It was only a kiss [TS] - (Completed)

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May 16, 2014

It was only a kiss [TS] (By Dpatel) (Thanked: 106 times)

It was only a kiss [TS]

This TS will be in three parts. The topic says it all. How a simple kiss cause havoc per se in two people’s life. How a simple declaration of love clear the misunderstanding of the misguided statement that was said after a kiss.

First part would be Khushi’s POV (Point of View) after the kiss she received from Arnav, apparently taken from her and her reaction towards it.

Second part would be Arnav’s POV after he took the kiss from her and his reasons behind the kiss.

Third part would be declaration of love and clear the misguided statement spoken by Arnav to defuse the animosity between them.

So here it goes...

Part 1 - Khushi's POV

"It was only a kiss!"

“How could he say those words to her as if it meant nothing to him?”

“How could he just kiss her? Just like that - no warning, no alarm, no signal, and no heads up.”

She hasn’t given him the right to kiss her.

“What right does he have on her?”

“What does he think of himself?”


She was infuriated with him - irate couldn't even touch the surface of the depth of anger she felt towards him - The antagonism now apparent on her gentle features. The ominous within her towards him was oozing out – he is bringing out the worst within her than she is made up of. She is good person, but him, Oh! My Goodness – he is something. Her frustration and agitation was just building up, brick by brick, a monument, a momentum of her memory reminding of the pleasurable kiss she has experience in her life time.

Her first and only kiss, she had received in her life and this man ruined it for her.

She paced in the vicinity of her room like a wounded lioness who was waiting to launch on anyone or anything who walks through that door. Her anger hadn't subsided since she left her work when reality sunk into her piglet brain. 

Too stunned and shocked before.

Too say or do anything.

She didn't have the strength to stop him. But now as the dawn of absoluteness and genuineness visible to remind her, what had happened this afternoon she had a lot to say but that E-V-I-L Man was not standing in front of her to face the music.

She stomp her feet few times, fingers clutched and unclenched handful times, and feverishly glaring in the mirror, furious and livid image appeared before her eyes. At first she didn't recognize her own self of the rage she has endure on behalf of the E-V-I-L Man, but relax next second to gain the momentum.

“What that is she sees on her cheeks?” She asked herself, stunned to find a rosy pinkish glow on her face as she touched and monitor the radiance.

“A Blush!”

“Redden Cheeks!”

She hasn’t seen those before. She has seen on her face and cheeks going redden when she harshly scrub her face with towel, sanitizing her herself, but not in the same manner as now. This was different, odd, but unusual. This one has a distinct mark, a peculiar flushed screeched through her face – a glow – a glint – a radiant color looks like a rainbow.

She hates it - to feel the smoldering sensation scorching down in her veins, burning each and every nerves in her path, aching to feel that same intensity, same heat, same desire, same passion, she had felt before in his arms.

“Damn You!”

She cursed him for making her feel in this manner, where her own pain and suffering, met no bounds. She is condemned forever. She never has and would never experience the same magnitude of passion in her life, not with anyone, or any other man. She would always crave for him and to be in his arms, to take her to the depth of Nirvana where she and he are the only one to be found and no one else. She could submerge in his kiss with nothing to care about and he can do anything to her in any shape or form to have the same paroxysm of passion if she could feel it once again.

She still could feel the tingling sensation on her rosy lips and all over her body. She touched her partly swollen lips, a little awed. No one should be able to kiss her like that again. It was like falling off the edge of a cliff, soaring through the skies, touching the sun. It was burning, going up in flames, until there was no more tomorrow, no sane thinking individual, only mindless, impossible passion.

“Damn Him!”

She is ruined forever. He ruined it for her. Once she has tasted this kind of craving and hunger, her appetite wouldn’t be fulfilled by any other man. He has awakened a sleepy dragon. He doesn’t know what lies ahead of him nor does she. Just to think of that kiss make her knees wobbly. The way he kissed her, the passion and with strength and power, she felt he was searching her soul for something within her through her rose petals. There was a connection between them, she was sure of it.

His muscles rippled under her touched. She had to hold him to gain the balance and had to grab his shoulders to regain the momentum, her touched, she felt it, and he shivered in her arms. She didn’t know she would have this kind of effect on him.

“Who cares what kind of effect she has on him?”

But definitely he had the same effect on her. He kissed her without her consent. She hadn’t expected her first kiss would be in this kind of environment, at work, that too be with that E-V-I-L Man. She had expected to be at a romantic place, where boy meet girl, fell in love and then have her first kiss after they have profound their love for one another. Not like a barbaric, the caveman who had jumped on another sensible and timid human being and snatch the kiss without making them aware of their intent. Her rage had expedited further than she had expected to be. She was angry with him. New sensation, the urge he had created in her body, the tingling sensation, down to her core. Now, she craves for him and his kiss.

“Damn Him! And he can go to Hell where he belongs.”

Few more spaces were covered in the same area but the effort was futile. Nothing else to accomplish as per se, frustration and aggravation increased more than before. She flopped on the bed with a loud thud which was deciphered with the fluffiness of the bed sheet and comforter.

"It was only a kiss!"

Those words kept ringing in her ears as she laid on her bed staring at the worthless ceiling who couldn't be any assistance to her. Not now or not then when he took the kiss away from her, unwillingly and unauthorized on her part. When he launched on her, all of the sudden, out of blue no warning or siren, in that moment she didn't realized what just happened. It seemed to appear the whole world seized for a moment. Stand still to be precise. Her brain was blank as a white paper as if her memories were erased and no coherent phrase or words could gain the pleasure of her company. She thought for a moment when her heartbeat stopped beating as if she was dragged down in cold ice lake, freeze to death and there was no life breathing around her - around them so it appears.

"Was it the same for him too?" 

She was unsure about it. He acted on his impulse to shut her up - babbling - was the reason he told her and only way he could seize her chatter. There was no other way he could shut her up, that’s what he said. The reason he had given to her, which she finds doubtful. He was hiding something. She had seen in his blacken orbs, full with desires and passion, she hadn’t know. She brush those thoughts to a side as those same burning impulses had erupted in her profile which she had laid to rest after her anger had multiplied and concentrated on her first thought – Chatter.

"Was she chattering?”

“Was she the chatter box?"

She thought for a moment realizing, aware of her lack of better judgment she has tendency to, at times she runs with her mouth but she can't help it. Not her problem if God made her in this manner, gave her the greatest gift of the world - Her Mouth. She is going to utilize the gift in most efficient, utmost, and productive manner as possible.

“What’s the use of Her Mouth if hasn’t been utilized or tested to its best potential comportment?”

It would be meaningless and worthless – a piece of junk – wastage of the greatest gift of the world. She can’t let it go to waste. Her conscious wouldn’t allow her. She is going to articulate the most excellent phrases and words that are in the world as best as possible. At the same time she would create some new ones of her own.

"Yes that's what she was meant to do, send on earth, and she will do. It's her God given right."

An adamant decision is made on her part, satisfied and was going to stick with it. She wouldn’t change for anybody or anything, especially for Him. If he doesn’t like it’s too darn bad – live with it. It doesn’t make her any difference. She will babble and will do with flying colors.

“He can eat my dust!” Satisfied she was with her statement.

Looking at the scenario that transpired earlier this evening, she remembered as her memory freshly could, she was in heated argument with him about the design for a project they have been working on. She was trying to convince him her idea was more adaptable, realistic, and commendable. But there he was in his most arrogant, conceited, egotistical, overconfident, self-centered, proud, in-full-stuck-up mode, unable to lend his ears, bend it in order for any information pass through his pig headed brain. He wasn’t ready to listen to her ideas.

Ready – not ready, not willing to listen; Yes that’s what was it. Not willing to listen to her or her ideas. He was stuck on proving his point and there she was stuck to prove her point - So each one trying to prove their point and was not willing to back down – this would create one thing – Ruckus between them.

Bound to happen to them, there was no work around it – she had seen miles away for past few days between them. Whenever they get together to discuss an issue, or work on the project, or anything that required both their attention, she had seen it – in his obscure shadowy eyes – always staring at her, observing, noting her moves, there was a unusual glint in his orbs, waiting, tormenting, teasing, gawking at her, to test the severity of her frighten face. But she, the proud and fearless candidate, stood her ground, facing him each time, telling him she wasn’t frighten of him, but this moment, today, she had let her guard down for a moment, he took the first opportunity, he sensed it, and there it happened, out of blue. No time for any ifs or buts or any kind of rejection or reaction to stop him, doing what he was meant out to do. He was on a mission; she had felt it in her core after his lips touched hers.

