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Apr 18, 2014

True Love (By Amrita_Sweetu) (Thanked: 18 times)

Hey guys this story is about the true love of arshi, where kushi is already

selected one guy who she treats as her first love but in reality that guy

doesnt love her. He just uses her as a time pass girl friend,but kushi

dont no about that guy and she loves him so much...

when kushi comes to know that she is going to see a guy as 

per her parents love. will she able to know about true colors

of akhil, will arnav make her understand that she is going in a

wrong way.  will she able to love arnav as much as arnav is 

loving her?????

Let's see what happens in future???

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Can i continue
Can't I
Apr 22, 2014

Part - 1 (By Amrita_Sweetu) (Thanked: 25 times)

hey friends, how are you all?? I am here to give our first update of 

True Love...

So, here you go all...

Kushi loves akhil so much whreas akhil is not in love

with her i mean he loves her but he is not so seriuos about


Kushi's parents doesnt know that kushi is in love, so they

already fixed her marriage with A Great Business Man 

The Arnav Singh Raizada CEO of AR Designs.

At first arnav saw kushi's photo, he fallen in love with her.

So, from arnav's side there is a Big Yes for marriage.

Kushi's parent s also said yes and decided to do

engagement after 2 days they all thought

that day the bride and bride groom can meet.

After kushi came to house her parent ssaid about 

her engagement matter with arnav.After listening to 

them kushi said no to them as she is in love with Akhil

but her parents are not listened to her because they

knew about akhil character as akhil is a son of famous

industrialist.So, they immediately said no to her

as they thought her decision is wrong.

But kushi is shatterd after hearing to her parents.Immed

iately she called akhil and said about the whole incident.

Akhil said to her chill as he is planning something big

for them.Kushi loved akhil but somewhere she knew this

is not true feeling for him because she read some where

if we are in love then our heart beats should go like

DHAK DHAK.. etc...

Whenever she is with akhil she doesnt have any feeling 

like she read in book but she left all those feeling as she

beleives in her love. so she doesnt said anything to him

as she said ok what ever he is doing..

Soon the engagement day came..

Arnav and his family come to Gupta Mansion for engagement


wht will happens 

wait and know 

Apr 29, 2014

Part - 2 (By Amrita_Sweetu) (Thanked: 14 times)

Soon, engagement day came.All the raizadas are came to the

kushi's house along with the arnav. Arnav is soo happy as

his love yes guys arnav singh raizada is in love with kushi

kumari gupta in a love at first sight.

when anjali shown kushi's photo to arnav, he is clean blowed

as he saw she is not only beautiful but he heard about her

from her parents.

Now at first time arnav is so impatient for a glimpse of kushi.

Least he knew about kushi's feeling about him.

At up stairs..

Kushi is getting impatient as akhil is not lifting her calls

as he said he will show some way to get out of this 

engagement. So, she is trying to call akhil for getting

out of this.

Soon the time as embraced the couple ..

Kushi came down with her mom .she is feeling some

strange feeling in her heart which she doesnt feel for

akhil also. 

While kushi is comming down arnav saw her. when he 

saw her at once he thought some pari is comming down 

when kushi is comming near to hi he is feeling DHAK DHAK

in his heart.Same feeling for kushi also when she saw 


At first she thought some greek god is standing for her

and smiling at her.unknowingly, She also reciprocated to

 his smile by seeing him.

So, Anju said to them to exchange the they

exchanged the rings after that arnav asked anjali that

he want to talk with kushi privately.Anjali manged

the situation and arshi went for a talk to kushi;s



Kushi is tensed 

Akhil with kushi in his car...





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Oct 24, 2014

Sacha Pyaar (Part-2) (By Amrita_Sweetu) (Thanked: 17 times)

Later arnav and kushi went towards kushi's room , 

Kushi's room...

After entering into kushi's room kushi showed him a couch to sit but instead

of sitting in the couch he went and sat on kushi's bed.

Kushi startled by seeing his reaction and as well as her reaction

because she never ask anyone or give to anyone her bed to sit

as she posses her bed alot(i know it's crazy right) but seeing him

sitting in her bed she didnt got angry instead she felt something 

that some one is showing his rights on her.....

