IPKKND and Preeto crossover

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Feb 6, 2012

IPKKND and Preeto crossover (By Tvlover) (Thanked: 9 times)

Hi all you myView fans..Hope you're doing good.Since you guys gave me such love on my earlier (still continuing story) I am going to try something new for the fans of IPKKND and Preeto. SInce these are my two fav shows so I am going to do a crossover. I hope you guys like it and if do so please let me know.....

Love you all

God Bless..

So here it goes......

Delhi seemed to be enjoying its peaceful ad quiet night. Everything seemed to be so nice and harmonic, except for one place and that was the Raizada mansion.

"I will so not go with you. That is completely out of the question" said Khushi in a loud angry voice

"But you lost the bet and you said that you will do whatever I say" said Arnav in an equally loud voice.

"Will you two please stop shouting?" said Anjali.

All three of them were standing in the lounge area of the Raizada Mansion

"But Anjali ji, you tell me, is it right what he's asking me to do?" asked Khushi.

"Di you tell me, should a person fulfill his or het bet if they loose it?" asked Arnav.

"Khuhsi Arnav is right and it's just a matter of one day right? So?" said Anjali now trying to calm down Khushi. She went to Khushi and held her from her shoulders.

"No ANjali ji I am not going to do what he has asked me to do so" Khushi said now moving away from Anjali in anger.

"By the way what did you ask her to do?" asked Anjali now a bot confused.

Arnav who was standing close to her sister now moved towards Khushi. He went close to her ear and said, "She is supposed to go on a cruise with me. It's a one day event" And as he finished Arnav went back to his sister.

"Cruise but why?" Asked Anjali trying to hide her smile.

"Di I had a meeting there and they have a party as well. They asked to bring someone along as it's couples thing or whatever. I have to go and I cannot go alone. I would have taken anybody but since she lost the bet she has to come with me and do my paperwork over their and I will enjoy my time. As simple as that" said Arnav and he finally sat on the couch. He crossed his legs and sprad his arms across the couch while leaning. He was enjoying his triumph over Khushi with a big smile on his face.

"But Anjali ji, you only tell me how can I possibly go with him?" asked Khushi facing Arnav.

"She has to Di. She can't cancel the programme. EVen some of the defence people are invited there.I can't ask anybody else at the last minute. We have to leave in an hour and it's my companies prestige issue" said Arnav in a non-challante manner.

"Khushi if it's that important then why don't you leave. You both will come back till evening. And I am sure you will help Raizada business. Am I right?" asked Anjali.

"Fine" said Khushi looking at Anjali with a sad face but then turned his face towards Arnav in anger "But I am doing this only for you Anjali ji" she said and went outside to sit in th car.

Arnav laughed at Khushi's reaction and laughed. He then followed her outside and soon they both left for the cruise.

*********************On Cruise*************************

Arnav was standing near the railing of the ship. He was trying to enjoy the calmness that he got from the sea. He had asked Khushi to do some paperwork and submit it at the appropriate place. Until she came back he had decided to enjoy his loniliness. Although in reality he was desperately missing Khushi and wanted to meet her. Suddenly a girl came and accidently pushed Arnav aside

"What the..?" he said looking at the girl. He looked at her, she was beautiful with long hair and was wearing a yellow colored suit

"I am Sorry" said the girl in a very appologetic tone. Arnav noticed that she was holding an empty glass, apparently the contents of which were on his suit. He staired at his wet suit and tried to wipe it off but was unsuccessful. He got more angry.

"What the...? Cant you see where you are going?" he shouted at the girl.

"Oye! I said sorry dint I. Mistakes happen and this also was a mistake. I am talking to you calmly and why the hell are you shouting at me? the girl said in an angry tone herself.She had this very angry expression on her face.

"Do you even know who I am? I am Arnav Singh Raizada? he said to show his power.

"And do you even know who I am?" she said pointing a finger at him.

"Who are you?" he said

The girl felt kind of embarassed at that point. She took a step backward.

"I am Preeto"

While these two were fighting, Khushi was inside doing the work she was asked to do so.

"Excuse me" said the tall man standing next to Khushi.

"Yes?" asked Khushi looking at the guy

"You seemed to have dropped these papers" he said while handing over the papers to her.She took the papers from him.

"Oh mY God! Thankyou so much. Laadgoverner would have gotten very upset if I had messed it up" she said not noticing that the guy was still standing there.

"Who?" they man asked

"Oh just nobody. Anyways thankyou so much" she said and started to walk but she noticed that his wallet was about to come out of his pocket.

"Excuse me. Your wallet" she said while pointing towards his trouser pocket. She also noticed that he was wearing an Indian Air force uniform.

"Thankyou" he said and put his wallet back.

"So your in the air force?" said Khushi and gave him a salute"

The guy smiled and saluted back and said, "Yes. I am captain Rajbeer Singh"

"Hi captain And well I am Khushi Kumari Gupta" she said and smiled.

They both started walkin outside and when they reached outside they heard loud similar noises. They saw that Arnav and Preeto were fighting at the top of their voices.

"Hey Devi Mayia" said Khushi and put her head in her hands.

"Oh God!" said Rajbeer

Hope you guys like it....

Feb 7, 2012

contd........ (By Tvlover) (Thanked: 5 times)

"What did you do now Preeto?"asked Rajbeer, as he went close to see if she was having a panic attack from all the shouting.

"What happened Arnav ji? Why are you getting angry on her? Do you not get enough pleasure on shouting at me?" said Khushi as she also reached close to Arnav.

"Me?" said both Preeto and Arnav in union. They looked at each other and pointed towards the other.

"She started it" said Arnav in an angry tone.

"He started it" said Preeto when Arnav spoke.

"Relax Preeto" said Rajbeer and grabbed her arm and took her a few steps back.

"Arnav ji please stop shouting at that girl" said Khushi to calm him down.

"Okay Khushi will meet you soon if they both don't start a war over here" said Rajbeer before leaving. Arnav looked at him when Rajbeer gave Khushi a smile and she smiled back at him.

"Sure Rajbeer. And I hope so too" said Khushi and bowed her head a little to say goodbye. Preeto also looked at Khushi with an angry look when she saw her talk to Rajbeer.

"Who was that guy?" Arnav asked Khushi in an angry tone.

"Oh he was captain Rajbeer from the Indian Air force" said Khushi with a smile, forgetting what had happened a minute ago.

"And you know him how?" Arnav asked Khushi almost sounding jealous.

"You are the one who brought me her right. So don't get angry at me for making friends" snapped Khushi.

"Fine. Whatever. Did you submit the papers?" asked Arnav again wiping his suit.

"Yes and what happened?" asked Khushi when he saw Arnav wiping his suit.

"What do you think I was doing earlier? I wasn't doing Salsa with that girl now was I? She spilled the drink on me and then showed attitude to me Arnav Singh Raizada. Who the hell does she think she is?" said Arnav once again getting worked up.

Khushi ignored his ranting and took a napkin and went close to him. She moved his hand away and started wiping his suit. Arnav instantly forgot his anger and just kept on looking at her. She also looked at him. Both were lost in each other.

"Excuse me!" said a woman.

"Yes" said Arnav waking from his moment.

"Would you like to have your lunch here or in your suite?" asked the woman.

"In my suite" he said and went away leaving Khushi alone.

"Thanks wasn't necessary" Khushi shouted to Arnav.

At the other end of the cruise Rajbeer was trying to calm Preeto down.

"Preeto please relax. Just calm down alright" he said while sitting on a chair. People were busy talking to each other and Preeto was pacing up and down the deck.

