AsYa TS: My ishq in Paris...

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Jan 20, 2014

AsYa TS: My ishq in Paris... (By Sheherbano) (Thanked: 45 times)

Hey guys,

No u r not dreaming i'm really here even if i have exams today and all week!

So, in this TS, i'm not making any conclusions, some of these things are true about Paris, but some are not, please read it open mindedly.


This night was a special night, it was New Year's eve, here in Paris, people liked to roam around this night, festivity of Christmas were not yet over, there was still the huge Christmas tree decorated at "la place de la concorde".

But this year, it was a late winter, yes it was cold but there was no swow yet.

New Year's eve in Paris used to be special to Zoya too, she loved this city, no, she loved this country, she loved France. Zoya was also like others, she used to love roaming around for the New Year's Eve, doing shopping, going out with friends, partying till late at night, until that Eve, when she lost her only family, her Zeenat Appi.

Paris' celebration for the New Year's Eve used to be a beautiful moment, a night to remember, a calm and peaceful night where people used to enjoy their evening, but now on that Eve, it's crazy to roam around, people r drunk and driving in that or r uncounscious in metro undergrounds of the capital, there r many fireworks but not the one planned by government, but what people think that they can do themselves but ended by burning cars, leading to conflicts, sometimes even stabbing, murders, drugs consomation, there were lots of police, fire men, hospitals on this evening in full-service, but how could it be enough? Paris didnt had just a bright side but also had a dark one.

Paris is not just a city, it is also the huge capital of France, who every tourists want to visit on this special day of New Year's Eve.

Since she lost her Appi, 3 years ago, on this very day or should i say night, Zoya never went out to celebrate New Year, she would always spend her time at home, watching movies or relaxing, but tonight she couldnt sit at home. She was still in her office, can u believe it?! On the New Year's Eve, where everybody would enjoy their time with their family, Zoya was working in her office, as the secretary of her boss' construction's company, Mr. Asad Ahmed Khan. She never understood, why this night out of nowhere, her boss, Mr. Khan would work more than the other days, hence keeping her longer time in the office, even last year it was like that. She looked at the clock, it was now 10:30 pm.

Asad was a very good human being, but always with an angry-young-man attitude, he was introvert, would hardly talk to anybody, he lived in this city alone, his dad had left them when Asad was in a young age, his mother died of a cancer 2 years after his dad left them, he had raised his little sister, Najma urff Tamatar and when she became a doctor, Asad got her married to the love of her life Imran. Not able to face the fact that he had nobody left back but just a baby sister who will hardly be able to meet him once she got married. Asad decided to move in France, alone, he never thought about falling in love, getting married... He didnt even had a normal childhood, he had to be the mother and the father to Najma, hence responsible, serious... Asad moved in France, 5 years ago and started his own company 4 years ago.

When Zoya joined Asad's office as his secretary, 3 and half year ago, the office got upside down. Zoya's ways of working were very different from Asad's personality, which made him go mad really often, before she used to be very hurt, she would cry but then Asad, guilty, would also come to say sorry which would always made her feel better. Now, she was used to that behaviour and wouldnt cry but would answer him back if needed, they were not friends, but they were not just boss-secretary either, their bond was much more deeper than that, unnamed, unrecognized, but it was there. They knew that they didnt share a mere boss-secretary bond, Zoya could say anything to Asad, if it would have been others he would have fired them for disrespect, but Zoya, Asad felt that she had a right on him, even though denying it, she was well aware of the different behaviour but always dismissed it. Asad is not very smiling person, but with Zoya, she was able to make him smile. He couldnt deny the fact that her presence didnt affected him, her sweet, intoxicating fragrance which sometimes would make him lost into her beautiful brown orbs.

It wasnt a coincidence that Asad was making Zoya stay later than usual tonight, it was intentional but Zoya didnt knew it, Asad wanted her to stay because he knew that if she stayed at her home, she would feel depressed, she needed to be busy, not to think of those bitter memories, and for him keeping her in his sight would be a kind of relief, knowing that she's ok.

"Allah Miya, what's wrong with u Mr. Khan?!" Zoya asked barging into his cabin.

Asad who was lost in her thoughts, was sitting with his back to her on his office chair, turned to face her.

