One Shot "Pyaar Tum Se Hi!!!"

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Aug 25, 2014

One Shot "Pyaar Tum Se Hi!!!" (By Sviji) (Thanked: 256 times)

Arnav will be here having the character of like the one Salman Khan in Hum Saath Saath Hain, and Khushi to be exact like the character similar to Sonali Bendre in that film, I love these two character HSSH and wished to write on ArShi on the same character. Keep in mind of the shy, respectful, protective , obedient, loving and much more of the character which Salman Khan and Sonali Bendre gave us in that film while reading this one shot on Arnav and Khushi. My Arnav here will be exactly like Prem from HSSH and Khushi will be exactly like the character Sonali acted, I don't remember her character name though. Now go ahead people I hope this one shot is okay if not good.

Raizada Mansion was buzzing with excitement, servants running all over the house trying to get everything done asked by their master. The atmosphere lively and lovely, the whole house decorated to welcome the elder grandson of the house after long years.

Devayani Raizada(Daadi) looked at the clock and then at the front door, Manorama (Chachi) swaying herself stood beside Daadi ‘Sasuma do not worry, he has gone to get him’

Daadi nodded her head, smiling ‘I know but I can’t wait to see my grandson.’

Maami ‘hold on Sasuma, they are on their way and your wish to see your grandson will be granted soon’ Daadi sighed……years before her elder son Amar Raizada has left the house for the Videshi girl with whom he had fallen in love when went on his business to trip to California. There has been disputes between her son and her, she had downright refused to accept a foreign bahu and he was adamant to marry that girl and the rest all know he has left everything behind for that girl and now after years of grudges his son’s only son her grandson is coming to meet her and stay with them for few days.





Arnav Singh Raizada, looked at the house, the very same house his father born and lived all his life until he decided to leave everything for his mother….the very same house where his mother was being refused to be accepted.

Manohar (Chacha) putting a hand on his shoulder brought him out of his thoughts ‘beta let us go inside’  

Arnav nodded at him, he walked along with him towards the door, as soon as the door opened he was greeted by the smile of his grandma….oh he knew well all of them, he don’t have to be introduced to them and his relationship with him, his father has always talked to him about them and had shown their photos numerous times.

Daadi looked at him, her eyes filling up seeing Arnav in front of her; Chachi did arthi before inviting him inside. Arnav as soon as came inside touched Daadi’s feet overwhelming her, Chachi too was surprised, being brought up in USA he looks like well mannered boy for her.

Daadi smiling, kissing his forehead ‘My son has taught you well manners’

Arnav ‘Maa….Maa taught me all this….she follows Indian tradition strictly’

Daadi nodded at him stiffly, Arnav sensed the rejection in Daadi’s stance even now, but he kept quiet adviced by his mother.

Chacha laughing ‘arey why are we standing here’ all moved towards the living room, Arnav only then noticed other’s presence….a girl of around sixteen smiling at him widely…..Chachi pulling the girl near her ‘this is my daughter Mansi Raizada’

Mansi chirped ‘Welcome home bhai’

Arnav smiled at her, another girl came and stood near them, his eye brows rose to see the highly modern attire she is wearing, his father has told him about his mother (Daadi) being strictly traditional and here he is seeing the girl wearing short dress which is hugging her body like a second skin.

He looked at her face to see her smirk at him……Chachi ‘and she is one of my close relative daughter Lavanya Kashyap…..she is working in Raizada industry with your Chacha’

Arnav nodded at her….Daadi ‘Beta you must be tired from the journey, first go freshen up and after having breakfast with us you can take rest’

Not having any choice rather to follow, sighing he agreed with her. Mansi hoping ‘I’ll escort him to his room’

Arnav smiled at her ‘sure’

Both left towards his room allotted for him……Daadi sighed looking at his back, Chachi ‘Sasuma what happen?’

Daadi ‘he is not so excited to be here with us’

Chacha ‘he is visiting and seeing us for the first time, we are new to him, he will adjust in days time and then see how he mingles with us’

Daadi ‘I hope so….. he looks like his father’

Chachi ‘haan he is like Amar bhai’






Mansi ‘bhai I’m so happy to see you here, we will have fun together….don’t worry I’ll show you around Delhi….this is your first time to India na’

Arnav ‘yes’

Mansi grinning ‘Then we will have a blast for sure.  I’ll introduce you to all my friends, they are all so nice’

Mansi is talkative and bubbly in her nature, all innocent and lovely girl…..Arnav liked her nature and was happy to get someone so carefree like her in this new place.

Mansi ‘bhai this is your room’ Arnav looked around the well furnished and classy room. He is impressed, he looked to the other side of the wall where curtains are hanging, curios on why curtains in one wall and the rest are not he pulled apart them to gasp looking at the small garden with pool.

Mansi ‘this one and the adjacent one *pointing opposite* share this private poolside’

Arnav stepped inside the garden, Mansi ‘did you like it?’

Arnav ‘loved it’

Mansi ‘I know right you will love it, that is why I suggested mom to give you this room’

Arnav ‘Thank you’

Mansi ‘mention not, this is your home bhai, remember’ Arnav looked ahead, what should he tell to his little sister? How he disliked the idea of coming here, only because of his mom advising him to visit dad’s relative did he agree. Almost after long years his dad has got call from his family asking him to make a visit to them stating Daadi is not well and wish to see him. Dad having the important project going on was in fix; later maa had suggested him to go hearing that Daadi’s health is not that worse and beforehand Arnav can visit them and later they will join him. Which he refused bluntly how can he visit the people who did not accept her? His maa has said it will make Dad happy and it did despite of the hurt his family caused him.






Arnav opened his eyes feeling refresh with the little nap he took after his breakfast with the family. Breathing in the chill air coming from the pool side he smiled little. Getting up from the bed he reached the pool only to stand still looking at the scene unfolding before him.

An angelic face, having the smile which put shame to the light, milky white complexion with black mid length hair, with her eyes closed the girl is inhaling the fragrance coming from the rose. He gulped when she opened her eyes looking at the perfectly bloomed rose fondly; beautiful hazel eyes.

