Me Marier!!!!

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Mar 19, 2014

Me Marier!!!! (By Sviji) (Thanked: 216 times)

Random concept with no head or tail is what I would like to tell, read at your own risk.

‘Today I’ll show her what it is meant to reject Shyam Manohar Jha’ Shyam grit his teeth.

Rocky ‘Bhai what are you going to do?’

Shyam ‘she is very proud of her beauty isn’t it, today I’ll destroy her beautiful face’

Rocky ‘how?’

Shyam looking at his hand having the bottle, Rocky wide ‘acid?’

Shyam ‘yes I’m going to throw acid on her’

Rocky ‘when? Where?’

Shyam ‘she will come to Hazratkanj, and ah there she is’ looking at the girl coming in front of him with evil grin.

Rocky ‘bhai how do you know she will come here?’

Shyam ‘she always comes here on Thursday Rocky’ looking at the girl before ‘Khushi today you will not spared by me for the insult you gave me’ he masking his face with kerchief moved towards Khushi with calculative steps who was unaware of his move and is looking at the shops excitedly.

He had splashed the acid on her like a water when all of sudden someone with force hurled Khushi away from the acid attack in the process burning their left shoulder while puling Khushi away.

Khushi bewildered looked at the man before her with wide eye, his left arm is hurt and he is in pain. People gathered around and Shyam ran away with Rocky from the place in frustration on their target miss. Khushi clutched the man who was wincing in pain and with help took him to hospital.




Khushi sobbed waiting on the corridor bench to the opposite room where the man who is hurt is getting treated. She could not forget the pain on the man’s face, how much it would have been hurt him.

The Kaka who helped her to bring him here has told that it was acid attack. But who could attack like this and how could they go to such an extent, throwing acid attack.

She waited for the doctor to come outside and tell her about the man inside is well. Her wait came to end when doctor came out from the emergency room.

Khushi ‘doctor how is he?’

Doctor ‘his left shoulder is injured badly due to acid, we have given treatment to him, and he is alright now’

Khushi ‘is it so bad’

Doctor ‘definitely yes, acid attack is not a small thing; it burns the skin and more’

Khushi gulped wiping her tears, doctor ‘don’t worry he will be fine soon. But it is not simple thing, so police is called for investigation’

Khushi nodded at him. Khushi ‘can I meet him?’

Doctor ‘yes but don’t disturb him, he needs rest’



Police came and took Khushi’s statement, all Khushi know was she was walking on the street when all of a sudden the man collided with her and he was hurt. Police taking her statement went to see the spot where the incident took place.

Khushi looked at the man before her lying on the bed, his eyes closed. She called her home to inform of her late arrival due to her friend got hurt.

Khushi mumbling to herself, she can’t leave him like this, can she? Poor him will feel so much pain and being human kind how can she leave like this without anyone to look after him even though doctors and nurse are there. But she will leave once he regains his conscious, when she will get to know his family and after informing them she will leave. Grinning to her she settled on the chair beside him.


After few hours Khushi sat up straight on her chair looking at the man coming to conscious, the man tried to get up only to wince in pain, groaning he laid on the bed. Khushi shouting a ‘careful’ helped him sit. He looked at her forgetting his pain, which is burning his skin, at the innocent creature before him. Her long eye lashes, her hazel eyes, her cute little nose with glittering nose pin, her plump cherry lips, her smooth cheek, her porcelain skin all beckoned him towards her all lost.

Khushi’s voice brought him back to earth ‘how are you?’

The man grimaced ‘how it will be after getting burned by acid?’

