ArShi TS, *My Life!!!!* Completed :)

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Apr 1, 2014

ArShi TS, *My Life!!!!* (By Sviji) (Thanked: 209 times)

Here I'm with another shot of mine but this time it is two shot after a very long time.....forgive me in advance...there will be little foul words I used, not exactly I wrote, yeah but even in the star words you will be able to understand na.....some may not like I'm asking sorry to use such words....

Arnav came inside the cabin quite happy with his performance in conference, the deal was important for his company and he felt good to get the deal for their company.

A man came towards him ‘ASR you did good job there’

Arnav ‘thank you Rajeev’

Rajeev ‘So promotion is on the way I guess’

Arnav ‘think so’

Rajeev ‘you will get it for sure, boss is very happy with your performance’ Arnav smiled, he had worked hard for this project with what many high profile company like their competing for this project.

Arnav Singh Raizada, 24 yr handsome man is working as an Ass. Head Designer in Jha Fashion house. Has a degree in Fashion Designing and adding to it done his Masters too, he is best in his field and is topper of his college. Quite, silent guy which gives him the image of rude guy but only his closed one knows he is not; a very determined person, honest and very ambitious guy.

Arnav’s cabin intercom rang and listening to other side, he got up from his place and moved towards his boss cabin, Shyam Manohar Jha. Knocking on the door and after getting permission from inside he went into the cabin.

Shyam ‘Mr. Raizada I’m very happy because of you we got this deal’

Arnav ‘we had to sir’

Shyam ‘I like your confidence’

Arnav ‘thank you’

Shyam ‘I’m thinking of your promotion’

Arnav’s eye sparkled with joy, Shyam ‘but I’ve a proposal for you’

Arnav frowned, Shyam twisting his tie a little ‘I will promote you to be a Head Designer if….’

Arnav ‘if…’ he doesn't know why he is feeling his insides churn up thinking of the worst is going to come his way. Shyam ‘I saw your wife in the annual function of our company *giving a dreamy sigh* I liked her at the first instant of her look, and I want to spend my time with her. You understand what I mean, aren't you? If not then let me tell you send your wife to me and I promise the Head Designer post will be yours’

Arnav felt rage unfathomable listening to his words, Shyam ‘I can’t get her off my mind and I want her in my…’ he could not get his words to complete when he felt a punch on his mouth, blood oozed out. Arnav pulled his collar ‘how dare you?’ slapped him hard on Shyam’s face ‘how dare you ask me something like that? You F****** As**** I know you are a womanizer, cheap b***** but this time you crossed your limits in thinking about my wife in that way. How dare you think about my Khushi in that way? Do you think that I’ll be like those guys who will climb the way to success through destroying his wife’s dignity….I’m not…I’ll die let alone like you creep near my wife…..I love my wife Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada more than this fame, success and money….. hell with your offer for the post of head designer and to the hell with your company. I’m quitting’ before leaving he again punched on Shyam’s face.

Shyam stood up wiping his bleeding mouth ‘you will regret Raizada, now you will see how I make your life hell and get your wife too. She will come running into my arms. No girls can refuse Shyam Manohar Jha’



Arnav felt miserable, he has no job now but he did not regret leaving that job when the question arises on his wife’s dignity. His wife Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada, the love of his life, his only meaning of life, his Khushi; their marriage is love cum arranged one, it was quite shock when her father Shashi Gupta came to his house with his daughter’s proposal one year back. He could not believe his fate; a much known top business tycoon of London will come with a proposal of his daughter for him at a normal day turn up on his door step. 

He was quite apprehensive to accept the proposal because he was only then started building a career getting into job after completing his MBA. He asked for time from them.

Almost a week gone when he got a call from his friend Lavanya Kashyap inviting him for her late reception party after six months of her marriage for some of her relatives who could not attend her wedding in London and for their college mates. He hardly had any friends in his college time while he was doing his UG; only Lavanya and Akash Dogra were his close friends who knew him so well. Lavanya had departed from their group to pursue her master in UK and he was left with only Akash beside him, and both he and Akash completed their masters here in Delhi.  Even though she was away from them but was in touch with them not letting their friendship to tether. And He had promised Lavanya that he will arrive at her wedding party without failing.

Arnav arrived at the wedding party along with his friend Akash who too is invited, why will not he be when he too is best buddy of Lavanya. Both of them went towards Lavanya who hugged them quite happily.

Lavanya ‘Glad that you both came’

Akash ‘who would miss the chance to see who is the bechara goat got slacked’

Arnav chuckled and elbowed him; Lavanya pouted ‘that is mean Akash’

Arnav ‘let him go Lavanya, he is always like this’

Lavanya narrowed her eyes at Akash ‘I’m letting you go this time only because of ASR’ Akash rolled his eyes.

Lavanya clutched Arnav’s arm ‘ASR I want you to meet with someone special to me’

Akash raising his eye brows ‘is that person more special than your husband’

Lavanya ‘shut up and yes she is very special to everyone, she is my cute sister in law but also is my best friend from PG’

Lavanya turned around looking for her sister in law, Arnav and Akash exchange looks. Is this Lavanya’s another attempt for match making. In the five years Lavanya came to know of Arnav she does not sit quite, not without trying to hook him with any girl and always making him run away from her match making skill. Lavanya found her sister in law and shouted for her ‘Mithu!!!’

A girl around their age turned towards them making Arnav’s breathe hitch, she is an Angel is what Arnav thought when she came towards them with her dazzling smile.

Lavanya ‘Mithu I want you to meet my best friends about whom I talked so much’ turning to Arnav ‘he is Arnav Singh Raizada, ASR’ and pulling Akash near them ‘he is Akash Dogra’

Mithu urf Khushi folded her hands smiling ‘Namasthe’ making Arnav to reciprocate to her infectious smile with his genuine one.

Khushi’s dress

Khushi’s jewelry

Lavanya hugging Khushi sideways ‘and she is my sweet nanad Mithu’

An elder man came from behind Arnav and Akash, and put his hand around Lavanya and Khushi’s shoulder. Arnav watched with wide eyes, Shashi Gupta who came to his home with his daughter’s proposal.

Shashi ‘so Arnav now you have met with my daughter Khushi’

Lavanya smiled at him ‘yes papa I introduced Mithu to ASR’

Arnav ‘Mithu? Khushi?’

Shashi ‘yes my boy Khushi’s pet name kept by Lavanya is Mithu’

Arnav turned his eyes towards Khushi who looked down in shy, NK came from behind and put his hand on his shoulder ‘will you say yes now to marry my sister, she is beautiful girl with golden heart’

Arnav looked down in embarrassment; he had still not yet given his reply to them. NK then turned to Akash ‘and Mr. you wanted to meet the bali ka bakra who is married to La is none other than me, Nandhkis**** Gupta’ it was now Akash’s turn to be embarrassed.

Shashi laughed ‘really you said that? I’ll say it is Lavanya who is poor girl had to marry my son and tolerate his hindi’

NK ‘babuji!!!’

Lavanya ‘what? He is saying the truth’

Khushi smiled at the three and then looked at Arnav who is now looking at her; she coloured up and looked down. Shashi looking at Arnav ‘your hand is empty? Lavanya what is this? Did you not offer them any drink?’

Lavanya ‘oops sorry, in the excitement to introduce Mithu to ASR I forgot’

Shashi ‘don’t worry Khushi will get him’ turning to Khushi ‘Khushi go take Arnav with you and get him a drink’ Khushi looked at him wide eye, Shashi pushed Khushi a little ‘go darling’

Khushi looked at Arnav ‘chalein’ on his nod both went towards the bar where all the drinks were kept, Akash were about to go after them when Lavanya pulled him along with NK, Akash ‘what?’

NK ‘where are you going?’

Akash ‘to get a drink’

Lavanya turned to a waiter who was passing by, took a drink and offered it to Akash ‘here you go’

Akash ‘but…’

Lavanya ‘shhh we could have got ASR drink here but we wanted Khushi to be left alone with him so that they could talk with each other and get to know about each other. So keep quiet’ Akash rolled his eyes and looked towards Arnav and Khushi.

Khushi as soon as went towards the bar asked for two orange juices, Arnav ‘you did not ask what I’ll have?’

Khushi smiling ‘I know you don’t drink alcohol so the juice’ Arnav nodded but has questions running on his mind, the bar tender placed her order and she turned towards Arnav ‘your juice’ and took hers.

Both sipped their juice in silence with occasional glance, Khushi ‘hmmm can we move towards other side, please this alcohol smell making me uneasy’ Arnav nodded at her and moved to the nearby balcony from where the fresh air was coming, Khushi’s hair danced in air.

She looked gorgeous; Arnav could not take his eyes off from her. There was certain innocence in her which made Arnav’s heart to gallop towards her.

Arnav cleared his throat getting her attention who was enjoying the cool breeze or so she pretended to be, Arnav ‘your dad came to my home with your proposal’

Khushi looked down ‘I know’

Arnav nodding, taking deep breathe ‘I’m an orphan’

Khushi looked at him with her eyes holding emotion which he could not understand but it was not sympathy or pity he was used to, Khushi ‘I know, your parents left when you are barely eighteen and from then on you are living alone. There was no one to be called yours, no close relatives and definitely no distant relative who took pain in assuring you about them being for you. They all left you alone and you lived and is still surviving alone. Your only relief is your parents had left you a house in your name where there will be no threat for to live on road and had some money secured in your name which you hardly ever used, until there is any dire situation arises. You got full on scholarship to perceive the degree you are interested in, by government because you were district first in New Delhi. Then from there you did your degree in Fashion designing in Delhi University and then writing CMAT (common management test) and getting top score you joined your Master in International Management Institute, you were topper of the college both the time, in UG and as well as in PG. You used to do to part time job after college and now you are working in Jha Fashion House from six months, got selected in campus interview as a trainee designer. You have only two friends who are close to you Lavanya and Akash whom you met in your UG and from then you three friends were inseparable even though how far and busy in life you all are’   

 Arnav looked at her shocked, Khushi smiled at him little ‘I even know about your likes and dislikes’ taking deep breathe ‘I’m very much happy with my life because God has given me a best father and brother anyone could get not letting me know the absence of my amma’ looked at him ‘my mother died while giving birth to me, I never got to know about her. Only heard about her from babuji. Bhai too can’t remember much about her since he was only four when she left us. It was buaji, my babuji’s sister Madhumathi Mishra who took care of me and my bhai all this years as a mother figure. I’m very much pampered girl, babuji and bhai never let any of my wish to be unfulfilled, they will go to any extent to make me happy even if they have to beg someone *looked at Arnav, who looked away gulping* but my buaji made sure I’m well accustomed to Indian culture, to our roots and did not become spoilt brat.’ Looking down at her hands ‘it was the time when I joined university for my MBA where I met Lavanya, we instantly hit it off, she is such a sweet heart, bubbly and chirpy one. She used to talk about you lot, her ASR like this and like that. Somewhere deep down I started getting attracted to the unknown ASR of hers. When I started getting attracted to the unknown guy deep down I started feeling low’

Arnav looked at her closely, maybe she felt low because she was falling for an orphan like him, his heart felt heavy. But his heart galloped in happiness at her next word. Khushi not looking at him while fidgeting with her duppata ‘I was feeling low thinking maybe you were Lavanya’s boyfriend and you both love each other. Her face used to glow whenever she used to talk about you or talk with you on phone. I started avoiding your topic but my heart did not allow me to turn away which kept on listening everything about you, what you are doing? What is your plan ahead? What are your likes? What you don’t like? What do you expect from life? Everything of you not missing anything, as if my life only meaning is to study and know about you. I have even cried many nights thinking you are already committed to my friend. At last I decided to clear my doubt and  gathering my courage which is in our last final semester I asked Lavanya about are you both dating each other and you know what she did, she laughed at me and that too very hard’ she pouted remembering that day when she got embarrassed to ask such question from her.

