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Jan 28, 2016

SS : Anmol Part 37 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 91 times)



A small note before starting the update.

As I wanted to end this story ASAP, I want everything and everyone clear. So, I wrote this update. It sounds completely dramatic for you all, but this is only way/thing what I was able to think to get rid of them. Hope you guys will like this. Spare me with typos. NO_PROOF_READ  Embarrassed Embarrassed


Part 37:

Days are moving fast. Wedding came into two week. Along with wedding date, there comes Gupta's SIL - Abhinav. Immediately after coming home, he started his disgusting behaviour with Khushi and started irritating her. Khushi felt disgusted with him around, in their house.

Pandit told them how to start the rituals to each family. He told both Akshaya and Garima to make Arnav and Khushi as groom and bride just three days before the wedding. He also mentioned them that in south india there is no particular celebration like mehendi and Sangeet, he asked them to celebrate if they want to whenever they are comfortable. And he also mentioned that after making Arnav and Khushi as groom and bride they both shouldn't meet. So, families decided to make Sangeet a week before wedding and mehendi just before the day of making groom and bride.

One day, just 11 days before of the wedding

"I can't take him anymore Arnav ji. He is really irritating me with his disgusting words. Please take me from here... please..." Khushi cried in phone.

"KHushi... Sweetheart... please don't cry. Please..."Arnav felt helpless hearing her cries. He felt anger rising in his mind thinking about Abhinav. He remembered Khushi saying how Latha burst out her complete frustration before her husband letting him know about Arnav's threat. That made Abhinav mad, he began his dirty play. But this time, Khushi told everything to Arnav. Till Abhinav comes she was brave, but seeing Abhinav, her fears came out making her weak. Arnav clearly understand her fears. She is scared because she thinks Latha will be more worst when she has her husband beside her. And with Abhinav she can go to any extent to stop this marriage. Their madness towards becoming rich and jealousy towards Khushi and Arnav, makes them do anything.

"WHY ARE YOU SILENT?" Khushi shouted in phone jerking Arnav

"Khushi, I was thinking..." he was cut by Khushi's words

"HERE I'M CRYING and you are thinking about god knows what? This is not fair Arnav ji?" Khushi sniffed making Arnav chuckle.

"No dear... I'm just thinking about how brave you were few days back. But, now... hmm.. I don't know what to say" Arnav tried to tease Khushi little but.

"What do you mean by few days back? I'm brave now too" Khushi said as a matter of fact

"Then why are you worrying about them?" Arnav asked in serious tone.

"What if they do something to stop this marriage as jiji did few days back by telling all things to Mami ji?" Khushi asked in sad and fearful tone "If they do anything like that, then I can't live Arnav ji. If our marriage wouldn't happen or you leaves me behind, then that will be my last day as I can't face this world again. Without you I don't have any life. I'm nothing without you. I can't live my life without you beside me." Khushi said sending shivers to Arnav

Arnav sat in shock hearing Khushi's words. That is the exact moment, he understood, till how much extent khushi can go if she likes someone and how much hurt could she be in this matters. And also understood how much sensitive and scared she is. He felt worried and at the same time content after hearing her words, he felt lucky by having her in his life, felt lucky to get her love and felt elated to get place in her pure and innocent heart. He felt sudden possessiveness towards her. He took the car keys and came out from his Mahal and drove towards Khushi's house, while hearing her little sobs.

"Khushi... I love you, you know that right?" he asked

"Hmm..." Khushi said between her hiccups.

"I can't live without you, that too you know right?"

"..." Only Khushi's hiccups and increased sobs answered him

"Then How can you think that I will leave Khushi? I know what you are, I already said that no one can stop this marriage, whatever happens. I need you in my life Khushi. Please trust me, I won't leave you" Arnav couldn't understood how to bring her out from her fears. He understood how badly she was hurt in past.

Khushi sat on bed hearing his words. After sometime, suddenly she heard a knocks on the door and the window. She looked at both the sides. One side she know the person , but on the other side she doesn't have any idea who it can be at this late hour. She ignored the knocks and went to open the window. Arnav jumped inside and next second he engulfed Khushi in a tight hug. Khushi tried to come out of the hug hearing the knocks on the door again. But Arnav tightened his hug not letting her go away from her

"You are mine Khushi, no one can separate you from me, not even you. Do you understand that?" Arnav said in his serious low voice

Khushi hugged him back relaxing a bit. They again heard the knock on the door.

"Who is that? Ask?" Arnav said

"No need, it's one of them or both. Buaji and Amma will call me whenever they knock" Khushi said in irritation, frustration and fear

Arnav felt anger hearing the knock again.

"Khushi open the door, we know you are awake" Latha said from other side.

"I'm busy now" Khushi said

"But your jija ji wants to talk with you"

"I don't want to. Whatever he wants to talk ask him to wait till tomorrow" Khushi said completely annoyed by their behaviour.

But suddenly Abhinav started banging on the door shouting for Khushi. Khushi held Arnav tightly and looked at him with fear

"Arnav ji... I don't want to go" she is verge of crying

"Shh... I will go now..." before Arnav continues anything Khushi nodded her head rapidly looking at him with scared eyes. Arnav held Khushi's shoulders and said "I will leave now from here. But will come from that side, as I came there as you called me about this Abhinav. Okay? Close the window and open the door. Let me come from there then I will handle this man." Arnav said looking at the door.

"But Arnav ji..."

"Trust me Khushi. I will never leave you. I will be before you in few minutes, you have to trust me dear" it's getting difficult for Arnav to leave Khushi and go. But he can't risk Khushi's respect by letting others know that they both are meeting secretly at nights.

With tears in her eyes, Khushi nodded her head and left Arnav's hand. She opened the door after closing the window. She took few minutes to compose herself, she wiped the tears and took deep breath before opening the door. When she opened the door, she was surprised to be pushed by Abhinav and the door was closed by him closing both of them inside. Khushi looked at him confusedly and the door.

"What do you think? You and your so called fiance will give threats to us and we will stay silent? Don't you think you are crossing your limits going against us?"

The alcohol smell hit Khushi nostrils making her flinch "Open the door first, Abhinav. I don't want to talk with you now. You are drunk, just leave from here"

"Oh dear... I didn't come here to go away from you. I'm here to take what was mine. Some one comes in between and take my things? I will never accept that. I will take whatever is mine" with that he held Khushi's hand and pulled her towards him. Khushi looked horrified and tried to free her hand. "Don't try sweetheart, no one will come to save you. If you co operate with me for few minutes, then everything will be fine. You are making me crazy with your beauty. Let's finish our work' then you can marry Arnav or his father. But let me first have you. I can't control anymore now Khushi. All I want is to taste you, kiss you madly and feel you around me. I want you... I want you Khushi..."

Abhinav thought, if he scare, irritate, threat or blackmail Khushi then she will stop stepping forwards to this marriage. But when she didn't do that, he lost his control. Not having other thoughts or time for thinking new plans, he fixed to this disgusting deed, ignoring the consequences.

"Abhinav... what are you doing?" this time Latha asked, who came inside pushing the unlocked door. She didn't expected this. She thought her husband will scare Khushi to stop this marriage, but this? She couldn't believe that her husband is lusting over other woman after having her beside him. She couldn't believe that her husband can cheat her like this. She couldn't believe that her husband doesn't consider her feelings.

"Stay out of this Latha. This is my personal matter, you have nothing to do with this" Abhinav said pulling Khushi towards him.

"But How can you do this to me?" Latha asked holding his hand, she is not at all worried about her sister's life. She is selfish enough to think about her own life.

Abhinav pushed her out of the room and locked the room from inside and turned to Khushi. Khushi rushed to other side of her bed and held her phone to call Arnav. That is when she realised that she didn't even cut the call after Arnav came to her house. That means, he is listening everything happening there. Khushi looked at Abhinav and then to her phone and again at Abhinav. But took two steps backward seeing Abhinav just before her.

"Whom you are calling sweetheart? You are so called fiance? Before he comes here we can finish our work'. Now like a good girl, cooperative with me and give whatever is mine. Then I will see who will marry you. I will get you, at the same time I will get this house. I will go to any extent to get what I want. No one can stop me... ABSOLUTELY NO ONE CAN STOP ME. I will make you mine now, then will see what that stupid Arnav Singh Raizada does" he felt his cheek burned with a hard slap. He looked at Khushi who is looking at him with anger. This made Abhinav more angry he pulled Khushi by holding her hair to kiss her.

few things happened at the same minute; Khushi fell on bed with sudden pull making Abhinav hit his head to mosquito net stand; Latha opened the main door hearing the banging and Arnav came inside followed by Aman and his men; Buaji and Garima came out hearing Latha's loud voice. Both the elders stood in their places not understanding what is happening. Arnav's men broke the door of Khushi's room

Arnav strode inside Khushi room to see, Abhinav holding Khushi by her hair and KHushi is trying her best to release herself from his painful grip. The sight woke up the worst in ASR. Whatever happened in next few minutes, is disaster. Aman pulled ASR from killing Abhinav roughly and pushed towards Khushi saying "ASR, Khushi bhabhi needs you" Aman's men held bleeding Abhinav, Aman led them to living room and asked them to tie Abhinav up.

Khushi looked at Arnav, and lost her conscious with the happenings. Arnav made her lie on bed comfortably and went to living room.

"Aman, I don't want this man to breath his next. Make today is his last" Arnav's words sent chills to Khushi's family.

"No sir... please... I'm sorry... I won't do that again... I'm sorry..." Abhinav pleaded in a hurry, getting panic. The effect of alcohol left long back when Arnav's fist landed on Abhinav's cheek.

"Aman, do as I say. I don't want to see him again. Finish him"

"Sir... please leave my husband. He was just drunk" Latha asked

Arnav rashly turned to Latha "Drunk? Just drunk? Don't you know what he was about to do inside? I already said to you to stay away from Khushi. You didn't listen to me, you didn't believe me when I said that your life would be worstest. Now, live the worstest. Get ready for the hell, Mrs. Latha Abhinav" Arnav gritted his teeth holding Latha's throat.

After hearing Arnav's orders Aman's men took Abhinav with them ignoring everyone's pleads.

"Arnav babua, please ask them to leave Abhinav Please ask them to not to kill him" Garima requested

"Do you have any idea what he was about to do with khushi? He forced himself on Khushi. He tried to rape MY KHUSHI..." Arnav shouted with his high volume. Both Buaji and Garima gasped loudly hearing the matter. They both looked at Latha, who gulped hard

"W...w...what are you looking at me...? May be Khu...Khushi did something to irritate him or se..." That's all a loud sound of slap echoed in the room leaving Latha unconscious.

Arnav is about to held Latha to pull her up, he heard a low Arnav ji', in next second he stood hugging Khushi tightly

"Don't worry sweetheart. Our men took that man away from here. He won't come again. Relax... you are fine. I'm here with you... relax... sh..." Arnav said patting her head.

Khushi relaxed in Arnav's embrace. "I don't want them in our marriage" Khushi said in low voice

"Done, you won't see them till you want. I promise. Come you need sleep... let me make you sleep" Arnav took Khushi inside the room and made her lie on the bed. He caressed her hair till she drifted into peaceful sleep. Arnav came out closing the door to see both Buaji and Garima sat in living room, looking at unconscious Latha on the floor.

"My men will take Latha too. Khushi don't want them in our marriage. And they won't appear. Don't think about the relatives. I will handle them" saying that Arnav called Aman and asked him to take Latha too. After that he called his father and told him everything whatever happened with Khushi. He also took permission to stay with Khushi till morning.