Khushi’s face fell ‘it must be paining very much’

The man looked at her upset face and did not like it a bit ‘no it is okay I’m fine’

Khushi smiled little ‘accha I’ll call doctor, and can you give me phone number of anyone from your family member so that I could call them’

The man shouted ‘No’

Khushi taken aback ‘sorry’

The man ‘woh my family will get worried, they are all in Delhi and I don’t want them to get upset with the news’

Khushi ‘Oh!!! But there must be someone here who knows you right. Or else are you new to this city. Came here looking for a job or sightseeing’

The man looked at her wide eyes ‘no no I’m not new to this city neither I’m here looking for a job or sightseeing’

Khushi ‘hmmm okay I’ll call doctor first’ she scurried out of the room to call the doctor.



Khushi after the doctor left checking the man, Khushi ‘vaise I’m Khushi, Khushi Kumari Gupta’

Man nodded at her, Khushi looking at him ‘is there no one should I call? How will you manage alone’

Man ‘I’m okay’ Khushi did not feel nice, seeing her hesitated face, sighing ‘you can call my brother, he is here with me to Lucknow’

Khushi ‘give me his number I’ll make a call to him and come’




It had been only twenty minutes by the call made by Khushi to the man’s brother, when Khushi got shocked seeing a be spectacular man come running into the room.

‘bhai I was so worried when I got the call from hospital’

The man ‘relax Akash’

Akash ‘how can I relax bhai? Who attacked you? and acid?’

Arnav looking over at Khushi ‘it was not for me’

Akash confused ‘then for whom?’

Arnav ‘for her’

Khushi gasped trembling, Akash only then noticed a beautiful girl standing in the room. Khushi ‘for me?’

Arnav nodding a yes told them how he when went to the market to buy something for family as per Anjali’s instruction heard Shyam and Rocky talk about throwing acid at her.

Khushi burst out in tears. Arnav ‘Shhh Khushi nothing happened to you, you are safe’

Khushi ‘toh hone dhete something to me, if not for me you could have not got hurt’

Arnav wide eyes ‘what?’

Khushi ‘haan he wanted to hurt me, right? Why you came between me. See because of me you are hurt and in pain. Your family too will be upset with all this. I’m sorry very sorry’

Arnav don’t know what to say. Akash ‘er…but why he wanted to hurt you?’

Khushi ‘Because I rejected his proposal. You both tell me how can I accept a gunda, mawali, rowdy proposal. What if he is rich but I cannot marry a thug na.

Me and my family as soon as he came with his proposal to marry me rejected him. I never knew he will ever try to harm me like this’ shuddering.

Khushi looking at both of them ‘I did right na’

Both nodded at her. Khushi ‘but in all this no fault of yours you got hurt’

Arnav ‘I’m fine Khushi’

Khushi ‘what fine? What if instead of your shoulder, your face was burned’

Arnav  ‘simple I would have done plastic surgery’

Khushi opened her mouth in shock ‘haww’

Arnav ‘just relax, okay. Everything is fine, I’m not so badly injured’

Khushi ‘yeah yeah doctor told how badly you are injured’

Akash ‘but bhai we cannot let that Shyam and Rocky roam freely what if they hurt her again’

Khushi ‘hey Devi Maya’

Arnav ‘Akash you know right what you have to do’

Akash ‘haan bhai I’ll talk to commissioner’ he took his phone out and went dailing the number out.

Khushi gaped at them ‘is commissioner your freind? I mean do you know him well’

Arnav ‘yes’

Khushi ‘hmmm……….*then looking at him*  hey you did not even tell me your name, what will I go and tell my family about you, that a man saved me and I don’t even know his name’

Arnav smiling ‘Arnav, Arnav Singh Raizada’

Khushi ‘thank you Arnavji for saving me’

Arnav brushing it off ‘no it is okay’

A few minutes silence passed, when Arnav heard Khushi’s giggling voice, Arnav ‘what?’

Khushi ‘woh nothing’

Arnav ‘Khushi!!!’

Khushi giggling ‘woh kya haina you came and saved me like Salman Khanji’

Arnav ‘what?’

Khushi ‘yep like how he uses to save his heroine or other people at the nick of the time’ and she giggled again. Arnav looked at her wide eyes but then joined in her laugh.



