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Apr 23, 2014

RUDRA TANGO! (By Dd-Ipkknd Fan) (Thanked: 17 times)

It Takes Two to Tango!

Phew what an episode it was....Groovy and sensual as Rudra & Paro's moves!

From the very moment Rudra set eyes on Paro, he wanted her bad. When she wanted to turn back, he was a little mad, a typical male reply, "you should not have come"... for he wanted her to stay. He knew he was ready and wanting to play his dangerous game..he wanted to burn in her....Rudra is completely reactive..... And so he coaxed and lured her into his world of Tango.  The rest of the couples were waltzing whereas they weren't.  In a waltz it would be just your partner placing her head on your Rudra is not a waltz man...he is a Tango kind of guy. A dance between two who trust each other completely, and a deep intimacy that is required  when dancing. And the exhilarating feeling, the high that one gets whilst reaching a crescendo could only happen with his very aggressive, vibrant and bold was the Rudra Tango all the way!

Paro was completely responsive to every move of his. She moved in tandem with him...totally in sync to his touch and synchronized moves.

A dance like this can evoke all those sleeping passions...and today when Rudra told her to simply surrender she did in body and mind. Oh gosh the way he pulled her to him, his taut sensual embrace, pushing apart her feet and guiding her with his experienced hands he became her perfect partner...Phew!

Her first step into the world of passion! Her eyes filled with apprehension of the unknown first, then she feels his heat, his eyes and body letting out signals, she shuts them letting him know she was his to take...whilst his hungry eyes absorbed her, yet wanting more...and he knew he just could not....not here...not now, damn he thrusts her back away from him! I'll be damned!  

Man the guy can dance, what moves! My eyes did not shift from his leg movements. What grace....what sensuality!

They looked stunning and graceful together on that dance floor, radiating pure wasn't a dance anymore....What a high!

Ashish & Sanaya Take a Bow! You burned the screens today.

Back to episode now...Geentanjali was such a darling...Aww wanted to hug her. And looks beautiful too. Perfect match to Bade Sahab!

Yaar Aman ke liye kaun ladki hai? Thank goodness its not Sunheri. And someone's talking about it.

I am still in RTango Land!




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