In that heated moment, God knows what it got into him. He launched on her, wrapped his big hand around her neck, pulled towards him, another big one was enveloped around her tiny waist, to make her rooted to the ground and then it happened.

He kissed her.

“Kiss he stole from her. It was her first kiss and he ruined it for her.”

“It was just only a kiss!” He told her after they had parted from one another – not for her. It was her first kiss, but not for him as he was an all rounder playboy going and smacking and smooching on anyone, stealing a kiss away.”

“Why would he kiss her?”

“What is he to her? He is not her boy friend, nor her lover, not even her husband.”

She is not even married, for God sakes.

“My Gosh! He is her Boss...”

“Boss...Boss...he is. Her Boss – Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada!”

“How can she kiss him back?”

“Now, what will happen to her? “

“How could she face him?”

They both have to work in the same office, working on the same project. She wouldn’t be able to get out of this project – it was her baby. She started from ground zero and was taking its shape and leading up to the height where she can touch the victory. She wasn’t going to let this go to waste and destroy the chance of triumph, to be victorious. She can smell it – taste it even a bit.

“Damn Him – he ruin it for her!”

She jumped out of her bed, started marching within her room, enrages and infuriated, thinking what she would see on his face, tomorrow.




“Another victory he had bag and checked marked to seal the deal.”


She quickly discarded the thought. She shouldn’t expect anything suitable from him. She knew he would gloat on his victory. Office romance is not a good idea and it wouldn’t work. She was sure of it.

“But the kiss…” She reprimanded her thoughts not to lead and succumb to those feelings and desires, but to think and his uncaring words, “It was only a kiss!”

Same words kept repeating in her mind, making her more enraged and afraid of the unknown what to expect tomorrow when she faces him. She told herself she would face him like a true champion in spite his rude and obnoxious behavior. With that said, she once again lay on her bed, trying to put herself to sleep, but the sleep was way far from her reach. The kiss had been the torment of her as well his heartless and selfish words, “It was only a kiss!”

To be Continued…

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May 17, 2014

Part 2 – Arnav’s POV (By Dpatel) (Thanked: 106 times)

Part 2 – Arnav’s POV

“What harm could there be in a kiss?”

“Nothing at all!” He thought. It was merely a simple kiss that happened in the spur of a moment. He still didn’t fully comprehend what had transpired this afternoon. An impulse waiting to explode and it did. For past few weeks she had been tormenting him, torturing him, persecuting him, not only in day time but during night time too.

Sleep, she has taken away from him.

They have been closely working together on this particular project - he was promoting her new designs, wonderful creative artwork she has generated, a new fresh blood in Fashion Industries – there she was flaunting and taunting at him with her sparkle eyes, her sensual mouth, her angelic face, her laughter, her grin, her long silky hair, mocking him, telling him, you can look but you can’t touch.

To add to his misery, there she was dressed up in the most provocative red dressed, red his favorite color, appeared to him, drawn by her magic, displaying all her nooks and curves of her amatory body, hugging her as if it was another piece of asset she hold the key to her kingdom.

“Dammit! What was he supposed to do?”

Attraction he had felt it since day one he had seen her and wasn’t going to go away in near future. He had tried all his tricks that was known to him, but nothing worked all his efforts in vain. He had come up with new ones that too were unsuccessful.

She was off limits to him – she was his subordinate – employee she was to him.

This situation of off limits had angered him and made him little more frenzy than before. Sleep deprived he was. All nighters he had pulled in and has been pulling in – hard, strenuous workout he had been doing for past few weeks to keep his sanity intact - running 10 miles a day (increased his miles since she had joined his company, before it was only 5 miles a day), doing 100 laps in his swimming pool (that too increased from 50 to 100), still couldn’t sleep and he would run on his treadmill, don’t know for how long, until he was exhausted with his laborious exercises which would knock him down to sleep.

Only few hours of sleep he had with repetitive vigorous workout for past few weeks; only operating on 3 to 4 hours of sleep, if he could make it otherwise functioning on 2 hours of sleep. He would be the first one to arrive at the office and the last one to leave. He told himself he had pending projects he needed to monitor and tend to, but who he was kidding too. He was coming early and leaving late so he can watch her arrive at the office 8 AM sharp and leave around between 6 – 8 PM at night, depending upon the project she had been working on. He never force her to stay late, she had done it on her own.

S-H-E Devil was she to him, since the day she had come down to his office for an interview and after speaking to her for few minutes, only interrupting when needed. He had let his assistant Aman handle the main interview, and he on the other hand watched her along with it observed and evaluated her responses when asked. He liked her from the start. He had seen her designs, her portfolio, and was astounded by her creativity.

She would be an asset to him, his team and his company. Indeed she was. He had the first inkling during and after the interview. He was accurate on his marking and observation. His instinct and his decision have never failed him. After few minutes of deliberation with Aman he had decided to hire her. Same day of her interview, he had called her and offered the job as a Senior Fashion Designer in his Company and she had willingly accepted it with no reservation, happy she was, sounded over the phone – ‘Her Dream job’ she had told him over the phone.

From the first day of her interview till today, she had been a big nuisance to him in his life, not to his Company. Her beauty amazed him, not only that her intelligence, her creativity, her tactfulness to resolve the problem with great minuteness, accuracy and elegantly to perfection, her kindness, her selflessness, her desire to help others, surprised as well as astounded him and at times making him speechless. Too young of the age and already gaining the wealth of triumphness, accomplishments, conquests, and compliments of the charitable work she had been doing.

So in his frenziness and due to lack of sleep, he had no choice but to do unthinkable – he wasn’t himself and can’t held responsible for his action. He wasn’t in his sound mind when he chooses the unthinkable deed. His actions and emotions got the worst out of him. He acted on his impulse, his desires, and his fixation towards her. In that spur of the moment, he didn’t care if she was his employee or not – repucation of his action, he could care less – ****ual harassment wasn’t on his mind when he did improbable craze. Craziness and madness can make man a nutcase, which he was, during that short period. His yearnings got the best out of him. He pounded on her like a caveman and took what he thought was his.

He had leaped on her like a lion who had been patiently waiting for his prey to let the guard collapse so he could bounce on her. He saw during their heated arguments when her guard fell down, the wall was breeched and he took the first opportunity, he had been waiting for a long time.

He kissed her.

“What a great kiss it was?” He thought, still remembering their heated passionate kiss. Just to think of the special kiss, his blood was singing a different tune he hasn’t felt it before. Now he had tasted her rose petals and knew how it felt on him. Ruined – he was from the core. The longings, the desires, the reminiscences, the melancholies, the nostalgias, he had been feeling for past few weeks, his thirst has finally been quenched.

“Was it?” He asked himself. He got his pleasure, but was short lived.

He shook his head, knowing the fact, it hasn’t quenched his thirst but had ignited something much deeper than he had expected and wish for, drastic situation it has become more than before. Not only he craves to touch her and to be touched, his desire to make her his, forever, emerged within his heart. He wanted her to be part of him and his life. He didn’t want other men to touch her. He wanted to make her His - His Love, His Life, His Passion and His Everything, above and beyond.

He liked the touched of her tiny fingers clutching his arms to gain balance. Her touched sent a shockwave throughout his body in spite he was clothed. He knew she would have that kind of effect on him. And he also knew exactly he would have the same effect on her. He had known it since day one. He had felt it. His heart was singing ‘Rabba Ve’ since that day when she came to his office for an interview. His heart had been telling him to make her His. He, The Idiot, hadn’t listen to his heart, thought it was too soon to make his move. If he had listen to his heart and had already made his move on her, all this heart aches and anguish and pain and suffering, would have been eliminated and she would already been in his arms this very moment. He would be kissing her this very second. Late bloomers are not only a bad thing but not a good one too. At least he woke up in time and acted upon his longing wish. He has no regrets.

“Dammit! She was his employee. How could he kiss her without her approval?” Anger got the best out of him again. He quickly discarded the thought, stating what’s done is done and he can’t go back in time to fix it and he doesn’t want to fix anything he had done. He had no repentance or any disappointments.