Khushi who has been watering the plants had got lost in the new bloomed rose and started admiring them. Sensing the presence of someone beside her, she looked up only to clash with molten chocolate eyes. Not only the eyes are stunningly captivating but the man himself was epitome of Greek God.

Time stood still, they gazed at each other like no tomorrow…..Arnav took in the beautiful creature he had never encountered till date. And Khushi took in the Godly handsome man ever she met.

Flustered with her behavior of checking out a man Khushi lowered her gaze away from him, twisting her finger at the end of her duppata she stood for a minute before running away to her room. Arnav snapped out from his dream state seeing her running away to the adjacent room, he stood looking at the closed door, a second later only to reward at Khushi peeping from behind the curtain. He smiled shaking his head seeing her shying away before closing the curtain again.





A knock came on the door, Arnav looked up to see HP standing outside, HP ‘bhaiya Daadi ji asked you to come downstairs for tea, all are waiting for you’

Arnav ‘tell them I’m coming’ HP left  with message……Arnav arrived after five minutes but before he could sit he was dragged by Mansi towards kitchen ‘I need you to meet with my best jiji, my best friend’.....stopping inside; she shouted making Arnav’s ear drum to split ‘ Jiji!!!!’

Khushi who was preparing tea turned towards her smiling knowing well the hypher shaitan of the house, but as soon as she saw Arnav her smile froze…..both their heart started beating fast, a new feeling blooming inside them.

Mansi ‘Jiji this is Arnav bhaiya, I told na Amar papa’s son from USA and bhai this is Khushi jiji’ she introduced both of them.

Khushi folding her hands greeted him a shy ‘Namasthe!!!’ and was rewarded with greeting but also with the bonus of his smile.

Mansi ‘Jiji do you need any help?’ Khushi nodded her head in no….Mansi ‘toh tikka hai, I’m going to join others….come bhai’ she again dragged him outside with Arnav looking towards Khushi, Khushi looked down, feeling heat rising her cheek.


Arnav slowly asked ‘she is your jiji, means sister. But papa said chacha has only one daughter’

Mansi ‘yes, I’m only daughter of Manohar and Manorama Raizada….actually Khushi jiji is Papa’s friend daughter….she is living with us from past two years since her parents died in an accident’ Arnav even though felt relieved but his heart went out to Khushi, he can never think of his life without his Dad and Mom.




Mansi who never has shortage of topic started blabbering with him which Arnav listened to patiently until his attention caught the same rhythm he heard few minutes ago.

Khushi came with the tray containing tea followed by HP bringing snacks. She served everyone, Arnav’s heart took notch seeing her near him, Khushi looked up almost missing the grip on the tray seeing him looking at her with those smoldering eyes.

Arnav whispering ‘careful’ took the cup, she lowered her eyes bashfully moving to the corner……..he took a sip and frowned which did not go unnoticed by others. Daadi ‘beta what happen don’t you like tea? Is it not good?’

Arnav looking at Khushi ‘no no, it is good but I never had one….I prefer black coffee over tea’….how can he say he never like tea at all….it is like as if asking the vegetarian to eat non-veg….. Khushi whose face fell at his reaction first than relaxed, she left the place and came back in another five minutes bringing a cup with her. She forwarded it to Arnav, he looked at her quizzically…..her voice so sweet reached his ear warming his heart ‘black coffee’

His eyes lit up seeing her care for his interest; with grateful nod he kept the untouched tea cup on the table and took the coffee from her hand.

On the other hand seeing him drinking the coffee with appreciative smile she felt happy.





It had been week he has come here and his encounter with Khushi is countable only at dining table during breakfast and dinner where he was able to see her, credit goes to her job. She leaves the house by morning and by the time she returns it is evening. He was surprised when Mansi told him her jiji works in a school as hindi teacher when she was a B.E. graduate that too in distinction, reason she loves children and hindi very much. She never looks at him directly in the eye always shies away and he always looks forward to get her one glimpse. The little eye contact he gets’s at the dining table she serves breakfast and dinner is all what granted to him and it is more than enough. Other’s in the family always looks forward to spend their time with him making him feel home, his chacha, chachi, daadi and not to be left out Lavanya always tries to be with him when she is at home which he always tries to avoid…..but only two people were able to make him feel home, one who came to very dear to him in such short span is Mansi his naughty cousin, always hovers around him when at home calling bhai….and other one is Khushi with her silent gestures of taking care of his likes and dislikes, not that she knows him too well but whatever she does she keeps in mind he likes it and not to be left out as odd one out from the families happiness….her way of trying to make everyone happy even though this is not her own family and not reciprocated the same warm in return she never fails in her responsibilities…the only people who adores and loves her whole heartily is Manohar and Mansi, rest of them is as they are tolerating her for the sake of the promise Manohar has made to his friend……..  

Coming out of his thoughts he looked towards the gate from the terrace of Raizada Manison and saw the object of his thought coming…..his heart galloped in happiness, another thing he looks forward in a day, the time of her returning home from school, he always comes to terrace to see her come inside, a good chance for him to see her without any hindrance from the family where he could take his fill for five minutes. Even though her face look tired it was enchanting, she is pretty and a serene beauty one could never find.





Arnav watched her coming out of her room, knowing well she will be moving towards kitchen to make evening snacks and beverage for everyone he waited for her to pass by him to reach stair case.

Khushi looked up to see Arnav standing infront of her, her eyes took the surprise to see him almost blocking the way. She stood nervously shifting on her feet, not seeing him move she looked up to find his amused eyes on her.

‘I need to go down’ Khushi voiced out slowly.

Arnav ‘hmmm’

Khushi ‘voh….will you please move aside?’

Arnav ‘oh yes, please….’ He left few space for her, she moved passing him clutching her breathe. Arnav called out to her halting her step ‘Khushi!!!’

His husky voice making her shivers ‘ji!!!’

Arnav ‘I need black coffee now, please’ Khushi looked back at him, nodding at him she walked fast not believing her heart anymore, it almost stopped listening to him calling her.




