Love Skypers!!! Epilogue - final shot

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Apr 7, 2014

Caught red handed (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 106 times)

Khushi finished her all exams successfully, she can enjoy for some more days till her second level exams. On that evening, she logged in skype but she was disappointed for not seeing arnav name on online, for every 15 minutes she checking his name but no use. She got fed up, they used to share everything but suddenly his disappearance making her to get angry on him. Next day also she din see his name on online atlast she sent message, Where the hell you went… After two days she got message from him, Sorry I went for an important meeting which held in paris. Khushi sent, you cant even send single message na… Arnav replied, really khushi these days went very hectic and also had problem with clients. Khushi concerned and said, k I can understand but next time just inform and go. Arnav replied, sure…


Next day evening Arnav came to skype but she was not in online, after 20 minutes she came when they started video chat, arnav asked, why your hairs are wet. Khushi replied, I went out while returning it was heavy rain. Arnav said with concern, first wipe your hairs otherwise you want to suffer from cold or fever. Khushi smiled and said, ha I m doctor I know, suddenly she started to sneeze. Arnav replied, yeah I can see that, I too know that doctor can also sneeze. Khushi went and took her towel, started to wipe it which made her hairs messy, suddenly arnav got call,he went to attend his call.


Ankith came to arnav room to call him for play video games, suddenly he heard sound, hey I m back. Ankith looked at arnav laptop with wide eyes, he shouted aaaah….ghost ghost. Khushi closed ears and said, hey hey don’t shout I m not ghost. ankith came infront of laptop, aaaaw….how you came inside my mamu laptop… what you are doing inside…. I know you came here to steal my mamu laptop na….Khushi looked him with shock. Ankith started to say, sho sho go away…. Otherwise I ll scream and call others also. Khushi thought, already you are screaming only.


Arnav came and looked at ankith, he asked, champ what you doing here. Ankith looked him back and asked, first ask this ghost what it doing inside your laptop. Khushi eyes went wide, Arnav was shocked and lifted him, he rushed outside of his room, dropped down there. Arnav said, she is not ghost champ she is my friend. Ankith asked, oh you mean your gal friend…. But why she din come to our home and why she came inside your laptop. Arnav rolled his eyes and said, champ I ll tell you later now you go, I having some works. Ankith  went with sulky face. Arnav came for chat again, he chuckled seeing khushi who was still with messy hair. Khushi looked him with anger and asked, what… Arnav replied, really you looking like ghost as he said…. Khushi said with pouting face, very funny…. Arnav said, okay sorry… khushi asked about ankith and arnav told her everything.


That nite while they taking dinner, anjali told him to contact one more gal, ankith looked at his mom and asked, why mom… Anjali said, if mamu do marriage you ll get ur mami na. Ankith asked, how mamu ll bring my mami. Anjali said, he ll contact with his laptop. Ankith looked at arnav and arnav looked him back, arnav stood up and said, di my dinner over, good nite saying he moved. Anjali said, chote… what urgent like that… you din eat properly. Ankith suddenly said, because mami ll wait inside his laptop na…. Anjali looked at his son with confuse, arnav closed his eyes. Anjali asked, what you mean anki… before he say, arnav said, nothing di you told to contact one gal na, that he telling, what champ I m telling rite na.. Ankith nodded as no, I m telling about ghost mami. Anjali looked him with narrowed eyes, arnav said immediately, champ that’s not ur mami… she is my business client. Ankith asked, but you said that she is your gal friend. Arnav and anjali looked with wide eyes, one is seeing his champ and other is looking at her chote… 



Apr 9, 2014

Blurted out!!! (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 106 times)

Anjali asked, chote what he saying. Arnav said without realizing, that only I too thinking what to tell. Anjali asked again, whattt.. Arnav said giving angry glare on his champ, nothing di I was in video conference with my client, suddenly got one call so I came out, that time this devil came inside. Ankith said, oh mamu this is not fair, I told mami as ghost so now you telling me as devil, see mom now itself he started to take mami side, I know mamu don’t love me. Arnav closed his eyes, don’t start it again champ. Ankith said with pouted face, that’s true. Arnav got irritated and left from there, ankith shouted, see mamu you don’t love me so only you not saying I love you also. Arnav turned back and gave one glare, silently went inside his room.


