Taj Mahal to witness another eternal Love

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Feb 10, 2012

Taj Mahal to witness another eternal Love (By Luvfud4life) (Thanked: 14 times)

Valentines day speacial...this comes in 2 parts..hope you guys enjoy it..

13th Feb 8.00PM at night arnav's phone rings..

Arnav: Di.. you all reached safely.. are all the arrangements fine.. let me know if you need anything will get the sorted.. I just came back home..

Anjali had planned a family outing at their Farm house in Khandaulli near Agra (220km from Delhi..)

Anjali: Chote.. what arrangements what fun.. you escaped saying important clients.. I would have never accepted if mama ji had not interferred..

Arnav: Di.. anyway you know I don't enjoy such outings..

Anjali: It was meant to be whole family (Raizadas and Guptas) outing chote.. here you have not come.. and there khushi ji has not come saying its exam time for kids in about a months time and she can't skip tuition..

Arnav: What khushi has not come..

Anjali: Both of you are such a spoil sport.. and hangs up the phone..

Arnav's thoughts raced to khushi.. why did she not go.. is she alone at home.. she is scared of sleeping alone.. then how.. is she alright.. what can i make her to forget everything in the past and be happy as she was before.. Arnav's phone rang again to bring him back to ground..

Anjali: Chote..

Arnav: Di what is it again.. you are outing with me on phone is it.. Its just now you called and what is it again..

Anjali: Chote.. its more than 2.30hours that I called you..where are you lost..

Arnav: What the.. (was I lost in her thought for such long.. I felt it was just a minute before..)

Anjali: Chote.. listen to me.. are you listening..are you there...

Arnav: Di.. you sound worried.. is everything alright..

Anjali: Here everything is alright.. but shyam.. he has gone out saying he will be back in couple of hours.. can you check on khushi ji.. I am getting worried for her..

Arnav: (Scared and shocked..jumping from his bed..) Khushi.. I mean when did he leave..

Anjali: I don't know exactly.. as soon as he heard khushi has not come.. he has told nani and left.. almost more than 2hours now probably..

Arnav hung up the phone and rushed to car..

@Gupta house...

Khushi was sitting on the wodden netted cot in her backyard looking at stars..

Khushi: Hey devi mayya.. look where have you got me.. I am alone today.. I can't even enter the house because I am scared.. but atleast if I am happy I am here.. I feel I have you.. amma babu ji with me..

Khushi: Devi mayya.. Don't you think these days I am getting upset quite often.. I know you don't like me being so.. I will change.. I will change for good..

Khushi suddenly felt a heavy weight on her shoulders.. someones hand.. she stood with a jerk..

Shyam: Holding on to her hand.. khushi ji.. don't worry.. I will not let you be alone anymore..

Khushi: How dare you.. tries to release her hand from his clasp..

Shyam: Khushi ji.. you are wasting time and your energy.. come lets go inside..

Khushi: I said leave my hand..

Shyam not listening to her.. pulled her towards the door and took her inside.. happy ji who stood their looked stunned.. shyam went inside and locked the door..khushi kept screeming.. happy ji and few others went to the door and started knocking worriedly..calling out khushi ji.. khushi ji..

Khushi: Shyam ji.. don't you dare come near me..

Shyam: I never wanted to force you khushi ji.. but you left me with no choice..

Khushi: Look.. you can't do anything.. I have devi mayya with me.. she will protect me..

Shyam: Tell me one thing khushi ji.. what is your concern.. that I am a married man.. if not would you have married me..

Khushi: No.. No..never.. I never wanted to marry you..

Shyam: Oh really.. Khushi ji.. if you remember you were the one who accepted to our marriage..

Khushi: Yes.. that is right.. you had manipulated buwa ji so much that she had not given me any choice.. but even then I had only loved arnav ji..

Shyam: Oh.. you loved Arnav ji.. that - beep who has sucked blood out you.. who had troubled you to the core.. who has insulted you.. who did not even treat you like a human being.. who hated you.. you love him.. and on the contrary..you hate me.. who saved you from goondas.. who helped you.. who helped your family.. who is always been sweet with you..

Khushi: What ever Arnav ji did.. he never pretented to be good.. he actually pretended to be bad when he actually is good.. but you pretened to be good when you actually are bad.. dont you ever compare yourself to him.. you don't deserve it..

Shyam: Its enough.. I will see.. how will you even take his name again.. you will be mine just mine in minutes.. and slaps her and make her fall on the cot..

