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Apr 12, 2014

Beintehaa~Mohabbat~Hai (By 01Khirad) (Thanked: 10 times)

Hey everyone, I like this serial very much so I have decided to write a story based on Aliya and Zain! Please guys encourage and support me by leaving comments behind. I know there will be lots of error because I am not a good write but please guys kindly just ignore the silly mistakes and enjoy reading the story. I will try my best to make this story more and more interesting. Thank you all and have a wonderful time here. 

Aliya is a Muslim girl; she is beautiful, spiritual, emotional and caring. In her life she makes all decisions and doesn't like anyone interfering in her life. She lives with her Ammi, And her younger sister. She is 20 years old and her little sister is 15 years old. They are very rich and they live in London. When Aliya was 10 years and her younger sister 5 years old their Abbu left them so their Ammi shifted to London and never visited Indian again. Her younger sister name is Akifah. She hates Asian boys and doesn't believe in love or marriage. She is a fashion designer, even though they are very rich her mom is a businesswoman but still she wants to make an identity for herself on her own.

Zain is a Muslim young man. He is handsome, hot and loving. He flirts with every beautiful girl he sees. His big joint family lives in Pakistan but he shifted in Mumbai to be a businessman. They are very poor. His family includes mom, dad, dadaji, aunt, uncle, aunt and uncle two daughters who are older then him. They are married but they live with them cuz their husband don't have any family and their husbands are real brothers. He is 21 and one of the sister is 29 and the other one is 28. His family loves him more then they love themselves.

Guys I will update the story soon, just wanna see how many people wants me to continue so please guys if u want me to continue this story then please leave a comment behind and I promise I will continue it ASAP

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Apr 12, 2014

Beintehaa~Mohabbat~Hai (By 01Khirad) (Thanked: 7 times)

A very big thank you to Tanisha and FAhamida, thank you to the silent readers but please guys do leave a comment behind after you finish reading it..

young, dashing, handsome and shirtless man wakes up from his peaceful sleep and goes to the bathroom to get ready then he comes out from the bathroom and quickly takes his bag and few files but then he takes a look at his watch and realises that he is very late for his interview so he takes his clothes off and in his vest and shorts goes back to sleep. (Guys meet the coolest, laziest and funniest Zain)

Suddenly his phone starts to ring so he picks it up in sleepy mood and in an irritating voice says

zain:hello, what man? I am trying to sleep

His DaduJaan: have you forgotten your manners? Is this is the way to answer a call? 

As soon as he hears his DaduJaan speaking he quickly gets up from the bed and says in his mind 'seriously, why did he have to call'

His DaduJaan: are you listening?

zain: ji DaduJaan, Assalamualaikum! How are you?

dadujaan: I am putting the phone in the speaker because everyone wants to speak to you

Everyday, his family speaks to him because their day can't pass without speaking to their dearest Zain and In Mumbai he stays in his Ammi's uncle's son house/ distance relative house. It's been 4 months since he came to Mumbai and in these 4 months he only been to Pakistan twice, unfortunately he still didn't get any suitable job for himself.

His Ammi: Zain dear, today was your interview? How did it go? Did you get the job?

his elder sister: Zain! Tell us quickly, was the interview successful? 

No reply from him because he didn't go to the interview; he is always like this, his family sent him to Mumbai so that becomes independent and a better person without his family's unconditional love but he still is the same. 

His Abbu: he is not speaking that means he didn't go for the interview, Zain when are you gonna change yourself! Here we were praying for your interview to go but you didn't even go. 

Zain: no Abbu.....actually since yesterday I was preparing too much for the interview so slept a bit late but still I managed to wake up but.....

his DaduJaan: but then you saw the time and realised that you are too late for the interview so you went back to sleep

Zain: wow DaduJaan, today you truly proved you are my Abbu' abbujaan cuz you knew what I am gonna say, you are too awesome!

His DaduJaan: shut up, you lazy cow, I regret that you are my sons son because you are too different then him, you will never change 

his DaduJaan got angry so everyone became quiet then his DaduJaan went outside for maybe some work.

His Ammi: dear, don't take his words seriously, you know he loves you a lot 

Zain: Ammi I never take anything seriously in my life you know that-hehehe

His Abbu: you will never change and the rest of the family's love will ruin you one day, watch how bad this love from you lot gonna spoil him.

he goes outside too maybe to see where DaduJaan went

His aunt: okay dear, look for another job and take care 

zain: bye everyone and love you all

he hanged up and put that phone away then went back to sleep but soon does he know that his sleep gonna get disturb again, the distance relative aunty came to his room in a furious way

DR aunty: Get up quickly 

she doesn't like him staying in her house because she finds him a burden in her house so she just wants him to go away from this house as soon as possible. She got one daughter and one son, the daughter is 19 and the son is always out for business work and he is 28. The daughter name is Sara, she likes Zain and wants to marry him but he is not interest in her and always stays away from her.