Khushi knocking on his door stood petrified to encounter with him, all fault goes to her treacherous heart which always is behaving violently when he is in front and around her. Arnav ‘come in’

She forwarded the tray containing black coffee to him, he taking the cup from her sipped the coffee savoring the taste of it. He looked up to see Khushi turning to leave…. ‘Khushi!!!’…..she turned around to look at him. Arnav ‘the coffee is tasty and I love it……*looking at her intensely* and the one who….’

His words stopped in between hearing Mansi voice drifting from far calling out to him like always whenever she is back from her high school. Khushi stunned with his words, shivering with the understanding of the unsaid words ran out of his room, in fear of her new feelings and the shyness around Arnav.






Mansi grinned looking at him; Arnav raised his eye brow asking ‘What?’

‘You like her don’t you?’ pointing towards Khushi. Arnav looked back at Khushi who is in study room working on the next day notes she is going to take for her students. And from the place they were standing the view to study room is very clear.

Mansi ‘don’t try to deny it, I can see how your eyes lit up seeing jiji….I know it right, the feeling of seeing the person you like before you’

Being caught by his little sister he blushed little, Mansi ‘haye look….look….your cheek is turning red…..are you blushing bhai?’

Arnav looking at her mockingly, twisted her ear ‘I see you have knowledge on feelings and all’

Mansi ‘ouch bhai leave na….I’m not a child to not know about the feelings…..I do know the feelings boy and girl harbor for each other. I know that much about the feeling of “like” towards a person’

Arnav ‘Oh really?’

Mansi ‘of course I’ve seen lot around me how the people behave in love’

Arnav ‘and you are one among them in the list’

Mansi ‘haww nothing of that sort…..I’ll wait for my prince till he arrives, until then no making fool out of myself’

Arnav ‘and how will you know?’

Mansi ‘like you came to know’

Arnav looked at her for explanation, Mansi ‘remember bhai the evening when we were looking at the photos of bade papa, badi maa and your friend in your laptop. Arnav ‘so?’

Mansi ‘You do remember that everyone was there and daadi asked you who the girl was with you in that photo, that wedding reception wala photo….your friend Rima’

Arnav ‘yes!!!’

Mansi ‘You have rushed to clear up things and said she is your neighbor and childhood friend, both the families are friends. I had seen how you looked up at jiji to know her reaction… feared she will take it wrongly na… explained yourself only for her na’

Arnav looked at her amazed, Mansi ‘I saw how you relaxed seeing her face where there was no misunderstanding regarding your relation with Rima. And when Papa asked your thoughts about your life partner and is there someone in your life? You said there is none and you are waiting for your soul mate, the way you looked at Khushi jiji while saying all this confirmed my doubt and I know you found her, your life partner’

Arnav raised his eyebrows, a girl in her age understanding feelings to this extent is something new to him, in her age everything is like passing clouds and children in this age misunderstand the feeling of what it meant to be true love, taking their crush to be their love when in real it is just an attraction and infatuation.

Mansi ‘I know you are surprised bhai but I grew listening to the story of bade papa’s love story from papa. He always narrates me how his bhai loved a girl truly and left everyone for her, he used to tell me all about you people, he had always been in touch with bade papa but never had the courage to go against daadi and come to see you all in USA’

Arnav nodding at her looked towards Khushi, his solace, he feel bad for his mother yet again who always pinned for being accepted by all of them here.






‘ASR today is Saturday; shall we go to club tonight? You will enjoy it for sure’……Arnav, Lavanya, Mansi and Chachi the only people who are present in the house at the moment, Daadi has gone to visit her friend who fell sick, Mama in office and sadly Khushi too has school today. Lavnaya and Mansi have leave from the respective office and school, so Arnav is stuck with these ladies. He hates to be in home doing nothing but he could not do much rather than to work from home for his company in USA. And now after lunch when he is working in the lounge he was joined by the ladies.

Arnav looked at Lavanya contemplating how to avoid her, it is not unseen of her attempt in trying to get close to him always but he just not the one who will give in to her.

Arnav ‘voh….’

Lavanya ‘no ASR, today I’ll not hear any excuse like every other time’

He sighed, Mansi giggled at him only to get a stare from him in return. Chachi ‘beta go and have fun na’

Mansi ‘I too will go with them, and even Nihaal too, he would love it and yes Khushi jiji….she rarely goes out of the house….it will be a new experience for her’ ever ready to jump to rescue her bhai, Arnav eyes lit up having the idea of Khushi too will accompany them. God he loves his sister at the time like this, she is a life savior.

Lavanya and Chachi was not too pleased with the idea but had to agree to it when they stared at Mansi who has already started calling Nihaal her best friend and business partner’s son of Manohar. Arnav smiling left for his room.







Khushi looked around her environment, her hesitation, uneasiness and nervousness displayed clearly on her face. She had never been to club before, being a simple and her beliefs on her morals and traditional she felt out of place.

She watched with eyes popping out seeing Lavanya dancing around like there is no tomorrow, and the way she did not bother to push the guy who is hovering around her.

Her gaze travelled to Mansi and she relaxed to see her safe with Nihaal dancing happily, she can trust Nihaal to keep her safe, like now how he is shielding her from other’s eye and advances, letting her enjoy. Even though Nihaal has his playboy image character but when it comes to his family and friend he is one serious guy being as their shield, no harm can pass crossing him. He is nineteen year boy who enjoys his life to fullest but he is a good son, brother and friend, in simple word a boy who is T to his very role. He never let her feel outsider whenever she went with the gang of Mansi and his friend on their pressure always looking out for her as his sister, a good boy with good heart. He is a brother she never asked for nonetheless got one and he always had been there for her whenever she needed someone as her brother.


I Wanna Chiggy Wiggy With You, boy

I Wanna Chiggy Wiggy With You, Fella

Just Chiggy Wiggy With You, Baby


‘ASR common why are you standing here?’ Lavanya dragged him towards dance floor…….