Next day, when arnav and khushi came for video chat, Khushi said Dad told about one guy I chatted with him, he is nice only and dad liked his family very much. Arnav face got changed he don’t know why but he don’t like to talk about some other guy, he just said oh.. Khushi replied, may be dad ll finalize this alliance. Arnav felt uncomfortable and said, khushi I have some work, bye saying he immediately came out of skype. Khushi felt bad for his sudden disappearance. Arnav got confused, why he din like when she said about another guy, he cant guess the reason.


Next two days arnav din logged his skype account, khushi getting restless for not finding him, which making her sad too. She don’t know why but without chatting with him, sleep also not coming near to her. She started to worried too.


On that third day, arnav controlled his unknown feeling and came to skype, khushi was very much happy to see him after two days. Khushi came for video chat,



Khushi:  asked him with anger, where you went this time on this two days.


Arnav:  replied calmly, nothing… its just like that.


Khushi: sensed something wrong, and asked him, are you okay arnav.


Arnav : yeah I m fine… what for me…


Khushi: your face showing gloominess.


Arnav:  no I m little bit tired thasty.


Khushi: oh.. you know I told you na about one alliance that got cancelled.


Arnav: asked with excitement, what… but why.


Khushi: don’t know… he is nice only but I din feel him as my perfect husband.


Arnav: asked with smile, oh you are searching for perfect husband…

Khushi: I m not searching, its because of my mom only, otherwise I don’t think about my marriage itself, she not ready to allow me to unknown place.


Arnav: she is rite khushi, its difficult to survive in unknown place without having anyone to our side, atleast someone you want to have, to take care of you.


Khushi: smiled and asked. Really… from when did you start to care about me.


Arnav: when you started to share about you from that time.


Khushi: asked without realizing, if you care about me that much, then why you cant marry me…


Arnav looked her with wide eyes in shock and khushi bit her tongue looking here and there.










Apr 11, 2014

First date!!! (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 118 times)

Arnav and khushi were remain in silence, both of them are in shock. Arnav din expect these words from khushi and khushi din realize how she spilled those words. Khushi don’t know what to say after this, she cant able to meet his eyes, but she have to


Khushi: Arnav… wohh… I m sorry its just… kidding, don’t take it in your heart…


Arnav din speak anything, just sitting in silence…


Khushi: Really sorry if you felt bad, speak something…


Arnav: No… I just thinking about us.


Khushi: us… what…


Arnav: Why cant we move our relation to next level…


Khushi got shock this time, she din expect arnav ll say like this.


Arnav: See, first when we chatted it ends with fight, but unknowingly we became friends and we din realize how everything happened. And we used to share everything in our life, we are comfortable with each other than that what we want.


Khushi: Arnav… are you sure…


Arnav: of course I m…


Khushi: you hate marriage na…


Arnav: yeah…but surely I want to do it for my family, why I want to marry one unknown gal… I feel comfortable with you, I hope you too feel same then why cant we move…


Khushi remain in silent, her heart was beating fast and mind went blank after hearing his words.


Arnav: what you say… If you don’t like its k I just said what I feel and its not necessary that you too want to feel same. You can marry some one else also if you wish.


Khushi: Nooooo… I cant marry some one.


Arnav narrowed his eyes


Khushi: with blush, I too feel the same what you feel….


Arnav smirked seeing her blush with smile…


Arnav: haa… someone know how to blush

Khushi: without looking him, shut up arnav…


Arnav: wow… now itself this much blush means still lot remaining in future that time what ll happen…


Khushi: I m going bye… saying she came out from video chat…


Arnav muttered pagal, he don’t know why his heart was filled with unknown happiness which he never felt. He cant believe himself that he became friend with stranger and asked her to take next level too.


Khushi was blushing furiously, without realizing she said those words but she din think that those words give such effects from him. Her heart was jumping in joy with excitement, till now other than her books she don’t know anything, but this new feel giving thrill in her life.


That nite love birds slept with unknown sweet feeling which never felt in their life, thinking about each other.


Next day, Khushi came to online she want clear something from him, she waited for arnav eagerly, after some time arnav came, khushi instantly clicked for video chat. Arnav just smiled.


Khushi: Arnav I want to talk with you


Arnav: Ha.. when you started to asked permission


Khushi: I m serious


Arnav: Fine… go on…


Khushi: Yesterday what you said, are you sure in it.


Arnav: I think I gave answer that time itself.