Thank goodness they were alone in the conference room and half, more than half of his employees had already left the building. They were having their daily discussion after 6 PM, time set aside in acceptance to their daily norms, when needed. If his instinct were correct, they were only two people in the building beside the security guards and the cleaning crews, but no one were nearer to them, not in the same vicinity – one group was confined on the ground floor and another maybe on the second floor. So they were safe there, alone. They wouldn’t be the topic of the romantic gossips in the work environment. Only she knew what he had done to her and he knew what she had done to him.

She kissed him back.

Only two people knew what each other did with whom and they weren’t going to blabber their mouth and tell-tale others, he kissed her and she kissed him back. He doesn’t need to worry about himself; he wasn’t the blabber mouth like she is. Safe, from his side, not sure from hers, but tomorrow he would find out soon.

As he stood by his poolside, leaning his profile on the frame watching the water floating in tranquility, thinking there will be no lapses will be taken, there will be no vigorous workout would be done, there will be no 10 miles marathon will be performed not on his treadmill nor running through the woods. Today he would sleep peaceful and in serenity. His heart, his body, and his soul are at harmony. He got what he needed.

“She kissed him back.” The thought of her lips on him felt great, fantastic to be precise. Not only he had liked it, he loved it. He wouldn’t mind having his daily dose numerous times in a day and forever; Pumping of his heart speed up its beat thinking about tomorrow.

“What kind of reaction will he have on her?”

“Will she blame him for kissing her?”

“Will she throw the accusation of ****ual harassment on him?”

“Will she throw hissy fit on him?”

“Will she be able to face him?”

“Will she have the same blush he had seen on her face after their kiss ended? How she ran from the conference room after she had gaped at him, stood like a stick for a while, before exiting out of the room?”

Shock and flabbergasted she was to say or do anything for a while after their kiss. He liked how she cling on him, pulling him towards her, her tiny frame fit well in his massive body like a jigsaw puzzle; perfect fit she was. He liked and loved how she had snuggled up into his body. He loved the feeling and wanted to feel it every day. He wanted her to be right by his side and wouldn’t bargain for anything to have her beside him.

He smiled, thinking how she was proving herself, making her point to see her side rather than what he was suggesting. Lioness, she had sounded to him. She looked se*y when she got angry at him. There she was making her argumentative point in her sassy seductive tone of voice, in regards to her design, and he – what did he do? Stood there gaping at her, lost in her melodious voice, which irked him throughout his bone, not happy he was with him and the desire he felt when both were in the same vicinity. It angered him to feel this way. He rejected each of her input, her ideas, down right to the bone and once again he shown her who is the Boss – Bossy mood he was in.

To smooth things between them after their kiss he just stated, “It was only a kiss”, brushed her off, so he wouldn’t to justify the reasoning behind his kiss. He wasn’t embarrassed about their kiss; he just simply didn’t want to answer any of her questions if she had at that particular time. He was still trying to gain his momentum, his survival after the kiss. He hadn’t thought it would feel this amazing. He knew it would be but not to this extent. Her touch still made tingling sensation on his lips. He touched his lips and placed his pad of his thumb in his mouth. It still tastes like honey as he had clicked his tongue over his lips after their kiss.

He had seen astonished and shocked look on her face. Too stun to speak or react to his brutal kiss.

“Stupid…Idiot…” He maledicted himself.

“It must have been her first kiss, and he had ruined it for her.”

“So was his…”

He doesn’t run around and kiss anyone he had met in this Fashion Industries. He had known the pros and cons of this cruel Industry – Find a scoop and plaster their dos and don’ts all over the newspaper, Television, gossip columns and blogs stating who is doing who. His name is already being plastered after seeing him with his various models – work that requires him to be around. He had never kissed anyone in his life in spite him surrounded by gorgeous models, actress and beautiful women.

He wasn’t the playboy as she might have thought who run around kissing every girl he comes in contact with. If she has any kind of misconception about him being playboy he had to clear this matter with her immediately. He doesn’t want any of those ladies. He wants her and only her. He just has to have hard talk with her tomorrow and at the same time tell her what his heart desires. Somehow and someway he had to convince her they belong together and he wasn’t accepting ‘no’ for an answer. Once she is persuaded he would declare his love for her.

“Will she accept his love?”

“Will she too declare her love for him?”

“Will she make mockery out of his confession?”

Question after question emerged in his pig headed brain which he didn’t have the answer to it. He can ask, but will not receive response back in return. He just has to see what happens tomorrow. He just has to corner her and have his talk. He can sense tomorrow she would try to give him some lame excuse; office romance will not work that too between Boss and Employee. He has to make her understand it would work and she would be much more to him than merely an employee. With that set mind, he move from his leaning position and decided to have a goodnight rest and be ready to tackle for his next adventure.

“It was only a kiss!”

He admonished himself for saying those words. He just has to make her understand and realized he hadn’t meant in derogative manner and meant nothing to him, if that thought crossed her mind. Their kiss meant a whole lot to him than she has realized, he simply couldn’t muster the courage and explain at that time his reasoning behind the kiss. But tomorrow he would have his chance, his shot to clear this matter with flying colors. He would sort this matter out and they would be together forever. He would make sure he would keep his attitude intact and in control, make sure he wouldn’t offend her in any shape or form, not admonish her or make mockery out of any situation. He wouldn’t even gloat; he would simply explain his reasoning behind the kiss and declare his love for her.

As he lay on his back on his bed staring at the ceiling hoping she would at least give him a chance to explain himself and he hope and pray she would listen to him. He closed his eyes, peace he was in and hoped for the best for tomorrow.

To be Continued…

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May 20, 2014

Part 3 – Declaration of Love (By Dpatel) (Thanked: 122 times)

Part 3 – Declaration of Love

Sleepless night it was.

For the first time in her life Khushi was sleep deprived. She hasn’t blinked an eye since she had stretch out on her bed to induce herself to sleep. The kiss had been nuisance and disturbance throughout the horrified night and wouldn’t let and allow her to sleep. Blearily, she stared around at the crack of dawn, at the same ceiling which was unhelpful and worthless to come to her aid. She felt exhausted, only may have got few minutes of sleep here and there. Each time she closed her lids she would see him kissing her and the most aghast and appalled scene would be, she saw herself kissing back to him, she grimace inwardly. She cursed herself for being so weak melting into his arms by his mere touch. All night she tossed and turned in her bed, thinking about the kiss, the stolen kiss, her first kiss, her first stolen kiss, but needless and sadly to say she like being kissed by him.

Once again anger got the best out of her. She quickly snapped out of the bed, staring once again at her profile in the mirror. Her hair were messy, her face looks puffy, her eyes were redden, due to lack of sleep and her lips…her lips were rosy and pinkish. No effect there. She still felt the tingling sensation over it. She patted her face few times to wake herself from this dream or should say nightmare she had been bestowed upon. She glanced back at the tangle sheet which got undone from her bed. She didn’t care if the bed was made or not, she left it as it is. She rushed into the shower and after few minutes she was ready to go to work.

When she glanced at the clock it was alerting her with the time noted as 6 AM. She sighed few times, taking deep breath in and out. With heavy heart she went downstairs, prepare her tea and snack. She had to eat as her stomach had growled few minutes during night, not few but more than few, alerting and telling her food is required in her tummy and she drastically needed to eat. She purposely ignored the siren of her tummy throughout her miserable and glorifiable night. She didn’t want to cook in the middle of the night, so she drank water and lay down to bed.

After few minutes she left for work. Today, she was the first one to arrive at work. She was there before 8 AM, her normal time. She took a peek at her watch on her wrist which told her 7:00 AM. The E-V-I-L Man wasn't there when she arrived. That was first. He is there before her. When she glance around there was no one at the office.

Today, for the first time Arnav was late for work. His office is empty, his shadow which linger around when she arrived for past few weeks weren’t there and nowhere to be found. He was running late. Why wouldn’t he be? After what happened last night between both of them. She used some few choice words in derogative manner for the first time, cursed him for her sleepless night.

She walked into her office, close the door to get some work done. Taking the opportunities of early bird - no one demanded of her time, no one to disturb, thought to catch up on her work. She worked for half an hour in her office and then decided to move to her working area downstairs by the storage area away from the Man who had haunted her last night as soon as her lids were closed. She didn’t want to be around him when he decides to show his presence.

