Valentine Competion -Arnav and Khushi

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Feb 3, 2012

Valentine Competion -Arnav and Khushi (By Tvlover) (Thanked: 12 times)

This is the way I think that Valentine's day Should be celebrated between Arnav And story line might be different as the future episodes till 14th feb might show something else..But I am going to use my imagination and let it roll..Hope you guys like it...

Hope I win the competition too.....he he

Raizada house- 13th feb 10:00 pm

Everybody was sitting in the drawing room, celebrating the happiness that their famiy had just gained after Payal and Akash's wedding. Anjali was sitting with Nani on the couch. She had a big smile on her face. She was going through the wedding album. Nani was also completely engrossed in the memories.

Anjali looked at one photograph and looked at Payal and said "You look beautiful. You both look beautiful together. You have no idea how happy I am for the both of you".

At this statement Payal blushed and gave Anjali a smile. She was sitting with Akash, directly opposite to Anjali and Nani. Akash looked at Payal and then looked at his sister and said "I know di, I feel like I am the luckiest guy in the world"

With this statement NK stood up, who was sitting adjacent to Akash. He was excited as ususal and said, "You know di, we should have a party tomorrow. It will be Akash and Payal's first valentine's day together and it needs to be celebrated. We'll just invite family members and few friends. So what do you say?"

"That is exactly what I was talking to Nani about this afternoon. We'll have a small get together. It will be so much fun. I'll even call Khushi tomorrow morning for the preparations. She's good at this stuff. Right Nani?" she finished while looking at Nani and closed the wedding album.

"Of course. Although I really don't celebrate whatever it is tomorrow, but I do love to dance so go ahead" said Nani while standing up from the couch.

"Thanks a lot Nani. It'll be in honour of our beautiful newlywed couple" said NK

"No ways. That's not possible. I was supposed to fly there tomorrow and finalise the deal. How can they possibly postpone it? I have rescheduled everything. I had cleared all my other meetings just for that deal. Did you talk to them again?" came Arnav's voice, who was getting down from the stairs while talking on his phone. He seemed pretty upset because his meeting was postponed.

"What happened Chotte?" asked Anjali a bit worried. She went closer to him and patted him on his shoulder.

"Nothing Di. Its just my meeting for tomorrow got cancelled. I had cleared my schedule for tomorrow for this and ...." answered Arnav now looking even more angry.

"Thats actually a good news. We are throwing a party tomorrow in honour of Akash and Payal. Plus it's a valentine's day. So double celebration" said Anjali now her smile reaching up to her eyes.

"You can stay here and help me out in the preparations" she continued

"What? Di..." said Arnav looking surprised.

"I'll even call Khushi to help me" Anjali said in a teasing manner. She knew that Arnav would definitely light up at her name. And she was right. He was happy just by listening her name, but he dint show it to everyone.

"Fine whatever" he simply stated.

"Di, can you please let Khushi know, so that she doesn't make other plans? I would have called but me and Payal were planning to go for a walk. So please" said Akash while coming towards his sister. And after hearing a yes from her, he and Payal went outside.

"I am going to bed Anjali.I am tired." came Nani's voice

"Ok Nani. Goodnight" she replied

"So chotte" said Anjali while looking towards Arnav. She bit her lip in a smile and raised her eyebrows.

"What happened di?" asked Arnav at his sister's sudden reaction.

"Oh nothing. I was just going to call Khushi but your jija ji has a headache, so I have to make tea for him. If you're not busy can you call Khushi up may be?"She asked in a child like naughtiness

"No di. You call her. I have work" Arnav replied hesitantly

"Oh o.k. No problem. And if you're busy tomorrow also then it's okay. I and Khushi can do the work ourselves.Dont worry I'll call her up. Although I hate the fact that you don't have time to do a favour to your sister" Anjali said while making a sad face.

"No Di. Dont say that. I just have a few urgent phone calls to make regarding that meeting. I'll call her then. Ok Di" Arnav asked while holding his sister in his arms and looking into her eyes.

Anjali was happy and gave him a huge smile and said, "Ok but it's already late, hurry up"

"Ok" said Arnav and he went to his room. He made his phone calls and it was almost 11:30 pm. He knew it was late and he shouldn't call Khushi, but then he thought he might disturb her sleep. And he simply loved to torture Khushi like that. He called a couple of times. He was actually excited to hear her voice again but when she dint pick up her phone, he was very disappointed. In the back of his mind he wanted to wish Khushi a happy valentine's day. He wanted to be the first one to do so, but all his hopes and desires went in vain.

