Cursed Life

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Feb 5, 2014

Cursed Life (By Sviji) (Thanked: 174 times)

Read at your own risk, some may feel emotional and some may feel what ****....and I'm ready for your chappals and tomatoes.....the thing is the shot is actually written by me one day before when my mood was so off looking around the people whom I hate so much and for whom woman are like play toy, such arrogance and dominance are choking me and I started taking my pent up frustration in the only way I'm doing from past few months that is to write on people don't be mad at me after reading this....okay.....

Arnav Singh Raizada stood alien amidst the crowd of guest, it is his engagement but he felt void of it all, he cannot think himself to be in this situation, but still he is standing here going to be engaged to someone he never want to, not that the girl is not perfect, but he is not. How can he? When he cannot love her nor even come to term to like her. But he is standing in the dais ready to put the ring on the girl’s finger only because of his Di. His Di wanted him to get married to the girl she is choosing and he could not refuse her because any shock or stress, any sadness will cause her to lose her baby and her life. He cannot lose his mother figure from his life so he relented to her request, her wish killing his heart within.

He was going to put the ring on the girl’s finger when the voice stopped him. The voice which is always is music to him; his and his only loves melodious voice ‘won’t you first let me congratulate you Arnav ji?’ All the Raizadas stood shocked at her entrance, Khushi ex Singh Raizada or so thought…..

Arnav whispered her name ‘Khushi!!!’ his heart stopping at the sight of her almost after three month. Anjali fisted her palm and growled at Khushi in a whisper when she neared them ‘what the hell are you doing here?’

Khushi did not even look at her almost dispersing her like a dust, her eyes fixed on Arnav who stood rooted to the spot ‘We need to talk, before you go with this engagement’ a loud murmur erupted all over the hall among the guest.

Mami coming to her, grabbed her arms ‘don’t you dare try to create a scene’

Khushi removed her hands from her arms; she walked over near Arnav and the girl going to be his fiancée in few minutes. She turned to the girl who looked at her perplexed ‘don’t worry I’m not here to break your engagement with him, but before he put that ring on your finger it is must that he finish with his past relationship, past means I Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada’

Anjali roared ‘what bull****, you both are divorced’

Khushi turned to her calm ‘are we? Or you thought so? But the divorce paper is yet to be signed by me, I’ve still not signed over the paper, then how come we both are divorced, and I’m here to free him’

Arnav looked at his sister confused ‘Di….not signed? You said she signed the paper’

Khushi turned to him her always expressive eye with no expression, all clam and blank, Arnav blanched looking at her. Khushi smiled, the one with sadness dripping ‘don’t worry as I said I’m here to set you free and not to destroy your bright future’

 Arnav and Khushi have eloped and married each other at the day of Akash and Payal engagement, the night Arnav had seen Shyam hugging Khushi and confessing his love for her and Khushi asking him to leave Anjali. Arnav like we know had misunderstood and married her forcefully which resulted in the breaking of Akash and Payal’s engagement. Both the families were shocked and accused them, Nani had accused Arnav for breaking Lavanya’s heart but Lavanya had left the house telling she already had break up with ASR the day before and they were not in any way going to get engaged today, and she has no hard feeling on ASR and Khushi’s marriage. Gupta’s left the house with being sad upon Khushi’s decision. Raizada’s too did not accept their marriage; life went on with still everyone being upset with them. Arnav torturing Khushi with his venom, no one knew what is happening behind the closed door. Khushi tried hard to get forgiveness from Raizada and Gupta’s but no one was ready until the holi day where she got forgiveness from her family but not from Razaidas. Khushi and Gupta’s learned about why Arnav married Khushi forcefully which shocked them but they could do nothing, when Arnav had threatened Khushi to destroy her family and Khushi accepted to be with him as his wife tolerating his every wrath, his every hate. Guptas along with Khushi tried to make him understand that Shyam his Jeejaji is at fault but he did not listen thinking it all to be fake story. But soon he had to change his mind when he got kidnapped by his own jeejaji, it was when Khushi saved him from his jeejaji’s cruel intention he had believed her trusted her, they had ran away from their and had taken refuge in the hut at night where they had become one in all sense but that was it to the end of the new beginning they had, because the next day when they returned to Shantivan, everything changed, Shyam had played his card well stating how Khushi is behind him and is now behind Arnav’s money. Anjali believed her husband and thrown Khushi out of the house, with no one to support her not even her own husband who knows she is innocent. He just looked on seeing his Di pushing his wife out, he had chosen his Di over his wife. The next coming months were very hard on Khushi she could not believe the person she loved abandoned her, Gupta’s shattered when they saw their daughter suffering with no fault of hers. Khushi still had hope for her husband to come and get her until a month back when she received the divorce paper from him. She could not sign the papers still having a tiny hope in her heart that all this is just a mere joke until today when she got to know he is getting engaged to another girl, shattered she is, dead she is came to conclusion to free him from their relationship if that is what he wanted, he wish. So here she is with the divorce paper yet to be signed by her.

Khushi looked at him with her calm blank face with no life in her eyes ‘So shall we talk? We need to close what you started? And this time it is going to be me?’

Anjali came forward to Khushi but Arnav ‘Come with me’ he took Khushi inside his study room upstairs, Anjali looked on tensed at their retreating back. Mami coming to her ‘don’t worry bitiya she cannot do anything this time’

Nani did not like it one bit what they were doing, Akash where he is drowned in his own misery of not able to get his love in his life after what his brother and family did to Khushi. Payal had even refused to look in his direction when he thought everything would come back to normal when Arnav and Khushi’s relationship had been accepted by them but then again fate played with him, by his families one act again made his love to be far from him but not only that made his love to detest of him and his family, seeing disgust in the eyes of the person you love is making Akash heart bleed but he could not do anything against his Di, his mother and his family. Maama ji as always chose to keep quite letting the ladies of the house to work their way however they please. And Shyam like the snake his is living his lavish life in RM putting on the façade of innocent face where all the Raizadas are trapped instead of one and the one is Arnav Singh Raizada. Even though ASR detests Shyam’s very presence in his life and house like a black shadow but he could do nothing because his Di loved that sleaze ball.

