Arshi TS: Useless Regret

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Oct 10, 2014

Arshi TS: Useless Regret (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 64 times)

I hope you guys remember me. It's me SRI ( Please God... Tell me that they remember me ) I came back with a new TS. I know It's useless TS. But I can't stop myself from posting it. IF you guys don't like this then tell me, I will stop posting later parts. It will reduce my work. IF anyone is there waiting for me... thank you guys... and sorry for making you guys. I will post AKL in two to three days...

Once again Thank you so much for your support. Love you guys...


TS – Useless Regret

Part 1

“Come on NK... it kills us. Don’t do this. Please for my sake” he didn’t pay any attention to her words.

“Please at least you listen to me Arnav Ji. Please don’t do this. It kills us. It’s not good for health. Please...” she pleaded them, but like always they smiled at her worried face and left from there.

“Please don’t” she whispered at their back


Her words kept sounding in his eyes. NK closed his eyes in pain and whispered “Sorry kuku... I’m really sorry for not listening to you. I’m sorry. Please come back” Few tears rolled down from the corner of his eyes.


He slowly opened his eyes to adjust with the light coming from the window. For few seconds he couldn’t understand where he is lying. He blinked his eyes to clear his vision. He looked around to see his best buddy/cousin stood near the window looking out in the garden. He looks tensed, his looks are unstable, and his eyes are moistened. Arnav chuckled seeing his take-it-easy cousin all worried. It won’t suit him.

“Don’t worry buddy, I’m fine and alive. I won’t leave you easily. I will be fine. We can go for ride again today night sneaking from hospital staff. We will go back to our life again. Don’t worry buddy. Actually we have to worry about the ass we kissed with our vehicle yesterday night. Is that person okay? How is he?” said Arnav smiling at his cousin brother’s face

“It’s Khushi” said NK with expressionless face

“Khushi? OH hell... Khushi came here? Did she know about our accident? Did she see us here? Did she see our injuries? Who told her about the accident? Hell... she is not going to spare us. Is she angry on us? Is she cursing us? Will she forgive us?” panicked Arnav.

“First let her wake up from her situation, then we will see whether she will forgive us or not”

“What does that mean? What happened to her? What situation you are talking about?” a small fear came into Arnav's heart.

“That means... the ass we kissed yesterday night was Khushi” NK blurted back with irritation.

Arnav couldn’t understand what he is listening.

“Are you crazy NK? How it will be Khushi? She went to some competition to attend right? Then?” asked Arnav praying for that person not to turn into Khushi.

“WE almost killed her Arnav. We all most killed her yesterday night” said NK as he is in a trance, not giving any answer to Arnav’s question. “She is fighting for her life” his words left unhearing as Arnav zoomed into corridor towards ICU to see Khushi, his best friend


“Khushi” he whispered while tears ran through his cheeks. He touched the glass as he is feeling her fully bandaged face. He felt his world came crushing down. He looked the nurse, who came out from ICU.

“How is she?” he asked in his low voice

“Extremely serious. She flew in air when the bike hit her hard with such a force and speed. Her head had hit the ground really hard and making blood clot in her brain. She had a several fractures in her hands and legs. One of her legs twisted back at knee.”

Arnav saw doctor coming from the ICU after checking with Khushi. He ran to doctor and asked

“How is she? Can I see her? Is she awake? Why aren’t you talking damn it?” Arnav shouted in frustration.

“She is still unconscious. And we can’t say how she is. Once she comes to conscious then only we can clear our doubts. And if you stay calm without disturbing her, yes, you can see her” saying that Doctor went from there

Arnav looked at doctor’s retreating figure murmuring a ‘thank you’ absorbing his words. He went inside ICU and sat beside Khushi. Seeing her almost lifeless body, he felt a sharp pain in his heart. Unable to control his inner feelings he rushed outside the room.

He sat on the chair, completely broken. Tears rolled down from his eyes making his cheeks wet. He felt a hand on his shoulder. He lifted his head to look at completely devastated face of his best friend.

“NK...” he hugged NK

“Shh... we need to be in control Arnav. Doctor called us to talk about Kuku. Come...” Arnav was surprised to see his friend behaving so bravely. He sighed and followed NK to Doctor’s room.


“What? Why? How?”