Zoya always thought of him as a very good-looking man - drop, dead, gorgeous man. And when he turned around on his office chair, he looked tired, but still that gorgeous and handsome. She couldnt deny the fact that his presence affected her, his posture, his cologne...

"What?" Asad asked looking at Zoya who was staring at him.

"Huh..voh..actually.. Mr. Khan, what am i doing in this office?!" She asked getting back on Earth, while Asad smirked.

"Ms. Farooqi, r u ok? I mean u dont know what u do here? Of course u work here Ms. Farooqi" he replied smugly and getting up to stand in front of her, and she looked at him with fire spitting eyes.

"Mr. Khan, c'est la veille du nouvel an! Et je suis toujours en train de travailler ici a cette heure tardive!" ("Mr. Khan, it's the new year's eve! And i am still working at this lately hour!") shouted Zoya in french to Asad who rolled his eyes and tried to interrupt.

"Ms. Farooqi, you are here because you need me!" Zoya got confused "i mean i need you here because of the new project" rectified Asad.

"But, cant we do it any other day, i'm tired" Zoya pouted and he smiled.

"D'accord!" ("ok!") replied Asad to a now smiling Zoya.

Both wore their coat and thats when Asad saw the time, it was now 11pm.

When both came out of the office, the cold breeze touched their cheeks making Zoya hug herself.

Asad knew that it wouldnt be safe to let Zoya go ALONE, it would be dangerous and even more for a girl.

"Ms. Farooqi, come i will drop you" Asad said to Zoya who looked at him wide eyed and he smacked his forehead.

"I meant i will drop you at your place, you know...its..its not go alone" continued Asad carefuly, not wanting to remind her the date even though she knew it.

Zoya just nodded and Asad opened the passenger seat's door for her, when she got in he closed and went to the driving seat, he immediately trued to turn on the engine, but failed, his car's battery was dead.

Asad sighed then looked at Zoya who was lost in her thoughts.

"Ms. Farooqi" he tried to call her, "Ms. Farooqi" he tried a bit louder, but on getting no response, he softly put his hand on her shoulder and called softly "Zoya"

Thats when he got her attention. "My car's battery is dead, lets go by walking" Asad said calmly and she nodded.

She was too calm and he wasnt liking it, he wanted that bubbly, smiling, mischievous, sometimes irritating Zoya back.

Both got down of the car and started walking side by side.

"Ms. Farooqi, do you know that you are looking horrible?" Asad asked mischievously to a now angry and Zoya.

"Haaaww! Have you ever seen your face Mr. Khan?!!" Zoya replied with a fake chuckle and he smirked.

"Yes, every morning! And Thank you i know that i'm hot!" he replied smirking and her jaw touched the ground with her eyes nearly popping out of their sockets.

"Mr. Khan, are you okay?! I mean YOU, THE ASAD AHMED KHAN is using these kind of words, what would happen next?!" Zoya gasped fakely, back to being dramebaaz.

Asad was glad and annoyed, glad because she was back to smiling but annoyed because she was making fun of him.

"Actually i was and wasnt kidding" said Asad after sometime and Zoya looked at him. "Uhm..voh..actually.. you are looking nice but yes you were looking horrible with that frown" started in a soft voice but continued mischievously, while Zoya gave him a genuine smile because she got to know that he was trying to make her smile.

They had walked for a while, it was 11:30pm now they were in front of "les Champs-Elysees".

Seeing this crowd, Asad slipped his hand into Zoya's and grabbed it tightly but softly, this action made her feel safe, secured. While Asad was just feeling her hand in his.

Asad was at the front, making way for her, but then there were some drunkards who were bumping into her. He let go of her hand and put his left arm around her shoulder, securing her in his embrace and started making way into that crowd and Zoya was just staring at him, she could feel the warmth of his chest and arm through his knee-length coat, she didnt know when, she rested her head on his chest.

They had now crossed the crowd but his arm was still around her shoulder and her head still on his chest, both didnt wanted to let go of each other. For others, they were a cute couple cuddling each other. They continued to walk further, it was now 11:45pm, they were crossing the park just in front of the Eiffel Tower.

"Can we sit on the bench for a while?" Zoya asked to Asad softly while pointing to the bench facing the Eiffel tower and he replied "of course!"

Even though there were a lots of people in, mostly tourists, but they were all sitting on the grass, hence the bench was free.

