Yours Khushi

May 30, 2014

Yours Khushi (By Blackandwhite) (Thanked: 122 times)

Guys this is related to "THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WORD IN THE WORLD"LOVE".....But it has some changes.

Arshi Marriage:

The pandit was enchanting something. Arnav and Khushi was sitting in the mandap. 

Pandit:Now stand for the phere.

Slowly the rituals were finished.The couple took the blessings of elders. As the marriage finished all retired to their rooms.Anjali and Payal led Khushi to Arnav's room and made her sit on the bed.

All were happy for Arnav's Marriage.But the reason behind this sudden marriage made everyone sad. All were so contended and happy to make Khushi as Arnav's Bride.But the circumstances was so difficult to handle.

All parted upart due to yesterday's news.Everyone in Raizada family knew that their Chhotte or Khushi can never do something like that. They were caught form the storeroom by the medias.What can we do with them.They are always behind hot news.If they get a thread,they will stretch it to a saree.And the society ,they are taking this issue to himalayas.So both the families decide to conduct their marriage tomorrow itself.Shyam was not statisfied with this sudden marriage.He was of the opinion that the marriage should be grand with all the rituals. Anjali and Shyam went on a huge arguement ,Which is a burning issue in the house.

Arnav's Room:

Arnav came inside his room.He saw Khushi sitting in the centre of the bed.Now Arnav was no more accusing Khushi.Because he also understood from his all night thoughts that Khushi can never do something like that.But the question exists.Who called the medias at correct time?How did they two got locked in the room?

He went to the wardrobe and took a blanket and pillow.



Arnav :Come down.

Khushi silently came down from the bed.

Arnav gave the pillow an blanket to Khushi:You can sleep in the floor anywhere or near the poolside as you wish.

She looked at him confusingly.

Arnav turning to the other side:No one was trying to listen to my words.That is why this marriage happened.I and Jiju tried to make Di understand.But there was no profit.So the deal got completed.


Arnav:I mean this marriage.I don't believe in marriage or Love.So i don't keep any importance to that thing which happened now.I am letting you free from every damn responsibilities which society pressurizes on a wife.You don't need to do anything.

Arnav:(After a pause)AND THERE IS NO NEED TO PROVE YOURSELF AS MRS.ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA. Got it.We are just strangers.If you need anything just say me.Don't make any situations which make me remind this things to you once again.That day will be your worst day in this life.Got that.Now move on to sleep.

Tears slowly slid down through her eyes. Arnav went to the bed. Khushi took the blanket and moved towards the poolside.She arranged the floor and laid down looking at the stars.She was waiting for night to breakdown.She was expecting something like this from Arnav.But not this much.Slowly tears made their way to floor.She closed her eyes in pain.

"Why are you behind our Happiness?"

"You are proving each and every time that you are not our blood"

"You are born to make our names bad"

We give you a shelter after your parents death and this is what you are giving us"

Khushi opened her eyes suddenly.She started to cry silently.She looked at the stars.

Khushi:Today i am missing you two badly.Why you left me?I once again became an ORPHAN.

She cried like there is no tomorrow.

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May 31, 2014

Yours Khushi (By Blackandwhite) (Thanked: 64 times)

Next day as per the rasam Khushi made Kheer for everyone.Everyone liked it.Days started to pass. All started to behave normally.Khushi was comfortable with all now.Her family members also just forgave their Sankadevi.But the distance between Arnav & Khushi and Shyaam & Anjali remained the same.It was almost 2 weeks of their marriage. Khushi was trying her best to adjust with Arnav.Same with Shyaam,He was doing all the efforts to woo Anjali.But nothing worked. Arnav was having his own reasons for his behaviour.But he was not that much rude to her.

In AR Designs:

Arnav was very tired due to the new deal.It was almost 1pm.He was not having anything.Someone knocked the door.

Arnav:Come in..

Khushi came inside.

Arnav:You??Why are you here?

Khushi:Wooo..Actually..Naniji sent me.She said me to send you food.

Arnav:You should have done this through the driver.

Khushi:I also told the same to Nani.But do you know what happen?

Arnav:(Thinking deeply)What the!!!How should i know.

Khushi:Leave that..I will say.She told me to give this food to you by my hands.So..