Khushi: Plz tell na…


Arnav: yeah…


Khushi: then shall I talk to my dad… otherwise he wont leave this groom hunt.


Arnav: okay… but tell him that now no need to contact my di…


Khushi: why..


Arnav: first I want to talk to her, I dono what she ll think, when she argued for your alliance I rejected it but now if I say I don’t know what reaction ll come


Khushi: ha ha ha… for rejecting me, you deserve it. Try to talk soon


Arnav: sure…


After talking for hours they slept at late nite.


Next day, khushi talked with her dad and mom, they were happy and also in shock. Shashi got relived finally his daughter got perfect guy in her life. Her mom was happy and also thought what arnav going to suffer after marrying her daughter who was crazy.


Khushi informed arnav that she talked with her parents and asked him to talk with his family too, arnav also assured her.


At one day, Khushi got one big parcel at evening with one envelope. Khushi was puzzled she cant guess who sent this, she opened the envelope with curiosity. She was surprised to see



Dear love,


                 Thank you for coming into my life, your presence making me alive always which I never felt in my life time. I don’t know from when I started to miss you, but I m waiting for the day when I can hold your hand, to feel your real presence, to engulf you in my arms, that ll be a blissful moment for me. You made my every seconds as a year when you were not in touch with me but during your presence my hours passing like a seconds. I feel this life wont be enough for me to live with you, I just wish to cherish my whole life with you. Soon will come to take you with me forever, just wait for that day


                                                                                                              Yours Arnav.


Khushi eyes get glistened with happy tears with cute smile, she wanna give bone crush hug to him but she cant, her gaze fell on one more note she read it, she was shocked.


At that evening, she got ready in her red dress which was sent by arnav, she blew all the balloons which is in heart shape, red and white in color and hanged it in her rooms and also left floating in air. She tied pink color curtains on rite space. She lighted candles and decorated her room keeping it in a different places. She placed small table nd covered it with white cloth, arranged food stuffs which she received on that evening. She switched off her room light, just candles are glowing and spreading light in her room.


Khushi was thrilled she never thought arnav ll do something like this, she was totally amazed seeing that second note which referred her everything to do and parcel which contained candles, balloons, curtains and dress. Even arnav arranged food for her on that evening from famous restaurant, everything was totally unexpected.


At sharp 7 she turned on her laptop, logged in skype. She felt nervous to click for video chat, she looked her room with smile and took deep breathe, she clicked it. She lost for a moment seeing arnav, he wearing his three piece coat looking so smart and handsome, his room also decorated like her room. Arnav admired khushi who looks tempting in red.


Arnav: Hey…


Khushi: Arnav… what sudden surprise…


Arnav: just small date..


Khushi: Dateee…


Arnav: yeah… we cant go for real date so I thought this.


Khushi: how you arranged these things.


Arnav: Its very simple for me….. I hope you like it.


Khushi: like…. I just love it…


Arnav: its my pleasure…


Khushi: you know I never thought that you ll do something like this.


Arnav: I too never thought you ll make me to do like this.


Khushi: with blush… I m so happy for our relationship.


Arnav: really…


Khushi: yeah, really…


Arnav: someone said few days before, I don’t want a guy like you.


Khushi: I too heard, someone said I don’t want a gal like you….. but he doing many things for that gal now.


Arnav: with smile… I hope that gal feels happy for being with him.


Khushi: blushed crimson red, hmmm.


Arnav: I wish you to be here…. With me…

Khushi: looked his eyes, I m waiting for that moment…


Arnav: ll happen soon…


Khushi: Thanks for making me this moment spl.


Arnav: Thanks for making my life spl.


Khushi just smiled cutely…


Arnav: Shall we start our dinner


Khushi: yeah…


They started with cool drinks, ended dessert, shared many things while they having their dinner. Atlast khushi asked, when you going to talk to your family about us.


Suddenly arnav room light turned on, Arnav was shocked and cursed himself for not locking his room door. Ankith shouted, mamu there is no power cut then why you sitting in candle light, aaaah that too with ghost mami.


Khushi eyes widened in shock, arnav kept hand on his head and said to khushi, here after I don’t need to talk about us to my family, this devil ll do my job. Khushi giggled hearing this. Ankith was confused still, arnav got irritated.




Apr 13, 2014

Skypers became partners!!! final part... (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 115 times)

Anjali and nani were waiting for Arnav and ankith, to start their dinner but no sign of them. Anjali thought to check them on Arnav’s room, before she go both arnav and ankith came from his room.