“When she fell on the ground, one vehicle went on her leg which we operated. The bone completely damaged and not having any option, we used rods to fix the leg. She has to use cane for support to walk. IF she is manages walking without using the cane also for sure she will limp throughout her life. It’s really a miracle that she lived after this major accident” informed the Doctor.

NK and Arnav couldn’t believe what they are hearing about their best friend. The image limping Khushi came in front of their eyes, making them shudder with pain. They don’t know how to react. They looked at Doctor for further guidance from him to take care of Khushi. After talking with doctor, both the friends came to ICU.

Arnav looked at Khushi's almost lifeless body through the glass window. He sat on the chair with a thud, holding his head in his palms while resting his hands on his knees. Tears rolled down from his eyes. He lifted his head to look at almost on verge of crying face of his best friend. He stood up immediately and hugged him tightly

“NK... I almost killed her NK. I tried to kill my best friend, my Khushi. Please ask her to come back. Please ask her to wake up. I can’t live without her NK. Please ask her to come back to me”

NK hugged Arnav back tightly, allowing his pain to come out in form of tears. They both cried their heart out. After few minutes of the grief, they composed themselves and sat on the chairs holding each other hands giving support to each other and sharing their fears silently.

Arnav closed his eyes resting his head on the wall while NK sat resting his head on his palms. Only one memory came in front of their eyes. Khushi’s plead and worried face when she requested them to take care


“Come on NK... it kills us. Don’t do this. Please for my sake” but he didn’t pay any attention to her words.

“NK please... drinking is not good for your health. I don’t want you to spoil your health. I don’t want you to regret for anything later. Please don’t do this” she said this to NK, but her eyes on Arnav, who is looking at her intently.

“Oh... stop it Kuku... we are not drunkards. We are just enjoying our life. Don’t be jealous, okay? If you want you can also join us” said NK, making her feel embarrassed.

“Please NK, it’s not about me. It’s about you. It’s not good for your health. As drinking is not enough you are driving by yourself? This is really dangerous. Please... don’t go” she looked at Arnav once again and continued “I care for your life. I want you in my life safe and sound. I don’t want anything to happen to you. Please try to understand me, don’t do this”

NK clearly knows where her words are being directed. He shrugged his shoulders and said “See Kuku, if you don’t want then tell him directly, but don’t stop me or don’t use me as a post man. Come on, grow up. If you love you have to dare. Don’t drag me into this love game of yours. And Arnav, you also, come on man... being a man you couldn’t be like that. Come on dare...”

“Stop it NK, don’t change the topic. Please I’m not having any good feeling today please... don’t go. Please NK...”

NK rolled his eyes and moved from there towards their bike. Khushi looked at Arnav and said

“Please at least you listen to me Arnav Ji. Please don’t do this. It kills us. Don’t drink and drive. It’s not good for health. Please...” she pleaded him, Arnav pattered her cheek lovingly

“Nothing will happen to us, Khushi. Don’t worry... I will call you once we are in home. Okay? Relax...” he went from there. Like always they turned back and smiled at her worried face and left from there.

“Please don’t” she whispered at their back


They both laughed remembering Khushi's words and worried face. They both stopped laughing and looked at each other and burst into laughter. They again stopped laughing and looked at each other and again burst into laughter. It continued several times.

“She is completely crazy man. She is really a scared soul yaar. For everything she will get scared and gets panic. I don’t know how you will manage with her. She is completely a pagal ladki” said NK, swaying with alcohol effect.

“But she loves us NK. She is cute...” said Arnav following NK towards their bike. After finding, they both hoped the bike and Arnav started driving. Arnav raced his bike towards their house. Getting irritated with the speed, NK asked Arnav to stop the bike.

“Arnav stop the bike. I said stop the bike”

“What the hell NK? Why are you...? What are you?”

Swaying left to right NK said “Is this the speed we use to ride bike at this hour of night? Come on dude... we are youngsters... we should enjoy the life... let me drive the bike and let me show you...” He sat on the oil tank of the bike, not leaving any other chance to Arnav than moving back.

“Come on NK... don’t make it too fast. We can’t control the speed”

Not listening to Arnav's words, NK raced the bike in higher speed. Suddenly, Arnav found NK not able to control the bike as his eyes closing with alcohol effect. Sitting backside Arnav tried hard to control the bike while trying to open his closing eyes. Suddenly when NK open his eyes, he saw the heavy vehicle coming towards them. Realising what he did, he suddenly turned the bike and heard a scream. They felt their bike jerked with sudden contact to something – may be person. When they finally understand what has happened, it’s already late. They sensed themselves loosing conscious with slight scratches, wounds and hit on head. They also heard very less people running towards the person they hit. They lost consciousness.