Khushi’s breathe hitched when she met Arnav’s eye, she thought he had went to join others on dance floor but seeing him infront of her with the smoldering potent gaze of his she stood captivated……Sonu Nigams’s voice floating in the air surrounding them……

 Ho.. Tera Husn Hai Rehmat Ya Ghazab

Your striking guise is a gift from Lord and its magnificent

Tera Ishq Ibaadat Ya Khata

To love You, is it a prayer or a sin?

I Wanna Chiggy Wiggy With You, Fella

I Wanna Chiggy Wiggy With You

Ho… Tera Husn Hai Rehmat Ya Ghazab

Your striking guise is a gift from Lord and its magnificent

Tera Ishq Ibaadat Ya Khata

To love You, is it a prayer or a sin?

Tu Kahe To Tere Sang Sang Zindagi

If You say so, with You my whole life

Ya Guzaarun Aaj Ki Raat Raat

Or I’ll spend this whole night

Khushi looked down feeling her heart thump fast, he is death of her for  sure….Arnav looked at the incredible girl infront of him without blinking his eyes….he will rather prefer to spend his entire life with her rather than a night…..she don’t deserve such thing, she is a goddess who should be worshipped, respected and loved….and he is willing to give all that to her, all of him, his entire life signing to her. He inched closer some more making her breathe difficult……both looked at the other, his eyes conveying the lines to her, telling her his day and night is all hers, and a word from her is the word written in the myth for him…...

Tu Kahe Toh Din

If You say so, it’s day

Tu Keh De Toh Shaam

If You say so, it’s evening

Tu Jo Kahe Woh Sach

Whatever You say is truth

Jo Tu Kahe Wohi Mera Naam Naam

Whatever You’ll say shall become my name  

Both stood beside each other, too close…one with elation etched all over his face, the other feeling tension and nervous with the nearness………

Forwarding glass of drink to her ‘for you, don’t worry it is orange juice’

She took the glass from him and sipped on the orange juice. Looking at him ‘you don’t drink?’

Arnav ‘not too into drinks, I’ve them occasional but today I did not wish and may be not in future too’ Khushi looked down understanding his words and stood confused what to say. Arnav ‘Khushi!!!’

Khushi ‘hmmm’

Arnav ‘you don’t like here’ it was not question rather than statement.

Khushi looked up at him, Arnav ‘Come!!!’ clutching her hand softly he took her out safely from the crazy bunch of people who are crazy like an idiot in their drugged state.





Khushi breathed in the fresh air, Arnav beside her mesmerized with the beauty bathing in the half moon light, and the street lamp coming from the end.

Her gaze clashed with him who had eyes only for her, cheeks blazing with redness she twisted the end of her duppata nervously.

Arnav ‘beautiful!!!’

Khushi ‘Ji?’

Arnav ‘I mean the place, it is lovely na’ they are now standing inside the garden of the hotel. Hotel Blue Nile famous for its club and people around Delhi of high society brats can be seen here every night with Saturday and Sunday night not to be asked with the people flooding.

Khushi looked around the well nurtured garden; he led them to a lonely bench in the corner in silence watching Khushi from the corner of his eyes.

 Khushi ‘I’m sorry’

Arnav confused ‘for what?’

Khushi ‘you missed the fun inside’

Arnav chuckled loudly making her blink her eyes at him to see his charming smile; he spoke after her innocent words ‘I’m not really into this partying people. This is not my cup of tea’

Khushi ‘you never visits club’ surprise evident on her face and voice.

Arnav ‘I do on my friend’s insistence but always remain in corner looking them enjoying their time’

Khushi ‘Oh!!!’

 Arnav ‘Maa never like me going out to club and other things you know’ Khushi nodded her head understanding his words. Arnav ‘and I like to follow the values taught to me by my parents. I know maa is not from India, but after her meet with dad and the love they had for each other made my mama to adapt to Indian culture, she was never forced for anything but she herself learned wanting to be ideal daughter in law, a wife and mother. She is great lady, and I’ll never wish to break her heart indulging in something which will make her upset’

Khushi listened to him watching his face glow talking about his mother, Khushi ‘she surely is a wonderful lady who brought you up so well. Can I say something?’

Arnav ‘sure’

Khushi ‘when uncle first announced you will be visiting us I thought you will be spoilt brat who lived all his life in foreign country, you know na how people in foreign country are….and to say here in India too people’s habit and the way of their living changed. It was surprise for me to see a well behaved boy who respects everyone and has good value in him’

Arnav smiled ‘the credit goes to my Mom’

After minute of a dead silence…. ‘Wait!!! Let me call her, she will be happy to talk with you’ Arnav

Khushi shocked ‘what? no…’ but Arnav did not listen to her…..he skyped his mom from his smart phone…..A lovely lady with beautiful smile popped on phone screen, the joy in her voice ‘Arnie!!!’ is unmistakable……

Arnav ‘Maa!!!!’

Laara ‘Son how are you?’

Arnav ‘fine maa. Dad and you?’

Laara ‘we are fine, healthy and happy….missing you’

Arnav ‘me too….’ Even though they talk daily it is still difficult for them to stay apart….both mother and son duo missing each other…..Arnav clearing his throat ‘Maa there is someone with me to meet you… friend…’ Laara raised her eyebrows……Arnav took the phone near Khushi who was sitting away from the web cam…..Khushi said a nervous namasthe to Laara who smiled widely at her.

Laara ‘hey beautiful’

Khushi blushed…..Laara ‘what is your lovely name? My son in his eager to introduce you to me forget to tell your name’

Arnav smiled at them sheepishly, Khushi giggling little ‘Khushi!!! Khushi Gupta’

Larry ‘very nice name for the lovely girl’ Khushi blushed some more if that was possible the way Laara was complementing her…..Laara on the other hand was happy to talk with someone from India…someone close to her family (her husband’s family)…...amidst all this Laara did not fail to notice her son’s loving eyes on the gorgeous girl while the girl is chatting with her. She smiled inwardly looking at the love glowing on Arnav’s face. Khushi who was feeling scared to talk to Laara felt relief after first two seconds of her conversation, Laara did not let her feel as if she is talking to elder person but rather who chatted with her as a long lost friend…..

