((OS)) Toot Toot Ke Pyaar Karta Hoon ((For Nanak's Competition))

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May 10, 2014

((OS)) Toot Toot Ke Pyaar Karta Hoon ((For Nanak's Competition)) (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 85 times)

“Mom!!! Dad told me that your love story was an interesting one… I want to know about it please” A little girl ran to her mother and sat on her lap.

“Ananya, you are too young to know my love story… it’s not your age you won’t understand it”

“Why? Because you got married to someone you dint love?”

“Who told you that?”

“Dad did… now please stop beating around the bush, I want to know about it that’s it”

“Okay fine.. Sit here… I won’t tell you everything in detail just the main part… Okay?”


“I had met Arnav a few years back… I liked him and crazily went on looking for his phone number… I talked to him and found out that he wanted to be a scientist and that’s what he was studying about…

He rarely had time to talk to me… usually I would wait till midnight for him to finish reading so that he could give me half an hour out of his busy life..

We talked and became friends and slowly I started falling in love with him…

So from here I would shift to my engagement as I told you I am not telling you the whole story in detail just the main part”

“Wow engagement with Arnav?”



“The day was a big one… a very big one indeed…

It was the biggest day of any girl’s life.. The day almost each and every girl waited for…

I had also waited for the day… I also had many dreams for the day but they all were shattered…

I was getting engaged… to some unknown stranger..

To a man whom I dint love… and there was nothing I really could do about it…

I had never expected my life to take such a twist and turn, because I was getting engaged to a stranger while I was in love with a man who dint believe in love…

I was in love with a man who was my friend and maybe more than that but he wasn’t ready to accept the fact…

I was in love with a man who thought that love was nothing else but just some chemical reactions in the mind…

As I exchanged the rings with the stranger of my life, a teardrop rolled down my eyes as I looked at him with a fake smile and drove into flashbacks.

His words were yet echoing in my ears… his heartbreaking lines were yet breaking me more and there was nothing I could do… completely nothing…


“Arnav mom is planning to get me married soon, I am not asking for more just a commitment from you… just get engaged to me and I promise we won’t get married, not until you wish, Arnav I love you and it’s hard to make mom understand this, she thinks that if I wait for you till you finish your studies you might just dump me so please Arnav just a commitment”

“No Khushi, I can’t commit I am not ready”

“But why Arnav? Don’t you love me?”

“No Khushi! I don’t love you!” He shouted angrily.

“Arnav I thought you talked to me all this days because you felt something towards me too”

“Are you out of your mind Khushi? I had told you earlier too, for me there is nothing like love, I don’t believe in it… for me love is just a chemical reaction in the mind”

“Arnav get out of your scientific world, not everything is a chemical reaction… I know you had told me that you were happy alone but I thought that you were happy with me too”

“There was a reason why I said I’d be happy alone…

It wasn’t because I thought I’d be happy alone…

It was because I thought, if I loved someone…

And then we fell apart… I might not make it…

It’s easier to be alone..

Because what if later on you know you need love…

And then you don’t have it…

What if you like it… and lean on it…

What if you shape your life around it..

And then… it falls apart…

Can you even survive that kind of pain?

Losing love is like organ damage… It’s like dying…

The only difference is… death ends…

This… it can go on forever..”

“So this is the reason you don’t want to fall in love? Or why you don’t believe in love?”

“Exactly Khushi… I don’t want any pain which doesn’t end, I can accept death but not love… look I know that you liked me but I am sorry I don’t love you… and secondly you know I am studying, I want to be a scientist I got no time for any girl in my life, my life is with books, just books”

“It’s not a must that’s you’ll always get pain.. love is a beautiful thing you can get happiness too… and why do you think of losing someone when I am here I want to be with you”

“And what if something happens in future and we break apart?”

“You know what Arnav? I have never seen a coward like you… I know that somewhere you also do feel for me but you are scared… if it is so then get this I am also not going to wait for you, I got a life I’ll move on but yes the day you find the girl who would stay awake till 12 midnight waiting for you to finish reading and then you talk to her come to me and tell me… I promise I would forget you…

The day you find the girl who would fall in love with you knowing that for you love is just a chemical reaction then come to me and tell me, I promise I’ll forget you..

The day you find a girl who would understand that your studies are also important for you and would not disturb you when you are busy reading then come to me and tell me… I promise I’ll forget you..

Good bye Arnav… I hope you won’t forget that you had a friend named Khushi”

Flashback Ends…

“Everything had changed… and like I promised him I was moving on in life..

I already got engaged to a stranger while my heart belonged to him… but maybe with time I would forget everything…

The irony was that his lines worked on me while he was scared of that… he dint lose love I did… his organ dint get damaged mine did… he dint get the pain that would go on forever, I did… and that’s why I still remember those lines…

Not only the lines… but everything connected with him.

A few days passed by but with every passing minute I just kept on realizing the he wasn’t the one I wanted to live with, he was the one I couldn’t live without.

I wasn’t strong enough to carry on this fake relation anymore, I had to talk to that stranger who was a part of my life…”

“So what did you do next?” She asked

“I went to the stranger I had got engaged to and then I told him everything”


“Sahil, I need to talk to you” I said

“So from the day we got engaged this is when you actually have the guts to talk to me? I hope now you aren’t shy as before”

“Sahil this is a serious matter so better be serious”

“Okay, I am sorry… tell me what is it?”

“Have you ever experienced something..

So profoundly wonderful…

And then when it was taken from your life…

Your life felt unbearable…”

“What are you asking Khushi? I am floating”

“ Sahil I am talking about love…

I believe that when you love someone…

And that person loves you in return...

