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May 13, 2014

i m con te (By Sviji) (Thanked: 186 times)

Hey All, I'm again with One Shot on ArShi, the shot is written on request from Coolbake one of my wonderful friend in MeD. She has given me outline and I penned down (I mean typed down) it. Hope you all will like it, the one shot is not emotional according to me but yes I would have loved to see this happen in Show. And Coolbake I hope you like it. I tried to do good but don't know how it came.

                                                        i m con te (I’m with you)


Khushi ‘toh **** dijiye Anjali ji ko’ these words kept repeating in his mind again and again like a broken tape recorder.

What an irony is it? he had went behind following Khushi to terrace only to confess kyun farakh padtha hai but came out dead only to know she is having affair with another man and that too not any some random man but his brother in law, his sister’s God like husband.

His eyes blood shot red, his Di’s smiling face swimming in front of his eyes. His own promise he had given to his Di to safeguard her smile, her happiness, to be always there with her came toppling in his mind.


His tears escaped with his heart twisting painfully as if it was ripped open. He had failed in his promise….what will happen when she will come to know about Khushi and Shyam? The girl she considered as her sister, the girl she considered as her friend, the girl she considered as one of her family member is stabbing at her back. And Shyam, how she will take the deceit of her husband, how will she react to the betrayal of her husband who meant the world to her, how will she take the cheat’s true face? His own parent’s marriage swam before his eyes and he shuddered, No, his Di cannot take it. What if she takes the route to escape from this pain by taking her life like his mother? No he cannot afford to lose his mother like Di, his only family. She means the world to him.





Khushi looked around the spacious living hall where the wedding is going to take place, she is searching Arnav for the past half an hour, and she needs to tell him all about Shyam, how his own Jija ji is cheating on his sister and how he is forcing her to be in relationship with him. Only Arnav can handle Shyam, today what she saw in Shyam’s face terrified her, she has seen the madness crossing the threshold of obsession, and she is scared what if he does something to her, to Anjali ji, No. If anything happens to her she can live with it or die no one will have so much loss but if anything like worst happens to Anjali than most affected person will be Arnav ji. Anjali ji is Arnav ji’s world and if anything happens to her he will not be able to take it, his world will shatter and so hers. She cannot see him suffer, she cannot see him break. She needs to see him and tell him everything before anything goes wrong.


She went to NK ‘Nanhe ji have seen Arnav ji?’

NK ‘Nanav *he scratched his head* pata nahiin’

Khushi moved away from him…..she saw Anjali smiling with Nani ji, going to them she asked for Arnav only to see them sharing teasing smile. She brushed it off; it is not the time to ponder on their smile…Anjali smugly ‘Chotte….Chotte toh chat ke taraf jaa rahe the ek ghante pehle’

Khushi paled, he went to terrace before an hour, and did he see her and Shyam together? What if he heard everything?

Nani ‘bitiya he may be in his room’ Khushi nodding at them absentmindedly walked towards his room, his room was closed. She brought her hands to knock the door but it pushed open. Coming inside she looked at Arnav, his face grave.

Her heart thumping hard she stepped inside. Walking towards him she called softly ‘Ar…Arnav ji’

He stiffened at her voice, his body trembled in fury. Khushi moved forward towards him. Arnav ‘Stop there’

Stunned in silence she looked at him, his cold voice cutting through her. Arnav turned towards her ‘Kyun aayi ho yahan’

Khushi tried to open her mouth, he rushed to her clutching her shoulder in tight grip, and she winced with his nails digging her skin. Arnav ‘what are you doing here? What more do you want now? You are successful in destroying my Di’s married life now what do you want?’

Khushi’s eyes teared up listening to his words. Arnav ‘your crocodile tears will not affect me.’ He shakes her roughly.

Arnav ‘what did she do to you that you were behind her happiness. She always thought best of you, had always wished good for you but you….*chi* having affair with her husband’

Khushi shouted horrified ‘nahiin’

Arnav pushed her away ‘mujhe ghin aathi hai tumse. Nikal jao meri aur meri family ke zindagi se (I feel disgusted with you. Go away from me and my family’s life)’

Khushi ‘listen to me….once…you are thinking wrong’

Arnav sarcastically ‘Wrong? Huh?....I heard with my own ears you asking him to leave my sister…I’ll not let you live in peace.…you are destroying her and I’ll not leave you both….I’ll destroy you both’ He did not wait to see her hurt face, her tear soaked cheeks and left the room.