Both sat on it, still in their embrace, then Asad heard some sniffling and looked down and saw Zoya's tears rolling down her cheeks while she had her eyes closed tightly.

Asad rubbed his hand on her encircled arm southingly without sayind anything, just to let her know that she is not alone.

After 3 minutes of sniffling, she calmed down with his help, with his provided comfort.

"I used to love new year's eve for all his festivities, parties, roaming around Paris with friends and all" started Zoya smiling but then got serious "but since few years ago, when one of our neighbour got stabbed on a new year's eve by some hooligans, Zeenat Appi wasnt letting me go out to party and all because of all the happenings here, but being the stubborn i am, i went out in secret with some of my friends, i enjoyed along with them, then Appi started calling me and she was very angry, she said that she was coming to take me home, i went to the underground nearby and i was waiting for the underground metro alone, my friends were still at the party, but before the metro came, 2 hooligans came with a dagger, they were both threatening me, but when i told them that i wasnt scared, one of them held while the other was taking all my belongings out from my purse, then i called them cowards, then they got offended and wanted to show me they were not cowards. They were about to stab me in my stomach, just then Appi appeared...getting...getting st..stabbed because of me!!" Zoya sobbed loudly.

Asad got teary but he had to be strong for her, with her, to her. He turned towards her and envelopped her into a tight embrace, hidding her face in his neck, while stroking her head, he dropped a kiss on her there, letting her cry, but along with that giving her comfort of his embrace. She hugged him back, letting herself go, letting him comfort her, letting him south her.

"I am always feeling lonely" sobbed Zoya while pulling back from him.

(There are never fireworks in the CITY of Paris, there was only once and it was for the new year 2000, if you heard that there were, it means they were only rumors).

That's when the 1st firework of the new year cracked making the sky brighter.

" are not alone and will never be because i would always be there, with you, for you!" told Asad cupping her face while looking into her eyes, when he saw her lips twitching upwards, turning into a smile.

Without thinking further, he tilted his head forward and captured her lips into his, the fireworks were being heard without being heard for them, everybody shouted "HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!"

After a passionate kiss, they broke away for lack of oxygen, but resting their foreheads together both smiled and she blushed, and both said at the same time "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" to each other.

Then Asad broke away and took her hands into his.

"Je t'aime Zoya" ("i love you Zoya") confessed Asad while looking into her eyes.

"And it took you 3 years and a half to say it?!!!" Zoya said with a fake anger. "Je t'aime aussi Asad!" ("I love you too Asad!") confessed throwing her arms around Asad's neck, firstly he was taken aback, but then he hugged her back.

"And yes, maybe you were alone, but you were never lonely, i was always there keeping an eye on you, and never on the 31st december i left you alone, why do you think i kept you late at office on this night in particular since 2 years ago? And who do you think owns the flat next to your door? Didnt you find it strange that you would hear him only on the 31st december?"


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Feb 1, 2014

MY ISHQ IN PARIS.... (By Sheherbano) (Thanked: 10 times)


Zoya pulled a little away from Asad and looked at him shocked.

" did what?!" Zoya looked at him wide-eyed and he smiled.

"I had bought the flat next to yours and i used to stay there every 31st december just to make sure that you were ok..." Asad said sheepishly while looking here and there, "and i was also planning to go there tonight but i didnt that we...we..." Asad continued shyly while she chuckled at his shyness.

"Weren't you the one who just kissed me and now you are feeling shy, Mr. Khan?" Zoya asked mischievously while he blushed even more, after all, it was his 1st kiss.

"Uhmm...voh...actually..i..u.." Asad stuttered while looking everywhere but not at her, now Zoya was amused by him, it was the first time she saw HER Mr. Khan shying like this, otherwise if somebody would have told her yesterday that Asad Ahmed Khan could blush, she would have burst out in laugh! But now she was seeing him BLUSH!!!

"I didnt know that even the great Asad Ahmed Khan could blush..." Teased Zoya while looking at him amused.

Asad looked at her, she was clearly teasing him, so why not return the favour?

"Ah vraiment? ("Oh really?") Now let's see who is going to blush!" Asad replied playfuly while pulling her to him, her hands grabbing his coat into fists due to nervousness but there was a shy smile on her lips, even though she was looking down.

