OS : Silence and Smile

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Dec 3, 2014

OS : Silence and Smile (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 2 times)

OS : Silence and Smile

I was an orphan and was brought up by some thieves who made me same in return. I didn't have family and there was no one to tell me right and wrong infact everyone told me wrong path and I walked on it without any second thought untill...

Untill I met HIM. REHAN! The person who stole my heart with his innocent face. His face was always filled with some pain an unknown pain which I really wished to took away in some part of my heart. I always felt attracted to him but I controlled myself telling that I just have to loot him but I couldn't do that because of Rehan trust on me more than he has for himself and he himself accepted it. He called me the only truth of his life when all he has till now was lie. It stopped me from doing anything wrong with him. Finally I realized I love him and I was ready to spent my whole life with him, when he told me all the pain he went through. But before I could do anything for Rehan those thieves came there and announced themselves as my parents. I felt disgusted seeing them getting Rehan love and care and still wanting to loot him

Finally I threw them away from there and I decided to tell Rehan truth, truth of myself and the truth that I lost my heart to him. The day when Rehan proposed me and I was all ready to tell him everything but before I could say anything my beautifull dream was broken harshly by a shopkeeper whom I loot once, came there with police and everything shattered into pieces my dream, Rehan trust and our hearts. Police was ready to took me away and Rehan himself asked me to go I couldn't do anything as my pleadings were nothing infront of my crimes and the harsh words used by the shopkeeper that broke Rehan completely. I start to took slow steps with police taking me away when, maybe Rehan heart couldn't see it stop me and giving the money bail me out. I thought I got my second chance a little hope that brew in my heart that also broke down hearing Rehan words to go away from him.

I was broken, broken beyond repair. It wa the first time I got someone love some one care that also was mercilessly taken away from me and I couldn't do anything. Why? Why was my fate like this? I asked myself but got one answer which according to me was right at that time. I was born to be a con a thief that's what was written in my fate. But my heart given to me by Rehan wasn't ready to accept it. It wan't allowing me to go on the same path from where I came. I was fighting with my own heart when I met those two thieves the reason behind my such fate.

I felt anger raising in me when I heared what they said. They taunt me for not helping then but I brushed it away but when they said me to come with them as it is my fate and Rehan is no innocent if he really was he should have helped me and I will never get love because am a con, that's what trick me, that's what told me prove them wrong that's when a tiny voice in my heart scream 'prove them wrong. Go back to Rehan. Try once for yourselves' I looked at them with a hope and determination and shoo them away to not talk about Rehan like this and he will accept me

With a strong resolve I walked back towards Rehan home. I peep in to saw a shattered Rehan crying his heart out I felt anguish. It was all because of me that he has to again believe that his world is of lie and the only truth he believe was also lie.

I walked to him. He get angry seeing me but it didn't stop me from saying my words from shouting at him to listen to me once if he ever loved me and it stopped him from stopping me to say anything. All is not lost is what I thought seeing him all silence. I told him that all the time I spent with him was not a lie maybe I came to him with lie but whatever hapened after it was true a big true of my life and his life and that I truly stopped my habits after it and I was going to tell him the truth today only. I asked to him for last chance for the sake of the time we spent together

He looked at me with red eyes and asked me why I wanted second chance? To loot him? I was shocked he asked again and I lost it shouting out that I loved him more than anything and he is the only truth in my world of lies just like the way he considered me. And his love care changed me completely. The plenty of emotions I felt with him changed me.

I saw Rehan taking his step backwards looking at me. I felt my hope going away with those steps. I looked at him with pleading for one last chance. He looked away and start to walk away. I felt broken I felt that everything is lost. I hold the wall for support as I thought I will be not able to stand on my feet. I looked at Rehan broken.

My head start to spin due to the trauma and heartbreak maybe. I didn't knew what hapened next as I felt myself fainting and falling down

The next I opened my eyes laying in a room on the bed of a hospital. I found myself alone. I looked all around to see who brought me particularly I wanted to see Rehan whom I couldn't find. I tried to sit straight but I found pain, phsyically. I looked at my right hand with some niddle pricked in it. I was going to take it out from my hand when a nurse walked inside. I again looked around to see if Rehan is anywhere but met dissapointment. I heared nurse saying some broken pieces of glass pricked in my feet. Shocked I looked at my feet and saw bandages on it. I was confused how did it hapened? Was all that imagination? Was Rehan just a dream or our break up was just a nightmare but then Rehan must have been here. Was I dreaming all that together? But then I remembered the broken pieces of glass in Rehan place and my fainting. I understood everything that during argument with Rehan it hapened and I didn't noticed. Neither was Rehan a dream nor that break up a nightmare but I really wished that Rehan turned up to be a sweet dream so that she could be back to herself or else she have to suffer all the time for something which is not meant for her

