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May 8, 2014

TS: COMING TOGETHER (By Starshinelight) (Thanked: 43 times)

hey guys i am back...... finally exams over..... temporarily obviously but then as a treat i have a new TS for you all and it's a three shot this time!!!! lets see how you guys like it!!!!! its a light hearted story... fun loving and crazy to the core.... do tell me how you liked it!!!!! :)

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HERE'S TODAY'S UPDATE ..........................ENJOY!!!

Love …….attraction…… feelings……. All this was becoming too difficult to handle for khushi  , specially because  it was her first time that she felt so strongly for someone!!!!! She had usually been easy going handling both her male and female friends alike but then it had started become tricky when ever this particular person came into view!!!!!

Well she and her distraction worked at the same place but in different departments and she was glad for that else would have been chucked out of the premises by now!!!! He was such an easy going carefree kinda  guy with soo much brain that at times she felt ridiculous to even voice her thoughts!!! Well any way …………. About the guy…….. his name was Arnav……….. Arnav Singh Raizada ….. to royal a name for his kinda a personality buy nonetheless it suited him!!!!! He was a charming person with oh-so-beautiful eyes into which one could gaze for an immeasurable amount of time!!!!! And that bewitching smile which made you to want to smile in the most distressing of the times!!!!!!

And to top it all they were really good friends!!! They had their own group of friend who travelled together and Arnav happened to be one of them also!! Well this is how they got to know each other!!

They were 6 of them…..Khushi, Arnav , Aakash Payal, Sheetal, Khushboo!!! Payal and Aakash were commited and happy with each other with not concern how ever of the rest of the world!!! Sheetal had her hands on Arnav from the beginning and he being the good boy never stood against her with a fear of hurting her feelings!!!! Huh????……. And sheetal taking that as a positive signal was full on the flirt mode with him!!!!

Khushboo was the sensible one of them all but way to sensible if one may add!!! She was the only one who knew about khushi’s secret liking towards Arnav and always pushed her to flirt even if it was only casual with Arnav to let him know she was interested because khusboo knew that even Arnav liked khushi!!!!

Khushoo :  khushi!! What the hell !! why don’t you even try !! That sheetal bit*h will trap him if you don’t go and rescue him she said chuckling.

Khushi: drop it khush!!! There is nothing of that sort!!! You have lost you mind!!!  I don’t need to rescue anyone and Arnav is not an idiot that he cant see how fake sheetal is!!! He is just being the good guy thats it!!!!

Khushboo: yeah you were born with him that you know him so well !!! he may be sensible but he is a boy!! And boys by their genetic defect are dumb !!! get it!!

Trust khushboo to get genetics in all of this !!! the worked in the genetics department while khushi was in microbiology !!!! khushi was soo confused in all of this that she didn’t know what to do!!! And with khushboo always being at the same frequency as Arnav’s ,  tend to be right most of the time !!! Khushi was fed up of these brainies around her!!!!

This was a matter of heart not brain dammit and how much ever khushboo tried she would not be able to understand the H of the heart also!!! She was soo practical it was downright irritating!!!!

Khushi: chill khush I will work something out!!!! Now let’s go well get late !!! the cab might be waiting!!!

Khushboo: the cab or Arnav haan???? *wriggling her eyebrows*

Khushi just shook her head!!! Khushboo was one character piece, and khushi may have to take her words back regarding khushboo not knowing a thing about the heart!!! She may be able to pass the H BUT THEN THAT’S IT!!!

In the cab everyone was in a jolly good mood today with the extended weekend coming up and everyone having plans!!!! Payash were going for a mini holiday , khushboo was going to sit home and relax!!! Dumboo!!!! Anyway …… the most miserable of all was sheetal as she had to attend a family function which she found extremely boring and as it is she was planning to spend the weekend with Arnav on the pretext of completing the project they were currently working on!!!! Bit*h!!!

Yes Arnav , khushboo and sheetal were in the same department!!! How come she was never intimidated by them khushi wondered!!! Maybe because she just lived in the lime light of her beauty!!!!

But then khushi did not miss the gleam of excitement on Arnav’s face on being able to get off the clutches of sheetal!! And khushi could not help but giggle!!! He was such a darling!!!  Control khushi she chided herself!!!


Arnav had always been an easygoing guy with a lot of wit and humor by his side but he really used it because by his experience the dumb girl flocked like hens around him amazed by it!!! The hen currently trying to fly was sheetal and she was getting on his nerves!!!

What was making him more edgy was how khushi seemed to enjoy it too the end!!! Khushi…….. well she was another story!!!!!

Khushi had joined just few months back into the department of microbiology!!! She was an amazing creature … soo sweet and caring !!! And not to mention beautiful with those dove life big eyes!!!