Asad tilted her chin upwards, she had her eyes closed, "Ouvre les yeux, Zoya..." ("Open your eyes, Zoya...") whispered Asad while looking at her with all the hidden love for her that he had unknowingly since more than 3 years.

Zoya opened her eyes and saw all the love he had for her, she wasnt feeling lonely anymore, she had HIM. When he tilted his head forward, Zoya closed her eyes in anticipation of his lips on hers but that never came, though she was feeling his cheek against hers while he whispered, "Now tell me? Who is blushing?"

That statement of him made her go all RED, because she was blushing like hell, but on the other side, she was angry that he was getting back to her.

Zoya smacked him on his chest and got up, but as soon as she got up she got into a big crowd again because everybody were leaving, there was so many people, after all, it was New Year's Eve and that too in the capital, and the city of Paris wasnt qualified as the most romantic city in the world for nothing! There were millions of people who would come just to spend the new year in Paris, because who didnt want to start the year with happiness?

But when Zeenat passed away, Zoya went through depression, assuming herself being the cause of her only family's death, she had tried to suicide due to guilt, even though suicide is STRICTLY forbidden in Islam, guilt was eating her, she wasnt eating, drinking, talking but would stay silent sitting in a corner while looking straight into nothing , then when her health deteriorated, due to her insistence she had to stay with a colleague friend: Afra, and while living with her she got back her spirit, got out of that depression and took matters in her hands, even if at times she would still feel guilty, but she was very thankful to Afra who made her back the person she was...

But Zoya felt lost...again, alone... again, lonely against the world... again, deprived of warmth...again, it was as if there was a momentary light of hope in her pool of darkness which extinguished after few minutes of joy, as if yet again the doors of happiness got closed onto her face, at first depriving her from family, now depriving her from her love, she was scared, she was alone, she was looking around for somebody she knew in despair, not wanting to get drown into that darkness again, she looked franctically around herself trying to find Asad but there was nobody around her that she knew, she was lost, nowhere to go, just alone against the cruel world, she was craving of love, of a loved one, of somebody who would shield her in an embrace while fighting against the world, of somebody who would cocon her saying that "everything is going to be alright...", she was craving of just having somebody by her side, was it too much to ask for? But no, there was nobody, she was alone and would have to get used to it!! Even though, SHE DIDNT WANT TO!!! SHE COULDNT!! SHE WOULD DIE!! DIE, DIE, DIE...DIE of loneliness... She was deprived of her loved ones!! But why? Why? Why? She was drowning...again into a pool of darkness, of misery, of depression, why? Because she was alone...

Zoya was about to fall on her knees already sobbing while the tears were freely running down her cheeks, but before she could fell onto her knees, Asad was there, he grabbed her by her waist while the other was holding onto her hand tightly, not letting it go at any cost, he knew how Zoya was feeling right now, he saw how her eyes were dilated of despair when she found nobody she knew around her, and himself got teary, both of them were lonely souls who were craving for loved ones...

When Zoya saw Asad, she couldnt contain her own feelings and threw her arms around his neck, sobbing loudly on his chest and tears rolling down her closed eyes, trying to hide into his chest while holding onto him. Asad hugged her back, crushing her on him, holding her so close that there was no air between them, letting her know that she is not alone and that nothing can ever separate them, he was not trying to calm her just holding her because he knew that she had not cried her heart out when Zeenat passed away, which she should have done, he had his eyes closed too, pulling her closer if it was even possible. Even if he was crushing her to him, she couldnt care any less, actually she was glad that he was doing it, both of them were holding onto each other tightly, they were just letting know to each other that they are there for each other, even if Asad never told anything about his difficult past/childhoud, Zoya had read that sadness from his eyes, who were the mirrors to his pure soul, but never got to know the reason behind that sadness.

After sometime, they broke away from each other but Asad was still not letting go of her hands.

"Zoya, i didnt held your hands for letting them ever go away from me, not just for today but for the rest of our lives, for as long as we are alive, dont ever forget that if there is somebody with you or not i will always be there by your side, you will never be able to feel lonely ever again because i will be there just next to you because i am crazily, madly irrevocably in love with you, Zoya.." Said Asad in a confident and soft voice, kissing her hands one by one, while she was just staring deep into his eyes.

Asad was her light, her hope, the boat which saved her before giving up and letting herself drown, he just pushed the doors of happiness more widely than before, he was the one who shielded her in an embrace fighting against the world, he was the one who made everything alright, he was just...there, for her, and had always been... He's the one who saved her from drowning into that depression again, just by the simple gesture of holding her hand...