Khushi shocked sat numb, his words piercing her heart even after him gone. She did not know how long she sat there but when she got her senses she wiping her tears rushed out. No, he cannot misunderstand her; he cannot think so low of her, he cannot trust for her to hurt him.



Arnav walking out of the room looked out for his sister to disclose the truth of her scum bag husband, on not seeing her anywhere in the crowd he walked towards her room.

Arnav ‘Di!!!’

Anjali smiling ‘haan Chotte’

Arnav ‘I need to talk with you’

Anjali ‘now!!!’

Arnav ‘yes Di, it is very important’

He made her sit on the bed, kneeling in front of her he took her hand in his, struggled to disclose the truth of her cheat husband. Anjali ‘kya huwa Chotte. What do you want to say?’

Arnav ‘Di….Di…woh….jijaji *Anjali nodded her head*…..woh Jijaji….maine terrace par…..woh Khushi….’

Arnav ji!!!!, both Arnav and Anjali looked at the door to see Khushi standing, Khushi sighed, she had got up to catch hold of Arnav to clear his misconception only to get shock to know he had been finding Anjali and had went to her room. She knew that Arnav has gone to tell about Shyam and the misunderstanding on her thinking she is with Shyam deceiving everyone. No she can’t let that happen.


Anjali ‘Khushi ji!!!’ Khushi came inside, her eyes looking at Arnav who glared at her. Khushi passed a weak smile to her and then turned to Arnav ‘voh I…I need your help Arnav ji’

Arnav fisted his hand standing up, Anjali ‘help?’

Khushi ‘haan voh….I need to buy some stuff from market, buaji asked for them’

Anjali ‘now, but the marriage ritual is going to start’

Khushi ‘haan but she said it is urgent…and I thought to take Arnav ji’s help’ she gulped wishing, praying him to agree with her or Anjali to pressurize him to agree with her.

Arnav ‘No!!! Di I need to talk with you now, abhi isi waqt’ his gaze hard on Khushi

Anjali looking at helpless Khushi ‘Chotte, go with her. We will talk later’

Arnav ‘Di!!!’

Anjali ‘it is my order Chotte’ fuming he left the room giving his cold glare to Khushi.

Anjali ‘Khushi ji go with him’ Khushi nodding her head went out…..she rushed up to Arnav who was walking fast ‘Arnav ji…Arnav ji meri baat toh suniye….aap galat samaj rahe hain’

Arnav did not listen to her, frustrated, heartbroken he moved out of the house with Khushi following behind….he got inside his car and started the car, but Khushi was quick she sat inside before he could have the chance to drive away.

He was driving the car rashly, Khushi clutched the seat, door handle but nothing was working, her fear of getting into any accident like her parents was taking toll on her. Arnav was not in his senses….he wanted to kill her for cheating on them, to kill himself for not able to do anything, to kill that bas**** for playing with them.

In the single road, a truck came from front and he swirled the steering to move the car away from the line of the truck coming to save them from accident. Car screeched halt at the corner after he successfully swirled the vehicle from getting hit by truck. Khushi hit hard on the dashboard. Her head swelled at that area….Arnav shouted ‘Khushi!!!’ concern evident in his voice.

Khushi looked at him with her vulnerable eyes, they are moist. Arnav is no different; he is weak, trembling, hurt.  They gazed at each other….her eyes telling him to trust her, give her one chance to explain…..his eyes looking at her asking himself how the innocent face in front is all evil inside. He tore his eyes away from her and got down banging the door shut, she winced.

She too got down and tried to go near him when he raised his hands stopping her. Arnav looked at her with his blood shot eyes ‘why?’

He striding towards her ‘tell me why? Why did you cheat us all? Did you never thought about my Di who always wished good for you, always looked after you as a family member, she loves you but you…but you are cheating behind her back with none other than her husband….why? Why did you cheat her….Damn it….say me why?.....why did you to this to her? To me? To us…..why?’

Khushi stood silent, his words tearing her apart, his pain killing her. Seeing her all silent Arnav shouted a heart wrenching cry. Khushi jumped at that, stood numb, her limbs failed to move, her mouth went dry, a painful lump formed in her throat.