Arnav:Put it there and go.



Khushi:Means,Naniji had also told me to ensure the fact that you had your food completely.

Arnav:Who made the food?

Khushi:Naniji..I mean Naniji ordered and HP made it.


He started to have the food.Khushi smiled to herself at her success.

Khushi:(In her mind)Sorry Arnavji...I have told you a lie.The food is made by me myself.But what to do? If i tell you that,then you are not going to have it..So i tell you teh lie.And second thing is that,I was the one who pressurized Naniji that I,myself will give food to you..For the first time you are having the food made by me...

Arnav was eating so deeply that he failed to notice her expressions.

Khushi:(In mind)What the!If i tell that the food is made by hp,then you can eat it.If it is by me you will throw it.You will have to pay for this Mr.Raizada.

Arnav:Okay now you go.

He finished the food.And gave her the lunch boxes.

Khushi:Voh....How was the dishes?


Khushi:No...Just like that.

Arnav:(looked her in a confusing manner)Like everyday.

He got back into his work.

Khushi was shocked like nothing.

Khushi:(In her Mind)How dare you Mr.Raizada?You felt the food as everyday.Can't you even say it as a simple good.Look at him.Can't even recognize his wife's preparation.

She left from their fuming.

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Jun 1, 2014

Sheetal's Truth revealed to Arnav (By Blackandwhite) (Thanked: 85 times)

Khushi was about to open the door.

Arnav:Khushi,One minute.


Arnav:How did you reach here?I mean our driver is on leave today.

Khushi:Voh..I came here in an auto.

Arnav:Have you gone mad?You should have come here by driving yourself.

Khushi:I don't know to drive a car.I only know to drive two-wheeler.

Arnav:So..You wait for me.We will go together.Now it is 2,We will go around 4.

Khushi:But,Earlier you always stay in office till 5:30pm.But nowadays why are you..

Arnav:Is it necessary to attend your interview?Sit here.

Khushi:No..I mean i will meet Lavanayaji and come.

Arnav:What the!!You are going to disturb her now.

Khushi:I am not going to disturb her.We are friends.I am not a disturbance for her like you.

Saying this she went from there.Her last words beeped in his mind.

Arnav:(In mind)What to do Khushi?I behave like this to all the family members.Because i..I can't take any more.If i act as i care for you...Then when one day suddenly i act rudely then you will be sad.So a beginning like this is necessary.My past always hunts. Fate had been always cruel for me.Whoever i love,Fate will take them away from me.Now atleast this distance will make everything fine.I act as i don't even care.But you don't even know how much I???I will solve your sadness slowly.

Outside the cabin:

Khushi was going towards Lavanya,When Sheetal blocked her way.

Sheetal:Hi..Long time in seeing you.

Khushi:Hi Sheetalji.How are you?

Sheetal:Yeah,What happen to me?I am fine.I think you are the one who is not fine.How is your life with my love?

Khushi:Ji??What are you saying?I ma not getting your words.

Sheetal:I mean ASR.Okay leave that Did you drink anything.Come on let us have a cool coffee.

Khushi:No it is not needed.I am fine.I was going to Lavanyaji.

Sheetal:So you mean to say,You won't have anything with me.

Khushi:No..I didn't meant anything like that.Okay.

Sheetal:That's it..I will bring fresh juice for both of us.

Sheetal went from there giving an evil smile.

Khushi:What happen to this Sheetalji?She always uses to get angry on me for no reasons.Now what happen?

By the time Sheetal came with the juice.

Sheetal:Here take this.

Khushi:What juice is this?

Sheetal:This is special.Very special for you.Have it.I need to prepare a file.I will come in some time.


Khushi sipped the juice a little.

Khushi:It takes different.

Sheetal:Have it.It is very good.I am going.

Saying this Sheetal went away smiling.But ensured that Khushi drank the juice.

In Arnav's cabin:

Arnav:Now where is my phone?Oh...Yeah I think i left it in the conference Hall.

He walked towards the Conference Hall.He saw Sheetal going inside the empty hall and talking to some one.

She was talking in the phone.But he could hear half of the conversation.

Arnav stood behind her without her knowledge.

