"Marked" Touch of love...

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May 7, 2014

"Marked" Touch of love... (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 161 times)

Hey dears, aft a long time I came up with an OS which ll be little romantic. Already I wrote many but this is my first romantic Os. Whenever I thought to write OS it changed to SS but thank god atleast this creation came as OS. Before reading itself I telling don't expect too much, some of you may feel bore too ;)

There was a huge traffic on the Delhi main road, Arnav who was in the way to airport, cursing the traffic by seeing the time as his flight time was nearing. After half an hour he reached airport on exact time, he rushed to ticket counter and finished his formalities urgently almost it was flight taking time. He heard the announcement and went to catch his flight, he checked his seat number and took his place which is beside window seat. He became relaxed, removed his jacket and kept beside his seat. He took deep breathe after that traffic tension and closed his eyes. Suddenly he heard " Excuse me " he opened his eyes and looked at the figure who said. He uttered, yeah.. That gal said politely, its my seat. Arnav looked at the seat then only he realized that he kept his jacket, "oops sorry" saying he took it and gave way for her. She took her seat and said with smile, that's okay.

Finally their journey started to US, Arnav started to read business magazine and that gal was reading her story book. Suddenly they got interrupted by airhostess who came with drinks. Arnav and that gal tried to take same glass, both looked at each other and smiled, Arnav left that glass and took next one. In that mean time her book fell down from her hand, Arnav took it and gave, she said, Thanks. He replied, its okay.

She smiled and said, its nice to meet you, I m Khushi. He smiled and responded, same here, I m Arnav. She uttered, nice name. He just smiled. She asked, what you doing. Arnav said, running fashion house. She said with excitement, wow that's great I m doing modelling, actually now I m going for my photo shoot. Arnav replied, that's nice and you are looking perfect, you have good photogenic face surely your shoot will come very well. She said with nervous,Thanks but this time I don't feel comfortable. Arnav narrowed his eyes and asked, why... already you did shoots na. Khushi replied, yeah but I just gave in western style, this time Indian traditional that's wy. Arnav smiled and said, more than in western style you ll look more beautiful in Indian attire, I really mean it. Just don't loose your confidence. Khushi nodded silently. Their journey continued with general talks, they shared normal stuffs in their life Atlast their journey came to an end. They got their luggages, Arnav wished her All the best for her shoot, she thanked him and they went on their own way after saying good bye.

On that evening Arnav came to his AR fashions which is one of the branch of AR designs in India. He asked to his manager, this time which outfits we going to display. Manager replied, Its Indian bridal wear... So we arranged trial photo shoot now if it came well then we can fix main shoot after two days. Arnav nodded and told him to start the shoot.

They arranged everything for the shoot, Arnav was discussing something to his manager, photograph told them to switch off the lights expect stage. Arnav who was talking with his manager stopped his sentence in middle, hearing the anklets musical sound, he looked at the figure who came for ramp his breathe got hitched, it was breathe taking scene, there Khushi was looking gorgeous in Indian bridal lehanga, maroon color adding more beauty to her skin. He drinking her beauty by taking his own sweet time. His eyes roamed on her body finally it fixed on her milky waist which is fully exposed as she put one side dupatta by pinning with thin fleets. Suddenly Arnav said, Wait.... Photographer stopped taking shoot. Khushi was confused, she realized one figure appearing towards her, when he came under light she was shocked to see him. Arnav smiled at her and he asked someone to give pin. One guy gave him, Arnav took her dupatta with same fold, he took one corner of it without spoiling that folds he neatly pinned on her left side skirt, while brushing his finger on her bare waist she felt like some kind of electric waves passed on her body, her body color changed to redness, He felt like her skin has attracting power which making him difficult to take away his fingers. He stood from his place and looked at her, she cant able to meet his eyes. Suddenly she felt his hand above her **** on rite side, her breathe became heavy and body was shivering, he pinned dupatta with her blouse and went down. He only know with how much difficult he pinned it with controlling his feelings. Khushi somehow composed herself gave in for photo shoot.

Aft shoot she went to dressing room to change herself, but it taking time to remove all pins and jewels, Arnav got some call, there is no signal he opened balcony door and talked with his caller. In that mean time someone came to close the room as it was nite time. He looked inside no one was there so he closed and went. After few minutes due to low battery his phone got switched off so he came inside, suddenly light went off. Khushi got scared just now she changed her dress, she came out in fear and shouted, anybody here.... Hello... Arnav spelled, Khushi... She recognized his voice, Arnav Wer are you... Due to little light coming from balcony side, he find her. Khushi held his hand tightly. They tried to open the door but no use. Arnav asked her to give phone but to their bad luck she forgot to bring. Arnav know well other than security no one ll be there, because aft everyone left only they ll off the main switch.

Khushi was scared more she stick wit Arnav as her life depends on him. Khushi asked in fear, Arnav now what ll we do... How can we go out. Arnav also tensed, I don't have idea. He moved to balcony, Khushi too went along with him. He looked down to find if there is any way having or not. He said to Khushi, Khushi you please be here itself I ll go down. Khushi not ready to leave him, Arnav please don't leave me alone, don't go. Arnav cupped her face and convinced, Khushi we can't be here for full nite, trust me I ll get key and come back quickly. Khushi nodded unwillingly, please come soon. Arnav jumped from balcony to window slab, and went down through pipe somehow balancing himself.