Khushi gulping, passing the lump difficulty got the words out of her mouth ‘you are getting it all wrong’

Arnav turned to her, sarcastically, with his cold eyes ‘Wrong? Really? Which part of you said leave Di is wrong? This is what you said to him right, to leave Di. Am I right or I’m right?’

Khushi shaking ‘yes, but I meant different meaning to what you are thinking, comprehended’

Arnav chuckled ‘is it so? But I don’t think’

Khushi ‘No, please hear me out’

Arnav ‘why should I?’

Khushi shuddered at the hard gaze, his emotionless voice, she gathering her courage ‘because you have the right to know the full truth’

Arnav ‘there is more to the story? Huh?’ he was at his sarcastic best, all he wants to is to kill Shyam and if his heart allows to kill her too.

Khushi nodding ‘you don’t know the whole truth? I said to him to leave Anjali ji not for me but for her….she is better off without him, a filthy man, who does not respect her, is not faithful to her, running behind another woman when he has a lovely beautiful woman who worships him as God’  She looked at him in the eye, choking she started reciting how Shyam came in her life as her savior from the thugs who were harassing her after he released the video of fashion show where she fell on his arms. How her amma had decided to send her and Payal to Delhi after the video fiasco. How Shyam Jha again met with them and how he had portrayed himself as orphan and single getting himself a room in their buaji’s house as paying guest. How he promised to help buaji in getting her husband’s pension. How he had helped her to get into Raizada godown a job but fate had other plans where she lost her appointment letter and landed in the main office and got the job of Lavanya ji’s assistant. How he started gaining buaji trust where she started looking him as her prospective goons. How she never met Anjali’s husband in her period of Lavanya’s trainee. How she was being forced by her buaji to get engaged to Shyam when her babu ji fell ill. How she had come to know his true color on the havan day at RM where Anjali invited her and how she was shocked to see the person whom she had thought as her good friend is playing with their families feeling. How she had broken her engagement with Shyam. How she had intended to tell him the truth about Shyam but could not tell him in the fear of seeing him shattered, in the fear of him not believing her. How she had tried to tell Anjali the next day with her family supporting but could not tell the truth seeing how much Anjali love believes and worships her husband. How Shyam tried to portray Anjali as bad wife in front of her eyes but could not succeed. How today evening she saw a message on the mirror asking her to meet on the terrace. How she had went to terrace thinking of him to calling her to say something important which he was hinting at the evening but got shock to see Shyam in front of her who forcefully hugged her and started confessing his love.

Khushi ‘and all I can see is he is not good for Anjali ji, she does not deserve someone unfaithful as her husband. She will be happy without his fake love which he is showering on her for money’

Arnav looked at her for few seconds, the in loud, clear and dry voice ‘done with your story’ his eyes held doubts, suspicion which pierced her heart some more.

Khushi choking ‘this is not any story, this is the truth….please believe me….I cannot think any harm to you or Anjali ji’

Arnav clapping his hands ‘well bravo acting Khushi…very well….you should be in acting field…you act good, these sad vulnerable face, making up the story in two minutes talent, these crocodile tears….you will reach the top, will become no 1 if you enter into any small or big screen’

Khushi looking at him defeated ‘you don’t believe me’

Arnav ‘why will I?’

Both looked at each other, both hurting in the untimely misunderstanding which came at the wrong time when they were taking step towards their relationship, when they were on the verge of confession their growing feeling towards each other. But one Man and his action already are drifting Arnav and Khushi apart even before they could meet.

Khushi closed her eyes, more tears slipped from her eyes, Arnav’s hand itched to wipe her tears, to gather her in his arms and console her but the betrayal he got in past is not letting him believe the truth in the present, all he feels is lie.

She opened her eyes, looking straight in his eyes ‘then take me to Laxmi Nagar, there all the people living knows Shyam Manohar Jha very well. They can tell you about him, according to your theory if I’m saying made up stories then consider it, one can say the made up story but not all can say the same story like parrot. And if then too you are not satisfied and believe me then you can investigate the truth yourself but please don’t come to conclusion yet’

Arnav looked at her hard possessing her words, analyzing it, he wanted to believe her, even if it is 0.1% doubt he wants to trust in her. The girl he fell for, he wanted to give her one last chance, and he badly wanted her to be innocent.  