Khushi smiling ‘She said you both are just best friends and more over you look at her like a sister’ looking at the stars with glow on her face, making Arnav to look at her in awe ‘I was bouncing with excitement and happiness you know, I could not tell you how I felt, but it was short lived. Then again a thought crossed my mind of what if you are not dating Lavanya but there could be anyone else. My eyes got filled up and not wanting Lavanya to know about my feeling I had turned around but bad she already saw all the emotion dancing on my face’ she then cupped my face and assured me ‘that you don’t have any other girl in your life, making me smile again. She caught me, and literally drove me crazy till I admitted my feelings for you. She just hugged me tightly saying her ASR got someone for him and he will not be alone anymore.You know I cried, really cried that day hugging her, because those words she said is because of the pain she had witnessed in your life. She then showed me your photo about how you look. The first thing which captured me was your eyes *looking in his eyes* the molten brown eyes were like deep sea like your name Arnav’ Arnav felt chill run down his spine hearing his name from her. Khushi ‘then Lavanya revealed her little secret of she and my bhai is dating, it was quite shock for me. Everything went well, now Lavanya and bhai are married. I expected you will come for wedding but Lavanya said you could not get leave from office since you were just joined months back and taking leave is not possible, that too for a week’ she looked at the running vehicles down the road ‘I was upset for not able to meet you but I know it is very important for your future, for your aim and success. After one month of bhai’s wedding Buaji announced that she wanted to marry me off to a nice family with a nice boy; babuji too accepted and started looking alliance for me. I was caught between my heart and my family. It was getting hard for me to refuse every alliance they bought for me from all the well-known families’ eligible bachelor but how can I open my heart to them. I did not know what will be there reaction, I know my bhai and babuji will not refuse me but I could not bring myself to tell them that I like a guy and he does not even know about my existence. Lavanya could not see my distress so had confided about my feeling for you with bhai, and he to babuji and buaji, and I never knew about all this till the day babuji came to meet you, I came to know from Lavanya that babuji went to meet you for talking about me’

Khushi ‘I was upset with them to go and talk with you when you don’t even know about me and exactly that is what happened, isn’t it?’ she tilted her head towards him ‘babuji proposed you for marriage and you asked time. I was sad when I heard about your answer and I know no guy like you will agree to marry a unknown girl whose father pops on your door step without any warning’

She chuckled sadly ‘days were passing and there was no reply from your end. I was sad so they all came up with this party plan to invite you and introduce us with each other’

Arnav gulping ‘but I’m just an employee who earns hardly 40000 rs/ per month and where you are used to luxurious life’

Khushi looking at him in the eye ‘agar aap humein ek mauka denge aur aapki vishwas ka patra banayenge, toh hum aapke rang mein dal jange’ Arnav’s breath hitched listening to her, his heart thudding fast. Khushi turned to him fully ‘I had opened myself completely to you Arnavji and I’m not ashamed to confess that I like you and want to be your wife have a family of our own with you. I cannot think of anyone else other than you my husband and will wait for your one yes to accept me in your life, to let me enter your life and to share your life with me’ she turned to go after looking at him when his voice stopped her ‘Arnav’

Khushi turned towards him in confusion ‘huh?’

Arnav came near her ‘Arnav, only Arnav for you without adding a ji’

Khushi looked at him with her eyes hopeful, Arnav came near her brushing his lips near her ear ‘soon to be Mrs Raizada, I would like my wife address me Arnav’

He then looked at her, Khushi could not believe what she heard, raising her hand to cup his face ‘tell me this is not a dream’ her voice choked, tears slipped from her eyes.

Arnav cupped her face and kissed away her tears making her breath to hitch ‘very much real’ Khushi hugged him crying ‘I Love you’ Arnav stilled listening to her, he got shock after shock listening to Khushi’s feeling towards him and now she confessed her love for him made him shudder in unfathomable joy he hugged her tight ‘tell me once again’

Khushi ‘I Love You, I Love You Lot, I’ll die without you’

Arnav keeping his finger on her lips making them both shudder ‘shhh don’t talk about death. I don’t want to lose you’

Khushi nodded her head crying, he wiped her tears. Both looked at each other forgetting the place where they are, Arnav leaned to capture her lips, which is teasing him from the time he met the owner of those plump soft lips.

But a collective cough brought them back to earth and both stepped away shying, Lavanya, NK came grinning to them. Khushi became a deep red; Lavanya hugged Khushi tight, and then gave a hug to Arnav. NK patted his back and hugged his sister. NK ‘so at last the Raizada accepted my sister, haan’ raising her eye brows.

Lavanya ‘no one can refuse our Mithu NK’

Arnav raised his eye brows, and then looked at Khushi ‘true, no one can refuse her pure heart’

Lavanya ‘common we need to give Papa and buaji this good news who were waiting eagerly as if they had written an exam’

NK chuckled; Lavanya dragged the three to Shashi and buaji. She chirped loudly ‘Papa, buaji ASR accepted Mithu’

Buaji going over to Khushi cupped her face ‘is she telling truth?’ Khushi nodded looking down getting shy. Shashi laughed ‘my bitiya is shy’

He hugged Arnav ‘son you made us happy more over my little girl very much happy’

Arnav ‘I could not refuse her beautiful heart Mr. Gupta’

Shashi nodding negatively ‘babuji for you, like I’m babuji for Khushi’ Arnav hugged him overwhelmed. Akash came over to them when Lavanya hugged him telling ‘ASR said yes to marry Mithu’ Akash raised his eyebrows in question toward Arnav who nodded at him in yes.

Akash went over to him and hugging him whispered ‘you sure?’ Arnav looked at Khushi who is blushing deep red with all the teasing from NK and Lavanya. Arnav ‘yes I like her’

That was it, Akash never asked him anything, and then all happened as a dream, Khushi was married to him less than a month. He was very apprehensive when he bought her home marrying looking at her reaction, but she smiled, the smiled coming from her heart, her words till today echoing ‘I feel like coming to home after years’

She turned to still Arnav who was undergoing many emotion for the girl who is now his wife standing before him, he hugged her tight ‘I though you will feel upset seeing this house, which is very small compared to the Mansion you are used to’

Khushi cupped his face ‘our home is beautiful Arnavji, then how can I not love our home’ Arnav not knowing how to show what he is feeling pressed his lips on her, their first kiss where he let her know his feelings he could not get a word for, could not describe her. Their life had started then as a completing of like, two soul mate binding in one soul for forever.

Life then on was like a heaven and it is still heaven for him with Khushi. In the one year he reached from trainee designer to ass head designer and was getting hopes of becoming a head designer but all got shattered. What will he tell his Khushi that why he left job when a promotion was on the way. His phone rang, he picked it up.

The soothing voice floated from other side making him calm ‘Arnav where are you? Will you be late today? Is there work piled up for you today? Please tell na, it is past the time of your home coming and you are still not here. You are scaring me; please tell me when you will be home. I’m waiting for you’

Arnav cursed looking at the time; it is almost 8pm when he is usually reach home at 7pm if he is not stuck with work. Arnav ‘sorry Jaan I’ll be reach in another hour, don’t worry okay, I’ll be there shortly’

Khushi ‘come soon. Love you’ she cut the hall, Arnav savored her sweet voice and head to home to his Khushi.





Khushi opened the door ‘Arnav!!!!’ she hugged him tight even before he could enter the house. Arnav get them both inside closing the door with his leg. Arnav felt Khushi tremble. Arnav ‘Khushi!!!’

Khushi came out of the hug and kissed him all over the face, her tears flowing freely ‘I got scared, I felt this uneasiness from afternoon and when you did not come home at your usual time, top to that no call from you made me think unwanted things….where were you? I was scared…very scared…don’t this to me again…please’

Arnav ‘Shhh Khushi I’m okay, see I’m before you’ Khushi hugged him. Arnav patted her back; he is in heaven in Khushi’s arm. Khushi pulled away from him, cupping his face ‘what happened Arnav? You look upset. Is that promotion upset you? Did you not get promotion this time? Don’t worry you will get next time? Who will not be happy to reward my Arnav for his hard work and talent?’

Arnav hugged her tight ‘I left the job Khushi, I resigned it’

Khushi stilled, her heart pained to see him broken, she pulled him to the couch and made him lie with his head on her lap, she caressed his hair ‘what happened? Why did you resign? There must be some genuine reason for your quitting decision because I know my Arnav will never do anything in impulsive’

Arnav kissed her palm ‘I had a tiff with my boss’ how can he say what that low life Shyam Manohar Jha asked for.

Khushi ‘Shhh knowing you well I can guess it must be your boss, sorry ex-boss who is the guilty one so you quit from the job’ Arnav watched in awe at his wife, she is not upset on his losing the job like any other wife would be instead she understands his unsaid truth.

Khushi as if consoling a child ‘don’t worry; you will get better job than this, and I trust you and your talent. You will Arnav, I know my Arnav will never lose’ Arnav buried his head in her lap feeling light listening to her soothing words. Khushi ‘Arnav get up, first have your dinner’

Arnav ‘I’m not hungry, you have yours’

Khushi ‘had I ever eat without you that I’ll do today’ Arnav got up, Khushi pulled him and took him to dining ‘I’ll heat the food in ten minutes, wait here’

Arnav got up and washed his hands and again took his seat, till then Khushi had laid everything on the table, she served him before taking a seat beside him. Arnav looked at all his favourite dish ‘this is all for because you were sure that I’ll get promotion na’

Khushi cupped his face ‘shhh is there any rules that I should prepare my husband’s favourite food only on such occasions.’ Arnav nodded a no, Khushi ‘then? My heart said to prepare my lovely husband’s favourite dish and I cooked for you. You know na your Khushi always does what her heart says. Uski toh dimaag hi nahi chalthi jab baat uski pati ki ho’

Arnav pulled her on his lap, hugging her ‘did I ever said I love you and how much?’

Khushi looking in his eyes ‘my lovely husband you hardly says the three magical words but I know and can feel how much you love me, you’re this eyes and you’re every action screams your love for me. *placing her hand on his chest where his heart is beating* this heart beats only for me, I can hear every heart beats of yours Arnav, and I know you love me more than your life’

Arnav cupping her face ‘you are my life Khushi’

Khushi ‘and you are mine’




 It had been more than six months and Arnav had not got any job till now, he is losing hope little by little, if he had been single he would have somehow coped up with the situation without losing the faith but Khushi in picture he felt loss for not able to give her the life he has promised her and her family. She being his wife is suffering with him silently not raising a word. They are living with their savings they did in his salary and the little amount of money his parents has left but till when, soon they all will be finished. Today he is rejected by another company. He had knocked at the door of most of the Fashion House but left with only one answer for him sorry there is no vacancy available; having two years’ experience and being the topper of his college he is unable to get a job is making him frustrated and sad.


He walked along the foot path to reach the bus stop to return back home with empty hand, he had stopped using his bike recently noticing how much he had to spend on petrol and diesel for it when he is not able to afford a proper living for his wife. He was so lost in his musing when a car stopped beside him. He looked at it and then started walking but then stopped when the person got down from his car and called him ‘Arnav Singh Raizada’

Arnav turned back ‘you!!!’ glaring at Shyam Manohar Jha standing in front of him with his sickening smile.

Shyam ‘yes me, *looking at the file in his hands* got rejected again, tsk tsk poor Raizada’

Arnav fisted his hands, Shyam fuming ‘what did you thought? You will insult me and go, while I’ll keep quite. You will not get any job here, I’ll not let you. Who will refuse Shyam Manohar Jha, the Jha Fashion House. They will definitely will not want my wrath will they?’