After assuring Buaji and Garima, Arnav went to Khushi's room and sat on the chair near the table. In past midnight, he settled beside Khushi, hearing her panicked mumbles; taking her in his arms, giving her much needed support and strength.


Next day, Khushi woke up feeling warmth around her. She slowly opened her eyes to see Arnav sleeping peacefully. A smile crept on her face. She slowly moved herself little upward and kissed his nose. Arnav's sleep got disturbed with that and he woke up to see the beautiful face

"I can't wait to wake up like this every morning. Good Morning sweetheart, I love you" Arnav too kissed Khushi on her forehead. He looked at her eyes and slowly leaned down towards her lips.

"What the!!!" he said in surprise feeling the push on his chest "Khushi come here NOW, or else" he threatened seeing Khushi moved out of bed. Khushi shook her head in no and told in actions, that she didn't brush yet.

"Khushi I'm warning you. You only woke me up, now you have to give me my morning kiss. Or else I'm not going to leave you" saying Arnav stepped out of the bed.

Khushi shrieked without opening her mouth and rushed to washroom. Arnav also went behind her, but before he reach she went inside and closed the door.

"Khushi opened the damn door" Arnav bangged the door. He can hear Khushi giggling inside the washroom. He kept his head on the door, feeling relaxed thinking that Khushi is not sad because of yesterday's horrible incident. He sighed and again lied on bed. he closed his eyes remembering their close times and kisses. a smile danced on his lips. He looked at washroom, hearing the door opening sound. He extended his hand towards Khushi asking her to come to him. Khushi readily came running into his arms. Arnav rolled on bed coming on top of her.

"Arnav ji..."

"How are you?"

"I'm perfectly fine and why wouldn't I be after having you with me? Thank you for everything. I don't know what would have happened if you didn't come at the right time. Love you..." Khushi kissed him on his cheek

"Don't worry, Aman handed both Abhinav and Latha to Rajesh's team. They will handle them from now. You will never see them. It's my promise" Arnav kissed Khushi on her forehead "Just a week more, and then the rituals will start and then the marriage. You will be mine in every' sense" Arnav winked at her, turning her into deep red. Both hugged each other tightly feeling each other closely.

Later, Arnav left to Sheesh Mahal bidding bye to Khushi and her family, to explain things to his family


"How is she now?" Asked Dadi concernedly

"What is this Arnav? How can you trust Khushi in this matter and accuse Abhinav? Who knows may be Khushi did something which made him take that step?" Manorama's words surprised everyone in the room

" I know what happened. I heard everything what Abhinav said. He want Gupta mansion for himself. If khushi gets married to another person, then he can't get that. So, he thought if he make... make Khushi his, physically the no one will marry her. Without any other option, Buaji and Aunty will marry Khushi to him then he could enjoy the property. He or his wife are not the people you think mami ji. They are way far from your guess. Do you know why he joined in my company?" with that Arnav said everything he knew about Abhinav, Latha and their meeting with Pankaj.

Everyone looked at him aghast.

"Oh... so, this is what Khushi said to you about her sister and BIL? And you trusted her?" Mami is not ready to believe Arnav

"No, Khushi said nothing. All this information came from Rajesh and his team. Khushi has nothing to do with this. And if you still want to believe that Latha, then you are free to. But you aren't welcome to accuse Khushi for anything she never did or does. Remember everyone, I'm going to marry Khushi at any cost. She is the only girl who will stand beside me as my wife. I don't want any discussions about this and I don't want anyone to talk with Khushi about this, got it?"

Everyone nodded their heads.

"Good, then what is the first ritual?"

Everyone understood that Arnav wants to change the topic.

"Sangeet, Chote..." said Anjlai "On Wednesday"

"Wednesday? why? If it's Sunday people can come" Arnav said in confusion

" Chote, Pandit ji said you and Khushi should not be allowed to see each other once we make your groom and bride. And that ritual will be on Sunday. So we decided that on Wednesday will be Sangeet then Saturday mehendi then Sunday will be haldi and making your both groom and bride. Then on Wednesday wedding" Akshaya said looking at her son's eyes, noticing the love and care for khushi for the first time.

" So, four days to start the rituals?" asked Arnav

" YES..." said Anjali, Akash, NK at same time.

" Great then... let's start the preparations" with that Arnav stood and went to his room to call the decorators.


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SS : Anmol Part 38 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 83 times)


I'm not going to ask sorry as I know I'm not going to get forgiveness. But trust me... life isn't easy sometimes. And also I have problem with posting notes in this page. Hope you guys will forgive me with this update... I don't know what I wrote...

No_PROOF_READ_not even a word


Part 38 :

The next day after tiring and wonderful day of sangeet, everyone sat in living room. Arnav looked at Khushi,who sat between Anjali and Dadi. They both are asking something for which she is answering with much patience and shyness. Arnav shook his head in amu****t.

Yesterday night when sangeet was finished Dadi forced Gupta's to stay in Sheesh Mahal as it was very late. Khushi and her family felt relieved when no one asked about about Latha and Abhinav.

That day, when Arnav explained things to his family, he directly went to the place where both Abhinav and Latha has been kept. He returned home after being satisfied with the treatment his men are giving to the duo. Both Abhinav and Latha pleaded Arnav to leave them. But Arnav was adamant in his decision. He ordered his men to take care of the duo not letting them to contact with anyone. He also asked them to reduce the interaction with the duo. They were kept in dark room, not letting them to know whether it's daytime or night time.

The duo tried to escape from the dark room but failed miserably. After their trail, Arnav made sure they face the hell on earth. They were given less food, no clothes, no washroom usage without lot of pleading, their room was turned more dark not knowing what is what. Both Abhinav and Latha saw the hell being alive. Abhinav's heart went to his stomach when he heard Latha's screams when she felt something crawling on her. Not able to find what is crawling and what is there inside the room with them, they really felt the worst. They clearly understand what Arnav meant when he said he will make their life hell and get ready for the worst.

Being a coward lady, Latha screamed often whenever she felt even an ant on her. The darkness and the fear took toll on her. She lost her conscious few times with the fear leaving Abhinav scared like anything. He couldn't even search for her in that dark as the room was filled with some unknown objects and his hands and legs were tied up. He felt helpless. He felt angry on his own self for messing with ASR knowing well about him. Now he is sure that his career along with his life is going end soon. He prayed God to show him some or other way. He thought about contacting Pankaj by bribing some Arnav men. But the result is unbearable pain in his ribs. After the treatment he got from Arnav's men he completely understood how loyal these men are to Arnav. He sighed in defeat and lied closing his eyes, feeling the pain.

After that day, no one talked about the duo either in RM or Khushi's house. Khushi is grateful towards arnav for this help. When she thanked Arnav, he bluntly refused to acknowledge the thank you. He strictly said that he won't accept any thanks or sorry if that is not needed as per his thoughts, leaving Khushi to pout.

Suddenly Arnav's thoughts got disturbed a horrible shout at his ears...



"What the!!! Why are you both shouting like that... oh God... my ears..." he said rubbing his ears to lessen the pain

"What to do... from long time we are calling you but you are not at all listening... then without any other option we shouted" said Anjali as a matter of fact.

Arnav looked at them like seriously' and raised his eyebrow as asking what the matter is.

"Nothing in particular, we just wanted to know where you are lost when Khushi ji is just before your eyes. Are you planning about your honeymoon or are you planning to get Khushi ji for sometimes, without any disturbances? Come on, tell me..." Anjali said making Khushi gasp and Arnav to give an unbelievable look

"Di, seriously... I don't think you can hear my thoughts. I mean, what I'm going to do with Khushi after marriage or what I'm planning to do with Khushi. If you want, I will tell..." Arnav said with a smirk on his face leaving both Anjali and Khushi open mouthed. He looked at Khushi and wink turning her deep red. Unable to control the love he has for her, he leaned and kissed Khushi's cheek.

"Chote..." Anjali shouted seeing her brother's work.

"What? You only asked me about my lost self! So, I'm trying to show rather than tell. Do you want more?" Arnav smirk broadened

"Chi... chi... shameless... Khushi ji... only you can deal with this shameless boy. I'm out now..." saying that Anjali left from there cursing her brother for his shameless talks.

"You shouldn't have said those to Anjali ji. She got scared" Khushi said looking at Anjali's retreating figure.

Arnav dragged Khushi towards his room, without answering her anything. He pinned her to wall without putting much pressure on her hands.

"How are you?" Arnav asked with much concern

"I have my Arnav ji with me, so, I'm perfect" Khushi said looking into his eyes with love in her eyes and smile on her face.

Arnav smiled and kissed her temple, keeping his lips little time more than needed. Their small time was disturbed by Akshaya's voice, calling everyone telling about Pandit ji's arrival.

"This always happens in this house. I'm telling you, once we get married we will go to my apartment for some years, then will come back. I want my time with you without any disturbances" Arnav said irritatingly

"Haww... Arnav ji... how can you say that? We can't do that" said Khushi

"No arguments on this now. I brought you here for spending time not to argue. come on... give me my much needed hug" with that he pulled her closely and hugged her tightly. He breathed in satisfaction, feeling her close to him. They got disturbed again with Akshaya calling for Arnav

"You go, I will come after you. I don't think they can take the shock seeing both of us coming out from my room together. You just go from there" he showed her steps which will take her to living room from otherside. He left from his room after she left.

When Arnav walking towards the living room, he saw Mami coming out from his room

"Here she comes the queen" said Manorama after seeing KHushi. Arnav looked at her surprisingly. "Where did you go?" her question is straight

"Ji..?" Khushi asked confusingly and worriedly

"Where did you go when we all are here in living room?" Manorama is hell bent on proving Khushi wrong

"I just went to see the pool side" Khushi quickly said

"Really? or else do you went to talk with your so called friends?" mami mocked

"Stop it Mami... I already said no one is going to say anything to Khushi" Arnav is irritated now.

"I saw her talking with someone, I just want to..." Mami tried

"ENOUGH... what's wrong with you Mami? Why are you blaming Khushi for deeds she never did? Khushi was with me in my room and I only sent to her to see the poolside as I got a call. And for your information Khushi's mobile is with me. Here..." Arnav showed the mobile taking it out from his pocket.

Everyone, who came there after hearing Manorama's high voice, looked at mami then Arnav and then Khushi, who stood silently bending her head.

"What's going on?" Aran asked

"Same old thing dad..."

Understanding Arnav's meaning, Aran said "Pandit ji is here. I want everyone of us go to living room and hear what he is going to say. I don't want any discussion now. You all are going to hear what I am saying. Am I clear?"

Sensing his serious tone, everyone nodded their heads and left to living room. Aran came to Khushi "Come beta... don't worry, you have your husband and father with you. We will support you all the time. We know what you are and how you are, come"

Khushi looked at the father and son duo and nodded her head with so much respect and gratitude in her eyes.


Please read red color note at the end. Please... It's a request...


Everyone sat in living room, listening to whatever pandit ji is saying. Only Dadi, Akshaya and Buaji are allowed to talk to ask about rituals. remaining all sat silently seeing Aran's serious face. AFter explaining things for coming Saturday and giving list of things which will be needed, Pandit ji left from there.

"Now tell me what's the matter with you Manorama?" Aran asked

"I... I'm telling about Khushi that she is..."

"Mami, I already told you about that. I sent Khushi there and her phone is with me. Why are you doing this?"