Around 7:45 AM around people started flooding into the office. As her door was closed and lights on, her coworker had thought she may be working on her project and wouldn't like to be disturbed so they didn't bother her. She had often done previously few times before. Her routine, they were aware of.

Arnav slept like a baby after so many weeks of deprivation of sleep. Though he didn't mind, but for the very first time he missed his ritual - watching her arrival. Lazily he open his eyes, his lips were curved forming a smile, arms stretched getting the kinks out of his stiffen body. Dim light casted it's shadow around his bed room inspite the room looked dark. His provisual vision hadn't blinded him; he still managed to see the layout of his room. When his eyes dropped on the clock besides him he notice an odd time displayed. He scrubbed his eyes with his hands to ensure he wasn't hallucinating. It indeed stated 9:30 AM.

"Oh! Sh*t. I'm late," he barked at the clock, got out of the bed immediately, tossing the comforter on the side.

When he glanced to preview his room, he saw the curtains had been pulled in his room to block the sunlight entering and disturbing his sleep. If this was a sick joke pulled by someone he was going to see to it and they would pay for his wrath and havoc he would cause them. He thought for few minutes and wondered who had the honor of pulling those curtains. He, was the one had pushed the switch on the remote, the electronic gadget that lay carelessly beside his nightstand. He pushed the button on the remote after it was given the honor of his touch and tossed it on the bed, not caring if the sunlight was streaming and peeking through the opening of the dark clouds that were closed during night fall. He quickly grabbed his clothes and step into the shower. He rushed through getting ready, in anxiousness to see her face and have their talk. After few minutes he was ready and was thrilled to get back at the office to announce his declaration. But first, he had to clear the misconception of the statement that was spilled from his mouth after their kiss.

“It was only a kiss!” He cursed and qualms himself for stating those words.

On his way to his office he swear to himself for sleeping in late, past his bedtime and inwardly tapping his fingers on the remote which had hindered his wake up call. Due to him being late he couldn’t perform his daily ritual, watching her enter the office.

After 30 minutes of his arrival time, he quickly rushed to his cabin eager to summon her and to speak with her, not caring who was bellowing for him on his pathway. Usually, he would stop by and chat with his fellow employees but today he was running late and he didn’t seemed bother by their beckon. He has to speak to her and get this misunderstanding cleared as soon a possible along with misconception.

He entered his cabin, rushed towards the phone on his desk; dial the extension after picking it up. It rang for few minutes and there was no answered. His initial thought was she must be avoiding his call purposely. He wanted to personally walked down to her cabin and ask her to join him, but that would seem odd and wouldn’t be appropriate. Fear, of the office gossips and wouldn’t want to cause more headaches for her. He picked up the phone again and dials another extension.

“Aman, ask Miss Gupta to come to my cabin,” with assertive tone he spoke and order his command. He didn’t wait for his response and hung up the dial tone.

After few minutes Aman entered Arnav’s cabin to inform him Khushi wasn’t in her cabin and no one has seen her.

“What do you mean she is not in her cabin?” He raised his voice when he asked Aman, literally jumped out of his seat.

Aman explained the situation at hand as best as possible. When they had arrived at work her cabin door was closed, so they all understood and thought she didn’t like to be disturbed. When he entered her cabin after she hadn’t answered his calls, he found it empty. He checked around with others, they all informed him they hadn’t seen her since they have arrived at work.

“Okay ask her to come in my cabin when you see her. She must be somewhere around here. Find her.” He fired his instructions and proceeded with his meetings. Working for a long time Aman knew his protocol and his dismissal signal and without a word he exited Arnav’s cabin.


By afternoon he still didn’t have the pleasure of Khushi’s presence. He once again checked with her secretary as well as his assistant Aman, Khushi was nowhere to be found. Aman informed him they had checked the perimeter of the building and searched each and every room but hadn’t seen her. Arnav was enraged not able to see her face first thing in the morning and now no one knew her whereabouts.  But his main priority was to find her, worried look was casted upon his face - “No one had seen her” was the response he had received from his fellow members of his team.

“Are you sure she made it to work? Did she come to work?” Arnav asked inquisitively with certain doubtfulness, his voice was gruff and concerned. He took his cell phone out of his pocket to dial her number.

“Yes Sir. She has, otherwise her cabin light’s wouldn’t be lit and her door was closed.” Aman responded.

Arnav thought for a minute, about their last night. After she rushed out of the conference room, she had turned off her cabin’s lights after she got her purse and her door was open when she exited the premises. There was no answer on her cell or her home.

Worried he was. He rushed out of his cabin without a word and within few minutes he was out of the building. He went to her house to check on her. He thought she must be avoiding him after their unusual encounter, ashamed she must have felt, but no answer. She wasn’t at home. He called few times on her cell no answer. He rushed back to see the video footage to make sure if she had made it to the building and indeed it showed on the screen.

“Where the hell is she then?” He barked; his security team members jumped from their seat. He knew she is in the building. The trace on the phone shows it and then the video footage too, but no sign of her. Frustrated and agitated he was. He ran his finger through his hair, disconcerted and restless he was unable to track her down.

“Then where the hell is she?” Once again he barked and no one had a response for him.

“Find her!” He shouted and left the room to hunt down His Khushi.


Khushi had been purposely being avoiding him. Once she had overheard Arnav was looking for her when she had just existed out of her working area, she had been bouncing from one room to room without being seen. She had been working indigently to ensure Arnav wouldn’t spot her by all means. She had placed her phone on vibrator so the sound of phone wouldn’t give away her location. To avoid from the eyes in the sky, she had stacked up some files in front of her face to block the facial recognition to be seen.

“Khushi Beta, you are doing good job to keep that E-V-I-L Man away from you. Keep up the good job.” Encouraging words were mummers by Khushi, patting back on her shoulder for performing excellent job. So far she had been successfully able to avoid him, but the question is for how long.

She knew he had left the building; she came out of the shadow hole. So while the cat is away the mice will come to play. That’s what she had done.

“Khushi, Khushi…Sir was looking for you?” Aman spotted her and rushed towards her.

“Thanks! Aman for FYI…I will take it from here. No need to worry.” She assured him; didn’t care who was looking for her, especially Him.

“But you don’t know him. He is worried at the same time angry.” Aman was worried about her, knowing Arnav would be furious with her for not answering his calls. Judging by her face, he knew she had avoided his calls, deliberately.

“Worried for me Aman!” she exclaimed. “That’s first from our Sir. Please don’t worry; it’s not new…Sir gets angry all the time…The Angry Man he is…” She smiled and walked towards her cabin.

“Sita take these and start working on this one, make sure the blue dress is ready and inform me when the other dresses are ready.” Sita acknowledge and took the designs she had handed out.

“But Khushi he is been asking about you all morning. So please just call him.” Aman pleaded with concerned voice, requesting her to give a buzz to their angry boss. Khushi on the other hand wasn’t having one.

“Aman” she placed her hand on his shoulder, “Please don’t worry. I will call him when I am good and ready. Let him stew for a while.” Khushi entered her cabin, took another file she needed and headed to her next project.

“Your funeral, not mine!” Aman commented and walked away leaving Khushi on her own. He didn’t want to be on the bad side of his Boss so he gave a buzz to him. He told her Khushi is in her cabin.


After few minutes Arnav rushed back and enters her cabin, but found it empty. He had been going floor by floor searching for her with his security team giving insight of her location but so far they were unable to spot her.

“Where is she?” He asked when he searched for her.

“Who Sir?”

“Khushi…where is she?” He loudly asked.

“Don’t know Sir.” Someone responded.

“Can somebody tell me where is Khushi? Aman! Aman! Where the hell she is?” He yelled for Aman asking the whereabouts of Khushi.

“She was in her cabin Sir when I called you.” Aman replied rushed towards angry Arnav.

“Well she is not, so where is she?” Arnav inquired, deep and angry voice he asked.

“Sir…Sir I saw her walking down the storage room.”

Arnav briskly walked towards the storage room, not waiting or seeing the reaction of their agitated and confused faces. Since morning he had raised a million dollar hell within his office and everyone were not too keen about the unhappy Arnav. They wanted calm and surreal one back, although at times he can be pain in bu*t. He called his security team to keep an eye on the storage room area and if they spot her call him.


