Start of MEDian Week - FUN unlimited ahead!!

May 10, 2014

Start of MEDian Week - FUN unlimited ahead!! (By Med_Development_Team) (Thanked: 16 times)

Dear All MeDians, HOWDY!!

MEDian Weekend has just started... it is time to have fun on MeD...

This is an annual event we will be conducting every year to celebrate our foundation anniversary! MED was created in 2010 and we have come a long way since then... we made so many friends over time and this eFamily means a lot to us... so we want to have fun with our eFamily and “Express freely” and live the motto of MeD!! we are greatful to all of you who care for us and nurture this place like your own family or home!!

So what all we will be doing during this extended weekend (including MONDAY)... Here our appeal to true MEDian (just like previous years):

· Please write at least 10+ myView post over the next three days

· Update your stories (FF, SS or write OS) – A MUST!!

· Participate or Organise Competitions and other amazing completion running in MED by various enthusiastic MEDians

· Please post 25+ comments (Facebook linked) and publish those on FB profiles

· Please follow 10 authors by pressing “add to fav

· Please write 5 appreciations for your Favourite Authors

· Please post three Xpress ....i.e type status, quote or past picture/poster link (ending jpeg or png etc)

· Help another MEDian by resolving their queries on exiting HELP pages

· VOTE and make your voice count on various Polls

If you are a true MEDian then please participate in MEDian Weekend and make it count....

On Monday 12th May 2014 we will announce our Annual MED Awards where crème de la crème MEDians will be awarded based on their amazing work during this weekend and also entire last year (May 2013 till date)… You all are amazing people and it is now time to be recognised!!

this is just our way of saying

soooooo LET the fun begin ....

There are several announcements lined up for next few days ...keep watching this space... cheers

Sincerely Yours,

MED Development Team

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Happy Birth DAY MeD!!
MeD - you are Stress Reliever- we Love You!! from True MeDians!!
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MED RockstarZ .... BE ready to ROCK!!