Feb 3, 2012

contd part 2 (By Tvlover) (Thanked: 19 times)

Gupta House- 13th feb 11:50 pm

Khushi was standing in the kitchen making Jalebis. Rest of the family was asleep. She was missing her sister Payal a lot. Now that Payal was married, Khushi was alone and had nobody to talk to, nobody to tease, and nobody to play her silly little games with. She was missing her sister a lot. She even had tears in her eyes. Then she looked at the time, she realized it was late and that she should sleep. She then turned the gas off and went to her room. She noticed that she had left her phone on the bed itself. She saw that the screen of her phone was lit. She picked it up and saw many missed calls from Arnav. She got a little worried. She thought maybe it was an emergency. But then she thought if it was then he would have also tried her home phone. But just to clear up her confusion she dialled Arnav's number and sat on her bed. She had a worried expression on her face as well as a scared expression. The phone started ringing.

"What the hell Khushi? Why don't you pick up your phone. I was starting to get worried" came Arnav's angry voice

"What? Its middle of the night, I could have been sleeping. And anyways, leave that. Why did you call so late? Is everything alright? Is Payal jiji alright?" she bombarded Arnav with all the questions. Arnav just kept listening her voice. He somehow felt contempt.

"Hello? Hello Arnav ji? Can you hear me? asked Khushi in her typical accent

"Yeah Yeah. Everything is alright.I just wanted to convey Di's message to you. We are having a party tomorrow. So you and your family are invited. But di has called you in the morning. She needs help in setting up the party" as Arnav said that, he looked at the time. It was almost midnight and he had finally got a chance to wish her.

"What? A party?For what? And yes sure, I'll come in the morning" said Khushi sounding a bit confused.

Arnav then explained everything to her. And then said "Yes Khushi it's a party where people wish a happy valentine's day to those whom they love"

"Ok. And I know what Valentine's day is Arnav ji" said Khushi sounding a bit frustrated

Arnav looked at his watch again and saw that it was five past 12. He had the chance. He finally spoke, "But don't expect me to say 'Happy Valentine's day Khushi'". Arnav felt happy. He had said what he wanted to but without letting her know. He had a smile on his face. He still dint understand why he was simply not telling her. He thought maybe she hates him.

Hearing that, Khushi felt her heart beat a skip. She somehow understood what he was trying to do. Suddenly she stood up from her bed and stood near the window. Wind was blowing her duppatta all over the place.

She also finally replied back,"Yeah Yeah alright. You also don't expect me to say 'Happy valentine's day Arnav ji'" She dint know why she had said that. She was taken aback by her own words.

Arnav suddenly felt a huge rush of adrenaline in his body. He was so happy; he had never felt that way.

"Fine. Whatever. I'll pick you up in the morning" he said

"NO need to. I'll come myself"

"Di asked me to Khushi" lied Arnav

"Fine" she replied

And both of them disconnected their phones. So many thoughts were going through their minds. They were both happy from inside but had a confused look on their faces. Both of them couldn't sleep that well.

The morning came and Arnav went to Khushi's house to pick her up. He was excited to see Khushi. He had been eagerly waiting for the moment. Khushi was also ready and was waiting for him outside. He came out of the car and stood next to Khushi. Both of them were looking good that day. It seemed as if they had so much to say but couldn't speak a single word. Arnav wanted to wish Khushi and hug her but just dint. He asked her if she was ready and she said she was. They both sat in the car. Just before they were about to leave a little boy came running towards the car and went to Khushi. He gave her one rose with a huge smile. Khushi also smiled back as she received her flower.

"What's this for?" she asked yet accepting the flower.

"Di, today is Valentine's Day, so this is for you" the boy replied.

"Oh how sweet. Thank you" Khushi said giggling at the innocence of the child.

The boy then moved towards Arnav's side. He gave him a smile and a wink. Arnav also did the same to him. Khushi dint notice this interaction between the two. She was putting up her seat belt. She dint come to know that Arnav was the one who gave her the flower secretly. Arnav was happy about the whole situation. He was especially happy about the fact that Khushi was happy and was smiling and giggling.

They both reached the Raizada house.

Khushi met everyone; she met Payal and hugged her, whom she was missing so badly yesterday. Amjali was happy to see Khushi. She also noticed the flower in her hand. Khushi explained her whole thing. But Anjali somehow knew that it was Arnav. The day was going good. Everyone was busy in the preparation.

