OS:Arnav Bhaiyya.....

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May 3, 2014

OS:Arnav Bhaiyya..... (By V1184) (Thanked: 102 times)

Hello everyone, am here with my next OS.Hope you will like it.


Arnav and Khushi are married.They are living happily.

One day Arnav was having rest in the recliner as he got some leisure time after a 7-day trip in his hectic schedule.




Suddenly a thought cam to his mind and wanted to ask about it to Khushi.

But he thought of something and behaved normally whole day waiting for Khushi to leave her phone.

The thought which came in Arnav's mind is to know what name Khushi would have used to save his number in contacts.

After few mins, Khushi came to their room and she went to freshen up when Arnav took her phone and instead of searching in contacts he dailed her number from his phone.



Khushi's phone rang and he is shocked to see the name displayed.

From the wash room , Khushi asked him to see who has called her but Arnav is in no mood to answer her as he is fully shocked to see the dailer id which is "ARNAV BHAIYYA"



Meanwhile Khushi came out and took her phone.She saw who called and went from there smiling at Arnav.

After Khushi went from there, Arnav went near the bed and sat there still lost in seeing the name.

Khushi came after half-an-hour.She saw her Arnavji lost somewhere and came near him.

Khushi: Arnavji...(no response)...Arnavji...(still arnav didn't respond)

SO Khushi shouted ARNAVJIIIIII

He came back to reality and asked her " What??What did you call me???"

Khushi confused replied " Arrey i called you with the same name which i always use that is Arnavji"

He thought that what will he tell her if she asks him whether he was checking her phone.So he thought its better to leave that topic now and ask her later.

Seeing no response from him, Khushi went from there and slept on the bed beside him.

Next Morning

Raizada Mansion's bell rang.

Hari Prakash opened the door to see a man in his 30's and a pretty girl next to him.

He came to Arnav's room and told him about them. Arnav came out and seeing them still outside the door welcomed them to come inside the hall.

When he was about to ask their whereabouts he saw Khushi coming downstairs. On seeing the person infront of him, she started running as if she would miss any train.

He was shocked when he saw Khushi hugging the man in front of him.Then kissing the little girl's forehead.

Khushi didn't even bother about Arnav and was speaking to him saying "How are you Bhaiyya?Missed you a lot.Why didn't you tell me that you and priya are coming?"

Her brother replied, " Ok ok am sorry but now for once stop your questions and would you mind introducing me to your in-laws.Remember you are in your in-laws house and what will they think if you do like this?"

Then reality hit Khushi and she turned to see a question-faced Arnav.

Khushi: Ok Bhaiyya and Arnavji he is my brother and Bhaiyya he is Arnavji, my husband.

Her Brother:Oh now i got it why you were calling me only bhaiyya after marriage.

Khushi went from there saying that she will bring something for them leaving a confused Arnav and her smiling brother.

Arnav: Hi I am Arnav Singh Raizada.Nice to meet you Mr...

Her Brother: Oh i totally forgot about it.I am Arnav Singhania.

Arnav: Wow we have the same name.And then they talked on...

Arnav's mind felt relieved that it was not his name which Khushi saved in her contacts

(in his mind smiling)

After sometime, Arnav Singhania went from there.

Khushi was happy for meeting her brother after many months.

Actually he was out of the country during Khushi's wedding and no one know about him.

Arshi room night time : 

Arnav: Khushi can i ask you something?

Khuhsi: Ha Arnav ji...ask me

Arnav: Khushi why didn't you tell me about your brother?

Khushi: Woh Arnavji , i didn't even get time na so only

Arnav: Khushi......what did you save my name in your contacts?(he thought that now no more beating around the bush just ask directly)

Khushi: Why,all of a sudden you wanna know?

Arnav: Nothing Khushi just wanted to know

Khushi: don't lie Arnavji, i saw you yesterday too you were checking my phone na.

Arnav was surprised.Did she see him then why didn't she ask me.

Khushi: Don't worry Arnavji i saw you and you were so busy seeing my phone screen that you didn't notice what your phone is doing.

Arnav: What...i mean what are you telling?

Khushi: Wah you are the great ASR but donno how to even call a person.

Arnav is confused.

Khushi explained that he typed the number but didn't click dailing option and that he didn't even call her.And at the same time her Arnav Bhaiyya called her and he was distracted and thought it was his number.

Arnav said , "But how did you know that i didn't dail?"

Khushi replied," Only you should sneak others phone or what?i took your phone when you are sleeping"

Arnav: Why?????

Khushi: Same reason Arnavji....

After a minute both laughed and then said at the same time " I saved your name as..." " You tell first"at the same time again.

Finally Khushi told"Arnavji i saved your name as...as...My Life"

Arnav replied"Oh i too saved with the same name"

After that they both spent a quality time.


Thank you for spending your quality time in reading this.So here came this stupid OS to an end.I donno what made me write this.I had this idea from a long time but today when i was writing i realized how stupid i am at writing and tell me if you like or hate it.As i don't know how many of you will even read this fully, i hope at least one comment will come to tell me how stupidly this OS was written.

Finally, thank you to those who read it till here.

Please comment if you read.Positive or Negative both kinds of comments are welcome.

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