Khushi had been working in the room, trying to find the material for her next design unaware of the angry lion rampage on her path. She was engrossed in her job, when she heard thumping sound and loud snarled of her name being called out.

“Khushi! Khushi!”

Khushi quickly placed the material back on the shelves, duck a little to escape from the lion’s den. She was searching for an escape route as Arnav, the lion, had been blocking the exit when she took a peek from her hiding place.

“Khushi what are you going to do? That Man is standing by the door. How are you going to get out of here?” She mumbled, biting her nails thinking hard, searching here and there was another escape route.

“I know you are here, so don’t trying to run away from me.” He looked around to see if he can spot her. But to his misfortune he hadn’t located her. “I need to talk to you.” He softens his tone to assure her he wasn’t angry, but his insides were boiling with rage. “About yesterday!” He knew that will draw her out of her hiding place.

Sure it did. Khushi heard ‘about yesterday’, she knew what he was referring too. She didn’t want anyone to hear their conversation and if by any chance mention about the Kiss she would be in trouble. Walls has ears if mention about the kiss is done out loud and words will travel faster than the train. She would become the subject of gossip talk and she wasn’t having one at work. Her reputation would be in jeopardy.

“What about yesterday?” She asked, stepping out of her hiding hole. Arnav marched towards her at her sight.

“Where the hell have you been?” He grabbed her by her shoulder in tight hold, shook her. “I have been worried about you. Going nuts…looking all over for you. Floor by floor of this building, at your house…has been calling you too. Why haven’t you answer you darn phone? What the hell have you been doing?” Question after question came out of his mouth, anger still hold his ego. He spoke with gritted teeth, anger sleuthing from his eyes, and concerned showing on his face.

“Why?” She asked with frighten face. Barely able to get the words out of her mouth.

“Why what?” He asked, confused by her question.

“Why were you searching for me? Why were you going nuts? What is it to you were I was?” She asked inquisitively, wiggling to get out of his hold, but his hold was tighter than before.

“You know why. I need to talk to you, about what happen yesterday.” He softly said, but judging by his tone he hadn’t cool down. He saw her frighten look so he had to cut few notches down of his anger.

“Sir…Sir…” Someone call from him. He loosens his hold on her and turned around to the calling party.

“What?” He snarled and snapped the caller.

“Sir…the party is here for your next meeting.” Mita didn’t stick around to feel the wrath and left the scene.

“In my cabin in 30 minutes. Don’t make me come looking for you.” With that said he left the storage room, leaving Khushi shell-shocked and perplexed face.


Khushi stood there for few minutes don’t know what to think about his words. Her boss was looking for her, going nuts…that was first. She heard him say, he went to her house too. She saw apprehensive look. She had never seen before. She deliberated for few minutes but nothing seemed to come up with sensible answer.

She didn’t know what to make of it. Yesterday, he told her ‘It was only a kiss’ and now he is worried about her. “Doesn’t make sense…doesn’t make sense, at all,” she thought. She shook her head to figure out what to think – read between the lines were getting harder to think.

She headed back to her cabin after she had selected the material. It was no point to hide away from him. After 30 minutes passed by there was no sign of Khushi. Arnav was furious. Once again he marched out of his cabin looking for her. He found her giving instructions to her team.

“Miss Gupta in my office, Now!” He commanded, stress on word ‘Now.’ Khushi startled.

“Not now Sir. I am in the middle of my instructions.” She jumped at the sound of him, but at the same time she wasn’t going to drop everything for him, because he needed to speak to her after what he had done. Instead of apologizing to her, he was ordering her around and she wouldn’t allow it.

“What the…What did you say?” He raised his eyebrows, briskly walking towards her. In mere fraction of time he stood in front of her. She had to step back few inches as he had towered over here, standing too close to her.

“I will come when I am good and ready.” She somehow mustered her courage and replied. Inside she was shaking like a dry leaf. She was antagonizing the lion and knew what the consequences would be.

Arnav stared at her team members with the stern look, ‘beat off’, they scattered away from them like a terrified mice.

“Now, in my office.” He spoke with gritted teeth, fingers clutched into a fist by his side, ready to strike.

“No!” she spat out, placing both hands on her hips.

Arnav looked from the corner of his eyes, he knew they were making a scene and this stubborn lady wasn’t going to budge from causing a scene. He would give one more chance to convince her to come along with him. If not, then he isn’t responsible for what happen next.

Khushi wasn’t going to back down or scared of him. “What does he think of himself? Bullhead!” Always ordering around, bossing her, yesterday he did the same. When things didn’t work in his favor, he had the audacity to kiss her. “How dare he?” She wasn’t going to go with him.

“Khushi don’t cause the scene?” With low voice he said, anger still oozing from his eyes.

“No! I am not causing, you are?” She answered him back, glaring at him straight in his eyes. Flares of fires were flaming in her eyes.

Something twinkles in his eyes. He liked her, when she gets angry and rowdy. She doesn’t know how cute she looked. Smirked appeared on his face - Khushi noticed and doesn’t like at all.

“Why are you smirking?” She asked.

“You know why?” He slowly taking his time, started to circle around her, like she was his prey. She shivered at the chance of his mood. She doesn’t like a bit. He circled her thrice. He stood at the back of her, bends his head and whispered in her ear. Too close to her lobes. It felt like he was kissing her ear. He knew his work was cut out for him – cause a scene in front of the office people or have their brawl somewhere else. He has to do the hard way.

“We can do this easy way or hard way Khushi.” Arnav let the words sunk into her brain. He wanted to fear etched into her brain. He slowly moved and stood in front of her. “Take your pick. You know what I can do. Do you really want it happen in front of these people?” He asked, intimating her, towering over her - Laughing at her insecure and nervous gesture.

She knew what happen her, yesterday and what will if she wouldn’t oblige. She feared what if he kisses her. He doesn’t care about his reputation, nothing will happen to him, he is rich but to her…she would be ruined. She gulp down hard, not knowing what he was about to do. He was unpredictable. She was worried, what if he kiss her in front of everyone. She reprimand herself, she should have gone to his cabin, avoided this confrontation and the whole ordeal of kissing. “What if he blurt out of their kiss?” She shook her head, getting the ugly thoughts out of her head. He wouldn’t say, about their kiss…not in front of these people. She looked around with her rabbit eyes, pair of eyes were staring back at them. They all sympathize with her, helpless they were. She knew no one will come to her aid and rather talk about her what had she done to make their boss enraged.

“No, you can’t do it here.” She told him adamantly, thinking he would really kiss her in front of the gathered people who were standing a far distance from them.

“Then come with me.” He whispered only she could here.

She shook her head, denial she was, refuse to go with him. She didn’t want to be alone with him. “No!”

“No!” He questioned her. “Then you leave me no choice. We can do it right here, in front of these people. Let them watch the show in freebie.” He was scaring her, challenging her, what he was about to do. She was terrified. She knew he would do it what he says. She has seen it numerous times. She got the taste of it too.

“What do you want?” She asked with shaky voice.

“You know what I want.” Sternly he spoke, raised his brows, sparkles in his eyes with triumph.

“I can’t…”

“Yes you can…come with me upstairs to my penthouse and we can hash it over there – away from them.” Arnav had a penthouse located on top of this building, for his personnel use. At time he uses it when he works too late and too tired to drive back to his house. He was trying to save her face. He didn’t want to make her life hell with the silly gossips. He doesn’t care but for her sake, he wouldn’t allow the rubbish and silly gesticulation.

“No…” she was shaking her head vigorously staring at the floor.

“Khushi…Khushi…look at me. Don’t make a scene. I just want to speak with you.” He stared at her, when she lifted her gaze. Something stir inside of him, she saw it. He was sincere and was true to his words. “Please!” He added as a plea. It was a sincere plea, wanting her to join him so he could clear any misunderstanding between them.

She nods in agreement. He turned around and looks at everyone who was staring at them.

“Aman cancels all my meetings. Miss Gupta and I will be discussing and hashing out some details we couldn’t finish discussing yesterday.” Aman nodded. Arnav turned towards her, “Miss Gupta you are going to convince me why your ideas are more adaptable than mine. Go get your designs while I wait for you.”