"But I saw her talking" Manorama said again

"Unbelievable... how can you say that Mami? what's wrong with you?"

"not with me... all the wrong is with you all. How can you accept this girl as your DIL? I heard her talking with someone..." she was stopped by Akshaya

"But she isn't talking with anyone?! I'm there at poolside when she entered there!!" Akshaya said in confusion, not understanding why her SIL saying all these

"Do you think I'm lying about this girl?" Manorama asked

"She has a name Manorama... Khushi, her name is Khushi and she is DIL of this house. Remember this before saying anything. Listen to me carefully, nothing or nobody, i repeat NO ONE can stop this marriage. She is my daughter, and she will be my DIL. I decided, no arguments" Aran gave his final word, making Manorama ran towards her house crying.

"You should have told her calmly" said Akshaya

"No behan... she talked over the limit. Don't worry, she will be fine. I'm apologising Khushi and all of you for Manorama's behaviour, I'm sorry"

"Nahi sir... ma'am is just worried about Arnav ji's life. She thinks I'm not good for Arnav ji. That's why she is talking like this. I can understand her concerns. She loves this family, and her fear is acceptable. Please don't say sorry"

"Leave all that... Only two days left for Mehndi. Anjali did you inform the Mehndi girls and ask them to come on Saturday?" asked Dadi, changing the topic. Everyone thanked her in their hearts for this change.

With that everyone settled in their places to discuss and make arrangements. It's decided that Mehendi will be held in Khushi's house and all the ladies will go to there where all the men will stay at home as the day will be Saturday.

All the while everyone is discussing things, Khushi felt something hit on her hand. She looked it to find a tiny paper ball. She held it and looked around to see everyone busy. She gasped in shock when she held certain eyes on her. She looked around and then to him. She shook her head vigorously after seeing him to signal her to come to his room.

Arnav's eyebrows came together seeing her negative response. He again signaled her to come aside for which she again shook her head. He narrowed his eyes as warning her for the last time, but flared his nose seeing her averting her eyes from him. Suddenly he stood up from his place

"Dadi, as me and Khushi are not going to meet after Mehendi, I want to spend sometime with Khushi. Do anyone have any problem with that?" he asked directly, leaving everyone shocked and surprised.

"Mujhe nahi ana hai" Khushi said in her low irritated voice

"You don't have any other option" Arnav said

"Laad Governor kahike... I said I don't want to come anywhere"

"What the!!! Khushi I'm warning you..."


Before Arnav dump her on his shoulder or drag her to his room, Dadi said "It's okay Khushi betiya... as we already discussed everything, you can go and talk with him. After all he is right, you both won't get any time to talk till the wedding ends. Go, spend some time with him"

Arnav smiled at his Dadi in gratitude, which she nodded with a smile

"But mujhe nahi jaana hai Dadi ji..."

Dadi looked at the sulking child before her with smile, she requested Buaji to send Khushi with Arnav. Seeing the desperate Arnav buaji said

"Ye Titaliya... go with him. Can't you see, he is waiting for you. Go now... we will take care of things here. I will update you later" with that Buaji pushed Khushi little.

Without having any other option, Khushi left from there following Arnav towards poolside

After Khushi entered the room, Arnav closed the door and hugged her from behind not letting her to move an inch. He chuckled little seeing the adorable angry pout on her face.

"You look more cute when you act like a child with this angry pout"

He kissed the corner of her lips making her gasp in shock and push him

"What?" Arnav asked in confusion

"You... ki... me... never mind... leave it... How can you act like that at down there? what will they think?" khushi asked

"Sh... Khushi we are going to get marry. We both love each other and everyone knows that. If I drag you like this, they will understand. After all they too have crossed this stage, didn't they?" Arnav asked naughtily

Khushi opened her mouth in surprise and poked his hand little before smiling shyly

Arnav hugged Khushi again from behind and whispered "Khushi, there are the small moments we should grab to cherish them in future. We can't be this irresponsible after marriage. So, we should enjoy each and every moment in our life. If we can't get that, we should steal them from elders. It will gives us immense happiness when we remember. You know how I feel when I see you full shying and blushing when I hug you like this?"

Khushi again blushed hearing his words

"Don't test my patience Khushi. No one will come and disturb us too. Then it will be difficult for me to control.

Suddenly khushi hugged him tightly "One week, I'm going to miss you..."

Arnav confused with sudden change. But alas he hugged her tight and said "We still can meet tomorrow and day after. Just it's 4 days and Next week this day, you will be mine, completely"

After few seconds Khushi gulping hard and said "I'm worried Arnav ji... someone or other is trying to stop our wedding. I'm worried... First jiji and Abhinav, there is Pankaj and now... now..."

"Shh... no one can stop this marriage. Didn't you hear what dad said? As is PA, you should know how serious he will be after he decides one thing. Don't be worried, everything will be fine" Arnav assured her.

They both stayed in the same posture, hugging each other and feeling warmth. Arnav broke the hug and led them towards the couch and sat taking Khushi's hands in his. Later he told her about their wedding attires, how he is asking to wedding planners to make little changes in decoration. He also told her to not to worry about Latha and Abhinav. They sat talking like that.

"What is it Khushi?" ARnav asked seeing hesitant Khushi

"Woh... um... I... Can you... I mean Can I have one of your... I mean... your shirt?" she whispered last part

"What? But why?" he is surprised to hear this

"Woh... we are not going to meet till Wedding day.. so, thought to take..."

Arnav sensed an unknown fear in her body language, an unknown uneasiness in her face

"Khushi... Um... I don't think..." he stopped her closing her eyes. She turned red in embarrassment

"It's okay Arnav ji. I can understand. It's just few days... I will manage... silly of me... I'm just acting like a teenager in Love. It's okay..." she smiled little blinking her eyes.

He is sure, her eyes are not moist, but he couldn't understand the emotion that her eyes held.

"I... I think I should leave now... will meet you on next week. Bye for now..." with that she walked towards the door. But stopped feeling her eyes closing in their own way. She swayed in air and closed her eyes but not before feeling the warmth of her man

"Khushi..." Arnav pated unconscious KHushi's cheeks, not getting response, he lied her on bed and called their family doctor. And also informed their family members after calling them upstairs.


"Nothing to worry. This is common in everyone girl before marriage. She is just facing anxiety about her marriage. She is scared or worried about the marriage thing. Don't worry, I gave her anti-anxiety dose. She will be fine in an hour. Let her rest for some time. Just give her these medicines tomorrow. I will take your leave now" saying this doctor went from there.

Everyone in the room stood in silence looking at the fragile figure in Arnav's bed. Buaji sat beside her and caressed her hair.

"Poor girl... facing too many things in her life at small age. I don't know when she will get happiness. First, her sister and BIL, then Pankaj and now Manorama. She shouldn't face all these, such an Angel she is. God please help this kid" Dadi cried out loud seeing Khushi in this state. Akshaya hugged her and tried to console

After sometime like few hours, Khushi gained conscious looked at Arnav who stood at the window looking outside

"Arnav ji"

The next second he is at her side

"How are you feeling now?"

"I'm fine" Khushi gave her week smile.

Now he can clearly see the fear and worry in her eyes about their marriage. Before hearing doctors words, he couldn't comprehend the emotion in her vulnerable eyes. But now, it's clear..

"Khushi, do you trust me?" Arnav asked looking at her eyes intently

Khushi nodded her head without a word

"Then why can't you leave this fear behind you? Why can't you enjoy your wedding? Why are you giving damn to those people? Why are you getting scared about them? Why can't you just let it go?" he said in frustration

"Because I Love you... and I can't lose you... and I can't live without you" she said in low trembling voice

Arnav looked at her with wide eyes.


Composing herself immediately she said "I'm fine Arnav ji... Don't worry... I think it's already late, I should leave. Take care..." saying this she stood on her toes and kissed his cheek and left from there in hurry not giving him any chance to utter a word. When he rushed downstairs, she along with her family is bidding bye to his family. She looked at him with a small smile on her face and nodded her head and left. Before crossing the main door, she turned back and looked at him again while smiling little. He thought he saw her eyes glistening.

He turned to his side feeling a tap on his shoulder to see his father

"Don't worry, she is not week as much as she looks like. She is a strong girl. She will come around" Aran left from there leaving his son in thoughts

"No, dad... she is not. She is just scared child from her heart. She is keeping everything in her heart not wanting to let people around her to feel bad. She needs to leave everything behind and live her life happily. You don't know her dad... she is scared. I wish I can remove her fears. I'm sorry Khushi... for letting you go in this state with those fears. Sorry sweetheart..." Arnav closed his eyes to see her pleading eyes before his. He fisted his palms to stop himself from run after her.


Thank you


Heart  Heart  Heart


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Mar 16, 2016

SS : Anmol Part 39 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 83 times)

No_PROOF_READ_not even a word


Part 39 :

“Don’t worry Khushi… everything will be fine”

“Do you trust me Khushi?”

“Why can’t you leave this fear behind you?”

“Why can’t you enjoy your wedding?”

“Why can’t you just let it go?”

Khushi heard Arnav saying

“Because scared of losing you Arnav ji… and I don’t want to lose you. I can’t live without you. Please don’t leave me” Khushi muttered in her sleep

“Shh… I’m not going anywhere. I won’t leave you… relax… sleep” Arnav wiped the tear from the corner of her eye and pulled her towards him. He felt bad seeing Khushi in this state.

“Arnav ji…” Khushi called him in low voice

“I’m here… relax…” Arnav whispered in her ear, kissing her temple

Khushi felt his breath on her ear, turning her face to her side, she looked at him and smiled in her sleepy state. When the reality dawned on her, she sprang in her place and sat on the bed and looked at Arnav with wide eyes.

“Arnav ji…??? What are you doing here? We shouldn’t meet now?” Khushi said and about to go to lock the door Arnav stopped Khushi pulling her towards him

“I already locked the door, relax. No one is going to see me. Come, sleep now”

“But… how… why?” She couldn’t believe

“You said you miss me right? That’s why” he said with a small smile

Khushi hugged him with full force making him fell on the bed. Arnav closed his arms around her not letting her fall from him. He hugged her tight and kept his face in crook of her neck.

“Never ever think that I will leave you and go. Keep this in your pea sized brain that I can’t live without you. If anyone try to stop this wedding, I will elope with you and marry you. No matter what others think. I want you and I need you that’s all. You are mine, Khushi. No one can change that, not even you. What should I do to make you believe my words, make you trust me in this?” He asked helplessly

Khushi hugged him tight and pushed her face into his chest and breathed his scent deep into her lungs.

Understanding her unsaid request, Arnav stayed silent and let her feel his warmth. He lied on bed comfortably and took her in his arms. Khushi adjusted herself in his arms and wounded her arms around his chest. After some minutes, she slowly raised her head to see him in his deep sleep. She slowly unbuttoned his shirt top buttons and kissed him lightly and kept her cheek on his skin. She closed her eyes and drifted to peaceful sleep feeling him skin to skin. She felt close and secured feeling him skin to skin.

After few hours, Arnav woke up from his sleep to see Khushi all over him. He looked at his mobile and it showing 3.45 AM. He looked around and again looked at their position, which surprised him. Khushi’s face is on his bare chest, and her hand is around his waist and her one leg is in between his legs. He slowly caressed her cheek and called her in low whisper. Khushi hummed nuzzling into his chest more. He felt goosebumps seeing Khushi in that position and hearing her sleepy response. He controlled his feelings and slowly made her lie on her back. He again patted her cheek to wake her up.

