Standing for u (OS) !!!!

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Nov 20, 2014

Standing for u !!!! (By Amrita_Sweetu) (Thanked: 26 times)

This is another engagement series of Arshi.....

Hope u guys like it...

In this also arshi are engaged arranged by their parents, kushi is working as a school teacher and arnav is as ofcourse business man.

Kushi joined in school and in a few days she got attached with her students by her teaching and as well as with her collegues by her naive nature.They all know about her fiance except students (only teachers knew ) but they dont know who is he cozz she never brought tht topic except with deepthi (collegue cum friend) .Students statrted moving closely with her and she also moved with them as she thought they r just a students wht to do with them.

This is not done like this but one day a boy from class 8 name "Roshan" who he is attached to her is used to say to her wait for him.At first she will not wait for him and he used to say to her "plz teacher wait for me, why u r not waiting for me" with some hurt face.whenever he used to say that she also felt hurt by seeing him because of her.So, one day she also started gng with him not wanting to hurt him as she dont know wht's future is stored for her.

All these things she used to share with arnav ,arnav also dont say anything to her coz he know there will be no problem in that and not only that he done his background check up with his team before agreeing to her(typical arnav).

But this one is not ended here only , abt her going with roshan is got to know his friends(roshan's ) and used to comment on her indirectly , at first she used to think it's not abt her(naive kushi, kya karoom uska) but lately she got to know abt her engagmenet and also her going with roshan.They used to tease her dirtily and at that time also she didnt share anything with arnav as she know if he come to know he will do some thing to them and it will definetely affects their future(Still she is thinking abt their future), after she got why they r saying like tht she decreased talking with students except studies,no smiles....

But all this while she behaved not only with her students  but also with her friends ,she used to manage with her parents but she didnt escaped arnav's eye,He got a doubt and called deepthi and asked,

Ar:deepthi kushi is she fine with u?

Deepthi:ha but she is lost some where?

Ar:i knew it some this is hapened but wht??

Deep nodded her head and thought of some thing and said to him"bhai why dont u take kushi outside and ask her like a date? take her and ask she will definetly say to u"

Ar :yaa u r right ,i will do it thnx deepthi..

with tht arnav left and called kushi,

ar:baby be ready @6pm we r gng out

Kush:arnav plz i am nt having mood

ar:(typical asr voice)i am nt saying kushi , i am informing to u that we r gng out,Be ready @6pm i am comming to school to pick u up

kushi said ok , as she cant say anything to this arnav ,She is fear of ASR look

Arnav also came at exactly @6 to school , kushi is in school at that time, so he came to campus,

Office room.....

Ar:Excuse me!!!


Ar:can u say me a way to staff room?

Rec:but sir , outsiders r nt allowed

Ar:wht the!! i am not an outsiders i am here to take my fiance can u show it or shall i go??

Rec:fiance who?

Ar:kushi Singania

Rec:wht(shocked face)

Ar by seeing her shocked face said"forgot it"

Rec:wht a handsome guy, kushi is soo lucky to get himm(jealous)

aranv soon find out the way to staff room and saw kushi is not there but he saw deepthi and he asked her abt kushi.Deepthi said she is in class.Arnav asked her whre is the class deepthi said to him she will cme and show the class to him.Arnav also agreed to her .Soon they found kushi is taking class for 9th standard ,while kushi is saying class to them arnav is just observing how she is saying ,her teaching .Suddenly all kids are distracted to see who is the new member in our school.Boys are seeing arnav like who is this handsome uncle who is just staring at our teacher and girls are just drooling over arnav thinking how handsome he is....

Kushi too saw why these students are doing like this, nw only they started to listen her lesson thn wht happened to them suddenly,Kushi too saw where they are looking.Kushi saw her fiancie is drooling over her.

Kushi went and asked arnav.:arnav aap yahaa(like whispered voice)

Arnav:have some work(talked nrmally)

Kushi:ok with MD sir ke saath (confused)

Arnav:actually with him too and u come with me nw (catched her hand and started taking her from class)

Kushi:arnav wait wait a sec(to class)ok everyone i'll just come untill then u people continue that work i gave yesterday

Deepthi(to kushi):u dont worry i'll just take care of it

Kushi and arnav said thnx to deepthi and they left by asking permission..

Arnav drove to some desert area so tht he can clearly ask kushi wht's her problem, kushi asusual wtith some thoughts and also she is feeling some nervous why arnav came to school like this.

After a few min arnav stopped the car at some deserted area .He turned towards kushi, took her hands into his and asked,

Arnav:kushi(with lovingly)

Kushi just hmmed to his call

Arnav:baby deko meri taraf

kushi turned towards him and saw his infinite love in his eyes for her by seeing his immense love kushi's eyes turned into moist,arnav till now he is in loving mood by seeing her tears his mood is changed into tense why is she crying??

Arnav:baby kya hua?say to me plz (cupping her face)plz u knw i can't see tears in ur eyes.(wiping her tears)

Kushi:nothg arnav (just turning her face)

Arnav:(slight angry)kushi i am asking u last time say wht has happened???

kushi by seeing his ASR's mood got scared and started saying wht those students are saying about her till now she didnt see arnav's face while she is saying but at the end when she saw kushi regretted her decision to see his face.Arnav while listening all these sh*t he is fuming in anger how can they say all these sh*t to his love.