Her thoughts drifted towards akhil, he never shown or asked anything from her

instead he only decides everything to her.At first she thought it's 

romantic but now a days she is feeling soo irritation by seeing

his reaction...

While kushi is in her thougths arnav is observing her room...

Arnav(thought):hmm not bad arnav ur's would be wife bedroom is good

   she is having good taste....

and he saw she is in some thought and he observed her clearly

some thing is bothering her verymuch....

Arnav cleared her thoughts and asked her to sit beside him and

she done as he said....


kushi:haaa (while downcasting her eyes)

Arnav:are u happy ??

kushi stunned by this question this is the first time they are talking and 

his first one is her happiness, who will be like this every one will think

about their own happiness no one considered her thouhts but he is

the one asking abt her happiness...

Kushi herself dont know either she is happy or not..

Kushi just stared him not knowing how and wht to answerr....



Arnav:tell me plz(by taking his hand)

Kushi:(by seeing his concern face)she nodded her head as yes

Arnav by seeing her nodding he flashed a smile to her....

Arnav:kushi i want to say something to u, i know this is some late

to say to u(according to him yaar) i know u r not having any feeling 

towards me but i too know tht u like me (by seeing her denial)dont say no

because whenever u see me ur's face is saying ur 's heart reaction

but i want to listen from ur lips.Pata hai it takes time to

listen to ur heart but kushi i just wanna say


I fell for u when i saw ur photo and i can't stop loving u and also

i want to confess my feeling to u .....

all time kushi is not saying anything to him just staring at him by

seeing his true love towards her, but how can she say that she is

in love with another person (she thinks tht she is in love)

kushi started to say some thing to him but arnav phone ringed and

that was anjali saying they should return as it's time to leave...

after talking to her he turned and said to her : come kushi it's di

we have to go

both started going out side of the room suddenly arnav stopped and

pulled kushi 

kushi crashed his chest , her breathing becme heavy and arnav is also

no less he kisssed her red cheeks and left her

still kushi is in shock .She came out of the shock and followed arnav

to living room where their both family members are waitng for them.

Arnav family members are leaving by saying the functions are arranged soon

as they are having very less time for wedding.... Nani, Di , Mama and maami gave

blessing to her and left 

while gng arnav winked her and left......

Please ignore if u find any mistakes in this update...

Soon it's gng to end i think only 2 or 3 updates that's it...

Hope u guys like this one..

All negative and positive coments are welcome and silent

readers please dont forgot to click on thank you button after u read



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pyaar <3
Ikraar </3
Oct 27, 2014

Sacha Pyaar(Part-3) (By Amrita_Sweetu) (Thanked: 28 times)

After raizada's are left, kushi went to her room to change before changing she thought to check her mobile once, kushi got a msg from akhil saying tht he want to meet her in some XYZ place.He asked her to come to that place.

Kushi replied to his msg saying

Message conversation:

kush:nahi akhil ab kuch nahi ho saktha, i m engaged .Hum na mile to acha hoga

Akhil:kushi r u trying to say no to me(angry)

Kush:plz akhil understand me

Akhil :if u dont come to meet me now im directly gng to meet ur would be husband "The Great ASR" telling that his would be wife is having affair with me.

kushi:how could u akhil?PLz dont say like tht

Akhil:u never left any chance to me kushi !!! (kushi is weeping silently now by listening his words,starting on wards there is some thing in him which she always felt incomplete in their relationship but now she is getting what it left it's LOVE)

Kushi:okk i will come 

Akhil:good girl ok listen i'll wait near ur house come to tht place(kushi strted to say no but he again said)no no listen to me and come there ok(irritated)

End of msg conversation

Kushi feeling some thing wrong in herself like some thing is gng to happen now, she kept all her thoughts aside and went out by saying to her parents she is gng to meet her frnd......

Here arnav thought to meet kushi once as he want to know her answer not only that but also he felt some thing wrong in her.