He took long strides, reaching the door of his car, he opened it, his gaze moved towards Khushi who is standing looking at him confused, Arnav ‘do you need any invitation to sit inside the car’

Khushi dragging herself, took her seat beside him, she looked at him….what is he thinking? His expression was blank, as if he did not heard what she said. He did not look at her instead drove them through the lonely road to reach their destination with her gaze fixed on him trying to read him and with him knowing her gaze on him ignoring it.

Car stopped with force, she moved her gaze away from him and looked out to be little surprised to see them in Laxmi Nagar somewhere she thought he will not consider her request and get them to RM.

Arnav’s voice broke her reverie ‘one chance Khushi, only one chance only because of the girl who once has declared me characterless because I don’t believe in marriage, one chance for that girl who I believe will never cross her morals who taught me the same, one chance for that girl who believes in this sacred relationship, only one chance’

Khushi nodded at him, her tears slipping, she touched her hands in his who flinched but did not shrug her away, she took his right hand in her both and pressed them tight ‘thank you Arnav ji, I do know how it is difficult for you, trust me I never in my wildest dream ever think of anything negative, harm for you….I don’t want you to think low of me Arnav ji, I can never live with that….I don’t care about what others think now but not you, it will kill me and there will be nothing forwards to look for me’

Arnav heard her without any fail, his heart racing; he too hopes to see her innocent so to save his heart from some more heart break. Arnav ‘why?’

Khushi looked away, in that circumstance they were in how could she tell her growing feelings towards him, he will not believe her, first his misunderstanding about her should be cleared. Khushi taking shuddering breathe ‘go out and ask the people here living about Shyam Manohar Jha, you must have his image in your phone I believe which can be helpful to show them his picture. You will get all your answer to his deceitful lies he has spin to both the families, to me, to Anjali ji’

Arnav took back his hand once she had left it, feeling empty. He got down from the car and waited for her to come out but she shaking her head ‘you need to go alone’

He looked at her, and then walked on to know the truth which will definitely break him but may also give hopeful relief to him that Khushi is innocent is not involved with Shyam. He found a man on the garage working on the car came for servicing, clearing his throat he gained his attention. Happy ji came towards him smiling ‘hello sir, what service you have?’

Arnav ‘nothing, I need some information’

Happy ji ‘information?’

Arnav ‘yes, about the man living in Gupta house as paying guest’

Happy ji ‘but who are you? And why do you want to know about him?’

Arnav frustrated ‘I just need to know’ taking his phone out, he shoved the picture before Happy ji’s nose asking ‘is this the same man who lived here in Gupta house as paying guest?’

Happy ji surprised ‘yes…yes…he is Shyam ji, the one lived here in buaji’s house and later got engaged to Khushi bitiya….but don’t know why they called off the engagement and he has not seen since then’

Arnav gulped, Happy ji ‘but who is the lady beside him?’

Arnav ‘his wife, my sister’

Happy ji gasped ‘what? But he had said to all here that he is orphan and no one to call as his own and definitely he was portraying himself as single to us. And buaji too got him engaged to Khushi bitiya thinking he is nice man but….but here you are saying he is married to your sister…when did he marry to your sister? A month back? Is that why he left bua ji’s house and the engagement called off’

Arnav ‘No, they both are married three years back’

Happy ji got the shock of his life; he stood horrified looking at Arnav. And Arnav knew then what ever he is hearing is truth and nothing else, Khushi said everything about Shyam is true. Happy ji ‘Devi Maya ki lak lak shukar hai ki Khushi bitiya ki is ghatiya makkar aadmi se shaadi nahiin hui varna…..’ he shuddered at the thought. 

Vimla Mausi came to them looking at Happy ji’s dead face, she enquired what happen and what she heard almost left her fainting. They all knew the engagement being called off but no knew the reason and they let it be when Madhumathi Mishra told that there horoscope did not match and so called of the impending marriage.