Zain: ooho, aunty! What happened?

DR aunty: 'what happened' you going to ruin us, you are staying in our house for free and on top that you don't do any work in this house, come get up and drop my lovely doll Sara to her ccollege 

Zain: okay aunty cool down

precap; Aliya and her family's introduction and Zain's bad condition; his Distance relative/ DR aunty makes him to do household work.

Please guys read it and please leave a comment behind to let me know if I should continue it or not..thank you all and enjoy!

Apr 13, 2014

Beintehaa~Mohabbat~Hai (By 01Khirad) (Thanked: 10 times)

Thank you all for the lovely comments and thank you to the silent readers as well! You all are welcome here to read my story, enjoy your time reading it and please leave comments behind!

scene shifted to London; it's the morning in London, everybody's at the breakfast table having breakfast expect Aliya.

her Ammi: Akifah, could you please go and check where Aliya is, what is taking so long for her to come downstairs

Akifah: okay Ammi 

AKifah goes upstairs to Her room, she is sleeping by covering her face with a pillow so Akifah removes the pillow and says

akifah: Ali, wake up! Ammi is getting late for her office and you know she doesn't go to office until she sees off both of us so hurry up

aliya gets up from the bed in angry and throws the pillow on Akifahs face

Aliya: what you? I told you thousand times not to call me Ali, it's such a boyish name, you know!

Akifah: okay sorry, come on hurry up I finished my breakfast so I am getting late for my school.

Aliya: oh yeah, you go I will be in downstairs in five minutes okay

Akifah walks towards the door but Aliya stops her by calling her

aliyaa: okay ms Aaki

Akifah gets angry and upset so she goes out from the room by slamming the door loudly and shouting 'don't call me that'

Aliya comes in downstairs and sees off her Ammi and Akifah then she starts having breakfast because she is also getting late for her work. 

Scene shifted to her work; she seems all busy in her work because today she have to hand out the new designs that she created for the new fashion show to her boss so she's working very hard, if the boss likes the new designs then she will get the second position of her job.

Her boss comes in her cabin and asks her 'are you done with your little things' in hurry she replies 'yes boss I am done, here have a look at it' 

she hands the booklet of new designs to her boss and her boss takes a quick look at few pages and seems kind of impressed so she says 'I will take it to my cabin and look at it carefully, Tmoro I will let you know about my decision!'

it's the night now, she comes home and goes to her mom room and sees her mom is in the NAMAZ Mat, she is crying whilst making the Due so she gets upset and goes to her own room without disturbing her.

in her room, she puts her bag away and opens the window to look at the moon

In her mind: I only see tears in my Ammi's eyes when something relate to her past comes before her. Ya'Allah! I know how much my Ammi suffered because of that Man, I will never forgive him.

She looks at the time and sees that there's still time for her to pray the night NAmaz so she goes to the bathroom and gets ready for the prayer, she lays the prayer mat and starts praying after she finished her prayer and the due, she makes another due

In her mind: YA'Allah! I have never had that much hatred towards any expect that man, I hope he is alive because I wanna meet him just once and ask him 'did you not ever miss us' I was big enough to see and realise my Ammi pain because of him and I will never ever forgive or forget his face.

Her Ammi comes to her room and sees her in the prayer mat so she she starts walking towards outside the room but Aliya sees and stops her by saying

Aliya: Ammi, do you need anything?

She puts the mat away and her Ammi sits on her bed 

Ammi: when did you came?

she puts her head in her Ammi's lap and her Ammi pats her head

Aliya: I can understand your pain, I feel disgusted because I am his daughter 

Ammi: you don't have to feel anything dear because its not your fault to be his daughter, I never told you anything about him because I always knew you know everything about him 

aliya: yes Ammi I know him more then I thought I would ever know him, I still remember his scary face and I will never forget his face.

both cries, later Aliya looks at her mom face and starts wiping her tears off

scene shifted to Mumbai; Zain is playing video games in his phone in the sitting suddenly his DR aunty comes with a vacuum cleaner so he puts away his phone and stares at her

DR aunty: here clean the whole house otherwise I will kick you out from this house

he starts cleaning the whole house with a sad face, his phone is ringing but he is not able to hear it because of the vacuum noise then he noticed his phone is vibrating so he picks up his call and goes outside to speak

Zain: hello! Who's speaking?

a man: hello is this Zain speaking

Zain: yes 

That man: congratulation you got the job! You can join the the fashion designer industry tmoro!

zain: thank you so much

His DaduJaan and family made a plan to make him more serious in his life so his DaduJaan acted as if he got a heart attack, for his treatment they need money so they told Zain to arrange that money. Zain got trapped in their trick and quickly went for his next interview, he always wanted to be a fashion designer.

precap:Zain and Aliya meets 

Both these love birds dream is to be a big fashion designer, will they ever meet and if they meet what will happen in their life to know please read it and leave a comment behind.

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