OS:The Love Letter

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Dec 14, 2014

OS:The Love Letter (By Rockinriya) (Thanked: 70 times)

This is a love letter.This is a confession I am making today.And no matter what your reaction would be,I can’t hold it back any longer.

I love you.

There,it is out.

You know I sometimes wonder how people can hold their emotions in.How they can put on a mask of indifference and pretend not to care.I can’t.Maybe I was one of them once,maybe I still am.But I am writing this letter to you in the hope that I don’t remain that person.In fact,I am not that person anymore.

Who I have become,I don’t know.Or maybe I was this underneath since the beginning,but one thing I know is that the reason is you.And I thank you for that.For you changed me,for better.I wonder,why I lived before this,what for.For it is only now that I have found the reason for my existence.I am hoping you know the answer.

Love.Seems like a big word,doesn’t it? I think the fuss related to it is all made up.It isn’t a big word,it’s a simple one.In 4 letters the simple emotions are conveyed from one person to another.You know,in the beginning,when we met,I couldn’t believe what had struck me.I had never given attention to love,to feelings but it hit me so hard that I could hardly grasp what was happening to me.But that was you.I tried so hard not to be affected,to ignore the feelings inside me,to forget about the way you made me feel,but I couldn’t.How could I?

How could I forget the way my heartbeat increased rapidly as you neared me,how my breaths would hitch when I smell that beautiful fragrance of yours,how something churned inside me each time you looked at me.I cannot forget any of it.Even knowing someone else has claimed you,I can’t forget.

Would it be too much asking you to choose me? No,love isn’t supposed to be selfish,I know that.I won’t ask you to not listen to your heart.I won’t.I just want you to know that there is someone who loves you,from far.Feel loved my darling,for you deserve every bit of it.

I have loved you,and will love you, always…

I re-read the letter.

Again.And again.And again.

I clutch this willowy pale piece of paper adorned beautifully with his words close to my heart as tears flow freely.If my heart is breaking,or mending,I don’t know.But it is hurting.

It’s him.

I know it’s him.I would recognize his handwriting anywhere.But is it really him? How can it be? I take in short breaths trying not to feel dizzy.And I look at the paper again.

I have loved you,and will love you, always…

Has he?

My heart clenches as his deep ochre eyes stare at me.Was love that was held in his eyes? His beautiful crooked smile makes way to my mind,was that for me? Could I have been so blind? Could I?

I pinch myself once.Is it a dream? Can it be possible that this is really true?

My first love,professing that I was his first love.My one true best friend,the person I never expected to love me back,telling me that he always loved me.

I look up.There,right by the DJ is my boyfriend,laughing and dancing.I take a deep breath.What is happening,what am I supposed to do? He and I were the perfect couple,weren’t we? We did love each other,didn’t we?

But somehow this distance across the hall seemed larger than it was.

Suddenly he looked at me and my tear stained face.Worry clouded his face as he walked up to me and immediately knelt down in front of me.

“What happened khushi? Are you okay?”

I look at him.His black eyes looking at me in worry and confusion.Am I okay? Here he was,my boyfriend of 2 months,looking at me worriedly and I was still thinking about him.Am I okay? If I didn’t love him,why did I say yes?

“Khushi!” he spoke a little loudly to bring me out of daze, “Listen,if this is about our last fight then please don’t create a scene right now.We’ll talk later.”

I look at him.His face is red as his eyes dart around the room,checking if other people  are listening to us.

“Ranveer,why are we together?” I whisper,looking into his eyes,maybe for some love.

His eyes flash an irritated look but he masks it, “Why shouldn’t we khushi? We are perfect together.”


He sighs heavily and stands up, “Listen khushi,let’s not ruin this evening.It’s the winter ball,have fun and enjoy instead of moping around,okay?”

And I too stand up.

“Yes,I think I’ll do just that.Good bye Ranveer.”

And I begin to stride out of the room. I have chosen.

“Wait,where are you going khushi ?” He runs after me,grabbing my hand.Pulling it back I turn towards him,

“It’s over Ranveer.There’s no point in having a relationship with no love.”