Vimala ‘is that why they called of this engagement? So that man is kicked out of the Gupta house and no one knew it till now. Poor bitiya and Gupta’s they must be very much shattered at this betrayal. Can’t believe how much he helped everyone here and Gupta’s dotted on him but he turned out to be snake’

Arnav walked away from them, Khushi was watching him from sitting inside the car, his shoulder slumped in defeat, his head hung, his lost state, all lurched her heart. She came out the car almost running seeing him tumbling on his steps, Arnav on the other hand felt his weight heavy to carry himself. Not that he expected something else, he knew Shyam Manohar Jha is cheat, vile man from few hours before from now but hearing it from outsider on how he was double crossing everyone made him more numb if that possible. How did he fail to recognize the real Shyam? How did he fail to protect his sister from that Shyam? How did he without thinking do the crime of humiliating a girl’s honor because of which she had to encounter the leech and the snake entered her life? His one unthinkable act put Khushi through so much, she had to be humiliated publicly, had to leave her home town, had to encounter with monster, had made her life hell while she worked in his office, had hurt her with his poisonous words, had done in his everything to show her low, called her by names, giving pain to her from the time he met her some unknown and some known. He is so ashamed of himself for what he did to Khushi? And today he again without thinking and knowing the full truth accused her of low moral girl.


He came out of his self loathing when he felt a pair of soft hand holding him; he looked at the person and a lone tear escaped.

Khushi gulped, she sliding her one hands around his waist and holding his one hand tight in hers she took him to her house without thinking about how inappropriate it may look for others if they notice them, she cared less about other’s now when the man who came to mean so much to her is suffering.

Both sat silent in her room, Arnav looked out of the window nearby where now the street outside at the night of 11 pm is empty with people off to their home. It was pitch black outside with only a street light on at the end of the turn. Khushi had her eyes on him, worrying for him, crying for him inside her heart. Khushi calling him softly, her voice heavy with emotion ‘Arnav ji’

Arnav shuddered, he is feeling low of himself to even look at her, she inched closer to him, and pulled his chin to face her softly, that did it, when his haunted chocolate brown eyes met her hazel concerned one his damn broke and he cried….he cried hugging her with all his might like a child seeking comfort from his mother. Khushi held on to him, rubbing his back, her own tears escaped seeing him crying this way, she is so much shattered to see him in pain, not even she felt this way when her parents passed away and she later understood they will never return, not even when she was sent to orphanage and later adopted by Gupta’s, not even when buaji taunted her all her life, not even when her sister first’ marriage broke, not even when she was forced to leave her home town Lucknow the place she loved the most, not even when she was insulted humiliated by him on their every encounter, not even when her babu ji fell ill, not even when he announced his engagement with Lavanya, not even when she was forced to engage to Shyam, not even when she was betrayed by Shyam whom she thought of as a good friend….yes she was hurt all those time but today seeing him in such state as a lifeless soul wrenching her in pieces, a agony so hard it is unbearable for her.

Arnav in broken whisper ‘I’m sorry…sorry…sorry’

Khushi shushed him ‘Arnav ji…no sorry…you did no wrong…anyone in your place would share the same feeling, would have misunderstood the scene. Why anyone else? Even I would have thought of wrong.’

Arnav shaking his head opened his mouth ‘no…I did so wrong….so so wrong with you…not only today but every time from the time we met. I always hurt you’

Khushi ‘shhh that is all in the past now’

Arnav ‘but it is because of me you suffered lot and God knows still suffering *gritting his teeth thinking about Shyam*….I’m not a good human being’

Khushi ‘don’t Arnav ji…please..’

Arnav his voice felt alien even to himself ‘I’m not even a good brother…..I failed in protecting Di…what will happen to her if she comes to know of him…her cheat husband going around behind other girls…she will be shattered….she loves him too much…..how did I let such a slime enter in her life….how did I overlooked to see the real him….why?’

Khushi hugged him ‘No Arnav ji, don’t blame yourself….please you are not at fault…how will you know how the man is seeing him acting so much in love with your sister with his sugar coated words, he knows well to twist the things according to his like’

Arnav heard nothing ‘and I did wrong with you always….I’m bad….very bad….*looking at Khushi*…sorry….so much sorry please mujhe maaf kardo Khushi….’

Khushi trembled in pain to see him so much agony and self loathing…no she could not let that happen…she have to put an end to all this….without thinking anything else she pressed her lips softly on his making him shut who was ranting and cursing himself for the wrong he did to her and her family.