She was khushboo’s friend and had instantly become an inseparable part of their group. She was soo different from khushboo it was amazing to see that they were soo thick friends!!!

Khushboo was such a pain in the neck when she wanted to be…. But at other times she was a darling, a sweet heart that made him pass the day in the lab without murdering sheetal!!! And she was highly intellectual and sorted out!!! And khushi on the other hand was an easy going fun-loving and pleasant personality with a little bit of nervousness on her sleeves but still amazing at what she did!!!

And Arnav had started falling for her from the time he had heard her speak!!! he had wanted to be more open to her and talk to her in a more friendly manner than any casual friend would have but then sheetal’s constant presence was becoming a pain and hindrance to it!!!

He had pestered khushboo soo much that she had been at tethers’ end when she had blasted him for being such a coward and letting the dumb sheetal control his life!!! Then he had decided to take matters into his own hands!!!

He had got sheetal transferred to another branch by pulling a few strings and she was yet to get the news on Monday and to his immense delight sheetal was gone for the weekend also!!!!!

Now he just had to corner khushi and get her to talk!!!!


this is it!!!!

the second part will be up as soon as i get an amazing response from you guys regarding the story!!!

plzz plzzz plzzz do comment, good or bad or even worse just tell me how you feel..... it will help me improve.........

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May 9, 2014

COMING TOGETHER PART 2 (By Starshinelight) (Thanked: 27 times)

HERE'S THE NEXT PART...................

Now he just had to corner khushi and get her to talk!!!!

They reached the campus!! They worked in a well reputed college as lecturers and scientists , each being efficient in their own way!!!!

Then the rest of the day passed in a breeze that with Sheetal leaving early to pack……  payash going for a date during lunch and khushboo conveniently butting herself out of the lunch giving an excuse of some new entrant who needed help with his project!!!! Smart girl!!! Now that left only khushi and Arnav for lunch together and Arnav knew that if he missed this chance khushboo will cheerfully murder him to death!!!!! Whoosh!!!!

Now here they sat in the restaurant near the college, just the two of them with slight uncomfort in the air with none knowing what to say!!! Finally Arnav decided to take matter into his hands!!! Enough!!!

Arnav: so khushi!!! How that new project coming about … the one you were discussing with boo the other day!!!

Khushi: yeah its going at a good pace better than we expected…… and its either khush or khushboo!! She said imitating khushboo and then they all laughed!!!

Arnav: yeah yeah …… I get it how she goes about ranting it all the time!!! But then khushi suits you more and khushboo is too long for her hence boo!!!!

Khushi could do nothing but blush at that!!!! Khush!!! Wow!!!! Then they talked about random stuff about colleagues, families, upcoming events!!!!!

While they were walking back to the college……

Arnav: khush!!! Would you mind coming with me for a movie and then for dinner tomorrow???? As it is its an off!!!

Khushi: yeah an off as sheetal is gone!!!! And khushi snickered and arnav groaned!!!!

Arnav: so???

Khushi: yeah sure!! Why not???  She said raising her eyebrows and then left but not before giving him a dazzling smile of hers!!!

And Arnav could only grin!!!! Finally the day was here!!!!! He would not let her go off now and not even let that dumb sheetal change a thing!!!!! With that raising his collars Arnav walked into his department with a new sense of pride!!!

Khushboo: how did it go??? Were you able to open this shutter that you call your mouth???

Arnav: relax woman!!!! Yeah I opened my shutter and made the best use of the thing inside it also!!!

Khushboo: and how is that???

Arnav: I asked her out on a date for tomorrow!!! And…..

Khushboo: yeah yeah cut out the suspense ……I know she said yes!!!! Then waving her hands went to check the new student of hers who was at her mercy due to them!!! Poor him!!!

Arnav could only gape!! Look at the audacity of the girl!!! Just let her someone come into picture all this rudeness would be revenged and taken back with all the interest also!!!!! Dam!!!

And now they were at their home, in their beds weaving a new dream of togetherness!!!! *sigh*

The next day was as smooth as it could get!!!Arnav and khushi had an awesome movie….arnav playing the old tactic and selecting a horror movie but to his dismay Khushi was a pro at horror and he was the one hiding behind her!! How the hell could this chit of a girl tolerate this sh*t with such ease!! It was frightening man!!! But then he got to hold her hand throughout!!! Hehehhee….. so the movie was good!!

Then the bummer came, sheetals family function turned out to be in the same hotel where they landed up for their dinner! Oh-ho!! And then the showdown began!!!!!!

Voice: ASR!!!!!!!

And Arnav groaned… he could recognize that shriek from 2kms and then run for the next 2 kms in the opposite direction!!! Dam!! Double dam!!!