Khushi slowly opened her eyes and gave a lazy smile to him.

“Khushi it’s going to be morning in few hours. I should leave now…” Arnav said after confirming she woke up completely.

Khushi nodded her head in little disappointment.

“Don’t worry, just three days more. I can’t wait more to make you as mine. I will leave now. You lock the window and sleep. I will call you in the morning, okay?”

Khushi nodded and asked “You will call me, right? You won’t forget, right?”

“Promise… I will call. Now close the window and sleep” Arnav kissed her forehead and left from there.

Khushi locked the window and slept again feeling Arnav’s warmth on the pillow.


Next day, Saturday - all the ladies from Raizada family came to Khushi’s house to complete the Mehendi ritual. Anjali arranged everything which is needed. Few ladies from Arnav’s relatives came along with his family and few ladies from Khushi’s neighbourhood also came.

When the ritual about to start, Khushi is mobile rang as promised with the name of the man of Khushi’s thoughts.

“Good Morning” she wished

“Good Morning… how are the preparations going on?” He asked

“The function is about to start in few minutes. Everyone came… I’m just waiting for amma to take me out”


After few moments of pause, Khushi said “I miss you…”

These three words overwhelmed arnav to such extent. He is understanding her insecurities and feelings about him and her relation with him.

“Do you want me to come there?” Arnav asked

“No… it’s okay, i will be fine” Khushi said. She was stopped by Garima from saying further calling Khushi’s name “Arnav ji… Amma is here. I need to go”

“Okay… take care… don’t worry. Remember I’m just a phone call away. Love you…” he confessed one more time before dropping the call.



“Who are you? Why are you telling all these?” Manorama asked


“No… I can’t let this happen. I know about her”


Manorama dropped the call and stood at the corner thinking deeply ‘I can’t let this happen. I can’t let Arnav spoil his life with this so called girl. I can’t understand why can’t everyone see what I’m able to see? Look now, an outsider also able to see how cheap this girl is. That stranger called me and said everything I already know through Latha. But if this girl is good, then how can an outsider know well?’ Manorama’s thoughts disturbed by loud voices of the ladies who started singing by Khushi’s appearance.

Everyone settled in living room. Akshaya came front and applied a small dot of mehendi on Khushi’s right hand as starting the ritual. Then all the ladies sat in the room. Khushi noticed Anjali sitting beside her Dadi, looking around the ladies who are applying the mehendi. Khushi can see the longing in her eyes for these things. She called one Mehendi girl and asked her to sit beside her and then called Anjali. At the same moment, Anjali’s phone rang showing her brother’s name.

“What chote?”

“I just called you to know… you know… I mean… Di…”

“I’m fine Chote. Don’t worry”

“I’m sorry Di… because of me…” Arnav’s words stopped by hearing his lady love voice through the phone.

“Anjali ji… can you sit beside me please?” Khushi asked

Anjali looked at her brother’s girl once and around them to see other ladies. Understanding her unsaid fears, Khushi said “I want you beside me Anjali ji and it is my wedding. I won’t allow anyone to say any words to you. Come, please…”

With tears in her eyes, Anjali sat beside Khushi. The call was long forgotten. Both Anjali and Arnav, who is still on phone felt shocked when Khushi asked mehendi girl to apply mehendi on Anjali along with her. Arnav sat in his place worrying about his sister.

“Khushi What are you doing? This is not good… I mean I’m not… You know… I can’t…”

“Exactly Khushi beti. She can’t apply mehendi on her hands, in fact she shouldn’t be here as her hus…” one of the ladies in the hall, who is a widow herself said it out loud, making Anjali go weak at her position.

“If she can’t apply mehendi, then what are you doing here? I don’t think your husband is alive” Khushi stopped her asking very clearly shocking everyone in the room

“Titaliya…” Buaji tried to lighten the situation.

“I know what I’m talking buaji. Tell me madam, if Anjali ji can’t apply her mehendi and can’t stay, then what are you doing here?”

“How rude??? I don’t know Arnav accepted this arrogant girl as his future wife. Here I’m saying things for her good she is insulting me?” The lady got angered.

“Khushi please… leave it” Anjali tried

Khushi with straight face, said it clear and loud “She is free from Evil. She has every right to do what she wanted to do. I agree she is a divorcee but that doesn't mean she is equal to widow or she has to leave every good thing behind. She has every right to attend and do all these so called auspicious things in her life. From now on, I won’t allow anyone to stop her from all these rituals. If you can’t support her in her life, then get out, don’t dare to interfere in our lives. Till now, may be everyone respected you because you are their relatives. But I don’t give damn to any relatives if they ill talks about MY family. Keep that in your minds before you show your finger towards MY family”

Everyone in the room and someone on the phone rooted to their places after hearing blunt words by Khushi.

“And you… didn’t I say to apply mehendi on Anjali ji’s hands? What are you looking at my face? Do you want me to write on paper and give it you?” Khushi was in completely different state. Her heart ached when the lady pointed out Anjali’s married life. She being Khushi, habit of not able to hear a word about her family, stood beside Anjali and blurted out her anger.

Khushi turned to Anjali and said in a soft tone “Ayiye (please come) Anjali ji… you have every right to live your life. Please… don’t let others to rule our life or spoil our happiness. I trust you and believe that it’s not your mistake or loss. It’s completely that person’s. I don’t want you to think about that useless person and waste your life when that person doing god know what. Live your life Anjali ji. Look at your family, they are waiting for their Anjali not this lost one. It’s time to leave all useless bad memories behind and step forward to happy life. Please… this is the gift you can give your brother on his wedding. Please for your Chote, for your family and most importantly for you and your heart”

Khushi was stopped by a bear hug from Anjali. Anjali cried her heart out hugging Khushi tightly. Khushi caressed her back trying to sooth the pain she is going through with all these rituals.

“Khushi… mein…” Anjali tried to talk

“Shh… we can talk in the evening. Now it’s time for mehendi. Ayiye…” Khushi made Anjali sit beside her and sighed girl to apply mehendi on Anjali’s hands. When she is looking at Anjali’s happy tears, her look halted on Dadi who is looking at her with so much love in her tear filled eyes. Khushi nodded her head understanding the elderly lady’s pain. And shook her head as asking not to cry.

Manorama, who watched this stood at her place noticing the angry Khushi. For the first time, a positive thought came in her mind about Khushi. She looked at Anjali who is letting the girl to apply mehendi happily. She saw Anjali looking at Khushi with so much respect with tearful eyes for which Khushi shook her head. But still she couldn’t accept Khushi as Arnav’s future wife

Arnav, who is on the phone all this while, gulped hard guessing his sister’s condition. But he is happy with what Khushi said. He is happy thinking two things. One, khushi supporting his sister and second, Khushi back answering someone, who tried to mess with her family. He is happy hearing this strong Khushi. He silently disconnected the call and closing his eyes leaning the couch.


“Sir… there is a news about Pankaj” said Rajesh - security incharge of Raizada-s, after wishing Arnav in RM

Arnav looked at him and nodded his head as telling him to continue

“He talked with Manorama ma’am few minutes back”

“WHAT!!!” Arnav was shocked to hear this “Mami? How can she do this?”

“But the interesting thing is, he didn’t disclose his name to her. He just said he is wellwisher of Raizada family”

“Well wisher? What a ****?!!! What did mami said?”

“She didn’t deny his words nor accepted him. She sounded mutual” said Rajesh

“Damn it Mami…” cursed Arnav

“Sir, please alert Khushi ma’am about this. After hearing their conversation, I’m not sure about Manorama ma’am would be in her cool. Sorry for intruding, but this is what I can say, sir” With that Rajesh took his leave and left from there.

After thinking for few more minutes, Arnav called Khushi to inform about Pankaj’s call to mami. But Khushi didn’t answer the phone much to his restlessness.


In Khushi’s house

“By the way, where is your elder daughter Garima ji?” Manorama asked pretended to be unaware of the situation, leaving all the raizada ladies in shock. Manorama clearly ignored Arnav and Aran’s warning

“Ji?!” Garima stood shocked after hearing Manorama’s question.

“Yes, Garima I also didn’t see Latha anywhere, where is she and where is damad ji?” Asked one neighbour.

“Jijaji has some work in his office regarding his and his family health insurances. For that their company needs signature of both jiji and jija ji. So they left to Mumbai yesterday morning. I don’t know they can make it before marriage” Khushi immediately said whatever came into her mind. She doesn’t want her family to face insults from others. Garima and Buaji nodded their heads in worry

“Huh? That’s not good… here your younger daughter is getting married and your elder one left just like that? This is not good Madhumathi” another one said

“But is that really a reason? as much I know, the signatures can wait a week time” Manorama asked not leaving the chance to make khushi wrong in front of everyone.

“As that is also important they had to leave. We couldn’t do anything” buaji said and managed their neighbours to calm down and divert the topic from Latha and her husband.

Before Manorama says anything more, Akshaya sighed her not to talk. Manorama sat there in anger, looking at Khushi who is smiling


Next day, Sunday

Pandit ji came to RM to perform the ritual. As he instructed, Arnav became ready with light colored shirt and pants. Pandit ji made him sit on a stool, and asked the ladies to start the ritual.

Firstly, Akshaya took little amount of oil in her right palm then rounded it around Arnav’s head from left to right, then sprinkled it on his right side. Then in same manner from right to left then sprinkled on his left side. Then, applied oil on Arnav’s hair, face, hands and legs giving him blessing for his upcoming wedding. After Akshaya then Manorama, Anjali and remaining ladies did the same. Later panditji asked Akshaya to apply the mix of gram flour, turmeric powder and Sandalwood powder on Arnav’s face, hands and legs. Then Akshaya along with others take the aarti for Arnav. Then Pandit asked Arnav to take bath and wear full white dress. When Arnav came after taking bath, Pandit again made Arnav sit on the stool asked ladies to put the Kalyan Tilak

and do arati one more time. After completion of this, he announced Arnav as a bridegroom. He also warned Arnav to not to go out of the house as it is not good for the groom and bride.

He instructed ladies to take the aarti for Arnav morning and evening everyday till the wedding. He strictly said Arnav to wear only white color till the wedding. He also said, they should perform this ritual before leaving to wedding hall. Then Pandit went to Khushi’s house to perform the ritual and take Anjali and Akash to Khushi’s house to attend the ritual from groom’s side.

Before Anjali leaves the house, Arnav handed a gift pack to her and requested to give that to Khushi, which Anjali agreed happily. After they reached Khushi’s house they performed the ritual in same way as they performed to Arnav. After that, Pandit announced Khushi as bride and asked her not to go out till wedding. Then he gave same instruction to Gupta-s about doing daily aarti to Khushi. Then he took their leave and left.

Anjali, gave the gift pack to Khushi with a teasing smile on her face, which made Khushi blush hard. After teasing Khushi some more time, she along with Akash left to their home.

Khushi rushed to her room and closed the doors. She opened the gift pack very carefully not tearing it. She gasped seeing the dark green color sari when she opened the box. She caressed the material with utmost care and love. After admiring the sari for some more minutes, she is about to keep that sari in wardrobe, then she noticed a paper in the gift pack. She kept the sari aside and took out the paper to see it’s a letter from her arnav ji. Feeling overwhelmed, she read it


MY Khushi…

I never wrote letter. This is the first time. I miss you. I can say this through the phone too. But I felt leaving this letter. I can’t wait more to get you all for myself. Thanks for coming into my life sweetheart. I can’t imagine my life without you. I couldn’t remember how I lived my life before you enter into it. I can never thank you enough for giving me this immense happiness. Love you Khushi…

Hope you like the sari, I want you to wear this when you come to wedding hall. See you soon.