"What the hell does he think of himself. So what if he's a big shot" muttered Preeto.

"But Preeto..." said Rajbeer

"And you...the so called Air force officer couldn't stand up for me could you. Instead you were busy with that thin tall girl" said Preeto in an angry jealous tone. Rajbeer laughed out a little.

"What is the matter with you? Do you wanna laugh at me?" she said

"Preeto are you jealous?" said Rajbeer. He stood up and came close to her.

"No I am not. But I am pretty upset at that Arnav Singh whatever" she said.

"Just forget about him" said Rajbeer and took her hand and they both went near the railing. She was standing ahead of him and he was standing behind her. Both his arms protected her from both the sides.

"Just try to enjoy the view" he continued.

Preeto just looked at him and smiled.

Arnav and Khushi were in a suite because Arnav wanted to have his lunch there.

"May I come in" came a voice of a man.

"Come in" said Arnav while reading a magazine and Khushi was sitting idle, getting bored.

The door opens and the man enters.

"I am sorry sir but the lunch will be served in the dinning area. It's a special request of the host" said the man and left.

"Great" said Arnav and got up. Khushi followed him.

They both reached the dining area and sat where they both were guided to. They were given a table of four.

"But we need a table for two" said Arnav when he saw the arrangement.

"Sir, on the request of the host, for every business couple there is an Air force couple" the man said and left.

When Khushi heard the word couple she almost blushed and Arnav noticed. When Khushi was about to sit Arnav pulled out the chair for her. She was surprised yet happy.

When both of them settled in their chairs they both saw a familiar couple coming towards them being ushered by another man. They both came and were asked to sit.

"Oh my God!" said Arnav

Feb 13, 2012

contd part..... (By Tvlover) (Thanked: 6 times)

"Are you kidding me" said Preeto as she also saw Arnav.

"We cannot possibly sit here Rajbeer" she said looking at him.

"Yes they can't sit here" Arnav agreed with Preeto for once and said to the usher who was with them.

"I am Sorry Sir. The sitting arrangements have already been made" the usher said. He asked Preeto and Rajbeer to sit. And as soon as they did he left.

"Of all the seats that they could have had...." said Arnav in a whisper. He was pretty angry at Preeto already and now he had to sit there and have a meal with her. That was practically impossible for him but he had to make it possible.

Preeto sat and made a very angry face. She was staring at Arnav as if she's going to eat him alive. Rajbeer asked her to calm down but that was not going to work. Khushi tried the same thing with Arnav which dint work either.

"So let's eat" said Khushi trying to sound happy.

"Oh...Yes...Please...So Khushi ji we meet again" said Rajbeer trying to get the conversation going. Arnav gave him a look. He dint want Rajbeer talking to Khushi.

"Ah..hmmm..." smiled Khushi.

The food was already there and all they had to do was start. So they did. Preeto wanted to drink water but it was out of her reach. It was kept near Arnav's seat.

"Pass me the water" said Preeto with a straight face.

Arnav looked at him and raise his eye brow 'and why on earth would I do that' he thought to himself. When he didn't do so, Preeto asked again "Water" looking in the direction of the water.

"Do I look like a waiter to you?" said Arnav.

When Preeto heard that comment she had this devious smile on her face. Rajbeer knew what she was about to say, so he held her hand and gave her a look. She toned down her smile.

"Are you the great king Akbar that you cant pass me the water" said Preeto. She dint want to say that but had to say it.

"No I am not....that was Hritik Roshan and I am Arnav Singh Raizada" he snapped at her.

"You really love your name don't you? Why don't you make a sign board and hand it around your neck which says 'I am Arnav Singh Raizada'.....It's just a glass of water not a bomb." she retorted.

"So that you can throw it on me again...You are pretty clumsy, so no thank you .....Get it your self" he finally said and ignored her. He started having his food.

Preeto knew that she had stepped on a nerve. And she was pretty happy about it as well.

"Here" said Khushi handing over the water to Preeto. And Rajbeer thanked for that.

Rest of the time was spent in silence and everybody just ate. Khushi was feeling uncomfortable with the quiet because she was not one of those people who could remain quiet for long. She loved to talk.

"So captain Rajbeer. Where are you posted?" asked Khushi

"I am posted at Amritsar. That's where we both are from actually"

"Oh Okay. That's great. The beautiful golden temple and all....."

"Yes Indeed it is...." He said.

"Khushi.....lets go" said Arnav while standing up from his chair. Khushi looked at him. She hadn't even finished her food yet but she dint want to say anything to him right now. She also finished her bite and stood up.

"Nice to have met you" she said to Rajbeer and Preeto. Rajbeer replied the same. But Preeto and Arnav dint say a word.

"Cant even eat in peace..... That Akbar....uff...." said Preeto to her self. Nobody heard anything.

"Self obsessed..." Arnav said to himself. Nobody heard that as well.

The cruise function finally finished and all of them were now de boarding the cruise. Everyone went to get their cars. Once again destiny had something else in store for these four people.

Arnav and Khushi saw Preeto and Rajbeer right in front of them.

"Are they following us or something" said Arnav to Khushi in an angry tone.

"Arnav ji please. It's a big function and this is the place where everyone has parked their cars. So..." she said to him in a direct manner.

"But still......everywhere? ...." He said.

Preeto also saw them and looked up in the sky.

"Babaji are you punishing me for something. I don't know why I hate that guy. If your done having fun can you please not do this to me" and she looked back towards Rajbeer.

"Preeto...come on yaar..." he said.

This time nobody talked to anybody and they just went in their respective cars and drove out.

"Why were you talking to that guy?" said Arnav when they both reached back to Khushi's house. They were still sitting in the car.

"What?......Who?" asked Khushi surprised

"That tall guy ...captain ...Rajbeer" said Arnav sounding extremely unhappy.

"Well I don't think I need your permission to talk to someone now do I?" she replied back. She dint like that he was to control her in any manner.

"Khushi....just......" he said but stopped.

"Just what..?"

"Stay away from him. I don't like it"

"And why should I care that you like it or not. And by the way why don't you like it?" She asked now sounding frustrated.

"Because....never minds...just leave" he said rudely.

"But...fine..." she said angrily and get off the car.

Arnav dint wait for her to go inside. He just drove the car and left. Khushi just kept on looking towards his direction. She dint know what was happening to him. She also quietly went inside.

The next day came. Preeto and Rajbeer were ready and were waiting outside their hotel where they had stayed last night. There was a special reason that Preeto had come with Rajbeer on that function o Delhi. They were both waiting for someone.

A young guy, very handsome, tall, very stylish, well built and dressed in an Armani suite came towards them. He was wearing all black and was wearing Aviator Ray Bans.

"Rajbeer. How are you my buddy?" the guy said in excitement and hugged Rajbeer.

"Aryan I am fine dude. How are you?"

Aryan now took a step back.

"Long time dude" said Aryan.

"Yeah. Long time man" said Rajbeer. Both had big smiles on their faces.

"This is Preeto. The one I was talking about" he said while introducing him to Preeto.

"Satshriakal ji" said Preeto, folding her hands with a big smile.

Aryan raised both his eye brows and replied in the same manner and said "Satshriakl ji"

"So let's get going. We'll catch up in the care" said Aryan and the three of them went and sat in Aryan's car. He drove his car and they soon reached a very big building.

"Wow!" said Preeto in amazement.

"Yeah I know. Wait till you go inside. I have spoken to one of my friends and he said you'll be just fine here" said Aryan.

"I you sure that a big fashion house will want to hire me as a designer and that also all the way from Amritsar?" she said in a little nervous tone.