Arnav looked at his mother’s happy face, she is happy to talk with Khushi….the girl who stole his heart, his neend (sleep), his mind, his thoughts….in a whole him. He looked at the two lady who is the world to him, his face adorned with the tender smile.







Khushi ‘your mom is a wonderful lady. She is so cool’

Arnav ‘yep she is….’

Arnav’s smart phone beeped….he looked to see new message came….opening it he smirked reading the message…… ‘Send Khushi’s photos….don’t deny it….I know you have one…..or may be lot ;)’ Laara.

Another message popped in few seconds following the first one ‘and to tell you I like her…for you…..she is so beautiful and lovely girl….don’t let her go’

Arnav sighed, feeling peace settled down his heart….his mom like always understood him without having him to say her.

Arnav messaged back ‘aye aye captain….sure.’

Arnav looked at Khushi who is having soft smile playing on her lips….gulping looking at the serene scene he cleared his throat before saying ‘shall we leave?’

Khushi tilting her head towards him ‘leave?’

Arnav ‘yes, we should make a move’

Khushi ‘but others’

Arnav ‘Let them enjoy, Nihaal will bring them safe’

Khushi ‘okay’ he called Nihaal and informed him to take care of Mansi and Lavanya. Settling Khushi carefully inside the car, he took his seat and wheeled his car away from the place.

He stopped his car short in half an hour, Khushi looked ahead to see the car is now parked at one of posh restaurant.

Khushi ‘Arnav ji?’

Arnav stilled hearing his name from her for the first time, it was always has been mostly limited to *ji* or a little of their conversation but today….today they talked lot and she called his name….. Arnav ji…no one ever called him like this…..his name sounding soft, pure and loved.

He looked at her, Khushi ‘why are we here?’

Arnav ‘we need to eat, forget about the dinner. Are you planning to sleep empty stomach with only a glass of juice consumed?’

Khushi nodded at him, but then propped out ‘we could have it in home na?’

Arnav almost smiling ‘there will be no food left for us, everyone knew we went to club. They know we will not be before 2 am so there they would have not strained themselves to prepare something for us. And no you don’t have to do everything always….sometimes you should leave it… there we are going to have our dinner here’

Khushi ‘Ji!!!’








It was a week day when Lavanya, Mansi, Nihaal planned all of a sudden to go out for dinner that evening. They were discussing the places where to go and dine with Arnav sitting among them quite. It is not that he did not wish to go but the person he wish to be with him is now working in kitchen preparing for the evening snacks and beverage. Why does she have to do all the work when she works in school all day and then now at home? Why is she this way? But he knew her nature very well, she will not sit quite. Without doing any work it is like her life is living away from her. The time he saw her rest is very little and it would always be limited to tending the plants in the poolside adjacent to their room or star gazing, he sometimes joins her but sometimes stays back watching her from his room not wanting to disturb and fluster her in her alone time.

Mansi looked at Arnav to see him looking towards the direction of kitchen, shaking her head she shook him ‘bhai did you hear what we said?’

Arnav ‘huh?’

Mansi ‘uffo bhai we decided to go Restaurant Grant palace, it is one of the best restaurant here with variety of cuisines’

Arnav ‘oh!!’

Nihaal ‘so there it is decided, I’ll come by 7.30 pm’ he stood up to leave.

Once Nihaal left Lavanya turned to Arnav ‘trust me ASR, you will love the food in this restaurant’

Arnav sighed, Lavanya left to get ready for their dinner outing making Mansi giggle at her on how desperate she is. Arnav looked down lost in thoughts….Mansi nudged him ‘what are you thinking bhai?’

Arnav looked at her, taking deep breathe ‘nothing’

Mansi ‘then sure there is something…..Oh…O….are you thinking of jiji, do not worry at all she is coming with us’

Arnav ‘I know we will not leave her behind but….’

Mansi ‘but what?’

Arnav ‘I noticed last time she did not like to eat in these posh type of restaurant….not too much interested in Italian, Chinese or Mexican typed of foods’

Mansi ‘hmmmm so true…..not that she don’t like it but yes she prefers Indian food over Angrezi one’

Looking at Arnav’s troubled gaze she grinned ‘you know she loves to eat in dhabba the most….and that too Manjid da dhabba…..she loves their food…..I, Nihaal and Khushi jiji always goes there on her wish and to tell you the food is really very very tasty there’





Lavanya whined looking at the place. Arnav and Mansi had changed the  plan in last minute, only Nihaal was aware who drove them to the Manjid da dhabba…..Lavanya was not informed the change in plan because she will not agree if known before and they did not want to jeopardize their plan. And Khushi was not known because it was a surprise for her.

Khushi looked around smiling; Lavanya’s floating voice reached her ears ‘ASR this place is not nice’

She looked at Arnav to see him nodding his head at Lavanya before moving ahead…..he stopped and looked back at Khushi to see why she stopped not moving forward, he came back ‘what are you waiting for come let’s go’

Khushi ‘you will eat from here’

Arnav ‘Why not?’

Khushi ‘no it is that I never thought you will like to eat from small dhabba’

Arnav ‘then you don’t know me at all’

Khushi looked down; Arnav almost kissing her ear whispered ‘no worries at all you will get to know me in time’

Khushi ‘ji?’

Arnav ‘nothing, come let us go, all are waiting for us’

Lavanya, Mansi and Nihaal took one of the cots and Arnav-Khushi took another seat of cot. Khushi looked at Arnav smiling softly; he is looking at her with his loving eyes and she could do nothing rather than to smile at him to ease of the awkwardness. The dhabba owner came and took their order. The dinner went peacefully except with Lavanya’s irritating murmur, even then they had lovely time with Arnav had being sitting beside Khushi, Khushi held her breathe with him sitting close, so close his scent wafting in air engulfing her sense.