Feb 3, 2012

contd part 3 (By Tvlover) (Thanked: 13 times)

Suddenly the door bell rang and a few people came in the house wanting to meet Arnav. They were from the charity. The meeting went well and Arnav gave them a huge amount of money as donation. Anjali was proud of him and so was Nani. Khushi also saw this and was surprised at this side of Arnav. Behind all the arrogance there was a kind heart. She somehow felt proud of him as well. She dint know that he had such a pure heart for giving. This had touched Khushi's heart at the deepest level. Khushi then went to the pool side while everyone was out in the drawing room. Anjali followed Khushi. She saw that Khushi had this face expression as if trying to understand something.

"What happened Khushi?" asked Anjali

"Nothing Anjali ji. It's just I dint know this side of Arnav ji. He is kind" said Khushi

Anjali laughed at the statement and said, "Of course he is kind. He is one of the kindest person's I have known. You just need to ignore the arrogant factor and then you'll know the real Arnav. It's just I am sad for him. Today is the day of love and he doesn't have anybody. Leave that, he doesn't even have anyone who can give him a flower" she said and left. She wanted Khushi to think on that fact alone. She knew Khushi that she will do something about that.

Khushi then did think about the situation. She felt sorry for Arnav. She knew that he after all was a good guy. She then decided to leave a rose in his room secretly. And so she did. She dint want him to feel alone on this beautiful day. She wanted him to feel loved and not ignored. She went to his room quietly and kept a rose on his chair and went. She had told everyone that she would come back with her family in the evening. Arnav dint want her to leave. He wanted her to stay but couldn't stop her. He felt even worse when NK offered to drop Khushi off at home. He got angry but couldn't do anything about it.

After sometime, he went to his room to get ready. It was almost time for the party. When he went in his room he saw a rose with note which said 'For you'. He was surprised and happy. He dint know whom it was from. He just got ready. He wore a black suit and looked very handsome. Then Anjali came to his room to call him downstairs. She saw him working on his laptop. She also saw the rose lying near him.

She picked it up and said ,"Isnt this Khushi's rose? It also had a petal torn. And this one also has the same. I guess she must have forgotten it here." She finished and waited for Arnav's reaction.

Arnav who was working suddenly looked up when he heard what his sister had just said. He couldn't believe it. He was so shocked and happy at the same time. His jaw dropped. He wanted to say something but couldn't. He got up and just looked at the rose. He couldn't believe that Khushi did such a sweet thing for him. That she cared for him so much. Anjali looked at her brother; she knew that she should leave him alone. So she quietly went out. Arnav also needed some space. He simply took his car and went out for some time.

When he came back, the first thing he noticed was khushi, who was sitting with his family. NK was sitting with her. Khushi also saw him and gave him a huge smile. He dint smile back but noticed that Khushi also seemed to have been looking for him. He also noticed the fact that Khushi was looking really beautiful in the pink dress that she was wearing. But instead of staying he just went up to his room.

Anjali saw the look that both Khuhsi and Arnav shared.

"Khushi ji can you please go and call Arnav from his room. I had told him to be here but he seems to have forgotten. Please?" She asked Khushi in the politest manner. She knew that Khushi wouldn't say no to her.

So khushi did agree and went upstairs. With every step she took her heat beat got faster. She finally reached Arnav's room. Went she knocked on the door it opened up and she saw a big bouquet of red roses in Arnav's hands.

"Arnav ji? She asked

"He moved the flowers and gave them to Khushi saying, "This is for you"

She was shocked; her face could tell exactly what she was thinking. She finally said "What?"

"You left that rose in the morning didn't you? And the note as well?" He simply asked

"What? What are you talking about? I dint do such a thing" she said sounding a bit nervous

By this time she moved away from him inside his room. He followed her.

"Don't lie to me Khushi" he said

"I am not lying" she said now playing with her dupatta

"Yes you are. Thank you khushi" he said now his voice softening.

"No I am not" she said again now facing him

"That day you kissed me because of a bet. I am also giving you these roses because you left one for me" he said now becoming more aware of him

"Oh so that is why. Otherwise you dint want to right?" she said too much unknowingly

"So you did leave the rose?" he asked smilingly

"No. I dint leave it for you. I left it for NK" she said now irritated and nervous

"What? In my room? He said angrily. Now grabbing her from her shoulders.

