((OS)) Aashiqui

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Apr 1, 2014

((OS)) Aashiqui (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 104 times)


"When you werent here i was myself's enemy, before i become your enemy just go away yeah just go away!!!" shouted Arnav.

Jab tum nahi thi tab mera dushman sirf me tha, ise pehle ki me tumhara dushman banjau just go away yeah just go away!!!

"Arnav, look at me baby, this isnt it, we can talk about this and solve it better right?" Khushi explained

"Khushi what will you explain? Arnav is nothing today, yes you love me but why? I got nothing, no money, no place to live, i cant give you any happiness, i dont want you to be with me, i dont want to marry you because i know my future well, you will have to sit with me on the streets and beg for food, no way Khushi, Arnav isnt that weak, he cant let you do that" Arnav said in pain

"But i dont mind this Arnav, i am ready to live with you on the streets i am ready to beg for food, i am ready to do anything as long as you are with me damn it" Khushi replied.

"You know what Khushi? This relation ends here, just go away please"

"Arnav relations arent games, you cant end this relation just like that, and if you had to leave me one day why did you hold my hand?" Khushi asked.

"I am sorry Khushi it was a mistake, we cant be together anymore, the Arnav you loved was a rich business tycoon and the Arnav standing in front of you today is nothing, he doesnt even have a penny."

"Arnav i told you i am with you, we will figure out something trust me, and till then you can stay with me at my place"

"What the hell Khushi, i dont need any help from you why dont you just damn get this in your mind? This relation is over!!" she shouted.

"Fine, this relation is over, Khushi is going away Arnav, far away from you, and when you find me anywhere dont you dare talk to me got that?"

she stamped her feet angrily and walked away.

Arnav was left behind in tears, he did not know why fate was playing such games with him, just a few days ago he was a business tycoon and withing this few days he lost everything, just everything. How would he have promised Khushi in such a state that he would marry her, he would give her all the happiness she wished for, some cute surprises some gifts a candle light dinner and all, how could he do all that when he had no penny left with him?? How could he marry her in such a state?

The clouds broke and it started raining, he stood on the streets getting rained on, he never wished to hurt his love but the situations were so that he had to do this.

He took out a bottle of alcohol and drank it all.

He roamed around the streets as everyone looked at him wondering why this rich guy was on streets?

He dint know where he ended up, he just found himself beside the street lights in the morning. The rain had stopped, the dark night had faded away and welcomed a beautiful sunny morning.

His head was aching, he rarely drank this much but he had to yesterday, to decrease the pain, he was nothing today, he did not know what to do and where to begin his day from.

He wanted to die, maybe to commit suicide because that was the only option left for him, but no, why cant he give his life a second chance? If it's begging he would do that.

He stood up swriling around, he head was like not in good posiion, he couldnt see anything clearly.

He walked on the streets, hitting people and they abused him but he just smiled back at them.

He crossed the road heading towards the other street when he heard a car hooting, he knew it was the end, he could even see which way to go, he just puts his hand over his face as the car neared him.

"Arnav!" he heard Khushi screaming his name.

She rushed towards him and pulled him out of the road and gave him a tight slap.

"What the hell Arnav, what do you think you were doing? What do you think you would get from commiting suicide like this? Why cant you be damn practical? Stop running away from me Arnav, and stop being filmy, if you think that you will commit suicide and leave me alone thinking that i would spend the rest of my life happily then dont even think of that, even after you leave i will beg on this streets to show you that my happiness isnt without you but it's with you.

She pushed him away and walked angrily, she reached towards the pole where she was, bent down, picked her bowl and stood there begging. Yes that's what she had been doing when she saw Arnav walking on the streets and rushed to save him.

Arnav was okay by now, the hangover was almost over. He looked around and saw Khushi standing at a place holding a bowl in her hand.

A lady passed by dropping some coins in her bowl.

Arnav was burning with anger at the moment, how could she beg on the streets when she had her parent home to live and to eat?

She rushed towards her, snatched the bowl away from her hands and thre it away.

Arnav: what the hell do you think you are doing Khushi??

Khushi: whatever i do, it's my wish my life, we have no relation remember so you have no right to ask me this.


"Khushi if i wanted you to beg i would have never broken our relation why dont you understand it i am doing all this so that you can stay happy"

"and why can you understand a simple thing Arnav? I cant be happy without you?"

"Khushi you wont be happy with me also, i know how many dreams you had for our marriage, our honeymoon our dates and all but now i cant give you anything, i have to beg so that i can get food once a day how will i feed you?"

"Arnav you are an eductaed person and for heaven sake this doesnt suit you cant you just use your damn mind and do something, i know it's hard to get a job but atleast you can try any job, it's better than begging on the roads."

"Khushi if i got a job do you think i would be begging? No one wants to give me job, the Great Arnav Singh raizada who lost his everything why would anyone give a job to this looser? I tried at many places but no one was ready to give me a job, why dont you understand i have no other option left, Khushi just go back home and live your life"

"Arnav if it's the only option you are left with, i am also left with only this option, i am not going anywhere i am staying here on the streets like you"

"Khushi why are you doing this?"

"because i love you Arnav, my happiness is in your not your money, yes i dreamnt of my wedding and honeymoon but what are they for when you arent with me? I dont care if i dont get food for three days, if i eat once in a week with you it's enought, i dont need any candle light dinners, any precisous gifts, for me you are precious i need you only you Arnav, you are my happiness not all these so why are you even expecting me to be happy without you?"

"itna pyar kab huwa mujhse? (when did you fall this much in love with me?)"

"it just happened"

Arnav hugged her as tears rolled down his eyes.

"I am sorry Khushi i never understood you but today i make a promise to you, i will marry you one day Khushi, but for that day to come you need to give me some time, i will do anything, and after i get some good work, a good place to leave and enough for both of us, i promise i will take you with me that day but till then promise me you will stay with your parents"

"But Arnav what will you do?"

"Khushi life doesnt end, i will struggle, if not in this place in some other place at least there will me someone who would give me any kind of a job right? I will collect money and come back to you i promise."

"Then Arnav i am coming with you"

"No Khushi, just give me six months i promise in this six month i wil come back and take you with me"

"Okay" they both hugged each other and parted.

Arnav began his struggle and after so much of struggle he got a job as a typist, he was honest with work, he worked overtime but never asked for any overtime charge, his boss was happy with his work and gave him a good post in the company with a good salary and a flat.

Six months later Arnav returned back to Khushi, as he promised her,he married her and took her with him and they lived happily in their own small world.

Happiness is defined like this, happinessis love not money, is care not luxury, when we face problems in our love lives lets trust our loved ones, love makes life live, it made Arnav live for Khushi, it made Khushi beg for Arnav and at last they ended up together.

Love isnt about the candle light dinners and gifts its about being happy with your loved one and as they say money cant buy happiness but well love can buy happiness, suicide isnt always the option, we leave nothing behind than pain and tears, so never think about it, just trust your loved one and live the rest upon God he will solve it all, when love is true anything can happen.


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