Bound with her craziness...Epilogue

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Feb 19, 2014

SNEAK PEAK of my next creations!!! (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 101 times)

Hey dears... This is my new creation it may be three shot story and writing this for fun. Already i gave sneak peak many of you read it, but now I started to write it as a story. I hope you guys ll enjoy it. This story is fully filled with craziness with simple plot. Just try to share ur feel.... love you all and take care.

Apr 3, 2014

Bound with her craziness (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 89 times)

A gal who is always crazy ll do something which ll be unexpected.


Oh god... Where I lost my purse, now how can I ll reach my home without single money, can't even go in bus hmm lets ask someone for lift...a girl was blabbering and biting her nails furiously. She came to main road and started to ask lift seeing some vehicles which are all crossing on her path. But after trying so much time she thought, m I looking ugly, can't even they give lift for beautiful girl like me...


She looked here and there suddenly her gaze felled on a guy who was handsome wearing his suit, who was standing near to a car which got broke down waiting for the mechanic to repair who was working on. She thought, I don't have choice I need to do this while thinking she went near that guy but he din mind her. She cleared her throat to get his attention but no use. Finally she called, Sir ... He looked at her. she said, actually I lost my purse... Then go and complaint in police station, he said wit stern voice. Gal replied, no no I don't have lot money in my purse to give complaint and all. You just give me 10Rs. A guy uttered, what...he looked top to bottom he never met a person like this. Gal said, yeah just 10Rs I can go to my home. Actually from here to my home just 8rs only bus fare, you can give me 8rs also... But don't worry you just give me ur phone number I ll return ur money I promise, otherwise give me ur address I ll come to ur home and give...If You not believe me I can give my number or address, but plz... She looked and opened her mouth seeing 500rs note. She screeched, no I don't want... Before she complete her sentence he said, if want take it and move otherwise return it and leave me. She hesitated and took tat money, she said thank you sir I promise I ll return you tomorrow itself and I.. Suddenly she heard a car closing door where he sat inside the car due to her torture.... She stood with open mouth.


Mobile ringtone echoed on the room which disturbed a guy who was engrossed in his files. He took his mobile without seeing the number, on the other side a gal said, hello I m Khushi... He replied, I m busy rite...before he finish, she said wit smile, waah... I m Khushi.. You are busy... Is this ur nick name because I never heard such weird name. He uttered, what the.... Who are you.. She said, just now said na I m Khushi.. Oh I din say my name na while getting money from you. He asked, what..which money. She said, aaaaw.. How can you forget, you gave me five hundred rupees na this morning. He was shocked and asked, you... But how you got my phone number. She said casually, I saw ur face on one article, then came to know abt you.. I called your office and got your number. He asked, how they gave you.. I told them shouldn't give my number to outsiders. She said wit chuckle, yeah they din give at first but I can't keep ur money wit me na... He asked with curious, then how you got this number. She smiled and replied, just told them I m ur gal friend...His phone slipped from his hand uttering What the.. She started to shout, Hello hello Mr.Busy are you there ... She giggled and said to herself, may be thinking me as his gal friend he was fainted in shock, why not who can match my beauty...



Arnav took his phone again, where khushi was shouting, Mr.Busy Mr. Busy….Arnav closed his eyes in anger and shouted, Enough… just stop it. Khushi became silent, stop what… Actually I thought you fainted. Arnav replied, yeah soon it may be happen. Khushi replied, I want to return your money. Arnav said, no need to return, its k you can keep. Khushi giggled and asked, do you really thinking me as your galfriend. Arnav asked in shock, whattt… Khushi replied, no you told me to keep this money na… like boyfriend giving to his gal friend. Arnav got irritated, stop eating my brain now. Khushi said with pout, aaaw I wont eat tasteless brain, and one more thing I m vegetarian, I wont eat brain shain and all. Arnav first time uttered, Oh god… Khushi said, what happen. Arnav said with gritted teeth, will you keep your phone. Khushi replied, okay okay… no problem, Meet you tomorrow saying she cut her call. Arnav uttered, what the…



