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Feb 20, 2012

Arnav+Khushi (By Kavidi Rox) (Thanked: 6 times)

hi guys 1st time posting in my view.ilove myeduniya and i enjoy reading others stories so i also thought to post my opinion of wat may happn in future.Also i dont think dat hate track is bad regardless of fact that we cannot see rabba ve moments.but everythin will turn out 2 be fine in some days.

The story starts from the day where arnav got married 2 khushi.

Nani:Chote wat is this??

Anjali:Why didnt u inform us chote and especially me.WAt happened 2 ur trust for me??

Amma:Khushi wat have u done.pls tell me u are not being serious.tell us this is not real .

Khushi:NAhi amma

[amma slaps khushi]

Buaji:eh sanka devi We will never forgive u for this.Hereafter u are removed from our parivaar never ever return to our house

[gupta parivaar leaves blessing payal and leaving khushi helpless.but babuji and payal understands something is wrong as they are so sure that khushi will never do something disgraceful like that]

Arnav leaves khushi and walks towards his room with anjali following him behind with questions.arnav slams the door.He went to the bathroom to get changed.


Nani:khushi bitiya are u ok

Anjali:I'll bring u some clothes u must be tired.

Anjali gives khushi some clothes

Khushi tried to hide her tears but remembers anjali saying that it is not good to do so since no one is benifited by it.khushi cries her heart out in anjalis lap.anjali starts crying too and tries to bring khushi back to her mood.

Anjali:dats is ok im here 4 go to the bathroom in guests room change and meet me again.

[khushi changes and have a bath]

Payal wants to talk with khushi but thinks that if she have made a mistake she will not talk with her for a few more days.

Anjali:khushi ji has become my Bhabi now im very happy for that.My chote has found the best wife ever possible.

Khushi:gives a fade smile and decides to tell the truth about shyam to anjali ji

Anjali:thinks that she is going to tell about how her family left her.anjali didnt want khushi to cry she tellls her to take rest and to tell her everything in the morning.

ahushi walks towards arnavs room and knocks.arnav ji opens the door. ji [she felt scared] i ....

Arnav:walks away not listening to her and looks at the sky with stars sparkling.

Khushi:thinks that there is no point in talking to him as he wont listen decides to talk to him next morning as then he might be a bit relieved from his stress.she grabs a pillow and put it under the stars so that she would not be separated from her mama and papa since they are the only people in her side right now.she tries to sleep.

Arnav:do you remember. The contract is for 6 months.and this time dont ever try to change my mind as i have seen enough of u and i will never ever fall 4 ur cheap tricks again..besides cheap girls like you are not deserved to stay in mansions like these.

Khushi:feels torn apart by the words which came from the mouth of the man she loved.she wanted to retort at him but she didnt have enough strength now as she was been accused by many people now even her parents.she knew that if she talks now she will start to cry.therefore she kept her mouth shut.

Arnav:felt sad of khushi not being the normal one who retorted back at him for talking about her status.he got upset thinking his words were too harsh for her.he decides to ask her why isnt she sleeping in the bed but soon turned to ASR as to thinking why he should worry about her.after all she destroyed my sisters life.

khushi woke up the next day

Precap:Khushi offers food to arnav arnav looks at her angrily takes the food from her and throws it away

continuation depends on the comments of my fans bye for now

Feb 20, 2012

Arnav+Khushi (By Kavidi Rox) (Thanked: 7 times)

I thought about continuing this b4 goin 2 sleep

next morning khushi woke up.and she was acting very busy saying devi maiya to every little thing.she has forgotten where she is so she went down to do her work as a wife for the 1st time in her life.payal and anjali were already working in the usual anjali welcomed her khushi bhabi a very good morning.but payal decided 2 keep her mouth shut which was very hard for her 2 do.Khushi became upset by this and anjali noticed it.

Anjali:arre bhabi we are preparing a soup.arent you helping us.

Khushi:nahi anjali ji ill help you.goes near payal to help her peel the potatoes.payal takes the potato bowl and says that she can manage it.khushi felt heartbroken by this.

Om prakash:anjali ji shyam babu is calling u.anjali smiles and leave.

Khushi:[i should prepare something with sugar for arnavji otherwise he will faint again in the office.]

Khushi prepares a milk and takes some jalebis made by her to arnav.

arnav has already woken up but was not in a mood to get off the bed.Khushi entered the room with a smile trying to 4get all what happend yesterday and handed over the milk to him.arnav got up he took steps towards her and she moved backwards.Finally he took the milk and the jalebi plate.khushi was happy.

But suddenly angry ASR took control over arnav again.he threw the milk and the jalebi plate away and rudely looked at khushi wondering wat she might say

Khushi:aaa...arna..v jii que???

Arnav:oh shut up khushi kumari gupta.dont act like u dont know what many times should i tell you your tricks would never work on me again.your innocent act doesn't impress me at all.stop loosing your energy on making food or being nice to di can make food for me.moreover arnav singh raizada dont eat or drink anything which was even being touched by the dirty hands of a person with a dirty motivation..arnav leaves the room

Khushi felt even weaker than b4 due to the cruel words of him.She prepares food for him without even drinking her tea but here arnav ji is scolding her for something she doesnt even know about.she was crying so hard.but they both didn't realize that there was another person listening to all this.

precap:payal:im sorry khushi

khushi:arre payal ji why r u crying?

Feb 21, 2012

Arnav+Khushi (By Kavidi Rox) (Thanked: 12 times)

Khushi heard someone running towards the pool area.She followed her.She was suprised to see it was her sister.Khushi wiped away her tears and try 2 bring up a fake smile.

Khushi:arre jiji why are you crying?

Payal:I heard every thing.Arnav ji scolding you.and i got to know that you didnt marry him becoz u wantd to.but why khushi why???Dont u believe me?Why didnt you tell every one that its arnav's fault?Why did you take th blame on yourself?Why did you destroy your reputation in front of everybody?

Khushi couldn't make up an excuse.So she started to walk away.Payal got angry by this.She went after her grabbed her from her shoulders and shook her asking for an answer.Khushi knew she cannot escape her jiji this time.

Khushi:BECAUSE I DIDN'T WANT TO RUIN YOUR MARRIAGE JIJI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Payal was shocked by this answer.

Khushi:how ?How is it that your marriage could have saved my marriage??????????????

Khushi told the truth to payal

Khushi:I didn't want to ruin your family for da second time too.

Payal broke into tears again.She was in such an anger to kill ASR.

Payal:You should have told me the truth before otherwise none of these might have happened.Wait till i go and talk to that laad governer.Who does he think he is?just for the sake of being a rich businessman who gave him the rite to ruin my sisters life like many times have he played with your life.[flashbacks of how asr troubled khushi came into khushi's mind}Ill never forgive him[BR]Payal:ill go and talk with him right now.

Khushi:no jiji!!!its true that he has played with my life.but there must be a reason.

Payal:reason wat reason????His reasons come from money and power

Khushi:jiji ill have to find out da problem.but i need your help in this.first ofall promise me you won't talk with him about anything.this problem came to me as usual.i should solve this out too.I dont want to ruin your married life as soon as you started it.But first i need to prove buaji and amma that im not wrong

Payal:you are right khushi.but never think of doing something without my advice.understood?

Khushi:yeah right jiji

precap:Buaji:sankadevi wat ru doing here

Garima:didnt we tell you never return to us again after what you did.shameless girl

Payal:She didnt do any thing ma.

Buaji:Payal bituwa????????????????

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