Just three days more… get ready to become Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada

P.S : Check below the sari, hope you will smile

Only yours



Khushi kept the letter aside carefully and took out the sari from the box to see neatly folded shirt of Arnav. She smiled broadly seeing that. She take out the shirt and smelled it for his fragrance. She hugged the shirt closely to her heart and closed her eyes feeling him with her. A lone tear escaped from her eye. Her special moments got disturbed by Bua Ji's voice. With a smile, Khushi kept the shirt and sari inside her wardrobe securely.

“I Love You…” that’s all she typed on her mobile and send the message to Arnav before she went out of the room.


“I Love You more…” Arnav replied to her message, clearly guessing her state of emotions after seeing his gift. He closed his eyes and leaned on to the couch in satisfaction. He couldn’t wait this Sunday to turn into Wednesday

‘Three more days…’ he thought before involving the conversation with his family.


Hope it's okay

Thank you


Heart  Heart  Heart



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Apr 1, 2016

SS : Anmol Part 40 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 82 times)

IF you are not interested in wedding rituals, then you can skip this part. This whole part is nothing but the wedding. As I’m south Indian, I used the south Indian style of wedding. All the rituals differ from the place, family traditions, cast and all. If you feel like I didn’t justify the wedding rituals, then I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone.

Thank you...


Part 40 :

The day went eventful. Both the families felt content seeing their children as bride and groom. As Aran warned everyone to not to dare uttering a word against Khushi, Manorama kept silent. She cursed Khushi for dominating her family. On the other side, Pankaj tried a lot to reach Khushi but as she blocked his number he couldn’t talk to her. She answered only saved numbers, if the screen showed unknown number or unsaved number, she asked Aman to answer the phone as per Arnav’s instructions.

On the other side Rajesh team came to a plan to trap Pankaj by trapping Abhinav and Latha. Arnav agreed to their plan when they explained things. So, for now, there is no disturbance or danger from the trio.

On Monday, both the families went to Goddess Durga temple to seek permission and blessing for the wedding. Both Arnav and Khushi offered few things like, flowers, sweets, clothes to the Goddess. They also kept a wedding card near Goddess feet as inviting the Goddess to their wedding. After finishing the prayers both the families came out to serve the poor as Arnav arranged breakfast for the poor people.

“Titli?!!” They heard someone calling.

Everyone looked at the man standing beside them and looking at Khushi with moistened eyes.

“Shyam…?!” Both Buaji and Amma called him in low voice. Khushi ran to him and hugged him leaving everyone questioned.

Khushi broke the hug and turned to her buaji “Buaji… Shyam Bhai… he came… Shyam Bhai came…”

“Ha Titli… I came… How are you my dear?” Shyam asked caressing her hair

“All the questions will be answered later. First I want to introduced to someone, come…” with that Khushi dragged Shyam towards Raizada-s.

“Hello Mr. Raizada… you here? And with Titli?” Shyam asked surprised

“You both knew each other?” Khushi asked

“I know him, and I don’t think he know me. I work for his legal team in Mumbai” Shyam said looking at Arnav and Khushi “But how do you know him, Titli?”

Before Khushi answer anything, Arnav answered

“I’m her husband” the arrogance and dominance is clear in his voice

“Husband? Titli? What is he saying… You and him? When? Why? How?”

“That’s a big story Bhai. I will tell you later. Let me introduce you… Arnav ji… Papa ji… he is Shyam, my brother. I mean, My dad adopted him long back. But he left us not wanting to be a burden on us” Khushi said with a pout and tears in her eyes. Arnav immediately hugged her

“Shh… don’t worry, he will not go anywhere now. As he came now, I will make sure he will stay us, okay?” Arnav said leaving Shyam and Khushi in surprise and happiness

“Titli, that’s not fair. You shouldn’t complain on me. You tell me Mr. Raizada, when only one person is earning, is it correct all the other 5 members to sit and eat and depend on him? As a son, doesn’t I have responsibility to take care of things?” Shyam asked

“But that doesn’t mean you stop talking with us and doesn’t care about us or doesn’t bother about us. You could have done all these by staying with us too” Khushi complained like a child.

“If I called you, would you have allowed me to stay away from you all? No, right? That’s why I didn’t call” Shyam said with a smile. “Where is Bauji? Latha?” He asked looking around.

Arnav’s hold on Khushi got tightened hearing the question to give support.

“So much happened in these years Shyam. We will tell you once we reach home. For now, let’s complete the work” Buaji said and urges everyone to complete the work.

After completing the breakfast serving, all the Raizada-s bid bye to Gupta-s and left from there. Arnav kissed Khushi before leaving, promising her to call at the night.


“How dare they to do all these?” Shyam shouted in anger. Buaji told him everything whatever happened with Khushi because of Latha and Abhinav and how Khushi’s father left this world. Abhinav harassing Khushi angered Shyam more.

“It’s all because of you. If you would have stayed with us, he wouldn’t have done all these to us, to me. We didn’t have any male support and he took the advantage. Dad left us, you also left us. If it is not for Arnav ji, I don’t know what would we have done. If it is not for Arnav ji, I don’t know how would I have deal with this life and people. He helped me a lot Bhai. He loves me a lot” Khushi accused him, told everything and gave the most important information about her Arnav ji.

Shyam cupped her face “I’m sorry, Titli. I never guessed you will go through all these because of my absence. I’m sorry… I never expected that idiot to turn like this. And Latha? What’s wrong with her? Where are they?”

“They are kept somewhere away from my wedding. Arnav ji’s security incharge is taking care of them” Khushi informed

“Hmm… Titli can I talk with Mr. Raizada?” Shyam asked

Nodding her head, Khushi dialed Arnav’s number

“Are you free now? Do you have some time? Shyam bhai wants to talk with you” Khushi asked

“Sure… first tell me how are you?” Arnav asked

“I’m fine… here talk with him” Khushi gave phone to Shyam and left from there as buaji called

“Hello Mr. Raizada it’s me Shyam”

“Yeah tell me”

“I want to thank you for taking care of my family in my irresponsible absence. I never knew the things would turn like this. I never expected Latha…” Shyam stopped there thinking Arnav might not like to talk about all these, so he immediately turned the topic “I mean to say, Bau ji leaving and Khushi’s need to work…”

“I know everything about Latha and Abhinav. Khushi told me everything on our first meet. And I didn’t do anything special. I did what I should, I took care of my life my Khushi. She is my responsibility. Don’t worry, I won’t let you down. You have my word that I will take care of her till my last breath” Arnav knew, how much these words to a brother. He knew how a brother feels worried about his sister. So, he tried his best to reduce that worry to this man. If Khushi feels this so called Shyam as her brother and important in her life, then he is important in his life too… there is no point in thinking about him. So, Arnav assured Shyam about his love towards Khushi. Both dropped the call feeling happy after talking with each other.

That night Arnav talked with Khushi, just to know how she is feeling after seeing Shyam. He knew Shyam’s entry will remind her of her father. He can understand how much disturbed she can be at present. So, he talked with her to bring her out of her emotional state. Both bid bye with Arnav’s sweet nothing and good nights.


Next two days went in a giff. Both Arnav and Khushi got busy in helping their family members. They both couldn’t get time to talk with each other leisurely. They just able to talk only few words. They both got restless for not able to meet each other. Both Arnav and Khushi waiting for the day.

As to reduce their wait and restlessness, the day came with bright morning. Khushi got ready in the sari which Arnav gifted her. As bride’s family need to welcome groom’s family, all the Gupta-s left to venue in the morning. Shyam took the responsibility of the father of bride, immediately after entering the house. He took care of all the things, giving rest to Khushi from all the tensions. He successfully controlled everything.

A/N: whoever not interested in wedding rituals can skip the following part. I mentioned where you can start reading again.

After entering the venue, Khushi was kept in one of the rooms beside the stage and everyone went outside the venue. As the wedding is happening in south Indian style, everyone is excited to see the rituals.

As Pandit asked Garima, she washed Arnav’s feet and asked her brother’s wife to apply tilak on his face and did aarti. Then she asked her SIL to apply tilak on every lady of groom’s family. Then as Pandit asked Garima’s brother, came front and took all the Raizada-s and their relatives inside the venue and to their respective allotted rooms. ((A/N I don’t want to introduce everyone. So, I just mentioned)

Once Arnav’s family got relaxed and refreshed, then Pandit asked them to get ready for the next ritual. He warned all the raizada-s playfully, to get ready to get strained as south Indians weddings are really strainful.

Snathakam followed by Kasi Yatra

This is basically an event of the groom's party only which includes some fun activity with the groom. After the basic ritual of 'snathakam' or putting the sacred silver thread round the groom's shoulder by his parents as is done in the thread ceremony, the groom adorns the clothes of 'sanyasasrama dharma' (Monk’s). He holds an umbrella, wears 'pamukollu' or wooden sandals' and declares that he is no longer interested in the materialistic world and hence goes on 'Kasi Yatra' for accepting 'sanyasam' or sainthood.

After hearing all these Arnav got shocked to see the things happening. He bluntly rejected to do this ritual thinking they won’t allow him to marry Khushi now. It took lot of time to Pandit to make him understanding by explaining the later on ritual. After hearing complete ritual, Arnav got to know it’s one of the fun filled ritual. He shook his head unbelievingly for his desperateness

At this juncture, when Arnav is about to begin his journey, the bride's brother-Shyam blocks his way to the 'sanyasam' and requests him to leave the thought of taking up 'sanyasam' and enter into the 'grihasthashram' (marital life) as his (bride's brother) beautiful sister is eagerly waiting to get united with the groom. Thus Shyam convinces (He repeated whatever Pandit said) Arnav that as per 'dharma' one has to go through the 'grihasthashram' before accepting 'sanyasam'. As per Pandit ji’s instructions, Shyam kept Piece of Jaggery under Arnav’s chin and pleaded him. Then he applies sandal paste on Arnav’s cheeks and sprinkles perfumed water. Then both gifts each other. Then Arnav was taken inside the venue again.

The event is one of the most enjoyable one by both the families and relatives with much of fun and laughter. As they never used to this type of ritual they enjoyed throughout.


This is basically an event in which the bride and her parents are involved and this usually takes place simultaneously with 'snathakam' / 'kasi yatra'. In this event, while the priest chants mantras, the bride and the other women of the family sprinkle grains of 9 different kinds in the earthen plates filled with soil collect from ant-hill. As this soil is highly fertile, the grains sprout within a short period and these sprouts are taken out and the plates are cleaned on the 16th day after marriage which is known as 'padaharu rojula (16th day) panduga' in the bride's house.

This special event symbolizes the germination / reproduction process of human life to ensure the continuity of filial / procreation. The event is followed by the most important event of the ceremony which is known as the 'Gowri/Ganesh Pooja' performed by the bride in the evening.

After taking rest for sometime after Snathakam ritual, in the evening the next event which is known as 'Totalo Digadam or Vara puja or Panakala bindelu' held where there is mutual introduction and interaction of both the parties.