Arnav looked at him with loathing, Shyam laughed evilly, stepping closer, straightening Arnav’s tie ‘you are small boy Raizada, yet to know the businessman’s working mind here, we tend to destroy the person who goes against us. But I’ll forgive you….’ Looked at Arnav ‘and give you your job back with promotion but I want your wife’

Arnav punched him again, making his nose bleeding ‘you A****** what did you think that you will do all this and I’ll comply to your wish, forget that. If next time I see you before me and talking about my wife low then I assure you, you will be dead the next minute because I’ll not leave you alive.’ Glaring at him he walked off.

Shyam ‘till when Raizada, I’ll break you to such an extent where you will not be able to do anything, and your wife will surely come in my arms’

Shyam took out his phone ‘Raj I need you to get the information about Raizada’s current source of income. I should get the information when I’ll reach the office, there should be no delay in it’ clicking the phone shut, he got inside the car. This time he will destroy that Raizada completely.

Raj came running inside his boss cabin as soon as he entered ‘Sir Arnav Singh Raizada current income is coming from the saving he has from his job here and his parents had left him little amount’

Shyam ‘how much?’

Raj ‘including everything some two lakhs sum is still left’

Shyam ‘hmmm send a notice to his house stating he has to pay us the amount of one lakh 80 thousand sum’

Raj ‘what for sir?’

Shyam ‘you fool, did you not know the companies rule, he has resigned the job without prior notice of one month which lead us to loss. So as per the rule he will have to pay the company one lakh with 80 thousand as a compensation for the loss which our company had to go through due to him.’

Raj ‘okay sir, I’ll send him a notice’

Shyam ‘and make sure, you does not give any loop hole, I want perfectness, no mistake. He need to beg me for the insult he gave me’

Raj smirked ‘he will sir’




Arnav later got the notice letter from Jha FH making him shatter some more, now what will he do? Khushi could not see him in pain, his pain shattering her every minute. Arnav ‘Khushi now what should we do?’

Khushi ‘pay back that company Arnav, we could not afford any court case now, and it is company rule’

Arnav ‘that b******* is doing it purposely, I’ll not bow down before him’

Khushi cupped his face ‘who asked you to Arnav? If you let your head bow down then you will let me fall down along with you. My pride is in you Arnav and only in you’ Arnav hugged her, Khushi consoled him, she still don’t know what happened between Arnav and his ex-boss but she knew her Arnav can never be wrong.

Shyam on the other side in his home laughed, laughed so hard ‘Raizada you are destroyed, I’ll see till when you will be able to save your little family. I’ll make Khushi mine’ he has become so obsessed with her from the time his eyes fell on her, he searches for her in every girl with he is but never got the satisfaction which he wishes, only she could give him the satisfaction. Her alluring beauty has captivated him to an extent where he could think of only her, imagine only her in every girl, even in his wife.


That night, Khushi was caressing Arnav’s hair who had laid his head on her lap, Khushi ‘Arnav’

Arnav ‘hmmm’

Khushi ‘voh I was thinking to join a school for teacher job, I saw an ad for English teacher’

Arnav sat up straight ‘do you think I’ll not be able to get a job?’

Khushi inched towards ‘what? No, how can I think like that? I’ve trust in you Arnav; I just wanted to share your burden. I can’t see you suffering, your pain hurts me lot’ Arnav holding her hand ‘I will definitely get a job soon Khushi. I’m thinking to look for in other city’

Khushi hugging him ‘I’m sorry if I hurt you but I could not see you like this, it kills me’



Coffee Shop, Arnav and Akash had come out on Akash insistence. Placing an order for coffee, Akash ‘so that guy is literally behind your back’

Arnav nodding ‘hmmm’

Akash ‘does she knows?’

Arnav ‘no Khushi does not know anything, I did not tell her’

Akash ‘Arnav what if that Shyam succeeds’

Arnav narrowed his eyes at him ‘what do you mean?’

Akash ‘bhai you know all about Shyam, he can go to any extent and he is known for his charms, can easily trap anyone in his sugary coat words’

Arnav looked at him fisting his hands, Akash ‘I’m just saying, girl will not take a minute to slip from their control before money and fame’

Arnav stood up catching Akash collar ‘what are you trying to tell me that my wife will go to that man because I could not give her money and fame. How can you think of Khushi that way Akash? I know you are always edgy towards her only because you have wrong opinion about the girl’s from rich family. Not every girl are Sheethal Akash, she used you for a purpose and that is to get close to me and when she saw I did not budge and relented on her whims she left you, crushing your heart in process and moved on with her rich boyfriend but you, you are still stuck there. Come out of that illusion that all girls are like Sheethal, My Khushi and Sheethal are different, My Khushi will never walk out on me for any rich guy because for her these pom poms does not matter, her life is with me Akash and I know she will die if I’m not there in her life. I never in my wild dream thought my friend will ever have low opinion about my wife.’ Shaking his head, hurt beyond repair he left the café to home, to his Khushi.


That night, Arnav was disturbed with Akash’s words, he was hurt by his words, but it is also true he can never distrust Khushi and her love for him. Khushi came to the room ‘Arnav what is it? Are you still upset with my words on going to job? I said na I’ll not do anything which will hurt you?’

Arnav ‘no Khushi I’m not thinking about that’

Khushi ‘then?’

Arnav looked at her with his vulnerable eyes ‘I’m scared to lose you Khushi’

Khushi rushed towards him hugging ‘Shhh Arnav you will never loose me. Why are you thinking like this? Does something happen today?’

Arnav ‘you will never leave me na’

Khushi cupping his face ‘Arnav I’’ll die gladly rather than getting separated from you’ Arnav hugged ‘shhh no don’t talk about death’

Khushi ‘I love you so much Arnav, always remember this’




One month later, Arnav coming inside his home ‘Khushi!!! Khushi!!!’

Khushi ‘Ji!!!!’

Arnav ‘I got a job, they said me to join from coming Monday’

Khushi hugged him getting happy, Arnav ‘but the salary is less’

Khushi ‘it is okay, I know you will do good and reach heights’

It was happy day for them, they were happy to finally find a path to light. That evening Khushi ‘Arnav hum mandir jakar aathe hain’

Arnav ‘okay Khushi, I’ll come with you’

Khushi ‘no no Arnav, you take rest, you are looking tired’

Arnav ‘no Khushi, I’m not that much tired, I’ll come with you bas’

Khushi ‘please Arnav listen to me na’ Arnav sighed, cupping her face, he kissed her forehead ‘come soon’

Khushi ‘I’ll be back soon to my husband’

Khushi went out of the house sighing, she did not want to take him with her; she knew he will not like it for what she is going to do. Arnav here looked at her retreating figure with uneasiness creeping him. He can tell she is hiding something but what? He has trust in her and he is sure she will tell him when she feels like.

Khushi here reached dargah nearby their home, after praying and thanking God she came out towards the place where devotes are walking on fire for their wish being fulfilled or some for yet to be fulfilled with an hope.

She started walking on it and completed her walk, she had prayed to God to get her Arnav a job soon and she will walk on this fire if her wish is being fulfilled and today her Arnav got job and here she fulfilled her promise.



She came home after her done with her puja, feeding Arnav his prashad. Arnav ‘without you even minute at home is terrible Khushi’

Khushi giggled ‘now you know how it feels without the person you love, see this is what I feel when you go out till you come home’

Arnav keeping his forehead on hers ‘but we need to work for our living, right? Today for us then tomorrow we will have our children, right’

Khushi ‘Arnav aap bhi na’

Arnav ‘what? after our life get stable I’m thinking we should start our family?’

Khushi hugged him tight blushing and then pushed him away ‘accha now let me go prepare our dinner’

Arnav ‘do you need to?’

Khushi ‘Arnav what will you have if I did not cook for our dinner’

Arnav ‘you’ Khushi smacked on his chest ‘chi!!! Let me go and prepare our dinner, I’m hungry’

Arnav snacked his arms around her waist ‘that is what I’m telling I’m hungry but not for food rather for you’

Khushi squirmed ‘Arnav!!! Please’

Arnav left her feeling pity on her ‘okay but today night I’m not going to spare you’

Khushi kissed him on his cheek and went giggling to complete her work, she cooked their dinner and both had their food silently with Arnav’s occasional teasing. Khushi is so happy to see him back again, he was depressed all these months and now he is back to his self.

Arnav ‘hmmm Khushi we will watch movie, it had been long since we watched any nice movie’

Khushi ‘okay, I’ll just clean these dirty dishes and come, you go and set everything for watching movie’ done with the work in kitchen Khushi came and joined her husband who is waiting for her, cuddling in each other arms they sat watching one of the latest film.

At the middle of film Arnav felt weight on his shoulder to see Khushi slept; he sighed and picked her up so much so to make love to her drowned in water. Properly laying her on their bed, he took the blanket to tuck her in when he stopped looking at her feet, what is this? He gently touched them to see her flinch in her sleep. It is burn marks, why? How did she got hurt? She was all fine. His heart pained seeing her smiling when she is hurt hiding her pain smiling at him without letting him knows. He went over to the closet and brought a white box, taking the ailment outside he applied them gently on her feet.

Next day, Arnav was the one who woke up first, he looked to his sides to see Khushi sleeping, he did not had the heart to wake her up and got up. Freshening up he left for his jogging.

He met with Mr. Khan in the park, the elder man smiled at him greeting ‘Good Morning Arnav’

Arnav ‘Good Morning uncle’ he slowed down and walked with Khan giving him company. After their morning walk they sat on a lone bench enjoying the cool morning breeze. Mr. Khan ‘it feels good in the morning, the air is so fresh which gives us calm relaxing our mind and body’

Arnav nodded ‘yes morning and evening breeze are wonderful’

Mr. Khan ‘so how have you been? I hardly see you now a days’

Arnav ‘Good uncle’

They both sat in silence, Mr. Khan ‘Arnav last evening I saw Khushi waking on the fire in Dargah, is everything alright? People does this only when they are troubled and ask Allah to show them the path, to fulfill their wish’

Arnav looked at him shocked; he remembered seeing her burnt foot. Arnav ‘yes…yes uncle everything is fine’

Mr. Khan ‘hmmm’

Arnav could not sit there after what he heard, he need to go to Khushi, his Khushi walked on the fire. Arnav ‘uncle let me take your leave’

Mr. Khan ‘yes I too need to go otherwise your aunty will freak out on not seeing me reach home on time’ Arnav giving him a nervous smile went to his home, reaching inside his home to his room he looked for his Khushi when he heard shower running inside the bathroom.

He looked out of the window all lost when he felt the click of the bathroom door open. He turned back to see Khushi coming out, her face crunched in pain while taking steps. Khushi sensing him in the room looked up to see him looking at her, she schooled her expression and smiled at him hiding her pain making Arnav swallow.

Arnav strode forwards and lifted her; Khushi gasped ‘Arnav!!!’

Arnav put her on the bed softly, Khushi trying to get up ‘Arnav I need to prepare breakfast and your coffee’ he looked at her and then took the box from the side table, reaching near the bed, sitting at her foot, he gently took her one leg in his hands. Khushi panicked ‘Arnav what are you doing? Leave my leg’ she tried to free her leg.

Arnav ‘Shhh stay still' he took out a tube and applied ailment on the hurt area, Khushi gulped her pain; she never wanted him to see her feet. Arnav ‘why did you do that Khushi?’

Khushi looked down, her eyes filled with tears, Arnav ‘tell me Khushi what made you walk on the fire’

Khushi gulped ‘how did you came to know?’

Arnav ‘that was not the answer to my question’

Khushi swallowed, she knew he is angry at her for doing such things, it is not that he does not believe in God but he does not believe in this superstitious believes where people hurt themselves for their prayer to be heard by God. All he say is God does not ask them all to do this for him, he just wants us all to live honestly, truly, loving others, being helpful to others, if possible to not kill each other’s in greediness. 