"I love you too Asad!" Zoya replied in a voice barely over a whisper, and he took her again for a hug, holding onto each other, a hug of relief, a hug of happiness... Pouring their feelings into that hug.

They pulled back but were still holding onto each other, Asad kissed her forehead, lingering there with both of their eyes closed, then he rested his forehead against hers both smiling, they still had their eyes closed, then Asad opened his eyes and stared at Zoya's angelic face, she had stains of her dried tears, he cupped her cheek, caressing those stains as if wiping them which made Zoya opened her eyes, before she could say anything, Asad kissed her again... passionately and lovingly... Zoya didnt took long before responding to the kiss , they kissed what felt like hours but had to separate for need of oxygen.

Both were panting, "Zoya, now it's time to go home" Asad said softly while pushing a lock of hai behind her ear.

"But i dont want to... I get nightmares of that night again and again, i'm scared, that home reminds me of Zeenat Aapi..." Zoya replied with a broken voice while placing her head on his chest and he smiled sadly, rubbing her forearm which he had encircled.

"Do you want me to take you with me at my place?" Asad asked concerned while she smiled sadly.

"No, i want to go through it a last time, its important for me to be able to move on...and because i know that next year i wont be living there anymore..." Zoya started seriously but finished biting her lips out of shyness, while Asad smirked thinking of lightening the mood.

"What's up Ms. Farooqi? Impatient to become Mrs. Khan? Or should i say Mrs. Asad Ahmed Khan?" Asad smirked but his eyes were still soft and she smiled.

"Of course i am! Why? Any problem?" Zoya replied while pointing her finger right in front of his nose, he smiled.

"Pas des moindres, future Mme. Khan!" ("Not a bit would-be Mrs. Khan!") Asad winked at her while kissing the tip of her pointed finger, she blushed.

Asad slipped his hand into hers and clasped them together tightly while entwining them, getting up and pulling her up too. They had started walking silently, Asad was looking straight ahead while Zoya was just staring at him, wondering how did she get so lucky to have someone like Asad in her life who loves her as much as she does? When Asad looked at her, he saw her staring at him.

"Would-be Mrs. Khan, you can stare at your would-be husband all day and night i dont mind since i'm hot!" Asad grinned, while she smiled back.

"Je sais que tu l'es!" ("I know that you are!") she winked at him while he looked at her jaw-dropped, was she the same girl who couldnt stop blushing? Now she's saying things like that?! Thats right love changes a person, but this fast?!

"Shut your mouth Mr. Khan, or else even in this season flies would enter your mouth." Zoya smirked at him, he was the one who was teasing her all evening now it was her turn.

Asad just smiled at her lovingly. After sometime they reached Zoya's appartment, she was fidgeting with her keys hesitating to come in.

"I dont think that it was a good idea! Come on, let's go to your place!" Zoya said nervously and started walking away from her flat's door door but before she could go any further, Asad grabbed her hand making her stop and turning her towards him, he pulled her chin up, making her look at him in the eyes.

"Trust me, let's go inside, you have to leave your guilt and nervousness outside and face it once for good and move on, so i wont let you walk away, give me your keys!" Asad reasonned her and she dejectly gave him her keys, he opened the door smiling at her expressions and seeing him smiling made her pout and he chuckled.

Asad took her hand and made her enter, they saw it was now 1:30 am. They had spend most of the evening together. Both sat on the couch in an awkward silence, not knowing what to say.

"Black coffee?" Zoya asked and he smiled, nodding.

Zoya got up and went in the kitchen which was open to the living room. Asad looked around the living room, it was colorful and cozy but there were no photos as if blocking memories to stay back, no memories of past moments with Zeenat, nothing but just a void.

Zoya came back with a black coffee for Asad and a milky one for herself, she handed him his and both sat on the couch, next to each other. There was a silence which broke after sometime by Asad.

