Arshi My Own Story Part 1

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Jan 29, 2012

Arshi My Own Story Part 1 (By Kalai) (Thanked: 22 times)

Hey guys, this is the first time I thought to write my own story based on IPKKND. Something clicked in my mind and thought to imagine these characters in college life.

Arnav's character is a rude one like in this serial. Anjali instead of Arnav's own sister, she and Akash were cousins to Arnav who are of same ages and studying in the same year same department. NK and Shyam, also in the same set. Shyam instead of Anjali's husband, he's a lover of her who loves her only for her wealth.

Naniji is the HOD and Madhumathi, Manorama are professors handling different subjects.

Khushi and Payal were coming to the same class as lateral entries. Both of them were cousins and living in a same family. Both their father's shifted here for their business which is going well.

Anyway, every student is staying in the college hostel to have lots of fun in college life.

Khushi and Payal's first day

Imagine Khushi's wearing dat Mehandi chudi in which Arnav gave her a kiss in serial.

Khushi and Payal both were so beautiful, while entering the class, everyone looks at them. Akash is in love with Payal at a very first sight. Payal too looks at Akash. Arnav too stares Khushi romantically as he's lost in her beauty. But, he realises that this shouldn't happen as he can't change his character. So he tries to keep his face very rude.

NK and Shyam too looks Khushi. Shyam 2 lost in her beauty forgetting dat he's in love with Anjali.

Payal and Khushi sits in the third row of girl's side while Arnav is sitting in the fourth row corner of boy's side. As class didn't started everyone were chatting here and there. Khushi sees Arnav who is not happy for her presence. Khushi worries dat why he is staring rudely.

Anjali who is chatting with Arnav says that Khushi looks very pretty. Arnav immediately tells that he don't like her. Khushi over hears this and felt very upset and angry.

Anjali calls Khushi to have a friendly chat. When bell rangs, Khushi tries to return to her seat while her duppatta is struck with Arnav's bench corner. Arnav thought to free it. When Khushi turns, she is seeing Arnav holding her duppatta. She's getting much tensed thinking of his rude stare. She shouts at him to leave her duppatta. Arnav is in peak temper starts to yell "how dare u can talk 2 me like that".

Anjali explains Khushi of what happened. By the time, HOD Naniji arrives in the class and everyone settles in their seats. Both Arnav and Khushi stare each other angrily.

Naniji introduces both Khushi and Payal to the class and also announces that their lab teams were having 6 members already. Shyam is in a different team. While Arnav, Anjali, Akash, NK were in same team. Only this team is having 4 members. So Naniji asks them to join Khushi and Payal in their team. They can't say a word as she's HOD. Akash is so happy to see Payal in his team.

Arnav is also a friend of Shyam as Anjali loves Shyam.

Guys, hope u all enjoy my imagination. Please if u r getting bored, let me know, I will stop writing...

Jan 29, 2012

Arshi My Own Story Part 2 (By Kalai) (Thanked: 24 times)

At the end of the class, Anjali tells Khushi and Payal to stay in her room in hostel as she will be happy. Both of them agree. When Khushi is abot to leave the room, she knocks Arnav unknowingly who came very fast in the opposite. She fells down. Arnav shouts her to watch who comes in the front. She starts to cry on her first day. Arnav feels sorry as it was his mistake and helps her by lifting her up. She decides to not to talk to him. Anjali tells Khushi that Arnav is always like that only.

Around 8pm, Khushi and Payal bids goodbye to their parents and starts to return to hostel. On the way Akash meets Payal and tells that he wants to talk to her. Khushi understands that and tells Payal that she will meet her in the hostel. Khushi's walking lonely. Shyam and other friends were standing there and chatting. Shyam teases Khushi along with his friends. She talks bravely and tries to leave the spot. But Shyam holds her hand tightly without her permission. She tries to free her hand and by the time Arnav came in his bike. On seeing him, Shyam frees her hand and changes the subject that others were teasing her and he tries to protect her.