Arnav ‘Khan uncle saw you last evening at Dargah’ Khushi’s eyes became wide. Arnav ‘why?’ his heart pained to see her burnt feet, he never could see a tiny scratch on her and she had went ahead and burnt her feet.

Khushi looking down ‘I’m sorry, Mrs. Khan had once said that walking on fire God listen to our prayers soon. So I had prayed that he should help you in get you job soon because I could not see you in pain and if God fulfils my wish then I’ll walk on fire’ Arnav left her and went inside the washroom, Khushi’s tears spilled, she knew her Arnav has got angry. She never liked whenever he got upset with her. Suddenly she felt warm hands wiping her tears, she threw herself in his arms ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry…I never intend to hurt you’

Arnav ‘Shhhh Khushi….don’t…please your tears always hurt me….’ Khushi hiccuped, Arnav ‘never ever do something like this’ Khushi nodded her head at him while her face buried at the crook of his neck. Arnav rubbed her back ‘ab bas…….you take rest I’ll do everything’

Khushi looking at him ‘but…’

Arnav ‘I said na I’ll cook our breakfast, will make our tea and coffee and will do other things too, you just sit and rest, don’t move. It will hurt’ looking at her legs.

Khushi cupping his face ‘I’m fine, it does not hurt that much’

Arnav ‘I don’t want to hear anything, you will rest bas’

Khushi sighed leaning back on the head rest of their bed. Arnav kissed her cheek and went inside the washroom to freshen up. Coming out he got ready and walked over to the kitchen to cook something for them. Khushi closed her eyes content to get a husband like Arnav in his life, she cannot thank Lavanya enough for coming in her life because of whom she got to know about Arnav and fell in love with him.

Whole day Arnav made sure she did not put her foot down, he would carry her everywhere around the house, he did every work and this went on for next two days. Khushi would be irritated at her stubborn husband who does not let her work and horrible to see him working which she had to do, it does not feel good to see her sitting and watching her husband working the house c****s.


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Apr 2, 2014

Last Part!!! (By Sviji) (Thanked: 241 times)

One week later, Doorbell rang; Khushi opened the door to get shocked, NK and Lavanya standing before her grinning at her. They engulfed her in hugs. Khushi ‘NK, Lavanya you both did not inform me about your arrival’

NK ‘surprise Khushi, this is called surprise’

Lavanya ‘where is that husband of yours?’

Khushi ‘he went for work, will be at home by evening’

All the three got settled in the couch, NK ‘we all missed you so much’

Lavanya ‘yes and came here flying to see you and ASR’

NK ‘so how are you and Nanav?’

Khushi smiling ‘we are great, how is everyone back there, babuji and buaji’

Lavanya ‘they are good’

Khushi ‘why don’t you both freshen up and come? I’ll set for quick snacks for you guys’

Lavanya ‘yes I’m starving’

NK ‘even after you having lunch before two hour’

Lavanya ‘NK I did not like the food and eat only little amount’

NK ‘yeah right’

Khushi giggled ‘don’t worries Lavanya I will make something for you, first come let me show you both the room’ she left them in another spare bed room who stood scoffing at each other. Such a kid they are sometimes to fight with each other but both loves each other.

After the quick light meal the three settled down in couch, Lavanay ‘what is the husband of yours doing? There were no calls mail’s from him nor you too’

Khushi gulped ‘sorry Lavanya woh toda work mein busy hogaye the’

Lavnaya ‘aur tum apne husband mein’ giggling, NK elbowed her arms. Lavanya ‘haye kitni sharmathi ho, it is going to be nearing two years since your marriage Mithu’

Khushi blushed, NK ‘La leave her, why are you troubling my sister’

Lavanya ‘NK she is my bf and nanad too so I’ve rights to trouble you stay out of this’

NK ‘yeah right’

Lavanya ‘haye kya din the na, kitna accha tha tum dono ki shaadi wale time pe’ NK nodded at her. Khushi smiled. Lavanya ‘hey you got the DVD and album of your wedding and every other functions right, chalna dekhthe hain phirse’

NK ‘yes let us visit the beautiful memory again, my little sister got married’

Khushi ‘wait let me bring them’ Khushi brought the albums and DVD of her wedding rituals. The three started looking at the albums giggling, revisiting one of the best memories of their life.

Khushi wanted simple wedding not wanting Arnav to feel uncomfortable, only family member’s, a few relatives of theirs and close friends; Arnav and Khushi got married in temple. From Arnav’s side, some of the distant relative and his only close relative his Maami Manorama Mallik attended their wedding.

It was their wedding party with again only family members and closed ones. Khushi and Arnav were on the stage receiving wishes from the guest.

When Maami came there ‘hello hi bye bye Arnav bitwa you found and got a big catch in your sleeves’ Arnav’s smile wiped off, Khushi looked at them frowning, she held his hands. Maami went on ‘tumhari toh nikal padi, tanik humare Purab ke liye bhi aise koi rich family se ladki ho toh bata do’

Arnav became stiff, Khushi holding his hands ‘of course Maamiji…we will tell you if we come across any good girl’

Maami ‘hain not only good girl but also rich, tip top model bilkul tumhari tarah’

Lavanya coming to them ‘tsk tsk can’t maamiji our Mithu is unique piece made only for Arnav, there is no copy of her’

Khushi giggled, NK ‘and bhat is rich and poor maamiji, all are same, a person should not be weighed by his/her status. Search for a good girl who will keep your son happy rather than make his life hell with any witch’

Shashi ‘yes like we got a precious gem like Arnav for our Khushi’

Buaji ‘aur nahiin toh ka nandhikis****, hamari Khushi bitiya bohut lucky hai nandhkis**** Arnav bitwa jo uske zindagi mein aaye’

Maami looked at all who rounded on her, Arnav looked at his new family in awe, and they never let him feel inferior and insecure. NK ‘haan par yeh alag baat hai ki my sister searched herself a diamond rather than making us to go on search padal for a nice man for her which would have been hell task and failed one too because surely I and dad would not have found a pearl like him for my cute sister’ Maami smiled at them sheepishly

Lavanya ‘Maamiji we have a surprise for you’

Maami eagerly ‘tell tell’

NK ‘wait maamiji why are you rushing? You are in shock for sure when you will see your surprise’

Lavanya ‘yes not only you but some of others too who will be thrilled to get the shock of their life’

Buaji putting hand on her shoulder ‘haan par voh surprise pleasant tha ya phir kuch aur voh sir aap log hi bata sakthe hain’

Arnav looked at them confused, Shashi patting his back ‘but I’m sure Arnav will love the surprise, it is for him’ Arnav looked at Khushi who smiled at him.

Lavanya announced ‘people hold your seats, we are going to present my nanad, my Mithu, my best friend and our pyaari Khushi’s story of love, her finding her soul mate and how she reached him, her final destination, binding herself to him for her next seven life’s even if for life beyond eternity than there is no surprise at all’

Buaji ‘voh kya hai nandhkis**** our Khushi has become Arnav ki dewaani’

The guest guffawed, Khushi blushed, Arnav looked at her smiling. NK ‘so let us get to know how my beautiful sister met her prince charming’

The whole hall went dark confusing everyone, a single spot light came and every head turned towards the source of light to see, it is a small beautifully decorated stage. They watched in awe with the scene unfolding before him. Arnav swallowed looking at Khushi’s cousin Remya playing her role, Lavanya hers own; he when heard from Khushi about her feelings for him was enthralled to know there was someone who loved him despite of his flaws, even miles apart, waiting for him to acknowledge her presence but now watching the drama unfold before him he was left stunned to see how much Khushi had suffered when she realised her feelings for him, her trying to hide those feelings for Lavanya, Lavanya coming to know about Khushi’s love for him, then NK-La marriage, how Lavanys disclosed Khushi’s feeling to her family. How they came in search of him? How her father met him? How they for the first time met each other in person for him it was the first time he seeing her, or knowing about her, but for her it was first official meet which she was awaiting for years? How she opened her heart to him? How they now are married? Everyone performed their roles with only change in Khushi and Arnav, Khushi’s role was played by her cousin sister and Arnav’s role was played by her sister’s friend. Who depicted every emotions perfectly to T, weaving the web of magic from where no one could get themselves out.

Light came, guest were stunned to witness Khushi’s endless love for Arnav, Arnav looked at Khushi with his eyes moist, she herself was crying and smiling. He hugged her close to himself ‘I Love You’

Khushi stilled hearing him saying I Love You to her for the first time, she looked at him with dampen eyes ‘I’ve longed so much to hear those words from you’

Arnav nodded smiling ‘I love you so much, thanks for finding me’

Khushi keeping her head on his chest, listening to his beating heart ‘I’ve to, warna hum toh saans he nahiin le pate’ loud whistle brought them out of their starring session, they both blushed.

NK hugging maami sideways who was averting her eyes ‘now you would have got to know how our Khushi found her Arnav and no other way around?’

Buaji kissing Arnav and Khushi’s forehead, cupping his cheeks ‘never ever listen to any of them nandhkis****, your Khushi knows you well, we know you well that is what you should keep in mind, people will always say something or other nandhkis****, they knows only to hurt’

Lavanya hugging Khushi sideways ‘now happy Mithu’

Khushi nodded at her ‘thanks Lavanya’

Arnav looked at them with question in his eyes, NK ‘nothing Nanav, Khushi was upset with the way your maamiji and some of the people were talking about you, hurting you by their words’

Lavanya ‘so I and NK came with this act’

NK ‘now no one will point their fingers on you’

Buaji leaned to Arnav and Khushi ‘par nandhkis**** hume yeh batao, ka tum dono sach mein us din chumban dene wale the nandhkis**** *Khushi gasped, Arnav looked away embarrassed* good that these two brats came and stop you both, voh ka hai nandhkis**** shaadi se pehle ladka ladki chumban dena yeh sab shoba nahiin deta na’

Shashi chuckled ‘jiji this is 21st century not the old age of our generation’

NK ‘haan buaji in this generation lot of things happen’

Buaji pulled his ear making him wince ‘I don’t care about others nandhkis****, I want my children to be good, very good, understood’ she glared at him.

NK ‘buaji leave my ear, I’m very good boy buaji…ask to La’

La giggled ‘only I know how good boy he is’ Arnav and Khushi who was near her chuckled. The party went on, Khushi smiled looking all of them happy seeing her love beside her when her eyes fell on her another cousin Rita, sixteen year old.

Khushi ‘Rita why are you staring at him?’

Rita ‘Di Jijaji is so handsome, please will you find me a handsome prince like you found him’  

Arnav flushed with the comment. Khushi ‘haww first study well and then we will look for your prince charming when you are old enough’

Rita ‘hmphf nahiin pehle hume promise karo *going over to Arnav* jijaji aapki koi bhai hain kya’

Khushi’s mouth formed her signature ‘O’….Arnav chuckled nodding a no, Rita sighed, Khushi pulling her ears ‘Rita ki bacchii tumhe is umar mein setting karwani hai’

Rita ‘ah..nahiin Di hum toh Mazak kar rahe the’

Khushi ‘dare you let your concentration anywhere else other than studies’

Rita ‘achha achaa Di I’ll not…….now let my ear go….bechara dard mein tadap raha hai’

Khushi shooed her away from them, she turned towards Arnav who is stifling his laugh, she ‘aapko badi hasi aa rahi hai’

Arnav nodding a no ‘you have set examples for your sister and now she wants to find her prince charming like you did’

Khushi blushed, Arnav smirked ‘tumhari naak laal hogaye’

Khushi hid herself in his arms, Arnav laughed, NK, Lavanya, Shashi and buaji watched them smiling to see the two love birds happy in their own world.





Arnav came all tired home, he just wants to hug his Khushi and forget everything else. He pressed the calling bell putting on a smile. Khushi from inside rushed to open the door ‘Arnav is here’

She opened the door giving him wide smile, pulling him inside ‘Arnav do you know who came to meet us?’