Arnav ‘No….I’m going to cut the call’

Rima ‘dare you Arnav Singh Raizada.’ She threatened with her big eyes……Rima, his best buddy, childhood friend Skype him and is threatening him to introduce Khushi to hear after hearing about Khushi from his mom. God his mom can never keep it to herself, he is so sure she would have confided with dad too.

Rima ‘oye Romeo you are calling her now’

Arnav ‘Rima don’t you think it will be odd’

Rima ‘why will it be? You are just introducing her to me’

Arnav ‘but…..’

Rima ‘uffo you are such a waste call your toofan sister Mansi, she will do your job’

Arnav raising his eyebrows watched her laugh, Rima ‘don’t give me that look, after what I heard from aunty I realized that little girl is playing cupid for you….she like the white pigeon’

Arnav smiled, nodding he called Mansi introducing her to Rima, both of them being crazy got well along as soon as they came face to face on the screen.

Rima ‘your bhai is not having guts to call his love and introduce her to me so can you bring her with any excuse…..I want to see her, even though I’ve see her in the photo Arnie has sent to aunty but still I want to see her with my eyes’

Mansi ‘sure’ Mansi left to bring Khushi……..

Rima excited ‘you know it is still surprising me Arnie that you are in love and her name is Khushi…..I mean seriously you were never comfortable to talk with any girl and here you have fallen in love’

Arnav ‘Khushi is different from other girls who did nothing but throw themselves on me’

Rima nodded at him, knowing well how girls go gaga over him, on his looks, money and fame, which left him void towards them….Rima ‘I’m happy you had always wished for a girl who will look at you for the person you and not what you are’


Khushi came in with three cups of beverage in a tray with her and Mansi’s tea along with Arnav’s black coffee….Mansi squealed ‘Jiji is here’

She dragged her towards the laptop screen, Khushi then only noticed the same girl she has seen in photo with Arnav smiling at her widely. She looked at Arnav who smiled at her awkwardly…..Rima ‘Oh gosh she is so beautiful’

It was Khushi’s turn to blush and be awkward, Rima ‘hi Khushi….I’m Rima Arnie’s childhood friend’

Khushi nodded at her, it is not hard to know one of these two would have said about her to Rima…. Rima ‘Khushi give me your mail id’

Khushi looked at her confused on her request…..Rima smiling ‘I need to send you one personnel invitation for my wedding’

Khushi smiled at her ‘congratulation’

Rima blushing ‘thank you….but first give me your mail id’…….Khushi not having the heart to refuse on such a loving face told her…..Rima notted down and ordered ‘you and Mansi are going to attend without failing, Arnie be sure you will bring them’

Arnav nodded at her, Mansi smiled at her dancing in joy…..Khushi ‘but how can I?’

Rima ‘why can you not? Arnie is there he will bring you both safe….and yes, my marriage is taking place in Lucknow….voh kya hai my fiancés entire relation is in India residing around in and Lucknow so decided to do the marriage there, once returned to California I and Rihaan will give treat or to say small reception to our friends and colleagues who would be unable to attend our wedding’ Khushi nodded at her….Rima again threatened her to attend her marriage and kept the call.

Mansi squealed in joy ‘hey we will soon have a wedding to attend’

Arnav smiling at her ‘and best part you know’

Mansi ‘what?’ Khushi too looked at him eagerly, Arnav ‘Mama and dad are coming soon, they will be staying here for few days and will attend the function’

Mansi smiled widely at him, hugging him ‘yippee bade papa and badi maa is coming’.

Arnav ‘but shhh no linking out this information to anyone’ Mansi nodded her head. Khushi looked into his smiling eyes before nodding her head.








A week later, Arnav laid in Laara’s lap while she caressed his head. Arnav ‘Mama I missed you so much’

Laara dropping a kiss on his hair ‘me too’ It had been few hours Amar and Laara had come down to India, and stepped into Raizada Mansion. All are happy to welcome Amar home after long years and was cordial towards Laara, for Laara it does not mean may be a little hurt but yes she did not take it to heart. She smiled at everyone greeting them. Arnav as soon as saw them hugged them, he missed them so much. And now after heavy lunch Laara and Arnav is sitting in his room while Amar is held up by his mother.

Laara ‘viase your Khushi looks gorgeous in person’ her mischievous tone made Arnav look up at her ‘Maa aap bhi na’

Laara ‘What? I just stated the truth. She is so beautiful, sanskari, soft and simple’

Arnav smiled ‘haina, I know you will like her’

Laara ‘like? It is a small world. She is already my daughter….So’

Arnav ‘So?’

Laara ‘when are you going to propose her?’

Arnav ‘Maa?’

Laara ‘what Maa? You don’t have much time, did you forget in few day you will be leaving with us to US’

Arnav looked away, he seriously forget it. Arnav ‘but Maa how should I approach her….I…can you and papa ask her hand for me……I mean…’

Laara laughed looking at his flushed face ‘so eager to marry. Hmm it is good; we can marry you both soon and get her with us’

Arnav ‘really?’

Laara ‘of course crazy, And your dad has already decided his son is leaving India only with his Dulhan’

Arnav ‘dad said it’

Laara ‘yes, and don’t worry he will talk with your daadi’

Arnav ‘Maa are you happy here?’

Laara ‘very, I’m so happy to see our relation even if it is too late but yet I got to see them and is going to spend my few days with them’

Arnav ‘but they don’t seem to be too happy’ looking at his mother’s fallen face….Arnav ‘Maa I’m sorry’

Laara ‘don’t be….and it does not matter Arnie…..I see them as my own and I’m happy to be here and that is all matter’

Arnav ‘Maa you know you are the best’

Laara ‘I know because I’ve you as my son’ both smiled with love shining in their eyes.






Khushi and Laara has got along so well, both visiting temple often, Khushi touring Laara around Delhi and the funny part was Arnav somehow tag himself along with them never wanting to miss the chance to be with his two most important ladies.

Laara would often tease Arnav with Khushi whenever she catches the glimpse of Khushi’s shy glance towards him.