Khushi is shocked of what is going to happen. Both Arnav and Khushi's eyes locked. Arnav understands the situation and asks her to sit in bike so that he can drop her in hostel. Khushi had no choice, so she sits in the bike. After dropping her, Khushi says sorry 4 dat duppatta incident and tries to thank him but Arnav shows his hand to stop. He tells that a girl like u can't handle the situation like this. Khushi couldn't tolerate this insult and yells at him that she can tackle any situation without his help. Arnav is a bit stunned to hear this as no one speaks against him.

Next day, everyone is in lab. Professor Manorama says "hello hi bye bye". Everyone laughs at this. She's says to collect the equipments and start doing the experiment.

Both Arnav and Khushi's eyes locked for few seconds and they became normal. They too were worried abot this change. Teams were doing the experiment. Shyam is watching Khushi. Then he switched to see Anjali so dat no one can doubt him. Arnav who was chatting suddenly turns and tries to keep his hand on desk without watching what's there. Khushi watched it and kept her hand first. Now Arnav was keeping his hand on her. Before he started to shout, he sees that her finger is bleeding due to the sharp equipment on the desk. He feels sorry. NK picks her hand and was worrying abot the bleed.

Arnav went out and came and forcely picked her hand from NK and cleaned it with cotton and applied a bandaid to it. Khushi was shocked abot the care he's showing kindly to her. She's watching him. He 2 looked her face. For few seconds, their eyes were locked. Then they came to normal condition. Shyam who was watching dis gets very angry.

Thanks everyone 4 supporting me

Jan 30, 2012

Arshi My Own Story Part 3 (By Kalai) (Thanked: 23 times)

Arnav asks her why she hurted herself. Khushi tells dat she would have helped anyone in Arnav's place bcoz dats what her character is. Arnav angrily leaves her hand. Also Khushi says that now it's equal between them. Anjali sees her hand and tells her abot the class test after lunch. She worries of how Khushi is going 2 write as she is hurted in right hand. Khushi says dat she can manage. But truly it hurts her a lot. Arnav too know dis.

Anjali tells dat Arnav is so brilliant that he always comes first in whatever test. Arnav smiles in a way dat Khushi can't beat him in everything. Khushi understands dis very clearly.

After lunch, Professor Madhumathi comes to the class. Orders everyone to write a test on a topic in Management paper. As Anjali had already told Khushi and Payal abot d test, they 2 have prepared for it. Test has started. Khushi struggles to write. Arnav notes it. He worries for her. But when she saws him, he changes his face to rude. She tries her best and d test is over now. When Khushi is abot to leave, Arnav tells her dat she can't beat him in studies. Khushi tells him okay we will see.

Dat night Arnav and Khushi struggles to get rid of each others thoughts. Arnav is worried abot the pain in her finger. Next day, when Khushi entered d class, Arnav who is eagerly waiting 2 c goes near to her and picks her hand to check her wound. Anjali is surprised to c his behaviour. Arnav just changes d topic and leaves her hand. Both of their eyes locked in care. Shyam is watching everything angrily and when notes dat Anjali watches him he just smiles.

Professor Madhumathi comes to the class with test papers. She is so happy and announces that one of a student has presented d answer very neatly and nicely dat she haven't seen such presentation earlier. Arnav sees Khushi like it's him. She shows the paper in front of everyone. To everyone's surprise it's Khushi's paper. Arnav is shocked. Madhumathi also informs everyone to have a look on her paper and present like dat in coming tests.

In the break, Anjali shows Khushi's paper to Arnav and admires abot her handwriting and d way of presentation. She also tells that she has written with her hurted hand. Arnav actually loved her handwriting. Arnav saw Khushi. Khushi just smiles at him like what happened now. Arnav realises it and moves his sight from Khushi. Arnav thinks "what a stubborn girl" and a voice in his mind tells "just like u".

Hey guys, thanks 4 encouraging me... i hope u all like it... let me know ur comments..

Jan 30, 2012

Arshi My Own Story Part 4 (By Kalai) (Thanked: 21 times)

Anjali tells Khushi and Payal to join them in the weekend as they are planning to go out to temple. Both of them agree. Akash is very happy as he can spend time with Payal. Khushi and Anjali start teasing Akash and Payal. By that time Khushi also notes that Arnav is watching her.