Feb 3, 2012

cont part 4 (By Tvlover) (Thanked: 11 times)

"Arnav ji. It hurts"

"Sorry Khushi" he said and releasing her arms realizing what he was doing

"This is the reason I left that rose for NK and not for you" she lied

"No you dint. And I don't want you to talk about him or spend time with him" he said sounding more angry. He moved away from her.

Khushi got upset at this and moved closer towards him and said, "Why? And why shouldn't I do that?"

Arnav got very very frustrated at this. He couldn't think about Khushi and NK being together. He just couldn't.

He finally moved more closer to Khushi and said, "Because of this"

He finished the sentence and Kissed Khushi on her forehead very slowly and then looked into her eyes. Khushi was stunned at what she experienced right at that moment. She wanted to move away but couldn't, she wanted to say something but couldn't. She looked back in his eyes and was almost lost in them. Then something just happened. Khushi finally moved back. She tried to move away and get out of his room. But before she could go, Arnav grabbed her hand and pulled her closer towards him. She tried to get away again.

"You left that rose for me. Why?" Arnav asked

"I don't have to answer that" she simply said

"I asked the little kid to give you that rose" said Arnav and smiled at Khushi.

"What? No you did not" said Khushi still stunned

"Khushi I......" he said but coulnt finish

But he did pull her more closer and hugged her. Khushi gave herself away. She hugged him as well. They both then came out of the moment. Khushi again stepped back.

"Why did you give me that rose?" she finally asked

"I can ask you the same thing." He said

"I asked you first" she said

"Because I.." Arnav was cut off by a voice from downstairs

They both realized that they had been upstairs for quiet sometime and got a hold of themselves. They went downstairs. But when they did, they just ignored each other.

"Let's dance everybody" announced NK

Akash and Payal were the first ones to dance. Then the rest of the family started dancing and enjoying. Finally after a lot of enjoyment and happiness it was time to leave. Arnav once again was heartbroken; Khushi was leaving his sight again.

"Bhuaji if you if you don't mind can Khushi stay here with us tonight" asked Anjali from Bhuaji while all of them were standing at the door. Bhuaji was happy and she accepted. Khushi for once was not happy. She wanted to go away. She wanted her heart to get a break and relax. But then again she did want to spend time with her sister. So she also happily agreed. Arnav couldn't believe his luck. He was so happy, he wanted to hug her sister for doing such a huge favour to him.

"Oh Wow Khushi ji that is so exciting. We can talk all night long" Said NK in an exciting manner.

Arnav just ignored the fact that NK had just said that but it was true. He could talk to her all night long.

All the guests finally took off and Khushi stayed behind.

"Well you guys have fun and I am going to rest" said Nani and went to her room

"Why don't we play truth or dare?" said NK

"Wow let's play" said Anjali sounding very excited

Everybody gathered around and sat on the floor in a circle. There was a bottle and lots of enthusiasm.

"There is one rule. Because it's late so everybody who so ever gets a chance will have to choose and then leave the circle. So finally the last person left will be the winner. Ok" stated Anjali and everyone agreed.

The bottle was spun and it was NK's turn. He chose dare. He was asked to dance on a hindi song and so he did. Then it was Payal's turn and she chose dare as well. She completed her task as well and so did Akash. Then only three of them were left. Then came Anjali's turn. She chose truth

"What is the one thing that you truely desire?" asked NK although he was out of the game. She smiled and answered in a very simple manner

"Arnav ki Khushi (Arnav's happiness)" and then she looked at both of them who then looked at each other for some time.

"Thankyou di" Arnav said trying to ignore her sister's stare.

The bottle started spinning again and finally Khushi's turn came. She chose dare

"Are you sure?" asked Arnav raising one eye brow

"Yes I am" said Khushi with an arrogant tone

"Ok. SO I dare you to do something special for someone" he said with a smirk

"For whom?" Khuhsi asked hesitantly

"For the winner" said Anjali excitedly

"What? No?" she said and got up

"No? But why? Whatever" said Arnav and simply left in anger

"I guess he got a little upset. He'll be fine" said Anjali and everybody left for their rooms.

Khushi was upset that Arnav was upset. She did want to do something to make him happy. She dint know why but she just did. Some time passed by and Haripraksh went to Arnav's room and said that he was called at the pool side. He was already upset and dint want to go but when he heard that Khushi had called him he agreed and went.

When he reached the pool he saw that the pool was decorated with candles on all sides and there were a lot of rose petals.

Feb 3, 2012

contd part 5 (By Tvlover) (Thanked: 15 times)

He looked surprised and when he saw Khushi he was just so happy.