This is one of the most exciting events of the wedding ceremony where the bride and the groom meet face to face prior to the wedding. In this event all the relatives of both the parties gather and the 'lagna patrika' / invitation card is read out by the priest. There is a mutual exchange of new clothes between the bride and groom and their parents. In this event, 'panakam' (flavored jaggery and pepper syrup) which is brought in two new silver / steel 'panakam bindelu' or pots is distributed to all the guests by the bride's party. Thereby these new 'panakam bindelu' are offered to the groom's sisters. Seeing the importance she has in every ritual, Anjali got excited. She got ready and accepted every ritual.

In this event, Pandit ji announced the 'sumuhurtham' for the auspicious event of 'sobhanam' (nuptial) making both Arnav and Khushi embarrassed and shy. There’s lot of enjoyment and laughter in the environment in this event as Khushi and Arnav sat side by side and pose for pictures and get closer to each other. Everyone teased the duo to their heart's content. After seeing each other after two days, both Arnav and Khushi overwhelmed with happiness. Their restlessness and desperateness are increased. They completed the ritual with full of laughter and happiness.

Then after completing these rituals, panditji asked to take both bride and groom to give them auspicious bath (Mangala Snanam). The mothers of both bride and groom applies oil on their heads and hands as they did when they made them as bride and groom and does aarti. After completing this aarti, both Arnav and Khushi sent to take bath separately. After completing bath Khushi was made to sit in her room to do the next ritual.

After taking sacred bath, Arnav asked to wear the traditional costume and sit in the mandap. Then Shyam washed his feet to start the rituals and continued doing some as per Panditji’s instructions. Then Arnav was instructed to do the Lord Ganesh puja.

Gowri/Ganesh Pooja

Gowri Devi is widely worshiped by the Hindu married women for a happy, successful and blissful married life. As per Hinduism, performing Gowri Devi Puja is considered highly important for married women as the goddess blesses the woman with long married life.

In this ritual, the bride sits in a huge basket that is hand woven with eco-friendly material of bamboo. The basket is smeared with turmeric paste, decorated with kumkum and unprocessed rice grains are placed in the basket up to a height of 2 inches. The bride, then, performs Gowri pooja with kumkum for at least 2-3 hours prior to the 'sumuhurtham' of marriage to seek the divine blessings.

After this event, Pandit made Arnav sit beside Khushi and continue chanting the mantras. He made Arnav to give Khushi the traditional costume 'Madhuparkalu and asked her to change and come. These 'madhuparkalu' are basically white color attire with red, yellow or green border and is the sacred attire that is worn in the special way. In the rest of the events, both Arnav and Khushi should remain in this sacred attire only.

After Khushi wearing 'Madhuparkalu', Arnav along with Khushi-carrying a coconut were escorted to the 'mandapam' by married women from both the parties carrying plates with lamps in rice powder paste. As bride has to be carried by her maternal uncles, Khushi was carried to the 'mandap' by her maternal uncles. Pandit made both Khushi and Arnav sit opposite to each other with a curtain between the two.

Jeelakarra(Jeera/cumin seeds) Bellam (gud/jaggery) or Sumuhurtham

All these events took place one after the other very fast amidst the traditional music of 'Sannai Melam', Khushi and Arnav still separated with the curtain, hold 'jeela-karra bellam' (a thick paste made of crushed cumin seeds or jeera and jaggery) placed in betel leaves.

'Sumuhurtham' is the most important and awaited event of the wedding ceremony” Panditji said.

At the auspicious time or 'sumuhurtham', to the excitement of the august gathering and amidst the fast beat of 'Sannai Melam', and fast thumping of their hearts, both Arnav and Khushi place 'Jeelakara Bellam' on each other's head from underneath the curtain. At this moment, the curtain is removed when the bride and the groom remain seated facing each other.

“This is the main part of the wedding and you became husband and wife” Panditji said to duo.

Arnav and Khushi looked at each other with different and lot of emotions in their eyes. Both their eyes got moistened with the happiness.

All the elderly guests blessed the newly wedded couple with 'akshintalu' or rice grains mixed with turmeric powder while the younger ones wished them.

Mangalya Dharana

'Mangalyam Tantunanena Mama Jeevana Hetuna' is the most important and sacred chanting which is recited at the time of 'Mangalya Dharana' - the most important event of the ceremony - in which the bride and the groom are religiously united and become the husband and wife as per the Hindu LAW. In this event, the groom ties 'Mangala Sutra' ((A/N the sacred yellow thread smeared with turmeric paste, to which two specially designed pendants(one is by groom’s parents and one is by bride’s parents) called 'sutralu' are tied for the purpose. But as we are talking about Arshi wedding you can imagine normal north Indian nuptial thread)) round the bride's neck and ties three knots (which stand for 'manasa' / mind, 'vacha' / speech and 'karmana' / deed). And later Arnav was asked to fill Khushi’s forehead with sacred vermillion powder, which he completed with utmost care.

When Panditji asked Khushi's parents to come to do Kanyadaan, Shyam came forward and sat beside Khushi to let her know that she has him in her father’s place. After sitting beside her, Shyam placed Arnav's feet in a big brass plate and wash his feet. Then, while the priest chants mantras he placed Khushi’s hands along with tender coconut, pumpkin and bananas in her hands in Arnav's hands and give away his sister in 'danam' (donation) to Arnav by pouring water on top of their hands. After that Shyam kept Khushi’s hands in Arnav’s hands and covered their hands with his. In return, he seek promise from Arnav that he will take care of his sister for life long. This event is known as 'Kanyadanam' or giving away of the young lady (the bride) to the groom in donation. As per Hinduism, 'Kanyadanam' is considered as a highly noble act which has great returns.


This is an event which is enjoyed the most not only by the newly wedded couple but by the guests as well who keep encouraging the newly wedded couple with a highly competitive spirit. 'Talambralu' are the rice grains mixed with turmeric powder and saffron along with other things like flower petals, pearls and colorful beads depending on the affordability and interest of the party.

In this event, both Arnav and Khushi are made to sit facing each other and initially they are made to pour 'talambralu' on each other's head like a shower in turns. As it progresses, both are encouraged by the friends and relatives to compete with the pouring of 'talambralu' on each other's head. There is much of laughter and enjoyment all around and the event signifies the happiness and contentment of married life. Both Arnav and Khushi enjoyed to their hearts content.

After that Arnav was seated and Khushi stood before him and put garlands on his neck. Then Arnav does the same. Then Akshaya was instructed to give the jewelry and clothes to Khushi and also Shyam asked to give clothes to Arnav.

Nagavalli & Saptapadi

Fire or 'Agni' is considered one of the 'Pancha Bhootas' and hence, the ancestors and 'Agni Deva' are the witness of the auspicious events.

The Holy Fire or Homam which is lit, symbolizes purity and 'Agni Deva' remains a 'Sakshi' or witness for the vows made by the newly wedded couple which are read in Sanskrit by the main priest. The newly wedded couple offer prayers to 'Agni Deva' which has a special significance. They offer rice grains to 'Agni Deva' / Homam which symbolizes fertility and it is believed that Fire God removes ignorance and darkness if any from the marital life of the newly wedded couple and lead them into a more knowledgeable life.

Homam is followed by Nagavalli and Saptapadi which is the most important post marriage event. In this event Arnav and Khushi held each other's hand and take Saptapadi or 7 steps that are symbolic of 7 vows of the married life. They pledged and declared in the presence of the august gathering that they have accepted one another willingly. They held hand in hand and took 7 rounds around the Homam / Agni and they take pledge at each round which includes:

Maintaining a pure household.

Development of physical, mental and spiritual strengths.

Enhancing our wealth by righteous means.

Acquiring knowledge, happiness and harmony by mutual love and trust.

Pray for virtuous, intelligent and courageous offspring.

Long and happy married life.

Remaining true companions and life-long partners.

“With this Saptapadi, the marriage is complete as per the Vedic scriptures.” Pandit announced.

(A/N: These are just some fun event held in wedding. I’m just mentioning, imagine Khushi and Arnav going through these)

During the event of Nagavalli, a traditional cradle made of silk sari in which a ripe mango, a turmeric and a piece of sandalwood is placed which symbolizes offspring as healthy as a ripe mango and this event has a lesser significance these days due to time constraint. This is more a fun event than of a religious significance as there are no religious chanting. This event is followed by another fun-filled event in which usually a gold finger ring is placed in a narrow mouthed vessel into which the newly married couple put their hands and search for the ring. This event has no significance and just for a fun.

This is followed by the next important event in which a short chain of black beads (nallapusalu) is worn by bride and a flat grindstone called Sanikalu decorated with turmeric paste and kumkum is placed beside the Homam. Arnav then helps Khushi to tread her left foot toe on the grindstone when sacred mantras are read out by the priest and finally Arnav adorns Khushi's toes with silver toe rings and same happens with right foot

By this all the customary rituals come to an end and finally the newly wedded couple are taken out to the open air whence the priest shows them the 'Arundhati Nakshatram (star) and seek her (Arundhati's) blessings as she is exemplified as the ideal wife and the embodiment of chastity.

Appagintalu / Handing over of the bride / Bidaai

Then the final event is known as 'Appagintalu(bidaai)' or the official ceremonial handover of the bride to the groom and his family members and this event marks the change of the family of the bride who thus gets the family name of her husband and becomes a new member of the family. In this event, two betel leaves were kept in a plate full of milk. Khushi takes the leaves in her hands, where Shyam took her hands in his and caressed Arnav’s palms with those leaves. And then Shyam followed same procedure to his parents, his sister and Dadi. In this painful event tears flew down the eyes of Garima and Buaji.

Arnav felt bad seeing Khushi crying for leaving her family. He promised her to take her to her house after marriage whenever she wants. All the Raizada-s felt bad to see Khushi crying. They can understand her feelings well.

A/N : continue reading from here. Till now everything is about rituals.

After bidding bye to her family, Khushi was led to the car by Arnav and drove towards Sheesh Mahal for Griha Pravesh. Before Khushi comes to sheesh Mahal, Anjali arranged everything for the ritual. While entering the house, Khushi pushed the rice pot and stepped in red colored water and walked front leaving her foot mark in Raizada house and Raizada members’ life.

Arnav looked at his lady love - his life - his WIFE - his Khushi. Suddenly he felt overwhelmed seeing Khushi with his marks on her forehead and neck. He pulled her into bear hug and kept his face in crook of her neck.

“Thanks for coming into my life… I love you…” he said aloud

Khushi too hugged him, understanding and feeling the same overwhelmed feeling.

“The feeling is mutual Arnav ji…” she whispered back

“Huh… that’s not fair Khushi. I’m expecting to hear the same I love you from you. But you whispered something in his ears. We want to hear the same from you too…” Anjali demanded teasing her brother and his wife, making Khushi go all red.

Everyone laughed looking at Khushi’s blushing state, making her more shy.

“Stop teasing my wife. IF you tease her like this and if she turns into more red with this rate, then I can’t control myself. Then you all have to run from here to save your eyes” Arnav admitted bluntly leaving everyone shocked.

Soon, the hall filled with loud roar of laughters seeing the love and happiness and shy on both Arnav and Khushi’s faces.

As it is early hours, Panditji asked them to take some rest before they continue with ‘Satyanarayana puja’. So, both Arnav and Khushi sent to different rooms to take rest. After taking rest for three hours, around 8 in the morning, both Arnav and Khushi were woken up and got ready for the puja.

