Why Wedding?

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Sep 2, 2014

Why Wedding? (By Tanu_Rshi) (Thanked: 3 times)

"Why WEDDING is?"

One of my friend Brindha had once asked a question why 'Wedding'? i had been thinking on this question since last few months... and after a long thinking i have came to find this answer which has satisfied my own mind that why one have to marry? 

It's just mere my own study and understanding and my own words! so those who wouldn't be agree with my statements are free to say! i am not putting my opinion to anybody! it's just a mere discussion!


What I think wedding is?

(I don’t know about other religions or anything! I don’t have any personal opinion on any other religion wedding! B’cos I haven’t studied the bases and principals and other theories of any other religion! So I want to tell everyone who will read this article I am not at all uttering anything to hurt anybody! Nor I am against anything! I am just giving the answer according to Hindu marriage rituals and theories of Hindu religion! As I have studied it since ages! And it’s fully my own personal studies not forced to anybody to accept it! I don’t have any personal hate for anything or anybody directly or indirectly!)

“Wedding!” It’s one of the yagya/yadnya/hawan in itself!

There are so many kind of sacred worships around the world in every religion…! There worships are nothing but the yadnyas or hawans! But sadly almost many people around the world think as if only fire and giving ahutis(something in fire as donation) in it can be called as hawans or yadnyas! But it is wrong! 

In true definition of yadnyas or hawans,… yadnya means any sacred process which needs something as a ahuti/donation from us! So… hunger is one of the simplest daily yadnya which every living soul on earth does! Even animals and trees do this sacred worship called as ‘UDAR BHARAN YADNYA!’ as we give ahuti of food to our stomach!

Similar to this… wedding is also one the most respected yadnya normal human being could do to reach to moksha…! Moksha means that stage of every soul where we gets converted to god! Moksha is the highest level of soul! The most pure and isolated soul without any lust for even mere moksha could be called as Parmeshwara means soul reached upto stage of moksha!

The sacred fire aka yadnya which gets performed during wedding for 7 pheras (called as saptapadi) is just a mere representative for that sacred yadnya called as ‘Wedding’ itself! In real if two souls want to perform the real wedding yadnya then there is no need for just physically shown yadnya/sacred fire! If two souls are standing by each other forever while performing the 7 vows even without any other physical procedure yet they should be called as married! B’cos rather than performing some stupid 7 pheras without true dedication for the wedding concept is useless! 

There are 7 vows of wedding in hindu rituals! Every vows as a perfect meaning which should be brought in real life!

In nature… there is one property! Property of opposite attraction! Means… just take an example of north and south poles! Whole earth is working perfectly just because of these two poles! As long as these two poles are working properly earth has no any problem! Whole earth is balanced with them! They are totally opposite poles with opposite features but yet they owes a property of mutual attraction which keeps them together on earth and earth has been balanced! Similar is the nature of every single thing around the world! Opposite feature things have some sort of mutual opposite features and having strong bond of attraction! This is totally natural! And similar is applicable for every single relation in life! even every parent and child has these features and property of mutual attraction and where the meaning of completion fulfills that bond is turned into most perfect bond! Similar is applicable for bond of wedding! 

Every soul on earth has certain features and qualities in themselves… and every soul work as a magnet! Just the point is that… the moment he/she gets perfect frequency matched with opposite magnet then that is tuning! And as soon as that tuning gets formed bond gets formed! And now point is why this bond is needed? Why this whole thing is needed?

1) Every soul has one strong hunger! That hunger is… hunger of love! Love means that strong feeling of affection for other soul which makes that particular soul to take care of other soul! Love is one the first and most important thing every soul need when they comes into live being! This feeling of love exists in everything including trees, insects, animals as well as humans! Love means one of the biggest dedication and yadnya you must say! in this yadnya that soul gives ahuti of attention, care, time and dedication for the progress, development and betterment of other soul! Eg. Every mother or father takes care of their child more than even their own self even since the baby is unborn! It’s nothing but one the yadnya! Biggest dedication without any expectation of fruits in future in reply for this yadnya!

Now look at our life cycle! When baby born they get special love, care and attention from their parents and siblings!