Khushi ‘acha ab hum chalthe hain Arnavji, kal hum apne parivar ko bhi saat leke aayenge aapse milvane’

Arnav ‘nahiin uski koi zaroorat nahin hain’

Khushi ‘arey why not? They too will want to thank you for saving me’

Arnav turned to Akash ‘Akash you drop Khushi back home’

Khushi ‘no no it is not needed I’ll go home’

Arnav ‘no Khushi that guy is out there still so it safe you go with Akash, he will drive you home safely’

Akash ‘bhai is right Khushiji. He can do anything, and commissioner has promised he will arrest them soon, till then you should be cautious’

Khushi smiling ‘accha tikkai’

Akash ‘I’ll go take the car’

Khushi got up waving Arnav ‘bye Arnavji, see you tomorrow’

She had reached the door when Arnav called her ‘Khushi!!!’

Khushi ‘ji!!!’

Arnav ‘woh can I get your phone number?’

Khushi smiling ‘of course you are my friend now’ she took his phone from the stand nearby and dialled her number. Keeping it back ‘I had saved my number in yours and I’ll save your number in mine too. Bye then’

Arnav smiling ‘bye’

Akash left Khushi in her home and explained everything to her family, all got scared and started inspecting Khushi if she got hurt, but Khushi and Akash reassured all. They thanked Akash and informed him they will personally come and thank his brother. Akash head back to hospital lost his heart to the dove eye girl he met in Khushi’s house.



Khushi ‘Arnavji today evening you are getting discharged, right?’

Arnav ‘yes Khushi’

Khushi ‘hmmm’

Arnav ‘what is it Khushi?’

Khushi ‘nothing I’ll miss you *Arnav heart raced* you had become a very good friend of mine’

Arnav holding her hands ‘Khushi!!!’

Khushi her voice choked ‘you will not forget this friend na, I’ll always remember you. Will you be in contact with me after going to Delhi?’

Arnav cupping her cheeks ‘yes….Khushi does not look good while crying’

Khushi shaking her head ‘hum nahiin ro rahe hain’

Arnav ‘toh aise muh kyun bana rakha hai apna, jaise ki ro padogi’

Khushi ‘hum nahiin royenge, samjhe app’

Arnav chuckled ‘understood. *taking deep breathe* I’ll never forget you Khushi, and will be in touch with you, will talk with you daily’

Khushi brightened up ‘sachh?’

Arnav ‘sachh’

Khushi ‘then good, and when I’ll come to Delhi someday, you will take me to sightseeing’

Arnav ‘Done’ both smiled at each other.

Akash came inside ‘bhai Lavanya called to ask about you’

Arnav’s smile wiped off, Khushi ‘Lavanya? You never told me about her?’

Akash ‘oh bhai did not tell you, she is soon going to be engaged to bhai’

Khushi squealing ‘is it? Arey wah Arnavji why did you not tell me about the good news. Wow you will invite me to your marriage na’

Arnav faked a smile nodding. Khushi ‘wow soon there will be reason to come to Delhi’





It had been two weeks Arnav had returned to Delhi, he talked with Khushi every night without failing. Akash saw him often smiling at phone. Even others were surprised when they hear his laugh, however mood was he in the minute a call come to his phone his mood changes, all wondered about the unknown caller.

Anjali ‘why don’t you want to marry Lavanya Chotte? She is nice, modern, stylish girl, and top it both our families know each other well. We all like Lavanya, and you know her too’

Arnav ‘what about my like Di?’

Anjali ‘Chotte’

Akash coming to Arnav ‘is it Khushi bhai?’

Anjali and others looked confused; Arnav looked at Akash with unreadable expression. Nani ‘who is this girl Akash bitwa?’

Akash ‘tell me bhai, do you like her?’

Maami ‘hello hi bye bye first tell us Akash bitwa who is Khushi?’