"Preeto now you really underestimate yourself" said Rajbeer trying to boost her confidence.

"No its that usually such big cities and places need degrees and I don't have one" she said still nervous.

"But you have experience and talent far better than those all combined. So, not to worry. The best thing about this place is that they want and recognize talent and not some piece of paper. So chill" said Aryan.

Aryan started ahead and went in office. But Preeto could hardly take a step. Rajbeer also stopped along with her.

"Come on Preeto lets go. Don't keep your dream waiting" he said

"Thank you Rajbeer" she said with a very cute smile.

"For what?" he asked in surprise.

"For this" she looked at the organization.

Actually Rajbeer had a friend here who had a friend in the organization and so things clicked and here they were. That is why Preeto had come along with Rajbeer. He had so much for her. And now he was about to give her the dream she always had.

"Okay. We can do all this later. Now we are getting late" he said and both of them also went inside.

"Finally. I was wondering where you guys were" said Aryan seeing that both of them had arrived.

"Hey Aman" said Aryan when he saw a guy in the office.

"Hey Aryan. So how are you?" he asked

"I am good. What about you?" Aryan asked as well

"Just as usual. You know how busy a life becomes working in such an organization" said Aman who had a lot of files in his hands and he was looking towards them as he was talking to Aryan.

"Yeah I can understand. And hey I talked to you about a designer na...this is her. Meet Preeto" said Aryan moving his arm towards Preeto.

Preeto once again greeted Aman in the same manner as she did Aryan a few minutes earlier.

"Okay. Just wait a few minutes and I'll set up your interview directly with the owner" he said and went off.

Few minutes had passed with a lot of difficulty as Preeto was getting very anxious.

Aman came and said that her interview will begin in just a couple of minutes and also said," can you give me your designs. He would like to see those before hand". Preeto handed him his file which she had been carrying and again waited.

Again some time passed by and Aman came

"Let's go"

Preeto went along with him.

"Hey who's the boss by the way?" asked Rajbeer just out of curiosity.

"Arnav Singh Raizada. He's a big business tycoon here" said Aryan

"I have never met him before but I would definitely like to meet him. I have heard a lot of things about his family" he continued.

"Oh shit" said Rajbeer. His was like he had seen a ghost.

"Dude, what happened" asked Aryan equally worried.

"You'll know soon enough" said Rajbeer and just sat down on a chair waiting for hell to loose break.

Preeto went to the said office and knocked the door twice and then asked, "May I come in Sir"

"Come in" came Arnav's voice. He was sitting on his seat looking at Preeto's file.

"Good morning s....." Preeto saw who was sitting on the chair and she stopped in the middle. Her jaw dropped and she was just in no state of speaking. Just yesterday he had fought with the guy and also spilled a cold drink on his suite and today she was meeting the same man for interview regarding her dream job. 'I am doomed' she thought.

Arnav looked up to see as to why the girl had stopped in the middle of a sentence and when he saw his face was full of anger.

"Tum?" (You?)" he said in a loud voice.

"Tum?" Preeto echoed.

"Why the hell are you standing in my office? Get out...get out right now" he said and his pitch increasing with each word.

"That's my file. I came here for an interview" she said pointing to the file he was holding. She suddenly lost her anxiety and was old self again. She thought whatever happened yesterday happened. And now she was going to try like hell to save her dream job.

"This is yours?" he asked in surprise. He had really liked the work. No matter who had done it, he saw great potential and wanted such assets for the company.

Preeto simply nodded.

'Why does this happen to me every time?' he thought.

Feb 20, 2012

contd............................ (By Tvlover)

First it was Khushi whom he had hated in the beginning and now her. He missed Khushi actually when he came to think of it.

“Amm..Look I am sorry for yesterday. But you can’t just reject me because of what had happened yesterday” she said now more confident than nervous.

“Did you really make these?” Arnav asked in surprise. He couldn’t believe that Preeto, a person like her could make something like her.

“Oh yes I did……What do you think if I fight that means I cant do anything…..then you must be a really lousy businessman….cause you fight a lot….so” said Preeto but wished she had not. ‘Control Preeto’ she thought to herself.

“Look don’t push my buttons more” Arnav gnarled through his teeth. He looked up from the file and stared at Preeto for a minute. But did not get any response.

“For a designer who is this talented ….. who knows how to design you don’t seem classy enough….Are you sure this is yours” he asked arrogantly. He had a chance to get back at her.

“Look….how I dress is my business not yours…on the contrary it is your business how to dress up others and I am damn good at it. I can prove it right now if you’d like” she said trying to hide her embarrassment. She hated this rich snob.

“No need..You got the job. HR department will fill you in with the details. If you don’t prove yourself in the task which you have been given, you’ll be fired. But if your design are this good..I am sure you’ll be fine” said Arnav suddenly calmn. He needed a great chance. Ever since Khushi, he had changed a lot. He had chosen not to doubt anyone based on their bank account balance. “Now get out” he said. Well somethings never change.

“Okay. Thank you” she said and then muttered “Akbar” in a low voice.

She went downstairs. Rajbeer was worried sick and was waiting for Preeto. And when he saw her smiling he felt relaxed.

“I got the job Rajbeer…..I got the job…Thank you…thank you Rajbeer…Thank you Aryan…Thank you both” she said.

“The interview was so short na?” asked Aryan. He thought that such big corporations took forever for an interview.

“I had put bomb squad on hold” joked Rajbeer.

“Rajbeer!” said Preeto hitting Rajbeer on the arm.

“Ouch! Whaaaaaattttt…I though there will be lots of boom and bang..but there were no fireworks at all…except for the beginning” he joked again.

“Yeah well Akbar does have a sense of business” said Preeto proud of herself.

“So now what?” he asked her.

“I have to meet the HR people and then we are done”

“Okay. So I’ll wait here if you need anything” and with that Preeto went and Rajbeer stood waiting.

“Nice girl this Preeto” said Aryan

“Bhabi…She’s your Bhabi” said Rajbeer in a possessive way.

“Oh….Oooohhhhhhh…So that’s why”

“Yeah ..so better watch it” again said Rajbeer

“Oh fine…okay….Bhabi is really nice” said Aryan.

Some time had passed by and Rajbeer was getting a bit anxious now Preeto had not returned. But the girls in the office were enjoying the scene. They had the view of two very handsome men in their office apart from ASR. One of the girls came to them and started flirting with them.

“If you guys are new models and want your measurements or fittings done then I can take you” she said acting all teenage.

“Mmmmmhhhmmm” Preeto cleared her throat loudly. She had come and witnessed the whole thing. First she gave Rajbeer a look but Rajbeer shook his head and also threw his hands up saying nothing was his doing. Preeto then looked at the girl again.

“What?” the girl asked

“I am the one who’ll be taking all the measurements from now onwards. You go and do whatever you do. Alright?” she said in a very bossy way.

“And who are you?” the girl asked.

“Why does everybody keeps asking me that. First that Akbar and now you. Anyways I am your boss and that’s enough for you to know” said Preeto and the girl left a bit embarrassed.

“I am an airforce officer Preeto, I don’t need your modelling clothes measurements” said Rajbeer teasing her.

“Whatever” snapped Preeto. She just dint like anybody flirting with Rajbeer.

“So Bha……” Aryan tried to say but Rajbeer poked him in the middle of the sentence. He quenched his eyes and Aryan raised his eye brows and his head asking what happened.

“What?” asked Preeto. Aryan just listened to Rajbeer and changed his sentence.