Anjali: Chote and anki what you both were doing, come and have your dinner.


Arnav: no di.. I m full I don’t want.


Anjali: whatt.. when and where you had your dinner.


Arnav: outside with clients


Ankith: Mamu its not outside, its inside…


Arnav looked him with wide eyes… Anjali and nani were confused.


Anjali: what outside… inside…


Ankith: uffff… mom where is mamu room inside our house or outside our house.


Arnav: shut up champ, just eat your dinner…. Di go and serve him.


Anjali: you shut up chote, you tell anki…. His room inside our house only.


Ankith: then he had dinner inside only.


Anjali: in his room… but why suddenly…


Ankith: because he cant have candle light dinner with us na…


Arnav was shocked and looked him with horror


Anjali: Anki what you telling.. tell clearly


Ankith: yeah he had dinner in his room and lot of candles were glowing. And I told na about ghost mami, today also she came inside is laptop he had dinner talking with her but today she looked as angel not as ghost. She looked beautiful more than you.


Anjali eyes went wide with open mouth, she looked arnav in motionless. Arnav cursed himself again for not locking his door, he cant able to see his sister directly. Nani was happy to hear atlast some gal came in his life.


Anjali: Chote… tell me the truth whats going on…


Arnav: Di its nothing… he blabbering something.


Anjali: I know about my son, he wont say anything without reason. Now tell me what happening.


Arnav looked at ankith with anger and turned towards his di, he decided to burst the news which happening between him and khushi.


Arnav: Di.. me and khushi loving each other…


Anjali & Nani: whatttt…


Arnav: first we were friends and we feel comfortable with each other later we thought why cant we move on to next level. She talked with her parents and they are happy on our relationship.


Anjali and nani got shock, those who were not aware about these things.


Anjali: wow chote, finally you fell in love itself… I cant believe this that my chote loving one gal. aaah how you became romantic…. You had candle light dinner and all, that too in skype….. you also having brain to do these things…


Arnav: di…


Anjali: what di… why you din say me first itself


Arnav: I waited for correct time…


Anjali: what correct time chote… here I m breaking my head in searching for a gal but you are romancing with your gal on skype.


Arnav: k sorry for not saying….


Anjali: its good thing so I forgive you..


Anjali cant wait more, she contacted shashi that time itself due to her happiness and eagerness. They both talked everything how and when they can do marriage for them. Arnav also narrated everything to khushi while they chatting in skype. Khushi was happy to hear this, somehow his family members came to know, she thanked ankith in her heart for exposing about them to his family.  Now all are happy for this new relationship, khushi was excited about her marriage and arnav was counting his days for his marriage to get khushi forever for him itself. 


Few days more for marriage, in these days they were busy in chatting with each other and ankith also became close to khushi, she adored him more and arnav also happy to see their bond. Family members busy in arranging things.


Finally day came for arnav to get land in India, after so many years he kept his foot on his home place, to acquire his property, his love, his life who going to rule him, which gave him fresh feel. Arnav, anjali, ankith and Nani all came together to India and  directly they went to anjali home. That nite arnav contacted khushi, she was excited to know that her love also came to her home place. Anjali informed shashi about this, he invited them for dinner on next day, anjali also happy for the invitation and agreed.


When anjali informed to arnav about dinner, he was very happy to meet his love directly for first time but he don’t know how he going to talk with her, chatting in skype is different… talking in direct is different, many feeling running inside his heart.


Khushi was blushing from the time when she heard about this dinner, she felt nervous while thinking about their meeting itself, her heart was jumping in joy. She also thinking how she going to meet him and talk with him, she feeling unknowing feel which she never felt in her life.


Next day evening Arnav with his family came for dinner, shashi and garima welcomed them. Arnav eyes started to search for khushi who was sitting in her room with nervousness. Anjali noticed him and asked shashi about his daughter, he said garima to go and call khushi. Khushi came with her mom, looking down at floor. Arnav looked at her hearing her anklets sound, he cant able to take his eyes from her. Khushi was feeling damm nervous on her each step approaching towards him who was sitting with her dad. Khushi raised her head slowly only to see his intense gaze, both their lips are curved into cute small smile. Elders were talking about their marriage, Arnav and khushi were busy in stealing glances, khushi was blushing to her core which making arnav to smirk.