Arnav got up: hi sheetal!!

Sheetal: hi ASR!! How you here??................... oh… hi khushi!!! You also here???

Khushi: a..a…a.. hi sheetal!!! And she smiled tentatively….

Arnav: yeah sheetal actually we had to discuss khushi’s upcoming project so we are here!!! And he shrugged trying to keep it as light as possible!!! Why burn sheetal with his anger!! *sigh*

Sheetal: isn’t she a little too well dressed for  a formal discussion……. Thought sheetal hated to admit but khushi looked stunning…………

Khushi……….. well khushi just shrugged and smiled……….. feeling completely out of element!! What the hell!!! Why is this showpiece here!!!!

Sheetal: YOU GUYS ARE ON A DATE!!!!!! Finally sheetal deciphered using her brilliant brain………

this is it!!!!

the THIRD part will be up as soon as i get an amazing response from you guys regarding the story!!!

plzz plzzz plzzz do comment, good or bad or even worse just tell me how you feel..... it will help me improve.........

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May 10, 2014

COMING TOGETHER PART 3 (By Starshinelight) (Thanked: 39 times)

THE FINAL UPDATE.............................

Sheetal: YOU GUYS ARE ON A DATE!!!!!! Finally sheetal deciphered using her brilliant brain………

Sheetal: ASR how could you??? What the hell is this??? You… khushi…. Dinner….??? What????

Arnav: what the hell what sheetal???? Why are you reacting like this!!! So fine we are on a date then??? Why are you so bothered???

Sheetal: bothered???? Have you lost it ASR??? You are my bf!! How could you do this to me???

Khushi: wow! Wow! Excuse me madam!! What are you barking. Your bf my foot!! Have you ever asked him if he even life you??? Bf!!! *scoffing*you know what I have had enough of your high handedness and treating Arnav as a property that you own!!! Get it into your head bit*h ………..an Arnav raised his eyebrows at the boldness………… Arnav has right to choose who he wants to be get it!!!!!! so back off!!!! You are not gonna get anything here!!!

Sheetal: ASR what is she saying??? Is this all cr*p true??? Tell her you like me as well!!!

Arnav: she is right sheetal!!! By all means I have the right to choose and I choose khushi hands down!!!

And he winked at khushi who blushed all the anger forgotten!!!

Arnav: come khushi we’ll go somewhere else… this place is irritating!!!! And then keeping his hand on the small of her back he pushed her outside!!!!

Arnav drove silently and khushi stated put not knowing what to say!!! It didn’t end the why it should have!!! But then anyway!!!

Suddenly Arnav stopped the car on a secluded road and got out of the car!!!! Khushi followed not knowing what would happen now!!

And as she reaches beside Arnav he swiftly turned to engulf her in a bear hug!!!! And laughed loudly swinging her along as he moved!!

Arnav: that was awesome khush!!! Totally brilliant !! I never knew you had such sharp claws!!! Hehehehe….. it was a delight to watch her face!!!!

Though initially khushi had stiffed at the sudden move but then later she relaxed and danced along!!!

Khushi: you need to know me well MR. Raizada!! After all you have chosen me!!!...... then as the reality of what she said sunk in she grew red!!! Tomato red with embarrassment!! And Arnav could not help but adore her!!!! She was such a darling!!!

Then sobering up …. Arnav left her and cupped her face in his hands…

Arnav: khush I was absolutely serious when I said I choose you!!! For me it has always been you from the time you have landed in that college!!! I so much wanted to know you better but then sheetal…. She wouldn’t leave me and I don’t know why I couldn’t say a thing to her !!! anyways ….khushi I really feel  very strongly for you and if you give me a chance I would love to see where we could go after this!!! Plzz will you accept me!!!

Khushi got soo emotional at what he said that she could not form any words and then simply hugged him!!!! Then finding semblance she said : Arnav I have been waiting for this day for soo long!!! Thank you for everyting!!!

And then it was as easy as moving down hill for them then ….it turned out they were perfect for eachother as khushboo had said and she wouldn’t stop gloating about the fact that she was instrumental in them coming together!!!

And now after 4 years of togetherness they were ready to start a new chapter of their life ….. and guess what khushboo had also found a macho man for herself and both the besties were getting married on the same day!!!! What fun!!! But still khushboo cribbed about not being able to tease them properly what with her ceremonies going along simultaneously!!! She wanted to murder Sameer her would-be-husband for coming up with this stupid plan … but then he chided her saying that this way she was also saved from all the teasing reserved for her and she would go mute!!! But then anything to get together with him!!!! Sameer was her darling and that’s all she wanted for a lifetime now!!!

Aranv, Khushi, Khushboo,Sameer all found their happiness and wished this happiness remained for as long as it could!!!!!!!

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