Next day, Arnav was busy in his meetings, after finished his meeting he came to his cabin and shocked to see khushi there where she was sitting and looking the magazine. Arnav shouted, you. Khushi looked him and stood from her place, haaa finally you came… how long I ll wait for you, cant you finish your meeting soon Mr.Busy. Arnav gritted and said, Arnav… Arnav singh raizada. Khushi asked, then why you said that you are busy. Arnav replied, that time where you let me to finish my sentence dammit, I said that time I was busy in my work. Khushi said, oh.. I thought it is your nick name. Arnav asked with irritation, why you came, Who asked you to wait. Khushi said with pout, I told you I want to return your money so only I came here. Arnav asked, how you got this address. Khushi laughed which made him to shout, stop laughing dammit. Khushi stopped and said, having google chacha na… Arnav asked with confused face, what chacha… and who is he… Khushi said laughing, arey don’t you know google, then how you running your office. Arnav closed his eyes in furious and asked, who allowed you to come inside my office. Khushi said, your security. Arnav muttered, without my permission how dare they. Khushi said immediately, no no don’t scold them, I used yesterday trick. Arnav din get, he asked what… Khushi said, you having bad memory… I told the same that I m ur gal friend… simple.


Arnav uttered, what the… again… Khushi replied with pouting face, haan what can I do I had no choice you know. Arnav smirked and approached her slowly with intense gaze to make her scare, he asked do you know what boyfriend will do with his gal friend. Khushi gulped her throat and looked here and there, arnav smirk grew more and asked, now what happened how you zipped your mouth. Khushi smiled and put her both hands on his neck, caressed his side face with one hand and said with seductive voice, yeah I know… do you know what galfriend ll do on her boyfriend. Arnav eyes went wide, his mouth was zipped now. Khushi slowly brought her lips to his lips, she blew air which made him to close his eyes, Suddenly she gave kiss on his cheek and looked at his face. Arnav eyes opened instantly, he was dumbfounded and motionless. Khushi raised her eye brows with smile. Arnav cant do anything. Khushi giggled and took his one hand, kept his rupees on his hand, she opened the door to go out, before that she said, this is just trailer still main picture remaining… Arnav was hell shocked he dono whats happening around him seeing her disappearing figure.   





Guys just for fun I m writing this, don't think too much abt this. Those who feel to bang ur head on the wall can do it for reading this update, but don't get hurt... Ha ha ha... Just write ur comments what you feel. Take care.. Always wear smile on ur lips.. Love you all.

Apr 4, 2014

Bound with her craziness (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 90 times)

Khushi came back to her home with kulfi ice in her both hands which also dripping from her hand. When her mom looked her she kept hand on her head and shouted, khushi when you going to change, one week more for your marriage but still you are like this. Khushi tasting her kulfi and asked, now what I did mom why you always shouting at me. Her mom nodded her head and asked, see yourself how you are eating, after marriage also if you do like this means what they ll think about you. Khushi asked with shocking face, whattt… you mean after marriage I should not eat kulfi… but why… then I cant do marriage with anyone if should not eat kulfi means. Her mom hitted on her head and said, After marriage eat your kulfi but don’t eat like this see your hands how sticky. Even child ll eat well. Khushi said, ohhh… I having in both hands na so only cant able to wipe. Her mom looked at her with anger and left from there.


Arnav was disturbed due to her single kiss on his cheek, he cant digest the scene which happened few minutes before. He cant able to concentrate on his work which making him to get frustration. Arnav thought, what a gal is she… how much she ll talk in a minute… Dammit… how dare she to kiss me…


Khushi was excited thinking about her engagement which going to happen after five days. Suddenly something clicked on her mind and she dialed a number, started to shout.


Khushi: Hey idiot did you bought our engagement rings…


Rohan: No not yet sweetheart.


Khushi: You lazy cat… when you are going to buy, still five days only more.


