OS: Jealous Hubby

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Jan 14, 2014

OS: Jealous Hubby (By Tainar) (Thanked: 108 times)

Life with his wife is anything but boring.  She is like a rare flower, fragrant and beautiful.  Khushi is just like her name, spreads joy all around like a messiah.  One smile from her brightens up his entire day.  If he could, he would keep her within the confines of his arms and protect her from the world.  But to confine Khushi is like clipping a bird’s wings, it would crush her soul.  Ergo poor Arnav must suffer through his wife’s many adventures.

Khushi sails through the front door of Shantivan with the most beatific smile on her face.  Arnav automatically smiles in reaction.  He has been raging at poor Aman on the phone, over a deal that almost fell through.  But immediately calms down as he lets Khushi’s smile wash over him.

Arnav (takes a deep breath and speaks calmly):  Aman…I’ll call you later.  (Tersely) We are not done discussing the issues with that deal!

Khushi (smiles and shakes her head at Arnav):  Finally you are free from my sautan.

Arnav (blinks his eyes in surprise):  Aman is your sautan?

Khushi (confused):  Why would Amanji be my sautan?

Arnav:  What the…!  You just said that I am now free from my sautan!

Khushi (smacks her head with the back of her palm):  Hai Devi Maiyya!  Laad Governor Amanji is not my sautan.  (Smiles mischievously and points at Arnav’s Bluetooth) This is my sautan.  (Grimaces) Well one of my sautan.  You are always glued to your first wife too. 

Arnav:  What the...!  Khushi you are unbelievable!

Khushi (smiles):  Yes I know…unbelievably amazing!

Arnav (shakes his head):  Forget it.  (Smiles) Where did you go?  I didn’t know you were going out or would have taken you.

Khushi (smiles widely):  I went to see Rahul.

Arnav (angrily):  What the hell Khushi?!?  How many times have I told you to not see him?!?

Khushi (sighs):  I don’t understand.  What is your issue with Rahul? 

Arnav (angrily):  My issue?  (Raises) My issue with (disgustingly) your Rahul?!?

Khushi (exasperated):  Yes!  What is your issue with Rahul?  He is a sweetheart!  (Muses) I don’t understand why he is still single.  On top of being very kind, he is also very handsome.  Women should be all over him. 

Arnav (roars):  What the hell?!?  Woman are you blind?!?  He is an accomplished flirt!  And what do you mean by he is very handsome?!?

Khushi (rolls her eyes):  Nonsense!  Rahul is not a flirt he is just sweet, caring (glaring) unlike my unsweetened black coffee drinking Laad Governor of a pati.   And yes of course he is handsome.  I would be blind to deny this simple fact. 

Arnav (crosses his arms across his chest):  Oh really?  So what do you call a man, excuse me let me correct myself, a handsome man who constantly praises a MARRIED WOMAN?  He flirts shamelessly in front of her husband and calls her beautiful as every other word, and I am supposed to be just fine with it?

Khushi (rolls her eyes):  Ohh Arnav stop being jealous for unwarranted reasons.  Rahul doesn’t flirt with me.  He only speaks sweetly with me to make me feel comfortable.  (Gives a sidelong glance) Something he should teach my husband since all he does is yell at everyone, (glares) especially his wife!

Arnav (frustrated):  Dammit Khushi!  Why don’t you understand?  I DON’T WANT YOU TO SEE THIS...THIS…RAHUL!

Khushi (angrily yells):  And why don’t you get it that Rahul is completely harmless?!?  It’s good for me to see him!

Arnav (yells back):  Well…can you stop seeing him without me?!?

Khushi (retorts):  Can you stop biting his head off while he is in my presence?

Arnav (runs his hands through his hair wildly):  No!  How the hell do you expect me to stay calm and quiet while he…TOUCHES YOU?

Khushi (blows):  ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA GET YOUR BLOODY HEAD EXAMINED!  Of course he has touch me!  How the hell would he be able to examine me if he doesn’t touch me?!?  (Pokes Arnav’s chest angrily) Now you listen to me Mr. Raizada, from now on you won’t forbid me to see Rahul.  In fact, going forward you are going to be nice to him!  DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?  I don’t want any other doctor but Rahul to bring our child in this world and you better deal with it Raizada!

Khushi marches off angrily despite her rather swollen stomach.  She is 7 months pregnant yet is still quite fast on her feet.  Arnav sighs deeply; he knows he made a muck of things with his insane jealousy.  But he just can’t help it.  Another man, even if he is a doctor, touches his wife and he loses all rationale.  He stares in the direction Khushi stormed off and sighs.  Arnav sighs again; he really is a Laad Governor.  To save his hide, he better think of ways to pacify his very hormonal wife or he may just not live to see another day.

Author's Note: Dear readers, hope you enjoyed the story. Please share your thoughts and drop a line or so in the comment section. With love. Tainar~the Jungli Billi 

Jan 15, 2014

Replies! (By Tainar) (Thanked: 16 times)

@Anjaliann - Thank you.  LOL! Sending message to Laad Governor now about our very own Doctorji!  Of course, our Doctorji will have to then watch her back for a hormonal wife marking her territory! 

@Shalni_1 - Thanks! 

@Coolbakes - Mrs. ASR...thank you!!! I actually wrote this OS keeping you in mind.  

You know your hubster.  He can huff and puff but still retains his cuteness! Ohh dear. Another OS? Maybe way down the road. I am out of ideas now. 

@Cool Cat - Score again!  I am glad I was able to make you smile.  Thank you for always being so supportive and encouraging me to keep writing! 

@Rockinriya - Yay! If you can visualize the scene and laugh, then I did my job well!  Thanks sweetie! 

@Hibakhan - Thank you sweetie! Glad you enjoyed the story and the twist at the end. 

@Anamehreen - Hihi...you know me too well. The theme of almost all my stories is to give my Laad Governor and Right Kameena a hard time.  If I don't have their wives bash them, then who will? Someone has to keep them in line!  As for the epilogue, I haven't really given it much thought. Quite frankly, I don't even know what to write. We'll see. 

Thank you to all others who hit the thank you buttons and a special thanks @Riya Taneja and @Anita Elizabeth for commenting via facebook. Wish more people would use FB account to comment on all of our posts since it is tres awesome! 

Thanks again everyone! 

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