Arshi with a baby (TS)

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Nov 1, 2014

Arshi with a baby (TS) (By Amrita_Sweetu) (Thanked: 32 times)

Another story of "Arshi" Engagement Series.....

<here we go>

Arshi parents thought to go for some trip like family trip with some relatives to Simla.So, Arnav gave idea that they can go to simla by bus actually his inner thought is "He can spend his lovable time with his jaan".All agreed to his thought and started to go through bus.

In a bus kushi's parents and arnav's parents in 2nd row of the bus,some relatives occupied front seats leaving back seats for arshi.Arnav is too happy to get a back seat even kushi too happy.In kushi's relatives one small boy of age 4 "Aaron" also presented with his parents actually the thing is he loves kushi alot so that's the reason he came trip.

Arshi settled in back seat kushi is in windows seat and arnav sat beside kushi.

Arnav:(by taking kushi's hands):i am soo happy baby , finally i am able to spend some time with u or else this office work, ur school UFFFF....

Kushi is just smiling by listening arnav's words and said

Kushi: even i am also happy arnav(by keeping his hands in her lap)

Arnav smiled at her and moved closer to kiss her cheeck but stopped by some one's holding.Arnav turned towards that hand and saw a small cute hand is holding arnav's shirt ,arnav asked him

Arnav:hii baby wht happened ? Go and sit with ur mom(by taking his shirt from his hold)

Aaron:na na i will sit here (with his baby language)

Arnav:wht the!! noo

Aaron:kush di ke saath baitna hai muje 

Arnav:no go and sit with ur parents,go go(arnav started geeting irritated coZ nw he got a time to spend with his love ...)


Arnav:kya arnav say to him to go nd sit(with his puppy look)

Aaron:kushi dii(with his puppy look)

kushi dont know wht to do , one side her fiance her love is giving his puppy looks and another side aaron also giving his cute looks what to do, she can't disgree to both of them so she thought

Kushi (to anrav):plzz arnav he's baby yaar, plz maan jao naa,what ever u say i agree with u plz baby plz plz plz

Arnav:baby really, what ever i say haa sochlo phir bhi(with his naughty look and smirk)

kushi know wht he was talking abt she is having no chanve soo she agreed and aaron came and sat in kushi's lap, giving serious looks to arnav but arnav kissed aaron's cheecks coz of him only kushi gave this chance to him but he got an irritated look from aaron, arnav didnt leave any chance to kushi , he kissed kushi near her lips which he got a small push from kushi and an angry push from aaron.

arnv:so, whts ur name baby??

aaron:i dnt say to u!! waise im nt baby i m a big boy(with pride)

kushi:aaron baby noo we shoulnt talk like tht with elders say sorry to uncle (which she got a big WHT THE!!! frm arnav nd kushi chuckled) nd say properly ur name.

Aron turned to arnav nd said....

ill cntinue tomm....

wait nd watch eht happens nxt....

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