In all this, ankith left alone, he nudged arnav which made arnav to distract towards him. Arnav raised his eyebrows like what… Ankith replied, This is ghost mami na… always she ll come inside your laptop but now how she came outside. Arnav looked him like unbelievable. Ankith asked again, tell na mamu… Arnav said, I ll tell you later. Ankith looked at khushi, he ran to her, arnav looked him like what he going to do with her now. Khushi smiled seeing ankith and asked, what happen. Ankith asked her, always you ll be in mamu laptop na but now how came outside. Khushi rolled her eyes she don’t know what to say. Arnav chuckled seeing khushi expression. Suddenly garima called them for dinner.


All took dinner together with fun talks, arnav and khushi were sitting opposite to each other they were more busy in drooling then eating. While khushi eating, food stuck on near to her lips. Arnav looked at her lips intently, when khushi asked through her eyes he gestured as nothing. Arnav finished his dinner he went to wash his hands. Garima told khushi to go and help him. Khushi went behind him taking towel for him to wipe his hands. Arnav washed his hands and looked at khushi who standing with towel in her hand. Khushi showed towel to him, arnav caught towel suddenly he pulled that towel forcefully which made her to come and crash on him, Arnav held on her waist. khushi eyes went wide, he observed her face very closely, when his eyes fell on the food which got stuck, without thinking anything, he kissed on her and sucked that food, khushi became numb in sudden shock. She din expect this act from arnav that too on their first time meeting itself. Arnav left her waist slowly and whispered on her ear, dinner is very tasty…. Saying he left from there leaving her alone in shock.


After arnav went also khushi din move from there, anjali who came to wash her hands asked khushi, what happen why you standing alone. Khushi came to sense and said nothing… Anjali smiled and said, dinner is very tasty…. Khushi eyes went wide again thinking how arnav sucked food from her skin and shouted, whattttt you too…. Anjali got confused and asked, what me too khushi… I cant understand. Khushi said, hmm nothing your brother also said and now you also telling. Anjali replied, dinner is tasty so everyone ll say na… Khushi gave smile sheepishly how can she tell her that her bro what did with her.


Khushi came with anjali to living hall, arnav was observing her movement who still din come out from his effect. It was good bye time, everyone stood from their place. Garima and shashi came outside to send of them. Arnav looked at khushi before stepping out, khushi too looked him. Arnav gave cute smile and winked at her which made khushi to open her mouth. Arnav chuckled and gestured bye, he went inside his car. Khushi was blushing in crimson red seeing his disappearance.


After this incident they din chat with each other, khushi was nervous to face him and arnav also don’t know how he kissed her suddenly, on that time she looked tempting which made him to kiss her but he cant able to face her. They spending their time just thinking about each other.


It was a day for love birds, which ll be first step on their marriage, declaring their love for each other with materialistic stuff for this world, their small engagement ceremony. Only with family members, close relatives and friend, their engagement held. Arnav and khushi marked their love by exchanging rings on their ring finger where its nerves directly connected to their hearts. They both exchanged the rings for this outside world but already they exchanged their hearts without realizing themselves. First time they held their hand to put ring, but it means they cant leave each other hands in their life once they hold.


Next day it was their marriage day, thousands of people were invited for their marriage. Khushi got ready in her bridal dress and arnav got ready in his sherwani. Both are excited for this new journey on their life who going to spend their time with each other on this whole life. Arnav took his mobile and logged in skype, he looked for khushi name which also in online as she din logged off skype before when she used.


Arnav: hey…


Khushi: with shock… arnav you..


Arnav: yeah me… got ready


Khushi: yeah ready… you got ready or not


Arnav: many days before itself I got ready


Khushi: what you saying…


Arnav: to make you mine…


Khushi: with blush, >3…. (heart smiley)


Arnav: love you too  bye…


Wedding time came for them to tie a knot, arnav came first who eagerly waiting for his bride, after some time khushi reached him they both smiled looking each other with admiring. Arnav tied mangalsutra on her neck with keeping sindoor on her head, to mark her permanently on his name, finally lover skypers became life partners. They declared as husband and wife. After marriage rituals when khushi and arnav came to arnav home, anjali did arthi for them and asked them to come in. They both entered inside, while entering khushi got slipped where arnav held her on that time, Arnav said, careful khushi… Khushi replied, here aft you are there to hold and support me. Arnav Smiled and said, always… Khushi uttered, I know… At last they entered inside not only on their house but also on their life with holding each other hands and supporting them in all thick and thins throughout their life.