Khushi gets up from their and takes devi mayaa idol from table and leans against wall.. shyam goes close to her..

Arnav: What happened.. why are you all crowded here.. khushi.. open the door.. its me.. Arnav..

Happy ji: Khushi ji was sitting outside.. suddenly shyam babu came and pulled her inside and locked the door.. since then we are trying to open the door but khushi ji is not opening..

Arnav: banged the door.. khushi.. open the door.. or I will break it open..Khushi..

Shyam: Daam.. see your Arnav singh raizaada has reached here too.. remember one thing khushi ji.. if you ever think of getting close to anyone else other than me.. then you will have to pay with their lives and not just that.. anjali ji and your sweet jiji too.. and walks out from the back door..

Arnav and happy ji broke open the door and came inside.. the house was scattered..

Arnav: Khushi.. where are you.. khushi..

Happy ji: Sir.. shyam babu has goen out of back door.. I will catch him and ran behind him..

Arnav saw khushi horror struck..went close to her..

Arnav: Khushi.. its alright.. relax.. I am here.. khushi.. please look at me.. khushi stand up..

He shook her with all his force..the devi mayya idol was just about fall when arnav held it and placed it on table and made khushi sit on the bed..

Arnav: I will get a glass of water and went to kitchen.. by then khushi had fainted..

Arnav: Khushi.. khushi.. doctor.. I need to call the doctor.. he called the doctor and asked to come here.. he handed over the phone to happy ji to guide doctor with address..

Doctor: I have given her injection.. she has fainted due to stress and shock.. she will be fine by morning..

Arnav: Thank you doctor..

Happy ji.. see off doctor and comes back..

Arnav: Thank you so much.. but don't worry I will takecare of her..

Happy ji: Its alright.. I will be in the living area.. call me if you need anything..

Arnav: Nods and takes his phone to calls akash..

Akash: Bhai.. is everything alright.. you called so late..

Arnav: Told everything that happened.. has he come back..

Akash: No bhai.. but we will all come back straight away..

Arnav: No.. lets wait for di's decision.. but you take care of Di.. he can do anything.. don't let her be alone not even for a minute..

Akash: Don't worry bhai.. I will takecare..

Arnav: Ok.. tell di.. I will come there with khushi when she wakes up..

Akash: Is khushi ji alright..

Arnav: You can't make out its khushi akash.. she is so scared.. don't know what did he say her.. or what has he done..

Akash: Don't worry.. everything will be alright..

Arnav: Ok.. you go takecare.. and Give me every update..

Arnav sat next to khushi.. all night she trembled and some times screemed with scare.. he pulled her close to him held her tight to make her feel better.. it was around 6.00AM in the morning.. khushi woke up with a jerk and saw arnav sitting next to her..

Arnav: Khushi..How are you feeling now..

Arnav: Handing her a glass of milk.. khushi.. relax.. I am here with you.. don't worry.. easy out..

Khushi: Standing up at once.. Please go.. please go away from my life.. if not I will go away from all of you..

Arnav: Khushi.. stop it.. I am not leaving you and going anywhere..

Khushi: Don't you understand what am i saying.. just leave.. she pulled arnav by his arm and led him till the door..

Arnav: Enough khushi.. I can't do as you say anymore.. he just went to puja room took sindoor from there and filled her forehead..

Khushi: Arnav ji.. what did you do..

Arnav: No one will come between us khushi.. I am not going anywhere leaving you and will not let you go away from me..

People who had surrounded there came close to khushi and 1 lady took khushi to room and asked arnav to wait..

Arnav: But..

Lady: Just wait here..

Lady: Come khushi.. took her to room and locked the door.. khushi.. are you ok..

Khushi: Bursted out with tears and hugged her.. maasi ji.. he will kill him.. he will kill anjali ji.. he will kill jiji too..

Lady: Khushi relax.. nothing will happen.. this guy has been sitting with you all night.. see did anything happen to you.. no right.. was Shyam able to do anything to you.. no right.. when your devi mayya is with you.. no one can do nothing..

Khushi: No.. he will kill arnav ji.. arnav ji.. ran out of the room and hugged him..

Arnav hugged her back..

Khushi: Arnav ji.. please listen to me.. you go away from here.. anjali ji.. jiji and your life is at risk.. I can't accept this

Khushi sat trembling leaning against the wall..

Arnav: Held her by her shoulders and said.. khushi.. do you trust me..

Khushi: But arnav ji..

Arnav: Do you trust me khushi..

Khushi: Yes..