Closing the door after him Arnav turned to Khushi who is facing her back towards him, he walked in front of her and noticed her slender figure, still beautiful but worn out, her face  is all pale, dark circle has formed below her eyes, she is looking so thin more than before as if she is sick.

Arnav ‘ you Khushi?’

Khushi looked at him sharply ‘alive? Is that what you want to ask me? Than the answer is I’m still breathing, my heart is still pumping sending blood to every organ of my body….is that enough?’

Arnav gulping ‘why are you talking this way? Khushi I…’ he made an attempt to touch her hand when she stepped back.

Khushi with a voice a keen to her, a dead voice speaking in the place of chirpy voice ‘don’t!!! don’t try to touch me… is enough of you used me’

Arnav shocked ‘Khushi!!!!’

Khushi ‘what? I’m talking the truth? Did you not used me and thrown me away like a trash after using me, that is what the real truth is, right? * a hollow laugh escaped her lips* and I like a fool trusted on your I Love You Khushi over the phone and gave myself to you, everything of me thinking at last I succeed to get my husband love, his trust but nothing is true, it was illusion a beautiful illusion which broke off the very next minute…..I should have known it would have been better to live in dreams than real life. How fool I’m in the name of love you fooled me, used me and I got fooled, let you use me’

Arnav gulped, her every words piercing his heart….but Khushi was not done ‘it is okay, now I got it why you always say there is no love it is a fake emotion, now I know the real meaning, you are correct and I was wrong, there is no love exist, it is all false, a pretence to show the world and the person to get their way. You had really done a good job pulling me to the reality of the cruel world from my dream world’

Arnav tried to get words from his parched throat but he could not form a word, what has happen to his Khushi? The one who is standing before him is not his Khushi, she looks like his Khushi but she is not…..Khushi took out the paper from the envelope and started signing before him.

She then took his hands in hers and thrust the paper ‘you know I was a fool thinking may be…. may be…. all this is lie and you really did not want to end our relationship and came running thinking whatever I heard about you getting engaged is wrong, a big joke but after facing the truth myself, seeing the real face of the life, the cruel reality of my life you had thrown on my face I know my jiji is not wrong when she said that you had moved on, you are not going to come to get me back, never. I realized all the truth my family saying when you were ready to put the ring on that girls finger about you never loved me, it was my illusion that I though you really loved me, cared for me but it is clearly not. And now I free you from this burden of relationship you are caring from past six months and more, now you are free to do whatever you wish Mr. Raizada. I Khushi Kumari Gupta and a few minute back Singh Raizada free you from me.’

 Khushi put her hand on her neck and tugged the black sacred thread, pulling it away from her neck with a force, scattering the beads all around the room, Arnav watched wide eye when Khushi before him rubbed her sindoor filled maang looking in his eyes, her eyes not even wavered a bit while doing so, lastly raising her bangle filled arms she broke them before his eyes. Arnav stood speechless; he could not think to what an extent he had hurt Khushi.

Khushi looking at him, in her dead pan voice ‘don’t be shocked Mr. Raizada, when my husband my Arnav ji is dead than what is the use of to wear the mangalsutra he tied around my neck, what is the use of filling my maang with his name’s sindoor. I should have done this way before, long back when I was thrown out of this house before my husband’s very own eye, if truth to be told he had been my Arnavji only the one night when he loved me, made love to me but then again I was brutally awakened to face the reality to get a blow on coming face to face with Arnav Singh Raizada for whom his wife meant nothing, his world revolves around only one person his sister, and will always be, haina?’

Khushi turned to leave but then stopped ‘oh I forgot to congratulate you, have a beautiful life ahead…….and one more thing, the girl out there looks like nice person, don’t ever hurt her, not even for your Di’ she rushed out of the room, the minute she made out of the room her vision blurred with unshed tears…….

Arnav stood there like a dead man; he could not get what had transpired just now, in front of his eyes, with the crashing sound of something breaking made him come out of the shock. With dread feeling inside his heart he ran out of the room, only to get shock of his life, Khushi sprawled on the floor with blood all around her, a cry from his heart escaped ‘Khushi!!!!’ he ran all the way down the stairs to reach her, to take her in his arms but a voice shrugged him off making him stagger back with a force….he looked up to see a seething Payal, her eyes burning him and face drenched in tears….

Payal shouted ‘don’t!!!!.....don’t you dare touch her….’ Payal who had seen her sister leaving house had followed her and entered inside RM to take her back only to be shocked to see her sister falling down the steps….

She crouched down taking Khushi’s head in her lap ‘Khushi …Khushi open your eyes…I stopped you from coming here, didn’t I? Then why did you come here? Why don’t you ever listen to me?....please utho na….please….dekho you are scaring me….’

Arnav tried to come closer but she screeched ‘I said don’t… is because of you and your Di that today my Khushi is in such a state…..I curse you Arnav Singh Raizada you and your sister will never get any happiness in your life, you will pay for every sin you committed against my sister. What had she done to you that you punished her? It is all about your Di’s happiness for you, never cared for my Khushi and now today because of you my Khuhi is in this state….’

Akash came forward ‘Payal ji we need to take her to hospital…please….see her state’

Payal looked down at Khushi and let Akash lift Khushi and take her to his car…..Arnav shocked, paralyzed looked at Akash carrying his Khushi away from him….his eyes travelled the blood path….heart squeezed to see so much of her blood loss from her tiny body…..with his heart in his mouth he ran towards his car to follow Akash car’s….when his Khushi is in such condition how can he sit idle? How can he be all calm? My Khushi…..his heart cried….with tears rolling down on his face…he drove his car like maniac following them….

