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Jun 7, 2014

OS: Teri Galliyan (By Jezmine) (Thanked: 28 times)

06 June 2014 marks 3 years since Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon was first aired. I still remember that day – I was in Agra, India to see the epitome of love – The world wonder Taj Mahal. We had battled soaring temperatures that morning and everyone was worn out.


I had been flipping through channels when I caught the first episode, by accident. Not knowing Hindi, I had wanted to change when I was touched by Khushi Kumari Gupta’s effort to fix her sister’s problems. As I continued watching the show, I was mesmerized when Arnav came out of the chopper – he was looking handsome and hot! I was very excited and during my stay in North India, I made it a point to watch IPPKND. When I came home, IPPKND became my companion. As I went through college, IPPKND was my stress reliever. My best friend who was a Chinese girl watched it along with me, and we used to talk about it during our breaks. I lived a new life and journey with IPPKND, which completely changed my life!


Although IPKKND ended, those memories I have that are associated with it still live on! On this occasion of 3 years of IPPKND, here’s an OS based on IPKKND dedicated to the team of IPPKND – cast and crew! Thank you for putting your heart and soul into IPPKND, for all the blood, sweat, tears that have been shed! Memories of IPPKND will live on! #IPKKNDHumesha #IPKKNDAnniversary #June6th #3Years #Love #ArnavKhushi


Teri Galliyan (OS Title Credit – Ek Villain)


Khushi was all alone at home and had been sitting near the poolside for nearly an hour. She smiled as she recalled all her moments with Arnav. Today marked 51 years of togetherness – 51 years since Arnav had come into her life at the Fashion show in Lucknow. That accident had indeed been something she always thanked her Devi Maiyaa for. 


Their love story had not been an easy and smooth one but 51 years later, they never stopped loving and their family was complete. Their son Aarav worked alongside with Arnav at AR Designs. Arnav and Khushi had high hopes about him leading their business and Aarav had proven to be capable as well. He was married to Nishaa whom he had fallen in love with – they had met when Nishaa was working as an intern at AR designs. The couple had two children, Avinaash and Naina. Their daughter Aarushi was heading the AR Designs Marketing Department. She was married to Siddarth, who heads the designing department and the couple were blessed with a daughter, Shruti. Both Aarav and Aarushi had their own houses – Arnav had made sure they would be responsible with their family issues and had asked both of them to lead their lives away from them, with weekend visits where the whole family gathers. Payal, Aakash and their family were based in Australia. Anjali was based in London and was an adviser to the London team.


As her life replayed before her eyes, a song came to her mind. She took her ipod and played it. She began singing along as she recalled those wonderful moments with Arnav.


(Galliyan Unplugged - Click here to watch the video


Yahin Dube Din Mere

Yahin Hote Hai Savere

Yahin Marna Aur Jeena

Yahin Mandir Aur Madeena


As she looked around her, she remembered that it was the Raizada Mansion that had been witness to many happenings in her life. As age caught up with them, her children had tried to persuade Arnav and Khushi to let them stay with the two of them but Arnav had refused that idea. “As long as I have the strength, I will work – AR Designs has been my passion and will always be. Similarly, as long as Khushi and I are able to support each other, there will be no need for you both to be with us. I am not stopping you from the weekend visits with your families, I’m just saying that Khushi and I are there for each other and we’ll manage”. Those were the exact words Arnav had said.


Khushi’s eyes glistened with pride and love as she recalled that moment when Arnav had stood up for her – when Arnav’s Dadi came to visit. She had found out that Arnav and Khushi were married without completely following the rituals. She had been very angry and had invited Khushi’s Buaji to the Raizada Mansion, eventually insulting her. Khushi’s Buaji had then decided to bring Khushi back when Arnav had shocked everyone by letting them know that he was ready to remarry Khushi and go through all the necessary rituals. It was this very poolside that was sole witness to the tears she shed on the night where Arnav had misunderstood her and forced her into a contract marriage. The whole family had been mad at her and avoided her. Those few months were terrible.  She had no one to turn to, no one to wipe her tears. It was this poolside she slept when Arnav had shut her out. This poolside had sweeter memories - it was here that Arnav had almost kissed her on the first Diwali after meeting her. It was also here that he had kissed her and she had kissed him during Aakash and Payal’s wedding ceremony rituals. It was this Raizada Mansion that she lived with her sweetheart Arnav, where her two children grew up. It had all the bittersweet memories that Khushi would never exchange for anything. She knew that at the end of it all, this was where Arnav and she wanted to be when they take their last breath.


Teri Galliyan Galliyan Teri Galliyan

Mujhko Bhaave Galliyan Teri Galliyan

Teri Galliyan Galliyan Teri Galliyan

Yunhi Tadpaave Galliyan Teri Galliyan

Arnav – everytime Khushi thought about him, she would blush. 51 years later, nothing had changed. Arnav’s name would still cause her heart to beat fast and make her breathe heavily. She blushed as she recalled all the lovely moments she spent with him. Be it the very first time she accidently landed in his arms during the fashion show in Lucknow 51 years ago or their dance on Teri Meri during Aakash and Payal’s Sangeet or their first holi together where they had applied colors on each other and had confessed their love in their drunken state or when she had broken the news of her pregnancy to Arnav (Aarav would be their adopted son – still, they love him as much as Aarushi). Arnav was her world and she knew although Aarav, Aarushi and their families were a part of her world now, Arnav would always be her priority.