“Bhaari fashion hai yahan…right?” he said.

“Hmm…Yeah” Preeto nodded confused.

“I’ll tell you later” Rajbeer whispered to Aryan

“Rajbeer, we are free now. I just have to stay here for a week and then I can work from Amritsar” said Preeto with a lot of excitement. She was very happy that her dream career was finally on track.

“Okay. We’ll stay in that hotel rooms only. I have a few days off so don’t worry I’ll stay with you” said Rajbeer supportively.

“Actually I am really happy that you will be here. I really don’t know anyone here and I don’t want to act brave. So….Thank you” she said honestly.

“Your very welcome” he said with gratitude.

“I’ll go and call beeji and papaji” she said and left to call her family and tell them the great news.

“So why do I have to see her as a Bhabi and not call her Bhabi in front of her” asked Aryan curiously. He was quiet this while and was very anxious to know what the whole deal was.

“Well…..I love her…she loves me …but she has responsibilities to take care off and she’s denying that she loves me and I am trying that she does not…so hence…she is your Bhabi but don’t call her Bhabi yet. Understood?” asked Rajbeer

“Yes Sir ..Captain Sir” he said while saluting Rajbeer just like a soldier.

“Good soldier” Rajbeer joked.

“So I am guessing that you are trying your level best at every situation?”

“Yes I am and you will be helping me in this week. That I can convince her to accept my..actually our love and convert it to marriage”

“Sure dude..anything”

“Thanks….Well for now we will be leaving as she is coming back”

“Okay dude. Good luck with the trying…otherwise there are girls here who think you are a model…so you are safe…I mean if Bhabi slaps you and all”

“And I am leaving now” said Rajbeer and left before anymore of Ayan’s taunts.

“So Beeji and Papaji must be pretty excited” asked Rajbeer from Preeto.

“Yeah they were and thanks again Rajbeer, if it weren’t for you” said Preeto with a smile on her face and utmost gratitude in her heart.

“Okay so can you treat me with lunch today…and we’ll also get a sign board made for you which says ‘Thank you’” joked Rajbeer. They both were walking down the office stairs and reached outside.

“Yeah and one for Akbar which says I am Arnav Singh Raizada” said Preeto and laughed. They both walked and took a cab. Aryan had some work with his friend so he did not leave with Preeto and Rajbeer. They both had decided to go to a restaurant so that Rajbeer could have his treat. They had a nice lunch and then decided to visit some places in Delhi as Preeto had never been there.

“Market!!” exclaimed Preeto

“What? Why market Preeto. We have a market in Amritsar as well. Why cant we go somewhere else?” asked Rajbeer sadly. They were sitting in the cab and fighting over the spot to go to.

“Bhaiya you take us to the main market of Delhi and that’s it” she said and folded her arms and sat.

“Okay fine. Chill” said Rajbeer apologetically.

They reached the market and Preeto was standing near a shop. She was looking at the dress and admiring the dress design.

“Hello! Hello!” came a voice from behind. Preeto looked back and thought that somebody was calling her. But when she turned she saw a woman talking on phone. She seemed pretty tense. Preeto being Preeto asked her what had happened.

“My husband said that he had an accident and my phone’s battery just died. I wanted to talk to him” she cried

“Here call form my phone, it’ll take you longer to reach a PCO or some other source” said Preeto. Rajbeer just looked at her. But he knew that Preeto couldn’t help herself from helping anyone.

The woman dialled the number and talked to her husband. It was just a minor accident. Her husband was fine. She came to know from Preeto that they were knew in Delhi. So she asked them to come to her house with her. She had to thank them in a proper way. Rajbeer and Preeto were apprehensive at first but the woman was very persuasive. So they agreed and went with her. They saw that the house was pretty big. They went inside and the woman served them tea. The door bell rang and the woman went to open the door.

“Chotte. How are you?” she said when she saw a man enter. Preeto and Rajbeer saw that the man was none other than ‘Akbar’ Preeto thought.

Arnav saw them both sitting in his house.

”You…Again…Here…In my house..” said Arnav angrily.

“Chotte please. I brought them here. They helped in time of need” said the woman who was Arnav’s sister.

‘Not again. Please not again. This is a dream and I am going to wake up’ Arnav thought to himself.

“Di…What happened? Are you alright?” Arnav asked worriedly.

“I am fine but your jija ji had a minor accident” she answered.

“Oh. If it was minor then I guess not to worry” he said.

‘Why do I feel this is a dejavou?’ he thought to himself.

“This is Akbar’s house?” Preeto whispered to Rajbeer. They both had now stood up.

“Aur karo strangers ki madad” taunted Rajbeer.

“Rajbeer, how was I supposed to know that we are going to enter the palace In the kingdom of Akbar” she snapped.

“okay fine, but now just calm down” he said.

Arnav had now come in the lounge area as well. All of them sat and Arnav also had tea.

‘Khushi also had come here because of Di and my life completely changed and now this Amritsar express. But where is Khushi. I have not seen her since so long…wait it was yesterday..but why does it so long….never mind…where is she?’ he thought to himself.

“Where are you lost Chotte?” asked Anjali wondering where her brother was.

“Khushi..” he abruptly said

Anjali smiled and said. “What? Hey even I was planning to call her today. I was thinking that her me and Payal will go to the temple” she said

“Oh okay” he simply said.

“So you better have your designs sorted out tomorrow. Cause we have a new project coming up and I don’t want you to mess it up” he said trying to distract himself. Preeto looked back at him angrily but calmed herself down.

“Yes I will” she muttered.

“So she works for you?” asked Anjali

“Yeah Di. She’s our designer” he said. Preeto felt proud of herself.

“That’s great. I guess we’ll be friends then Preeto ji” said Anjali excitedly.

‘Here we go again’ Arnav thought and rolled his eyes.

“ Ji” said Preeto smiling.

“I guess we should go Preeto” said Rajbeer and they both stood up.

“yes we should” she said.

“Preeto ji wait. Why don’t you also join us to the temple” asked Anjali.

“Oh no Anjali ji. Thank you but I was planning to go to the Gurdwara Sahib this evening” she said.

“So what we’ll all together to both the places. Rajbeer ji you also come. And Arnav will join us too” she said without asking Arnav.

“Well I can’t say no to that now can I?” she said not able to think anything else. She was a religious person and couldn’t say no.

“But Di” said Arnav but Anjali completely ignored her. Preeto smiled at that treatment of Arnav. Arnav glared at Preeto.

“Nothing Chotte! You are coming and that’s it” she stated.

“Fine” he said and went to his room without saying anything.

“So I’ll see you both here in the evening at around 6?” asked Anjali

“Sure” answered Preeto.

They left the Raizada mansion.

Feb 20, 2012

Some queries resolved.... (By Tvlover) (Thanked: 4 times)

Hi Guys...

First of all I would like to thank you all who have been reading the story and left good comments..you make my day.....

Secondly there is this question being asked that what a crossover is?

Well, when two storylines cross each other at certain point of time then a whole new situation is created i.e. in this case how the situation changes when Arshi meet Rajbeer and Preeto. How their lives are affected.

Thirdly there is a major curiosity whether Arnav and Preeto would fall in love

No, definitely no. Arnav and Preeto are meant to be together and Rajbeer and Preeto are meant to be together. So I am not going to change the pairing, so all you die hard fans of Arshi can have a sigh of relief.

Fourthly,I am asked would this story be same as the shows or worse..would it b sad.

Yes this is going to be similar to the shows, ofcourse I have taken their original concept. the credit goes to them and I dont intend any copyright infringement. But yes this series of mine...i.e.. the crossover would be largely fun based.