Arnav gasped, her soft lips pressed on his, and he was shocked with her sudden kiss or to say a tight peck. Khushi moved away from him, not pondering on what she did just reached out cupping his right cheek in her hand ‘Shh Arnav ji bas….no more sorry….I know what all you did should not have done but somewhere I was wrong too…we cannot change the past but we can change the present and make better future….’ Wiping his tears she looked deep in his eyes to convey her words.

He hugged her feeling overwhelmed, both fell on the bed with Khushi holding him to her chest caressing his hair hushing him whose tears were falling unchecked even hers too. Even though how much we try and console but the pain cannot be reduced or go away so easily.

Arnav like a child ‘what will happen to Di, Khushi? How will she take everything? What if? What if she did something like mama?’ he shuddered, his body went stiff. Khushi rubbing his tensed muscle ‘Arnav ji?’ her questioning tone made him to answer, both lay in same embrace, him holding her as his dear life, hearing her heart beat, soothing a little burning of nerves, and her holding him like precious pearl in her arms.

Arnav ‘I, Di, my father and my mother, we four were a happy family or so I thought to be. Sheesh Mahal was my home. *Khushi even though was surprised but did not interfere* I was fourteen then when Di’s marriage got fixed. I was even then introvert and aloof type of boy, never mingled with anyone other than my family and some close friends. I was so happy that day teasing my Di who was ducked in finery bridal cloth and jewelry waiting for her groom to come and sweep her off her feet. But something else for stored for her, me and my parents. I watched my parents fighting in my father’s study room when I had walked on them while passing by the room. I was shocked with disbelief with the accusation my mama was putting on dad, and he was trying to console her but she did not. She went on accusing how he could have cheated her, and not even thought of two children. She was so upset and heartbroken, could not take it and ended it then and there. I watched in horror to see my mama ran from there to their room, I was following her not feeling good with the instinct and all went blank in few seconds before I could reach her she shot herself *Khushi’s breathe hitched*  My world turned upside down Khushi….in a minute I lost my mother…that was not the end….Di’s to be in laws called off the wedding and left the altar. Di was in shock, I don’t know should I cry or to console her. Then there came another blow to us, my Dad too in few hours shot himself in guilty because of mama’s death and Di’s broken marriage. I and Di became orphan the day when it was to be happy day for all of us. Society taunted us; we ought to hear their endless gossips about my parent’s doomed relationship and how our family broke. It was not the end, My Chacha took his chance with kicking me and Di from Sheesh Mahal, I begged him Khushi not to do so *Khushi hugged him tight to herself, Arnav smiled sadly sensing her need to comfort him* but he did not listen to us, he threw us out. Nani took us in her wings giving her surname, maama-maami looked and treated us their own child, and Akash he accepted without a fuss to share his parents and Dadi’s love with us. They were so generous Khushi, I worked so hard, studied hard to come and reach where I’m. I thought if I’ve enough money, more richer in this world then he can get anything, any happiness to my family and Di but I’m wrong…so wrong….I could not give them true happiness, same thing is repeating again, like my father cheated on Mama Shyam too is cheating on Di….and I don’t know how to deal with this….I don’t know how will I face my Di….how did I fail to know and enquire about him and his back ground before giving my Di’s hand in his….Khushi she will not be able to tolerate it….I cannot see her break…she means like my mama to me…she is my second mother whom I cannot see in dark….I cannot see her break…I cannot lose her Khushi….I cannot…’ Khushi cried hard with him hugging him caressing his head and back, one Man and his action, his sinful act is going to shatter the world of everyone around him close, will turn the world upside down of the people connected with him, and the truth is Shyam Manohar Jha is not guilty or have any repentance on what he is doing or done.

Khushi wiped his tears which was flowing stubbornly ‘shhh Arnav ji….don’t…please don’t cry….I cannot see you like this….please’

Arnav ‘how Khushi? I’m all helpless, you know right how much Di loves Shyam, she worships him as her God. And everyone will be broken when they will come to know of Shyam; Nani, Maama, Maami, Akash everyone will be shattered to know the best husband for their Anjali and good son in law of Raizada is not what they thought of to be but the truth is he is anything but good, he is all façade, wearing a mask of goodness hiding the evil him’

Khushi ‘I know…I know, but we need to be strong…you need to be strong…everything will be alright….and I’m sure Anjali ji will come out of this too because she has too when she has you, because her brother is with her, your whole family is with her. You will not let her be alone and will be always there for her. I know she will be hurt, any woman will be hurt when they see and comes to know of their husbands betrayal but she has the right to know, we should not keep quiet…he is too dangerous, the maniac glint I saw in him today evening is still giving me chills, he is not good Arnav ji….he can go to any extent to get what he wants.’ She trembled in fear. Arnav held her close.

