'One Mistake Took My Love Away From Me'

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Apr 13, 2014

'One Mistake Took My Love Away From Me' (By 01Khirad) (Thanked: 29 times)

Hey everyone, I not new here I have been silent viewer in myeduniya for very long and finally I have registered and started writing stories. it feels so good to write stories. please guys support and encourage me by leaving comments behind. you all are welcome here to read and feel free to leave any kind of suggestion. please ignore the mistakes because I am not a good writer.

this is a very emotional and cute story. this story is about two lovers who are ready to cross any rivers to be with each other but destiny is always cruel to them, always their fate separates then but their fate doesn't even know that these two lovers are not born to be separated but to be with each other. their unconditional, unbreakable and unstoppable love can change their destiny and fate.

the introduction of the Raizada's Family ;

  • Arnav Singh Raizada - He is 19 years old, he is in his last year in the college, in college he is doing Business and Drama. he is the son of the very rich business man. He is very sweet, caring and loving. he loves his mom, dad, aunty, uncle and cousin elder sister. all the girls are crazy for him because he is too rich and too handsome but he doesn't look at them because he wants the girl in his life who is like a competition or challenging to him. his childhood best friend Gunjan and Mohit means a lot in his life. winning has become a habit in his life because he always wins in everything.

  • His mom and Dad (Mr and Mrs Raizada), they are very workaholic, they don't have much time for their one and only son, they always out for business work. his dad is younger then his uncle

  • His aunty and uncle wants all the property in their name because they think its their right but if today they are rich then its only because MR AND MRS Raizada worked hard. they love their daughter and Arnav.

  • Anjali is married to shyam, she is 27 years old. always busy in fashion and gossip. loves her husband. her husband is 28 years old, loves his wife and is a gharjamai

the introduction of Gupta family;

  • Khushi Kumari Gupta: she is 19 years old, she is in her last year in the college, in college she is doing childcare and Drama. she lives with her mom and dad. she is very na├»ve and talkative, she likes winning, she is very strong and creative. she never lets her dad and mom down and always avoids doing anything wrong. she thinks falling in love is not her cup of coffee so she wants to marry the one whom her family wants. she lives for her family, she doesn't like comprising in anything. she wants to be a very rich woman. she normally wears kurta, long skirts and occasionally salwar kameez.
  • dad and mom: they are poor, loves their daughter a lot and wants to send her off to a good in laws house.

here the story goes;;;;;;;;

Khushi and her parents moved to Mumbai from their Village for a better life, in there her dad does a receptionist job and earns money, her mom works in a making clothes factory. Khushi joined in Arnav's college, tomorrow is her first day at the college so she is very excited and glad to be in such a big, famous& reputed college.

its the evening, she decided to go to the temple to take blessing for her new life in the college, after taking blessing from the temple she is all set to come back her home so that her parents don't worry for her after they come from work but whilst going home, she sees in a basketball field few young guys beating up few ordinary guys and she knows them so she goes there to help them but no one seems to notice her or listen her so she starts to scream very loudly 'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh' everyone stops and looks at her, they all makes a big circle and she is in the middle of the circle along with the poor guys.

a guy: how dare you to come here and disturb us?

she is silent because she is too terrified but later  she broke her silent

Khushi: why are you lot beating up these poor guys?

expect the poor guys, all of them started to laugh

a guy: so you are here to save them, Lol can you see how many of us?

Khushi: apologise to them otherwise I will call the police

a guy: we don't care because everything is fair in games, we made a deal who ever scores less points in this basketball game, we will take all their things so we weren't beating them up and one more last game is left. dude guys where is our team leader. and you go away

the poor guy: its okay Khushi, you go don't bother

Khushi: why wont I bother, you all are from my building so I will not leave without helping you lot

suddenly a shirtless guy comes in the filed and goes inside the circle, they don't see each other (he is non-other then Arnav) after the game he went to the shop to get water.

Arnav: what happened guys? why are you all standing here like this?

both of them turns around and faces each other

Khushi: so this guy is your leader, by face he looks like some stupid

a guy: hey you , behave yourself!

they tell him everything

Arnav: relax guys, she is a girl! poor thing, go home

Khushi: shut up

Arnav: I was speaking nicely with you now you are making me angry just go away from here, they have to play another last game with us otherwise we wont let them go because this was the deal

Khushi acts and joints her hands

Khushi: I am very scared now please don't get angry

Arnav: now you came to your sense

Khushi stops acting,

Khushi: scared! my foot! lets have a game, only you (points towards him) and me (points her)

Arnav: think before you say anything, because no one can beat me especially not you and I am sure u don't know how to play basketball because its not your cup of tea

Khushi: then I will make it my cup of coffee

Khushi blows her little hair which comes across her eyes and takes the ball from a guy's hand and shoots it right into the basketball and that too from so far away so everyone kinda got shocked and surprised,

then she gets the ball and throws it to Arnav, he catches it and both started to play, both playing evenly, suddenly she stops playing and signals her building boys to run away so they run away, before his team players were about to run he signalled as 'no'

Khushi: sorry, cant play anymore I am too late now and don't trouble them cuz because of them I played the last game and I am sure I am the winner

she starts walking

A guy: no one is the winner, its a tie

Arnav: hey you at least break the tie

she turns around and says 'some other time'

tmoro: camp, Arnav gets kidnapped


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