Fifthly, Why Am I writing this story?

Well I love the two shows. they were originall;y different. But now certain typical things are happening. The emotional drama is too much, specially in Preeto. I cant handle it. So I had to somehow keep the original characters alive and hence this happened.

Sixth, What is the storyline of Preeto?

Well if you want to follow the story line then I advice you to watch episodes at least month back if not more because these dasys its not good to watch. Earlier it was completely full of laughter and romance and witty dialogues (Just like IPKKND)

Finally, if you do not like the story o the concept of the crossover then please don't read it. Negative critiscism or feedback I can handle but abusive language is out of the question. SO DON'T DO IT.

Admin please note and resolve.

As one of my friends Observer (I hope I can call you my friend) had encouraged me to write if I want to write, so I am doing so and I feel good about it.Dear readers, I do love all your feedback and comments and love. So if you still are reading the story please let me know. It helps me write better.

And for those who are waiting for the updates, I am trying my level best to do so as fast as I can. It's just I hardly get time from my job. Earlier I was on vacation so was able to write faster. So please hang in there with me.

Love all

God bless all.

Feb 20, 2012

contd............................ (By Tvlover) (Thanked: 6 times)

The evening came. Preeto was pretty anxious. She did not like Arnav that much and he did not like her for that matter. But she did enjoy the company of Anjali and so did everybody else. So as promised Rajbeer and Preeto both went to the Raizada mansion.

"I am so glad that you both could make it" said Anjali when she met them.

"And we are glad that you invited us. I hope we are not late?" asked Preeto looking at the time.

"No no, you guys are one time. We were waiting for Khushi actually" said Anjali.

Payal was already there and Akash was also sitting with her. Anjali then called Arnav from his room. He also came down.

"Shall we go? Where is Khushi by the way? He asked calmly. It was not the usual Arnav. He was really looking forward to meet Khushi. It had been almost 24 hours or more that he had met her. He actually felt that it was ages since he had met her. He knew that he did enjoy her company and was actually ready o confess his love to him. But he just did not get a chance. And whenever he tried to confess his love, something or the other happened and mostly he yelled at her. He so badly wanted to stop doing that. But it was as if fate was saying it's not time yet.

"She called me sometime ago. She'll be here any minute" answered Anjali.

"Typical Khushi. Late always" he muttered.

Preeto heard that. "So he's not treating me in a special manner. Its his nature to show his idioticy to people. I bet that Khushi person is also nice and kind and has a valid reason to be late. But he cannot just stand that. You know I think Akbar wouldn't care if the world was on fire and somebody needed his help he wouldn't. He just wil satisfy his own needs and that's it." She whispered to Rajbeer and he laughed a bit. But Preeto did not know that in coming time she would be eating her own words. Babaji had planned something big.

"Sorry Anajli ji. The auto broke down and I got late" said Khushi while coming inside the mansion. The door was already open.

"That's alright" said Anjali

"See I told you that she must have a valid reason" again whispered Preeto to Rajbeer.

Arnav on the other hand was completely lost in his own thoughts His princess was there in front of his eyes. If only he could voice his thoughts and let her know how much he had missed her. He kept on looking at her. She was looking very beautiful. But he thought that she always looked beautiful. Arnav's heart was beating so loudly that he couldn't hear anything in the outside world. Khushi seemed to be on mute mode, which he actually was enjoying for once. He could concentrate on her laugh for once. He thought that khushi's smile is worth a million dollars.' Oh wow! If she hears this out loud then I bet she would fold in half laughing even louder that I am saying all this' he thought to himself. She was his perfect little lady.

"Arnav! Arnav?" said Anjali, saying that name which she usually did not.

"What happened Di"? he said suddenly unfreezing and back into the real world.

"I have called you five times and you are asking me what happened?" she said

"Now can officially certify that he is from another planet or atleast that he is psychotic" whispered Preeto again.

"Why are you so hell bend on not liking him. Yes he is very short tempered but he doesn't that bad" said Rajbeer defending Arnav.

"And why are you defending him?" asked Preeto irritated.

"Because you are being a bit too unreasonable. He gave you your dream job even after the scene you pulled off with him yesterday" he clarified.

"Whatever" she said

"Ahann is that the best you could come up with" he joked.

"Preeto ji lets go then" said Anjali.

"Hey captain Rajbeer you guys here?" said Khushi noticing Preeto and Rajbeer.

"Oh yes..long story" he said.

Both Arnav and Preeto glared at Rajbeer and Khuhsi.

"Anyways we'll talk while in the car alright. You guys can catch up. We are getting late" said Anjali.

All of them went in two cars. They reached the Gurdwara Sahib and came out of the cars. They all covered their heads, removed their shoes and washed their hands and feet. They all then went inside the Darbar Sahib.

Preeto was really happy and excited to finally thank Babaji for his blessings.

She went in with Rajbeer and the rest of them followed. They paid their obeisance and sat there for a while. The calmness that came along with the peace in the Darbar sahib was intoxicating, for the lack of better word. They all felt this humility showered over them apart from Arnav of course who was atheist.

They received their Parshad while coming out. Arnav took very little.

"You really shouldn't say no to Parshad you know" Said Preeto whithout thinking twice.

"And you should know that it is none of your business" Arnav snapped.

"Preeto please, it's his wish" said Rajbeer. He dint want the situation to worsen than it already was.

"Actually Preeto ji he is not allowed to have sweets. He is a diabetic" said Khushi, She dint like the way Arnav was being blamed out of no mistake of his. Arnav although first felt angry as he did not saving but then he felt nice that Khushi cared for him.

"Oh my God I am so sorry" said Preeto so embarrassed.

"Don't worry, you dint know" said Anjali supportingly. She knew that Arnav could be difficult to understand.

"Okay now lets go to the Temple" she continued.

All of them left and went for the temple. Preeto kept blaming herself for doing such a stupid thing. But then she thought that even if he was a diabetic he still was a pain in the neck.

"Finally we reached" announced Anjali. It took them sometime to reach the temple as the traffic was pretty heavy.

Arnav was still lost in Khushi's words and support. How could I have not seen this before. And why suddenly now. He was feeling so helpless, as if he had to say it today and tell Khushi how he felt about her. He just had to.

"Khushi, I need to talk to you" he said once all of them reached at the temple.

"Ji Arnav ji" she said with a smile.

"Actually....." he was about to say that Anajlai called them.

"Anjali ji is calling us, can we continue this later?" she asked. To her surprise Arnav smiled and left.

"Payal Bhabi can you accompany me. Actually today is a special day. It is said that married woman who come to this timple on this very day are blessed with long lives for their husbands. That was the real reason I wanted you to come along here" she said

"Ji Di" said Payal in her usual polite tone.

They both went. Preeto and Khushi both heard what Anjali had said. Although Preeto was not married to Rajbeer but she did consider him to be her ideal life partner and she had accepted him as her husband in her heart of hearts. Only, she just hadn't told him that. Khushi on the other hand somehow felt that she needs to wish that wish as well. When she heard of what Anjali had said, flashes of memories spent with Arnav were coming to her mind. So they both had to go and wish for the long lives of Arnav and Rajbeer respectively.

"You know it's not just that the husbands get a long life. It is said that one wish of a person is fulfilled in this temple. It is said that those who are blessed by the flower from the temple one wish of theirs is fulfilled at that time. So one better be careful what they wish for" said a woman to her friend who were passing by the two young couples.

'Ridiculous' thought Arnav. He was like how can that be possible.

Preeto and Khushi on the other hand were happy hearing that.

