khushi kumari gupta? love?

khushi: taking a breath of air...

arnav: say it...i know what you have in mind...and let me warn you, you are never going to have it. not as long as i live.

khushi: looks up stunned..

arnav: pushing her to the floor....dont try that with me...those weeping eyes..that sorry face...isnt gonna get you anywhere damn it. before you forget ...i own your life for the next 6 months....n remember that these are your days from are are my wife.

khushi:staggering up with fury in her eyes....say what you are not the only one who has ever hurt. if i know you have a reason..because the restlessness shows in your are right...its the next six months...and that will be the end of my will aslo mark the begining of yours mr raizada...i assure you.

arnav looks at her surprised, both by what she had said...and by the courage she showed. khushi wipes her tears...and wudn know love if it hit you in the eye...thats how blinded your vision wudn hear happiness whispered in your ears..thats how deaf you are...and not before long when the people you love walk out of your will fall silent. just the way i am today.

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Feb 22, 2012

the evening of the face off- (By aadya)

morning y'all! hope ur day is sunny side up!

after khushi had left...arnav sat there almost dumb wasnt like her...she had never said anything so soul crushing..yet it came with the real sentiments she had...did she say the man she loved?she loved shyam didnt she, shyam had been right...this affair..was could she...he sat with self loathe and he was more broken that he cud feel.

in the lounge that evening...

nani ji: khushi, we were thinking maybe we need to formally announce yours and chote's wedding...i mean..we know you are married..but the rituals and the society needs to be made aware of the wedding before people start talking...

arnav(snapping): theres no need for it does it matter...its done already...we dont need to prov

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