"You were about to say something earlier" Khushi simply asked and came closer to him

"You did all this?" he asked

"For you" she answered

"Khushi I.." he was about to say and was cut off

"I lost in the game so" she said

"What? This is just for the game?" he asked in a disappointed tone

"Yes of course and because" she said but then kept quiet

"What Khushi?" he asked now so close to her that he could almost feel her breath

"Arnav ji" she said

"Happy Valentine's day Khushi" he finally said

"Happy Valentine's day Arnav ji" she also said

There was something that changed in the air and Arnav just felt different somehow and just wanted to say something. And he did. But before he said he just went in closer and kissed Khushi on her cheek and then her neck. Khushi closed her eyes and felt the sensation. But then she opened her eyes and stepped back. She had a smile on her face and wanted to move away. Arnav again grabbed her hand and hugged her. He then slowly whispered in her ear

"I love you Khushi Kumari Gupta"

She smiled and felt the happiness which she was waiting for so long. She knew this was it, now she had everything that she ever wanted in her life. She felt happy and lucky that finally the day had come that she felt loved and cared for by the one she always wanted to.

"I love you too laad governer" she said

Arnav felt that his world was complete and now there was nothing more that he wanted. He had his happiness in true sense.


Hope you all like it

Feb 3, 2012

contd part....... (By Tvlover) (Thanked: 11 times)

Ok so the first 5 myViews were for competition and this one is just for the readers who want me to continue. Hope this is not against the rules or anything. Now the valentines day is over and that is the way I want them to celebrate..The next part is right after 14th feb hope you guys like the continuation....And please vote for my story to win the competition..............

Feb 3, 2012

contd part 6 (By Tvlover) (Thanked: 11 times)

It was after midnight and something in the air changed, both of them felt it. Then finally they came back to reality from their earlier magical moment. They felt like they were under a spell or something or simply they were just meant to be together on that beautiful day and express their emotions. The reality seemed a bit weird to them but finally they had to let go of whatever they were holding on too.

"Why the hell do you keep fighting with me then?" Arnav finally asked. He was still holding her in his embrace, he never wanted to let go off her.

"What? I don't fight with you. You're the one who keeps on getting angry at me and keep on shouting with me" she said in anger now moving away from him. They both somehow knew that their happy moments don't last much longer and so it did happen.

"I never want to Khushi. You don't know what you do to me. You have this control on me that nobody else does. I just can't help myself and when I can't help myself I lose control and you're the one who has to bear with the consequences" Arnav tried to explain.

"So you are again going to blame me for you getting angry and shouting at me? Is that what you are saying" said Khushi with a frustrated look on her face. She couldn't understand what all was going on.

"Khushi..." Arnav tried to say something but was interrupted by Khushi, who was now walking away from him

"Did you even mean what you had just said? Or was it just you lost control once again. Like the day you did when you announced your engagement to Lavanya ji?" said Khushi, but she knew she had said too much and now she herself dint know what to expect.

"What? What did you just say?" said Arnav in a very angry tone. He came up close to her but this time dint touch her.

"You heard me" she replied

"What the hell is wrong with you?" he shouted at her from behind. Khushi was still not looking towards him. She was just confused with the whole situation. She dint reply to him. She just kept standing there silently.

"Oh wait a minute. Let me guess. You dint mean it either. You just wanted to use this situation and my vulnerability to your own benefit dint you. That ok a rich guy likes me so why not just go ahead with it. Right?" he said with a lot of anger in his voice. He knew he was crossing the line there but he as usual couldn't stop himself.

Khushi, who till now was just listening to all the nasty things that was being said to her. She dint say a word. She just turned towards him with tears in her eyes and a lot of hurt in her heart. She just did not know how to react. She felt numb.

"Khushi...Khushi...please don't cry" said Arnav in a very low whisper. Khushi could see it in her eyes that he knew that he had hurt her the most right now. But what she couldn't understand was that one minute he was shouting at her and the next minute he is trying to console her. She knew that it was his typical behaviour but to change in a second was a bit too harsh.

"Let me go Arnav ji. Please move out of the way. It's late and I need to go and I wouldn't get in your way either from tomorrow. I hope you don't get to see my face as I don't want to disturb your precious expensive time by pouring my heart out. The mistake which I committed won't happen again. I will just not......" she said while crying. Her voice was barely audible because she felt so betrayed right now, somebody special to her had played with her feelings be it intentionally or unintentionally.

