OS:Strange Wedding

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May 9, 2014

OS:Strange Wedding (By V1184) (Thanked: 172 times)

Khushi is sitting on the recliner of their room.

Suddenly two girls came rushing to her and ask her to come with them. Khuhsi went and within minutes they were in the garden.

Girl 1: So Mrs.Raizada today your task is to narrate your story of wedding to us.

Girl 2: Yes because it is our duty to keep you happy ma'am or else your Mr will kill us.

Girl 1: Ha choti you are right.

Khushi: Arrey what happened  to you both today?Behaving strangely.By the way how come you both here all of a sudden.You both left your mamma and went to your buaji na just like your father you too like her only.

Girl 1: No mamma not like that and we can't tell you anything now so you tell us na how your and papa's wedding happened.

Girl 2 : Ha mamma please tell us na please.....

Khushi: Ok first promise me that you both won't disturb me in the middle.And also don't tell your papa about this.Ok?

Both the girls : Yes we won't and winked at each other.

Khushi started telling the story....

It was Payal jiji's wedding with Akash jiju. I am not present during their engagement.I was having my Exams and your papa is Akash jiju's brother.

It was a week before her marriage i came home.As i was not there before, i helped everyone in the house as if the world is going to end if i don't do so.

It was Jiji's Mehendi and Sangeet ceremony in a day.

That is when i saw your papa and was surprised to know that he already know me.Why won't he after all the whole walls in the house are filled with my photos.

I practised so much for the Sangeet that i was tired so much at the time of Mehendi. Then Sasurji and Sasu-ma came home.They are nice to me.I thought how lucky jiji is to get such a nice family as her in-laws.My amma told me to check with the catering people and sent me out.I went as i thought that we must be very careful in everything.When i returned home i saw Sasuma-Sasurji and others going from there smiling.I too smiled back at them when they saw me.I asked amma whether everything is ok or not.She too smiled and told that everything is fine and asked me to put Mehendi in my hands as everyone already had their hands filled with Mehendi and jiji is sleeping.So i agreed after checking that all works are done.I told amma that i am sleepy and asked her if she can ask the mehendi putting girl to do her work in my room when i was asleep.I donno why but amma agreed and smiled thinking something. Mehendi is over and the Sangeet too finished peacefully.

It was jiji's Haldi ceremony and amma told me to get ready like jiji.I didn't understand but agreed because i know that in some Hindu customs the brides sister is also made a bride and called bridesmaid. I was more of modern society though i worship God and do some prayers i donno completely about all kinds of traditions.So agreed silently without questioning.

After 2days on the day of jiji's marriage i was told that i am also getting married to my jiju's brother Arnav Raizada.I donno what to do.I didn't understand anything and i stood silently.My jiji came to me.told that they know it from day 1 of the rituals and her parents agreed because they thought i will understand and agree for the marriage for my sister's sake.

I agreed for marriage as i have got only things in my mind that is my sister and parents are happy so i must be happy too.And my parents agreed for marriage as they know that he is perfect match for me.

That's it all the marriage rituals are over and we are married.

The most strange thing in this is you papa's evil plan.

Girls spoke in unison:What evil plan and that too papa's???They gave her a 'you are kidding right?'glare.

She continued...Yes your papa's plan to marry me.You know he was my childhood schoolmate.After school we went to different places but your papa know everything about me from before and he married me as he loves me.

Girls:So your wedding is arranged love marriage na.

Khushi: Ha and now you both go and sleep or else when your papa comes he will eat me alive.

Girls: Okay mamma we will go but a good night kiss please.

KHushi: Of course & good night babies.....Saying this she made her twin daughters Ashi and Arushi sleep.


I know this is something which you felt as the most boring OS.I am sorry as you have to bear this and Please don't forget to tell me how this is as i wrote this based on a thought which is in my mind from weeks of time.Bye....

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