Arnav’s cell rang before anyone of them continue to say anything….he pulled out his phone and saw the caller id is none other than his Di, he gulped he was going to cut the call but Khushi took the phone from his hand and answered the call.

Anjali ‘Chotte where are you both? Wedding too finished but you two are missing’

Khushi gulping ‘Anjali ji, sorry…but we are stuck here, will be late to reach, go on with other rituals till then we will reach’

Anjali ‘but….’ Khushi had cut the call.


She looked down at Arnav who is looking at her with naked pain visible in his eyes and face, her heart lurched, she cupped his face ‘don’t worry Arnav ji….everything will be alright…I’m with you…we will together fight with him, nothing will happen to Anjali ji’ but Arnav was not thinking of anything else other than the words she uttered few seconds before the call came.

Arnav ‘Marry me’ Khushi looked at him wide eye….he supported himself on his left elbow and cupped her face in his right one ‘Marry Me Khushi….don’t think me wrong or I’m asking you to marry me because of some motive…..the reason is I like you, like you lot to marry you, if I say the truth I have started falling for you and I don’t want to lose you to anyone….I don’t want Shyam do anything to you….I can’t see that….I can never see you being with someone else….if to get you all to myself I have to marry then I’m ready to marry you….Marry me…and I promise to be the best husband for you and best father to our children’ Khushi’s cheeks turned pink hue listening to his last words.

Arnav caressing her cheek ‘I know this is quiet shock and out of blue proposal but I cannot wait for any right time to come because the moment now we are sharing feels right, all this feels right, and I know you feel the same for me otherwise you would not feel to die with me misunderstanding you, you will not *pecking her lips, making her go red* do this, will not console me cradling me in your arms as if I’ll break in pieces if you let me out. I know we have feelings for each other and I don’t want to wait for anything else more. Marry Me Khushi, which is all I ask, give me your trust and marry me. I promise to keep you happy and cherish you all my life. Be my wife and share my name as Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada’

Khushi looked at his ocean eyes, drowning herself in the endless love simmering in them, cupping his face in her hands softly she whispered ‘I’ll, I’m ready to be Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada’ Arnav smiled, first time heartfelt smile after the torturous evening. He scooped down and sealed their new starting relationship which will blossom into beautiful flower which will never wither.

Arnav looking in her eyes ‘I need you Khushi, I need you so much. Please be with me always. I want you beside me when I’ll expose that Shyam, I want you beside me to console my Di, to mend her broken heart, to support her to sail through the storm. I want you beside me to share my every happiness with you. I want you beside me in the hard times supporting me encouraging me to keep on going, I want you beside me to sail against the hard storm. I want you beside me to triple fourth our happiness and lesson our sorrow. I want you beside me in every step of my life, as a friend, lover, wife, mentor, supporter, as a light to my dark life’

Khushi kissed his cheek soundly, hugging him tight ‘I’m with you Arnav ji, I’ll always be with you. Khushi hamesha Arnav ke saath raheki, har kushi aur har gham voh saath milkar jeeyenge’

Arnav kissed her head fondly, time passed by and it was 4 am, when they got up to return back to RM. Khushi ‘Every one must be worried. What will we tell others?’

Arnav ‘I’m there Khushi, no need to panic I’ll take care of it’ he is all set to fight now when Khushi is with him, he has got everything and knew, has confidence to set things right.




They came inside RM to see both the families were in the living room waiting for them, Gupta’s had stayed back in RM since they came to know Khushi’s absence and she is with Arnav. Worried for both of them they were waiting for the two since long after sending the new wed pair in their room.

All came to them, Anjali ‘chotte where did you both go?’

Garima ‘Khushi Anjali bitiya said you took Arnav bitwa with you for some important work’

Nani sternly ‘why are you both silent?’