In RM, everyone were shocked including the guest and the bride’s family, they could not fathom what happened few minutes ago, one minute they saw Khushi was coming down the stairs running and then next minute they saw her trip and roll down the steps…


Khushi was taken to OT, Payal sat down at the bench fearing to lose her sister, Akash came near her to support her but alas Payal ‘leave…’

Akash ‘Payal’….Payal ‘I said leave, if my Khushi is in this state than it is all because of you people, so leave….’ Payal did not even looked at him, Akash defeated left to another side keeping distance between them, Payal did not even  glance at his direction, for her the day the Raizada entered their life all went worst from Good.

Arnav came running frantic to know about Khushi, he reached Akash shaking ‘Khushi, Akash how is Khushi? Please tell me she is fine’

Payal enraged listening to his voice ‘why you came here, to check if she is alive or dead? Is not enough of you killing her soul that you want her to be dead for good or you came here to kill her so that your sister can leave in peace’

Akash pleaded ‘please….’

Arnav hearing Payal’s word felt like dying in guilt, all consuming his whole being….Guptas too had reached informed by Payal, no one casted their glance at Arnav and Akash.


After hours doctor came out, Payal ran towards the doctor along with Arnav and others….Payal ‘how is my sister?’

Arnav heart in his mouth ‘is she okay?’ Buaji glared at him but he cared less, his only focus is on Doc who is looking at all of them with grim expression.

Doc ‘you people are such a careless towards the person who  should have been cared properly but …*shaking his head*….today you people would have lost her and her baby’

Arnav shocked ‘baby?’

Doc ‘yes baby, she is two months pregnant….it’s a miracle that even after such a horrible accident, she and her baby is alive’ Arnav felt air knocked out of him listening to Khushi’s pregnancy news. Payal ‘can we see her?’

Doc ‘yes, but she is unconscious now will come to her conscious tomorrow morning due to sedatives, don’t disturb her’ the doctor left for his cabin.

Arnav mumbling to himself ‘Khushi is pregnant, I….I…I’m going to be father…’

He reached forward to enter the room only to be blocked by buaji ‘leave this place, we don’t want you anywhere near our daughter, it is enough of the pain you have given her, go and complete your engagement….I heard it was left incomplete….your bride must be waiting for your return….just go…’

Arnav shocked ‘buaji… Khushi…she is…Khushi is inside..she is pregnant with my baby….how can you ask me to leave?....I’ve to see her….’

Garima ‘no never you are going to see her’

Payal glaring at him ‘don’t you dare to come near her, it is enough of your being concerned drama, go back to your sister and worship her….just leave my sister free, she has already had enough….now we don’t even want to have your shadow to cast on her…and about the baby, it is only Khushi’s, my sister’s baby, you have no rights on the baby….I don’t even want your curse to fall on them….’

Buaji ‘did you not listen what she said? Just leave’

Akash pulled Arnav away who was refusing to come ‘bhai please we will wait here but from far….we cannot go there…they will not allow you inside after what you and Di did with them….please bhai…until Khushi comes to conscious keep patience’

In RM, Anjali tried to call Arnav’s number but he did not pick it up, same with Akash, no one is in the mood to talk with anyone else when their love of life is in pain, seconds are tickling in pain for Arnav, he wants to see his Khushi but he is not allowed to….he cursed the day which befall on him as a worst nightmare…

Payal had asked their parents to go home and she will be with Khushi, she stayed inside the room in the couch given to her in the room. Arnav when everyone left and Payal slept had walked inside the room and cried holding Khushi in his arms silently for all the pain they are going through, why can’t their love be simple?


Next morning, it was around noon when Khushi came to conscious, all the Guptas were there inside the room…Payal hugged her crying after doctor came and went checked declaring ‘she is little weak but can be taken to home in the evening’

Payal ‘Khushi you scared us’

Khushi ‘I’m okay’ with no emotion in her voice

Payal looked at her sister, once again she cursed the Raizadas for putting her sister through so much pain. Payal slowly ‘Khushi…er…did you know you are…..’

Khushi completed her sentence ‘pregnant, than yes I know’

Buaji ‘titaliya from when did you know about this?’

Khushi ‘from last two weeks’

Garima fearing for the future ‘now what will happen to my child? She is carrying a child without a father’

Khushi in clear tone ‘My baby’s father is dead Amma, he is no more’ everyone gasped listening to her words, till yesterday she was crying out her loud love for her husband and today the same Khushi is telling he is dead. Arnav who was lurking outside the room heard clearly what she told, his heart pinched with her words….he now knew how it feels like to get the hate of someone you love….he never thought his Khushi will hate him to such an extent…..

Buaji ‘Khushi….you…what are you saying?’

Garima ‘till yesterday you said….you love him….’

Khushi smiling at him which did not reach her eyes ‘of course I love my Arnavji but he is no more now…’

Payal fearing the worst what if her sister lost her mind ‘Khu…Khushi…what you mean?’

Khushi ‘jiji I waited for my Arnavji till yesterday in a hope that he will get me back to him, but yesterday evening I got to know when I saw him getting engaged with another girl that my Arnav ji is dead and in the name of my Arnav ji there standing in front of me is Arnav Singh Raizada, his Di’s chotte’

Putting a hand over her stomach ‘and now only I and my baby are there for each other’Gupta’s cried listening to her words

Garima coming to her ‘why are you saying like this Khushi? We are there for you and your baby betiya’

Buaji ‘haan your baby will be born as Gupta and not Raizada’

Shashi nodded with tears of helpless in his eyes, he could not do anything to reduce the pain his ladli beti going through.