Sheetal:Ishaan..I told you that i will complete my revenge.And i did it.And the major reason for all this is just you.If you would have locked me and ASR correctly on that day,Then this would have been happened.


Sheetal:You should have checked whether i am with ASR or not.But no..You just locked and went away.Then that day my and ASR's marriage would have possible.And our demand of 50 lakhs also could have done.


Sheetal:Now what is with that Khushi is quiet interesting.Have you drink Apple juice?


Sheetal:How will it taste with Grapes essence in it..


Sheetal:I know it is quiet good.But what will happen if Khushi drink it?


Sheetal:Oh..Stupid..Nothing will ahppen if we drink it.But if she drink it,Then the situation is to be critical.


Sheetal:Because she is allergic towards graphes.Now she would have started coughing continously.

Suddenly an voice echoed in the Hall.Sheetal held her cheek in Pain.And she was hell shocked to see the Man infront of her.It was none other than ASR.His face was red with anger.And He have slapped her.

He slapped her again.


Arnav:Not a word...Out of my office right now..How dare you?How dare you to?I have made myself dirty by slapping you.I will kill you now itself....

That is when he remember the allergy matter.

Arnav:Where is Khushi damnit? ca.fet..eria.

He run from there to Khushi.He was almost wishing that she must be fine.

Sheetal fled form there knowing that the angry lion will kill her in any minute.

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Jun 2, 2014

Yours Khushi (By Blackandwhite) (Thanked: 78 times)

Arnav almost ran towards Khushi.Yes,She was coughing holding her belly and closing her mouth.

Arnav:What the !!!What the hell Khushi???What was the necessity for you to drink that damn juice from Sheetal.

Khushi looked at Arnav.He was holding her sideways.He made her sit in the sofa nearby.Now Khushi was finding it difficult to take breath itself.Arnav tried to make her drink some water.But nothing worked.Almost all the employees were surrounding them.He looked at them in anger.He was hell angry on everything now.


All fled from there.Arnav took Khushi in his arms and went to his car.Meanwhile he ensured Aman to keep Sheetal in office itself.

In hospital:

Doctor:Mr.Raizada,There is nothing to worry about.I had given an injection before 5 minutes.Now also she is unconscious.And make sure that she is not drinking anything which is allergic to her.Come with me.

Arnav and Doctor went to the room where Khushi is.She was talking to the nurse.Arnav looked at her in anger.Soon she stopped talking.

Doctor:Mrs.Raizada,Now you are fine.After one more injection you can go home.

Doctor indicated the nurse to proceed.Khushi looked at Arnav in shock.Arnav walked upto Khushi and Asked to her slowly.

Arnav:Now what?

Khushi:Is she going to inject me ?


Khushi:But it will be painful,Isn't it?

Arnav:What the!!!

Khushi:(She gulped looking at the syringe)What sort of a husband you are?Say her to give the medicine in that syringe to my hand.I will drink it.

Arnav:Khushi stop blabbering your madness.(Seeing her fear)By the way it is not so painful.

Arnav held her hand.Khushi held it harder.Yes it was over.Khushi slowly opened her eyes.

Nurse:Ma'am,It's over.

Khushi was feeling pain in her hand a little.Means very little.


Arnav:(He raised his eyebrows and asked her what)

Khushi:It's paining.

Arnav:(Smiled inside)Khushi,Wait i will tell the doctor.I think there is another injection for pain.

Khushi:What???(In shock)It's Okay.

Arnav chuckled seeing her expression.

Khushi:Are you smiling?

Arnav:(Changing the topic)I will pay the bill and go we can go to Home.

He went from there saying this.They reached Raizada Mansion.

In Raizada Mansion:

Arnav rang the bell.

Khushi:Arnavji,What is the time?


Khushi:What?I left from the house at 12:45.And now it is 6.Everyone will be worried.Did you inform them?You won't.I know.By the way,You don't even have anyone's tension.

Arnav:Stop it,Please be silent for 5 minutes.On the full way to home you were asking me the time and saying this stuff. Atleast stop it now.I am getting irritated.

Khushi:Ahh..Are you feeling this irritatable?Then you anger is also Irritating me.

Arnav:Khushi,Stop it ...Don't you feel tired on talking so much.


Hp opened the door.

Arnav:What were you doing this much time damnit?We are standing outside for about an hour.