Arnav looked at her smiling face, his tension all lifted at once.

ASR, the call made him to look up to his best friend and Khushi’s brother grinning at him widely. Khushi ‘see Arnav, bhai and Lavanya came to meet us’

Arnav hugged them both, NK ‘how are you Nanav?’

Arnav growled ‘it’s Arnav NK’

NK cheekily ‘haye tumhara gussa, Nanav I like calling you by this name and I will not change that for anything’

Khushi giggled along with Lavanya this always happen with Arnav and NK, NK always irritates Arnav by calling him Nanav from the time Arnav said yes to Khushi’s proposal.

After dinner, both the pair relaxed in the balcony before calling it a night, NK ‘it is so cool here’

Lavanya ‘yes so good to be with my best friends’

Khushi ‘I’m so happy that you both came to see us’

NK ‘it was good that we have a conference here in Mumbai in next two days, which made our work easy to plan a trip on visiting you and attending the conference’

Lavanya ‘so what are we going to do tomorrow?’

NK ‘let’s have a day out in Delhi. What say?’

Arnav nodded at them ‘good tomorrow is Sunday, I’ll be free’

Lavanya ‘oye mister even if it was not Sunday you would have to take leave for us’

 Khushi looked at Arnav, pressing his hands, how will they say that Arnav just now joined a job and can’t take leave just like that, they did not even know what happened with them all these months since Arnav and Khushi hid everything from them all.

Khushi ‘so where do you want to go?’

NK ‘I don’t care where you people take me for sightseeing but I wish to see a movie’

Lavanya ‘okay then here we will go to select city walk where we can do lot of shopping and then as per NK wish can watch movie in the theatre there’

NK ‘the second part is awesome but first part is not, going for shopping with girls is suicidal case’

Lavanya ‘kya?’

NK ‘aur nahiin toh kya you take hours to select a single dress, so choosy’

Lavanya ‘you…’

Khushi laughed ‘bas bas…now stop fighting you two. I’m feeling sleepy let us call it a night’

NK ‘yes I’m going to take my beauty sleep before I became a lifting boy tomorrow who had to lift all those shopping bags’ he rushed inside almost running from Lavanya who chased him. Arnav chuckled ‘these two will never change’

Khushi ‘but they are cute’

Arnav ‘not more than us’ Khushi smiled at him, he picked her up in his arms and took her to their room, both lost in each other eyes.

Next day it was fun with NK and Lavanya always bickering with each other for one thing or other but Khushi got worried to see Arnav taking the charge of lunch and movie tickets on them, it is not that she does not like him spending on her family but the crisis they were in she felt upset.

Arnav ‘Khushi shhh I’ve got job now, don’t worry everything will be fine’

Khushi ‘but arnav hardly there was 8 thousand in bank account and you did not listen to me while went ahead and bought me these two thousand worth each sari. What was the need Arnav? When you got your salary you could have buy them for me. Top to that movie tickets and lunch bills, you know na Mall is costly always’

Arnav cupped her face ‘how can I see my Khushi looking at the sarees she liked with longing and do nothing but stand there simply and besides you would have felt bad to see NK buying Lavanya whatever she wishes even though I know you will not have hard feelings towards NK and Lavanya. And about movie and Lunch, Khushi they are our guest, so it is upon us who should look after them’

Khushi ‘I just don’t want to add any more burden on you and stress yourself, you just had joined your job’

Arnav ‘it is okay, we can adjust this month, and next month on first week I’ll get my salary’ Khushi hugged him. Next two days went soon with NK and Lavanya being with them all enjoying their family time with soon NK and Lavanya departed to Mumbai conference and from there to London.




6 A.M, in the morning, Khushi opened the door when the doorbell rang; it was milk man, taking a pot she waited for him to pour the milk for the day. Milkman ‘bhabi ij this month’s milk fees’

Khushi ‘bhaiya ek minute, wait here I’ll bring the milk fees’ she went inside, kept the pot of milk on the kitchen slab and took the monthly milk fees from the locker, seeing the amount of money left she felt upset. If they will give 600 rs (guys no idea how much it will cost there, here we tend to buy the packet milk) to milk man than how they will manage the house in 1700 rs left amount, it is not even enough for four days living expenditure. 

Arnav came from behind seeing her lost in thoughts, putting his hands on her shoulder ‘Khushi what?’

Khushi ‘nothing Arnav, just calculating daily expenses for this month’

Arnav ‘Khushi why are you worrying I’m there na’

Khushi ‘if I’ll not worry then who will Arnav, I’m your wife, your better half who is here to share your happiness and sorrow, she cannot let you suffer alone and live in her own bubbles’

Arnav cupping her face ‘soon everything will be fine’

Khushi ‘I know you will make everything alright. Okay now let me go and give milkman his fees, poor man would be standing for long’ she rushed out to give the fees to the milkman.

 Khushi walked into the room with Arnav’s coffee, he took it from her sipping them looked at her who is lost in thoughts, Arnav ‘what are you thinking now?’

Khushi sitting beside him ‘Arnav I’m thinking to pawn one of my bangles’

Arnav’s face flashed hurt, Khushi took his hand ‘I know Arnav you never wanted to touch the jewelleries but Arnav what is the use of them if they will not come in handy in such situation, please Arnav agree with me’

Arnav ‘Khushi I can ask advance salary from my boss’

Khushi shaking her head ‘no that will not be a good impression on you. Please this one time; you can retrieve the bangle once you get the salary’

Arnav ‘Khushi!!!!’

Khushi ‘please Arnav, they are just sleeping in the locker, it is better I use then this way when we are in problem. Please’ Arnav sighed nodding.

Khushi cupping his face ‘I know you are feeling bad but please don’t be, nothing is important to me than you’ she hugged, Arnav closed his eyes hugging her back, what will happen when she will come to know about his job……..




Walking inside the market Khushi looked over at the fresh vegetables, she started roaming in around buying vegetables after bargaining to her satisfied price. She grinned; today she will make karela for Arnav, his favourite vegetable. However her grin wiped off looking at the man in front of her. She was horrified, she moved towards him in fast pace and clutched his wrist.

Arnav stilled, the touch, he knew his Khushi’s touch. He turned back to see a shocked Khushi. Khushi ‘Arnav what is all this? You in this uniform, and why were you carrying the luggage of others’

He kept quiet, Khushi voice cracked ‘Arnav I’m asking you something what this is?’

Arnav slowly ‘Khushi, I’m…I’m working as a taxi driver’ Khushi stifled a cry stepping back and ran towards their home next street, Arnav cursed himself for hurting her, he never thought she will get to know like this.

Getting inside the home, Khushi bolted towards their room, falling on the bed she cried hugging the pillow. Arnav had come after her, he came inside to see her crying, his heart clenched, he moved towards her ‘Khushi!!!’

Khushi ‘Go away Arnav’ her muffled voice reached his ears.

Arnav sitting beside her crying form ‘I’m sorry’

Khushi sat up ‘why are you saying sorry now after hiding it from me, did you think I’ll feel low of you if I get to know that you are working as a taxi driver and not got a job in Fashion house as you said’

Arnav shaking his head negatively ‘no I know you would have not think of me like that, but I could not tell you that the company who offered me job cancelled my appointment letter’

Khushi ‘what?’

Arnav ‘yes, that day morning when I came to know of your little act on dargah I got the call from the office at the noon and they said that they are sorry and will not be able to give me job in their company. I could not tell you when I saw how much you were happy and what you did when you heard the news of my getting the job so I hid it from you, then when I went to another company for interview they said the same thing and even said directly to me that the reason for rejecting me is because Shyam Manohar Jha threatened them and in some company he spread bad words about me which is why no one is willing to take me in. I could not go on like this so when I saw there was an ad for taxi driver I joined it. I’m sorry, please’

Khushi hugged crying ‘you could have told me’

Arnav ‘I know I’m sorry’

Khushi coming looking at him searching ‘why does that Jha doing all this Arnav? What enemity he has with you? We have even paid his company for your sudden exit from the office. Why Arnav? Why does that man is not leaving us in peace?’

Arnav caressed her hair ‘shhhh Khushi you don’t think about that man, I did not lose hope I’m still trying for a good job in the company, had also send my resume to companies in other cities in other states too. Soon I’ll get a nice job’

Khushi ‘hmmm’




Shyam Manohar Jha grinned looking at the box held in his hands ‘it is time to meet you Khushi *sighing dreamily* you will soon be mine’

He rang the doorbell waiting for the door to open, as he wished Khushi open the door ‘aap?’

Shyam smiling ‘ji!!!’

Khushi looked at him frowning why he is here, Shyam ‘will you not allow me inside?’

Arnav came from inside the room ‘Khushi who is it?’

Khushi moved aside, Arnav’s anger reached heights seeing him at his door step, Shyam entered inside; Khushi stepped back towards Arnav who hugged her, putting his hands around her waist making Shyam to twitch in anger looking at the gesture.

Shyam ‘won’t you guys ask your guest to sit’

Khushi looked at Arnav, and then at Shyam. Arnav ‘you already entered inside the house without our permission so why are you asking for sitting, help yourself’

Shyam ‘ah Raizada that anger of yours’

Arnav ‘what brings you here?’

Shyam ‘tsk you are asking as if you don’t know’ he looked at Khushi up and down making her squirm uncomfortably in Arnav’s arm. Arnav became stiff ‘Khushi go inside’

Khushi looked at him and his eyes and started proceeding inside the room when Shyam’s sickening voice stopped her ‘Khushiji!!!’

Khushi shuddered, Arnav clutched her hand, Shyam ‘I came here to meet you’ Khushi looked at him wide eye, and she looked at Arnav who is trying to control his temper. Shyam ‘this is for you, just a small gift’ forwarding a bouquet and jewellery box.

Khushi stepped back towards Arnav instead of taking the gift ‘why are you giving me gift?’

Shyam ‘why should I not? I like you, simple as that’

Khushi ‘what?’

Arnav ‘did you forget last time what I did to you Jha?’

Shyam laughed ‘Oh I did not, but this time I came prepared, you see if a tiny scratch appears on my body then you will be behind the bars’ his eyes taking a mad glint ‘trust me I’m not joking Raizada’

Khushi ‘what do you want? Leave us alone, get out from here’

Shyam ‘shhh Khushiji I came here for you and you are pushing me away *opening the box* see this heavy diamond set, I bought it for you’

Khushi ‘why? You should give this to your wife’

Shyam ‘ah that lamb, tsk My heart aches for you Khushiji. I had asked your husband to send you to me but he refused so you see how he is suffering now without a job doing a driver job for 10 thousand rupees. Leave him Khushiji I’ll give you everything, he cannot give you what I can give you’

Khushi looked at him calm ‘what can you give me?’

Arnav looked at her shocked ‘Khushi!!!’ Khushi glared at him and then turned towards Shyam smiling sweetly ‘so what is the bargain if I leave him’

Shyam laughing ‘I knew it; I knew you would get fed up of him and his poorness. I can give you everything, money, fame, jewellery, whatever you wish for’

Khushi tilting her head ‘what about love?’

Shyam stood shock, Khushi ‘what about loyalty, care, affection, support, trust, respect? Will you be able to give that?’