When NK opened his eyes, he found himself on hospital bed with minor injuries. He remembered what had happened previous night. He looked around to see Arnav. Not finding him there, he ran outside the room, only to bump the nurse. Seeing his flushed face she said

“Your friend is fine. He is taking rest in next room”

Sighing in relief, NK walked through next room. When he entered in the room, suddenly his mobile started ringing with Khushi's name.

“Not now...” cursing under his breath he answered the call “Tell me Kuku...”

“Sorry sir...Am I talking with Mr. NK?” a male voice came on that side

“Yes, you are and who are you?” asked NK frowing, feeling little uneasy inside his heart.

“Sir, I’m inspector Ajay, we found this mobile near the person, who met with a major accident yesterday night. As we tried to inform her family, we only found two numbers in her mobile which are one is yours and another name Arnav. As that Mr. Arnav is not answering the phone, I was forced to call you. Sorry for disturbing you this morning. But sir, can you come to the hospital? We needed her family here as her condition is very critical” the other person stopped talking to hear NK’s words.


Let me know how is it. Of course I know, it's worst, still I wants to know your views...

Oct 14, 2014

TS – Useless Regret Part 2 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 56 times)

“In which hospital she is?” he tried not to break and praying worst to not to come.

“Life care hospital. Please come fast sir...” the call was disconnected. When something came into NK’s mind, he rushed back to his room and searched for the nurse who told him about Arnav. When he found her, he ran towards her

“Excuse me sister, yesterday night, are we, I mean me and my friend got admitted alone or any other person also got admitted?” asked NK fearing to hear the worst.

“Yes... The police admitted a girl along with you two. She is really in a critical condition. Just few minutes back only they brought her to ICU, after operating full night. Poor girl...”

NK ran towards the ICU, praying God, not to turn his fears to reality. When he neared ICU, he found his heart beating rapidly and felt his knees going weak. He looked through the glass door and found the land beneath him shaking. There, his best friend, lying lifelessly fighting for her dear life. He sensed someone standing behind him and heard her saying

“She is the girl which I mentioned before. She is the girl hit by your bike”

NK looked at the nurse standing behind him. She sighed and went from there. Before he understand everything police came to him, finished some of their formalities and handed over Khushi to him. NK sat near Khushi, who is unaware of his presence. He held her hand which has less bruises, kept his head on her hand and cried his heart out.

When her words kept sounding in his eyes, NK closed his eyes in pain and whispered “Sorry kuku... I’m really sorry for not listening to you. I’m sorry. Please come back” Still tears rolling down from the corner of his eyes.


Both Arnav and NK remembered her last words her pleads in college. But they didn’t give any damn to her words when she said ‘I’m not having any good feeling today please... don’t go’ they both closed their eyes to wait for Khushi to come back to them.

“NK... Don’t worry... she will be fine. She has to be fine. She can’t leave us like that. I will see to that. Let her come back, I will show her how important she is in my life. I won’t let her go away from me. I will take care of her with my full attention. We can’t lose her” said Arnav. Suddenly when a thought came to his mind he immediately asked “NK, anyone informed her parents about the accident?”

NK nodded his head in no.

“What the!!! Fine we will do that. Where is Khushi's phone?” he took phone from NK’s and looked at the contacts to find her family members’ numbers. When he found only two names – Arnav and NK – which make his eye brows fold. He looked at NK who sighed defeated saying “She only has two contacts, you and me. We never noticed her talking with her family or her other friends except us two.”

“And also we never asked about her family whereabouts...,” said Arnav when realisation dawned to him. “And... and... Hell we don’t even knew about where she is residing!! She never mentioned about her family and herself. She asked our friendship and mingled with us... that’s all...!!! Is she...alone in this world? Doesn’t she have anybody? Is she an Oo or...rphan... Oh ****... ****... How can I be this careless? I didn’t know anything about her or her family and all” cursed Arnav.

“The police found it weird. I managed saying, she has two phones – for family and for friends. They looked at me weirdly but I managed with my innocent smile which I learnt from her. The police also smiled and left from there handing her over to me. When I saw her I felt like I’m in hell Arnav. Tsk... Leave it... I wish she will come back to us”

They sat there not able to move an inch. From morning when they gained their conscious, they listen and saw so many terrible things. They sat there completely drained of energy waiting for their friend to come back.