“Please ask Khushi to wear the sari I selected. I can’t believe nobody listened to me, to ASR in the wedding. As panditji said Khushi should wear only saree in marriage, I selected one. But damn, he didn’t even tell that sari should be white one. And you guys didn't bother to inform me. You just bought whatever he asked to. Don’t you think, I want to see my bride in my choice? What’s wrong with you all?” Arnav said in irritation

“Chote… Panditji said it’s traditional dress for the bride and groom. As we accepted the wedding to happen in south Indian style we have to accept whatever he said” Akshaya chided him

“Did I say anything when doing the rituals? I’m asking why didn’t you guys tell me before about this arrangements? Fine leave all that. Ask that so called panditji, whether Khushi can wear my choice or not. If he says yes, then please make sure Khushi wears that. I don’t know why I agreed for all this mess. I should have married her in register office” Arnav muttered last words

“Stop it Chote. Don’t act like a teenager. Let us do what should be done. You just get ready and come down fast” Akshaya scolded him and went from there leaving irritated Arnav behind.

As if Arnav told this to Khushi, she asked buaji to ask Panditji about the saree thing. When Panditji gave his green signal, Khushi wore the sari which was gifted by Arnav. When she entered the hall, Arnav’s eyes got brightened with the sight she made. He slowly went to her and held her hand and led her to the puja place. Then the Pandit made them do the puja. After an hour and half, the puja was finished and Panditji asked Khushi to cook her first meal. After cooking the sweet, panditji offered the sweet to God and then asked Khushi to distribute to everyone.

Later he took his leave telling he will come in the evening to perform the night rituals and left

“What night rituals? Can’t you say no need for all those? Oh God… this is so embarrassing” Arnav said

“Chote… I said keep quiet and follow everything whatever Panditji said. No more arguments now.” Akshaya gave her ultimatum and went to kitchen calling for the butler.

Arnav sat along with others in living room with irritated expression. Khushi smiled looking at his expressions. She held his hand and pressed little not making clear to others. Arnav looked at his hand and then at Khushi, who smiled and nodded her head in a slight no, not making clear to others. Arnav sighed deeply and leaned the back rest of the couch. He closed his eyes to control his urge of take his wife in his arms. Much to his restlessness, all the wedding rituals and blushing Khushi came before his closed lids. He groaned in irritation.

He suddenly stood and said “I need to talk with Khushi now. I’m taking her with me” before anyone says anything he continued “I know, I won’t do anything before tonight. I just want to TALK. I need some private talk with MY WIFE. I know what to do and when to do. So, please excuse us” with that he dragged Khushi towards his room, leaving people with different expressions.


“Arnav ji what are doing? Wait… what…?” Khushi was stopped by a sudden hug.

After entering the room, Arnav closed the door and pushed Khushi very delicately on the door and hugged her tightly. He sighed in relaxation feeling her soft body.

“I missed you a lot Khushi. I love you…”

Without saying anything, Khushi too hugged him back. Slowly Arnav came out of the hug and cupped her face and kissed her forehead

“You said you want to TALK nothing else” she teased him

“I can’t tell them what I’m going to do with my WIFE. Can I? And most of that, I know upto what extent I am allowed and I know where to stop. I know that will be highly difficult and painful. But still I know what to do and what not” he said everything making Khushi turn into red.

“Oh Khushi I missed you so much… please don’t waste my time and cooperate. Otherwise someone will come and knock the door to check what we are doing. If I have your permission…” he leaned down and captured her lips into his for soft kiss to promise his wife for best life ahead.


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SS : Anmol Part 41 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 82 times)

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Part 41

After the puja in the evening, and lot of teasings, blushings, shying aways and fake irritation, fake angry and fake bashing outs, both Arnav and Khushi were left inside the room by their family. Everyone left from there by closing the door, leaving both the bride and groom in completely different state.

After sitting in an unknown embarrassment, Arnav looked at Khushi, who sat looking down with blushing cheeks, confused eyes and tensed body language. Arnav’s situation is not at all different from hers.

‘Whatever closeness we shared till now, where did it go?’ he wondered little aloud, making Khushi look at him from corner of her eyes.

“Damn it… I never expected this. I never thought this wedding would make us embarrassed, I never expected that this wedding will push us away from our comfortable zone. I think we should have eloped and get married in formal way. I know all those teasing and bold are the reason for our situation now. What do you  think Khushi?” in his irritation, he successfully started a conversation with her.

“I agree with you Arnav ji. We are so much comfortable previous day. I never knew marriage will pull us in this situation. These south Indian weddings are hell tiring” Khushi answered him with a sigh

“I agree with you… but I enjoyed a lot. Particularly that rice pouring on each others heads, what did he say that ritual’s name? Some… thambalu… or”

“I think talambralu. I too enjoyed it a lot…” Khushi said

“Oh… yeah I forgot to give this. Wait…” Arnav took a small box from his pant pocket and opened to reveal a beautiful pearl studded ring. He tied that ring in Khushi’s sari’s pallu end and said “I don’t know the meaning or reason for this. But dad asked me to tie this in your pallu, Pandit ji said it seems”

“This is so beautiful Arnav ji. Thank you…”

After that they both again sat in silence not knowing what to do or what to talk. Both sat stealing glances from each other. Suddenly Khushi turned her side facing Arnav

“I want to thank you Arnav ji, for coming into my life. I never expected my life to turn into this beautiful way. Thank you so much Arnav ji, for whatever you did and doing. I don’t know how to express my happiness, but I was never this much happy before. My heart is jumping in joy for being your wife. You don’t know, you marrying me, what immense happiness it gave me. Your gestures, your wish and Your love everything makes me crave for more. I want to live each and every second with you. I want to face this world without any fear with you beside me throughout my life. I don’t know how to express what I’m thinking now, but all I can say is - I Love You… and I can’t live without you… please bear me in your life” Khushi said, getting overwhelmed with the happiness.

“Shh… Khushi… relax… don’t be anxious. I can clearly understand what you are going through. Believe me Khushi, I’m not in any different state. Do you know how many thanks I said to God today, for making you mine? It meant to be happen Khushi. We are meant to be together. How many lives, how many stories may come, Arnav and Khushi will be together… forever… I Love you… from the bottom of my heart…” with that Arnav leaned forward and kissed her forehead all lovingly.

After leaving a lingering Kiss on Khushi’s cheeks, he said “Go and change Khushi. You look tired. You should sleep. Go…” Arnav pushed her towards bathroom little and about to go to his closet to collect his nightwear, but stopped feeling a tug on his hand

“Arnav ji?” His name told everything what she wants to ask him

“Relax Khushi… I just don’t want to make you more uncomfortable by hurrying the things. I will wait… and I CAN wait. You no need to worry, just take how much time you want. But make sure, you are comfortable with me around you”

“Arnav ji, I meant when I said I want to cherish each and every second of my life with you. I want to start my life afresh as your wife. I don’t want to waste not even a single moment I spent with you. I want to live my life Arnav ji, with happiness. And I know only you can give me that. Please Arnav ji… don’t push me away today. I need you… I need you to live my life, to start my life, to taste the happiness, to learn to live life with completeness as your girl, as your wife. Don’t push me away… ple…”

Arnav stopped her by cupping her cheeks and said “Shh… you don’t need to plead Khushi. You are my WIFE. That means you have every right on me. You should demand whatever you want. If you want to step forward in this relation, I’m so ready to walk with you. Whatever I said because I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable” seeing the happiness on Khushi’s face, Arnav continued saying feeling content “But after listening to whatever you said, I think I should change my decision of letting you in peace. Khushi, you don’t know how difficult for me to control now from my… you know… raging hormones. But… are you sure Khushi? I mean if I start, I can’t control my damn feelings. Hell… don’t answer that… you don’t have option now…” with that he started what he has to do, to bring their relation forward, to make their bond stronger, to show the world of happiness to their hearts. ((A/N: sorry if I disappoint you guys. But I can’t write romantic stuff))


Their sleep got disturbed by a knock on the door.

“Khushi… wake up… it’s already morning”

Both Khushi and Arnav sat with a jerk and looked at each other

“Amma?” said Khushi

“Go and see, what she is doing here at this time” Arnav rushed to washroom, while Khushi adjusted herself presentable to her mother

“Amma… what are you doing here in this morning? Is everything Okay?” Khushi asked worriedly.

“I’m okay Khushi, Ma ji (Arnav’s Dadi) called me yesterday night and asked us to come. After yesterday’s night, I mean after first night, mother should be the first person to see her daughter it seems, panditji told like that. So, Ma ji asked me to come and wake you up. How are you beta?” Amma asked cupping Khushi’s left cheek.

Khushi hugged her mother tightly with moisten eyes “I’m so happy Amma. I’m so happy…”

That hug itself said everything to Amma how happy her daughter is. She sent silent prayers to God, for sending an Angel in her daughter’s life. Both the ladies turned their heads after hearing the washroom door opening. Garima, entered in the room hesitantly and walked towards Arnav. She folded her hands before him

“Arey aunty what are you doing?” Arnav was shocked to see her folding her hands before him

“Let me beta… I can never say enough thank you to make my daughter happy. I can never say enough thank you for your support, so let me do this to tell my gratitude. God Bless you Arnav. God Bless you…” she kept her hand on his head and turned to Khushi and said “Chalo Khushi. We need to go down now, I should take to you God. After you praying you can come here and get ready for your life, come…” Amma take her out of the room.


It’s been 2 months of their wedding. Both Arnav and Khushi both settled in their happy life. After lot of arguments, irritations, and Arnav’s shouts and Khushi’s stubbornness, everyone agreed to Khushi to work in Aran’s office after hearing her point.

“If I work in your office, you will never concentrate on work and at the end you will blame me. I don’t want that. I don’t want your hard work to go in drain just because of my presence in your office. And… and… I need father’s hand on my head Arnav ji. Only office hours can give me that. Please don’t push me away from my father…” she cried her heart out by thought of missing Arav’s fatherly affection.

“Why are you making her cry Chote… anyway you will get her whenever you are at home, you won’t give us any chance to even talk with her. I’m with Khushi now. And I don’t want to you to say a word against this” Anjali warned her brother seeing vulnerable Khushi. Arnav also felt stupefied after seeing Khushi in that state. Everyone in the room understood how much she missing her father. Having no option Arnav agreed to her request.


“Khushi… Di… Dadi… Mom… Dad… where are you guys? Come out fast…” Arnav shouted from the door.

Khushi and Anjali came out from the kitchen, and Aran and Akshaya from their room to see broadly smiling and talking with Dadi Arnav. Everyone looked at each other then at Arnav.

“What's the matter? Today Mr. Raizada is so happy and excited?” Aran said sitting beside his son. He can clearly see the happiness on his son’s face after Khushi came into his life.

“I’m more than happy Dad. Khushi you won’t get any calls from him, he was arrested in murder attempt with life time imprisonment. As we planned, Rajesh’s team sent Abhinav to Pankaj to trap him in our web. But I don’t what and how this happened but pankaj tried to kill Abhinav”

“WHAT!!!” Everyone shouted in the room

“How is he now Chote?” asked Dadi

“He is fine Dadi. It’s pure luck that someone heard their argument and informed police. By the time they reached, they saw Pankaj stabbing Abhinav. They immediately arrested him. When police asked Abhinav what’s wrong between them, Abhinav cleverly said that Pankaj is threatening him and Latha to spoil our lives and also asking them to kill me. As we already have complaint against him, they  believed Abhinav and arrested Pankaj immediately. After hearing lot of arguments, today judge gave his final word punishing Pankaj for his lifetime. I’m so glad it’s over. Dad… one interesting this came out. As Khushi suspected, your office details are going out and that person is appointed by Pankaj. But that fellow escaped and police are looking for him”

“What about Abhinav and Latha?” asked Aran after a pause

“Nothing…” said Arnav

“What do you mean by nothing?”