Payal ‘haan the baby is Gupta, and we are there for you both, always’

Khushi hugged them crying ‘I’m sorry I did not listen to your words’

Payal shushed ‘pagli don’t cry for all that happen in past, now we are together and will always be, will be each others strength’

Buaji hugging both the girls ‘yes yes we all will fight together’ Garima and Shashi nodded their head vigorously.  Arnav on the outside cried hearing each and every word, Akash felt badly for his brother, who could not go to his love and his baby.


At evening Khushi was discharged, Payal and buaji stayed back with Khushi where as Garima and Shashi had already left for making arrangement for Khushi, Payal made Khushi to sit in a wheelchair with the help of buaji. They three came out when they were stopped by Arnav who had hugged Khushi and started crying, Payal and buaji did not even feel sympathy towards him.

Khushi pushed him away from her calmly, Arnav tried to cup her face ‘Khushi!!!’

Khushi held her palm to stop him ‘why are you here?’

Arnav ‘Khu…Khushi…what are you talking?’

Khushi ‘now what do you need Mr.Raizada? What brings you here? Everything is finished between us, I have freed you from me then why are you here? Go and celebrate your freedom with your sister and your family….also with your future bride….and sorry because of me your engagement party would have been disaster…’

Arnav holding her hand ‘please Khushi don’t say like that… .your each and every words are killing me….please believe me….I love you and I’ve never stopped loving you….and now our baby is on the way…..’

Khushi laughed, a hollow one, everyone in the corridor stopped listening to her laughing, thinking that someone had made some joke they left to do their work but Arnav, Akash, Payal and buaji can see the smile, the laugh is not heartfelt but a mocking one.

Khushi taking her hands away from his ‘love me? That is the worlds’ best joke….*tilting her head*  hmmm may be what you said is true but the Khushi you loved is dead with her husband, now I’m Khushi, Khushi Kumari Gupta, a dead soul. And about the baby then it is not ours, it is only mine *flashing her eyes at him*…never ever try to put your ASR brain to separate my child from me than you will see the end of me and my baby and I’m serious…..and coming to think about it…why do you need my baby when your sister had said me characterless girl than my baby too would be like me characterless…..and when you are getting married you can have your own kids with her….’

Arnav ‘Khushi…Khushi you are getting all wrong….I never wanted a divorce from you…..I was being lied about you did not want to live with me and you want divorce me…..and I agreed to marry that girl only because Di….’

Khushi pushed him with force making him to fall ‘Di Di..Di…I’m sick of hearing your Di now…..they lied and you believed, where did your Harvard brain go before jumping to conclusion….you always did this when ever anything concerns about me….just for God sake don’t lie….you wanted to use me you used me and now you did not want me so wanted to get rid of me …then why are hiding behind others….now I don’t want to be used by you again….go away from my life ‘

Arnav looked at her shocked, Khushi turned to her sister ‘jiji let’s go’ before leaving with buaji and Payal Khushi looked at Arnav once ‘Mrs. Jha had done wonderful job I must say, she had always been between me and my husband and will always be, I curse the day I fell in your arms Mr. Raizada, and now I don’t want my child to go through the same pain what I’m going through, like she came between us, your sister Anjali Jha will come between you and my child, like always your priority will be your sister where you will not even hesitate to hurt my baby, so please spare us from the torture’ Payal pushed the wheelchair forward, Khushi did not even glance to look back at the broken man.

Akash was too shocked to react on anything, he never thought Khushi ji will say all those hurtful things towards Arnav. He kept his shoulder on Arnav who hugged him back crying his heart out for losing his love along with his baby, there is no hope, no light he could see in the tunnel.


Akash took his broken brother back to RM; everyone came towards them with question, Nani ‘Khushi bitiya?’

Arnav kept quiet, he did not even acknowledge anyone, Anjali came towards him ‘Chotte, she is fine, right? it was not your mistake that she fell down, you don’t need to be guilty’ she tried to keep her hands on his shoulder but he backed off….his eyes blazing with fire, unshed tears seen in those eyes which always held love and care for his sister but today he felt hate, bubbling hate and loath towards his sister.

Arnav shouted ‘you destroyed me’

Anjali unbelief to see her brother accusing her ‘Chotte…’

Arnav ‘your chotte is dead….did you hear that he is dead….because of you I lost my love, my Khushi…and my….my baby too……’ he fell on his knees, crying his heart out, it was shock for everyone in Raizada Mansion to see the great ASR crying and what did he say baby…means Khuhsi is pregnant…... Nani crouching beside him ‘chotte…’

Arnav looking at her with defeated face, tears rolling unchecked ‘she is said I’m dead for her’ all gasped ‘she said she is dead for me…and the baby is hers….I’m no one to them…she did not even look at me….all I can see is void in her eyes, nothing, all blank where once I used to see concern and love for me’

Nani pulled him into hug ‘shhh shhh chotte….we will talk to Khushi bitiya…’

Arnav shaking his head ‘she will not listen to anyone, they will not listen to anyone….I lost her nani….* he looked at shocked Anjali*  it is all because of you Mrs. Jha….you thrown her out of the house believing over your cheat husband, I said nothing keeping quite which was my first mistake….I should have defended her or left this house with her but I had chose you because you were my sister and I could not hurt you….but in this process I hurt my only love……….again you played game with me, and you all helped her stating my Khushi wanted a divorce from me….showing a fake divorce paper signed by her….then too I kept quite…..and then again you all did emotional blackmail to such an extent where Mrs Jha had tried to commit suicide so that I will agree to marry another girl….then to I kept quiet and were going to do all you said hurting myself only because I did not want to lose my mother figure…..but how wrong I was to trust you all, to believe you all… Khushi never wanted a divorce from me….she was waiting for me….and when did I came to know all this….yesterday at my so called engagement….you all destroyed my life…now my Khushi did not want me in her life…..’

He looked at Anjali ‘now you should be happy Di because I’m destroyed completely’ he left to his room and shut the door with bang not listening to Akash or nani’s call.