In the weekend, Anjali, Khushi and Payal were dressed in sarees and they all look so beautiful. They look so tradition. Akash is smiling at Payal. Arnav saw our gorgeous Khushi in red saree (imagine dat diwali dress) and lost in her beauty as it is his favourite colour. After few minutes, he came to normal. He too looked very smart in T-shirt (imagine d one which is coloured due to rangoli). For few seconds both of them were lost in each other. Khushi came to normal when NK told that she look very beautiful. Khushi too told that he also look smart.

Something deeply disturbed Arnav while hearing this. He started to think himself, why he's worried so much when NK and Khushi admired each other. He said there's nothing between him and Khushi. Khushi watched him and realised that something troubles him. When they are abot to start, Akash tells that he can take Payal in his bike. Shyam had no choice, though thought of Khushi, tells obviously he's with Anjali. NK shows more interest in taking Khushi with him. But Anjali tells that he had to go for his check up as he had appointment in dat time. NK remembers that and tells them that he will join them in the temple soon.

Anjali tells Arnav to take Khushi with him. Khushi says that she can reach temple by own. Anjali forces her and of no choice she sits with Arnav. First, she hesitates to hold him in the shoulder. Arnav realised it. She worried dat he will say something for that. But due to a speed break, she unknowingly holds Arnav's shoulder. Arnav notices it and says its okay don't slip from the bike. He also watches her in the side mirror. Her hair flowing over her face so beautifully, he can't switch from her. She too noticed it but couldn't stop him.

When she gets down in the temple, Arnav picked her hand to check with the wound finger. She tells him that it healed. They all went to the temple and after that sat in the outside for chatting. Akash wanted to use this time and proposed his love to Payal. She too accepted it. While Shyam is blabbering something to Anjali and adjusting it as he's watching Khushi in between.

Khushi felt very lonely as she doesn't want to disturb Anjali and Payal. So she sat lonely. Few boys were commenting on Khushi and she hears that. She gets embarrassed. Arnav notices this and goes and sits with Khushi. Khushi is so much relieved to c Arnav. They just silently watch each other without knowing to them. Both were feeling very happy. They don't know why. Suddenly, NK arrives there and sits with them. He starts to chat with Khushi. Arnav feels very uneasy so that he moves from that spot. He stands in a distant spot and watches Khushi from there. Khushi too observes this.

Anjali starts saying abot Akash's proposal to Payal and her acceptance. Everyone laughs at them and in the mean time both Arnav and Khushi looks each other.

Shyam tries to escape from the spot saying dat he has some important work. So Anjali tells NK to drop her. NK tells that he will drop Khushi. But Arnav interrupts and says that he will drop Khushi. While coming to hostel Arnav stares Khushi in d side mirror without saying a word. When they reached, she can't resist his romantic stare. So she tries to leave him soon. But unfortunately her sari gets struck in the bike and she's struggling to pull it out also from his stare. Arnav finally helps her to pull her sari. He tells her that she didn't thank him. She looks at him and says "thanks 4 everything" and runs into the hostel. He couldn't take his eyes from her. She stopped in the main door and looked at him and again went in.

Both their memories haunted in their thoughts....

Guys, I just thought to put some of my college day memories into it. Hope u all enjoy it. If u get bored, pls let me know... I will stop this...

Jan 31, 2012

Arshi My Own Story Part 5 (By Kalai) (Thanked: 22 times)

To keep a distance from Khushi, Arnav used to yell her sometimes and apologizes sometimes. Khushi was so confused that she thought to better stay away from him.

Days rolled over. Both Arnav and Khushi's families are familiar with each other. One day Anjali invites Khushi and Payal for their house to celebrate a festival as its near weekend. She also says that as Khushi and Payal are not going to their home for holidays, they can better come with them. Khushi thought to stay away from Arnav but due to Payal's happiness she agrees.

When Arnav came to know this, he 2 thinks to stay away from her. Families have accepted Akash and Payal's love. So Arnav, Anjali, NK, Shyam, Akash, Payal and Khushi are going to Arnav's house. Their parents invite them with great affection. As Payal is busy with talking to their parents, Anjali takes Khushi to show the house. She tells abot everyone's room and at last came to Arnav's room. Khushi is little bit scared to enter the room. But Anjali forces her to enter and at the time Shyam is calling Anjali. So she asks Khushi to wait there that she will come soon. Not knowing what to do, she stood still there.