Then after their middle age… parents leaves this world! As it’s the property of nature to leave this world! Then child becomes without that strong love! Now you would say… he/she has his/her sibling! But to be frank… just imagine the world without any couple but full of siblings! Will the earth survive more than just 100yrs at the most? Will there be any human being left on earth? Definitely NOT! So this is the 2nd reason now! That why one soul need opposite soul? To keep the nature’s cycle running! But it isn’t must that everyone should have to marry! Not essential! Nature has given reasons that it’s not just every couple should have children! Not needed! There are so many children around the world who don’t have parents! A couple could take their responsibility or even single one could! (b’cos nature has one more property… Property of ‘Exception’; it is also one of the most important property! And for that reason there are exceptions also who don’t have to marry or who don’t have to give birth to own children! But sadly many people don’t understand that sometimes nature select some unions of soul for this special category of ‘Exception’! it’s one of the most important category for world! We should learn to accept it as a honor rather than as curse! Those couples who don’t have own children due to certain reasons are needed to understand their role on earth! That they are special unions who have been given different duties to perform on earth! Rather than keep crying for stupid reason of not having own children! Even I admit one thing… if some couple takes decision to adopt children instead of giving a birth to their own children is not at all crime! Go by any way… you are doing your duty! Both of the decisions are of equal importance! Just its matter of own thinking that what way one thinks! Both decisions are best for nature!)

Come to the point of wedding… so… even if siblings are there for us to accompany us throughout our lives at the most; but it can’t continue cycle of nature to keep running can’t be continued with this decision! So that’s why one soul need to search some other soul who could accompany him/her near about at the most part of his/her life time! Who could love(don’t take wrong meaning of this love… love’s biggest meaning is affection and care for other soul without expecting anything in return) her/him throughout their life time on earth!

There is one thing everyone could understand… the power of union!

When one decide to work lonely… it’s not so much better! But when a group decides to perform some task… that act gets strengthen! And work gets completed more perfectly! Same is the reason behind concept of wedding and having family! Just take a simple example: If you would study… you would found… when group of all the students from the class plan to execute the idea of party preparation for annual function! At that time if one person would decide to do all the preparation it would be most ridiculous thing to complete for that single person! And if you would consider all the students from class working at the same time on the same task then that would also be wastage of energy, time and synchronization! So then things get classified in small groups as per the level of task and need of the man power! Then among those groups certain tasks again gets sub classified as group leader, manager, planner and actual worker bla… bla…! 

Same is the thing in case of concept of wedding and after that in case of family!

Means… every single soul when gets married to other soul… this union of husband and wife, has reason behind having this union! They are considered as main pillars of concept of family! Every single union has vital role on earth to perform in respect to their own personal lives, then with respect to each other in union, then with respect to society, and then with respect to country, world and universe!

The biggest roles and need of wedding is… to having atleast a single soul to accompany, to support, to love, to care, to guide, to correct that particular soul… rather than having just a one man army in life! ek se bhale do! B’cos strength of two is always more than one! This union could survive in any situation of betterment or worst though, through rich and poor too! More than two could lead to more confusion in case of decisions rather than strengthening the things… that’s why might be nature had decided to make the union of only TWO people as the strongest pillar of creation of whole universe rather than having union of THREE or more no. of souls!

Duty of every single union of two souls under the label of Husband-wife are:

To having development and progress at personal, union, social, and universal level in knowledge, economics, social, health, political and few other fields! Bcos these fields are base for whole world… these fields exists in even world of other animals excluding humans… just the definition of this knowledge, economics, social, health, politics changes for them! But these terms are existing in case of animals also! And so these rules are applicable for their unions also!

IMP. NOTE: after having this long discussion regarding topic of union aka wedding; I want to once again remind one of the most important feature of nature ‘EXCEPTION’!!! Those who are exception for these all things… are not even less in their roles in this universe or in eyes of nature! Those who haven’t married, or are living lonely duty any certain reason are not at all less! They are very special people from category of EXCEPTION! Who have their special vital role on earth and this universe… and it is unique for each of them! Not ordinary one! So they reserved a special respect for their work and not at all hate or disgust! Just nature has given duties for every single soul in universe just the point is ‘In what way one thinks about that?’ every soul on earth is of equal importance! So rather than keep fighting and having talk about he/she is wrong or not performing their task… we all should just focus on our own tasks while giving respect to every other soul! B’cos all are equal and important… important for themselves as well as for us directly or indirectly! Bcos directly or indirectly when we are here on earth existing around each other at the same time at the same place called as universe… we are debt for each other directly and indirectly!


guys it's just a mere simple discussion! and those who are agree are fine... but if someone isn't agree can also add here if they want! thank you!

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