They walked inside.

Khushi:It's just 2 minutes.

Arnav:Khushi,SHUT UP.

Khushi:Don't you feel tired on emitting so much of anger?

She raised her one eyebrow and asked with a smile.He went from there in anger.Closed the room door with a thud.It was such a thud that even Khushi could hear it by standing in the hall..She smiled to herself..

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Jun 3, 2014

Yours Khushi (By Blackandwhite) (Thanked: 68 times)

Khushi was standing in the hall when Anjali,Nani and Payal entered to the house.

Anjali:You took so long..Anything special?Chotte told us that you two will be coming together.Where is he?(Teasingly winked at Khushi)

Khushi:(Smiling)In room.Where did you all went?

Payal:Khushi...We just went for shopping.

Saying this Payal and Nani went inside.Shyam came towards Anjali,But she went away ignoring him. Khushi noticed this and went towards Shyam.

Khushi:Shyamji,Is everything fine between you and Anjaliji?

Shyam(looking down):Yes,Everything is fine.

Khushi:Don't lie to me?I am noticing you two for some days.

Shyam:Yeah,Yes..There is something.I am trying to speak out and solve the problem.But look at your Anjaliji,She is not talking to me.Infact not hearing me too.

Khushi:You should have take her out.Then you two can talk,Isn't it?(She asked glowing)

Shyam:That's Why we went now?

Khushi:Shyamji,I mean you two alone.Not all.

Shyam:I asked Anjali to come with me alone.But she called they too.How can i say no then?


Suddenly an Idea stuck her.


She whispered something to him.

Shyam face glowed with the idea.

Shyam:Great..It's Super.

Khushi indicated as she is pulling her collar up.

Khushi:So...Can we do it next morning.

Shyam:Okay..Till then i will try my best to avoid Anjali.

Shyam went to his room. Khushi was also going towards her room.But she saw Arnav coming out.

Khushi:Arey..Where are you going?

Arnav:To office.

Khushi:But,We now only came from there.

Arnav:No,You are wrong.Now we came from Hospital.

He raised his eyebrow to her in a winning manner.He was about to walk away.

Khushi:Why are you looking at me like you had won the World record?

Arnav:Tolerating you as a wife is not less than that,Right Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada.

He went away smiling.She stood there in anger.That is when it clicked her.

Khushi(To herself)Arey...What had i done?I had not told anything to Arnavji till now.If he get to know about it in any way.Then he will feel bad.I think i should tell all about me to Arnavji tonight.

She nodded her head to herself.

Khushi:(To herself)But night?How can i say in night.He always uses to work in laptop till 9:00.Okay,I will say to him after 9.But,he uses to lay down in the bed after that.And i sleeps near poolside.(Angrily)He will only sleep nearby 11:00,Then why is he lying down in the bed?

She thinked deeply for some plan.Suddenly it clicked her.

Khushi:Wow...Khushi..You are so intelligent.And that Laad Governer always calls me Mad.

In AR Designs:

There was only Aman,Arnav and Sheetal in his cabin.

Arnav(In ASR mode)So keen to make plans.Hai na?


Arnav:No..You are not decieved to...And let me remind you one thing very sharply...

Sheetal gulped.

Arnav:Khushi is my wife.If you dare to cross on her paths next time,The you will face the wrath of me. than this.

Arnav:Yes...More wrath than this.If you try to make a scratch on her,Then i will burn you in alive. Understood?

Sheetal nodded her head in agreement.

Arnav:And you have an offer.You are a model na?


Arnav:Now you can't continue working in AR.

Sheetal:I know ASR.

Arnav:One more offer.

He smiled at her.

Arnav:Go a from Delhi.You cannot continue as a model in Delhi.I had informed all the fashion house in Delhi,Not to accommodate you.So the better thing is to fled from Delhi itself.Got it.

She looked at him in Shock.He went away from there wearing his sun glasses.{Imagine ASR's Tone}

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Jun 4, 2014

Khushi's Idea to speak to Arnav..Failed.. (By Blackandwhite) (Thanked: 70 times)

It was night.All were having Dinner.As usual it was a time of cracking jokes and some mastii.Nk was making everyone laugh with his poor poor Hindi.Dinner was finished.He went to his room.He saw that Khushi was arranging her blanket and pillow near poolside.