Arnav: Then that is it.. don't worry.. I am there with you.. will not let anything happen to you.. nor anyone else.. his lifespan is over.. he does not deserve to live anymore..

Khushi: No arnav ji he can go to any extent.. my life and my happiness is not that important when compared to your lives.. please go away from here..

Arnav: Holding on to khushi.. called akash..

Akash: Hello bhai.. how is khushi ji..

Arnav: She is fine.. is everything ok there.. has he come back..

Akash: No bhai he has not come back yet..

Arnav: I don't think he will either.. fine.. we will come their in while.. so wait for us but takecare.. am coming

Feb 10, 2012

Taj Mahal to witness another eternal Love (By Luvfud4life) (Thanked: 13 times)

Happy ji caming running..

Happy ji: I saw shyam.. near the corner shop.. by the time I went there.. he escaped again..

Arnav: Ok, so he will wait for me to leave from here.. thinking for a while he decided a plan and asked happy ji to get few mucisians arranged with dhol and baaja..Happy ji made all the arrangements..

In about an hours time a troop of musicians passed by khushi's house playing Menhandi laga ke rakhana.. doli saja ke rakhna.. from DDLJ when the croud was busy with musicians.. Arnav silently took khushi leaving his car behind..they took an auto and reached highway where aman had sent arnav a car..both sat in the car and drove towards Khandauli farm house..

Arnav: Khushi.. we will reach their in about 2.30 hours max.. will call up akash and let them know..

Arnav: Akash.. we have started from here.. should reach there in about 2.30hours..

Akash: So you should be here around 3.00PM bhai.. great see you then..

Arnav: Khushi.. how are you feeling.. (khushi was just staring at him.. with out a blink).. just pulled the car aside and looked deep into her eyes.. after a couple of minutes.. releasing his seat belt..

Arnav: Holding khushi's hand.. khushi.. sorry for all the pain you had to go through.. but remember one thing nothing in this world can take you away from me..

Khushi: Arnav ji.. can you please take me to any temple..

Arnav: Oh.. God.. was Di not just enough.. now you too..with a smile on his face fastened his seat belt and started to drive..

Khushi: See see.. that's the effect..

Arnav: What..what effect..

Khushi: You also remembered God..

Arnav: (surprised to himself)Ok.. how was that..I mean I did actually say that.. but how.. looking into khushi's eyes.. early stages of madness.. and winked..

Khushi: Wow.. I did not know you could wink too.. nice..

Arnav: What the.. how dare you talk to me like that.. shouted arnav

Khushi: Confused.. what did I do now..

Arnav: Smiled and said I got what I wanted..

Khushi: What..

Arnav: Half confused.. half scared.. but still managing to be strong.. my khushi..

Khushi: turning away from him.. arnav ji.. you are actually showing the symptoms of madness..

Arnav: Can you tell me one thing..

Khushi: What..

Arnav: How do you bring up a smile when you still have tears in your eyes..

Khushi: Thats in my Name arnav ji..

Arnav: Khushi.. what have you dreamt about your life..

Khushi: hmm.. not now arnav ji.. some other time..

Arnav: Khushi we have reached greater noida.. we shall go to temple here and then have breakfast and then go ahead..

Khushi: Ok..

They reached a devi mayya temple..arnav opened the door for khushi.. khushi looked at him as if asking him would he like to join me..

Arnav: Lets go..

Khushi: Held his hand like a small kid, smiling and kept looking around here and there..Suddenly an elderly lady called out Shyam.. don't go there.. come here..

Khushi stood stand still tightening her grip on arnav's hand.. her smile disappeared.. she looked tensed..

Arnav: If you want I can lift you Mrs Raizada.. with a naughty smile on his face..

Spark appeared back in her eyes.. but still she was looking around scared..

Arnav: Pointed out from his eyes to a small kid who was playing.. he is shyam.. do you want me to beat him up..

Khushi: No.. no.. he is such a sweet child.. by the way arnav ji (in a sort of surprised voice)..

Arnav: What happened..

Khushi: Do you take me to a hotel where we have got to make tea ourself or where they themself make it and give..

Arnav: You and your silly pranks.. you are at temple.. so first finish your prayers.. then think of hotel.. tea..your biscut (in khushi's style)

Khushi: Not bad..true devotion.. but I don't have to pray anything more arnav ji.. I just need to thank devi mayya..

Arnav did not say anything but smiled and just held her hand and went inside the temple..finshed praying and came back to car and drove to hotel..

Khushi: Is this place ok for you..