When she said that, Arnav took a step back. Did he really say what he had just said, how could have he done that? He knew that Khushi was not one of those girls, he knew from the bottom of his heart. He knew she was an innocent girl who just wants to keep everyone happy around her and for once she wanted to be happy. She wanted to enjoy and that also because he himself had initiated the fact. He had to do something, but he knew that right now wasn't a good time. She was on the verge of running away from him. He had to give her space and he himself had to think through things. He himself had to compose himself.

"Khushi please take care of yourself" is all Arnav could say before Khushi left his side and went away to her guest room

Khushi reached her bed and let her emotions out. She silently sobbed the whole night. "What does he think of himself? I will not let him play with my heart again like that. I will not become so weak again. I will stay away from him no matter what" Khushi thought to herself.

While Arnav was lying on his bed, he tried to think of what just had happened. He then promised himself that he will make things better and that he will not let Khushi down again. He will trust her and will win her trust back. He knew that they were meant to be. Tomorrow will be a new beginning and now this love hate relation would change completely into love and full of happiness. Tomorrow he will make Khushi's most memorable day. He had decided that no matter what happens, he will leave his hatred behind and love no matter what.

Feb 4, 2012

Contd part 7 ..................... (By Tvlover) (Thanked: 10 times)

The next day Khushi woke up early and met Anjali who was already up. She told her that she was not feeling well and wanted to go home. Anjali could see it from her red swollen eyes that Khushi had been crying all night and probably dint get one wink of sleep.

"What happened Khushi?" asked Anjali with a worried concern

"Nothing Anjali ji. Ok I'll take your leave. Please tell Payal jiji that I am sorry I couldn't meet her before leaving, I'll do so when I get well otherwise she'll worry unnecessarily" finished Khushi and went out the Raziada mansion without hearing what Anjali was saying

"Anjali knew that something major had happened otherwise Khushi wouldn't react like that. She went straight to Arnav's room. She saw that he was also pacing in the room and looked that he also hadn't slept all night. He had a very worried and tense look on his face. Anjali dint want to disturb him and thought of giving him his space.

"Hariprakash!" shouted Arnav without looking at the door.

"What is it Chotte? Do you need anything?" asked Anjali now entering as she saw her brother in need.

"Oh Di! When did you come. And actually i just want a strong black coffee. I have very bad headache. I don't think I'll be able to go to office today as well.

"Oh my god. Do you need any medication? Do you want me to give you a head massage?" asked Anjali worriedly now hugging her little brother

"Thanks di.But I am fine. I just will have coffee and thats all" he replied

"Chotte if you don't mind, can I ask you a question?" she asked hesitantly asked

"Sure di" Now sounding a bit calm

"Did you and Khushi have a fight?" she asked not knowing whether she will get an answer for her question or not

"What? Why would you ask that? Did Khushi say something? Is she alright?" he asked hurriedly

"She din't say anything. She just left and she wasn't looking that well. Are you too alright?" she asked him now looking straight into his eyes

"What she left already? She dint even meet me" he said while looking on the floor. Guilt now rushing through his body

"Yes she did" Anjali said and dint ask anymore as she thought if her brother dint feel comfortable telling her anything right now then she wouldn't pressure him

"Ok I'll get that coffee for you" she continued and left

'I need to go talk to her. But how on earth would I make her listen to me' Arnav thought to himself

'I'll go to her house and she'll have to talk to her. No that's not a good idea. I'll tell di to call her home. But no she will never come home today or ever actually. What the hell should I do?' he continued thinking and he kept pacing up and down. Finally he stopped as an idea struck his mind. He had a mischievous smile on his face. He had just thought of a perfect way to solve his biggest problem till yet.

Gupta house

The door bell rings and Bhuaji opens up the door. She sees Hariprakash and he gives a box of jalebi's and said that Anjali ji forgot to give it to Khushi ji. He also mentioned that they are specially for Khushi and that he had more sweets for the rest of the family. Bhuaji accepted the sweets very graciously. She then went to Khushi's room and saw that she was lying in her bed.