Preeto who once was jealous from Khushi was now thinking on same thoughts as her. Rajbeer was silent in all this. He was just a believer in God but did not believe in the wishes concept apart form one that Preeto be his for the rest of his life.

Anjali and Payal had come by that time and Akash who was very quiet all along went to his beautiful wife. All of them went and Anjali, Payal and Akash prayed first and then Arnav Khushi Preeto and Rajbeer.

While praying, Khushi and Preeto both folded their hands and prayed. Rajbeer did the same. Arnav on the other hand was simple standing there. He was just admiring Khushi. He wondered what she was wishing for. A part of him thought that she was wishing for him.

As they were about to leave wind started blowing and everything went silent. Suddenly two flowers rolled down from the statue of Devi Maiya and landed near Arnav and Preeto. Preeto was so shocked that she had received that special wish. Arnav simply dismissed the whole idea.

"Arnav ji you are so lucky that you got the wish" said Khushi very excited. She couldn't believe that he of all people would receive the wonderful gift.

"Khushi it was just a co-incidence" he explained.

"Chotte! Careful what you wish for. You never know"said Anjali smiling.

Even though Arnav did not believe in all that but he knew that he just had one wish and that was Khushi.

"Khushi can we talk now?" he asked Khushi.

The rest of them were gone outside. Only Rajbeer and Preeto were standing there as Preeto was so happy about what had happened. She just couldn't believe that Akbar could also receive such a wonderful gift.

"Khushi..I ...." He said and was interrupted by Preeto

Feb 20, 2012

A MAGICAL TWIST (By Tvlover) (Thanked: 6 times)

"Khushi..I ...." He said and was interrupted by Preeto

"Khushi ji would you like to join us for dinner" asked Preeto.

"Cant you see that I am talking to her" said Arnav angrily. He was earlier facing Khushi and now turned his face towards Preeto. Rajbeer was standing next to Preeto. Rajbeer and Khushi exchanged a look 'Here we go again'

"And cant you see that I am asking her for dinner" snapped Preeto.

"You know you don't belong here. You just belong in a ridiculous old village of 18th century where women were very careful about what and when they spoke. Then you will learn how to control your mouth which you keep on using constantly. I wish you would end up there and stop bugging me" he said in a loud voice. He was just pissed of that he was interrupted when he was going to say something to Khushi.

"Hey Man relax" said Rajbeer finding that Arnav said enough.

"And you know what I think. I think that you should be sent to that very era where people knew the meaning of humility and that might throw in some sense into you. Otherwise God only knows what will happen to you. I wish you would end up there and we all will be saved from your Akbar giri." said Preeto in an equally angry tone. She stressed on the last two sentences.

"What did you just say to me?" said Arnav moving more closer to her. Khushi held him scared that he might do something stupid.

"You heard me or are you deaf also. I know that you don't have a heart for humility" said Preeto and Rajbeer held her from her shoulder telling her to calm down.

The wind started blowing furiously. Everybody was silent. The anger level in both Preeto and Arnav wad reaching up higher. Everything started spinning. The four of them were feeling like they were stuck in a whirlpool. The wind started blowing faster. They felt like they were being swept off the floor. Khushi held on to her bag which was getting off her shoulder. She held on to it and Arnav held on to Khushi. He did not want to let go off her. He was worried for her. Preeto also held on to Rajbeer. The wind was too strong for them. And then suddenly there was silence. There was nothing but emptiness. The four of them were lying on the floor unconscious. They did not know what hit them. It is a common phrase 'Be careful what you wish for' and Arnav and Preeto should really have listened to it.

They slowly woke up. Rajbeer was the first one to wake up. He went up to Preeto was lying next to him. He was worried sick to his stomach seeing Preeto in that condition.

"Preeto! Preeto wake up" he cried

"Hmmm.what happened? Where am I ?" she asked the clich question.

"Oh thank god you are alright" he said

"But what happened" she asked again.

"I don't know" he said and then went to Arnav and Khushi. They were also slowly regaining consciousness. He helped them up.

"Where the hell are we?" said Arnav getting up. He had seen that Khushi was also up.

"You can say that again" said Rajbeer sarcastically.

Everybody got up and started cleaning off the dirt from their clothes as they had landed on ground. They tried to find where they were. But they could not. There was ubiquitous silence. The wind was gushing and the time had changed from evening to afternoon. The sun was at the top of their heads. The scorching heat was a bit too much for them to handle. Especially the girls, the heat was taking a toll on them.

"Arnav ji I want to rest" said Khushi. She usually didn't say anything to Arnav especially when she needed help. But this time he was around and she was feeling weak and drowsy. They had a big drop and now they were walking since long to find where they were.

"It's okay Khushi. We can sit here. Here" said Arnav very sweetly. And while he told her to sit he took his jacket off and kept it on the floor. He dint want Khushi to sit on the floor as it was dirty and more importantly it was very hot. He also was surprised that Khushi was asking for help. And Khushi was surprised that he took his jacket off. Preeto was completely dumbfounded by the sudden care that was being shown by Akbar. Even she was feeling tired so she thought to sit as well. Rajbeer and Arnav went on side to talk an decide what they were to do next. It was like olden days where women depended on men to take decisions and to help them out Although Khushi and Preeto were brave and independent women but health was not on their side. So for the time being it was decided that all of them will rest for sometime. When Arnav was about to sit, he saw that the Khushi was trying to cover her face from the sun. So he decided to stand in the direction so that his shadow would fall on Khushi. And when Khushi felt a shadow on her she was ever so grateful. She looked at him and smiled at him. Arnav smiled back at him. But she pulled him from his arm and made him sit. Then she held out her dupatta so as to cover both of them and this time he smiled at her. Rajbeer and Preeto sat just like that. Preeto had held her dupatta so as to cover herself. She wanted to help Rajbeer but then decided not to. He also dint mind. He took out his handkerchief and covered himself. Luckily Preeto had a bottle of water with her in her bag. She firstly gave it to Rajbeer. She did not even drink a sip even though she was thirsty. Rajbeer's heart melted. He drank some water then asked Preeto to have some. She then gave it to Khushi and Arnav. Finally they stood up and started walking again. They reached a village type area after a long time. On the way they were thinking about the various possibilities of what had happened and how and where were they. It was all too weird and confusing.

"Hello! Bhaisahab what is this place?" Rajbeer asked an old man who was sitting alone on a cot in that village area. All of them saw that it seemed like a typical old village. It was very green as there were many trees and there were no roads or any vehicles for that matter. People were walking and talking to each other and were busy in their daily chores. The houses were pretty small just as a typical village would have. The people did not seem that educated but seemed very intelligent and smart from the way the village was set up.

"This is village 'Maulapur', Why? Are you people new or lost" said the old man. He looked at them strangely as the four strangers were dressed very differently and were behaving very lost.

"Yes we are lost. Can you please tell us where this is, I mean near which place?" asked Rajbeer further.

"This is 240 k.m from Dilli" answered the old man.

"What?" said Arnav. He had been living in Delhi since quiet long but he had never heard of that place. Are you sure?" he asked shocked.

"Yes I am sure. I am 70 years old and after The Raj, we have had trouble but now we are fine. Nobody comes to disturb us" he said

"What? The Raj?" asked Arnav

"Look boy, you seem to be educated if not from a foreign country but if you don't even know about the Raj then you need to take your classes again" said the old man now a bit angry.

"What is The Raj?" asked Preeto. The old man gave her a smile and decided to answer.

"After the East Indian Company happened, then the Raj was established. Remember?" he said

"What??" all four of them said together with great shock and fear.

