((OS)) U R My Jaan

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Jun 11, 2014

((OS)) U R My Jaan (Round 2 Nanak's competition) (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 85 times)

Such a boring birthday it was for Arnav…

Not even a boring one, it was just a bad birthday…

All this years he had always been excited for his birthday but this time his birthday seemed nothing like a normal day.

Since morning his mom and dad were behaving weirdly and he understood that they were planning a surprise for him but unlike every time he wasn’t excited.

We obviously know when this happens don’t we? Exactly when someone is in love…

Arnav had actually fallen in love with this girl who studied in his college, Khushi Kumari Gupta was her name.

She was like the charm of the college, she always had a gang of boy surrounding her and like hundreds of the boys Arnav was also one of them to fall in love with her at the first sight.

Now if it comes to thinking, love at first sight is always with the outer beauty, but this wasn’t the case with Arnav, the first time he saw Khushi was at the roadside when she was busy helping a old lady carry some heavy stuff when herself she couldn’t carry it.

Arnav rushed to help her as he carried all the stuff alone and then from that day they both became friends. He had no idea that this girl studied in the same college, what attracted him towards her was her good heart and the motive of helping others.

When he first met her at the college with a gang of boys behind her he couldn’t just explain how hurt he felt, well that was obviously the jealousy.

Khushi’s life was more of a dramatic one, she dint spend a day without getting a proposal from one guy at least and at this moment of time she was really irritated because of all this.

As both Arnav and Khushi were now friends, Khushi was describing it to him how she hates when she just takes a boy as her friend and then at the end of the day he hates up proposing her.

Arnav felt like his heart broke into a million pieces… it wasn’t that he was scared of confessing his love to her, he was just scared of hurting her like every other guy did… more than love she needed friendship and he thought, that’s what he would give her.

Time passed by and within no time Arnav and Khushi were like best buddies…

They would chill out together on weekends, party together go on picnics, tease each other, play pranks and what not.

Khushi was always in moods of showing Arnav each and every girl she found to be pretty so that maybe Arnav could just like one and she would get a girlfriend for her friend.

Arnav always loved seeing Khushi like this, when she was naughty and when she pointed at every girl telling Arnav, “Look she’s hot and exactly your type… go for her”

Arnav would just slap her on her hand and they would start fighting…

Well going back to Arnav’s feelings, every time Khushi showed him a girl he felt like why couldn’t she someday suggest her own name, he would then be the happiest person on earth wouldn’t he be?

Days kept on moving and then it became really hard for Arnav to keep his feelings with himself, he just couldn’t because every time he saw Khushi next to him he felt like shouting out to the whole world that he loved her.

Maybe it wasn’t the right decision to be silent about his feelings and so he decided no matter what happens he would confess his feelings to Khushi.

So as per his wish, he planned everything, like a beautiful fairytale confession that girls dream of.

He picked up his phone and with fear in his heart he dialed Khushi’s phone number.

‘Hello’ Khushi received the call.

‘Hey Khushi… I want to meet you right now’ he said

‘Wow what’s so good that you even forgot to ask how I am or what I am doing?’

‘I just want to meet you please’

‘Okay but not right now, actually I had promised Sahil that I would go out with him, he is just about to come and pick me, can we meet in the evening please?’

‘Sure have a good day’

‘Wait, but where are we meeting?’

‘I’ll text you the name of the place’

‘Okay bye’

Sahil Mehra, one of Khushi’s closest buddy… Actually they had a big gang, Khushi was obviously in, but apart from her, Sahil, Arnav and many other girls and boys from the college were in the gang.

As the day ended Khushi arrived at the place Arnav had told her to…

It was such a calm and peaceful place, everything seemed so beautiful around her.

She was looking all around when someone put his hand on her eyes.

‘Arnav I know this is you now’ she said

‘Good that you know it’s me, but now come with me, I am not letting you open your eyes and by the way thank God you are right on time otherwise my whole plan would have flopped’

‘Plan? What plan?’

‘Stop asking questions and keep doing as I say, you’ll get all the answers’

Arnav took her to cliff as the both stood there and he slowly took his hands away.

‘You can now open your eyes Khushi’ he said

Khushi slowly opened her eyes having a look at the most beautiful sight, the whole sky had turned orange while the sun was setting down.

‘Oh My God, this is so beautiful Arnav’ she said with a smile and turned towards him.

He smiled back as he knelt down on his knees and Khushi’s heart almost skipped a beat sensing what was up next.

‘Khushi I wanted to tell you what you are to me today, you know what, you are my life, U R My Jaan, I love you Khushi’ he said as he shut his eyes.

Khushi glared at him as tears rolled down her eyes.

Arnav was waiting for her to say anything but as she did not speak up he opened her eyes and found her in tears.

He stood up and cupped her face asking what was wrong.

‘Khushi are you okay? Why are you crying? I am sorry if I hurt you, I really am’ he said

Khushi pushed him away as she broke into more tears

‘Arnav you were my friend, I thought we would always be friends but you ended up doing this?’

‘Khushi I love you and there is nothing wrong about it’

‘There is Arnav, firstly I don’t love you, secondly I told you I hate it when my own friends do this to me like telling me they love me, cant any boy be just a friend to me? Why do they always have to hurt me like this? And thirdly I am engaged Arnav, do you see this ring in my hand?

Sahil proposed me today and I accepted it’

‘Khushi you just said you hate when your friends tell you that they have feelings for you then Sahil?’

‘Arnav Sahil and I met as enemies on friends but then we fell in love, all this days he was in our gang as a friend but only him and I knew the truth, we never told anyone’

‘Dint you realize it Khushi? Did you never see my love? Or you were so ignorant to it… why did you have to hide this from me Khushi why? Do you have an idea what this ended up in?’