Arnav:(In Mind)I must say her to sleep in bed today.

Arnav:Khushi..Voh..Are you fine?

Khushi:Ji..I ma fine..But why did you asked?

Arnav:I mean are you feeling any stress due to grape...

Khushi:(cutting him)I m fine perfectly.And why are standing here.You should sleep now.

Saying this she lay down and closed her eyes.Before Arnav coyuld react everything was over.He moved to washroom.

Khushi stood up and walked towards the bed.

Khushi:Time to execute the plan.

After some time,Arnav came out and saw that Khushi is sleeping peacefully near poolside.

He went near the bed.He sat in the bed and felt something wet.He stood up and looked at the bed.

Arnav:(yelled)WHAT THE HELL?????

Khushi smiled ti herself and sat there.

Khushi:(Acting to be sleepy)What happen?Why are you yelling out at this hour?


Khushi:If you want water,then drink it.Why are you yelling?

Arnav:(He dragged Khushi near his bed)Look at the bed...It is fully wet damnit.

Khushi:Hai Devimayya...How did this happen?

Arnav looked at Khushi suspiciously .

Khushi(gulping)Why are you looking at me like i had done something to this poor bed.?

Arnav:Because..You were the only one who was in this room.

Khushi:(Making a sad face)Means you don't trust me...(She looked sideways to him during her acting)

Khushi:Now what to do?

Arnav:Hmmm....Now there is only one way.

Khushi:I was about to say that to you.You can also sleep with me...

Arnav:I can sleep in the recliner.


Arnav:What ???Recliner is there na...Don't worry i will sleep on it.

Saying this he lay down on the recliner.

She stood there frozen.

Khushi:(Muttering angrily)Recliner???Oh god..Why didn't i thought of this stupid recliner...Everything failed.I wasted one jug water unnecessarily.Now what to do...This recliner is the villain between us.

Leave it Khushi..We will think something marvelous tomorrow..

Arnav:(Still closing his eyes)ow did you need any invitation to go and sleep.

Khushi:Can i ask you something?


Khushi:Are you going to start any company for printing invitation.Means you always uses that dialogue.

Arnav:(shot opened his eyes)(He looked at her angrily.)

Khushi:I mean..Your dialogues are very good..I am going to sleep..

Khushi lay down near the poolside and looked at Arnav.She noticed his uncomfortable pose ..

Khushi:(Sadly)I am sorry Arnavji..I am sorry for making you sleep in that recliner.I was thinking that you will sleep with me here and we will talk all night.How good it was..If you would have...

Slowly a tear escaped from her eye.

She looked at the stars and slowly closed her eyes.

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Jun 5, 2014

Black Coffee and Dress by Hariprakashji... (By Blackandwhite) (Thanked: 76 times)

Next Morning:

Arnav was getting ready for his office.Hp came with his coffee.Hp moved to the wardrobe and took out Arnav's dress and placed it in the bed.



Arnav: Black coffee is okay.But it is not necessary to select the dress for me everyday.

Hp:Woh Arnav bitwa..I was just...By the way..How is the coffee?

Arnav(Looked at him in confusion)It's Okay...You have turned to be an expert in coffee making.

Hp went from there smiling.He signaled Khushi who was hiding outside near the door.

Arnav:What had happened to everyone?Has all turned mad?Maybe..yes..Afterall..All is with Khushi all the time.Then there is no mistake of them to be turning mad.

Khushi:(muttering to herself angrily)Haww...Everyday i make varieties of coffee.I make Hariprakashji to take the dress from the cupboard of my wish for you..But expert is him..Hai na?

Arnav suddenly turned and looked towards the door.Khushi soon ran from there with her life..This was a routine for Khushi now.She will make Black coffee and will tell Hariprakashji to select dress for Arnav which she wishes.She always will hide behind the door and looks inside.Because our Dear Arnav will not drink anything from Khushi.3 glasses had been broken.So this idea was better...Don't think so much.This the idea of our great Khushi...

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Jun 8, 2014

Yours Khushi (By Blackandwhite) (Thanked: 77 times)

While running down Khushi met with Shyam.

Shyam:Khushi,Did you talked with Anjali?Means.Our plan is all set..Isn't it?