Akash then recited whatever happened with Arnav in hospital, how Gupta spitted venom and how Khushi ji the one who never can hurt anyone even in her worst dream said all those hurtful things towards Arnav.  Inside his room Arnav cried and cried laying himself on the floor near the poolside where once he had made Khushi to sleep.


A week passed, Arnav had left the house and shifted himself near Khushi’s house, some money thrown to the land owner and he got a small one room house for himself in Laxmi Nagar. Raizadas made call upon call and visit upon visit to get him back to RM but he turned down everyone even his sister too failed to get him back to Shantivan. He started working from his one room house not wanting to miss the chance to see his Khushi. Gupta’s never cared about anything, their all focus was on Khushi. Khushi forget to smile, cry or to show any emotion, she is like a robot without any life, doing her daily routine mechanically for her baby. Arnav always used to watch over Khushi from away fearing the worst to go near her. It was on such normal day, Khushi who was drying the washed clothes in the railing on their house, when she heard someone comment, she looked up to see three to four guys standing few feet away from her, she looked down concentrating on the clothes.

One of the guy shouted ‘hey will you marry me?’

Other guy ‘you want to marry her?’

1st guy ‘of course, she is beautiful, and I always wished to make her mine but first that man Shyam came in between than when she got free from him, she got married but now I heard she is not, she is divorced with him’

Other guys ‘so what? still you want to marry her after knowing she is already married and divorced….and are you mad you are already married’

1st guy laughed ‘who said I’m going to make her mine for forever, just for year or two like her ex husband, when I’ll get bored of her I’ll leave her…’

Other guy ‘so you want to keep her as your mistress’

 The guy laughed along with other and then looked at Khushi as shouted ‘what say beautiful? Win win solution for you and me, you need someone beside you and I need you, come with me I’ll keep you happy even if you don’t wish to marry me, we can live together till we get bored of each other…what say?’

Khushi struggled to keep her tears at bay, she rushed inside the house crying her heart out, Payal asked her what happen? She is worried to see her sister crying like this, she called for Garima and buaji who rushed inside to see their Khushi crying like hell is hounding on her. Khushi struggled to breathe, the air choking on her lungs listening to such cheap words…..Payal and other two women listened carefully, their heart twisting painfully with the incident happened before few minutes. Buaji felt rage to see her niece being treated this way and was going to give tit for tat to those dogs when Khushi stopped ‘no buaji it is all my fate….let it go…everyone is saying something or the other from the time they came to know my strangled married life….please be calm….’

Garima crying ‘these people will kill my betiya…how can they be so cruel?....what is her fault in this?’

Payal snapping ‘it is not her fault but that Raizada, because of him and his family now my sister is suffering’ they all shushed Khushi up. Unknown to them Arnav had heard whatever the guys said outside to Khushi, rage unknown to him consuming his body he had lashed out on them leaving them dead as unconscious. His heart wrenching with the way the people in the society treating her, if someone is calling her asking her to be their mistress than others call her characterless girl stating it is her fault to elope and get married for which she is getting punished like this. Arnav is seeing and feeling the pain of what Khushi along with Guptas were going through, everyone in the colony had cut the relationship with them, no one is talking with Gupta’s, as if they had deserted the Gupta’s. Even the land owner asked to leave the house they are staying as tenant on being pressure from the other families living in the colony. He tried to help them but Gupta’s had lashed out at them stating they prefer to die than taking his help.


One of the usual mornings,

 Garima ‘jiji how and where we will arrange for another house soon? And money, where we will get so much money to give final rent to the land owner and then for advance for new house…’

Buaji keeping hand on hers ‘don’t worry Garima, I had made all arrangement, everything is settled, help is on the way’

Garima ‘help?’

Buaji ‘haan I have called someone, he is coming and will be here in the evening’

Garima ‘who is coming jiji?’

Buaji ‘you will know soon Garima, just make something for the guest’ Garima nodded at her. Khushi who was listening to their words came to them ‘I’m sorry buaji, amma because of me you all are suffering’

Garima hugging her ‘arey pagli what is there to sorry for, we are together and how can we let our betiya to suffer alone’

Buaji ‘and don’t you dare to say again it is all happening because of you’ hugging her once a time sanka devi.


Around 7pm, a car came to halt before their house, Arnav who is on look out from his room window stood up to see a car stopping in front of Gupta house. A man of around his age got down; the man went to Gupta house and knocked on the door.

Arnav thinking aloud ‘who is he?’ but who will tell him who the man is when Gupta are not even ready to look his face. He came out of house and went around the Gupta house to know about the man; looking at the man he did not feel pleasant.

The man entered inside the house, he looked at all the faces, buaji came to him running ‘Maan bitwa’, hugging him she cried. Maan ‘buaji don’t worry I’ve come, and I’ll make everything right’

Garima hugging him ‘hamari betiya ki kya halath bana di hai un logone aur hum kuch nahin kar paye’

Maan looked around ‘where is she?’

Payal coming to him ‘she is sitting in backyard garden’

Maan ‘what? and you people let her to sit outside in this cold, in this condition, ridiculous’ he ran backside….there he saw his chutki sitting all alone defeated, his heart wrenched to see her this way….he went to her and stood before her calling out ‘Khushi!!!!’

Khushi looked up at him, feeling relief washing over her to see Maan before her she hugged him tight crying, bawling. Maan’s heart pierced with her every tears, shout, agony tearing his heart apart.

Arnav who had been roaming around Gupta house stood shock to move, to see Khushi in the arms of another arm, his whole body racked in rage, how dare that man hug his Khushi? But hearing Khushi crying this way his heart pained and bruised some more even if that was possible.

Maan pulled her out of the hug, cupping her face ‘chutki who is that bloody man who hurt my sister? How dare he hurt you? No one gets away after hurting Maan Singh Khurana’s sister’

Arnav looked wide eye at them, Maan Singh Khurana is Khushi’s brother but how? No one knew this piece of information. He could not pond on the new information when Khushi’s next word hit his ears bruising the already wounded heart some more.