"He's mad. That happened in the 19th century. I think he is on drugs. Lets ask someone else. We might be able to reach home then" said Rajbeer with confidence.

They went to other people as well but the end result was same. They finally were made to believe that they were in the 19th century India.

"Look even when we were in the temple it was almost night and when we reached here, wherever that is, it was afternoon. There is something spooky about this whole deal" said Khushi

"I guess you are right" joined in Preeto.

"So you are saying that we are stuck in the past, that also in the 19th century.....like 1800 something. Have you lost it?" said Arnav looking at Preeto and not Khushi. Although she had said the same thing but he didn't want to get angry at her. But had to take his anger out at someone.

"Look you......you....I have not lost it but we are lost...lost in the past...understand and deal with it otherwise bite me!" she said (Sorry the scene required for her to say that. Did not mean to offend anyone)

Feb 21, 2012

contd............................ (By Tvlover) (Thanked: 7 times)

"For the love of God!" Arnav growled.

"Will you two just shut it" said Rajbeer in a raised voice.

"Do you guys have any idea what has happened. Do you have any idea what is the intensity of what has happened? Even if it has happened. Please tell me I am asleep. Someone pinch. No...this cant be happening" rambled Khushi.

"Khushi ji calm down" said Rajbeer.

"And you two just keep quiet and sit down" continued Rajbeer while taking the control of the situation.

"Ji Rajbeer ji" agreed Khushi but with a very sad expression.

Being an air force pilot he was used to strange situations and could think properly. So his air force pilot instincts kicked in and he was trying to assess the situation.

"I am going to go and ask what the whole deal is. There must be some post office or something or some kind of police station or whatever. You three just stay here and try not to start world war three" said Rajbeer and directly went without any responses.

Khushi and Preeto sat down near a tree. They were just too shocked to have experienced all that in such a small amount of time. Arnav also went to check around and find out what had happened.

Both the girls were waiting as the place was new also the years were past, apparently, and they did not want to be their real selves. So they just sat.

"So it is confirmed that we are stuck in the past. Until and unless all the people here are actors and we were kidnapped and are in a reality TV show" said Rajbeer in a very mixed kind of emotion. He arrived after about half an hour.

"Yeah" agreed Arnav who also came back.

"Even I got the same information" continued Arnav.

"Let me try my phone" said Khushi still not loosing hope. She took her phone out. The battery was still full but the screen showed 'no signal'

"What is this yaar?" she said irritated. She got up from under the tree and went to Arnav. "Can I please use your phone?" she asked with least bit of hope in her heart.

"Khushi it says the same" he handed her the phone anyway.

"Mine too" said Rajbeer

"Mine three" said Preeto.

"Okay Devi Maiya whatever you are doing I hope you are done" said Khushi looking really desperate.

"Khushi ji its going to be alright" consoled Preeto. She just felt like Khushi needed a hug and she went there and hugged her. Khushi was somehow still not believing that all this was true.

"I am hungry" said Preeto after calming Khushi down.

"You are hungry. Is that what you said?" asked Arnav.

"Yes, are you still deaf? You keep on asking me the same thing twice" snapped Preeto. They both just hated their guts for some reason. Preeto again was thinking that she was earlier jealous of Khushi that she was talking to Rajbeer and yet she is suddenly friends with her but why can't she resolve it with this guy. But then she thought just go with it. She thought may time travelling had an affect on her.

"You are hungry at this time?"

"Kyun tumhe pooch k lagti hai?" she said.

Both of them were once again at a face off.

"You two have seriously got learn some boundries. Otherwise I am going to have to get a leash" said Rajbeer completely irritated.

"Fine. I doubt that this village has enough food that helps you to shut up" said Arnav and went back to Khushi.

"Babaji, please help me...not to get out of this time loop but for the fact that I don't kill him" said Preeto looking at the sky making all the face expressions of anger and moving her hands in those gestures.

"Okay Arnav ji I know that you got angry at her but I am also hungry" said Khushi in a slow tone.

"You too. You two are really alike. Both fight with me and are kinda stupid as well. But okay I'll see what I can do" said Arnav trying to control his anger. And this time he was able to do so. I am going to talk to her tonight no matter what. I am going to tell her that she is my life and I love her. Arnav was thinking about all that the whole time. Even though he was stuck in the past. All he was happy about was the fact that she was with him.

"Preeto its going to be alright" comforted Rajbeer the angry Preeto.

"I am going to get some food" announced Rajbeer.

"I'll come help you. I need to take my mind off this whole thing" said Khushi and walked upto him.

'Why does she want to go with a strange man on a strange land ...in a strange time' thought Arnav. His face was pretty furious. Rajbeer noticed that. He went to Arnav who was standing a bit away from them. Even Preeto was noticing the whole situation.

"Look man I can see that you are worried for your girl. So chill. I am in love with the girl you keep on shouting at. I want to punch you for that but then I think that she also does the same to you. So chill and don't be jealous. I am in complete love with Preeto" said Rajbeer. He just blurted it all out. He hardly knew the guy and he just said the biggest thing of his life. The weird thing was he wasn't afraid at all. He just did not feel like hiding it any longer, especially to people who were far away from their home.

"Fine Whatever" said Arnav and Rajbeer was about to leave. But Arnav said something else.

"Take care of her" he said. Still wishing that Khushi had chosen to stay with him. Finally Rajbeer gave him a smile and he went on.

"Shall we go Khuhsi ji?" he asked Khushi when he reached her. Khushi nodded.

"Are you going to leave me alone with Akbar?" said Preeto coming to Rajbeer.

"Who?" asked Khushi not knowing who Akbar was.

"Never mind. I just want you to relax for sometime and I'll be back. I know you two will be alright" he said and they both left.

Both Rajbeer and Khushi found a little place near by where food was served and they went back to fetch Arnav and Preeto. They saw that both of them were sitting at the opposite corner and not talking to each other.

Khushi reached Arnav and asked him to get up.

"I am sorry Khushi I couldn't come with you" said Arnav looking into Khushi's eyes. He seldom said sorry but he was right now. He wanted to be the one with her and help her and not the other way around.

"It's okay Arnav ji" said Khushi a bit surprised at the sudden reaction of Arnav.

"Its just my sugar levels are dropping a bit and I don't have that much energy. But I'll be fine" said Arnav honestly.

"Arnav ji I know. I think I can understand you quiet well this time. We had been walking for so long and then this tension of time thing. I guessed that you needed something. I could feel your change. So here" she said and handed him a jalebi.

"Have this and you'll better in an instant" she said with a big smile on her face. Although she was worried for him, but was doing better now.

Arnav absolutely did not have words at that very moment. Nobody apart form his Di had understood him that well. He felt so lucky that he had found the right girl. He was just surprised that he being the mighty ASR could not get the courage to say three little words to a girl. 'Buck up' he thought.

"Khushi thankyou so much ....you have no idea......" and before he could complete the sentence Khushi simply put the jalebi in his mouth.

"Eat now talk later" she said

Arnav smiled and slowly finished his jalebi. He started to feel better instantly.

"How on earth did you find jalebi in this time?" he asked curiously. They were both sitting under the same tree that they were earlier. The area was secluded so there were very few passer byes.

"Well we are just back in the 19th century and not on another planet. Jalebi is a very famous sweet and people love it everywhere in everytime. And I have my ways of getting it even without money" said Khushi. Actually she had requested an old lady to give her some and because people were still very nice in this time and not very money minded so she helped her.