Arnav looking at Akash ‘I don’t like her Akash’ all sighed relief with Akash confused, then Arnav looked straight at all of them in the eye and said loud & clear ‘I love her, I love Khushi’

Nani, Anjali and Maami got shocked. Nani ‘Khushi? Who is this girl?’

Akash sighing ‘the girl bhai saved’

Maami ‘the girl who would have been subjected to acid attack if not for our Arnav bitwa not get burned his shoulder’

Akash nodded at her, Arnav ‘I love her Di, Nani and Maami. And I want to marry her’

Anjali ‘Chotte how can you love her? When Lavanya loves you?’

Arnav ‘but I don’t love her Di’

Maami ‘hello hi bye bye, who knows that girl is fooling you around because you are rich. Middle class family are gold digger’s’

Anjali trying to convince ‘haan Chotte who knows that girl is trapping you for money

Arnav ‘Di she does not even know my status, she just know my name, she sees me only as her friend, she does not even know that I’ve feelings for her’

Akash ‘bhai is right Di, she does not even know bhai is a very rich man or to say No 1 in Asia.’

Arnav ‘All she knows is I’m her friend who saved her life’

Nani, Maami and Anjali stared at Arnav for him supporting a girl who in past never did for any hating the sight of them thinking they are all behind his money and fame, all fake.

Arnav looking at his mobile ‘sorry Di, but I’ve said my decision I will marry only Khushi or no one else. And excuse me I need to make a call’ he walked off to his room

Maami ‘hello hi bye bye he is going to talk with that girl’

Anjali ‘is it with that girl he is talking daily?’

Akash nodded ‘yes’

He sat before them taking each of their one hand in his hand ‘Di, Maa and then looking at Nani who is thoughtful, bhai he was never like this before. Can’t you see how much he is happy now a days? All this is because of Khushi. You all wanted him to have someone with whom he will not be alone and feel that someone is there for him. That someone is Khushi Di. He has changed lot since the time she came in his life. You have to see bhai in hospital Di, she was the one who took care of him. He used to be all his usual self and throw tantrum but as soon as Khushi will come he will be all calm and listen to her laughing with her. She is really a good girl, very traditional, has soft and clear heart, in fact she is a bit childish girl and her antics and talks makes bhai happy and smile, he needs someone who will understand him that someone is Khushi.

Anjali looking at him ‘how does she look Akash?’

Akash ‘she is very beautiful Di’

Maami ‘hello hi bye bye can we see her?’

Nani ‘yes bitwa we need to see the girl who stole our Chotte’s heart, which itself is a tough task for any one’

Akash shuffled through his phone gallery, and gave them to see Khushi’s photo.

Maami looking at the last photo ‘hello hi bye bye yeh toh bohut hi naughty lagat hai’

Nani looking at the girl ‘par bohut pyaari hai’

Anjali ‘tabhi toh Chotte ka pathar dil phigal gaya’

Nani nodded at her ‘the family too looks nice’

Maami ‘hello hi bye bye the another girl too is beautiful’

Akash ‘ji unka naam Payal hai’

Anjali raised her eye brows at her ‘Akash!!!’, he blushed, Maami stared at him ‘now don’t tell me you like this girl’

Akash nodding ‘ji!!’

Maami ‘what?’

Akash ‘yes I like her’

Anjali ‘does she knows this?’

Akash nodding no looked at her sadly, Anjali ‘wah kya baat hai my two brothers are in love but the said to be girl’s don’t know this’

Akash ‘Di!!!’

Nani chuckled ‘okay okay bitiya now don’t tease him, now what are we gonna do?’

Maami ‘aur nahiin toh shagun ki tokri le ke ladki dehkne jana hai’

Anjali ‘but what will we tell Lavanya Maami? She was weaving her dreams to live with chotte as his wife’

Maami ‘dreams can be good but it is real life. Arnav bitwa has said cut and clear that he will marry only Khushi’

Nani ‘yes no one can force relationships, and don’t worry we will talk to Kashyap family, it was our mistake to make them dream and we should be the one to say sorry’




Arnav ‘Khushi!!!’