Arnav: Yes.. come in..

Both went in had their breakfast & tea and drove back for about hour or so.. but the vehical broke down..

Arnav: Akash.. the vehical is broken down..

Akash: Oh bhai.. where are you.. I will come and pick you guys up..

Arnav: We are almost near vrindhavan..

Akash: Ok bhai you manage to come till vrindhavan.. I will come there..

Khushi: No arnav ji wait.. let akash ji bi there.. he can go there anytime..

Arnav: Thats right akash.. its not safe for you to step out of that place.. do one thing you be there.. we will manage and come..

Akash: Ok bhai.. hung up..

Buwa ji and Nani: good.. that's their reality of life.. its never been easy for them.. they have to pass through hardtimes to reach sanity..

Arnav: Khushi.. we might have to walk for a while and then take a bus or some thing to agar.. its already 3.00.. we have to make it swift.. its getting dark..

Khushi: Ok arnav ji..

They took a short cut through a small forest..arnav kept walking fast.. khushi tried her best to match his pace.. but could not..

Khushi: Arnav ji.. I am exhausted.. so please can we rest for a while.. I need water..Suddenly she jumped with joy.. water.. their is a river here..ran towards its bank..

Arnav: Khushi carefull..

Khushi: washed her face.. drank water.. and sat their.. letting her legs play in water..

Arnav stood their watching khushi..

Khushi: Arnav ji.. come here and sit with me.. its nice..

Arnav: Khushi.. come its getting late..

Khushi: Arnav ji.. for a while please..

Arnav sat next to her.. khushi slid her hand in arnavs hand and leaned against his shoulders..

Khushi: Arnav ji.. I feel its a dream..

Arnav: Khushi in a very silky voice..

Khushi: hmm..

Arnav did not respond.. khushi turned around facing arnav..

Arnav: Can I lie down on you lap for a while..

Khushi: I am sorry arnav ji.. i did not realize that you had not slept not even a minute the whole night yesterday.. please come and opened up..

Arnav rested their in peace for a while.. khushi sat still with out moving so that his sleep would not be disturbed.. but then she saw a small insect almost near arnav's hand.. she tried to bend forward to push it away.. but then her hair band got struck to a pocky stone and her hair was loosed and fell on arnavs face when she bent..

Arnav opened his eyes suddenly..

Khushi: Sorry.. I tried to move away the insect.. but disturbed you..

Arnav: looking deep into khushis eyes.. pulled her hair making her lean on him..

Khushi: Arnav ji..

Arnav: Does it hurt you.. in a silky voice..

Khushi: No..

Arnav: Lifts his head up and places a kiss on her trembling lips and let go..

Khushi had gone red by then..

Arnav: Khushi.. its your turn now..

Khushi: Its already 5.00 come lets start.. its quite late..

Arnav smiled and held her hand and both walked towards the town and reached bus station.. they got on to a bus to Agra.. bus was so full that they had to go on top of the bus..

Arnav: Hold on tight.. if not when the driver applies break.. you will by flying..

Khushi: What do you think.. I am.. suddenly swung forward.. then balanced herself holding onto arnav tightly..

Arnav pulled her close by her waist and said.. you don't have to blush now..

Khushi thinking he is flying very high making me embrase every now and then.. I will play my trik and said..

Khushi: Arnav ji.. can you please call up anjali ji.. I need to speak to her..

Arnav dialed anjali's number and gave the phone..

Anjali: Chote.. where are you guys..

Khushi: Anjali ji.. we are on the way.. we are taking a bus to agra.. actually we are on top of the bus..

Anjali: Top of the bus.. but why..

Khushi: Bus was full anjali ji.. so we had to go on its roof..

Anjali: What is chote doing..

Khushi: your chote.. is hanging on to my waist..

Arnav: What the.. give the phone here..

Khushi: Anjali ji.. he is blushing here..

Anjali was bursting out with laughter rolling..

Arnav: I am not going to let you go.. give the phone here.. di.. its all lies.. I was just holding her so that she will not fall..

Anjali: Khushi ji also told the same chote and hung up..

Arnav: What was that.. am I hanging on to your waist like a baby..

Khushi.. did not speak but just pointed out his hands.. he had held her tightly so that she will not fall..

Arnav: What the.. and let go his hands.. suddenly driver stopped the bus.. khushi banged on to the front..

Arnav: Khushi.. sorry.. are you alright.. what happened..

Khushi: I am fine arnav ji.. lets get down..