Khushi ‘it is of no use bhai, he is dead for me and I don’t want to talk about anything which will remind him, please’ Maan hugged his sister; Arnav’s heart twisted knowing she don’t want to remember him, want to forget him….but he deserve all this hell torture.

Maan ‘don’t worry chutki we will leave this city for good, I’m here to take you all with me, you all are coming with me’

Khushi looked up surprised ‘bhai?’

Maan ‘what? Your bhabi had ordered me to bring her nanad safe and sound to her otherwise she will kill me’ Khushi giggled ‘Geet bhabi is so sweet’

Maan smiling slightly ‘sweet toh hai but jungle billi bhi’  then looking down seriously at Khushi ‘come now let’s get inside, it is not good for you to sit outside in this condition at this hour, what will my nephew or neice will say? That I’m not taking care of his/her mama’

Arnav reached his home, Khushi is leaving but to where? How can he live without her, without seeing her? He is living here in a hope to get at least a glimpse of her daily but now she is leaving Delhi. No how can he let her go, he needs to know. he cannot sit quite, he needs to know the connection between Khushi and Maan. He called his loyal employee Aman to get the details about Maan and his connection with Khushi.


Next day, Arnav got all the details of Khushi, Khushi is Khushi Khurana in real, she is cousin sister of Maan but after her parents death she had been adopted by Garima and Shashi, since Maan was small in his age he could not do anything to keep his sister with him all because his chacha and chachi had done love marriage and not being accepted by Maan’s daadaji. But Maan had always been in touch with his baby sister. He tried to take Khushi back with him when he got all the business empire in his name when turned 22 but Khushi refused to come with him not wanting to depart from Payal and Guptas.

Arnav ‘Maan Singh Khurana, MD and owner of Khurana Contruction in Mumbai, so he will be taking Khushi with him to his house’ pondering over everything he called Aman.


Next few day, all saw Gupta depart with Maan to Mumbai but no one noticed Arnav too departed from Delhi to Mumbai where his love had been taken to. He needs to be near her if not in her life. He settled himself near Khurana Mansion. His all relation with Raizadas is in tethered not answering their call, not letting them get his information, only Akash knew his whereabouts but is bound to Arnav’s word he kept quite since he too sailing in same boat as his brother.

The months have been passed, Khushi still surrounded among her loved ones, her family felt alone, she is never the Khushi she was before. Maan when came to know the guy who hurt his sister is none other than Arnav Singh Raizada had started avenging him, to hurt him where it will hurt the most, he cannot kill him or harm him bodily for what with he had promised his sister to not touch ASR but that will not stop him from hurting ASR, and he did started taking revenge that is to robe of his all wealth and business, but for Arnav now all that doesn’t matter, all matter to him is Khushi and their baby, he is happy to see her from far, while when she have her evening walk with Geet and Payal to nearby park and her daily visit to temple, he always stalks behind her forgetting everything focusing only on his Khushi, he always long to love her, to touch her big bump, caress their baby, wish to fulfill her every cravings but Khushi refused to look in his direction, she still considers herself as widow and wears only plain dress, all dull colors with not even a bindi adoring her forehead.

It was one such evening when Maan too accompanied Geet and Khushi for her walk, sitting over one of the secluded bench Khushi had started speaking then ‘bhai will you promise me for something’

Maan ‘of course chutki’

Khushi ‘bhai will you and bhabi take care of my baby if something happens to me’

Geet shaking her head ‘nothing will happen to you’

Khushi smiling sadly ‘don’t give false hope bhabi, you and I know how complicated this pregnancy for me is, have you forgotten what the doctor had said then’

Maan clutching her hand ‘believe me chutki nothing will happen to you, we are there na’

Khushi shaking her head ‘no bhai listen to me….if anything happens to me please take care of my baby….teach him/her the value of human and moral, teach my baby to not play with others feeling and to respect them, teach him/her to fight this cruel world, teach them the true meaning of love….bhai if it is a boy teach him to never play with any girls heart and honor, if he did then punish him with your own hand….and if it is a girl then teach her to not trust blindly anyone who may break her trust, honour and dignity….I don’t want my child to give pain to other like I’m given by the person I loved once….also I don’t want my child to suffer like me…..’

Maan hugging her ‘bas Khushi you will see your child will grow to a most perfect person who will love others immensely, will help and respect others, who will be like you, with every character of yours, your baby will be adored, loved and respected by all for his/her good nature which comes from you’

Khushi looking up at him ‘but he/she will have the fathers blood too bhai which I cannot turn blind eye’

Geet squeezed her hand assuring her ‘everything will be fine Khushi, you too will be there with your baby, will raise him/her to a wonderful person…..okay now leave all that tell me what are you gonna name your baby’

Khushi ‘if it’s a boy then he will be named Arush and if it’s a girl then she will be named Arushi’

Unknown to them Arnav had heard every conversation, he died thousand death listening to Khushi’s words, his heart cried listening to all that with the fear of what if something happens to Khushi after coming to know about her complication in pregnancy. Arnav whispering in his heart ‘I’m so sorry Khushi…so so sorry….’ But in all this one thing got clear from the baby name he heard that somewhere in her heart she still loves him otherwise she would not wish to keep their name of the baby combining their name.



Khushi was in her first stage of night month, she was like always walking to nearby park along with Geet when all of a sudden she started having pain, most unbearable, it shot through her whole body, clutching her stomach she started breathing heavily crying, Arnav who is hiding from them ran to them ‘what happen?’

Geet turned to him, although she felt rage towards him for hurting her nanadh but now Khushi need medical attention ‘her water broke I think, she needs to be hospitalized’ Arnav swiftly scooped up Khushi in his arms, his hearth thudding with her every cry…Geet followed them, Arnav putting Khushi carefully in back seat, and after Geet settle beside with Khushi in her lap he drove to hospital. Geet consoled Khushi all through the ride with occasionally calling Maan and informing him and others in home.