Arnav laughed "And I bet you had some as well" he said

"And why do you say so?" said Khushi keeping both her hands on her hips.

"Because earlier you were pretty worried and not you're true self and now you are and I know that only one thing can do a wonderful miracle like this" he said.

It was not only Khushi who knew Arnav but it was the other way around as well. Arnav also knew what Khushi was thinking at what time and what made her smile and happy. Khushi was so touched that Arnav also did notice her.

"Why did you leave me here with that Akbar?" asked Preeto to Rajbeer who was now sitting with her.

"Because I have a surprise for you"

That's the only thing that Rajbeer said and held her hand and made her stand up. He also called Khushi and Arnav. All of them went to that place where Rajbeer and Khushi had done the lunch arrangements. It was difficult to find but they did manage to find it.

Preeto noticed there were 'channa bhatoora' and dal makhni, two of her favourite dishes. She then knew why Rajbeer had left her there and not took her with him. Although Preeto denied the fact to him that she did not love him but she did indeed like his attention and care.

"Oh Wow!!" Preeto exclaimed.

"I told you" said Rajbeer.

"You did" answered Khushi who was told by Rajbeer that this would be the exact reaction on her face.

"Let's eat" said Arnav. He pulled out the chair which was lying there for Khushi. She sat on it. That little gesture made her feel that she was in a five star hotel and not in an old village dhabba.

All of them ate as they were all very hungry. Khushi and Rajbeer were both happy that Arnav and Preeto had not fought in such a long time. After their meal all of them went to the owner of the shop to pay the bill.

"The food was really tasty bhaiya ji" said Khushi finally being her usual self.

"I'll get it" both Rajbeer and Arnav said when they saw the other one taking out the wallet.

I'll get it" Arnav said again. He gave the man a hundred rupee note. He thought that much would be enough in that time/

"What do you think I am blind?" said the owner of the dhabba.

"What?" said Arnav again irritated.

"What kind of money is this? Are you trying to make me a fool" said the owner who refused to take the money from them.

"What the....Oh shit" said Arnav suddenly realizing what the shop owner was saying.

"Damn that is not good" said Preeto also realizing what just had happened.

"We don't have any money" said Arnav in a low tone.

"Welcome to my world" said Preeto teasing him. Because he always seemed to be snobbish because of his money and name and here nobody knew him and he had no money. He was just like one of them, ordinary.

Feb 22, 2012

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"Whatever....But what do we do?" he asked ignoring Preeto's comment. Arnav was feeling stuck as this was the very first time in his that this had happened. He was always among those who had his way but this time the tables turned.

"I guess we can ask him not take money?" said Khushi slowly in a whisper while making a face expression of a child who just told something that wouldn't work but still said it anyway.

"Khushi ji that's not possible" said Rajbeer.

"Does anybody know anyone here?" asked Preeto just casually.

"Do you think we are just in another town or country that somebody might know us here?" retorted Arnav.

"I mean may be past relatives or something" snapped Preeto staring Arnav again.

"First of all I really doubt that any of us know any dead relatives here. Secondly even if that tiny brain of yours can sustain that information, God only knows for what reason, even then what would you say to your long lost relatives, that hey I am from the future but still I am not sure of the whole situation anyway" angered Arnav.

"Haan toh theek hai na tum socho kuch aur" said Preeto a bit nervous as she did realize that her plan would not work. She usually came up with good plans as she was good at such things. But something was off here.

"God damn it...that's what I was trying to do before you...." Said Arnav yet again angrier than ever. He was thinking why does this girl keep on doing such stupid things. Cant she keep quiet at times.

"Arnav ji....she was also just trying to help" said Khushi intervening. She wanted to help Preeto as she also knew what that girl was going through.

"Okay......we can request him or we can do something in exchange for him" said Rajbeer yet again turning out to be the calmest among all. He thanked the Indian Air Force a million times for training him so well.

"Yeah we can try that" agreed Arnav.

"Bhaiya ji can you please give us some other work that we can do. Actually we are really very sorry. We have come from a far off place and we lost our money so please" said Khushi in her most requesting manner that she possibly could. She was even folding her hands in request. Arnav hear broke when he saw that his girl was pleading. He couldn't resist so he pitched in as well.

"Yes please we'll help you out" said Arnav. Khushi, Preeto and Rajbeer all were completely miffed by that.. Khushi's jaw dropped and she was more stunned than the other two.

"Wow....Akbar can request" said Preeto. Arnav just stared at her.

"Okay well although I don't allow such things but since you guys have gone through trouble then you can wash the dishes" the owner said and asked them to go at the back and wash all the dishes. Khushi thought that these times are or were so different. People were so nice. They still believed and understood others problems.

"Thank you" they all said.

When all four of them went at the place where all dishes were kept they all took a deep breath. There was a mount load of dishes. They all rolled their eyes and were also stressed. Arnav was a bit apprehensive but he was ready to do it if Khushi's work load would reduce.

Arnav rolled his sleeves up and kept his jacket aside. Rajbeer did the same. The girls tied their duppatta on one side and were ready to take this duty.

"Okay you guys start from that side where the big utensils are kept and me and Preeto ji will start from here" said Khushi to Arnav and Rajbeer.

"Yeh kahan ka insaaf hua?" said Arnav jokingly.

"Well you guys are from the 21st century where men help women equally be it any work and well you need to help us better than here" said Preeto.

"But this is the 19th century so you should do the work right?" answered Arnav.

Rajbeer and Khushi had just started that conversation in a joke but Arnav and Preeto took it a bit seriously.

"And I suppose you think that I should remain quiet as well? Right?" said Preeto once again glaring at him and outing her hands on her hips.

"When you said that 'Welcome to my world' So I am here. But I don't usually do this kind of a thing. So you do it and guide me"

"Oh so that you can finally understand humility right" she said teasingly.

"You!" said Khushi loudly pointing towards both Preeto and Arnav.

"You both!" she said again.

"Khushi what happened?" Arnav asked worriedly. He and the other two did not know what she was talking about.

"It is because of you both that we are stuck in the past" she finally said

"What?!" all of them said together.

Feb 22, 2012

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"Yes you two......the wish...remember....you both wished for this ridiculous thing to happen" said Khushi realizing that Devi Maiya was behind all this.

"What nonsense is that? How can wishes like that come true?" said Arnav

"Oh so coming to the past is? Look accept it or deny it....still is the truth...why did you both say something like that?" she said now holding Arnav's arm.

Arnav looked down when he saw Khushi touched his arm and then at her.

"Look Khushi whatever happened why it happened leave that. We just need to think about how to leave this place alright" he said

"Right Khushi ji. Whatever happened happened..so now no point in wasting by lingering on why and whatever........we just need to stay calm down and deal with it" said Rajbeer adding to Arnav's thoughts.

"Okay so now get going then" she said and all of them started washing the utensils. Khushi saw Arnav taking one of the very big pot and holding it in one hand and rubbing it with the other. He was doing it with a bit difficulty but was still not having that annoying rude expression on his face that he usually had. Khushi was looking at him and smiling as well. Arnav saw her looking at him and gave her a smile and she smiled back at him.

Preeto on the other hand was pretty quick at what she was doing and Rajbeer was also busy in his work. Preeto from the corner of her eye tried to see if he needed any help but when she saw that he was doing fine she continued. Soon all of them finished with their work and went to the shop owner.

"Fine. It was alright for the first time but don't let their be another time" he said firmly.

So they all went. The afternoon had turned into an evening and now they were worried on how they were going to spend the night. They dint have any money or any knowledge or were not even sure whether there were hotels or lodges in that time in that particular area.

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