Looking at the petrified man, she pulled Arnav beside her, head held high ‘this man here loves me, cares for me, has affection for me beyond anyone’s reach, respects me, trust me, supports me, makes me happy, protects me, makes me feel safe, is loyal towards me. So tell me who is better person if compare you both; you or him? Or tell me why should I leave the person whom I love more than anyone or anything in this world, why should I leave my Arnav? Give me a damn good reason’

Khushi smiling ‘do you think money is everything, this fame, this heavy set of diamond set…luxurious life, power.…if I want all this I can go and ask my father and brother who will in snap of their finger buy me anything I wish for, will give me anything I wish for….do you know who my father is Shashi Gupta, one among the 10 top richest business tycoon in UK? I’m his daughter. Do you know how I married to Arnav? I proposed him for marriage, I begged him to accept my love, I ran after him to accept me in his life because I loved him, do you know from when? From the time I came to know about him, without even knowing how he looks, only heard about him. It was my love that bought my entire family at his door step to beg him to accept me and he with his generous accepted me and my love. And you? You want me to leave my love. Arnav is My Life and I’ll be dead if I leave him’ Shyam Manohar Jha heard her every word standing immobile and shock.

Khushi ‘you have beautiful wife, a wife who has pure heart, she is very innocent lady and you? Chi!!! Running behind other girls top to it running behind another man’s woman’

Arnav clutched her shaking form, who stood glaring at Shyam, Khushi ‘I had seen enough fame, money and these ornaments in my life, I’ve lived and grown up in every luxury my family is fortuned with. And trust me Shyam Manohar Jha when I say this, I never was into these luxurious life, if I would have been ran after money then I would have been married to a person who would have been from royal family but no I did not, because I wanted a person of pure heart, a heart of gold who will love for what I’m not for who I am. Who will look at my heart rather my outer beauty? Leave it Jha you will never understand the meaning of true love. Just get lost from here with your so called gift’

Shyam stunned in shock, insult moved towards the door in defeat, no girl ever refused his charm, his money, his fame which he offered but this girl rejected him for that poor guy who has nothing with him.

Khushi ‘ek minute Jha, listen to my last word. You are the sole reason for my Arnav’s pain and mark my words; My Arnav will destroy you completely leaving you with nothing. At the end you will be sorry to cast an eye on Arnav’s Khushi. I promise you, your destruction starts from this moment. I would have forgiven the person who hurt me but you had hurt my Arnav who is                 my everything and I’ll not let the person to breathe in peace without making them pay for his deeds. Now get out of my house’

Khushi shut the door behind Shyam with force. She turned around to see Arnav looking at her with pride, love but also with pain. She ran towards him hugging him. She cried ‘Arnav…Arnav is that why you had tiff with him? Is it what he demanded?’

Arnav nodded his head, his tears flowing freely, Khushi clutched him tightly ‘Oh Arnav how much he had hurt you. How dare he think I’ll leave my Arnav for anything? Arnav…Arnav he is devil…Arnav he should be punished…*looking at him* you will punish him na’

Arnav ‘he will pay for his sin Khushi’

Khushi ‘promise?’

Arnav ‘promise!!!’

Khushi ‘make him pay for his every sins, he must have shattered many family’, she was shattered after hearing Shyam Manohar Jha’s sickening proposal, Arnav hugged her tight consoling who cried hard in his arms, never ever she encountered such persons in her life, first her brother and father used to be all protective around her not letting her to get exposed to such creepy people and then after her marriage Arnav too had kept her as his porcelain doll keeping away from the foul world where such filthy persons too exist, her insides churned encountering such thing in her life. Arnav picked her up taking her to their room, the night two hearts whispered love and promises to each other with their souls entwining as one.



Shyam flung the glass on the mirror breaking everything in his room in pieces, Khushi’s words echoing in him, Shyam ‘ahhh how can she choose him over me? Me? The great Jha king of fashion world, what don’t I have in me? Looks, fame, money, power everything……but she chose him over me…over a guy like him over me who cannot give her anything but poorness’ he started crashing everything in his room.

Shouting mad beyond limit ‘No Khushi you have to become mine, Shyam Manohar Jha will never accept his defeat. I’ll never let that Raizada win. You have to come to me either by hook or crook. I’ll destroy him completely, completely where he will not be either to gather his ash, I’ll kill him. He is the one standing between you and me and he has to leave, yes he has to’ being all drained out partly due to his throwing tantrum partly due to alcohol that he slumped on the bed.

Anjali Jha watched her husband with hate and loath as he slept on his master bed planning to destroy another family.





Next day, Arnav turned his sides hugging his wife in his sleep, however the sun peeping through the window disturbed his sleep, and he opened his groggy eyes. Snuggling close to his wife ‘what are you thinking?’ noticing his wife busy in thoughts staring at the ceiling.

Khushi turned towards, looked at him ‘Arnav!!!’

He locked his gaze with her apprehensive one ‘what is it Khushi?’

Khushi ‘Arnav…I’m thinking…voh…*cupping his cheeks* Arnav don’t be upset or feel bad….just hear me out okay…if you don’t like it we will drop this topic’

Arnav placed his hand over’s hers assuring ‘you can tell me anything Khushi’

Khushi ‘Arnav I’m thinking why don’t you start your own business?’

Arnav looked at her with wide eyes, Khushi ‘you are fantastic designer, have knowledge and talent so vast. Have your master degree in business too? So why don’t you start your own Fashion Designing?’

Arnav cupping her cheek, looking into her hopeful eyes ‘but Khushi starting a business is not easy’

Khushi ‘I know but…but we can use my jewellery and the land which papa gifted us on our wedding day…please Arnav I know you don’t like me touching the jewellery and land topic again and again….but what is the use of the jewellery sleeping in the locker and the parched land at the outskirts of Delhi. They are certainly for our use in such type of situation where they can come in handy. Please accept with me, with these we can get loan for your business. I want you to stand head held high striking those immoral a hard blow, they should fear you, should have fear of Arnav Singh Raizada and should feel sorry for losing such a gem of talented guy in their company by coming in the talk of that low life. I want you to teach them a lesson of underestimating you and your talent, to punish them to mock our love’

Arnav hugging her ‘shhhh I know what you feel Khushi. Don’t worry we will teach them all a good lesson, I will surely avenge for our love. And like you wish we will start a business of our own’

Khushi ‘sachhi?’

Arnav ‘yes!!!’

Khushi hugged him ‘thank you, I know you can do it, you will beat them all’




Arnav drove the taxi through effortlessly in Delhi high traffic at the afternoon time at the scorching heat, he grinned listening to the song.

Pani da rang vekh ke

Akhiyaan cho anju rul de

Maahiya na aaya mera, maahiya na aaya

Maahiya na aaya mera, maahiya na aaya

Ranjhana na aaya mera, maahiya na aaya

Maahiya na aaya mera, ranjhana na aaya

Akhaan da noor vekh ke

Akhaan da noor vekh ke

Akhiyaan cho anju rul de

Seeing the color of water,

tears roll down my eyes

my lover didn't come, my beloved didn't come..

Seeing the glow of the eyes,

tears roll down my eyes..

Man beside the passenger seat looked at him curiously ‘you like this song’

Arnav nodded, Man ‘any particular reason, not that I intend to ask but in the twenty minutes of travel in the taxi I noticed your brightened face and changed expression listening to this song which was blank till few seconds back…it must be special to you’

Arnav smiling little ‘yeah my wife loves this song lot; this song is so close to her heart’

Man looked out ‘hmmm this song is close to my heart too’

Kamli ho gayi tere bina aaja ranjhan mere

Baarish barkha sab kuch beh gayi, aaya nahi jind mere

Akhaan da noor vekh ke

Akhiyaan cho anju rul de

I went mad without you, come o my love,

all the rain flowed away, nothing stayed in my heart,

seeing the glow of eyes,

tears roll down my eyes..

Arnav frowned at the man’s dimmed voice, but he let go, it is none of his business to know why his customer feeling sad, it’s their personal problem and he in no mean has the rights to know. He gave his attention to the road back and hearing the song, the distant voice of Khushi floated in his ears ‘Arnav do you know? I love this song very much, this songs exactly decipher the way I felt when I was in love with you back in London and you don’t even know my existence, at NK bhai and Lavanya’s wedding it felt like this songs is telling what my heart was crying for, it was crying for you who did not come when I was anticipating your arrival at the wedding where I could be able to meet you’

Arnav hugging her close, looking in her eyes deeply ‘why do love me so much Khushi?’

Kotthe utte beh ke akhiyaan milaunde

Na jaana main tu kabhi chhod

Tere utte marda, pyaar tenu karda

Milega tujhe na koi aur

Tu bhi aa sabko chhod ke

Tu bhi aa sabko chhod ke

Meri akhiyaan cho anju rul de

Akhiyaan cho anju rul de

on the roof our eyes meet,

I don't have to leave you ever..

I fell for you, I love you,

You'll not find anyone else (so much loving)

You too come, leaving everyone..

You too come, leaving everyone..

tears roll down my eyes..

tears roll down the eyes..

Khushi ‘I don’t know, my heart, my heart without knowing I fell for you. It is the craziest thing ever anyone would hear na, I fell for you without seeing you for once, when I knew I fell for you hard your unknown face took life in the form of photo in front of my eyes, and the first thing which captivated me is your eyes *caressing the area below his eyes, running her fingers over his eyes making him close his eyes, caressing the scar above the eyebrow* these eyes are so deep, like ocean, as if these eyes does justice to your name Arnav. When first time I heard your name Arnav Singh Raizada the name so powerful pulled me deep into the vast ocean where all I found myself is surrounded by you; your voice when I heard your voice for the first time I felt my heart beat race, so husky, so deep. *he looked down at her* what did you do to me Arnav that I felt like I will die if I will not get your love in return? All I know I was in love with you, is in love with you, and will be in love with you always. Without you I’ll be a dead soul. My soul is You Arnav, My Life is Arnav, which is all my heart knows and will ever know’

He hugged her overwhelmed, how did he become so lucky to get Khushi in his life who loves him with the love so powerful and immense which scares him.

Pani da rang vekh ke

Akhiyaan cho anju rul de...


Arnav came out of his distant memory; he pulled his taxi over the drive way of a big bungalow. The man got down, his helpers already running towards them to help with the man’s luggage.

Arnav took the charge from the man and got inside his seat, turning the wheels to head back to another destination, to another customer who called for the call taxi.  The man looked at the disappearing taxi, taking his mobile out, he dialled a number ‘I’m back and yes I met him’

Voice from other end ‘you know what you have to do?’

Man ‘yes!!!! I’ll meet once the work is done’ he click the phone shut before looking at his home, he is back after so long. Rahul Bhanot looked at the looming building with memories so deep running inside him, the impact shuddering him.

Mission Arnav Singh Raizada starts!!!!



Khushi feeding Arnav his lunch ‘shhh Arnav don’t feel bad, you will soon get loan to start the business, I’m sure God will help us.’

Arnav sighing ‘I don’t know how you can be so hopeful’

Khushi ‘because I trust you and love you’

Arnav ‘anything new in that I know my Khushi loves me so much’

Khushi grinning ‘and my Arnav could not be left back you know, because my Arnav too loves me so much’ Arnav laughed flickering her nose.

Arnav ‘pagal ho’

Khushi ‘nahiin dewaani hoon aapki’ he hugging her close, I hope God listens to your prayer soon, pecking her forehead, Arnav ‘I should be get going, customer must be waiting, it is time for me to pick up this customer from airport’

Khushi nodding ‘be careful’

Arnav ‘always’ patting her cheek he left for his work.





Arnav ‘Khushi let me check who is on the door, you have your dinner’

Khushi ‘okay’ smiling at her he went to see who is ringing their door bell 9 pm at night. When he opened the door he got shocked ‘aap?’

Rahul ‘yes me, can I come inside?’

Arnav ‘er..welcome sir, did you left anything in the taxi. You could have called the office. *confused* but how did you know my address?’ Arnav led him towards the couch; Khushi washing her hands came to them confused to see a stranger.