Buaji ‘hey Sanka Devi Why are you keeping your mouth shut? Tell us where did you both go and did not even attend your siblings wedding’

Maami ‘hello hi bye bye Arnav bitwa where did you went with phati saree’

Anjali ‘Chote tum log chup kyun ho, kuch bolthe kyun nahiin….aur Khushi ji aapne kaha ki aapko buaji ne bazaar se kuch mangaya hai aur aapko chotte ki madad chahiye’

Nani ‘and why don’t you not answering our call’

Khushi looked down and then at Arnav, Arnav held her hand, his face composed ‘Di she indeed needed my help but buaji did not send her to buy anything….’

Maami ‘hello hi bye bye….tell us…tell us…why did you stop?’

Arnav looking at all ‘she needed my help to deal with her ex fiancé’ Shyam’s face paled in fear, he was a minute ago was angry to see Arnav and Khushi missing for whole night but now is dreading at his true color and his misdeed to be revealed in-front of his gold hen and Raizadas, Gutpa’s were shocked and were looking from to and fro to Arnav and Khushi.

Nani ‘kya kahat ho bitwa’

Arnav ‘haan Nani that man is troubling her and she came to me for help’

Arnav did not let other’s to speak anymore and announced his decision ‘Di, Nani I’ve decided to marry Khushi’

Garima who is standing near Khushi ‘bitiya?’

Buaji ‘Khushi what he is saying?’

Anjali ‘Chotte?’

Arnav ‘haan Di you all heard right, it is our mutual consent we wish to get married’

Buaji hollered ‘I need to speak with Khushi alone’ she took Khushi to one corner of the living room with Garima pushing Shashi’s wheelchair followed them.

Buaji grabbing her arms gently ‘Khushi what is all this?’

Garima ‘and what he is telling about your ex-fiancé disturbing you? Does he know who your fiancé was?’

Buaji ‘tell us Khushi, kyun chup khadi ho’

Khushi looked at them with tears brimming in her eyes, and she narrated everything that happened from last evening to till now minus the kiss they shared.

Buaji and Garima were shocked. Raizada’s were looking at them with tensed; Arnav too was not giving any answer looking at Khushi and Gupta’s. He walked over to them.

Holding Khushi’s hand in his, he looked at Khushi then at Gupta’s ‘Trust me Buaji I’ll keep Khushi happy, she will not have to face any problem, I’ll stand before her to protect her from every harm coming her way. I’ll be her support always. I’ll give her respect and love her; I’ll do everything in me to always keep her smiling. I’ll always be with her’

Arnav looking straight in their eyes ‘I want to marry her and want your permission for accepting us, you all means a lot to her’

Buaji looked at Khushi ‘sanka devi do you wish to marry him’ Khushi looked at Arnav who assured her with small smile and then looked at her family nodding her head.

Raizada’s too had reached them, Nani ‘Chotte you are not marrying Khushi just because you wish to protect her from her fiancé isn’t it?’

Arnav ‘that is one of the reason Nani but more than that I like her and want to be my wife’

Anjali shed happy tears; all hugged them, blessing them. Shyam fumed in anger but Maami’s next question drained his all energy ‘hello hi bye bye but who is that ex-fiancé of hers troubling her. Tell us we will handle him.’ Gupta’s looked at each other tensed, Khushi held his hand tight. Arnav ‘I don’t know him in person, all I wish is Khushi to tie down with me. Then later I’ll hunt him down, that’s a promise’ Shyam felt the ground beneath his feet slipping. Arnav looked determined and hard at him who was engrossed in his impending grave which Arnav will dig for him.

Gupta looked at him gratefully; he blinked back his eyes ‘Khushi is safe with me’

He kneeled down before Shashi and promised him to look after his dear daughter very well, Shashi kept his trembling hand with difficulty on his head blessing him and giving his consent which erupted another joy to see his health recovery. Shyam felt like being cornered with Khushi ji going to be married to Arnav Singh Raizada, and Shashi Gupta coming back to his health slowly who can reveal his murder attempt on him, he felt doomed.

Khushi looked at him smiling ‘Thank You’

Arnav ‘Welcome to My World as My Life’ both of them holding the eyes full of love with promise of dream filled with happy future ahead.


                                                          The EnD



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