"Anjali ji has sent these for you Khushi" Bhuaji said and went to her bed and sat close to her

"Ok Bhuaji can you please leave it here. I'll look at it later" Khushi said without opening her eyes

"Are you alright dear. You seem unwell" Bhuaji asked in a concerned voice

"I am fine Bhuaji" said Khushi and sat up in the bed "So what did Anjali ji send for me" she asked for the packet and held out both her hands so that Bhuaji could place it in her hands

"Ok here it is" Bhuaji place it on her hands, "You eat and I'll go make some tea for you. Alright?" while she said that she patted Khuhsi's head with a lot of concern

"Thankyou BHuaji" said Khushi with a huge smile on her face. She was just trying to make her feel better

'How sweet of Anjali ji. She must have felt that I was not well and sent what I really wanted' Khushi thought to herself

She then opened the packet. Instead of Jalebi's she found a letter and two photographs which were kept upside down. She looked very surprised. When she opened the letter her jaw dropped when she saw the first line.

Feb 4, 2012

Valentine competition- Arnav & Khushi ..contd part 8..... (By Tvlover)


Khushi was shocked reading the first line

‘I apologize to you from the bottom of my heart and Arnav Singh Raizada does not apologize to anybody. Here is something that I found which I find appropriate for the moment’

Somebody was there,

Waiting in the shadows,

I was afraid but curious,

I wanted to go away,

But I wanted to know,

Dark was the night,

The stars were covered in the blanket of clouds,

I tried to bring a fire,

To pierce through the shadow,

I wanted to see the face,

But the wind was against me,

In light I lost the race,

It was too hard and too strong,

My fire couldn’t hold on,

It disturbed me,

I felt it burn my hand,

But the shadow came near,

It touched my burn,

The softness was kind,

But the face was still away from,

I wanted it to turn,

I tried moving in the direction,

But it kept running away,

I wanted to race

But I was barefoot,

The thorns gave way to blood,

My soles slowed my pace,

The hidden face again slowed,

It came near me,

The unknown but soft hands were beneath my feet,

The night was about to vanish,

The day was about to begin,

The shadow was afraid,

I could feel its tension,

In the darkness I held the hand,

We fled to a safe spot,

Where there was nothing but darkness was brought,

The shadow seemed happy,

The hidden face now i slowly could make out,

There was a smile,

The shadow was the woman of my dreams,

Our hearts just connected,

We could feel it in us,

But the reason was still unknown,

Both of us still in disbelief,

Tried to reach each other,

But like something was blocking us,

We couldn’t finish what we just wanted to start,

Suddenly the earth shifted,

There was a huge shake,

The dark space was breaking down,

Now there was a huge wall between us,

We tried to take away the stones,

But the pressure was too much,

There seemed nothing but hurt,

Each time we tried,

So we decided to give up,

We said our goodbyes,

And slowly started to go apart,

But neither one of us knew,

That the other one lied,

We both tried at our ends,

Hoping that there still be a chance,

I was not sure I will find her,

But just couldn’t stop,

Then like the God’s heard us,

There came strong water current,

It slowly eroded the rocks,

And we once again came together,

Now the dark shadow was slowly becoming more clear,

It was not afraid of the light,

And I was not afraid of the dark,

She put one step forward,

And so did I,

It was like magic,

We were just meant to be,

I finally could see her,

Whom I had loved,

She was beautiful like an angel,

I was able to touch her,

She came close to me,

We exchanged our love,

I accidently hurt her,

She started to run again,

But I held her hand and apologised,

She knew it was not intentional,

I was there to stay for her,

I was earlier afraid of darkness,

And she was afraid of light,

She understood,

I understood,

We finally let our love shine bright,

I was with her,

And she was finally with me.

‘The angel is you Khushi and I am truly sorry for whatever I have done till date. I hope you would accept my apology and believe me that I do love you. It took me a long time to admit and to say but you know it as well I do that we are meant for each other. We belong with each other. I have never believed in love but you changed my attitude and now I see myself only with you. I cannot promise that I won’t make mistakes or that I won’t shout but one thing that I can promise is that I will always love you no matter what’

Khushi was absolutely astonished at what she had read. The great Arnav Singh Raizada was finally admitting to his mistake and was finally admitting to his feelings as well. Her mouth was still open and she kept blinking her eyes in disbelief. She read the letter again, once twice thrice, but still couldn’t wrap her head around it. She was just trying to understand what she was reading. She then folded the letter and kept it back in the box but before she saw the photographs, she stood up from her bed with a slight smile on her face. She had forgotten all that happened yesterday, all that he had said to her, all that she had said to him in anger. She was just happy once again. But she took a deep breath and kept her hand on her heart to control her now strongly beating heart. She then pinched herself heard to see if this was all a dream

“Ouch!” she said out loud.