Khushi:(Hitting her head)Arey...I almost forget it...Don't worry..I will manage everything.

Shyam:It's okay..I am sure that my plan is going to work.I avoided Anjali all night.She was desperate on it.But i will make everything clear today..

Khushi: But i am loosing hope on my plan,After the failure of yesterday's plan.

Shyam:Yesterday's Plan..What?


Saying this she moved to kitchen. Arnav was going towards door.He turned to look what is going near dining area.

Khushi:Please Anjaliji...Come with me na..It will be so fun.

Anjali:No..No Khushiji..Not today...My mood is off today..

Khushi:That's why..Come with me na...I will make your mood good..

Arnav:What the!!!!

They two turned and looked at Arnav.

Anjali:Chotte...You still didn't go to office?

Khushi:Arnavji...You still didn't go to office?

Arnav:Can't you both see..And Khushi you,If Di didn't want to come with you anywhere,Then why are you pushing her?

Khushi:(In Mind)Laad Governer Kahikee..He always comes in the correct time and give his important lessons..And as always my plan will be failed..No i need to take Anjaliji with me..

Khushi:Arnavji..Look Anjaliji's mood is off...So if she come with me to shopping,then what will happen?

Arnav:Di..Please it's better if you don't go with her..The good mood which is remaining in you will also be off.

Khushi:Haww...Aap?How can you say something like that..

Saying this they starts to fight...Seeing them fight Anjali finally spoken.

Anjali:Acha teek hai...Khushiji..I will come with you.

Khushi:(Smiling widely)Thank you Anjaliji..(She gave Arnav a wining smile)

Khushi:Arnavji..I think you are getting late.

Arnav looked at her in anger and left from there.He stopped near his car and turned towards his home and smiled to himself thinking of Khushi.

Anjali and Khushi went out Shopping.They went to a mall.Khushi bought just a small ring.They were simply roaming around the mall.

Khushi:Anjaliji...I am tired..I think we should have something..



Khushi dragged her to a nearby restaurant.

Anjali:Khushji..Why here?I mean we should have...

Khushi:Come na..

They sat in a table.

Anjali:Khushji..There is no one here...Just we two..WHY?

Khushi:(Acting as not listening to her)Anjaliji...There is no signal in my phone..I will go out and speak..

Saying this she went from there leaving Anjali alone.

Anjali:But Khushiji to speak to whom?

Suddenly all the lights were on..That was a well decorated place. Shyam was standing there smiling..

Shyam:Sorry Anjali...

Saying this he hugged her...

Shyam:I am sorry for everything...And I love you...

Anjali:(nodded her head in positive)

They talked sitting ether and hard a coffee..

Anjali:Arey..Where is Khushiji?

Shyam:Will be in home..


Shyam:Thank you Khushi..

Anjali:Means..(Soon she got everything clear)

They two burst into laugh.

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Jun 11, 2014

A Game... (By Blackandwhite) (Thanked: 63 times)

At Raizada Mansion:

Khushi entered the house. Arnav was coming down.

Khushi:Arey..You?It's almost 12 and you still here.

Arnav:I came to take a file.You came in car??


Arnav:Where is Di?

Khushi:In Mall..Voh..

Arnav:(Cutting her)What the hell?Are you out of senses?You left Di all alone in mall.

Khushi:Arnvaji...Shyamji and Anjaliji is having their lunch together in restuarant.


Khushi:What happen?You are not scolding me?

Arnav:I came to take the file.It's very important.(He was about to move out and She inside)And please,Don't come with any damn lunch.

Khushi just nodded her head.

Khushi:Bye..(She waved her hands to him)

Arnav raised his eyebrow indicating what, in shock.She smiled and moved inside.

Days started to move like express train.Shyam said Khushi to call him Bhaiyya and Anjali said Khushi to call her Di.

It had been a month since Arshi marriage.

All were sitting in the hall except Arnav.

Nk:So today we are going to play a game.

Anjali: Game?What game?

Nk: Today is Sunday...So a cool game.I and Nani are the judges.

Khushi: Judges?

Nk: Ok everyone listen..I will explain the marthe of the game.

Everyone looked each other confusingly.

Shyam: Marthe?