Rohan: Chill sweetheart, Don’t worry we can buy it.


Khushi: I don’t know anything, tomorrow I ll also come with you be ready.


Rohan: Okay.



Next day Rohan and khushi went for jewelry shop to buy engagement ring, khushi din like any designs which is kept for display. Rohan having hard time with her as she din like any ring which he was selecting. Khushi pissed off in seeing, she looked here and there, suddenly her gaze fixed on a familiar figure, she called Arnav… Arnav… but he was busy in talking with jewelry owner. She stamped her feet for not responding her, atlast she shouted, Mr. Busssssyyyyyy….. Everyone in the shop looked at her Arnav was shocked and closed his eyes in anger.


Khushi looked everyone with embarrassment and said, looking them you can do your work I just called Mr.Busy saying she pointed at arnav, everyone gaze turned to arnav who was furious. Arnav came near to khushi, what the hell you thinking dammit… I told you my name is arnav. Khushi said with pouting face, but I called you arnav only, you din hear after I called busy only you looked me. Arnav asked, now why you called. Khushi said, arey why you talking like stranger…. She dragged rohan and said, Rohan see he is Mr.Busy oops Mr.Arnav, Arnav he is Rohan. Arnav looked both of them and asked, So…. Khushi pouted her face, so nothing….turned towards rohan,  Rohan he only helped me that day but I got scold from conductor for giving 500 Rs note, he don’t have change to give for that much rupees. If Mr.busy gave 10rs means I might not get scold you know, Everything happened because of him. Arnav looked at khuhsi thinking unbelievable. Arnav looked at rohan and said, please don’t leave her alone anywhere…. Rohan got confused, arnav added, why I telling means everyone cant be like me, one day someone surely ll send her to asylum be careful Saying he moved, rohan was laughing like hell and khushi was looking arnav with open mouth.   


Apr 11, 2014

Bound with her craziness (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 86 times)

On that night Arnav got call while he working on his files which made him to get disturbed. He looked at the number which is unknown so he cut that call and again he started to do his work. After few minutes, again got call from that same number, arnav got irritated and thought to shout, he just pressed his call button..


Khushi: Hello Mr.Busy… Are you busy, why you cut my call…


Arnav: With gritted teeth, khushiiii….


Khushi: Heiiii… how you know its me…


Arnav: because you are unique piece in this world.


Khushi: haaan I m…


Arnav: now why you called…


Khushi: of course to talk with you


Arnav: took deep breathe, don’t waste my time, I m busy in work.


Khushi: yeah I know, so only you are Mr.Busy.


Arnav: I don’t have time to hear your useless talk, I m keeping


Khushi: Waitttt…. What a man you are…. You have time for your laptop and files but not for a human like me.


Arnav: Shut up… why you called.


Khushi: okay… you know marriage fixed for me.


Arnav: I don’t know… I no need to know


Khushi: arey.. you don’t know So only I m telling


Arnav: so what I want to do for that


Khushi: Nothing… I just telling to my boyfriend saying she giggled


Arnav: with irritation, I don’t know which stupid agreed to marry you, surely he ll be mad only to choose a gal like you, spoiling his own life.


Khushi laughed loudly


Arnav: stop laughing dammit, its not a joke. And what made you to laugh

Khushi: No no I just thought about that idiot and mad.


Arnav: whatever…


Khushi: surely after knowing him, you wont tell him as idiot or mad


Arnav: why I want to know him, without knowing itself I can say him mad for choosing you.


Khushi: with giggle, you wont I know… shall we keep bet.


Arnav: no need for your useless bet.


Khushi: Are you scared…


Arnav: me…. Scared… never…


Khushi: then accept bet na…


Arnav: okay… what bet


Khushi: If I won, you want to give me 100 kisses…. If you won I ll give 100 kisses


Arnav: with shock, what the…


Khushi: what Mr. Busy… don’t you have confidence in yourself


Arnav: I have


Khushi: Then accept it.