‘Why did I have to pinch myself so hard’ she thought to herself and then again she smiled. She then slapped at the back of her head slightly, so as to come over her silliness. She felt like she was a child again. She finally went back to her bed where she previously had kept the box. She picked up the box in her hands and took out the two photographs. She kept the box back on the bed. She then slowly turned one photograph. And she laughed out loud when she saw that picture. It was a photograph of a monkey making a sorry face while holding his ears with his hands. Arnav was practically begging for forgiveness.

Feb 4, 2012

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And that gesture was just seemed to be working pretty well. She finally stopped laughing and took the other photograph. On the back of the photograph it was written 'This is how it is supposed to be'. Then she flipped the photograph and saw that it was her and Arnav standing together. She recognized from the clothes that it was taken during Akash and Payal's wedding. The photographer must have taken when both of them were looking at each other. It was a very sweet and adorable shot. She had not seen it before. It was as if Arnav had secretly hid it before anyone else could see. She then understood the message which was written on the back of the photograph. She just took the photograph and practically hugged it and she was smiling all the way. But then suddenly she remembered what he had said to her yesterday. She wanted to call him right at that moment but then stopped herself. But there was something that was telling her that she needs to see him, not because she loved him but because he needed her. She ridiculed the thought and told her heart to just shut up.

Raizada Mansion

After instructing Hariprakash Arnav came downstairs. He was in the kitchen with his sister who was making coffee for him. Anjali heard a sudden thud sound. She instantly looked back and she gasped in horror. She saw that her brother was lying on the floor.

"Chotte Chotte..wake up! What happened to you?" she said worriedly. She was now on the floor with her brother trying to wake him up. She was holding him from his shoulder. She even tried to wake him up by splashing water on his face. But nothing seemed to help. He was just not waking up.

"Nani! Akash!" she screamed at the top of her lungs.

Everyone came running into the kitchen and they were all shocked at the scene.

"What happened Anjali?" asked Nani

"What happened Di?" asked Akash at the same time as Nani

Before she could answer Payal also came into the kitchen and when she saw Arnav lying on the floor she put her hand on her mouth in shock.

"He just fainted...... I don't know what happened....... He was fine one minute ago, but he was complaining of a ........headache" she tried to finish her sentence as she was crying. She couldn't see her brother lying on the floor like that.

"I'll inform the hospital and we'll take him there in the car. Akash go and get everything ready" said Mamaji who was also standing by his side. He then picked Arnav up with the help of NK and Hariprakash, who was now back from Gupta house. And by that time Akash went running to get everything prepared. Anjali could hardly work and Payal came to her side. Mamiji was also trying to console her. They all soon left for the hospital.


Arnav was taken into the ICU and the press reporters were everywhere outside the hospital. They somehow came to know about the illness of the great business tycoon. Anjali was pacing out side the ICU worried sick to her stomach. She had tried calling her husband, but his phone seemed to be switched off. Payal was also with her all the way long. Mamaji and Akash were talking to the other doctors. NK had gone to bring some water for everyone. Nani was sitting along with Mamiji on the bench. Arnav was being attended to by the doctors. One of them came out started asking some questions about him from Akash. He dint know all that well so he called his sister

"Di! The doctors want some information" Akash said sounding very worried but he was trying to stay composed

She came to the doctor and wiped away her tears and said,"What is it doctor? Is he alright? Is he going to be alright?" she couldn't think clearly, her dear brother was lying in the ICU.

"Anjali ji did he have any food since yesterday? Or anything at all to eat for that matter?" the doctor asked with a concerned voice

"Actually I don't think so. He did have dinner but he dint eat that much. Why what happened?" she asked

"His sugar levels dropped to a mere 24. His body couldn't take it. He dint even have breakfast?" he asked

"What? No. He din't. I was just preparing something for him right when he fainted. Is he going to be ok?" she again had tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Don't worry Anjali ji. He is going to be okay. We have given him glucose as well as the medication. So he's going to be okay. But we will keep him here two days just to do all the tests and for observation" he said and then went into Arnav's room.

"Oh my God!" said Anjali and went to the temple in the hospital vicinity " Please keep him safe" she said while folding her hands in front of the statute of the Goddess. She then came back and sat close to her Nani. She kept her head on her shoulder and her Nani patted her head with all the love and care

"Dont worry Anjali. The doctors said that he's going to be okay.We are all with him and we will pray for him" said Nani

"Why dint he eat anything Nani. Or did he? I don't know. He seemed disturbed last night. I think he and Khushi had a fight.

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