Arnav( thoughts):Does she is not happy in this relationship?But she is looking OK when she was with me or may be just i thought like tht

By keeping all his thoughts aside and went to meet her while he was near her lane he saw some thing which he cannot imagine in his life.His kushi is with some male in car why it 's looking like she is not comfortable , By tinking all these he went near his car and listened their conversation....

Kushi came to meet akhil , Akhil said to her to sit in the car

Akhil:Not bad kushi, u came 

Kushi:ab bolo kyoom bulaya muje yaha(not looking at him)

Akhil:ab kya karoo mae , kuch dine mae tu to chalee javogi tab mera kya hoga(wicked)


akhil:u know it's not like i dont love u but it's not tht love u think , i just wanted u babess (while coming close to her)

Kushi:kya(shocked) but  i loved u akhil

akhil:loved means ab nahi he kya

Kushi: now i am engaged to a man who loves me alot not like u(proud of her arnav)

By listening these arnav felt proud and he smirked by listening her answer till now he felt tht may be she is gng to end their relation ship (with arnav's) and he felt some thing in her heart but now all gud gud to them....

Akhil:so wht kushi i am not saying tht leave him , i am saying u just spend a night with me then u all ur's arnav(by comming closer to her)

Kushi slapped him on his cheeck , he got angry by her attitude and he started dragging her towards him.

Arnav cant spear any thing of this and he came towards the car, dragged akhil out of the car and started beating him black and blue.By this time kushi also came out of the car and saw wht's happening, she dont know how to feel one side she is happy arnav is with her and another side if arnav come s to know the truth about her then wht abt her relationship wiht him.....

After punching him badly he said to him,,

Arnav:u dont be try to contact her or else iss baar pata nahi kya karoon ga samji

Akhil just nodded and ran away to save his life from him....

Arnav came near kushi and asked her painfully by holding her shoulders,

Arnav:why kushi?Why (hurtly)

kushi dint said anything just sobbing by hunging her head down 

arnav:tell me plz(angry+hurt)

kushi : (by keeping her hands on his chest) and told abt her relationship with akhil,her true love,his ill words towards her everything... I am soo sorry arnav sorry I thought to say to u on that day when u come to my home for rishta itself but mujme utna himat nahi tha please i am soo sorry but now i know who loves me truly more than any thing...

After listening all these arnav 's hurt was reduced and he cupped her face and said,

i love u kushi ,i loved u alot, i heard everything happend between u and him.I know u loved truly but him just forgot abt him,He dont deserve u.

Kushi:i love u arnav

arnav shocked by listening her response and she continued by saying now i understood arnav what is a true love and wht is fake love ?? Also i understood whom i loved truly. U know i always loved u but i felt that it's just an attraction nd my mind reminds me of akhil saying u loves him not arnav... Bu now i get it arnav i get it (she sobed heavily )arnav can't see her tears ,he just hugged her .Arnav consoled her by saying some sweet words to her.Soon, kushi's cry is subsided ,arnav took kushi to his car and he started driving to his appartment wanting to spend some time with her as he is not having a heart to leave his love in this condition.

Kushi also didnt asked anything to him, she just closed her eyes and rested on head rest in the car.Car halted at arnav's apartment arnav saw kushi is asleep, he thought not to disturb her so he lifted her and started walking towards his apartment.

By his actions kushi woke up from her sleep, kushi stared at him and thought how can she get like this person in her life even after knowing abt her past affair.By thinking this tears welled up in her eyes. Arnav opened the door and he made kushi sat on his bed in bedroom.Arnav wiped kushi's tears nd he made kushi to drink water by his own hands.

Arnav:kushi plzz stop baby enough of crying(by holding her close to his heart)

Kushi nodded agreeging to his words and said "arnav if our family comes to know this then will they agree to this relation ship"

arnav by cupping her face "baby i dont know all these i just love u nd i want u in my life.coming to my family they just want my happiness nd i am sure ur family members also dnt say anything to u.If they say anything i am there fr u always " after saying this he kissed on her forehead she also accepted his kiss with grattitude.......

Finally kushi got her "SACHA PYAAR" in her life in the form of Arnav...

The End-

I hope u all liked this story,

All type of coments are welcome 

Please hit thank you nd as well as comment because only ur's comments will give encouragement to us....

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