I was lost in my own thoughts when I felt air around me changed automatically my gaze shifted to the window like he is here, he is. After couple of minutes when I didn't saw him I felt like I have been betrayed myself like my heart and mind is playing and mocking with my feelings. I was going to look away when my hope returned as I saw Rehan standing and looking at me with his red eyes. I felt myself smiling in happiness but then I remembered maybe he is still angry with me and just brought me here for the love he has for me that's why he is not coming inside. I quickly took out the niddle pricked in my hand and despite of nurse stoppings, I started to come down the bed. As soon my leg touched the floor I felt a sharp pain in it due to the bruises but gulping it down I started to walk with difficulty but in end failed miserably as I was about to fall but got safe. I found myself in safe arms of Rehan in a heaven. I felt myself lost looking at him. All I could do was keep on looking at it. Rehan took me in his arms and I encircled my hands around his neck without looking away.

He make me lay on bed again and stood straight. He looked away and I felt as if my hope was looking away from me. All I could do that at time was whispered his name and I found him looking at me

Neither did I asked any questions nor did he said anything. It felt....right to be in silence. It felt like many unspoken words were said in the silence. It felt perfect

I saw Rehan starting to go. I called him back in panic. He turned and looked at me but didn't said anything

It seemed like he was reassuring me and as if getting his answer I keep quiet. He went away but there was no panic inside my heart. After couple of seconds I saw him coming inside with a food plate. He sat near me and forward the plate for which I looked at my right hand which was again pricked with needle.

I opened my mouth as Rehan feed me silently. It was perfect picture with no suffering no insecurities and no pain. It seemed like a blissfull moment

As Rehan stood up with empty plate I said in a whispering tone holding his hand that I got my answer for which he smiled giving me reason to smile back

It was that day only when I was discharged but still I couldn't walked much due to pain. I tried to walk with Rehan support but still I could feel pain as I hissed in pain, Rehan looked at me quickly. In a jiffy I found myself in his arms with my hands encircled around his neck

I was looking quietly at Rehan who was working in hall. He looked at me with a questioning glance. Finally I broke the blissful silence and asked him that whether he wouldn't say anything

He sat infront of me and took my hand in his while I simply looked at him thinking what was he upto? He looked at me and said to me "don't you dare to do it again" It took me sometime to understand what was he talking about then I got it that he was talking about the wound. I looked at him with open mouth and defending myself saying that it was not my fault as I start to defend he silenced me by putting his finger on my lips shocking me. I looked at him. He took away his hand as he carressed my hand and said to me

"I just want to say when are you planing to come with me to meet some special person in my life and to be part of it?" I looked at him shocked as I feel my eyes filling with water I had a smile on my lips. Rehan proposed me for marriage not directly but indirectly he asked me to be a part of his family and it was really a nice feeling I couldn't say anything as I felt many emotions going in my heart. I hugged Rehan with a huge smile giving him his answer in silence with a smile

Hand in hand we walked inside a huge mainsion which I recognised as the one I loot. I stiffened. I knew that I need to tell this to Rehan or else just some days back I got him I might lose him today again. I stopped and looked at him who looked me back with questioning glance. I looked down unable to meet his gaze I told in a low tone that I stole a necklace from here once. I waited for a response but getting nothing I looked at him. He was silent and I was nervous. He told me that I should forgot the past. His those some words and silent support make me proud of my desicion of coming in his life and not letting him go as he is really a gem but somewhere I felt maybe he is perfect for me but am I perfect for him. I looked at him again with a same question revloving in my mind and as if he understood everything. He smiled and side hug me nodding in no as if conveying me that my thoughts are wrong. I felt the happiest girl on the earth but if only I knew I was not because of what waited ahead. We walked inside the house as we were about to enter the hall, Rehan asked me to hide behind the door which I comply silently. I heared some voices of man and girl and talking with Rehan with affection. It pinched my heart hearing the girl voice talking with Rehan. First I took it as jealousy but then my heart told me that it is not jealousy but something else. I thought maybe I don't have anyone in my life besides Rehan that's why but that was not the case. I heared Rehan calling me inside. I got nervous. Looking down I walked inside with slow steps and stood beside Rehan. There was pin drop silence I was confused so I looked up thinking maybe they recognised me as thief but looking up I was shocked to see a girl completely like me. They were also shocked. Rehan introduced us to eachother and as he introduced me as his fiancee I was happy because it was for first time he told it to anyone. Ahil Sanam husband, my look-a-like joked with Rehan for getting a same girl for himself that he has and if he did actually for me or for Sanam that's why he choosed me her same copy. I saw Rehan sitffened I looked at him for answer. Rehan answered him looking at me with smile that I am completely different from Sanam and that he actually for my heart my habits that attract him not my face and loved me from his full heart and can find me even if there are thousand of same faces. I looked at him overwhelmed and with tears of happines. We spent some time sitting on sofa in hall. I was happy with Rehan but still why always my eyes turned towards Sanam and even I too saw her looking at me maybe bacause of same faces I thought. We were chatting when I saw a woman walking towards us I noticed Rehan smile dissapeared as he looked at her and then remembering all the pain he went through I calculated that she is Rehan mother who didn't gave him her name. Ahil introduced me to her as his mother I looked at Rehan in shocked as I got to know that Ahil is Rehan step brother. We again talked little when Rehan stood up looking at some one and welcoming them. I turned to saw a woman with a couple as she saw me she gasped and whispering some name she hugged me crying and carresing my face. I looked at others who also were shocked and confused even Rehan. Sanam came forward and reffering her as bari ami told her that she is missunderstanding.