Kushi:plz arnav dont do anything to them,woh log tho bache haii .I was just over reacting ****o yeh saab mae abb teek h(cutted by arnav)

arnav:Wht the !!! ****o inn logom koo woh bhi mere pyyar ki bare mae yeh sab bakwaas karne walom koo kaise 

Kuhi:plzz arnav mere liye

arnav:noo this time u listen to me, i thought u love me but (kushi nodded her as yess) no if u love me thn u shoud say this prob to me.

kushi try to talk but arnav stopped her saying and said to her, let's get back to school(with stern expression)

Kushi didnt say anything on the way to school even arnav also not tried to talk with her, he is more angry on her how could she do some thing like this, etni badii baath kaise chupa sakthi haii

Soon they reached to school,arshi left to MD's office in between kushi tried alot to talk with him but arnav one glare is enough to her to stop talking ahead.

After reaching School arnav directly went towards MD's cabin with kushi,

Arnav:excuse me!!!(while entering with kushi)

MD( u can imagine Karan Singh Grover ):yes

Arnav:(while shakng his hand with him)hi i am Arnav Singh Raizadaa .. I want to talk to u reagrding some issue

MD:nice to meet u Mr.Raizada, yes tell me and u kushi is any thing is there to say to me??

Arnav:Actually mr Grover , kushi is my fiance and i want to say some thing regarding kushi only


(by this time kushi also seated beside arnav.Arnav started saying everything to MD inbetween kushi also said some of her part when she cant say arnav said to him.Here MD is soo angry who is tht person saying those things to her.)

Arnav:Mr.Grover i just want to talk with those students once 

Kushi:(touching his arm and said)noo arnav plzz

Arnav:u be quiet 

Kushi again tried to say something but arnav's one glare is enough to her to shut her mouth.Mr.Grover is also angry on those students ,

MD asked politely kushi who r those students at first she refused to say who r those because she knew arnav's angry nd his possesive ness towards her.But arnav glared and asked her firmly to say who r those and she said those names "Raj kumar and his frnds " batch.

 along with  him arnav asked that boy name also who is the reason all these things.

All gathered in MD's cabin, Raj kumar and his frnds came and stood infront of MD sir,Arnav and Kushi.By now kushi's eyes are some wet cozz of crying and arnav's angry eyes didnt left his eyes.

MD : who is that person teasing ur teacher haaa say??(angrily)

No one replied to his questionn , arnav suddenly got up and held raj kumar frnd's shirt and asked him angrily,

Arnav:tell me who's tht person

Frnd:(shakingly):woh woh this fellow....

Arnav just left his collar and he held raj kumar's collar , arnav bought his hand to slap him but suddenly his hand was stopped by some timy hand.Arnav turned and saw kushi is stopping him to beat him.

Kushi stopped him by beating raj:arnav stop it, i told u not to do any thing to them.They are small children they dont know still how to behave with others and how to talk but we know right ? Wht is this arnav?I only reacted more by their teasings.Plz arnav leave them..Plzz

(by now she started crying silently, her silent tears are comming down through her cheeck, arnav also left his collar . Md sir is also nw cool by her saying .And those fellows who they r teased like hell now she is supporting them.They r feeling guilty)

Raj and his friends:Maam , we r sorry Maam...

Kushi:it's okk

Arnav:noo it's not okk,(to MD)I want them to resticate for a week.

Kushi:arnav nooo

Arnav:u stop it, untill now i listened ur's talk now shut up and listen to me(kushi felt bad by his shouting but she knew she deserved coz of her hiding frm arnav)

Arnav(to MD):sir 

MD:even MD too nodded as a agreeing with arnav cozz he saw everything through CC Cam (in their school they r having CC cam ).But kushi again said

Kushi(to MD):sir plzz it's their carrerr aap hi tho socho enke bare maae plz sir..

MD:noo kushi thy deserve tht , if thy get to know this one thn, they will never make this mistake again.

Kushi some how convinced them to being resticate but arnav being arnav didn t agree to them and left from their immediately.Kushi also left tht place after arnav by saying them bye.

Outside of the school arnav was waiting for kushi to come , kushi came and sat inside the car.

Kushi turned towards arnav side and called him,


Arnav is still in his angry mode but kushi once again tried ,

Kushi:arnav plzz(pleadingly)

Arnav;s heart was melting but he is still in hurt how could kushi can hide this from him.By seeing arnav's face kushi is feeling bad because she knew she should nt do like this but ....(sigh).Arnav drove their car to his farm house without saying anything to her he just went to his room , kushi too followed him.

Arnav came and sat on the bed thinking today's events how they turned out by keeping his hand on his head.Kushi saw this and she came into his room, kushi kept a hand on his shoulder and said

Kushi:ar .. na . v(by chocking) I am really sorry (by listening her arnav cant able to bear and he dragged her to his lap by holding her waist)

Kushi(by holding her ears):plz arnav dont be like tht.if u want u can punish me but plz talk to me(at last she chocked her voice)

Arnav:(hugging her close):shhh dnt cry plz(by wiping her tears)stop crying ok (by nw he wiped her tears clearly nd kissed her forehead passionately)

Kushi and arnav sat like tht for some time forgotting abt everything suddenly arnav said,

Arav:kushi abb hamari shadi ke liye only 1 mahina baki haina so, leave the job (he said like a statement rather thn confession)

Kushi jsut nodded her head as a yes coz she know nw she cant handle him after all this fiasco.

Arnav felt happy and he kissed her like there is no tommorow for them, even kushi too responded like tht, soon tht kiss turned into lust,passion, love filled promise.By kissing kissing they fallen on bed and they continued their kissing session with their lips.

Like this arnav stood by kushi, 

Hope u guys loved this one,All ur positive and negative coments are welcome but plz comment ur views.....

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