Apr 20, 2014

Epilogue Shot-1 (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 97 times)

Sun rays started to spread on the space, birds chirpy sound were echoing like sweet music, slowly light rays occupying the room through window where Sun beam entering its light to brighten the dark room, rays started to disturb the couple who were sleeping peacefully, cuddling with each other. Arnav kept his head buried on her neck and hugging her waist securely. Khushi rounded her arms around him like inviting him more on her body. Due to Sun light her sleep got disturbed which made her eyes to open, smile came on her lips while seeing her husband who cuddled on her body like child. She slightly lowered her head and kissed on his head. She whispered near his ear, Arnie... Arnav hummed, hmm. Khushi uttered, wake up now.. See the time.. Arnav said wit lazy voice, baby some more time please. Khushi smiled and caressed his hair, We ll get late for our work arnie, you having meeting and I having case at morning itself. Arnav planted kiss on her throat which made her hand to crush his hair. Arnav mumbled, do you know how much I love while you caressing my hair, I just feel my mom presence. Khushi looked him with love and said, thanks for giving that place in your life. Arnav raised and looked at her, he leaned and kissed on her lips, confessed I love you. Khushi caressed his cheek saying I love you too. Both of them looked each other with smile on their lips, eyes showing pure love for other. Suddenly Khushi gaze fixed on the watch, which made Khushi mouth to open in O for getting late. She jerked from her bed which made Arnav to lose his balance and he fall from bed who placed half of his body on her, Arnav looked her with horrified face in shock but Khushi said, I m so sorry arnie I m getting late that's why saying she moved to wardrobe to take her clothes. Arnav uttered, what the... Khushi here you pushed me but still you din help me. Khushi said, Arnie you are not old man to give my hand for help, without looking him she went inside wash room. Arnav fumed saying yeah what can I expect from my crazy wife.

Khushi prepared breakfast for them in that time Arnav got ready and came, both had breakfast. Arnav dropped Khushi on her hospital, before she come out Arnav pulled her and said, don't forget Khushi yesterday talks, make sure of it. Khushi smiled and pecked his lips, I won't forget... Love you bye evening ll catch you saying she came out of car, moved inside hospital. Arnav went to office after dropping her.

At evening Arnav came home first he got fresh and waited eagerly for his wife. After sometime Khushi too came, Arnav asked immediately, what happened. Khushi smiled and said, yeah I got one week leave. Brightened smile appeared on his face hearing this finally after a long time they got little break.

After their marriage, Arnav treated Khushi as his best friend more than wife. He know about her passion on her studies and career so let her free on her own. Arnav comprised his inner feelings and desires for wife dreams, he don't want to give any burden to her. Khushi was very thankful to him for being a support and understandable husband, she felt lucky to have him as her husband. She thanked god for giving this wonderful person as husband who adoring her very much. With his love and support she finished her studies successfully. After that also they can't able to spend enough time with each other. Arnav became busy in his business and she became busy in her work by attending case. Finally decided to take break for spending time with each other.

That nite they ate dinner together, Arnav went to their room and Khushi cleaned the kitchen. Aft some time she entered the room only to see empty, she looked at the pool side and stared at the figure who was looking at the stars. Her feet started to move towards his side, without uttering any word she went behind him and hugged from his back crumbling his shirt. Arnav came to sense and looked down at her hands which was holding him tightly. He smiled and brought her to his front. Both admired each other in the moon light which giving glow on their face. Words were not required do them to convey their feel, their eyes itself enough to convey their feel. Arnav slowly leaned forward and touched her luscious lips with his which made herself to close her eyes in pleasure, she encircled her arms around his neck to bring him much closer. His hand started to roam on their body where ever it likes and exploring her mouth at same time. Both want to experience many wonderful Feeling for which they waited for this much year, both are in urge to lose their senses.