‘I am sorry Arnav but this is my wish, it’s my relation I will keep it a secret if I want and I would shout about it if I want, you fell in love with me, that’s your problem not mine, you were my closest friend and you ended up doing what I hated when you knew that I hated this… I am sorry but today onwards we won’t meet.’

She walked away leaving Arnav behind with an ocean of pain.

Six months later…

Back to Arnav’s birthday… two months had passed by but he remembered every single thing about that day when Khushi broke their friendship like it had just happened yesterday.

After the day Khushi rejected him, Arnav never turned up to the college, he kept himself locked in his room the whole day either lost in thoughts about Khushi or either punching the bag getting out all his pain.

He would eat his meal once a day for the sake of living while his parents were so much worried about him.

In the previous six months they had seen every side of Arnav they thought they’d never have to see.

Mr. and Mrs. Raizada were busy with their planning for Arnav’s birthday hoping that their surprise would cheer him up and get him out of the life he was living in for the past six months.

As the clock stroke sharp twelve midnight, there was a loud knock at the door of the Raizada mansion.

Arnav woke up and rushed to check on the person who was disturbing their sleep in the midnight.

He opened the door and looked around but there was nothing he could spot.

He saw a girl running away as he followed her shouting at her to stop.

After the chase for a while he got hold of her and just then the lights went off.

“Khushi!” Arnav exclaimed in surprise.

There was silence for a while, he was like lost in thoughts while he had held the girl so tight so that she couldn’t escape.

“Who are you, and why did you knock at the door” Arnav asked

When he got hold of the girl, his heart told him that she was Khushi but then he couldn’t even see her face and then he wondered why would she come here, she had left him long back, why would  she return?

A few minutes later the lights were on and Arnav was left in complete shock to find out that the girl was actually Khushi.

He felt so happy for a while but then he remembered what had happened that night as he pushed her and walked away.

“Hey Arnav wait!” she shouted

“Why are you back Khushi, go away just get out of my sight!” he shouted

“I am back for our friendship Arnav” she said

Arnav turned back and got hold of her tightly as he looked into her eyes with all the anger.

“For our friendship? Which friendship are you talking about? The one you broke six months ago? Khushi I know I love you and that just happened I couldn’t changed it but I thought as a friend if you dint love me you would understand my feelings but you just broke our friendship..

Anyway it would be better if you leave from here before I cross my limit and do what I am not supposed to.” He said as he pushed her away angrily.

She got hold of his hands and pulled him closer as she looked deep into his eyes.

“Stupid, couldn’t you say all this that day? Arnav we were friends by our wish, if I broke the friendship you would have stopped me” she said moving closer to him.

Arnav was almost getting carried away into those beautiful eyes but he had to control himself.

He pushed her away with all the force as Khushi fell on the ground.

“Just get lost Khushi, I don’t know you and I don’t want to know you, get the hell out of my sight!” he shouted as he walked away.

“But Arnav u r my jaan (you are my darling) I Love you Arnav and I don’t want to get out of your sight I want to get lost in your eyes” She shouted

Arnav turned back and walked towards her angrily as he got hold of her wrist and pulled her up.

“Tell me, who the hell paid you for playing such a game with me?” he asked

“My heart” she replied

“You know what Khushi I hate you… I really do…” he said as he walked away.

Khushi stood there with sad expressions as Mr. and Mrs. Raizada walked towards her from the place they were hiding in.

“I thought this would be a surprise for him, I thought he would be happy to see you here… we thought it would be the best birthday gift for him but he reacted so badly to this” Mrs. Raizada said

“Aunty it’s the pain and the anger of the six months, let it come out… I know I am late in understanding my feelings, I did wrong to both Arnav and Sahil, I broke Sahil’s heart after realizing I was in love with Arnav and I had broken Arnav’s heart when I dint realize that he was the one I loved.”

“But what will we do now?”

“Leave that on me” Khushi said as she walked to the mansion again

He rang the door bell as Arnav came to open the door.

“What the hell is wrong with you Khushi just leave” He shouted

“Arnav please, just one chance, I am sorry for everything I did”

“And I am sorry for loving you, I shouldn’t have now leave”

“You mean to say that you made a mistake by loving me?’

“Yes is you want to call it a mistake then be it so, it was a damn mistake”

“Fine, if your ego isn’t allowing you to forgive me then don’t, I would leave forever and I promise I won’t ever return” she said as she walked away angrily.

Mr. and Mrs. Raizada walked in as they stopped Khushi and brought her back, Arnav was obviously shocked to see them there as he thought they must be sleeping.

“Mom, Dad” he said in shock

“Arnav we planned such a beautiful surprise for you, we got your love back for you and you are letting her go away so easily, don’t you still love her?” Mrs. Raizada asked

Arnav just stared at them silently.

“Arnav look at me, I am your father I have lived life more than you have, I have faced many ups and downs in my life and your mother was always there by my side, she stood up with me in everything…

Arnav we all know that you love Khushi and you would never allow any other girl in your life but Arnav to live life we need a companion and when you are getting Khushi, the girl you love as your companion why do you want to let her go?

Why don’t you both just simply forget what happened in the past and give your relation one chance, or is your ego bigger than your happiness and your love? Is it so Arnav?” Mr. Raizada asked

“No dad”

“Then accept Khushi, we planned all this for your birthday, we thought we would surprise you and return your lost happiness, wont you give us the chance to give you back your happiness?”

“I would dad, I am sorry for a moment I valued my ego more, I am sorry mom and most of all I am sorry to you Khushi”

“Even now you’ll say sorry idiot?” Khushi cried

Arnav looked at his parents as they walked away giving them some privacy

“Khushi U r My Jaan… I love you!” He shouted

Khushi pulled him into a tight bone crushing hug as they both got lost into each other’s arms.

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