Suddenly Arnav enters the room and shocked to see Khushi in his room. He tries to be very rude and starts to yell her "How dare u r in my room, get out!!" Khushi can't tolerate dis words as it's not her mistake. She tries to explain him. But again he shouts "Don't u hear me, Get out". She starts to cry silently and runs from dat spot. Arnav feels guilty for his behaviour and making her to cry as she came as a guest.

He thought to apologise her. He came out and sees Khushi crying in the corner. He says "Khushi" but she thought to run away from him. She starts to run fastly but unfortunately she hits a table in the corner and fells down. Everyone rushes to her as they heard the sound. Khushi is hurted very badly in the right anklet and right hand wrist. It started to swell. She can't tolerate the pain but cries silently. Arnav feels very guilty for dis again. She even can't stand up due to her anklet. Arnav comes near her and lifts her asking Akash to call doctor.

He takes her to his bed and lays her. Everyone surrounds her. Doctor came and checks her swelling. He says that thank God nothing serious. But due to anklet twisting, pain will be there for some days. He gives medicines and informs her to take care and leaves. Khushi tries to control her tears and tells everyone that she's fine. But truly she can't tolerate d pain. When she saw Arnav, tears started to flow from her eyes...

Jan 31, 2012

Arshi My Own Story Part 6 (By Kalai) (Thanked: 19 times)

Arnav couldn't tolerate dis. He tells everyone to leave her so that she can take some rest. Also he makes it clear that she can take rest in his room and he will take care of her. But Payal says that she can take care of her. Arnav says that you will start to cry by seeing her in such a situation. She needs rest. Their parents agree with Arnav as he can handle well. Also says that they can visit in between. Arnav tells them to have some snacks as its evening. Also tells Hari Prakash (HP) to bring some snacks and tea for them.

Shyam clearly notes that there is something between Arnav and Khushi. He didn't like it. NK tells that he will stay. But Arnav angrily yells "don't u hear what am saying". As everybody knows Arnav's character, they start to leave.

Now Arnav and Khushi were alone in the room. Khushi didn't look him. Arnav sits in a chair near her and makes her to take medicines. He takes the ointment and starts to apply in her ankle. Due to pain, she closes her eyes. He tells her that "little pain will be there" and massages softly. She can feel his touch and in dat she forgets the pain. She's surprised to see his soft side. Now he picks her hand and massages the wrist smoothly. Khushi's staring him. Arnav looks at her and says sorry for everything. This is all becoz of his rude behaviour. Both of them were lost in their eyes.

Suddenly, they were interrupted by Lavanya's arrival. Khushi can remember her as Anjali has told everything abot her. Lavanya is a childhood friend of them and also who is crazily in love with Arnav. But Arnav didn't told them anything abot her. So they don't know what he thinks abot Lavanya. Khushi introduces herself to Lavanya and tells her that she know abot her. Arnav is little bit shocked.

Lavanya after chatting with Khushi turns to Arnav. She asks him, why he's taking care of Khushi. Khushi felt embarrassed and pretends checking something in her mobile. Arnav didn't aware of this question so he struggles and says that it's our responsibility to take care of our guest. Khushi gets hurt and it shows in her face. Arnav notes it. Anjali calls Lavanya to meet Payal, so everyone leaves the room.

Now, Khushi tells Arnav that she wants to be with Payal. Arnav understands clearly that to avoid him only she's saying like that. He says that she's going nowhere. But Khushi tries to say something; Arnav shows his hand to stop and tells her to do as he's saying. Khushi starts to shout that she can do whatever she likes. Angrily Arnav holds her shoulders tightly so that she can't move. He doesn't want her to leave from his room. When he saw tears from her eyes, he removes his hands from her shoulders. Without knowing what he's doing, he wipes her tears. At the time, HP brings snacks and tea for them. Both of them silently drinks their tea.