"I was 8 when my father left me, my Ammi and my sister Najma for a rich woman who he married two days after leaving us..." Asad felt a lump in his throat while Zoya gasped and put her hand on his shoulder encouraging him to continue, "after he left, Ammi was in shock, she wouldnt eat anything, after a month when her health deteriorated even more, she got diagnosed of lungs cancer..." Asad was in tears now, how much they had to suffer because of their father! Zoya tightened her grip on his shoulder, silently telling him that she is here for him, he continued, "Najma was just 3 years old, since Ammi couldnt take care of her, i became her Ammi as much as her Abbu, i would dress her, play with her, had to do small jobs for money to our living, and had to manage studies with it, along with taking care of Ammi, i never had a normal childhoud, when my friends would play cricket, i would be working as a waiter in a restaurant, but i never complained, how could i tell my ill Ammi that i wanted to be a normal child! When getting back from school, i would cook and give medicines to Ammi then i would go to the restaurant i worked, while getting back i would take Najma from her nursery, then i would play with her till night, after making her sleep, i would be doing my homework, then again getting up early in the morning... After 2 years, one day, i was so exhausted from the day's doing and all the workload that i was in deep sleep and didnt heard Ammi coughing badly, gasping, not being able to breath but when i woke up, it was too late...she more..." Asad finished in a voice barely over a whisper while looking straight into nothing.

Zoya took him in her arms into a tight embrace, holding onto him the way he did for her sometime ago, both were crying, Asad for her Ammi and Zoya for her Asad and his Ammi, it was easier to have nobody than having everybody you love the most and losing them all one by one, shattering your heart into a million pieces...

After sometime he broke the hug and slid from the couch to the ground, adjusting his head into Zoya's lap and she just caressed his hair, after some minutes he continued, "When i got to know what happened, i was devastated , i was scared, i didnt know what to say to Najma, she was so innocent... I didnt wanted to break her heart and mine as well but i had to explain her that Ammi was gone very far near Allah... Then a distant uncle, welcomed Uncle took our responsability preventing us to go to an orphanage, but he was the busy who had time for nobody only for his work... I was the one who raised my Najma, i was her mother as much as her father, but one day or another, girls have to get married and go away, after completing her studies she became a doctor and then i got her married to her college love-Imran...she went away from me, my baby was away from me...even though we used to talk everyday, it wasnt like before... Thats when i decided to break this loneliness, i left India to come here, in France 5 years ago and because i had already degrees and all in architecting, it didnt took me long for starting my own company..." Asad had tears rolling down his eyes bt his voice remained strong while Zoya was crying and caresssing his hair.

"And Najma?" Zoya asked.

"Najma has her own life now, i talk to her almost everyday, she has a 2 years old son, Rizwan, she keeps calling me on skype, and he calls me "Muh" for "Mamoun"." Both chuckled and Asad pulled his head up looking at Zoya.

"You wont leave na? You wont leave me like others did? I dont want to be alone, everybody i love go away from me..." Asad asked looking intently into Zoya's eyes with his innocent eyes, just like kids' eyes.

Zoya pulled him up, making him sit on the couch, she just encircled her arms around his waist sideways and kept her head on his chest, "Leaving you? Je ne peux meme pas imaginer ma vie sans vous, M. Khan! ("I cant even imagine my life without you Mr. Khan!") i love you and nothing can change this truth..."

Asad felt relieved, happy, she wasnt going anywhere, she was with him and would always be.

Asad encircled her shoulder, he kissed her head continuously while whispering, "Thank you Zoya! I love you!" Zoya had her eyes closed, she had finally found the comfortable coziness of which she craved, in no time she fell asleep, when Asad realised, he caressed her face and thought about her still calling him Mr. Khan, even though they were now far beyond calling each other with surnames, he smiled and kissed her forehead, then he scooped her in his arms , she snuggled rubbing her nose on his chest and took her to bed, he gently lied her down, but as soon as her head hit the pillow, her eyes opened, Asad didnt see her awake and was about to go when she grabbed his hand, he stopped and looked at her softly.

"Please dont go, i want to sleep with you near me." Zoya requested innocently, he smiled and replied, "I'm not going anywhere..." and climbed the other side of the bed, as soon as he layed, Zoya took the other end of the blanket and covered him, then Zoya placed her head on his chest and her arm was also on there, he smiled and encircled her waist while caressing her hair, she fell asleep but Asad kept admiring her face throughout the night...


PS: i hope u guys liked it! I'm not too happy with this but still please leave comments behind, because it was very hard for me to write this because its the 1st time i'm writing such a break down scene which is very close to my heart! Cry

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