Khushi ‘ji’

Arnav ‘why are you seeming upset? You are not your usual self’

Khushi ‘nothing Arnavji, woh kya hai I heard amma, babuji and buaji talking that they are going to marry me off soon’

Arnav choked for air ‘what?’

Khushi ‘haan they are searching for a groom with vengeance. All because of that Shyam, they don’t want him to come out of jail and harm me again, so being afraid of him they are searching for a nice guy. So I’m sad to leave them all, with the progress they are making it looks like they will get me married soon and I’ll not even know’

Arnav ‘but…but…’

Khushi ‘but it is okay Arnavji, they are my parents and will do for me good only na. They are looking a nice guy for jiji too. Looks like they are thinking to marry us together, and it is right because it will not look good to marry off second daughter when the first daughter is still unmarried’

Arnav voiced died in his throat with dread feeling filling in his heart. Khushi ‘accha bye Arnavji Shubrathri’ and the call was cut.

Arnav blinked, they are searching for her groom. What the!!! No she can’t marry anyone else other than him.




Arnav walked down and came to halt before the four who is still bantering, Arnav ‘I need to talk to you all’

Maami ‘now what you want to say bitwa’

Arnav frowned ‘Khushi’s parents are searching for a prospective groom for her and Payal because of that Shyam’s fiasco’

Akash slumped down on the couch ‘what?’

Arnav looked at him frowning, and then turned back to the three ladies ‘I’m here to tell that we need to talk with their family about my proposal for Khushi’

Anjali ‘not only yours but also Akash’

Arnav ‘what’ and growled at Akash

Maami ‘Arnav bitwa calm down, we are talking about for asking Payal’s hand for Akash’

Arnav relaxed, he nodded at them ‘good Payal is nice girl’

Akash shocked looked at him. Arnav ‘this is their home landline number. Nani you talk with them’

Nani taking the number nodded at him ‘I’ll talk to them tomorrow morning’

Arnav sighed and went to his room; they will surely accept his proposal, who will not? After all they know him and like him too. Aren’t they? Her buaji is fond of him, thinking of the number of times she pinched his chin Arnav babua Arnav babua.

Arnav laid down in his bed dreaming of bringing Khushi as his wife who will be with him sharing his room and his life.




Khushi came out of her room shouting ‘Amma how I’m looking? Is this looking good on me? They will like me na’

Amma, Buaji and Babuji stared at their Sanka Devi. Khushi looked up at them only to squeal ‘Arnav ji when did you come? And you are here’ turning to her family ‘why you all did not tell me he is here?’

Khushi turned Arnav ‘Arnavji you tell me how do I look? Will the boy and boy’s family will like me?’

Raizada’s stared at her who does not even seem to notice them very much interested in knowing Arnav’s answer. Arnav clearing his throat ‘you are looking beautiful Khushi’

Khushi gleefully ‘Sachh, thank you’

Maami whispering to Anjali ‘hello hi bye bye yeh toh bahut hi beautiful hai’

Anjali ‘haan Maami she looks more beautiful in real than in photo’ looking at her in awe.

Khushi frowned ‘but you are here in Lucknow? Why? *then blinking* are you here to invite me and my family to your wedding *Arnav opened his mouth* but why you have to take trouble, you could have invited me in phone na’

Anjali felt bad hearing her question how did she unknowingly doubted and bad mouthed her.

Buaji ‘Sanka Devi Chup’

Khushi looked at her, Garima ‘woh hamari Khushi kuch zyada hi bolti hai’

Shashi ‘par bahut acchi hai’

Nani smiling ‘hum jaante hain Shashi ji’ turning to confused Khushi ‘bitiya come here and sit beside me’

She made her sit between him and Arnav. Khushi then only looked at other occupant in the living room with wide eye. Lastly looking at ‘Akash ji’

Akash smiling slightly ‘at least now you are aware of me being here too’

Khushi flushed, Akash ‘it is okay I know you and bhai are very good friends’

Khushi nodded grinning at him. She then looked at other, Arnav introduced her to everyone his Nani, Anjali, Maami, Maama and last Lavanya Kashyap.