Guys, thanks a lot for supporting me... it really means a lot to me...

Feb 1, 2012

Arshi My Own Story Part 7 (By Kalai) (Thanked: 20 times)

Later she tries to get down from bed and thinks to go rest room. She thinks that she can somehow manage to walk but due to pain she's struggling. Arnav who is watching everything comes close to her and tells what. She doesn't know what to tell so she just sees in the direction of rest room. Arnav conceives it and comes much closer to her and lifts her suddenly. She didn't expect this as she thought that may be he will give a hand to walk. While carrying her both were lost in their eye contact. He makes her to stand in the rest room, comes out and closes the door.

Anjali and Payal enters the room in their night dresses along with Arnav's mother. They searched for Khushi and Arnav showed that she is in rest room. When Khushi opened d door, again he lifted her without wasting time and made her to sit in the bed. Arnav's mom is so happy that he's taking her good care as she's much worried abot her pain. She asked about Khushi's pain and tells her to change her dress. She kisses in her forehead due to motherly affection. Khushi is very much pleased with her care. Also she tells her dat she can have her dinner in the room itself.

Payal tells that she will bring her dress here. She returns with a lovely red coloured night dress for Khushi. Anjali tells Arnav to go out as she needs to change her dress. He picks his dresses and goes to Akash's room. Khushi changes to her night dress while Payal frees her hair. So it's flowing now due to the air. When Arnav, Akash, NK and Shyam enters the room, they started to stare these girls particularly Khushi looked gorgeous. Arnav stares Khushi so romantically that she noticed it. Lavanya too joined them to chat. While Anjali, Shyam, Akash, Payal, Arnav and Lavanya sat in the sofas, NK sits with Khushi in the bed and starts to chat. Lavanya started to chat with Arnav while Arnav and Khushi exchanged their glances. They both felt some jealous as they couldn't sit together.

They were chatting abot interesting events in their life. Anjali tells that Arnav loves gardening. Khushi watches the pots in the window side. Payal too tells that Khushi sings really well and she loves to hear songs. Everyone asks Khushi to sing for them. Khushi says not now. Arnav wants to hear her so he says that she may be scared. Khushi gets angry. She starts to sing Titanic song with her eyes closed. Everyone are mesmerised with her sweet voice including our Arnav. For Arnav it was so nice to watch her singing with eyes closed, hairs flowing over her face that too in pretty red dress. All claps for her except Arnav. Then everyone starts to sing and dance making it very fun.

They were interrupted by HP who tells dat dinner is ready. Arnav tells HP to bring dinner for Khushi. Payal says that she can feed Khushi and in the mean time everyone can have dinner. Anjali stays with them. Arnav says that he will return soon so that they too can have their dinner. Arnav finishes his dinner and comes to room to watch Khushi. Khushi is little bit scared as she will be alone with Arnav. She asks Anjali to stay with her. Anjali understands that and tells dat Arnav won't do anything. Arnav over hears dis and Khushi too watches it. Anjali and Payal says gud nite to her and to take rest well.

Arnav enters the room after everyone leaves Khushi alone. Khushi is so scared. But tries to not to show in her face. Arnav says "did u take medicines". She just nods without looking at him. He tells "u scared of me". She says no. He says "oh really then why did u asked Anjali to stay??" She tells that it doesn't mean that am scared of u. She tells bravely and tries to maintain it though she's shacking inside. He locks the door. She thinks of his romantic stare. He now looks at her and comes close to her. She doesn't know what to do. So she simply stands up and tries to stand holding the bed. Both were lost in each other. Arnav comes much close to her. She's already hitting the wall. She asks "why r u coming closer". "Just to see whether u r scared or not" he replies. "Am not scared so go away from me" she tells. "Really... what if I kiss u" he says. "What" she says. He keeps his hands on the wall so that she can't escape and comes close to kiss her. The door knocks. Khushi is much relieved now.

Arnav checks the door and it is HP holding flask of tea and cups as he asked him to bring if in case Khushi needs it. He keeps it in the table and goes out. Again Arnav locks the door and tells Khushi to sleep well. He tries to sleep in the sofa near the bed. He stares at Khushi. She couldn't get sleep bcoz of what he did now and also due to pain. She puts her ear phone and tries to hear some songs. She closes her eyes while hearing. When she suddenly opened her eyes, he notices that Arnav is still staring her. Her heart beats faster for what is going to happen.