There was a pin drop silence. We all were shocked and numb as Dilshad finished our real relations Tanveer masquerade my real name and that my parents never left me but were mercilessly snatched by Tanveer. Tanveer start to scream her innocence infront of Ahil but Sanam came forward telling Ahil that what she wanted to tell him some time before was that he was not the killer of Nawab but Tanveer was! Tanveer again start to say that it is ours concoct and she didn't know anything about all this. Before we could understand Rehan shouted with red eyes that itls enough. We all were shocked that it was first time that Rehan was this much furious. During our break up he was broken but never this much furious it was first time.

Rehan walked towards Tanveer and putting her hand on his own head asked her to take his oath and denied all this, deny that he is Tanveer son, deny that she don't love Ahil but just his money deny that he make Ahil marry with Sanam just for money even knowing that he loved Sanam deny that all this accussations are false

I was shocked on hearing all this. Rehan loved Sanam my identical twin was a shocked for me but then I remembered his words some time back and I felt relax all over again. Rehan being Tanveer son was shock for everyone else as they didn't knew this. Tanveer took away her hand but Rehan repeated words made her to confessed all her crimes. In last Tanveer walked towards Dilshad and looking at her said that if she is at fault then her family was also not cleaned and her daughter Najma husband Imran might be Haya husband but he is also Rehan father and her daughter was the reason behind Rehan not being identified as his son. It was another shock for everyone

All the past ghosts were back. Me Sanam and Rehan Ahil were on the same boat as Tanveer, Rehan and Ahil mother was the reason behind our destruction. I looked at Rehan who looked down maybe due to guilt of her mother. I walked towards him and hold his hand giving him support of being with him which he acknowledged with his head held high. Tanveer was arrested.

That day we all got our family and it was truly a day of happines.

My journey started with being an orphan ended with a beautifull family me, Rehan, my two sisters Sanam and Haya Rehan sister, bari ami and Sanam Ahil daughter.

Mine and Rehan relationship never needed words to explain ourselves. Silence and smile! The only thing that explain everything. It doesn't mean we don't talk, we do! But when it come to understanding the silence spoke everything. And today it is the happiest day of my life. It is our first anniversary and I got the biggest news of my life. Mine and Rehan baby arrival

Seher looked at Rehan who was sitting with her on bed side hugging her. Seher pointed towards diary with her eyes. Rehan smiled and holding her hand where she was holding pen they both wrote it together

I love you

Rehan kissed Seher forehead but she frowned for which Rehan asked what? Seher give her glare. Understanding Rehan hold her right hand again and both wrote it together

We both love you baby. Come soon

Happy living ever after

****The END****

I know it's cheesy but I couldn't stop myself from writing in Seher point of view as her thoughts are not much described in the show while Rehan's thought are expressed completely. And some things are there that I cut off


1. There was no entry of Razia so Tanveer never knew Sanam being Asad Zoya daughter

2. Rehan never told Ahil that he loved Sanam

3. Dilshad was never paralysed. She didn't told about Tanveer so that Sanam lived happily

4. Sanam and Ahil marriage was arranged but they soon understood there love

I know it was Sehan love story but little family reunion was necessary so I wrote it in end

Thank you


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