Reaching hospital Arnav carried her inside and put her in the stretcher, calling out for doctor, doctor and help came running to him ‘doctor doctor, my wife and baby please look at them’ Khushi who was crying due to her pain stopped looking at him with unbearable pain listening to his words. Arnav cupping her face ‘nothing will happen okay, you both will be safe’

Doctor started taking Khushi to delivery room, with Arnav and Geet following close behind them, the door to the OT was getting closed when Arnav pushed the nurse aside and entered inside shocking the doctor and other, doctor ‘Mr. you need to wait outside’

Arnav ‘no…. I need to be with her, my wife, I need to be with them’

Doctor ‘but…’

Arnav shouted ‘do take care of them rather wasting your time with me? Nothing should happen to them’

An elderly nurse ‘beta nothing will happen, she is just going to deliver your baby, come, be with her as you wish’ turning to doc ‘let him be doctor, anyone from patient side is allowed to be with them during their delivery right’ doctor nodded and started on their work. Khushi’s scream pierced the whole room and outside the corridor, Maan, Geet, Payal and others prayed for Khushi and her baby’s safe arrival to keep them both safe. Arnav inside could not watch his Khushi in so much pain but putting a brave front he started supporting and consoling her. After hours of scream and pain a loud wail heard by all, Arnav looked at the doctors arm to see his baby crying out its lungs.

Doctor ‘it’s a baby boy’

Arnav cried looking at his baby boy, he took their baby in his arms who was bought to him after being cleaned, kissing all over his face Arnav turned to look at Khushi who looked at them, he went towards her with the baby…she looked at her baby with smile in her eyes for the first time and then at him before she started to lose her conscious….Arnav panicked ‘Khushi Khushi…..see our baby…Khushi….’ He looked at doctor who is also tensed like him….doctor ‘her bleeding is not stopping, she is losing so much of her blood, her pulse is getting low, if this continues she will lose her life’

Arnav cried out ‘do something, please save her….’

After a minutes of struggle, doctor shaked their head negatively ‘she is not going to make it…she has less time’

Arnav shouted ‘no’ giving over their baby to nurse, he cupped Khushi’s face ‘Khushi…Khushi you cannot do this to me…you cannot punish me like this….I can take any punishment you wish to give me but don’t leave me forever….please I’ll not be able to live without you’ doctors and others moved out to inform others outside….

Khushi opened her eyes slowly hearing his pleading ‘you are late….why…why did you do all that to us Arnav ji?....we could have had our beautiful life with our baby….but why did you cheat me Arnavji? Why did you hurt me? I had always loved you, but in return all you did was play and toy with my feelings….’

Arnav cupping her face shaking his head ‘no no don’t say like this, I love you, I’ve always loved you…..believe me please….believe me….I never for once tried to cheat you….I agreed to marry other girl because my own Di tricked me by trying to commit suicide….I never wished to divorce you but they all had shown your sign in divorce paper….but I never knew that was fake sign and paper because I was so shattered when I came to know you did not want me in your life…..but I never stopped loving you….I had planned to get engaged to that girl and then broke off….I had already planned everything with that girl to pretend before my family and hers that everything is fine….she agreed for my plan…it was just a matter of two days then I would have broke off my fake engagement….that was all an act from me and that girls side…I never can think to give someone else your place….I love you so much….I can never stop loving you….’

Khushi looked up at him with tears rolling down, Arnav ‘please believe me I love you…I really love you…..I’m yours only yours…..’

Khushi ‘fill my maang with your name Arnav ji’

Arnav shocked looked at her, Khushi ‘now’

Arnav looked here and there, how will he fulfill his Khushi’s request, seeing a small knife beside tray kept in the table, he took it in his hand and cutting his thumb on the edge of the knife, he filled Khushi’s maang with his blood….Khushi looked at him and breathed her last life…capturing his face in her eyes she closed her eyes for forever to never wake….Arnav felt numb….looking at the lifeless girl in front of him, his Khushi left him….. ‘No…no….no…you cannot do this to me Khushi….how can you leave me like this…..’

He cried hugging her, his crying pinching everyone looking at them, Maan, Geet and Payal along with other Guptas had come running inside to see Khushi only to halt in their tracks listening to Arnav and Khushi’s word. Geet tried to go near them but Maan held her back shaking his head in a no….Now they looked at Arnav and Khushi crying, their baby safe in Payal’s arm…..heart wrenching piercing agony filled the room….but what next happened no could comprehend or imagined…..Arnav looked at Khushi, kissing her lips firmly he cut his wrist sharply, no one could see what he did, which is hidden in the views of others but when they did not hear any moment from him only then they came near Arnav and Khushi to see Arnav had cut his wrist where blood is dripping, Maan tried to entangle him from Khushi shouting for doctor to come and save Arnav but all went in vain, Arnav’s grip on Khushi was very tight and he breathed his last life holding the love of his life in his arms and his eyes looking straight at his baby in Payal’s arm.


Arnav and Khushi’s body were taken to Khurana Mansion, after seeing Khushi accepting Arnav before her death they accepted him, they could not hold on to their grudges after seeing what transpired in front of them, eventually they had forgiven Arnav. Raizadas had flown to Mumbai listening to Arnav’s death. As they say even enemies are welcomed in the house where death had been bestowed on their loved one snatching them from their life, never to return back again. But Anjali Jha still accused Khushi for everything for snatching her brother from her which made Maan to lash out on her ‘Enough not anymore words about my Khushi’

Anjali turning to other Raizada ‘we should take Arnav’s body to our home’

Akash came forward ‘hold on Di, enough is enough; bhai had vowed to never return back to Shantivan without Khushi ji.’