Khushi was scared in alone, still she was standing in balcony and waiting for him. As time passed by, fresh hot tears started to come out of her eyes, suddenly she heard some sound and some light coming from room, she was terrified. "Khushi" her name echoed on that room. She rushed on that direction and crashed on his chest, started to cry badly by hugging him. Hey its me shh stop crying Khushi, there was power cut so it took time to search key, that's wy late sorry. Now come we ll move saying he caressed her back and went down with the help of torch. Arnav asked her to come with him, to drop. She too agreed as it was nite time. Arnav dropped her before that he asked, are you okay... Khushi nodded, hmmm thanks... Arnav replied, no need to say thanks that's okay. Khushi called him, come to my place. Arnav asked with teasing tone, wy.. Don't tell that you scared to go inside. Khushi pouted and said, no just to have coffee. Arnav felt her as cute, he accepted her invite and they shared coffee. Suddenly there was heavy rain, Khushi told him to stay but Arnav refused saying that he ll manage and go. And informed her that tomorrow she having calendar photo shoot. She nodded, worried about him thinking how he ll go in this heavy rain. Arnav said bye and started his car.

Next day Khushi came for calendar photo shoot she looked for Arnav but he was not there. She asked to someone, they said he met with minor accident. She became panicked, she said something to manager and rushed from there. She reached Arnav guest house, security let her inside and showed way to his room. Khushi went inside and looked him who was laying on his bed with closed eyes, he got few injuries on his head and hands. She spelled, Arnav... Arnav opened his eyes he was surprised to see her here, hey Khushi how come you here. Khushi scolded, I told you to stay but you din hear my words, now see in which condition you are. Arnav replied, okay now relax its just small injuries only one day enough to get well. Khushi asked, how you met with accident. Arnav said, due to heavy rain view was not clear, suddenly two wheeler came so I took rite side but din get balance so crashed on nearby tree.

Arnav asked, hey today ur shoot na. Khushi nodded. Arnav added, then how you came. Khushi said with little fear, I cancelled it. Arnav almost shouted, whatttt... But wy. Khushi said with looking down, I m not comfortable. Arnav asked, means. Khushi stammered, woh...like yesterday... What you did... Arnav was confused, Khushi tell clearly. Khushi looked here and there, she dono what to tel. Arnav asked again, Khushi I m waiting, tell me. Khushi said taking deep breathe, yesterday what you did when I came on ramp, like that today someone did means so... Arnav was confused first what he did like that then it clicked him, which made him amazed. He thought to tease, asked in serious, so you not going to give shoot here after. Khushi almost shouted, no... I ll. Arnav asked, then wy not today. Khushi replied, after you come I ll. Arnav asked with smirk, if others touched means you not feel comfortable but you feel comfortable on my touch na. Khushi became crimson red with her blush, she blinking her eyes simply, she rushed from there saying, I ll bring coffee. Arnav smiled looking at her and muttered, Pagal...

It was mainshoot, Arnav also got well he instructed them how that result wants to come, light were off except on stage, Khushi came on ramp. Arnav looked at her and told, wait. This time Khushi know who is he, she gulped her empty throat thinking what going to come. Arnav came with smile he removed her dupatta, her heart started to flutter. Arnav just covered her head like his bride, Khushi gave content smile and gave relief breathe. Arnav smirked and suddenly pinched her waist which made her to jerk with aaah... She was shocked on his act. Someone asked, what happen mam. Khushi looked Arnav with anger and replied, nothing pin stabbed on my skin saying she adjusted pin on her shoulder. Arnav looked with mischievous glint, oh really let me see saying he tried to adjust. Khushi was looking him with open mouth. Suddenly Arnav kissed on her shoulder which made her to get shock with goosebumps. Arnav uttered, I hope now okay saying he went down after winked at her. Khushi was furious on his gesture but she cant do aything rite now.

After sometime shooting got over, Khushi went to dressing room to change. Arnav got that room key and told others to go. After everyone left he went inside dressing room without any warning. He looked her through mirror, who was busy in removing jewels. Khushi raised her head aft removing her necklace. She was shocked to see him, she turned towards him and started to shout, Arnav how dare you came here and what the hell you did there, how can you do like that saying she started to hit him, he forcely hugged her saying "I love you" she stopped her struggling. She looked him with blush, he got answer without wasting his time he claimed on her lips, She too responded with pouring her love, it was a passionate and intense kiss.

After sharing kiss she hugged him tightly, Arnav smiled and hugged her back, he looked at the mirror which showing her back, her blouse which only has three thin strings tempting him more, looking at the mirror he played with her strings unknowingly he untied it. Khushi din realize as she was lost herself in him.Suddenly power went everthing went dark only dim moon light is there which coming through small window, creating romantic atmosphere. His hand roamed on her body by caressing her every inch of her skin, suddenly he got string of her skirt he pulled it, skirt dropped on the floor which made her to gasp. Hearing this he came to sense, Khushi I m sor.... "I trust you" saying she kissed on his chest. Finally they were lost in the darkness of love world where they became one. He marked her as his, with touch of love.

Morning rays fell on them who were tightly cuddling with each other on the couch. Both opened their eyes lazily, looked at each other. Arnav smiled and said, Thank you Mrs. Raizada for trusting me. She said caressing his cheek, because I loving you Mr. Raizada. They smiled and kissed each other, to get lost in other.

Marriage is just a ritual, it has value only if they accepted each other with love nd trust. Here they connected each other with hearts with their love and trust, who became a couple, Mr & Mrs Raizada.

Haaaa... Finally I finished one shot as one shot itself din make short story, it is big thing for me. This creation may be meaningless but I can't help myself so something I scribbled it. Whatever it may be just drop your comments, you guys can feel free to scold me also ;) :) Take care my crazy devils <3

Lots of love

Nakshathra..... 'Asha'

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