Suprising her (OS)

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Oct 26, 2014

Suprising her (OS) (By Amrita_Sweetu) (Thanked: 47 times)

In this story arshi are engaged fixed by their parents. Arnav is asusual business man and kushi studied B.Tech and she is doing in some corporate school as a teacher.At first they normally attracted to each other but slowly they started liking each other and now they are deeply in love with each other....

It's a normal day to them, Both arshi wished to each other before starting their day.But arnav has some special plans to his sweetheart ....

Kushi went to her school normally and she started saying lessons to her students.

Kushi(to herself):kya hua isko no phone call till now, may be he is busy with some work

by saying to herself she went and sat in staffroom.Deepthi (her collegue) and kushi started talking about random things , inbetween these she is checking her mobile too.

by seeing this deepthi asked her with a teasing smile,

Deepthi:kushi why u r checking ur mobile yaar??

Kushi(blush):nothing yaar deepu bas yuhi check kar raha hoon !!!


Kushi:ha ha tho phir i am not waiting for his msg or (suddenly tht clicked to her tiny brain she blurted out the truth) with a blush+embareesment  , kushi saw  deepthi.Deepthi also finaaly succeed by her plan.Actually she knew tht kushi is waiting for arnav's call everyday they'll talk at this time but today just she missed tht one and she is soo tense+worry mood.

Deepthi:started laughing by seeing her face soon kushi also joined with her .

Deepthi:i am soo happy for u kushi, always be like this (by hugging her)

Kushi:yaa thnk u (reciprocating to her hug)

Suddenly a pair of hands are closed kushi's eyes , deepthi saw him and silently wished him but kushi is confused who is this?? If anyone is playing prank thn it wont be good as she know how arnav is soo possesive regarding her specially after tht incident(one day while kushi is going to her home,some of the goons passed some ill comments on her daily.At first she didnt shared to anyone as she dont want her parents to be worry for her but she slowly shared her pain with arnav. Arnav is soo calm with her but later he done his investigation and he dealed them by his own style  "u know right" and from tht day onwards he always call her for every 2 hrs or so,arnav also appointed bodyguards for her without her knowledge) she said

Kushi(angry):who is this? yeh kya battamez hai??

still that person is not left her so she started beating his hands with his tiny hands, For arnav it's like she is removing dust from his hands but he left her because if she contineus like this her hands may hurt.

After he left she turned back and saw arnav is standing wiith folded hands and smiling at her....

Kushi was in O condition by seeing him at school it's not like he dont visit daily but not occasional .


Arnav:ha mae, kyoom u dont like it??(by sitting beside her)

Kush: nahi nahi yeha such nahi i like it(smilingly nd soon she realised she blurted out truth)

Arnav:achaa baby tht's gud to hear from u(by side hugging her) 

Arnav:(leaving kushi and talking to deepthi)how r u deepthi??

Deepthi:i am good bhai(arnav once said to her to call bhai, as kushi treats her like her sister and even he too)

Arnav:tht's good,class??

Deepthi:no lesiure for me

Arnav:wht abt u baby?

Kushi:same for mee ??

Arnav:kushi, shall we go fr a lunch??

Kushi:ha but i need to take permission wait i'll ask and come (by saying this she went )

Deepthi:u know bhai she is soo much waiting for ur call

Arnav:yaa deepthi i know her she will be waiting for me but i thought to suprise her by coming her so i didnt call her

Deepthi:she loves u alot

Arnav:yaa i know(with lovely smile on his face)waise u too join lunch with us naa??

Deepthi:no no bhai i have a work to do,Waise bhi i dont want to be like a kabab mae haddi for u guys

Arnav:aree yaar u r nt like haddi fr us, it feels gud if u  also come with us

Kushi by tht time came and sat in between them and she also said her to join wiht them again she got a same respnse frm her too....

Kushi:plzz yaar

deepthi;u know naa kush i need to submit tht one nw to MD sir, not today phir kabhi


Arnav:did u ask permission??

Kushi:ya i did

Arnav:ok thn shall we leave??

Kushi:yaa, bye deepthi

Arnav:bye deepthi

LAter Arshi went for lunch and soon time came to end.Arnav returned kushi to school 

In car:

Aranv:(by taking kushi's hand):did u enjoy baby?

Kushi:i enjyed alot arnavjii!!! thnk u(by hugguing him)

Arnav:everything is alright in school right??

Kushi:yaa dnt worry everything is good, ok thn it's time for me to leave(by leaving hug)

Arnav again pulled her and she crashed to his chest, arnav is eyeing her lips and eyes as he is asking permission from her, kushi by responding to him she closed her eyes and leaned forward to kiss him

Both closed their eyes when their lips are touched eachother, at first it's just a soft kiss, soon kiss turned into passionate kiss by licking their lower lips ,upper lips, sucking their tongue, A groan relsed by kushi and arnav is soo turned on and he started romaning his hands on her backside, front side curves, pressing them......

After a few minutes they released their mouth contact still arnav's hands are pressing her curves .....

Arnav:baby go to school fast, if u be here like this i can;t control myself

Kushi also agreed to tht and she gave a peck on his lips and left the car saying bye to him.....

Hope u r nt bored well.......

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