Khushi had no choice but to follow his orders. She didn’t want to make a scene. She was grateful to him for the announcement to the curious parties, who were watching them, what their conversation was related too and their feud. After few minutes she comes back with files in her hand. Both walk towards the elevator without caring for those beady pair of eyes.

“Everyone back to your job.” He ordered and they scattered away.

Elevator arrived with a ping sound. Both entered the elevator. Khushi didn’t glance at him neither did he. Both stood there staring straight. Arnav’s penthouse was on the 25th floor. After few minutes they arrived at their destination and both disembark the elevator.

Arnav glances at her, she was still shaking. “Relax,” he said. To ease the awkwardness he asked, “Anything to drink?” He didn’t wait for her answer and walk towards his kitchen. Khushi stood there, staring back at his retreating figure.

He brought her glass of water and handed to her. She took it from him, making sure she wouldn’t touch him. He laughed seeing her gesture. She drank the water from the glass.

“Still trying to avoid me…Spare it Khushi. You know that’s not going to happen.” He laughed and that snapped something out of her. She was tired of his arrogance. She has to squash it, before it took the lead.

“What the hell does it mean?” She tossed the files on the coffee table, angrily she was.

“You know exactly what it means?” Disdainfully he responded.

“No I don’t. Enlighten me.”

“Enlighten you, after what happened between us. You still need some enlightenment.” He mocked her.

 “Yes about that…” She shouted. She was glad they were alone; No one to hear her shouting at him, reprimanding him. “Why the hell did you kiss me? What was that about?” She blurted out, anger discharged out of her. She was irate and livid with him.

“What about it, Khushi? Don’t tell me you didn’t like it. You also kiss me.” He wasn’t thinking straight. He was taking the conversation with the wrong approached. He had been trying to track her down and she on the other hand was purposely avoiding him which had angered him, lost his sanity.

She didn’t like to be reminded what she had done. It was he who had initiated it. She just reacted to his kiss. Not her fault at all.

“Are you blaming me for what happen? Are you accusing me Arnav? Tell me.” She spattered. “How dare you kiss me like that? Didn’t you know…that was…” She stammered - couldn’t get the words out of her mouth. She couldn’t tell him it was her first kiss. “How could you Arnav?” She grabbed by his collar and shook him.

Tears had already formed in her eyes and were streaming down her cheeks. Gone was his anger…gone was his mockery…gone was everything…only thing left was regret. He knew that’s not how he wanted to start his conversation – their conversation. That’s not how he predicted. He didn’t want her to cry.

He enveloped her into his arms and she went willingly. He realized that was her first kiss and that’s not how she might have envision. He let her weep for few minutes until her tears and whimper subsided.

“Sorry Khushi,” he apologizes to her. “I didn’t mean to make you cry. I didn’t mean…it’s just happened. I am truly sorry.” He caressed her hair, pampering her, saying soothing words hoping she would calm down.

She got out of his embraced, stared into his eyes. “What are you apologizing for? For the kiss…You mean you didn’t want to kiss me.” She spoke with tremble in her voice. She feared he was apologizing for the kiss. He didn’t mean to kiss her and it just happened in spur of the moment. She thought he regretted their kiss.

He cupped her face and stare into her eyes. “I am not apologizing for the kiss. I am apologizing for the words I had spoken after our kiss. I shouldn’t have said it in the first place. I shouldn’t have said, it was only a kiss. Those words were uncalled for. I know it was your first kiss and that’s not how you had envisioned. I never regret kissing you. In fact I love kissing you.”

For the first time, he didn’t hesitated spilling his guts out, declaring his feelings for her. He was true gentleman.

“What that’s supposed to me? Should I be flatter?” She asked conceitedly, confused by his words.

He smiles, “Silly girl. You know exactly what it means. I am not saying just so I can be on your good side. I am saying it I knew deep in my heart it would be like this…magnificent, kissing you. Don’t deny it. You felt the same…when we are together, you felt the same electricity, same intense…something pulling us together…some kind of connection there is between us. Don’t you feel it?” He asked hopefully.

She stared into his eyes, deep she was falling. She saw he was telling the truth…afraid she was. “What to think of it?” She removed his hands from her face, he let her. She turned away from him, showing her backside.

“But how? How did you know?” She asked doubtfully, questioning his surety.

He placed his hand on her shoulders and turned around so she was facing him. “I just knew since the day you walked into my life. Since the day you interview…since then I knew. I was a fool avoiding my feelings towards you.” She stared at him, doesn’t know what to think of his words. He was declaring his feelings for her with surety and confidence. “Will she able to believe it?” She doesn’t know, not just yet.

He told her what he felt the first day, and how his feelings grew towards her. He told her what he had been through, not having her by his side and how he really feel about her. He hadn’t realized to what extend it should lead him, but he couldn’t ignore his feelings for her no more. He once again apologizes to her in regards to his behavior and his misguided words after their kiss, ‘It is only a kiss.’

He told her, “Khushi you are the first girl I have kissed.” She was shell-shocked and awestruck with his declaration.

Khushi started to walk away but he put a hand on her arm to stop her. She turned around and looked up at him, expecting him to say something else. “I have been meaning and wanting to this since the first day I saw you when you came for an Interview,” he said in husky voice.

His mouth descended slowly towards her and Khushi didn’t stop him, in fact, she raised herself up on her toes to meet him. Just as yesterday, as soon as their lips touched the same intensity, the same flames ignited and she moaned, leaning closer towards his body. She held his bisceps to maintain her strength, her leaning body attached to him, getting the support she required. The solace and warmth and tenderness she has found in their kiss. She let herself melted into his strong arms. She wasn’t bold enough to lean within him. Like yesterday he drew her towards him.

He was so sweet in his apologizes. She had been so filled with misery and hatred towards this man, who she found wonderful and magical. Her hands slid up to grip the solid strength of his arms, her fingers drinking the feel of his bare skin, what was exposed as her mouth drank in the taste of him and he did the same, drank the sweet honey nectar bursting out of her mouth. It was a tender kiss, but not a tame one. There was indeed a huger…desire…a barely leashed demand for more.

Her heart raced as her frame molded against the planes of his chest. She lost all sense of time and place – who and where they were. She forgot all about practicality, her anger, and her deniability. She gasped, initially scared of the contact they have but thrilled when his mouth moved over hers, touching and caressing and testing her to what extend and how far she would go.

After ages both left their sweet nectar to take breath of fresh air. They were gasping for air – necessity required to survive. He lean his forehead to hers, breathing heavily until it was normalized.

“Wow!” she was amazed by his kiss. This is the vision of the kiss she had in her mind. That’s how her first kiss should be.

Arnav was happy to see her smile on her face and she liked his kiss, how he had done.

“This is how kiss are supposed to be. Indeed I agree with you. Wow and Amazing it is.” He smiled at her, kiss at the corner of her lips.

He took her hand and led them to the most comfortable sitting area – the couch. He pulled her down on the couch and she sitting in his lap. How it occur she has not fathom idea, but she didn’t care as long as she was with him.

She pouted her mouth and frown her face. He asked her reasoning. She told him, “Why would he say ‘It was only a kiss’ after they had one?” He had lot of explaining to do. He told her as he stated before, it was uncalled statement and he shouldn’t have said so. He feared and got scared on how she would react and he didn’t want to answer any questions she might have for him.

“That’s not fair…” She beat lightly on his chest. He chuckled and pulled her towards him, in embraced. She went willingly. He apologized again, and told her those three magical words he wanted to tell her for a long time.

“I love you.”

She tried to pull from him, to stare at him but he wouldn’t allow it. They stayed together in the same position for quite some time, silence surrounded them and they didn’t mind. Few weeks of torture and torment now come to rest. Their indomitable spirit got them through the disaster.

“I love you too Arnav.” She too declared her love for him after sorting out her own feelings. She knew she was attracted to him, she had noticed her heartbeat picking up the speed when he was around, whenever they touch electricity shot through their veins and much more felt the connection she hadn’t felt before.

“Kiss…” She liked how he kisses her.

After sometime, she gave herself over to a kind of sweet, gentle bliss that could have carried her into the night…

There would be no sleepless night from either side...