Arnav: Fine… deal


Khushi: Not deal… its kisses.


Arnav: shut up… saying he cut his call


Khushi burst into laugh saying, I wont leave you without getting kisses from you.

Mr. busy going to be Mr. Shock, just one more day wait and watch.




Apr 28, 2014

Bound with her craziness (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 78 times)

Next day Anjali asked Arnav to get ready for going to see his gal whom he going to marry. Arnav don't have interest in doing marriage now but his family members are not ready to hear any excuse. Arnav got ready with his sulky face in no mood, they all started to move.

After some time they reached that gal home, gal family invited them with warm welcome. They talked for few minutes but Arnav not interested in listen to their talks, he started to scratch his phone doing something. Anjali asked them to bring their daughter. Her mom went to bring her from her room. Arnav who was busy with his mobile heard some anklets tingling sound, which made him to look in that direction.

A gal who approaching them looked at him, she winked her eyes when his gaze fixed on her. Arnav was shocked, what the.... Khushi. Khushi giggled seeing his worthy expression. Anjali asked him, do you know her. Arnav muttered, yeah how can I ll forget this unique piece. Anjali din hear his words she said if you want, you can go and talk with her alone. Arnav thought, alone... That too with her, to spoil my brain. Before he say something Khushi said, haan Arnavji... Come na don't feel shy. Arnav rolled his eyes he was in shock, which gal ll talk like this on this situation. Khushi mom looked at her with anger thinking when she going to change. Anjali told him to go, Arnav went with cursing his fate. Khushi guided him to the garden to talk alone.

Khushi: do you like this surprise

Arnav: its not surprise, its called shock. So you already know

Khushi: haan, so only I asked help from you that day.

Arnav: then wy you din say.

Khushi: ask ur sister she only told me not to say.

Arnav: what.. My Di... If I din agree for this marriage means

Khushi: noooo.. You can't do like this

Arnav: excuse me its my life and my decision

Khushi: no now I also related in your life, you should not do like this. Please marry me na. Okay I m sorry for not telling before itself but its because ur Di promise. And I also like this game but it soon got over, said with pouting face.

Arnav: got amused, wy.. do you love me

Khushi: No..

Arnav: then wy you are interested in this marriage.

Khushi: if you reject mom and dad ll feel bad na

Arnav: Wy I wanna marry you, what I ll get

Khushi: wit confused mind, kulfi... Haan I ll give tasty kulfi.

Arnav: with shock what.. Kulfi

Khushi: yeah you know I ll eat two at a same time because I have two hands only na

Arnav: muttered, yeah others having four hands na

Khushi: Atleast now agree na

Arnav: so you agreed for ur parents but you don't like me

Khushi: without thinking, no I like you... Realizing her words she became crimson red.

Arnav was amused to see her color, Anjali came nd called them which made them to broke their convo. They came inside they asked Khushi decision she nodded as yes, when they asked Arnav decision, he looked at Khushi who was looking him in the verge of crying. Arnav said nite we ll call you. They bid good bye to them, before start his car he looked her,and started to go.

At nite Khushi was restless and waiting for his call but it din come. At last she lost her patience, dialed his number. Arnav chuckled seeing her number he already expecting it.

Arnav: Hello

Khushi: Arnavji wy you din call

Arnav: wy I want to call

Khushi: you din say anything na

Arnav: what I want to say

Khushi: got irritated, abt our marriage

Arnav:oh yeah.. I forgot it because I was busy in my works.

Khushi: muttered, yeah how can I forget he already having his own family his laptop as wife and his mobile as child, then how he ll remember other things.

Arnav: was amused and chuckled hearing this. Khushi did you say something.

Khushi: nothing

Arnav: shall I keep my phone

Khushi: throw your phone, I hate you Mr. Raizada

Arnav: so you loved me

Khushi: yeah I loved you but not now.