Rahul ‘I need to talk with you’

Arnav took his seat on the one of the couch ‘hmmm tell me sir’

Rahul ‘first stop this sir; call me Rahul that is enough’

Arnav looking at Khushi and then at Rahul ‘okay Rahul then’

Rahul ‘first let me introduce myself properly, I’m Rahul Bhanot have my RB construction business running in National and as well as International. I’ve settled down in US few years back but currently came to India, to my home town Delhi with a purpose. And now I’m sitting here with a proposal for you’

Arnav narrowed his eyes, again a proposal, Rahul ‘I’m here to talk about your business. I’m ready to give loan to start your business but I’ve condition…’

Arnav fisted his hands ‘you can leave’

Rahul taken aback ‘excuse me?’

Arnav ‘I said leave’

Rahul ‘hear me out Arnav and then come to conclusion, don’t let go of the better chance you are getting’

Arnav fumed, Rahul turned to apprehensive Khushi ‘look Khushi I know you both are looking for a loan to start your business because I know that Jha Fashion House is not letting you get the loan so I’m ready to help, but I want the assurance of Shyam Manohar Jha’s destruction’

Arnav shocked looked at him ‘what?’

Khushi stupefied ‘this was your condition?’

Rahul chuckled ‘what did you thought that I’ll keep a proposal like Shyam running behind another man’s woman. Nope I’m a one woman man, and will be always. And as for as Khushi’s equation is, she is like a sister to me so just relax and don’t let your thoughts wander to anywhere else’

Arnav ‘but how did you know all this?’

Rahul ‘I have my source, and do you think I took the service of a taxi randomly when I can call my car to come and pick me up from airport, nope all was planned. I wanted to meet you without you knowing me so ordered my manager to book the cab which you drive through the city. And I got the exact result I needed from you. Before trusting with someone I’ve to do lot of work to know if they will be reliable or not’

Khushi ‘why us?’

Rahul ‘because only you guys stood against him’

Arnav ‘I’m sorry I cannot take this offer. Shyam and my difference is personal’

Rahul little frustrated ‘what difference Arnav? You want to take revenge and destroy him for your love and I want to destroy him for my love’ he stood up placing a card ‘this is my card, tell me your decision after thinking through it again. I’ll wait for your yes’ and started striding towards door.

Khushi stood up ‘wait’

Rahul stopped, Khushi ‘who is your love?’

Rahul without turning back ‘Anjali, she wants me to help you guys and I’m trying to help you, if only you take our help’

Arnav stood perplexed ‘Mrs. Jha why?......why does she wants to destroy her own husband?’

Rahul turned around, his jaw clenched ‘she wants to destroy the monster like husband because he killed her father, killed her soul, killed our love, killed everything we built together and is killing people destroying them. So yes she wants to see the destruction of the monster. And why she is helping you because you are only true people who stood against that monster not getting defeated by his money, fame and power.’ he walked away leaving Arnav and Khushi in shock.




Rahul closed his eyes in sigh after he got an affirmation call from Arnav. Now no one will be able to stop the defeat of Shyam Manohar Jha. He had seen what he wanted to see in Arnav, the fire, his eyes held fire and he knew Arnav will burn down Shyam Manohar Jha if he is given a chance and he with Anjali is ready to give him the chance.

Anjali ‘Rahul please do it for me, one last time, I’ll not disturb you again’

Rahul ‘Anji why are you saying like this? You know right I can do anything for you’

Anjali ‘then why did you not saved me from that monster’

Rahul closed his eyes in pain, his knuckles turning white holding the phone tight, gulping ‘Anji you know what your father did? He was the sole reason of everything. If only he did not trusted that Shyam, Anji don’t worry your best friend will not leave you alone. He is coming soon to you, to free you from that monster’

Anjali ‘please come soon, I want my best friend beside me. I can’t take this torture any more’

Rahul ‘shhh I was waiting for your one word Anji, now you are with me so now you will see the destruction of the Jha’

Anjali ‘if it was only me I would have kept quiet Rahul, but this time it is for them, I could not get them hurt’

Rahul ‘why do you want to help them Anji? When you never tried to help yourself in coming out of that hell? Why for them?’

Anjali ‘you have to see them Rahul, their love so evident in their eyes, and that girl Khushi she is hopelessly in love with her husband, Arnav is no less both of them love each other lot more than their life and I don’t want them to get hurt due to Shyam’s new found of obsessive towards Khushi’

Rahul ‘I never can understand you Anji, you never stand up for yourself but always think for others, if you had stood up against your dad’s wish years back then you would have been not living in the hell’

Anjali ‘what has happened is all in past? We cannot change the fact now? But we can definitely make a good present and so I want you to help them, Shyam is doing on his wake to destroy Arnav completely and he is putting full stop to their every move. I want you to discreetly help them fight with Shyam’

Rahul ‘I’ll arrive next week Anji. I’ll make sure Shyam pays for his sin’

Rahul had always loved Anjali, but she had seen him just as her best friend. It was the time when he was going to propose that her dad Mr. Sharma announced her wedding with his favourite employee Shyam Manohar Jha and Anjali as a dutiful daughter accepted it. Shyam Manohar Jha got into good books of Mr. Sharma but once he got married to Anjali he started showing his true colors and killed Mr. Sharma to get hold of his wealth. Anjali had been living a hell life with the monster who has all the bad habits form women to drugs, but she could do nothing with what her best friend to heart broken left the country. Rahul cursed himself for umpteenth time for leaving Anjali alone, he should have been there to save her but his broken heart wanted him to go away from this place from her. If only oh if only. And now after hearing Anjali’s cry he could not force himself away from her than to run towards her to her help. He will do anything for her but she Anjali still now doesn’t know his love for her. Chuckling painfully he looked out of window at the night sky.




Cuddled in each other’s arm in their bed, Arnav ‘Khushi have we done the correct thing in accepting his offer?’

Khushi ‘I can see honesty and genuine in his eyes Arnav, he surely did not want to harm us instead came for our help only because the girl he loved asked his help. This is Gods way of helping us Arnav; he will not come down before us but will send his helpers to help us’

Arnav hugging her close ‘you are right but I felt sorry for him though’

Khushi ‘why? Because he is not with his love. I too felt the same, did you see the pain when he said about Anjaliji, and she is really a good woman with pure heart. How did she end up with a monster? If she had been married to Rahulji then I’m sure they would have made great couple’

Arnav ‘haan so much in love couple like us’

Khushi giggled, pecking his cheek ‘I love you’

Arnav tucking her wayward hairs behind her ears ‘you never get tired in saying these three words to me, do you?’

Khushi ‘nahiin, I’ll say them all throughout my life whenever wherever I feel like to you’

Arnav flicking her nose ‘I love you too’

Khushi laughed ‘that tickles me you know’

Arnav ‘what flickering your nose’ Khushi nodded with her eyes shining, Arnav ‘I like doing it; your button nose is cute like you are. But truth to be said everything about you is cute and beautiful’ Khushi blushed.

Arnav ‘haye your blush, it drives me crazy’ she hid her face in his chest making him chuckle. Khushi thwacked on his chest lightly making him to laugh out loud.



Anjali looked at the night sky from her window, leaving a sigh, she is living a hell life from past eight years but she never wanted to be free from this accepting her fate as it is, but the dire situation when you see two people so much in love getting hurt, crushed due to the immoral desire has made her resolve to break free through this hell and make Shyam Manohar Jha pay for his deeds. Her father Rakesh Sharma’s one wrong faith, one wrong choice has bought the Sharma’s to destruction. First year marriage with Shyam was good, no one suspected anything in him odd, but then from next year like a chameleon changed the colour he changed his. Her father had spotted Shyam with other woman and had warned him but it cost him his life, Shyam killed him conquering their wealth and company in his name, from then on it was hell, a pure hell. She had always watched him bringing one woman after the other into their house into his room daily who always bend before his charms and money, involved in every wrong deed like drugs, smuggling guns, every illegal activities, she had been jailed by him in the house but had to act as a happy couple in front of the guest like a good host. That was when she met them in the annual function of Jha Fashion House, the people in so much love, Arnav and Khushi. She liked them at first instant……

Arnav and Khushi entered inside the party, the air picking its pace, both looked match made in heaven. Arnav walked with Khushi towards Shyam and Anjali who is greeting the guest. Shyam looked at Arnav coming towards him with a lady, he shaked his hands with Arnav and turned towards Khushi to get stilled looking at the alluring beauty in front of him.

Arnav ‘Khushi he is my boss Mr. Jha and his wife Mrs Jha’ Khushi smiled at them sweetly folding her hands ‘Namasthe!!!’

Anjali smiled back ‘Namasthe!!!’ the girls infectious smile making her heart calm, something is so special about her.

Shyam ‘nice to meet you Mrs. Raizada’

Khushi ‘thank you!!!’

Arnav looked at Khushi holding her hands tight in his, Anjali looking at Shyam’s eyes travelling at Khushi with the same emotion dancing for every women addressed them ‘why don’t you two join others and enjoy the party?’

Arnav nodded at her, and excusing himself from Shyam and Anjali went to his colleagues to introduce Khushi to others and getting introduced to each other’s partner or family. Shyam’s eye all through the party was on Khushi, and Anjali noticed his every expression.

Dance floor opened and couple started to dance, Anjali came to Arnav and Khushi ‘what are you both waiting for? Go and dance’

Arnav ‘what no’

Anjali ‘common Arnav just take your beautiful wife and dance’

Arnav looked at Khushi, she looked back at him with bashful smile, he extended her hands towards her, and she kept her hands softly in his looking in his eyes, the song changed into most romantic one.

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Main toh bas teri chaahat mein chahoon rehna sada

I just desire and want to remain in love always

Main toh bas teri kurbat mein chahoon rehna sada

I just desire and want to be remain near to you, close to you

Saaya bhi tera main, hone na doon juda

I will not even let your shadow to get separated from me

Maine tay kar liya

I have decided

Tere ishq pe, tere waqt pe

On your love, On your time

Bas haqq hai ik mera

Only I got the right

Teri rooh pe, tere jism pe

On your soul , On your body

He pulled her closer with his right hand around her waist, another hand holding her left hand, Khushi put her right hand on his shoulder, both swaying on their feet rhythmically with their eye’s locking.

Bas haqq hai ik mera...

Only I got the right no one else

Bas haqq hai ik mera...

Only I got the right no one else

Bas haqq hai ik mera...

Only I got the right no one else

Main toh bas teri chaahat mein chahoon rehna sada

I just desire and want to remain in love always

Main toh bas teri kurbat mein chahoon rehna sada

I just desire and want to be remain near to you, close to you

Yaadon mein tujhko rakhun

I keep you in my memories

He looked in her eyes pressing his lips with hers slightly pecking her making her gasp, his eyes being naughty, Khushi bashfully lowered her eyes before looking up at him with her eyes full of love for him, only for him.

Baatein bhi teri karoon

I only talk about you

Itna deewana hoon tera

I am so much crazy about you


raaton mein jaaga karoon

I remain awake in night

Din bhar batakta rahoon Main toh yahaan se bas wahaan

Day time I keep roaming wondering from one place to another

Tere ishq pe, tere waqt pe

On your love, On your time

Bas haqq hai ik mera

Only I got the right no one else

Making her bend backwards and then he pulled her up both lost in each other’s eyes held the secret of love only they know.

Teri rooh pe, tere jism pe

On your soul , On your body

Bas haqq hai ik mera...

Only I got the right no one else

Bas haqq hai ik mera...

Only I got the right no one else

Bas haqq hai ik mera...

Only I got the right no one else

Main toh bas teri chaahat mein chahoon rehna sada

I just desire and want to remain in love always

Main toh bas teri kurbat mein chahoon rehna sada

I just desire and want to be remain near to you, close to you

He lifted her up, twirled her, swished her, he pulled her away and pulled her towards himself her back hitting his front; he hugged her from behind hugging her waist with both her hands in his. Khushi shuddered. His lips trailing softly on her ear lobes in the dimly lit light where anyone rarely noticed others involved in their own world only two pairs of watching Arnav and Khushi romantic dance, one pair seethed in anger and jealousy, and other pair all delightful looking at the pair. Anjali looked at Shyam stifling a laughing seeing his green monkey face.