At this he makes a weird noise and mutters, “Just because I didn’t answer that stupid question doesn’t mean I don’t…”

“I don’t love you Ranveer.” I stated.

He looked at me,thoroughly stunned. His mouth opened to say something but then closed again.He finally opened it again and began to say something but I stopped him.

“And neither do you love me. And frankly I didn’t say yes to you because I loved you,but because I thought I could never say yes to the person I really loved.

And you,you don’t even know me well.You just wanted to be the perfect couple with the perfect girl.But guess what,it wont work.So good luck,and have a great life.May you find true love.” Like I have,I thought to myself.

I didn’t wait for more.

Hitching up my skirt,I ran out of the hall.

As I ran across the corridor towards the garden,I laughed to myself.Never would have I believed that this would happen.Euphoria filled inside of me as I ran into the garden.He loves me,I felt like screaming this out to the world.And just then I skidded to a stop.

There he was.                                                                                                 

His back was turned towards me and he seemed to be looking at the stars.A smile made way up my face.Stealthily I walked towards him.His face was illuminated by the crescent moon’s light,casting shadows on his face.As I reached beside him,I saw a tear slipping down his face.

Voluntarily my hand reached out to wipe it.He looked at me,surprised,his eyes moist.My heart clenched seeing his pain,but his words in the love letter made me smile.

“I got your love letter.” I whispered.

He quivered hearing my voice and didn’t attempt to speak but just kept looking at me.

“It only seemed fair that I give my reply personally.”

He still didn’t say anything.

Straightening up,I looked at him squarely in the eye and began,

This isn’t a love letter.It’s an apology.

I am sorry,I am so sorry for never having the courage to come up to you and tell you what I really felt.I am sorry for not seeing the love in your eyes,for being blind.I am sorry for saying yes to a relationship just because I felt the person I loved didn’t love me back.I am sorry for not telling you earlier that,I love you.”

He gasped as he heard this and his eyes widened as he stared at me,but I continued,

I wish you knew how I wouldn’t be able to breathe when you sat by me,or how I wondered if you could actually hear my heartbeat when you smiled at me.I wish you knew that you are not only my best friend,but also my first love.

I always loved you.But I never once thought you would look at me the same way.Funny,isn’t it? We both loved each other yet never expected the other person to do the same.Only if we had known earlier,only if I didn’t hide,only if I had confessed…

But there is no more only if.I don’t know what made you write this love letter to me tonight,but I am glad you did,because this gives me a chance to tell you something.

It has always been you.

I will listen to my heart and I will tell you that I would choose you over anyone and everyone,because sweetheart,I have always loved you and wish do the same for a thousand years ahead.And so I will scream this out to the world again and again,that I love y…”

I couldn’t continue as a pair of lips thrashed against mine with such fervent passion that my knees buckled.His arms crept around my waist and mine wrapped around his neck as he kissed me in a way that could be termed illegal.He devoured me, communicating through his touches his love for me.

And finally,when we pulled back,resting against each other’s forehead,I whispered,

“I love you Arnav.I hope you know that now.”

And he smiled my crooked smile, “All thanks to the love letter.”

Hey guys,please do comment and tell me how it was.

Also i know you must be thinking that i havent updated my other stories so how can i post an os,but the unexpected weather and unexpected illness led to this unexpected circumstance.So yeah,hope you understand.

Dec 16, 2014

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Thank you so so much everyone for commenting.Love you all! Even though i just posted a vague one shot but you still commented and it means so much!

And don't worry guys,there is nothing wrong with me.Just got ill recently,am almost recovered now.Also it rained all through the weekend and it was freezing cold and so gloomy that i felt like screaming.Mood off! But it's all fine! Thank you so much for thinking about me :D

@Arshi_Superfan Thanks a lot! No,actually i didn't.My pre-boards just started yesterday and i don't think i'll be watching it anytime soon.Hehehe,it's great you saw it! Thanks for the concern sweety :D

@Its_Me_Again Aww thanks! :)

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@Adree Aww thank you dearie :)) I surely will.

Love you tons guys!

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