Arnav can't resist himself, he lifted her gently and moved towards their bed. He placed slowly and came top of her, her breathe got hitched by seeing his darken eyes which is filled with desire for her, their eyes speaks volume of intense. Her breathe became high, when he leaned more on her. He observed her every expression, he know for all her expression he was a sole reason and felt proud too. He kissed on her head with care, she closed her eyes to intake his love, he placed kiss on her eyes, cheeks, earlobes, while kissing her, his arms made his way on her shoulder to wrist finally he entwined his fingers with her, Khushi held tightly in pleasure. She expecting kiss on her lips but he kissed on her chin which made him to get disappoint. She opened her eyes and looked at him who was smirking, Khushi turned her head for teasing her. Arnav smiled and gave wet kiss on her cleavage which made her to gasp. She can't able to bear his torture, she felt like her heart burst out any time. He slowly moved her strap down with his lips giving kiss, on his every kiss her grip on his palm getting more and started to moan.

Suddenly Khushi phone beep sound came, Arnav was busy in showing his love, Khushi struggled and released her hand, she attended her call only to hear what caller is speaking, she is not in the state to reply due to Arnavs love. Aft hearing the caller words she jerked from her place, which made Arnav to fall beside her. Arnav, what the... Khushi said, Arnav I have to go now its important case. Arnav said with irritation, then what about my case. Khushi, please understand na. Arnav replied, what the hell Khushi you said one week leave but now you don't have single nite also before that you got call. Khushi replied, we can do any time this but cant make patients to wait. Arnav said like child, what ever if I know something like this I won't waste our time in romance, ll directly went for baby making mission. Khushi blushed and replied, but I loved what we did few minutes before. Arnav made sulky face, but what use for that.. Khushi chuckled and came forward, she can't stop herself seeing his adorable face, she kissed on his lips saying, I love you so much baby. Arnav wiped his lips and said, I hate you and I m not baby, you not letting me to give baby. Khushi thought, how cute he.... She wanna surrender herself to him but now she can't. She started to move, Arnav called Khushi which made her to turn back. Arnav said making baby face, please come soon. Khushi smiled and said, Arnav you making me difficult to go. Arnav said, then don't go. Khushi replied with smile, I can say surely our baby ll be better than you. Arnav pouted and uttered, ha she not allowing to give baby itself in this she talking abt who better than who. Khushi was falling in more love on his every cuteness, before she lose herself she went from there.

Epilogue continues...

Apr 23, 2014

Epilogue - Final Shot (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 118 times)

After Khushi left, Arnav was feeling restlessness, he tried to sleep with twist and turns but he can't able to sleep. Arnav cursed, why the hell they called after taking leave also, that too in which state she left and went. He just felt like surely he will become mad. Atlast he shouted enough is enough not any more.

Khushi reached hospital and went to attend her case which is critical, while doing her patient surgery she din realise her time after few hours she came out with success. Suddenly one nurse rushed to her and said with panick, Mam one patient came and waiting for you in ur place, he said urgently he wants to meet you otherwise his heart ll burst. Khushi rushed to her place with panick thinking as emergency case. She opened her cabin door but it was empty she was puzzled where the patient went. While thinking she turned to other side, her eyes popped out in shock, she blinked few times whether it is real or dream before her conclusion she was on the bed where she ll check her patient who comes for their visit. Khushi uttered, Arnav you... who was looking her by laying on her top. Arnav replied, haan me.... Saying he kissed on her cheek. Khushi uttered, arnie this is my work place. Arnav replied, I don't care... It doesn't matters to me, matter is you and me we both are here,saying he kissed another cheek. Khushi controlled her feeling and said, try to understand Arnie while he trying to capture her lips. Arnav got irritated, you are cardialogist na can't you understand what my heart feels, he added with sad tone I don't know Khushi I feel more than me you loving your job. Before another word comes out from his mouth she sealed his lips with her passion which made Arnav to smirk inside he know how to trap her. Aft giving intense kiss, she said more than you nothing important for me don't ever say this. Arnav smiled and said, finally I got what I want.Khushi asked means. Arnav replied with smirk, means when I kissed you, you din allow me at last I made you itself to kiss me. Khushi looked him with open mouth and started to hit.

After they reached home at early morning they slept cuddling with each other for some time. They waked at late morning and got fresh, Went for outing to spend some time which they missing for long time in their busy life. They enjoyed that day happily but with few call interruption. They reached home at nite aft finishing their dinner. They took quick bath and changed their nite dress, Khushi know what going to come so she decided to play and tease him. Both came to their bed, when Arnav started to kiss her, Khushi said like she was in sleepy mood, arnie I need sleep, please not now. Arnav got angry he looked at her who turned to other side, his gaze fixed on the mirror he saw her view who was smiling. He understand her trick and smirked. Arnav said with husky tone, okay baby sleep well, I know you are tired, good nite saying he came out of bed. Khushi was shocked she din expect this.