Khushi ‘oh your bride is here too’ all fell silent. Lavanya swallowed her lump, only she knew how hurt she is feeling. If not Khushi come in Arnav’s life she would have got married to him.


Arnav holding her hands ‘no Khushi we are not getting married’

Khushi ‘not getting married’

Arnav ‘yes I love someone else and not Lavanya, so I can’t destroy her life, right?’

Khushi ‘is it?’ Arnav nodded at her. Khushi whispered in his ear ‘but she would be hurt and felt bad na’

Arnav looked at her innocent face swallowing ‘she is, but better today than later. I can’t marry just because my family like her, I too have to see her in the light of my partner, right?’

Khushi nodded at him.  Buaji ‘Sanka Devi toh khud aagayi, Garima go bring Payaliyaa’

Garima ‘Ji!!!’ she in next few seconds brought a nervous Khushi. Maami ‘hello hi bye bye she is beautiful, come here and sit with me Payal’

Payal sat between her and Anjali. Khushi looked all of them confused. Arnav ‘Akash like your sister’

Khushi smiled brightly ‘really? So Akashji proposal came for jiji’ she looked at her family who nodded at her.

Then she frowned, Shashi ‘what is it betiya?’

Khushi ‘but babuji the said prospective groom who is coming to look me is not yet arrived, he is very lazy looks like’

All gaped at her, Buaji laughing ‘Sanka Devi Arnav bitwa is the one who came to look you, he is here for you asking your hand in marriage for him with his family’

Khushi looked all of them wide eye, she stood up ‘what?’

Arnav too stood up ‘I need to talk with Khushi’ all nodded at him, knowing well he will make her understand and clear her confusion.



Khushi clutching her pallu ‘you are here to ask my hand for marriage’

Arnav ‘yes’

Khushi ‘why?’

Arnav ‘I like you’

 Khushi ‘I like you too, but I never…’

Arnav swallowed coming near her ‘I not only like you but also love you’

Khushi looked at him wide eye, before she turning ‘is it because of me you refused to marry Lavanya ji?’

Arnav ‘no and yes’

Khushi looked at him confused ‘I was always not interested to marry her. It was Di, Maami and Naani pestering me to marry because she is our family friend’s daughter. They had fear that I’ll remain same like a loner without anyone in my life. I just kept quiet but when I saw you and came to know I could not stop myself from falling in love with you, because it was not in my control. And I said to my family about my wish to marry you. I had talked it all with Lavanya and made her understand clearly that I cannot marry her and she will never be happy with me. She too accepted it; she wanted to see you so came with us’

Khushi nodded at him. Arnav ‘Khushi I know you don’t love me but I’m sure you will fall in love with me’

Khushi looked up at him in surprise ‘you are so sure?’

Arnav ‘yes because I know if not today after marriage you will definitely fall in love with me in our together life time’

Khushi looked at him awe, Arnav ‘will you marry me Khushi? I love you and will keep you always happy, will be your supportive best friend, a passionate lover and a protective husband’

Arnav holding her hands ‘Marry me Khushi!!!’

Khushi looked at the man before her, knowing him well she can see the honest and true love in his eyes for her, without wasting any minute she said ‘yes I’ll marry you’ 

Arnav hugged her ‘I Love You!!!’ Khushi hugged him back thanking her DeviMaya for giving her a nice person as her life patner.

                                                              The End

This could have been written in SS, in little detail but I could not as I'm already handling SS and FF's which I'm unable to handle, so this would just add up. This is an open ending, and you all free to imagine the rest.

Me Marier means Marry Me.

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