Now the misguided statement out of the way, both had laid the horse to rest, new beginning for them has just started…

The End…

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May 22, 2014

EPILOGUE (By Dpatel) (Thanked: 114 times)


Not sure how long they were in each other’s embraced sitting on the couch, relax and nothing to care about. A soft, feathery touch, running lightly over his warm skin, causing such a soothing feeling, he smiled and called out her name, but no respond. He bends down his head to glance at the beauty he has in his arms. She had her eyes closed, but was aware of her state of mind and body. She was awake.

Once again he called her name. “Khushi – Khushi…” in husky tone of voice.

“Um,” She answered this time, but still her lids were shut. She felt so relax in his warmth she didn’t want to move.

“Come, let’s eat.” He said, love the touch of her tiny fingers.

“No, just want to stay,” she responded in whiny voice, sighed slowly, inhale the smell of his spicy musky scent. She loves his distinct, manly smell she was engulfing into her system.

He chuckled. “Come on, get up.” He commanded. “I am hungry.” He got up and pulled her along with him too. She was so comfortable in his arms, she didn’t want to get up nor leave his warm hold.

“Too comfy she felt.”

He moved towards the kitchen and started preparation for their meal. She stretched her arms to loosen her muscles and ask if she could help him.

“Cut these vegetables while I get the pasta boiling.” He spoke while he placed the pan to boil water and searched for the pasta in the cabinet. After the water was boiling he dump the pasta in the water, added a pinch of salt and two table spoons of oil. While she cut the veggies after washing it, he prepared the sauce to go along with the pasta dish. Within few minutes dinner was ready and within fraction of seconds they were sitting and eating their food – pasta and toasted garlic bread.

They talk about their likes and dislikes throughout their dinner. Getting to know each other was the best thing they have done all day after one avoiding the other and the other chasing the avoided one.

They laughed at some of the things they have encounter in life and teased one another on the silly things he or she had done. Time flew by in converse, helping them to get to know each other. While they talked they clean the dishes and then relaxed on the couch for their more discussion.

Arnav told her how he was tormented by her witty, clever and outspoken nature. He had sleepless nights for weeks. She told him she couldn’t wink an eye last night after their kiss. During their discussion they were getting comfy on the couch, sitting next to each other. Her head rested on his shoulder and his arms around her. Both felt asleep they didn’t even know.

Today, hopefully inadequate sleep wouldn’t be hindrance to their sleepless night, but would be blessed with blissful sleep.


“It wouldn’t work – It wouldn’t work,” Khushi muttered in her sleep.

Arnav stir in his sleep. Once again she mumbled in her sleep – “It wouldn’t work – It wouldn’t work.”

Arnav felt some movement, someone uttering words, couldn’t figure out what seem to be the case. After few minutes he woke up groggily. He heard her words. He looked around and found themselves in each other’s arms, asleep on the couch. She had cuddled into his arms, her head was lean on his shoulder, close to his neck; one hand wrapped around neck, nose touching his bare skin around neck line, warm breathes heating his cold body.

“Khushi – Khushi what wouldn’t work,” he asked after he listen to hers chatter. She was in deep sleep, talking, incoherent. He shook her up lightly, not wanting her to freak out. After few more tries he managed to wake her up.

“Huh! What?” She asked sleepily, managed to get up from the couch in a sitting position. She yawns, rubs her eyes to prefer-vision her eyesight. She too felt dazedly, still under the weather of sleep.

“You were talking in your sleep.” Arnav informed her about her action - sleep talking.

“No, I wasn’t talking.” Deniability was given in this case; she still wasn’t fully awake and trying to figure out where she was. “I was dreaming.” She answered, perplexed. She had acknowledged about her dreams but not sleep talking when the dream was floating through her brain.

He smiled at her incoherent response. “What were you dreaming about?” Intrigue he was, hoping she must have dreamt about him kissing. He wished.

She thought for few moments trying to recollect her dream. She told him she had dreamt about them. He was pleased at least she dreamt about them and asked what she saw in her dream and what they were doing. Crossing finger, hoping they were kissing, his mind hasn’t switch into the next gear, still stuck on their kiss. She told him she saw them romancing in the office, kept hidden from everyone, was thrilling and exciting for few days it went smooth then it all went up in hell. He asked what had happened and why she was muttering ‘It wouldn’t work.’

She thought for few seconds more taking her time and told him, their co-workers found out about their hidden relationship, gossips started like a spitfire within office boundaries along with her inner circle teased and taunts, some were jealous, and gave her pet name ‘Mini Boss’. She got scared and frighten of the office gossips. She was convincing him they have to breakup their relationship, if not that then she had to leave this job and go and work somewhere else. He was persuading her, their relationship would work and he doesn’t care what people think of him or their relationship. He wanted to be with her and that’s what he was going to do - If anyone has problem than too bad. She on the other hand was being informative to him, reassuring ‘It wouldn’t work – It wouldn’t work.’ That’s what she was uttering in her sleep.

“What could he say to her?” Arnav had no fathom idea and what to think of her dream. Too early to think about breaking up their relationship which hasn’t picked up a beat? Their story ended before it got started in full speed.

She told him, now fully awake; she wasn’t cool with their relationship and wanted to be under radar so less chances of office gossip to occur and become hindrance in their relationship. She didn’t want to be the target.

“How can he persuade her everything would be alright at this time?” But he had to, late as it was, no matter what before it escalate to another level.

“Khushi, nothing is going to happen. I will see to it. Don’t squash our relationship before it begins. Today is our first day of the blissful relationship.” He pleas to her try to dissuade her arguments.

“It’s your fault…all this gossip started.” She blames him for ruining her life and she came the key focal point of the office rumors.

“What the…how is my fault?” He barks, too late and too early for the blaming game. “What are you talking about? Gossips, rumors…they haven’t even started. No one knows about our relationship.” He stresses each words hoping it would sink in her brain.

“But they know, they will know…” She wouldn’t listen to his words, still wasn’t swayed – complete deniability.

“Who will know? What will they know?” He barks again, frustrated with her accusations.

“Co-workers will know about our relationship.” She snaps, irritated, for his lack of understanding.

“Who cares if they know? Please Khushi think it through straight. One day they would know, but not now, unless you the chatter box going to spill the beans.” He was once again being rude and obnoxious, calling names, provoking the sleeping beast within her.

“You…You…Ox…hard head person.” Perturbed and aggravated she was, not willing to hear her out.

“Khushi, it’s too early to start this confrontation. Let me take you home, you get good sleep and we will talk about it tomorrow. You can come in late. I will inform your secretary and my assistant, you will be late coming in as you were working late on your project. Will that be convincing reason for you? To stop these so called rumors.” He wanted to defuse the war before it escalates further at the same time was being sarcastic.

“Apologize!” She exclaimed, angry she was with him.

“What?” Surprise he was, shell-shocked he asked what she was referring and why she was asking him to apologize.

“Say Sorry to me.” Assertively she spoke, demanded the response.

“For what?” He snaps.

“For calling me chatter box!” She didn’t like him calling names. “If you don’t then good-bye to all your kisses for now and the future ones. Do you get it Mister?” She threatens narrowing her brows together, snapping with her middle finger and thumb; she looks adorable in her anger. He stares at her, couldn’t believe what she was asking, no asking, but threatening the Great Arnav Singh Raizada. He had been more fascinated about her than before.

He knew their war wasn’t going to die that easily and if both stick to their guns then say good-bye to their relationship. In his anger he called her names and had to apologize, he thought keenly. She looks cute in her messy hair and pouting face.

“I will say sorry only if you let me kiss you.” He too demanded and laid out his own terms. She gaped at him, dumbfounded, knew he would kiss her if she says no, then why doesn’t she gets what she wants too and he on the other his.

“Only if you say sorry first…Deal Mister,” She told him, firmly.

He chuckles, cute and adorable, and to top it off cuddly. “Okay, Deal Mini Boss.” He couldn’t resist and leave it alone, had to tease her with the nickname she had been called in her dream.

“Hey!” she was going to argue with him. Before she could, she heard him say, “Sorry” and her lips were enveloped into his. At first it was light and feathery, then gradually he deepened the kiss; both couldn’t get it enough.

After few minutes both had to emerged to breath in air, to survive, natural necessity, and had to leave each other’s mouth inspite how they felt for each other. He once again apologized to her after regain his momentum and his breathing normalized.