Khushi looked at his side which were empty she thought where he went at this time. She heard water splashing sound from pool side, she went there, she gulped her empty throat by his hot figure who was swimming in bare body. He came to the edge and combed his hair with hand by raising his arms, Khushi got lost herself by seeing his wet body which was shining with water droplets. Moon light adding more glow on his body, while seeing water dripping on his body her feelings got aroused more for him, she felt her hand wanna be there instead of water which flowing on his body, downwards. Arnav smirked at her seeing her effect and asked innocently, baby still you din sleep... Oh its very hot na... Khushi who was lost in drooling his abs uttered, haan very hot. Arnav chuckled and raised his hand for her to lift him up. Khushi slowly came forward and held his hand still admiring him. Arnav looked at her face which showing blank expression by seeing him, he pulled her with force she landed on the pool, she was shocked and looked at him, water coolness and his body hotness making her to shiver. Arnav turned her in swift, her back touching his front he hugged her from behind and started to kiss on her shoulder which made her to clutch his hand with trembling body in pleasure. He whispered in her ear, stop playing this damm game saying he lifted her in the pool which leads to their bed and spent their pleasurable time by loving each other, attained their blissfull moment which resulted to get their cute little baby gal aft ten months.

It was their baby naming ceremony only with their family members and very close friends, while they going to keep name, ankith stopped them and said, I only keep name for my princess. Everyone smiled and told him to keep. He announced his princess name as Ashya. Everyone like this name and finally kept it. Aft ceremony all gathered together and enjoying their time, suddenly Arnav asked, champ why you kept that particular name. Ankith said with slight blush, because it my gal friend name... Everyone shocked hearing this, their eyes popped out seeing him. Anjali asked, your gal friend... In ur 12th age, who is she and where you met her. Ankith said winking at Arnav, through skype.... Arnav and Khushi choked their drinks which they having. Anjali looked her son with open mouth. By seeing his Di Arnav said, champ... You proved that you r mamu's champ. Angry raised on Anjali she threw the teddy on Arnav which kept nearby, shouted, chote you spoiled my son. Arnav uttered, what the.... What I did its you who asked me to chat in skype. But now I m happy for that I got my Khushi. Anjali said yeah by spoiling my son. Ankith said, mom wy going hyper, its not big deal you know. Arnav chuckled which made Anjali furious and started to hit him, others looking like unbelievable.

After their princess born Arnav started to spend more time with his daughter which made Khushi mad. She loved their bond but it doesnt mean he should ignore his wife. She was fed up in this two year by seeing their bond where she were out of it. She decided to talk with him directly. On one nite Arnav came from office, first thing he asked about princess to Khushi. She replied, Ashya ll sleep with carolin, who was cute baby in their neighbour house. Arnav asked, but why suddenly. Khushi got irritated and shouted, every thing ll happen suddenly only, for that it can't put letter before itself. Arnav was surprised, for Wt she is mad now he thought. Arnav silently went to their room, got fresh and came. Khushi kept dinner ready, both ate it silently. Aft finishing it, Arnav went to their room and laid Down on his side, Khushi came aft few minutes and looked at him, she too laid on the bed and started, Arnie I wanna talk to you. Arnav hummed as hmm. Khushi asked, do you love me or not. Arnav turned to her side surprisingly and asked, what happen Khushi, ofcourse I love you. Khushi said with sad tone, aft your daughter came you ignoring me. Arnav looked at her tearful eyes, he smiled and hugged her, so you are jealous. Khushi replied its not jealous, I m happy that you loving her so much but I feel bad that you not loving me like before. Arnav kissed on her head and replied, my love din reduce for you its just not getting time to express it As we both are busy in our career. Khushi looked at him who looking with same love on her, she tried to catch his lips, Arnav thought to tease her, Khushi still princess din come. Khushi got irritated and shouted, shut up Arnav... Its enough I can't send your daughter daily to neighbour house saying some reason. Arnav eyes went wide he can't believe that Khushi ll do something like this, sending daughter to neighbour house for their love making. Arnav came to sense feeling pain on his lips, realizing his tigeress was attacking his lips and he started to fight with the same passion of love and reached their heaven in the pool of pleasure. After ten months she gave birth to a baby boy who filled their little world, it became happy family. At the same time some where another love skypers are blooming with their love.

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