It’s been 10 days from the accident. Khushi condition is better than the day, but she is still unconscious. It made doctors worried about her coming back to normal condition. Every day of these 10 days, doctor took the MRI for her brain to notice any abnormality, but nothing found till now. They aren’t sure about what the problem is. When Arnav and NK’s parents asked doctors about Khushi’s condition, they said they will do their best.

All these days Arnav or NK never left the hospital. When they didn’t show up their faces to their family next morning of the accident night, their parents got suspicious and called them to ask what is happening. When they heard about the accident they all rushed to hospital to see Khushi. Arnav’s parents and family always adored Khushi. They wanted her to marry to one of their sons. They never wanted to lose her. They liked her simplicity, bubbly nature, innocent face, heart warming smile and respect towards elders and responsible about her duties. Arnav’s mother already accepted Khushi as her daughter-in-law. But when they saw Khushi in motionless condition, they felt the world shaking. They sat there crying for the adorable girl who laid on hospital bed fighting for her life. NK’s family also loved her like their own daughter. NK’s father wanted Khushi as his daughter-in-law, but he turned his wish to daughter as he got to know about his son’s love relation towards another girl. The news of Khushi’s accident shook the families to the core.

After taking so much pressure from NK and Arnav, both families went back to home after ordering them to give a call if needed.


Arnav’s sleep got disturbed with some mumbling sounds. He moved uneasily in his sleep. He woke up with a jerk after hearing same sounds once again. In a fraction of second he is at Khushi’s side.

“Khushi... Khushi... wake up... Khushi...”

Arnav’s voice disturbed NK, who is sleeping on the chair near the couch where Arnav slept till now. Seeing Arnav near Khushi’s bed, NK ran to them and asked

“What happened Arnav?”

“Call the doctor NK. I think Khushi is gaining conscious. Go fast...” NK rushed outside the room and few minutes later he came along with doctors.

After checking Khushi thoroughly, doctor said “She is fine. No need to worry, she is out of danger now”

“Can we take her to home?” asked NK and Arnav at the same time

Smiling at their urgency, doctor said “Let her take rest now. Tomorrow morning when her doctor comes and check, you can confirm with him. But don’t worry she is fine and she will recover fast. relax...” nodding their heads they thanked the doctor and turned towards Khushi, with closed eyes bearing the pain

Gulping hard they both moved to her. Arnav held her weak hand in his strong one and called in a low voice “Khushi...” not to pain her ears.

Her eyes opened instantly, she looked at her side to see Arnav. She smiled little at said “How are you Arnav Ji? How is NK? Is he fine? You didn’t get hurt, did you? Why aren’t you talking Arnav Ji? Tell me please... Are you both fine?” she asked in a low hurry voice, making her friends, gulp in guilt.

Arnav immediately hugged her and said “we are fine Khushi... we are perfectly fine now. Thanks for coming back. And I’m sorry for putting you in this situation. I’m sorry”

Arnav broke the hug, to give chance to NK

Khushi looked at NK who is in tears.

“NK... how are...”

“Stop there Khushi... don’t dare to ask me that question. How can you? How can you ask that when you are in a worst state, because of me? How can you think about our well being, when you came back from the death? Please... I can’t take... please...” he cried his heart out

“NK...” she called him slowly.

NK ran towards her and hugged her tightly, not giving any pain. “NO Khushi... it’s not your fault. We could have been more careful and should have listened to your words. And firstly we shouldn’t have drink and drive. Sorry for that”

He tried to control his cry hearing Khushi’s words

“It’s not your or Arnav Ji’s fault NK. You both are trying to save yourselves. That’s all. I shouldn’t be there at that time. It’s not your fault. It’s mine.”

Breaking the hug NK looked at her weirdly along with Arnav who is giving the expression as he is seeing some alien.

 “After all these things happened with you, you are saying the fault is YOURS? How can you Khushi? The fault is ours, not yours. Please don’t make us guiltier than what we are now” asked Arnav, not able to understand what he is listening from this crazy girl.

Khushi smiled at them and said “I want to take rest. I’m really feeling tired. Can I sleep for some time before we talk all these things again?”