“Please don’t kill the buzz – our relationship. Please try. We will keep under radar. No one will find out. Promise me you will try.” He requested her to understand and pleaded, asking a promissory gesture.

After few minutes staring into his brown eyes, she knew she wouldn’t be able to leave without him, not after this kind of kiss – deprive of kiss, without it she would die. “Okay I promise. If anything happens then…”

He didn’t let her finish her sentence. He didn’t want to hear any negatives in their relationship. He captured her lips one more time. After they return back to earth, he took her home.


Next few days were normal as possible for both of them except few times they had their rebuff to up keep the illusion of war and defiance in the eyes of their co-workers. Having too goody-goody relationship, others might speculate and have their own suspicious and then – rumors is bound to occur. They work as they normally had before during day time but night fall they would hide out in his penthouse or his home after everyone is gone. They kept their relationship under radar and each one trying to keep their promise to give a new meaning to their relationship. Their love grew for one another each day as well as respect for one another. When no one was looking they were appreciative of each other’s insight and hard work along with the dedication. Few stolen kisses were snatched from one another when no one was looking. Each time they sneak around her face and cheeks is flushed in beetroot, suspicious and speculation were on the pathway to rumor but it was under control and manageable. In front of others they kept their reputation – qualms and war battle, to side tracks them if needed.

The event he had sponsored for her new design, the show was successful and went without a hitch. She had plan each event and outfit, perfectly. He was happy with her progress and business was blooming. Truly she was an asset to him, his team and his company.

One more thing he needed to do, he wanted her to be an asset to him and in his life he needed more than she needed him. He can’t leave her and wouldn’t dare allow her. He knew what he needed to do, his next step. He was just buying his time, to have the event finish, so it has.

Time for his next move – keep her forever with him.

She entered into his cabin, thankful the blinds were closed, his arms envelope around hers as soon as the door was closed. He kissed her until her knees were weak and wobbly like lazy noodles. She held on tight fearful she would drop in heartbeat after their scorching kiss. She had to push him away from her, after few minutes gaining her balance, worried about the people outside and within the office who might drop in unannounced or even hear her moans and screams, if she forget where they were and let go one during their make out.

“Arnav we can’t do this in here?” She said with croaky voice, chastising him.

“What we can’t do?” He asked, still not letting her off the hook from his embraced.

“Office Romance!” She resorted, trying to wiggle out of his hold.

“Why not?” He asked haughtily, tightening his hold, kissing her jaw line and around neck area.

“You promise you will behave!” She reprimands him.

“No promises – I will try I said yesterday.” He kissed her chin, neck line; she stressed and arched her neck line to give him more access. He can’t get enough of her, not touching means he would die without her touch and he can’t have it. She has become like a drug to him. She liked him kissing her, but not in the office, not few distances away from their team, to reveal to the world, she has going with her Boss. “What would they say? Rumors would surely start.”

“Please Arnav, leave me.” She pleaded and he did.

“Why don’t you understand? I don’t want to start the office gossip.” She adjusted her outfit, slightly uneven it got during their fondle.

“I don’t like it Khushi. I can’t leave without touching you. I am tried to go under radar.” He was tired of their hush-hush relationship. He wanted to declare to the world, she was his.

“You promise.” She reminded his promise given to her as she was keeping hers.

“I know, but I want to announce to the world, I love you and want to marry you. So what’s wrong in this relationship if everyone get knowledge about it?” She got awestruck and dumbfound. “Announce to world, he loves her and wants to marry her.” She was too stunt, kept gaping at him with open mouth. At the same time her heart lost few beats and her ears just didn’t hear what she just thought.

“Shut your mouth Miss Gupta.” He knew his declaration would find her sleepless and mindless. “Yes I love you and want to marry you. So what do you say?” He asked her preference to see if she accept or decline his proposal.

After few minutes her heartbeat started humming which abruptly stopped after his announcement. “This not the acceptable proposal.” She resorted, didn’t like his proposal at all. It was more like commanding and ordering.

“So you are saying, if my proposal was outstanding, you will accept it.” He raised his brows, wanted to know what she wants and will she accept. He didn’t want to look like a fool, what he was about to do, if she wouldn’t accept, in front of everyone.

“We will see about it!” She exclaimed, not giving him straight forward response.

“Yes or No Khushi” He demanded her response. If she says ‘No’ he was going to somehow persuade her in accepting his proposal. He can’t live without her.

“If done right, then ‘Yes’.” She responded, smiling ear to ear, twinkle in her eyes, mischievous it looked.

He didn’t wait further, didn’t want to back out of her words, held her hand and dragged her out of his cabin, ignoring her screams and pleas. He was going to proposed to her in front of his staff and gets her excuse of ‘office romance’ stopped once and for all. She wouldn’t have any excuse after that and he is free to do whatever he wants. Green light, he wants and he shall receive as soon as she accepts his proposal. She would be his fiancé and he could romance with her anywhere and anytime, no one would interrupt him from kissing her, not even her.

“Everyone, listen to me, I would like to make an announcement.” He bellowed to draw everyone’s attention and they did.

He dropped down to his one knee, took her hand in his, stared at her. Khushi was nervous and shaking, she knew what he was about to ask and in front of everyone. She was scared and frighten on what people would think of it.

“Listen to me Khushi – please look at me.” He requested her, not to look around and gaze at him only. He want her to feel they are the only two people are in the room and no one. All it matters at this moment is them and no one else. She didn’t even see the ring he had in his hand, when he took it out of his pocket she didn’t even know.

Khushi had been looking around and not the man in front of her who was on his one knee, about to propose to her to marry him. He didn’t start his proposal until he had her attention to him and only him.

“Khushi Kumari Gupta, I am in love with you since the day you walked into my life. You are my sunshine. I promise you to keep you happy till the day I die and love you till I am alive and dead and gone. Please give me the honor of accepting my proposal and become Mrs. Raizada. “Will you marry me?”

Tears had been streaming from her eyes when he declares his love for her and rest went in bliss until he asked her to marry him. She looked around from her cloudy eyes to get the feel of others. Some were starting to cry, same as hers, some were nodding their head to accept his proposal, some were hooting and made statement like ‘It is about time.’ They were relieve as they had suspected their romance – official it will become and they would stop dancing around in circle trying to convince them nothing is being going on between them.

Her gaze returned back to him, she smiled at him and nodded accepting his proposal.

“I will marry you.”

He slipped the ring in her middle finger on left hand, making her his. Everyone applauded, happy for them – they got to see their boss proposing to one of their co-workers, who now will become, “Mini Boss.” He hugged her in front of everyone and then followed with a kiss. She was being shy at first, worried what people will think. He reminded her, she was his fiancée and he can kiss her anywhere, wherever, whenever, and whoever is in front of him, when he wants.

“Who is going to stop me?” He asked boastfully.

“I will!” She responded, smiled, glint of happiness shines in her eyes.

“We will see about that! After all it was only…”

She kissed him back, not caring where they were. “Don’t say it!” She reprimands the statement he was about to say, scowling at him. He was going to say “It was only a kiss!”

“Say what?” He asked teasingly, his eyes sparkled with glint. He knew what he was going to say, just wanted to pull her leg. He likes when she get fired up, she has different glow on her face, cheeks flushed in red.

“You know what you were going to say, don’t act too innocent.” She rebukes him.

“I don’t know what are you talking about?” He acted innocently as possible as he can; he knew nothing and has no knowledge about what she was talking and referring too.

“Mister, you were going to say, “It was only a kiss!” She raised her brows in challenge, smiled at him, to see if he denies his almost spoken words. She knew he was just ignoring her challenge.

He smiled and turned to his team. “Thank you all for joining in our happiness. Official announcement of our engagement party will be announced for next week shortly. Aman will send you the details soon. Everyone is welcome, bring your families and bless us for our new beginning.”

Everyone clapped again and congratulated them.

“Come on Mini Me…” He commented, mouth curved into a smile. She snapped the dagger eyes at him, addressing her with a new nickname.

They left shortly after their cheer of engagement to have their blissful beginning on their new journey and upcoming of open challenges of kisses and smart full remarks.

“Come on Mighty Me…” She too addressed him with a new nickname, he raised his brows, sending silent message to her he was up for a new challenge.

“Surely, Mini Me is going to win against the Mighty Me…”

Time is only an essence for this heavenly union…

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