Both of them got down and looked for an arrangement to reach khandauli.. but all roads were blocked due to an accident and no vehicals were going in that route..

Arnav called up Anjali again and told them about the situation and said.. he will arrange for some accomodation for tonight here and asked them to come to Agra tomorrow morning so that they can go back together..

Arnav looked for lot of hotels but could not get any thing as its was vanlentine day everywhere it was booked.. one of the hotel manager told them to try in some dhaba's..

Arnav left with no option searched a few dhaba's finally he could manage to get room in one dhaba - "Pyaar ke lamhe"

Arnav: Khushi.. finally I have found a room for us to stay.. come lets go..

Khushi: Arnav ji..

Arnav turned..

Khushi: Stepped towards him cupped his cheeks and placed a kiss on his lips..

Arnav was mesmerized.. he looked lost..

Khushi held his hand and started walking when Arnav pulled her back.. she bumping back onto him..

Arnav: What was that.. I mean how was that..

Khushi: Turning his face towards right.. Arnav ji.. when Shah jahan can so openly show is love to his wife to make her happy.. can't I make my husband happy with a kiss..

Arnav: Turning back to her in a naughty look..If I ask for more..

Khushi: You will get when you ask.. but I know when will you ask.. so I am not scared.. come in.. its freezing cold..

Both went inside.. khushi freshed up and stood near the window looking at Taj mahal.. arnav came and stood behind her and pulled her into his arms..

Arnav: Khushi.. I love you.. I love to more than anything else in this world..

Khushi: Hugged him and said.. I love you arnav ji..

Khushi: Arnav ji.. you are too exhausted.. you should rest for a while..

Arnav: Took khushi in his arms and put her on bed and slept beside her with hand on her waist..

Khushi: Waited for arnav to sleep deeply then slowly she woke up and asked the dhaba manager to arrange for some candles, plants,arnav's faviorute dishes, red decoration papers and prepared different designs out of them and decorated room..

It was almost about 10.30PM when arnav was about to wake up.. she turned off the lights and lit all the candles..

Arnav: Was amazed to see the room.. bright with candle light.. reflection of mixed red and green everywhere and view infront of him was the beautiful glittering Taj Mahal.. he looked around for khushi.. who stood in a corner with a plate full of jilebies.. he slowly walked towards her..

Arnav: Khushi..

Khushi: Arnav ji you asked me this morning as to what had I dreamt about my life right.. this is it.. I always dreamt to see this expression on my husbands face..

Arnav: Took a jilebi from the plate and made khushi eat.. thanks my love.. thanks for coming in my life..

Khushi kept the plate aside and made him sit on the chair where she had kept the food ready.. Arnav took over from their.. he pulled her and made her sit on his chair made her eat food..

Feb 10, 2012

Taj Mahal to witness another eternal Love (By Luvfud4life) (Thanked: 19 times)

Arnav: Took a jilebi from the plate and made khushi eat.. thanks my love.. thanks for coming in my life..

Khushi kept the plate aside and made him sit on the chair where she had kept the food ready.. Arnav took over from their.. he pulled her and made her sit on his chair made her eat food..

Arnav: Khushi.. you know me more that what I know myself.. but still I want to tell you one thing that I am not very good expressing my feelings.. I don't know how, when and what should be said.. but I promise I will watch all romantic movies with you and learn from them..

Khushi: Jumped with joy screeming eee...............

Arnav: Khushi.. what happened..

Khushi: Arnav ji.. firstly.. you don't have to say anything to me.. your eyes does its work promptly with out your permission too most of the time (with a wink..) but for now lets see if you keep up to your promise..

Arnav: What do you mean..

Khushi: Here it comes your first test.. showing a DDLJ dvd..

Arnav: Khushi.. I did not expect this coming so soon..

Khushi but you have no choice..

They finished their dinner.. settled on the bed and khushi played DVD..

Halfway through khushi slept on arnav's arm.. but arnav completed the film kissed her on her cheeks and said my filmy pagal wife and he too slept peacefully..

Beginning of a new love story



Feb 13, 2012

Taj Mahal to witness another eternal Love (By Luvfud4life)

Hi Friends,

Thank you so much for your lovely, sweet, inspiring comments. This post was specifically for valentines day. But if you have liked the story line and would be interested to read further then you can follow my other post "Live is the only flower that once blossomed will never wither!"

Its a continuation of the same story. So please feel free to add in your beautiful feedback if you wish to on.. http://myeduniya.com/Entertainment/TvSerials/?SCID=483&revid=8300&page=2

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