You are uniquely vulnerable...

They have the power to hurt you... is that right?”

“Yes it is, but what’s your point here?”

“The point s that you gave me the power to hurt you but I gave someone else the power to hurt me”

“You mean to say you don’t love me?” Sahil asked in shock

“Yes Sahil, I don’t love you… I love Arnav… I am sorry I am telling you all this now but I couldn’t keep quiet.. I am sorry to say that maybe never in my life would I be able to love you so if you want to back out you can’t, you still have time”

“Live that, if you love him why did you get engaged to me Khushi? I thought you liked me and after you engagement when I got to know you I fell in love with you… why dint you tell me earlier, I could have controlled myself”

“It doesn’t matter, he doesn’t love me… I am sorry but I did not have the strength to tell you that”

“Now what am I supposed to do here?”

“It’s all your wish… if you still want to marry me after knowing this the I won’t object… I am leaving the decision to you”

Flashback ends

“What did he decide then?” Ananya asked

“He decided to marry me because he had fallen in love with me and at a point he believed that after marriage I would slowly forget Arnav and fall in love with him.

So the preparations began, he was happy but I wasn’t but then I had to do this for my parents, I could have waited for Arnav my whole life but I wouldn’t want to hurt mom and dad for him

We both got married and everyone was happy apart from me.

After almost six months of my marriage Sahil and I had started living just as friends…

There was this day we had planned for a dinner at some restaurant.

I was there waiting for him to come but he dint show up…

I tried calling him but he dint receive my calls and my eyes were just stuck at the entrance hoping to see him arrive anytime

A few minutes later I stood up in shock or surprise I don’t know what it was… I saw Arnav walking in the restaurant and I almost broke down again.

He saw me and walked towards me with a huge smile on his face as I tried hard to control my tears.


“Hey Khushi… how comes you are here?” he asked with a smile

I almost broke down but then I gathered all the broken pieces of my heart and looked at him with a smile.

“Excuse me sir but do I know you?” I asked

“Khushi I am Arnav…”

“I am sorry sir, maybe you are mistaken, I don’t know anyone with such a name” I replied as I rushed out of the restaurant.

He followed me up while I was walking all alone on an unknown road in the dark night.

He got hold of my hand and pulled me back.

“Leave me! I don’t like talking to strangers and if you don’t leave me I would shout and gather everyone here”

He left my hand as I walked away.

A reached a bit further when I heard something that broke me more

“I Love you Khushi!” he shouted

My legs stopped moving, I tried hard but my mind wasn’t compromising of my heart… I wanted to run away but what I just heard dint let me.

He ran to me and looked deep into my eyes.

“I Love you Khushi I love you a lot”

“Hato Arnav, mujhe tumse koi baat nahi karni, jab me tumse pyar karti thi tab kaha gaya that tumhara pyar?” (get away Arnav, I don’t want to talk to you…where was your love when I loved you?

“Khushi please forgive me once.. I know at that time I was an idiot?”

“You were? You still are an idiot Arnav, no doubt”

“Khushi please… sirf ek baar mujhe maaf kardo, vaada karta hoon tumhe zindagi ki har khushiyan dunga” (Forgive me just once, I promise I would give you all the happiness possible)

“Arnav kaise bharosa karlu tumpe? Kaise maanlu kea b tum mujhse pyar karte ho? Ek bar mera dil tut chukka hain ab mujhme itni himmat nahi ki apna dil phirse tumhe doon aur phirse tum use todke chalejao” (how do I trust you Arnav? how do I believe it that now you love me? you broke my heart once I don’t have the strength to give it to you and you break it again)

He stared at me silently as I wiped my tears and stayed strong

“Arnav I am a married woman, I am not the single Khushi who loved you crazily”

“I know I Khushi, even though you are married I know you still love me”

“It doesn’t matter, Sahil had held my hands when you left them, now I cannot leave his hands to hold yours” I said as I walked away.

“Khushi please ek baar rukjao.. bharosa karlo mujhpe.. pyar karta hoon tumse… toot toot ke pyar karta hoon” (Khushi just stay back for once, trust me once, I love you, I love you a lot!)

I completely broke down after listening to that, I just couldn’t control myself anymore, I rushed to him and hugged him so tightly letting all my pain out

“Khushi believe me, a person who doesn’t believe in love can fall in love and when he does he would love like no one else… I also realized that I had fallen for you but when I did it was too late”

I pushed him away angrily.

“Then why did you come back now Arnav? Isn’t it too late yet?”

“I wouldn’t, not if your husband couldn’t have forced me to come here and meet you, not If he couldn’t have forced me to tell you about my feelings”

“Sahil sent you here?” I asked in shock

“Yes Khushi… he loves you maybe more than I do because not everyone has the guts to do this, he knew that you weren’t happy with him so he looked for me and got to know about my feelings towards you, he is the one who sent me here…

I hope now you can’t come with me”

I broke down again as I hugged Arnav… I had almost lost hope but Sahil brought it back to my life

Flashback Ends.

“So mom, where is Sahil uncle now?”

“I don’t know baby, he left that night… I couldn’t meet him for one last time and thank him for what he did for me… but I hope I would meet him some day and thank him of every little happiness he brought into my life”

“So Ananya are you done with your story? Now come on go back to your room and study” Arnav said

“Okay Dad”

She left as Arnav walked towards Khushi, they both hugged each other happily.

“You know what Khushi, Sahil was an Angel… I just pray to God wherever he is, let him have all the happiness”

“I pray the same too Mr. Raizada”

“And I Love you”

“I Love you too”

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