Mami ‘but..but his last ritual should be….’

Akash cut her off ‘should be done with Khushi ji, only then my bhai will be in peace…you all had already gave more pain to him than he could tolerate and now I don’t want his soul to cry, he should rest in peace and that will happen only when his last rituals done with Khushi’

Maan ‘Khushi’s last ritual will be done in her home, here in Khurana Mansion’

Nani wiping her tears ‘I agree with Akash bitwa…if you are okay with it, let my grandson ritual to be done here with Khushi betiya, at least his soul will be in peace…he never got happiness when he was alive, and when he got we all snatched his happiness from him and all thanks to us’ she looked at Anjali and Mami accusingly.

Geet ‘we don’t have a problem, we too want our Khushi to be in peace’ looking in Maan’s eye who agree with her. All began busy with last rituals of Arnav and Khushi, both of them funeral done together, Maan along with Akash together gave fire to the both Arnav and Khushi…both the families bid them good bye together.

After sending of Arnav and Khushi, all sat with wrenched heart missing them both…Nani hesitated before asking ‘can…can I for once see my great grandson? I want to see him before I depart to Delhi…..’

Geet came forward with the bundle in her arms, Nani cried looking at the little boy who did not even know he lost his parents…she kissed him hugged him, Akash too took his bhai’s baby boy in his arms cooing to the little bundle….Maan did not even allow Anjali, Mami to see the child…they deserve every hate shown towards them from Khuranas and Guptas.

A man in mid fifty entered KM, Maan looking at ‘yes you are?’

Man ‘I’m Mr. Roy ASR’s lawyer; I’ve come here with ASR’s will’

Maan narrowing his eyes ‘you should read them to Raizadas and his sister not to us’ looking at Anjali and Mami in anger.

Roy ‘yes but before that I have to read another will which he had left for his wife and his baby’

Maan ‘what wife? They are divorced’

Roy ‘no never, they are not divorced, Khushi is still Mrs. Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada’

Geet came to them, Guptas were confused, Anjali was shocked.

Payal ‘but how is that possible? Khushi herself had signed the paper she said’

Roy ‘she would have but Mr. Raizada never signed any such papers, no papers stating they need divorce or divorce paper with their sign reached the court, so they are still married’

Maan taking deep breathe ‘go ahead’

Roy ‘the will states some of the properties he had left on his wife and child/childs name, since his wife too is dead than all the property which he had left on his wife name goes to his child’

Nani ‘so Khushi betiya is still Arnav’s wife than that mean the child is also Raizada…’

Anjali opened her mouth which angered Maan and others ‘so that means the child should be with us, we are the care taker of the child’

Roy ‘I’m sorry Mrs. Jha…but Mr. Raizada here had stated specifically that his child will never be separated from his/her mother and Mrs. Raizada has all the rights to decide the future of baby’

Maan ‘Geet call Adi to come with the legal papers’

Geet called Adi who came to KM with the legal papers, Maan gave the paper to Akash who read out where it is the legal paper made by Khushi who had given all her responsibility of her child to Maan and Geet if something happens to her during her pregnancy since she had already known her pregnancy to have complication.

Roy looking at Anjali and other ‘so that states it, the child will be taken care of by Mr. Khurana and his wife’ He then read other wills for Raizada and left.

 Nani lost all hope but then she requested ‘please let the baby have Raizada name and allow me to come and visit him whenever I wish’

Maan’s Dadi Savithri held Devyani’s hand ‘we accept your request and wish, since our Khushi bitiya is still Arnav’s wife and is a Raizada so the baby will also have Raizada in his name’ she looked over at Maan who nodded his head, when his baby sister had accepted her husband before dying than who is he to change the fact, his nephew should get what he deserves and first come first his father’s name.

Savithri ‘you all stay here for some more days till all the other rites have been preformed and after keeping baby’s name’ Nani at once nodded wanting to be with her great grandchild.

Anjali even if did not want to stay had to stay back for Nani, Mami was too guilt ridden to even look at Guptas after what they did to Khushi and Payal. Akash looked over at Payal who did not even acknowledge his presence cooing over the baby. Shyam who stayed mum all through is sulking after hearing Arnav’s will where he had left everything on his sons name, Akash and other Raizadas, and some for his sister Anjali but nothing for him.


Few days later, Maan sitting in the balcony of his room looked over at the stars; Geet came and sat beside him with the baby in her arms ‘looking for Khushi’

Maan still searching through the stars ‘hmmm not only Khushi’s but also Arnav’

Geet ‘I know both will be together’

Maan ‘wish they were together here too’

Geet ‘yes but who can fight the fate when all the evil forces tried to apart them’

Maan ‘only if they had given over their love a chance’

Geet ‘they would have been living with us, amidst us, happily with their baby, with Arush’

Maan looked down at his nephew ‘Arush Singh Raizada’

Geet ‘do you remember how Khushi had wished to us to keep her baby’s name Arush if it is a boy and Arushi if it is a girl’

Maan ‘that time I did not understand even in the hate she still loved her husband who she considered for dead’ they both looked up to see two stars twinkling together.


                               *********** *** The End**************

I know I know many would be mad.....but dearies to tell you something, so you know if I had completed the shot day before yesterday itself then the ending would have been different...yeah I would have not let Khushi forgive Arnav....the original ending I envisioned was to Khushi to die without forgiving Arnav and not letting to meet his baby, and in sadness, pain Arnav also dying without getting Khushi's forgiveness and not able to see his own baby......such was my emotion, it was so high that I was unable to think to forgive him......but since the last half of the shot is written yesterday where my mood was okay so I've made Khushi to forgive Arnav and see his baby coming to the world....okay enough of my come on its your turn to grace me with your chappals and tomatoes.

Again I've something to say......I've also envisioned another ending for this shot which is happy wala ending....I'll get upon to work on it if only you all will give me green signal.....

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