Arnav: I love you too

Khushi: whatever, aft realizing what what you said

Arnav: I don't like to repeat my words

Khushi: plz tell me na

Arnav: get ready for our marriage

Khushi:but wy.. What it means you ready to marry me

Arnav: hmm

Khushi: yayyyy.. Love you so much.. I knew it who ll reject Miss. Khushi gupta. Now you are the mad and idiot to marry me ha ha ha bye.. Disconnected her call.

Arnav: what the... Unbelievable.

Khushi rushed to hall and shouted to core, mom dad come soon na. Without tolerating her noise they came and asked what happened now. Khushi said with jumping, Arnavji agreed to marry me. Others looked at her silently. Khushi asked, what.. Are you not happy. Her dad said, Khushi morning itself they called and told aft reached their home. Khushi was shocked with open mouth, what but wy you din tell me. Her mom said, Arnav said us not to tell you. Khushi with wide eyes, what the... How dare he

At mid nite, Arnav was working in his laptop suddenly he heard some sound from window side. He went and opened the window only to get shock by seeing Khushi who was hanging on the pipe. Arnav in shock, Khushi what is this.. Wy you came here.. What you doing.. Do you know what time now. Khushi got irritated, stop interviewing Mr. Raizada first pull me inside. Arnav realized and pulled her, asked now tell me. Khushi replied, did you never watched movies how hero ll come and meet heroine at mid nite, I know you won't come because you are busy with ur wife and child so I itself came. Arnav, what wife and child. Khushi with sulky face, yeah laptop and ur mobile. Arnav chuckled and thought only she can think like this. Khushi said, aft two days our engagement at least don't forget that in ur busy work. Arnav with shock, what.. Two days but how. Khushi said yeah Anjali Di doing all arrangement. Arnav asked, all are pre planned. Khushi nodded. Arnav uttered, yeah rite, for me engagement but I itself don't know. Khushi remembered and shouted, but how dare you to say to my parents not inform me about your call at morning. Arnav, Khushi don't shout Di ll wake. Khushi said, oh yeah I forgot wait I ll tell good nite to Di and come. Arnav eyes went wide, Khushi do you know the time saying he pulled her who trying to open his room door. Khushi came and crashed on his chest which made them to lost their balance, fell on the bed. She perfectly fitted on his frame, both looked at each other eyes, there heart beats got united. In swiftmotion Arnav came top of her, Khushi was shocked. Arnav started to caress her face by moving her fringe, all her blood came on her cheeks which became bright redness due to her nervousness. Khushi asked in whisper, Arnav Wt you doing. Arnav replied, fulfilling our bet. Khushi said, that only for teasing. Arnav replied, Arnav never back off from his words, let me do it saying he placed his lips on her trembling lips to fulfill their bet, his one kiss which took time of hundred kisses by enjoying the pleasurable moment.

Finally I finished it. Thanks for peeping into this creation and spl thanks for writing your few words. Take care love you all.

May 1, 2014

Epilogue !!! (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 130 times)

This epilogue is for Ana Mehreen

Wedding was decorated with fairy lights which was twinkling like stars and flowers where its fragrance occupied every where, pink and white curtains were freely hanging in the interior walls, Small mandap was arranged with flower decoration with sufficient space. Lot of guests were invited for this huge wedding, Arnav Singh Raizada weds Khushi kumari Gupta.

Arnav was getting ready for the marriage, wearing his sherwani a traditional dress, even though he don't like to wear these types of attire, he still wearing for his Khushi. Almost she threatened that she ll stop this marriage if he came with his suit as her groom, finally he don't have choice he need to wear.

Khushi was getting ready happily, for her wedding was like dream which making her more excited. Few ladies helping her in her hairstyle, one lady adjusting her wedding lehanga. They also teasing Khushi which making her to blush. One lady said, even I also did love marriage, my husband loves me more than anything. He ll find out me correctly even if I m in crowd of thousand ppl, really I m blessed to get a husband like him. Khushi all the best for your marriage, I wish Arnav wanna love you more than this after marriage also. Khushi smiled weakly and thought about something. After making her ready they left from there. Khushi looked here and there when she noticed noone was there she dialed Rohan number and asked him to come. After some time he came Khushi scolded him for being late, she told something to him which made him to get shock and he refused. Khushi warned, if you don't do then you are dead, surely I ll kill you. Finally he agreed to Khushi and did what she said.