Laara ‘hahaha someone loves to have a secret sneak at you….Chori chori chupke chupke’

Arnav all could do was blush and whin ‘Maa you are such a tease’

Laara ‘so toh hai’ (guys Laara knows hindi, all thanks to her husband and yes you can imagine her slang will be different with American accent in hindi)

Khushi on the other hand would have nothing than to blush looking at Arnav whenever their eyes collide, his silent gesture of doing things for her. She would look at mother son duo and smile seeing their little banter which screamed the love they have for each other, she has become so fond of them. And About Amar, he is strict but is fun loving person in his own way, he loves Laara aunty so much and Arnav is apple of their eyes.

Laara in these days did not fail to notice Lavanya’s attempt to impress her and how Manorma use to flaunt about her which she always brush it off with a smile.





Few days later, Daadi, Manorama, Amar and Laara are gathered in Daadi’s room. Daadi kept her words before Amar on Manorama’s request ‘beta what to do you think about Lavanya’

Amar ‘Lavanya, what about her? she is nice girl’

Manorama jumping ‘how will she look with Arnav?’

Laara ‘matlab’

Manorama turning to Amar ‘bhai sahab, Lavanya likes Arnav bitwa so much, she is very much perfect for him. They will look good together’

Daadi ‘haan bitwa Lavanya will be perfect match for Arnav bitwa.’

Amar ‘Amma…voh…’

Daadi ‘kya!!!’

Amar ‘Amma it is that we were planning to ask Khushi’s hand for our Arnav’ there was perfect silence, Daadi and Manorama looked at him and Laara shocked.

Amar ‘Amma what you say?’

Nani ‘Amar, Khushi!!! You want Khushi as your bahu’

Amar ‘Ji Amma, Arnav likes Khushi lot’ Daadi shot a look at Manorama who grimaced.

Daadi ‘but…..’

Amar taking hold of her hand ‘please Amma, it is matter of my son’s happiness’

Manorma ‘then what will happen to Lavanya Maaji’

Amar and Laara looked at her, Laara ‘I know Lavanya is nice girl but Arnav happens to like Khushi and we always respects his wish’

Amar ‘haan Amma he wants to marry Khushi’

Daadi sighed ‘hmm what can I say when being his parents you both decided’

Amar ‘Amma it is nothing like that…’

Daadi ‘it is alright, we too want his happiness’ she smiled at him, Daadi ‘I’ll talk to pandit ji before announcing to everyone, till then don’t tell to anyone’ Amar hugged his mother, Laara touched her feet, both of them left the room smiling.

Manorama ‘Maa ji what did you do?’

Daadi ‘what I did?’

Manorama ‘you gave permission for Arnav’s marriage with Khushi’

Daadi ‘I did not’

Manorama ‘matlab?’

Daadi ‘don’t worry I’ll make it alright’





Next day afternoon, Amar ‘Amma did you talk to panditji’

Daadi smiling ‘yes I’ve given Khushi’s kundali and Arnav’s birth timing, he will prepare his kundali and then match both of them, after that he will decide on date’

Amar ‘when will he say?’

Daadi ‘by tomorrow evening’

Amar ‘Oh, but we are going to Lucknow for wedding tomorrow’

 Daadi ‘yes but before you all return everything will be arranged’

Amar hugged her ‘thank you Amma for agreeing to us’

Daadi ‘anything for my family’s happiness’




Laara giggled at sulking Arnav ‘Arnie it is alright we will be back before you know’

Arnav ‘but Maa I so much wanted Khushi to accompany us’

Laara ‘I know but suddenly her health has become worse and you need to attend this wedding otherwise Rima will feel bad’

Arnav ‘hmmm’ he got so much worried when all of a sudden they woke up to witness pale Khushi who is vomiting frequently and is all bloodless looking white as ghost, doctor has come and checked her who declared of food poison, something she took has not gone well with her. She is all dehydrated, time to time she was given glucose water, juice and water adviced by Doctor.

Mansi ‘bhai don’t worry haan, I’ll look after jiji very well’

Laara ‘and yes before you know these five days will pass like air soon’

Arnav sighed; he looked over at Khushi’s room from his. Mansi ‘bhai you go and meet her, till then I’ll guard over outside to see if anyone is coming’

Laara chuckled, Arnav ‘Maa she is such a….’

Laara ‘naughty and lovely girl’

Arnav shaking his head at his crazy mother and sister went through poolside to Khushi’s room. There she is resting, looking pale and worn out.

Khushi hearing footsteps opened her eyes, she looked at Arnav looking at her concerned, she smiled at him weakly. Arnav walked inside and sat beside her. Arnav ‘I’ve to go for wedding’

Khushi nodded ‘I know’

Arnav looked at her ‘but I don’t want to go’

 Khushi smiling ‘it is your best friend’s wedding and you need to be with her. Congratulate Rima and ask sorry from my side for not being able to attend her wedding’ he nodded at her.

Arnav ‘Take care. Will you?’

Khushi ‘I’ll’ he bend towards her and kissed her forehead lovingly, her breath hitched at the first contact of his lips on her skin. Arnav whispered ‘I’ll miss you’ and caressing her cheek he left the room. A lone tear escaped Khushi’s eyes ‘don’t know why she is feeling so empty all of a sudden, a fear unknown to her’


Manorama looked at the car moving out of the gate, she smirked looking at Dadi for the first success of their plan to stop Khushi from going with them.

Dadi ‘now the second and last step of our plan’

Manorama ‘I just want Khushi out of our life’

Dadi ‘don’t worry Lavanya will be the one who will marry Arnav’







Arnav’s phone slipped from his hand hearing the person from the other end say. He looked as if some ghost has hit him. Rima, Rihaan and his parents who were near him got confused and worried seeing him pale. Wedding is tomorrow and all were gathered in a room discussing about the sangeet to be held at the evening and were their gala time teasing each other when Arnav got a call and now his reaction is saying something is very wrong.

Laara ‘Arnie who was on the line and what happen?’

Amar not getting any response from him shakes him, Rima concerned ‘Arnie you are scaring everyone’

Laara pulled Arnav’s face to look at her ‘what is it?’