Tu Meri Neendo Mein Sota Hai

Tu Mere Ashkon Mein Rota Hai

Sardoshi Si Hai Khayalon Mein

Tu Na Ho Phir Bhi Tu Hota Hai

Hai Silaa… Tu Mere… Dard Ka…

Mere Dil Ki Duaayein Hain Yeh


Just then, she was reminded of Shyam – Anjali’s ex husband. Although he was no longer alive, once in a while Khushi would be reminded of his betrayal to Anjali, the Raizadas and the Guptas. Shyam had spoiled her peace and had even endangered Arnav. She recalled Arnav being kidnapped. She recalled the tough period where she had no clue about Arnav. Arnav had not listened to her and had left her despite her pleading. Tears rolled down her cheek as she remembered the pain she had gone through, it was worse than her contract marriage where Arnav was still beside her. Knowing that he was safe made everything bearable. Khushi thanked her Devi Maiyaa for bringing Arnav safely back to her. She shuddered thinking about what could have happened to him. Although Arnav brought her joy, it was also Arnav who brought her pain. Yet, Khushi loved Arnav so much and 51 years down the road, the love was still had the same intensity.


Teri Galliyan Galliyan Teri Galliyan

Mujhko Bhaave Galliyan Teri Galliyan

Teri Galliyan Galliyan Teri Galliyan

Yunhi Tadpaave Galliyan Teri Galliyan


Khushi recalled those days after everything had been settled. Although they had mutually agreed to have Aarav as their only child, Aarushi came into their lives, by accident. Khushi smiled as she recalled the look on Arnav’s face when she had broken the news of her pregnancy. Arnav was very happy yet he was worried if he would be a good father and whether their love on Aarav would decrease when their baby comes into the world. Putting aside all the confusion in his mind, Arnav had cared for Khushi throughout the 9 months, bearing with all her moodswings and her cravings. Khushi was happy to see Arnav this way and had even decided that no one in the world including her parents if they were alive could have cared for her this much. When Khushi was admitted for her delivery, Arnav had been pacing around. Each time he heard Khushi scream in pain, Arnav had tears in his eyes. Eventually when Arnav came into the room and saw his bundle of joy, he was overwhelmed with tears. Seeing him tear made Khushi equally emotional. She knew that her family was finally complete – Arnav, Khushi, Aarav and her little angel. As Aarushi grew, Arnav became more patient and showered love on Aarav and Aarushi. Khushi smiled as she recalled the day when Aarav came home and announced that he was in love with Nishaa. Arnav had accepted it without any further thoughts. Similarly, when Aarushi had told Arnav about Siddarth’s proposal, Khushi had expected Arnav to get angry. However, that was not the case, Arnav had gladly agreed. When Aarushi had finally left after her marriage, Khushi saw Arnav break down like a child. Never had she thought the great ASR would ever do so. She was glad that her love changed it all.


Kaisa Hai, Rishta Tera Mera

Bechehara Phir Bhi Kitna Gehra

Yeh Lamhe Lamhe Yeh Resham Se

Kho Jaaye Kho Na Jaaye Hum Se

Kafilaa… Waqt Ka… Roke Le

Ab Rooh Se Judaa Na Hoo


Just then, she heard Arnav’s voice – he was singing. As she tried to stand up, Arnav made her sit and sat on the table before her. As they looked into each other’s eyes, they knew they were meant to be. Arnav had always wondered – what was the name of their hate-love relationship? Was there even a word to describe it? He was thankful and felt blessed to have Khushi in his life, Khushi had brought happiness into his life and he was who he was because of her. She changed his life and these 51 years with her were the best.


Teri Galliyan Galliyan Teri Galliyan

Mujhko Bhaave Galliyan Teri Galliyan

Teri Galliyan Galliyan Teri Galliyan

Yunhi Tadpaave Galliyan Teri Galliyan


Together, they sang the last few lines. They knew their love had no name but it was that very love that shaped their life. Arnav and Khushi were meant to be together, one could not exist without the other. As the song ended, they had tears in their eyes. Arnav had been home for sometime and had been planning to give Khushi a surprise, when he heard her melodious voice. As he listened to her sing, the wonderful memories they shared together these 51 years ran before his eyes. As Khushi stood up to get him his usual black coffee, Arnav had a mischievous thought. He pulled her arm and pinned her against the wall. As she struggled to push him away, he went closer. Khushi’s heartbeat increased and she started breathing heavy. Arnav leaned near her ear and whispered “Happy 51 years of togetherness Khushi, thank you for coming into my life” and kissed her cheek. With tears in her eyes, Khushi hugged him.



Love has no boundaries and can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Arnav and Khushi’s love will live as long as we IPKKNDians live on to share the legacy.



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