Understanding Khushi's condition, they both adjusted her on bed covering her properly. They both sat there besides her. Arnav patted her head while NK stroked her hand to ease her pain and giving silent support.


After one week of Khushi coming back, they took Khushi to Raizada mansion not giving to her protests. Arnav managed to shut her with one question “Where will go Khushi? To your parents? To your family?” after that question she kept silent and went to RM. Everybody’s heart throbbed seeing her entering inside sitting on wheel chair with the help of Arnav. They had tears in their eyes seeing Khushi in this condition. Arnav and NK’s parents are hell angry on them hearing about the accident. They never guessed that their sons can do this. When they heard what NK and Arnav did, Mr. Raizada slapped both of them very hard. He stopped talking with his son for his deeds. NK’s mother – Manorama, stopped giving food to NK and she also not allowed him to enter the house. NK is taking refuge in RM. All the family members are seriously angry on Arnav and NK.

Both the friends are also regretted whatever they did. They almost killed their friend. The thought itself send chills to their spine. Nobody allowed them near Khushi, after knowing the truth. Arnav and NK felt the loss of their friend. They decided to talk with everyone in family and Khushi to apologise to them for their deeds.


In other side of the house, Khushi lost in her thoughts. She requested everyone to leave her alone for some rest. Agreeing with her, everybody left from the room. Khushi sighed and tried to get sleep. She remembered doctor’s words

“I’m sorry to say this Ms. Khushi, you can’t walk normally anymore. You have to take cane’s help to walk. If you manage you balance without cane, still you will limp. There is no salvation for this. When the bike ran through your leg, bone damaged to some extent. So we operated and fixed it with a rod. And you shouldn’t run from now on. And you shouldn’t ride the steps. One or two floors are fine, but not more than. And you shouldn’t bend or fold your leg; it will cause you a lot pain. So be careful. I’m sorry once again”

She cried a lot that day. She never ever expected she will become a handicap. One leg of her is become useless. She felt that her world scattered seeing her face got a scar on her cheek, which is visible clearly. The colour of her skin near hands changed into some other colour. ‘I might be looking ugly’ she cried thinking. She cursed her fate for making her orphan, when she lost her parents. Now, once again she cursed her fate for putting her in this situation. She dreamed about her life with Arnav. She loved him from the core of her heart. She wanted to confess her feelings to him on this coming Sunday – his birthday. Now she lost him along with herself. She never ever can confess her feelings to him, because she knew she won’t deserve him now. He deserves best in his life, not an ugly handicapped girl like her. He deserves happiness in his life, not tantrums from others for marrying a limping girl.

She kept thinking all those things while sleep took the control of her mind due to medicine affect. Still tears are wetting her cheeks.


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TS – Useless Regret Part 3 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 40 times)

I'm really disappointed... total views are 2616 and Thank you s 99? Am I that worst writer or readers are that lazy? If you like the update then press LIKE or THANK YOU and please COMMENT. I think it won't take more time if you press Like or comment. I think we ( writers ) deserve appreciation. If you don't like my work then please don't come here. sorry if I sound rude. But it hurts...


Khushi recovered fully from her injuries. She also went to doctor for final check and took MRI for her brain. Everything was become normal except her leg, scar on her face and pain in her heart. She became a silent girl. She concentrated more on her studies and maintained distance from Arnav and NK. She doesn’t want to hurt her heart anymore. She knew... she knew that if she is near to Arnav then she will lose her senses and confess her feelings to him. And she knew he will agree her confession – not with love, but with guilt and pity. She never wanted that to happen. So, she kept herself far from them.

Arnav and NK tried a lot to talk with her, but in vain. Every day, Arnav tried his best to talk with her, to spend time with her. But she never engaged him like before. Both NK and Arnav felt the loss of their friend. Arnav felt guilty and regretted for not hearing her words that day. He felt guilty for not understand her fears, her pain. He cursed himself for being a fool. He loved her from his heart. But now, he lost his best friend let alone his love for a single mistake of his. He wished that he listened to her words. He wishes that he should have been in Khushi’s place in the accident. He wished he could turn the time back. He wished he would have confessed his feelings to her long back. He closed his eyes in pain, to see the smiling face of Khushi.