“Dad… you know that whatever they did, we can’t put any case on them. Only Khushi can give complaint saying whatever they did. But I’m sure it won’t sound good. And most importantly, I don’t want to Khushi to step up the court. Whatever she faced that’s enough, I want to her to be happy. If she complains about whatever Abhinav did to her, his lawyer will ask so many question. I think you all can guess what type of questions they would ask Khushi, so , I don’t want her to be in that place. I hope Khushi will understand” he looked at Khushi, who smiled back feeling happy to get him in her life.

“Then will they stay here? Around Us?” Dadi said, not liking them near her dearest grandchild - Khushi

“No Dadi… they won’t. I send them to remote country in Africa. One of my client’s brother have some company there. I requested job for Abhinav there and they immediately agreed. And without having option, both of them left to that country. They won’t come back, till she want” Arnav said looking at Khushi

Khushi felt relaxed and sad hearing this news. Arnav came to her and hugged her saying “Don’t worry, they will be fine. It’s just I can’t let him stay in peace after whatever he tried to do with you. It’s needed Khushi, for my sanity. I wish and hope they will come around with good mind… mm… okay?” he asked kissing her forehead. She nodded her head.

After hearing things from NK, Mami ji also realised that she is unnecessarily cursing Khushi. Now she understood how much bad both Latha and her husband. She genuinely felt sorry for whatever she said to Khushi. She came to RM and heard everything what Arnav said to others. She came forward and asked forgiveness from Khushi and Arnav by holding her hands. Both Arnav and Khushi hugged her from both the sides and said “we were never angry on you Mami. Because we understand your concern and love towards us” Mami left from there with happy tears.


“Why do I think that you are not that much happy with PAL thing? Are you okay Arnav ji?” Khushi asked looking at him by looking up. Her head was kept on his chest after their loving time.

“I so wanted to punish them with my own hands Khushi, but Shyam said not to. He said if I take one step wrong, it will help them to fight on that point and weakens our side. I just wanted to kill that Pankaj for whatever he did to Di and you… I’m so angered and…”

“Shh… it’s okay… I know… relax… now he is out of our lives. He won’t bother us anymore… relax…” Khushi said kissing softly on his bear chest.

Arnav closed his eyes in pleasure feeling her soft lips on his chest. He looked at her with his drugged eyes, which made her blush. The urge of kissing her and feeling her, became uncontrollable, he pinned her to the bed and locked her by putting his leg on hers. His one hand cupped her cheek and another rested on pillow above her head

“ I think we should celebrate this in our own way, what do you say Mrs. Raizada?” Arnav asked in his low husky voice. His thumb is slowly caressing her lower lip sending shivers to her spine

“Did I ever stopped you from celebrations before? Why are you wasting time by asking?” she whispered back making him surprise with her bold words. He smiled naughtily seeing her blushing face

“As you say…” saying this he leaned on her pressing his leg more and captured her lips into toe curling kiss.


Three years later…

“Khushi betiya… why are you straining yourself much? There are so many workers to do work. And Chote is there to look after everything. You shouldn’t walk around betiya… come and sit with me” Dadi called Khushi lovingly and asked to sit beside her.

Khushi came to her with a serene smile on her face and sat beside Dadi. Khushi lied on the sofa and kept her head on Dadi’s lap. Khushi closed her eyes feeling her nerves getting relaxed by Dadi caressing her hair.

“I’m already missing Anjali Di.” Khushi said in low voice. Her voice shivered with sadness filled with happiness


“I hope she will get her happiness at least now” said Akshaya wiping her tears. Yesterday, they got her married to Shyam. That was really hard for the Raizada-s to send their daughter away from them. But they trusted Shyam and Gupta-s with their daughter. After seeing how they brought up Khushi, they are satisfied about their daughter’s future.

“Don’t worry Ma ji… I will make sure Bhai will treat her well. Otherwise, he has to answer me” Khushi said looking at her MIL, who smiled little. Akshaya knew, how much Khushi missing Anjali and she also know, how much Khushi is acting brave to give others support. Akshaya nodded her head with a small smile. Silence occupied in the room. Everyone thoughts went back the day, when Anjali announced her love towards Shyam making everyone surprised.

As Arnav promised to Khushi, he made sure, Shyam stays with them. He transferred Shyam to Delhi office. He joined in Arnav’s legal advisory team and started his work. Shyam coming to RM to see Khushi and discuss with Arnav about some work related things, he helping Raizada-s to win the case against Pankaj, all gave a chance to Anjali to observe Shyam and slowly it affected her. He never took advantage of Anjali’s situation. He always respected her for her strong mentality after facing betrayal. He always stayed in his limits. The love he showed towards Khushi, made Anjali think about a relation with him. ‘Being an adoptive son, he takes care of Khushi so much. How would he take care of his wife?’ That is the thought made her think a lot about Shyam. After observing him for long time and confirming her love towards him, one day she announced her love to her family.

First Khushi and Shyam didn’t agree for this marriage, saying Anjali can’t adjust in middle class family like them. But seeing Anjali’s stubbornness and family’s pleadings and Arnav’s assurance made Khushi agree. But Shyam turned out to be a tough nut to crack. It took 5 months for Anjali to make him agree for the wedding. Immediately after he agreed for the wedding, they called the pandit and confirmed the wedding date. And yesterday was the wedding day. Everyone lived the moment of happiness and felt very happy after seeing the glowing face of Anjali. Khushi warned Shyam in her Khushi’s style to take care of Anjali, otherwise he has to answer her made everyone adore her. Anjali hugged Khushi thanking her for coming into their lives. After that painful yet happy separation, they bid bye to Anjali and Gupta-s.

Khushi opened her eyes feeling soft touch on her forehead. She looked at her husband and smiled in relax. Arnav came back from his office just now. Because of Anjali’s marriage, he couldn’t attend any meetings and office. So, today he left to office early in the morning and couldn’t come early before dinner. He along with other Raizadas worried about Khushi after seeing how much strain she took in the rituals of wedding.

“You came? Wait… I will serve you dinner” she is about to sat up but stopped by Arnav.

“I already had in office. You just lie down. How are you feeling? Any discomfort?”

“No Arnavji… I’m fine” she said looking at him with love and keeping her hand on his which is on her bump, protectively.

“What are my angels doing?” he kissed her bump to get a smack from dadi

“Don’t you have shame? We are here only” Akshaya said

“Oh come on Mom… it’s my right to do this. I think without me or my contribution, she won’t be in this situation and you know that well, don’t you?” he asked winking at Khushi, making her all red

“OH God… this boy is so shameless… Khushi, take your husband to your room and bear with his shameless doings and yeah please ask him to control his romance whenever you guys are before us… unbelieveable… this generation became so unbelievable…” with that akshaya ran to her room while Dadi also left from there smiling to herself

“Why did you say that? Why do you always make her irritated?” asked Khushi

“Then what to do? Do you think she will leave me without teasing? If I won’t behave like this, she will make me blush one day by teasing me with my wife and children. As you know that I’m ASR, I can’t let others win, be it Mom or Dadi or some other”

“Yeah… she is right… you are unbelievable…” Khushi said shaking her head

“Leave all that… come you need rest” Arnav took Khushi to their room and made her lie on the bed. He adjusted the pillows. There was a knock and akshaya came inside with a glass of milk.

“Ma ji… you don’t need to do this, you should have sent with HP” Khushi felt uncomfortable

“It’s okay Khushi. I’m just worried about you. You are looking more week today. Are you okay?” akshaya asked with worried tone

“I’m fine Ma ji… it’s just I’m feeling tired and my legs are also paining as they are swelling. I’m feeling some discomfort while sleeping too. I just can’t wait more to get them in my hand, just one more month” Khushi said looking at her bump while caressing with her hand.

Akshaya kept her hand on Khushi’s and said “This is really crucial time Khushi, you have to be careful beta. Carrying twins is not at all normal. Be careful and don’t do any work. And don’t worry, everything will be fine. Just stay happy and keep your mind relaxed, okay? I will go now…” she turned to Arnav and said “Chote… come with me, I will give an oil, you massage it on Khushi’s feet. It will give relaxation to her” she left followed by Arnav

By the time, arnav came back, Khushi is sleeping peacefully. Not waking Khushi up, arnav slowly sat near her feet and massaged the oil.

“Arnav ji…” Khushi called him in low whisper and put her hand in air to get hold of him

“Oh did I wake you?” Arnav asked coming to her side by catching her hand

“No… I just want to be with you… I’m feeling some uneasiness. I couldn’t sleep properly”

“Come…” Arnav adjusted himself sitting leaning on head rest. He slowly unwrapped her dress and made Khushi sit between his legs. He started massaging her bump from behind, while Khushi leaning on him by closing eyes. He slowly caressed her bump leaving kisses on her shoulder.

“You know Arnav ji… it’s really difficult to resist you. I’m missing you so much…” she pushed herself into Arnav’s chest cooing.

Arnav closed his eyes controlling his desires.

“Please Khushi… don’t make it difficult for me. I’m controlling myself very hard. I don’t want to hurt you or kids. Please…”

Khushi moaned heavily feeling his hands caressing her, above her stomach

“Your caressing is not helping me Arnav ji… It’s giving me more pain… but I want this pain as much as you want… please Arnav ji…”

Unable to control himself more, he bit her shoulder hard. He adjusted her on the bed and made himself more comfortable beside her. Leaning forward, he softly kissed corner of her lips and trailed kisses all over her face. Then he started his ministrations to relax his wife. He shook his head, when she was about to get up and charge him. He assured her with his kisses, to love her, however she wants when she would be ready. He assured her with his caress, he still loves her how much ever weight she gain. He assured her with his sweet nothings, he still love her whatever the situation would be. He assured her he will be with her in her life. He assured her he will give all the happiness and pleasures, she deserves and she craves. With his kisses and caresses, he assured her how precious she is to him.

Khushi looked her husband with the love and desire she has for him. She understood how much important he became in her life. She knew, how difficult it will be for her to live without him. He made her think how precious he is with the love he showers on her. She felt lucky have him. She thanked their parents for bringing them together. She slowly returned the kisses he is showering on her to relax her. She knew, how much she is controlling her desires, he is doing much more than that not to hurt her. She took different methods to pleasure him, showering her kisses and caressing him, showing how much precious he is to her.

They kissed each other, relaxing each other, promising each other, assuring each other. After kissing for their heart content, both slept in each other arms dreaming about their future. Taking and giving promises about their happy future…

The End (and NO EPILOGUE)


Here the journey of my Anmol stops. A sincere thank you along with sincere apologies for this end. I’m really sorry if you feel disappointed or felt abrupt end. But I didn’t find any other way than this. As I’m not in a mood to write anything because of Life’s dirty plays, I don’t want to spoil this story. Believe me, Anmol is really really close to my heart. I planned for so many things for this story, but I couldn’t. I felt stopping is better than writing without interest. Still, I will miss this story. Hope you guys understand my feelings.

Thank you so much for your unconditional Anmol Love and Anmol support throughout. This is my last story here in MeD and my journey here will stop this. My sincere thanks to all the readers and writers and admins... and each and everything who welcomed me with their open hearts and Love. I'm lucky that I got this chance. I wish everyone of you have a wonderful life ahead. God Bless You all...

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