Time came for tying the knots, Arnav came to mandap and rituals started, after few minutes pandit asked them to bring a bride. Her mom and aunt brought bride to the mandap. Arnav looked at his bride but bride face was covered with her veil. Bride took place beside Arnav. They did some rituals, it was the time to tie mangalsutra. Pandit gave it to Arnav to tie on his bride. When Arnav tried to tie, they heard tingling sounds of bangles in that silent hall.

Arnav looked at his front which made other to see, all are shocked to Khushi who was standing down in front of mandap, with anger and crossing her arms on her chest. Everyone was shocked to see her and looked at the bride who sitting beside Arnav. Arnav asked in shock, Khushi... You here then this. Khushi roared with anger, haan me... Can't you identify your bride also Arnav who ever came and sat beside you, ready to marry na. Arnav don't know to say, he just took veil from that bride, which made everyone to gasp. All said at same time, Rohan... You.

All looked at him in shock and also angry. Rohan said immediately, no I din do anything Khushi only asked me to do. All looked towards her direction, Khushi said, yeah I only said, I thought Arnav loves me and he ll identify but no here no one find it. His face only covered with veil, can't you see his skin its just looks like buffalo hard skin, rohan looked at her with shock, what she said mine buffalo skin. Khushi added still can't able to guess na, I din expect this. All are numb, they can't able to digest it.

Her mom looked at her with anger today she crossed her craziness limit. She went and hit her head, this is marriage not any drama. I dono from where you getting ideas like this. Khushi giggled and said, mom don't you see serials how they exchange the bride by taking advantage of covering the veil on their face. Her mom shouted, shut up Khushi... Saying she made her to sit beside Arnav.

Arnav was still in shock he can't believe that he going to marry this crazy bride, life long what and all he going to face thinking that now itelf sacred. Khushi nudged him, Arnav you going to tie me or shall I tie on yours, Arnav came to sense and looked at mangalsutra which he having, he gave unbelievable look and finally tied on her neck. At last they became husband and wife.

This wedding marked the history of craziness with her crazy ideas.

After finishing the formalities, they played some games it was full of fun and happy moments. Time passed by this atlast came their first nite Their bed room was decorated with candles and rose petals on bed, it was simple yet romantic. They made Khushi to sit at a centre of bed with closed veil. After sometime Arnav came to their room and looked at her lovingly with smile, suddenly something hit on his brain, he rushed towards her and lifted her veil with force, looked at Khushi, he took deep breathe and said, ha at least now you here not that rohan. Khushi gathered her dress almost jumped from bed, what do you mean Arnav... When he was there you din find out but now here I m sitting and waiting for you, you doubting. I don't know how I going to spend my life time with you saying she took her dress, went to change leaving Arnav in shock.

After few minutes she came and laid on the couch with anger, Arnav looked at her he was not in the state to speak anything. He silently laid on his bed with closing eyes. At mid nite Khushi was waked and went towards him, she waked Arnav by shaking him. Arnav looked at her, Khushi asked, how can you sleep comfortably Arnav, while I sleeping on the couch. Here your wife is angry but you din think to convince me na. Arnav can't believe, what a gal she is...Khushi please sleep now, at least now let me sleep in peace. Tmr I having work. Khushi pouted and asked, here I m talking to you but for you work only important na, like that what important work you having. Arnav said with gritted teeth, wanna apply for divorce saying he turned to other side and slept. She looked at him in shock with open mouth.

This is not only their first nite but also worst nite.

I know this is too much but Wt to do, my brain not resisting to think like this. Just for fun I wrote this. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Thank you for all stay in touch.

Lots of love

Nakshathra..... 'Asha'

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