He opened his eyes hearing some teasing voices near him. Whatever scene unfolded before his eyes, boiled his blood. Some of the students teasing Khushi for her limp and scar on her face. He ran towards them and warned them to stay out of Khushi. He held Khushi close to him and said “She is my friend; don’t dare to mess with her. I’m warning you... stay out”

Khushi felt happy and sad at the same time... she felt happy and sad at the same time hearing him mentioning her as his ‘friend’. She sighed and thanked Arnav and went from there not hearing him. Arnav felt really hurt with Khushi’s behaviour.

He discussed with NK about his problem, not knowing what to do.

“Are you sure NK?”

“Of course Arnav. You already wasted a lot time, not any more. Don’t lose her Arnav. She is really best. Go and propose her. Don’t waste more time, you may regret later” NK encouraged him. Arnav planned everything to confess his feelings on this coming Sunday – his birthday.

Saturday evening when both Arnav and NK sat in canteen, after finishing their classes, they saw Khushi coming to them. They felt really happy to see her there, because after accident she stopped coming there where crowd will be.

NK almost ran to her and hugged her tightly.

“Oh God... Kuku... we missed you here. Thanks for coming. How are you? How is your day today?” asked NK fully excited, for which Khushi just smiled a little.

“I came here to talk with you two. I wanted to tell you something”

“Sure... come on...” NK led her to the table they sat.

“What’s the matter Khushi...? What you want to say? Why are you looking tensed?” asked Arnav not having good feeling in his heart.

“I wanted to say... that... I... I...” she don’t know how to say... she looked everywhere but not them.

Both NK and Arnav looked at each other sensing something wrong. NK held her shoulder and asked

“What is it Kuku...? Is everything fine?” his voice his full of concern

Nodding her head, she forwarded a paper towards them. Arnav immediately took that shocked to see the content of the paper.

“Appointment cum joining letter?”

“Yes, Arnav Ji... I got a job in that company. I’m leaving in few hours. I just want to say bye before I leave”

“Where is the posting?” asked NK after reading the letter.

“Don’t know... they said, first they will give training then posting. After joining only they will say”

“When did this letter came?”


“You didn’t even bother to discuss with us?”


“Why aren’t you answering me damn it?”


“Khushi... I’m talking with you...”


“What’s wrong with you? Please Khushi... don’t go”

“Take care both of you. I hope you won’t drink and drive next time. If you want to drink, take the driver. I don’t want you guys become like me – a handicap. I don’t know I will see you guys again or not. So, good bye...,” saying this she took the letter and moved towards the exit.

After few seconds, Arnav came out of his thoughts and ran towards her. Clutching her hand he turned her rashly making her tremble on her legs.

“Where the hell do you think you are leaving?” he whispered in a low dangerous voice.

“I’m leaving to my job”

“I want to talk with you. Come with me”

Before she protests, he pulled her towards his car not bothering about her leg and made her sit inside, he himself hoping other side. After few minutes he stopped the car in a lone road and came out. He pulled her out and pinned her to the car

“I can’t let you go Khushi. You don’t have any right to leave me and go. You are mine. Without my permission you can’t go”

This surprised Khushi a lot. But she didn’t say anything or show her feelings on her face. She just stared at him with blank expression.

“Please Khushi don’t go. We need you at the same time you need us. With us, around you only you are facing difficulty to face the world, then how can you face alone. Everybody will tease you Khushi, for your limp and for your... your... scar. If you stay here I will take care of everything, I will never let anyone to comment on you. Stay Khushi... don’t go...” He can ask her to stay back because he loves her, but he thought that will be a lame reason and telling what he told will be a strong reason to force her to stay back. He didn’t know what pain his words will give to Khushi's heart.

Khushi looked at him with a pained expression. She couldn’t believe Arnav pointed out her disability. She could have stayed, if he asks her stay. Just ask her to stay, without any confession or something. She wanted to cry, she wanted to shout, she wanted to confess, but she didn’t. She knew, Arnav never loved her and never will. He is scared about her future, about her heart, her insults about her just as a FRIEND. She sighed in defeat and said

“I’m getting late Arnav Ji. Please let me go...” she gulped hard to control her cry. She couldn’t look into his eyes. She knew if she looks, the next moment Arnav will understand her heart. And she will lose his friendship.

“What the hell Khushi? Here I’m asking...”

