Written Update - 24th February 2014 Ekk Nayi Pehchaan

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Feb 25, 2014

Written Update - 24th February 2014 Ekk Nayi Pehchaan (By sanchi)

Ek Nayi Pehchan 24th February 2014 Written Episode

Sharda is in the kitchen when Sakshi comes there. She looks upset. Sharda guesses it rightly. Kids don't have to say anything mothers get to know everything on their own. You had a fight with Karan, right? Sakshi is surprised. How do you understand everything all the time? Anyways, it isn't a big fight just a normal sweet one. I have made a new start and reached a new path already but Karan is still stuck there. Sharda explains that their relation is such that if you have taken a step then he too will automatically join you. You know what one must do before starting a new journey. You must seek Gods blessings. When we had come to Mumbai for the first time from Gujarat then I and Karans dad had gone to Siddhi Vinayak temple bare foot. Whatever we have today with us is because of that blessing only. Sakshi loves the idea. I too will do it. I will go there with Karan tomorrow morning. But you have a class tomorrow morning! No problem, I will be back before then. Sharda is scared. What will I do there? We have a test tomorrow. In those 2 days that I missed classes sir taught vowels and consonants (Sakshi helps her say it) but I don't know it. Sakshi agrees to teach her.

Sakshi teaches vowels to Sharda. Sharda keeps forgetting them so Sakshi gets an idea. She associates vowels with recipes and kitchen stuff (achar, emli, idli, ondhiyo and upma). Sharda learns them well this time. They both get happy thinking that now Sharda will easily give the test. Sharda turns and notices Fui standing there. Sakshi and Sharda are shocked to see her there. Fui wants to know where she is heading to. What are you both MIL and DIL doing here at this hour? Both are at a loss of answer. Sharda fumbles for an answer. Diya comes there as a saviour. She wants to sleep with her Nani. Sakshi takes the cue. Ma you go and make Diya sleep while I will calculate the money that is to be given to the milkman. Sharda nods in understanding. Fui makes a joke at that and leaves. Diya was acting as she had heard everything. I thought Dadi Fui might scold you so I made this up. Sharda tells her not to lie but Diya is unable to sleep for real. Sharda goes to make Diya sleep and tells Sakshi to sleep as well as she has to get up early tomorrow.

The alarm clock buzzes and it is kept next to Karan. He quickly ends the alarm and again lies down to sleep. Sakshi comes after taking a bath and smiles as she looks at him. Her hair is wet so she sprinkles water droplets on him by swaying them. He wakes up and wants to know what she is up to. She asks him to get up fast as they have to go to temple. He is confused. At 4 am? Even God will be sleeping at this hour. Why now? She has kept a fast for him today so we will have to go to temple together to do puja. He denies outright. I don't want to go anywhere. She is about to pick up the alarm clock when he holds her hand and they share an eye lock. She requests him to wake up. I have promised mom that we will go to temple early morning. His morning begins from 9 am. She tells him to get ready. He cannot help thinking why Sakshi is behaving so weirdly. Fast for me? I never knew she is such a fast friend of mine. What's happening to her? He is still on the couch so she asks him to hurry up or should I come to make you bath there only. He has no option but to go.

Sharda too is up early by now and praying. Sakshi comes there and is surprised to see her. sharda wants to prepare for her test. Sakshi assures her they will be back by 10:30 am. And don't think about Baa for now. Your test is more important for you at the moment. I will handle Baa. I will think of something she wouldnt know. I will definitely find a way out. Sharda doesn't like it that she has to hide things from Fui. Sakshi reminds her of her boon for studies which she had asked from Saraswati Ma. Now that you have got it, if you miss your class then it would be a bad thing to do. You are doing it right. Karan too comes there irked that she (Sakshi) has to disturb people early morning. He is about to go take the car when she stops him. We will go by foot. Karan is about to say something but goes quiet as his mom is there too. Sakshi and Sharda smile. Sakshi leaves after wishing her MIL best of luck.

Karan is talking about the mode of transports of Gods. When Gods don't walk by foot then why should devotees do so? Long walk, fasting this is all outdated. Sakshi smiles amused. She notices some women walking bare foot and removes her sandals. She asks Karan to do so as well. He doesn't want to but keeps requesting him so he has to! Poor Karan! (

Sharda is doing puja. Dadi and Fui too fold their hands in prayer. She seeks the blessings of both the ladies and serves them tea. Fui asks for Sakshi. Dadi thinks that Sharda is lying when she tells her about Sakshi going to temple. Sakshi has gone to Siddhi Vinayak temple with Karan bare foot and by foot. Dadi confirms her trust through gestures. Fui likes it. It is 8:30 am already.

Sharda and Karan are walking. Karan is hungry and stops to eat chips. She tells him he cannot eat them as she has kept a fast. She corrects him that they both have kept it. He doesn't want to but she insists he will have to as she is saying so as she is his wife after all. She likes the way a couple walk past them and is holding hands. He comments that they are just doing it to butter God while in reality they fight at home all the time. These are all the ways to butter God and you too are doing the same. She is ready to bribe in any way to spend 7 lives with him. He is rendered speechless and they resume walking. A car walks past Sakshi with quite some speed and Karan gets concerned for her. She is happy / surprised to see him care for her like this. He scolds her. She again thinks of something. Am I little kid that you are scolding me? He nods. She offers her hand as she might get lost somewhere being a kid. He holds her hand in agreement which makes her happy.

Saiyaan re plays as Sakshi cannot help smiling while looking at Karan. They both are walking holding hands. She buys a basket to offer the puja material in the temple.

Sharda is doing her daily tasks but cannot help herself from looking at the clock. It is 9:15 now. Sakshi is still not home. I will definitely get late for class today. Just then Fui calls out for her and Sharda looks at her in shock. Fui guesses that she looks worried. Sharda is about to reply when Fui says if her DIL calculated the milkmans bill wrongly. Sharda denies. She is about to reply when Dadi comes there. She wants Sharda to teach Kaveri how to make gatte ki subzi. Sharda leaves. Fui is upset with Dadi. Sharda was about to say something. You dint even let me hear her properly. She was saying that it is getting late. Dadi puts it on Sakshi smartly. Sharda is waiting for Sakshi nothing else. You don't worry go and rest. Fui leaves and Dadi folds her hand in a thankful / thank God gesture.

Karan and Sakshi have reached Siddhi Vinayak and they offer their prayers. They are told to tie the holy thread in each others hands which they do. They get blessings from the priest. Sakshi is happy that everything happened smoothly. We are getting late as we must reach home before 10:30 am as ma have to go to attend her coaching class. She gets a sprain in her feet. He asks her if all her wishes have been fulfilled now. Done with all your puja? You said you wouldnt even get a scratch in your feet now see what has happened. don't expect that I will carry you like some romantic hero. I am already irritated. I don't get it what are you doing nowadays? Why are you acting like a typical wife since last few days? Temple, puja, this and that give me a break. I feel suffocated because of all of this. Everything was going fine but don't know what happened to you all of a sudden. I cant stand it anymore. Stop this drama. He walks away while she looks at him sadly with tears in her eyes.

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