He looked at his mom and whispered ‘Khushi is getting married’

All shouted ‘what?’

Amar ‘Arnav what are you saying? How can that be possible? Amma has accepted for your and Khushi’s marriage’

Arnav raised his head towards him ‘Dad it was Mansi’s call, she said Khushi is getting married today…..Dad….Khushi…..I can’t lose her Dad…..*looking at his parent painfully* I don’t wish to lose her…..and Dad Mansi said she is not well…..she cried lot…..Maa Khushi is not happy with this marriage and I know she cannot be….Maa Dad she loves me…..I can’t ’ he felt weak to stand….Rihaan supporting his devastated form ‘it is going to happen not yet happened’

All looked at him, Rihaan ‘what? Don’t look at me like that. We can stop the wedding, it is not over’

Rima ‘but the wedding is in Delhi’

Rihaan ‘so? we can leave by chopper, remember we have one’ all face had hope.

Amar standing tall ‘common lets go, why waste time, it is now time to bring my son’s Khushi’

Arnav looked all of them with gratitude and love.








‘Stop!!!!’ all looked towards the source, Daadi, Manorama and Lavanya’s eye became wide, Mansi looking relief smiled. Manohar alone stood confused at everything happening around, first why the sudden wedding and why his bhaiya is looking all angry.

Khushi raised her head, her desperate eyes searched for Arnav, both Amar, Laara is standing before her but he is not there. She gulped her tears when Amar and Laara stepped aside making way to Arnav. A gasp escaped her lips at his sight.  

Arnav looked at her pale, lifeless form, she is all weak, her eyes had dark circle, and puffiness of them clearly stated she has been crying. He strode towards mandap where Khushi and the groom was sitting to get married.

Daadi ‘why did you stop? Pandit ji aap mantra padna shuru kijiye’

Arnav had eyes only for Khushi, and Khushi had eyes only for Arnav. Amar stood trembling with fury ‘this marriage can’t happen. Amma you are trying to do the same mistake again’ hearing this groom and his family stood up.

Daadi ‘why can’t?’

Amar ‘because this marriage is against Khushi’s wish’

Daadi ‘Wish? This marriage is happening with her wish’

Arnav looked at Khushi, who looked at him with vulnerable eyes, he turned towards Daadi and spoke for the first time in that evening ‘I know how it has become her wish. You fooled her emotionally, blackmailed her giving the vasta of how you gave shelter to her and how can she be heartless and deny your wish. She has not agreed to marry this person wholeheartedly. Khushi can keep her mouth shut but I know her very well to understand her silence’

Amar ‘and Amma how can you do this to my son?’

Laara ‘Maa ji I’m sorry to say this but if anyone tries to hurt my family I’ll not tolerate and here it is about Arnav’s happiness and I’ll not let anyone tamper with it’

Arnav looking in Khushi’s eyes ‘kao meri kasam ki tum is shaadi se kush ho’ her wide eyes looked at him in shock. Her pearly tears started escaping. Arnav crouched down besides her, wiping her tears chuckling sadly ‘I know you are not happy. Please don’t do this to us’ not able to control herself she hugged Arnav and started crying hard. Both shedding tears, calming himself down he got up and gave her his hand, Khushi looked at him and his hand, and then slowly slide her in his.

Manorama started moving towards them calling ‘Khushi!!!’

Manohar held her back, Chachi ji looked at him shocked.

Arnav ‘come with me, to our home’ Khushi hopeful eyes looked in his who assured her, seeing the love shinning in his eyes for her clear, pure and honest she nodded her head. Arnav’s parent along with Manohar and Mansi smiled.

Arnav took hold of her and started walking out with his parent’s following behind.

Daadi tried to stop them, but Manohar for the first time raised his words against her ‘No Amma, let them go’ All got shock, some angry and some felt content seeing him standing up for right. Mansi went running to them, hugging Khushi she cried ‘I’ll miss you’

Khushi held on to her, Arnav caressing her head ‘pagli she will always come to meet you.’

Mansi ‘take good care of her, and promise me you will keep her happy’

Arnav ‘I promise’

Laara and Amar echoed ‘she is in safe hand’

Khushi kissed her forehead ‘I love you’

Mansi ‘me too’ hugging her once Arnav and Khushi walked out of Raizada Mansion followed by Amar and Laara. 





Two years later during night time, at California.

‘baby what are you doing? Shhh slowly…….stop…..’ Arnav huffed and puffed before he caught hold of running Khushi.

Arnav ‘Jaan you need to drink this’

Khushi made face ‘nahiin’

Arnav sitting her down on couch pleaded ‘please for me, for baby’

She patted her four month little showing belly and looked at him pouting ‘it is yuck’

Arnav ‘I know I know but it is good for your health na, doctor has described this tonic for you and you should have it’

He fed her a spoon who grimaced, Laara and Amar laughed looking at them, it is daily routine, Khushi’s hormone is on high and she is keeping her husband on his toe all the time, demanding, stubborn and emotional. Arnav is freaking out but is doing well in handling his pregnant wife fulfilling her every wish. It had been two years they had got married and life is like a bed of rose for them, Arnav-Khushi, Amar-Laara living their life to the fullest and happy.

Shaking their head they left for their room.

Arnav ‘see there it is done’

Khushi ‘it is easy for you but I’ve to bear it’

Arnav kissed her cheek loudly before bringing her a cup of kheer. She squealed ‘my favorite’

Arnav ‘I know’ Khushi started gobbling making Arnav to laugh, even though it is not easy to handle a pregnant wife he is enjoying lot seeing her childish, naughty side which is coming in light. He so loves this, their precious nine months.

He caressed her waist whispering ‘Papa loves you baby’

Khushi giggled ‘and baby too loves Papa’

Arnav hugged her firm and gentle looking in her eyes ‘Papa loves Mama very much’

Her eyes twinkled ‘Mama too loves Papa so much’ their eyes shining like a star in love, he brushed his lips with her making her gasp and then without wasting another second dived in deepening the kiss taking them to their another world of love.





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