Feb 1, 2012

Arshi My Own Story Part 8 (By Kalai) (Thanked: 19 times)

To avoid him, she turns to the left side, shuts d music and keeps a pillow for her right hand. She fells asleep due to medicines. Arnav is staring at her long hair. To see her face he thought to get up. His mind says why r u doing this? He thinks that it's his room and he can go anywhere he likes. Now he sits in the left corner of his bed so that he can watch her clearly. Her hair fells down on her face. For him it's very lovely to watch. He moves closer to her and removes the hair from her face. He couldn't stop touching her hair which is so smooth and soft like her.

He tries to take the pillow which is in between them so that he can move much closer to her. Khushi thinks of the pillow and puts her hand on Arnav while in sleep. Now she's sleeping very much close to him that he can smell her hair. How can Arnav sleep now? He's just enjoying d moment with her and thinks that it should last long. He picks her hand and watches d swell. Oh no it's because of me; she's suffering with this pain. He kisses her palm softly so that she won't wake.

When Khushi wakes in the early morning, she's shocked that she's hugging him. She's so confused not knowing when he came near to her and how she is hugging him. She tries to pull her hand which he is holding tightly. While doing so, Arnav 2 wakes up. Both of them stare each other. The door is knocked. She is so scared dat if anyone watches this, then what they will think. Arnav gets up and places a spread on the sofa so that everyone thinks that he had slept in it.

He's enjoying the tension on her face abot how they slept. When he opened the door, Anjali and Payal comes in and tells Khushi that she can take bath in their room. But Arnav says that she can bath here and u 2 take care of her while bathing and he will stay out. They 2 think that it's good idea and after getting her ready they can move her to their room. HP brings tea/coffee to them. Payal goes out and brings Khushi's dress. She gives an inskirt to her and asks her to wear it while bathing. Also tells her not to close the door so that they can help her in emergency. Arnav hears it. He's wandering out here and there. He's thinking himself "what happened to me. Why am like dis? Am not actual Arnav. Dis is someone else. Why am I feeling like dis for her? Is she feels like dis for me? He's struggling with his thoughts. Lavanya arrives there and calls Anjali and Payal to show something important. Payal says that Khushi is taking bath inside. Anjali tells "okay we will go and return soon. Let her finish bathing". Also Anjali informs Arnav that they will return soon and don't let anyone in. He just nods.

When they went, Arnav hears a sound from the bathroom. Not knowing what he is doing, he ran and opened the door. There Khushi's taking headbath. She just slipped the mug (dat was d sound) and due to shampoo she can't open her eyes. She's searching 4 d mug near her. She thought Payal was there and asked her to pick the mug 4 her. Arnav just stares her. She's sitting in a small stool sidewise keeping her legs straight. Actually he's staring her standing behind her. With dat dark colour inskirt tied immediately under the shoulders covering till knees and wet hairs covering her shoulders made him so sick. She looked so hot for him. "Payal pls give me the mug" on hearing this he came to normal. He gives the mug to her. She picked some water and cleaned the shampoo on her eyes. She thought to say something to her so she turned. She's so shocked to c him staring her without blinking his eyes. She immediately folded her legs and covered her shoulders with hands. Arnav understood this and said that he will call Payal. He came out and closed d door. He walked few steps and Anjali, Payal arrived there. Anjali told "what happened". He told that he heard a sound from the bathroom. Khushi called Payal. I told her that I will call them. That's it. Khushi over hears this. He came out of the room fastly.

Guys, thanks 4 ur support

Let me know ur comments.. Shall i continue...

Feb 2, 2012

Arshi My Own Story Part 9 (By Kalai) (Thanked: 17 times)

Khushi's heart beats much faster. Arnav is wandering with thoughts of her. What he saw in the bathroom, he can never ever forget in his life. Yeah, Khushi too won't forget it. Akash comes and chats with Arnav. After some time, door is opened and Anjali, Payal, Khushi comes out. Khushi's wearing a nice chudi still with little bit wet hairs. She thought not to disturb anyone especially Arnav as she couldn't have d guts 2 c him straight. Though it's paining, she didn't show in her face and tries to walk slowly. NK comes to lift her. But she tells that, she has to walk so that it will recover soon. NK agrees with her.