“Please Arnav Ji. I want to go...” she said little sternly

That’s the time Arnav let his frustration come out on Khushi. Not thinking once about the consequences. “I should have thought about this Khushi. Till now you needed us for YOUR good, for YOUR support whether it financial or moral, you needed us. But now, you have a job. So, you don’t need us and you wanted to go” he turned back not want to see her tearing eyes and continued “I should have known about you before. Fine... I will leave you wherever you want. Let’s go” Not having any response he turned back to see that Khushi went long back. He looked around and searched for her, shouted for her, but she left... she left him. With anger rising in his heart, he left from there to his home. Without knowing that how his words had hurt Khushi. He didn’t even notice that he lost his love.


After a long week, Arnav’s mother came to his room. This is the first time she is entering into Arnav’s room after Khushi left the city. Arnav told her everything, about his love for Khushi, Khushi’s job opportunity, her stubbornness in leaving, he requesting her, her denial, his anger and lastly his accusations. When Arnav's mother slapped him and shouted at him, then only he understood what accusation he gave to Khushi. Then only he understood how he insulted Khushi. That is the day he regretted everything he did with Khushi. He looked at his mom to see the hatred filled eyes. He never witnessed this from anyone let alone his mom. He apologised his mom for being a fool, but she never forgave him. She said when Khushi will come to their house willingly then only she will forgive him. That is the day Arnav went into his shell avoiding everyone around him. That is the day he started hating himself. That is the day he allowed guilt to kill him from inside.

When he saw his mother come inside his room, he stood up and rushed towards her “Mom... you are here?”

But she didn’t say anything. She just handed over one cover to him and left from there. Arnav felt disgusted one more time. He opened the cover and shocked to see the name at the down of the letter – Khushi. He read hurriedly

Arnav Ji...

I’m sorry for disturbing you, but I can’t help. I just wanted to answer your question, which you asked before I leave. I know you don’t want to hear, but I wanted to tell you. You know why? I can’t take the hatred from the person I love the most. Arnav Ji... I won’t waste your much time. I will come straight to the point

Do you know why I left? The reason is you... yes Arnav Ji, the reason is YOU. I didn’t want to lose you or your friendship. But you know, after leaving also I lost you. I left from there because I couldn’t share my feelings with you. I couldn’t share my love towards you with you, because I know you never loved me and can never. I don’t want your pity Arnav Ji. I wanted your love, I wanted your care. That’s the reason I never mentioned you about I being an orphan. I wanted you to love me as I’m. I wanted you to see my heart. But it never happened.

I know why you wanted me to stay back. You just worried about my future, about my heart getting hurt, the insults I’m going to face and about me just as a FRIEND, but Arnav Ji... I wanted more, I want more from you. Whatever I was getting as your friend, that’s not enough for me. I want more from you... I want your love and care, which I can never get, because I’m handicapped. But thank you so much for being my friend Arnav Ji. I will or I can never forget you.

I never wanted your support financially or physically. I just wanted your support psychologically. I just wanted your heart Arnav Ji, not your money. Please don’t think low about me. I can’t take... my heart can’t take. If you don’t love me back (I know you don’t) also fine, but please don’t hate me. Please...

This is what I want to say Arnav Ji. I never wanted your money... please trust me. I took these many days to gather my courage to write down my feelings. Don’t think otherwise. Please trust me... I never wanted your money... I just wanted your heart.

I said whatever I wanted to. Thanks for reading (I hope you did) with patience and sorry for wasting your time. Hope you are fine and stopped drinking. Please Arnav Ji... don’t drink... it will kills us – may be not physically but mentally it does. Convey my hi to NK and regards to your parents. Bye Arnav Ji... I miss you... I Love you and will Love you till my last breath...

Only yours


Arnav sat with a thud on the bed. He can sense how much she loved him. He can sense how much his words had hurt her. He can sense how much she is missing him. He can sense how much she needs him. He can sense how vulnerable she is. He hugged the letter and cried his heart out. He doesn’t know what to do. He doesn’t know where to search Khushi. He doesn’t know how to bring her back. He doesn’t know why he said what he shouldn’t.

He regretted for letting her go.

He regretted for not telling her about how important she is for him.

He regretted for not able to understand her.

He regretted everything he said to her on that fateful day.

And he knew...

Regretting now, can do nothing, will change nothing.

He lost his love, his first love, an innocent love, an innocent Angel’s love.

He regretted....




Are you feeling incomplete? Yes, it is, because I want to show how incomplete Arnav's life is and will be.

I know dears... sorry for making this update silly. Let me know your views. 

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