Akashi: Nk bhai..It's not Marthe,It's Sharthe.

All laughed at this.

Nk: Yeah that one.Everyone will play as pairs.We will ask one of each pair some question regarding the other pair.

Nk:I mean the pairs are,:Anjali-Shyam,Payal-Akash,Mamiji-Mamaji,Khushi-Arnav.

Nk:I and Nani will ask the male pairs some questions.

Mami:Hello Hai Bye Bye!What sort of questions?

Nk:Mami,I will ask the husbands,their wives likes and dislikes.Just simple.And those who said wrong had to do whatever that is ordered by their sweet wifes.

Arnav: Stupidity.

Everyone turned and looked at him.Arnav was going to take water,That when he heard this.

Nk:Nannav meri bhai,This is awesome isn't it guys?

All others:Yes!!!

Anjali:Chhotte,Come and sit with us.(Looking at Shyam)Let us wives know how much you husbands know about us.

Khushi:(In Mind)Laad Governer and Game!!!This year's greatest joke.It is good if he doesn't sit,What did he know about me?The answer is nothing Khushi.

Arnav:I have work.

Saying this he went his room,Making everyone shocked.

Sorry for not updating this three days...

My father was hospitalized....I was so sad...

Thank you all....Love you all..

And as you know my Sister and Mom don't like me writing in this site..

So forgive me if i don't update....

I will end the story in 10 updates merely...

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Jun 13, 2014

How did Arnavji know all these things????? (By Blackandwhite) (Thanked: 77 times)


Khushi:It's okay Anjaliji..You all play.I will watch you guys.

Everyone unwillingly accepted it.The game went very good.Nk was constantly pulling each and everyone's leg.

It was evening. Khushi was pacing around the room.

Khushi:(To herself)Hai devimayya..It had been one month still i didn't disclose the matter to Arnavji.How can you be so irresponsible Khushi?

She muttering all thsi to herself,When Arnav entered inside the room.She banged on to him.She was about to fall down,But as always Arnav caught her before she could.

...Rabba Ve...

She was having her eyes closed.Feeling something different she slowly opened her eyes.Arnav was staring at her.She was looking simply beautiful.

Khushi's Saree:

{I forgot to mention Khushi is always wearing saree after marriage..Okay}

After a long time.They both came back to senses.He left her and she left him.

Khushi:When did you came?

Arnav:Why?Was me on Australia to came back.

Khushi:(Muttering)Laad Governer started again.

She gave a huge smile to him and moved to the bed to arrange the clothes.

Khushi:By the it was good.



Arnav:That,That ..What damnit?

Khushi:It was good that you didn't sit with us in the game.All just only mistaked two or three questions.If you would have there,then the whole 15 questions would have been wrong.

Arnav: Excuse me???

Khushi:What is the wrong in my words?You would never have said one right answer..

Arnav:Oh really...Why are you so sure?

Khushi:Because you only always say"Khushi Kumari Gupta,I am not at all interested in your stupidity" 

Isn't it?I bet you.

Arnav:Don't bet with so confidence.You will fail in the bet.


Arnav:So ask?


Arnav:You can ask me 15 questions.


Arnav:Haan..But if i win you should have to do what ever i say.

Khushi:You and win?That will never happen.Okay..Let's start.But what if i win?

Arnav:You can say.

Khushi:(Thinking)Okay..You have full fill my 3 wishes,If you mistaked a single question also.


They two sat on the bed.

Khushi:Question No.1:What is my favourite colour?


Khushi:(Shocking to a core)How come you know?

Arnav:Next please.

Khushi:(Making a face and thinking)Okay,Question No 2:What is my favourite sweet?

Arnav:Jalebi...All know it.

Khushi:(In mind:Khushi you are too much.All knows it)Okay..Question No 3:Which is my favourite season?

Arnav:Rainy season.

Khushi:Okay Ok..Question No.4:Which is my favourite Icecream?


Khushi:(In mind)How did Arnavji know all these things?????

Arnav:Ask me Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada..Ask me...You are going to loose.

Khushi:(stammering) But.. H..ow  d..i.d  yo.u.  Kno..w  all

Thank you for all those who read my story....

My father is now perfectly fine...

Sorry for the mistakes....

Thank you.............

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