Anjali tells Arnav to get ready now. As Khushi walks from his door, he realizes that he's missing something. Lavanya arrives there. She holds Arnav's hand. Khushi can't tolerate dis. Arnav understands dis in her eyes. Without looking him, she goes to Anjali's room. Arnav avoids Lavanya by saying that he has to get ready. She says okay and leaves him alone. Arnav goes to his room and shuts d door. He can c how Khushi has slept there and what had happened between them. He goes to the bathroom and inhales the smell of her. He wants to know how Khushi is feeling rite now.

Everyone is in the breakfast table. All are asking abot Khushi's health. She nods that she's fine with a cute smile. Arnav is the last person to come. When he sits in the chair, Lavanya comes and sits next to him. He immediately watches Khushi. Khushi already thought to avoid him. She know abot Lavanya and her feelings. She doesn't want to hurt her. She makes her strong and feels like nothing happened between her and Arnav. After breakfast is over, Arnav's parents asks him abot whether he likes Lavanya or not as she is going to abroad for her higher studies. Lavanya blushes. They also add that if he likes her they can arrange for an engagement and after studies they can marry. Arnav tells "I don't know what to tell".

Khushi tells them that she has to talk to her parents and walks with her mobile to the garden. NK asks her whether she needs help. She smiles and says that she can manage. Arnav understood that she's trying to avoid him. His face gets red in anger. His parents tell him that they need an answer very soon.

Feb 2, 2012

Arshi My Own Story Part 10 (By Kalai) (Thanked: 22 times)

Arnav tells that he will let them know soon. Lavanya leaves them disappointedly as Arnav didn't give the actual answer. In the mean time, Shyam goes to talk with Khushi, as she's alone in the garden. She's sitting in the bench in garden. Seeing Shyam, she gets irritated as she thinks abot how he misbehaved with her. She tries to move from dat place but he caught her hand and makes her to listen him harshly. Now Khushi couldn't be silent and burst out saying that "what r u doing". He coolly replies her that" am holding my Khushi". "What" she yells. "r u mad. Anjali and u r already in love with each other" she shouts. "s dats for her wealth. But I really like u Khushi. After am seeing u I realized it. I wish to spend my life with u dear" he replies.

Her face changes in anger. He also adds "here after u try to act like mine and avoid Arnav as I know there's something between u 2". "How dare u can talk 2 me like dat" she shouts and frees her hand using her strength and without wasting time she slaps him hardly in his cheek.

"Very bad move Khushi... Anjali is so stupid that she will believe me whatever I say" he replies. "No u r a stupid. U don't even deserve her true love" she yells. Suddenly clap sound is heard. Both of them turns and sees Arnav, Anjali, Akash, Payal and NK standing there. They all just came out to have fun in d garden as Khushi's there but luckily they overheard everything. So now, guilty Shyam is caught.

Shyam tries to pretend to be good and starts to say something but stopped by Arnav's hand. Anjali starts to cry for what Shyam did to her. Payal and Akash holds her to comfort her. Arnav comes close to Shyam and holds his collar. He also catches some glance of Khushi who was currently shivering in shock. NK comes to Khushi and asks her whether she's okay. He also put his hand on her shoulder and asks her to come in. Tears started to fill her eyes. Arnav notes this. He's actually very impressed by the way she talked to him bravely.

Arnav pulls that guilty Shyam in to d house so that their family can know d true face of him. Everyone goes inside. Akash explains everything to the elders what happened in the garden. Anjali didn't stopped crying. Shyam shouts in anger that his true face has been revealed "How dare u can keep ur hand on my collar? I won't leave u all for what u all did to me" He turns to Khushi and says "I will get u at any cost". Arnav interrupts saying "don't ever think abot it as its not at all going 2 happen". When Shyam moves back without turning he hits with Arvind.

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