Baahon mein tujhko rakhun

I want to keep you in my arms

Dhadkan mein teri sunoon

Listen to your heartbeats

Aa itna nazdeek aa zara

Come so close to me


jisme duaayein rahe

the world in which

Har dum wafaayein rahe

There is always faith truthfulness

Doon tujhko aisa ik jahan

I want to give you such a world

Tere ishq pe, tere waqt pe

On your love, On your time

Bas haqq hai ik mera

Only I got the right no one else

Teri rooh pe, tere jism pe

On your soul , On your body

Bas haqq hai ik mera...

Only I got the right no one else

Bas haqq hai ik mera...

Only I got the right no one else

Bas haqq hai ik mera...

Only I got the right no one else

Main toh bas teri chaahat mein chahoon rehna sada

I just desire and want to remain in love always

Main toh bas teri kurbat mein chahoon rehna sada

I just desire and want to be remain near to you, close to you

Saaya bhi tera main, hone na doon juda

I will not even let your shadow to get separated from me

Maine tay kar liya

I have decided

Song ended but Arnav and Khushi stood there in arms lost in each other, their eyes dancing with love.

Loud cheer from the others got them back to world; both blushed lightly looking at each other at the way they danced in front of all. Arnav led her down the dance floor.

Anjali ‘that was wonderful, you both were awesome’

Khushi blushed; Arnav looked at her, his eyes never leaving hers.

Shyam fisted but said sweetly ‘Anjali why don’t you dance with Mr. Raizada. You love to dance, right?’ three pairs of startled eyes looked at him.

Anjali ‘no it is okay Shyamji’

Shyam ‘arey how can it be okay? Do you mind to dance with my wife Mr. Raizada’ Arnav looked at Shyam, then at Khushi and then at Anjali.

Shyam ‘afraid of your wife, haan?’

Khushi ‘Arnav go take Anjaliji with you to dance’

Arnav looked at her, she assured him with her eyes, he took Anjali to dance floor. Even though Arnav was dancing with Anjali his eyes never left Khushi’s.

Shyam ‘they both look good together’

Khushi smiling ‘yes like a wonderful siblings’

Shyam looked at her taken aback, Anjali on the other hand kept her eyes on Shyam. Anjali ‘Khushi is beautiful’

Arnav smiling ‘yes she is, inside and out’

Anjali ‘you love her lot, don’t you?’

Arnav ‘love? More than my life’

Anjali ‘and what about her? I mean now days people love money more than love; relationship they shared seemed nothingness’

Arnav laughed ‘if it was, then she would have not married a poor guy like me rather would have been some businessman’s wife’

Anjali looked at him confused, Arnav smiling ‘she loved me even before I know her. She is Shashi Gupta’s daughter’

Anjali gasped ‘Shashi Gupta, one of the richest Indian in UK’

Arnav nodded at her ‘yes, she chased after me with her family along with my best friend and proposed me. *looking at smiling Khushi* how can I not accept her beautiful heart’

Arnav fondly ‘she even opted for simple wedding just because I should not feel uncomfortable, My Khushi always keeps me and my happiness above hers’

Anjali smiling ‘you too would be doing the same’

Arnav chuckled, Anjali ‘let’s go to them, I can see both of your eyes on each other’ he grinned blushing lightly. Both came towards Khushi, Anjali ‘so Khushi what do you do?’

Khushi ‘a proud housewife’ Arnav looked at her lovingly.

Shyam ‘why what did you completed?’

Khushi ‘nothing much UG in electrical engineering + a master degree in business’

Shyam ‘so why don’t you work?’

Khushi ‘may be If I had not crossed my path with Arnav then I may be working with my brother, but I’m glad I’ve come to know Arnav otherwise I would have missed a wonderful person in my life’ Arnav held her waist.

Arnav ‘actually she found me, which I’m thankful she did’

Anjali grinned at them happily; Shyam looked at them annoyed with their love. Here for the past ten minutes he was trying to impress her and she was involved in looking at the dance of Arnav and Anjali, and now the duo joined them all she talks about is Arnav, as if she does not know anyone or anything else.

Anjali looking at Shyam’s darkening gaze, turned to others ‘food court is opened, can we move to have our dinner? You must be starving’

Arnav nodding looked at Khushi, taking her along with him towards the buffet area. Shyam looked at Khushi’s retreating figure with dark eyes.

Anjali knew trouble is on the way for Arnav and Khush, and it did strike them. Shyam Manohar Jha weighed them wrongly to think they will do anything to get the position, power, fame and money. Oh how wrong he was and is.



Arnav started his business with full force, Rahul helped him discreetly letting Shyam rack his brain to know who the hell went against him and helping Arnav. Arnav had only one thing in his mind, his goal, aim, success, and Khushi her happiness. Khushi helped him in his business joining hands with him. On the other hand Rahul started collecting evidences of Shyam’s underworld connection and his part in their sinful deeds.

Soon came Arnav’s designed dresses to be run on the platform by the models, doing their ramp walk, it was small fashion show held to display the first collection of AK, yes AK is the name they kept their company’s name. Models displayed variety of the fantabulous designer sarees, lengha, bridal wears. The show was a hit following Arnav getting the offer to work with leading companies to design costume/dresses for them.


A small party was thrown by Rahul inviting high socialites who were also attended the event. All congratulating and appreciating Arnav and his work, Shashi Gupta too had arrived along with buaji, NK and Lavanya for the show being happy to see Arnav and Khushi getting success in their new venture. Shashi proudly announced Arnav to his business friends making him embarrass, Mr. Kapoor ‘he is your son in law?’

Shashi ‘yes, but more than son in law he is my son’ patting Arnav’s back.

Mr. Sandeep ‘you did not invite us on your daughter’s wedding, nor kept any reception’

Shashi smiling ‘my daughter strictly said no to posh wedding opting for simple wedding and for a small family party’

Mr. Kapoor ‘that is not fair’

Shashi laughed ‘My Khushi is simple’ Khushi came towards them, excusing them took Arnav away……Khushi ‘Anjaliji is here’

Arnav looked at her ‘really? Where is she? She did not come for event’

Khushi ‘she did come for event but did not come in front of the media, you know right being Shyam caught by police Anjaliji is hounded by media people about his crimes and her divorce with him’

Arnav sighed ‘let’s go meet her, where is she?’

Khushi ‘in one of the VIP room, she wanted to meet us’

Arnav nodding at her, both walked hand in hand joined by NK, Lavanya, Shashi and buaji asking their manager to handle the guest. They all walked in to witness the confession scene.

Rahul ‘Anjali I really love you, I don’t care about your past what I care is my present and future with you’

Anjali wiped her tears ‘I’m shattered beyond limit Rahul, please you deserve someone better’

Rahul ‘no one deserve me other than you, please let me heal you. I don’t want to lose you second time, this time I’ll die’

Anjali ‘Rahul!!!’ she closed his mouth with her palms ‘never say that again’

Rahul ‘then marry me’ both looked at each other, Rahul assuring her his love, Anjali finding her hope in him. She hugged him crying ‘take me away with you’

Rahul ‘shhh I’ll once the court sessions ends, we will marry and will move away from this place’ Anjali nodded at her.  All the other’s smiled their eyes moist but are happy for the two before them.

NK and Lavanya cleared their throat; Rahul and Anjali embarrassed looked away. Khushi walked over to Anjali hugging her ‘I’m so happy for you Di’

Anjali pulling away ‘what did you call me?’

Khushi ‘Di!!! You were always my and Arnav’s Di’

Arnav coming near them ‘we always looked upon you as our Di’ Anjali hugged them both.

Buaji cupping her face ‘yes you are one of our family member bitiya’

Shashi ‘you and Rahul beta has done so much for Khushi and Arnav, we can never thank you enough’

Rahul ‘no sir, it was our duty to help them’

Shashi ‘babuji, I’m babuji for you both like I’m for Khushi, Arnav, Lavanya and NK.  You two are too like my own’ Anjali’s eye became moist.

Lavanya cheered ‘yey there is a wedding coming up’

NK chuckled at her ‘pagal’ Rahul and Anjali blushed.

Khushi ‘I and Arnav are from bride’s side. You all are from groom’s side’

Arnav hugging her close ‘very correct, I agree with her. I want to give my Anjali Di’s hand to thrust safely in Rahul jiju’s’ all were happy. They can’t agree for more. Rahul and Anjali were the happiest to get their true love and wonderful family in a same day.



Shyam Manohar Jha’s case did not take long with all the evidences of the crimes against him and Anjali too got divorced from him. Khushi and Arnav made sure they gave her a memorable wedding and they did along with Gupta’s. The newly wed can’t be more than happy to at last finding their true soul mate. Arnav and Khushi on the other hand went on with their life surrounding by love from all sides.



Khushi settled cuddling close to her Arnav looking up at the star lit sky, Arnav ‘Khushi you did not tell me what is your opinion about the house’

Khushi looked at him and said without missing a beat ‘I did not like it’

Arnav ‘what? but that was wonderful, very huge, and has a lovely surroundings, did you see that garden, poolside…every area of the house was mindblowing, the architecture’

Khushi ‘but I don’t like it’

Arnav ‘may I ask why?’

Khushi ‘because….because….’

Arnav ‘because?’

Khushi ‘I don’t want to part this home, this is our home Arnav, and I don’t want to shift into any bungalow’

Arnav kept quiet letting her speak, Khushi ‘Arnav I never was intrested in Mansion, when I was with babuji, bhai and buaji…the house…it was huge…very huge…and I really get sad to see only four of us living in the house…and it looked like an empty shell…..but after marrying you and coming to this flat, it gave me the feeling of home…and I loved it….this is my home Arnav, where you lived part of your childhood, where I came after marrying you, this home is witness of everything, my husband’s childhood, our blooming love, our union, our smile, our tears, our hardship, our success, our together ship….there are many things which this home witnessed….I want us to grow old in this house with our children growing up in front of our eyes and then making way to next generation, everything…..I don’t want to part with these memories…. And somewhere I feel mama papa’s presence here looking after us without letting anyone to harm us however they try….I don’t want to go to any other house….please let us live our life here…..I want to live and die here…..’

Arnav closed her mouth with his palms, Khushi shaking her head ‘no let me tell you…..this home is where I wish to live till my end comes…please… can buy many flats you wish, many bungalow’s you wish….but we will not shift into any of those….may be one or two days going over there is okay…but no leaving this home….and if you feel that what will happen after our children comes then we can buy next door flat and can reconstruct in a way connecting the both house in one….this way we will have enough space for our children too and there would not be suffocation for space problem when they will grow up….okay….what do you say?’

Arnav hugged her, he too did not want to leave this home, the home where he born, lived all his life and which witnessed his love for the incredible woman in his arm. Khushi looking up at him ‘and Arnav do you know I have a wish….I have a wish to God that if death comes than it should come together for us or else I should be the one to leave first...…otherwise I cannot live in this world without you….it would be hell for me….’

Arnav not letting her speak further ‘no if we will live than we will live together and if die than die together….I too can’t live without you….you are My Life Khushi….’

Khushi hearing his heart beat ‘yes, we will live and die together’

Arnav looked down at her, her moist eyes looking up at him with all the love, his breath hitched at the thought of how lucky he is to get such a wonderful girl in his life who had become his everything, his Life. Bridging the distance between the two he met her lips in passionate kiss which send their mind in reeling, the two lovers indulged themselves in the kiss of promise where three stars twinkled above them wishing to God the same what their children wished ‘togetherness of their children in this life and coming all life’…Another big bright star twinkled above these three blessing the two souls with their wish, entwining their soul for together and always.  

                                                                        The EnD


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